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Sonny watched with glee as Jason was forced onto his knees at gunpoint.  He had brought the Oasis Strip Club and a small crowd had gathered to watch Jason’s humiliation at his boss’s hands.

    “I told you that if you weren’t loyal to me, I would have to put you in your place. But considering that you tried to take my business away from me and fucked my sister, I have something extra special for you before you die.  And you will die Jason, by my hand.”

Jason stared at Sonny not revealing the emotions that he held under the surface. Fucking Courtney had sold him out.  She was dead already and Sonny didn’t even know it.

    “I supposed you want to know what your punishment is.”

Jason still didn’t move.

Sonny grinned. “Bring her in,” he yelled.

Jason followed his gaze and his heart leapt in his chest as he watched a man drag Emily into the center of the dance floor.  She had a chain around her neck and an obscene outfit on that consisted of crotchless underwear and exposed nipples.  Tears ran down her face as she was forced on her knees.

    “You son of a bitch.”

Sonny smiled. “You defiled my sister.  I defiled yours. I opened her up for you last night.  I fucked her really good.  I bet you didn’t know she likes her ass fucked did you?”

Jason’s jaw ticked.  Sonny was going to die if it was the last thing he did.  

Sonny unzipped his pants and the small crowd cheered as he grabbed Emily’s hair and told her to suck. She had no choice as Sonny rammed his dick into her mouth, making her struggle for air. Tears streamed down her face as he relentlessly fucked her mouth.

Jason tried to look away but someone grabbed his head and forced him to look.

Sonny pulled back and shoved Emily backwards.  “You’re not even good enough to swallow my come.”

He made a motion to a guard and Jason was dragged into the center.  Emily couldn’t even look at him.

    “Take his dick out,” he said to Emily.

Jason flashed Sonny a look as Emily looked at him in shock.

    “You know you always wanted to do her.  She’s beautiful and she’s not really your sister anyway.  Her mouth is hot and wet and she doesn’t have much of a gag reflex.  Trust me, you’ll like it.”

Emily started to cry harder and Sonny smacked her.

    “Shut up and stop acting like you’re not wet right now. Hurry up.”

She struggled to suck down the sob that threatened to escape from her mouth as she unzipped Jason.  Sonny had fucked her over and over the previous night. The only good thing is that he wasn’t that big so, she was able to take it.

    “I am going to blow your fucking dick off and watch you bleed out,” Jason said low and lethally.

Sonny laughed loudly. “You won’t be alive long enough to do it.”

Jason’s hands were tied in front of him.

    “Put your hands in her hair.”


Someone hit Jason and Emily looked up at her brother.  Blood was trickling down the side of his face but he wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of showing them he was hurt.

    “Just do as he says.  I don’t want you to die,” Emily whimpered.

    “Isn’t that sweet?  She’s willing to suck your dick so you’ll live.”

Jason flashed Sonny another glare.  “I’m sorry Emily.  Whatever he makes me do, I’m so sorry.”

    “I love you Jase.”

    “I love you too.”

Sonny shoved Jason’s hands down on her head. “Use your mouth for something more useful.  Suck bitch.”

Emily pulled out Jason’s cock.  Even flaccid it was huge.  In fact, she had never seen one that big.  No wonder Carly was obsessed with him.  She closed her eyes and started to suck.

Sonny grabbed another guard who had a camera. “Are you getting it?”

He smiled. “Yes boss.”

Jason tried to think of anything else.  He didn’t want to be turned on by what his sister was doing but he knew he was fighting a losing battle.

    “Pump him up and down. I know you’ve sucked Nikolas’s cock before.  If you don’t, I’ll kill you right now,” Sonny yelled.

Emily lowered her mouth over Jason’s dick and then took him into her mouth again as she pumped him steadily and his dick began to swell.

    “I’m sorry,” he whispered.

Sonny grabbed Jason’s hair. “Shut up.”

People in the crowd called out obscenities and encouraged Emily to suck him off.

Sonny grabbed her hair and forced more of Jason inside Emily’s mouth almost making her gag because she wasn’t expecting it.  “That’s it. Take him all the way in. You like how your brother’s cock feels hitting the back of your throat don’t you?  You always wanted him didn’t you?”

Jason was so angry that he felt like he was going to implode.

Sonny smiled and grabbed his dick.  He pulled Emily up and shoved it into her mouth and fucked her face for a minute before pushing her off of him.  “Kiss him.”

Emily looked at Jason.  She wasn’t crying anymore, instead, she looked pissed.  Sonny pushed her closer and she tentatively kissed Jason’s lips.

    “Kiss him like you want him Emily. Fuck his mouth with your tongue.”

Her tongue flicked out and Jason had no choice but to part his lips. Emily whimpered as she kissed him deeper. Part of her had always crushed on him.  He was hot and she had heard stories about his wild lovemaking and had masturbated several times, imagining what it would feel like if he fucked her.

Sonny leaned down towards Jason’s ear. “Kiss her back Jason or I swear I will make her suffer.”

Jason tongue flicked against Emily’s and he began to kiss her more passionately, trying to pretend he was kissing someone else because he couldn’t deal with the feelings he was having.

Sonny grinned and then pulled Emily back. “Hold her.”

Sonny stroked his dick and moved in front of Jason and the crowd went wild.  “Open your mouth.”

Jason didn’t move as his boss wiped his dick back and forth across his lips.

    “Open your mouth or I will have all the guards fuck Emily while you watch.”

Sonny could tell that Jason’s patience was wearing thin and it made him smile.  He wanted to fucking break him.  When the pictures of Jason sucking his dick and fucking his sister got out, he would be spit on by everyone in the mob. He’d be a fucking joke. “Put him on his back.”

They forced him down and then Sonny straddled his head. “Open your mouth now.”

Emily started to cry as she watched the guards try to pry open Jason’s mouth.  When he wouldn’t comply they held his nose until he had to open up in order to breathe.  Sonny rammed his cock into Jason’s mouth as the enforcer choked.  He fucked his mouth hard as Jason struggled to breath.  Sonny stared down at him menacingly as he reveled in Jason’s humiliation and right when he was about to come, he pulled out of Jason’s throat and came in Jason’s mouth, forcing him to try and swallow Sonny’s endless stream of come.  Jason gagged as Sonny got up.  He spit out as much of the come as he could while he struggled not to vomit.  

Someone yanked his pants down and two men carried Emily over to him.  At this point, he was flaccid again and they made Emily suck him off until he got hard and then they lifted her up and started forcing her down on Jason’s cock as she screamed.

    “Wait, maybe we should get her a little wet,” Sonny said thinking of something else.

At his instruction, two guards lifted her again and placed her over Jason’s face.

    “Eat her out or I will pull the trigger,” Sonny said putting a gun to Emily’s head.

Jason’s hands were being held above his head.  They forced Emily down on his face and he had no choice but to pleasure her.  His tongue swiped across her clit and Emily squealed.  Jason figured the faster he could get her to come, the quicker it would be over. He bit down on her clit and he heard Emily moan.  The crowd went wild as they watched her cry and get off at the same time.  There were mirrors all over the club and Emily watched as her brother fucked her pussy with her mouth. Sonny laughed.  “Does your brother’s tongue feel good Emily?  Do you want him to fuck you harder?  Look at that.  Your juices are covering his face.  You are loving this aren’t you?”

Emily started to whimper. Between watching Jason and how good it felt, she knew she was about to explode. Her body jolted as Jason continued to attack her swollen clit.  The orgasm slammed into her suddenly, catching her off guard, as she panted and Jason was forced to lap up her come.

She was jerked away and Sonny grinned as he looked at Jason’s face.

    “It will only get better,” Sonny promised.

The guards forced Emily down on Jason’s cock and he easily filled her as she was impaled on his massive erection.

    “Fuck him Emily or you die.”

Emily began to bounce on Jason’s dick.  She couldn’t believe how good it felt and tried not to think of him as her brother. She slammed down on it over and over, fucking him harder and harder as Jason clenched his jaw as his body betrayed him.  Her breasts were bouncing and he could tell that Emily was enjoying it. “Does your brother’s cock feel good Emily?  I want to hear you say it.”

Emily looked at him and glared.

    “Say it.”

    “It feels good,” she said meekly.

Sonny smirked. “I’m not convinced.  Perhaps we should try something else.” He grabbed her to stop her movement and looked over at the guards, “Turn her around.”

They lifted her up and turned her around and forced her down but this time, they lined up Jason’s cock at her asshole.

Jason was mortified as they forced Emily’s body down onto his aching cock. She screamed as he broke her barrier and pushed inside her.  They shoved her down hard and Jason bit his lip so he didn’t yell.  She was hot and tight and gripped him like a vice.  Sonny held a gun to her head and forced her to bounce up and down as Jason’s steel rod battered her ass.

    “Meet her thrusts,” Sonny sneered at Jason.

He started to thrust up into her and Emily tried not to moan due to the power behind it. She had never had someone so large in her ass and it felt amazing. They repositioned her and laid her backwards with Jason’s dick still pulsating in her ass.

Sonny smiled and kneeled down and stroked himself a few times before shoving his dick into her pussy as Emily screamed in horror.

    “Fuck her Jason,” he yelled.

Jason began to move as Sonny hammered into Emily’s pussy.  He could feel Jason’s cock as he moved against him and it surprised him what a fucking turn on it was. Sonny leaned forward and roughly sucked her breasts.  “Make noise Emily.  I want to hear you.”

She whimpered and then Sonny started to stroke her clit.  “Louder.”

She moaned. While she hated Sony with every fiber of her being, she needed to come.

    “Tell me to fuck you harder.”

Emily’s body was shaking as both men slammed into her body. “Fuck me,”

    “Say it like you mean it.”

    “Fuck me harder,” she yelled.  

Jason knew he wasn’t going to be able to last much longer. The more he watched his cock disappearing into her ass, the closer he got to losing it.

    “I’m gonna cum,” Sonny growled. “Yell it again.”

    “Fuck me, please,” Emily yelled as her body jerked and she came on Sonny’s dick.  Her walls tightened and Sonny began to spurt into her as he rammed his cock in as deep as he could go.  Jason gasped at the sensation and his dick erupted.  There was so much cum that it spilled out of her ass and ran in between his legs.  Sonny got up and smiled at how Jason’s dick still filled Emily’s ass to brim.

    “How does it feel to have your brother’s dick in your ass you whore?”

A tear ran down Emily’s face. “Good.”


    “Good,” Emily yelled.

The guards pulled her off.

    “Now suck his dick again.”

Jason was still hard but he was sensitive and hissed when Emily took him into her mouth.  

    “Hum,“ Sonny yelled.

Emily began to hum and the vibration made Jason gasp.  After a few minutes he knew he was going to come again.

Sonny pulled back Emily and forced her down on Jason’s dick again. “Fuck her,” Sonny said to Jason.

Jason began to thrust.  God he was so close.

    “Kiss him,” Someone called out.

    “Do it,” Sonny said.

Emily moved forward and she kissed Jason passionately as he hammered into her.  Sonny reached between them and played with her clit and soon Jason gasped and Emily moaned and his dick exploded inside of her as Emily began to come.

One of the guards grabbed her and shoved his dick in her mouth as he came.

The humiliation completed, Sonny had them move Emily and they laid her down, finally leaving her unattended, and that is when Jason saw his opening. He snapped the neck of the guard behind him and grabbed his gun and shot Sonny in is his crotch.  The place went crazy with people running everywhere.  He killed as many guards as he could until he was out of bullets.  The crowd surged and he rolled and picked up another gun and shot as many people as he could.  Sonny was screaming in pain but Jason blocked it out and managed to kill everyone that was still left.  He stood and pulled up his pants and then fell to his knees and vomited on Sonny and then kicked him in balls for good measure.

Sonny looked up at him and started to beg for his life. “Come on Jason, I did you a favor.  You know you wanted to fuck her.”

    “You are a sick son of a bitch,” Jason said before shooting him in the head.  

He smashed the camera and then turned to look at his sister who was lying motionless on the floor.  “Em?”

She didn’t move and he wiped a tear off of his face and walked over to her and picked her up and carried her outside to his car and then he set the club on fire and got into his truck.  He decided to drive to Canada, and from there, he’d try to get her some help.

******* This will continue.  I’m going to explore their newfound attraction.

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