Hypothesis, Power, Ruler

BY : Dawn_223
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Authors notes: This has been moved here from my fanfiction account. It was originally published in 2011 and got also linked on a SHAMY blog under the title "Hypothesis, Null Hypothesis, Power" Edited in 2017. It takes place around the time of 'The Alien Parasite Hypothesis', episode 10 of Season 4. At this point in time Amy is not as bright about sexual matters hah.

"Sheldon, I believe my unhealthy attraction to Penny's ex partner has expanded beyond tolerable and acceptable limits." Amy had a slight gleam in her eye. From revulsion, no doubt, of the thought of such a demeaning, pointless physiological drive while standing in his bedroom. "I would like to propose as a last resort that we engage in coitus."

It was a sudden beginning to a conversation, but Sheldon preferred this to elongating the process unnecessarily. Amy’s interactions with Sheldon were often that way. There, the academics could ignore every societal downfall called 'politeness in conversation'. 

Amy pushed lightly on the door to ensure it was still closed. A wise choice. If Penny heard she would never let them enjoy their own company again, from being so irrationally excited. 

Sheldon pulled away from his laptop in surprise. "My, Amy, this is most perilous indeed!"

"I know," Amy agreed. Anger gleamed in her eyes, a sick self-loathing that was not easy to push under the rug. This was a topic Sheldon absolutely avoided. Giving it extended thought would bring the scientists down to the unintelligible level of their peers. "I would consider engaging in coitus with one of your friends, Howard or Raj, but I sincerely doubt they are void of any infections."

"An excellent point, Amy.” Sheldon was pleased she had thought ahead, “Why, if I wasn't so disgusted by the idea, I would have suggested it myself."

"Really?" The woman's expression was so distraught it appeared to almost be transforming into a contempt. A small smile curved around the corners of her mouth. Contempt, as Leonard's mother had told him, had a theorized evolutionary role of competing with other humans until one became the alpha of the group. It seemed bizarre then that she would feel competitive spirit in this circumstance. Contempt at the concept of intercourse made little sense too.

The only light source in the room during video game playing was from the computer, so Amy's smile was certainly an optical illusion caused by the light.

"Of course."

"Then what should I do?" she continued, unsure of herself. "I have read about female masturbation but from what I have read, I doubt it will be of any assistance." 

"You placed emphasis on the word 'read' twice, Amy, yet it has no purpose in the context of our discussion. Why did you do it?"

"Nothing, Sheldon. I wished to highlight that I am only speaking in theoretical terms."

"Ah yes because it is such an offensive line of thinking."

"Yes." Amy smiled now. "I am very pleased you understand."

Sheldon abandoned his computer mouse from his right hand. "Thank you for being straightfoward. Although I have a concern. If the literature on female masturbation is consistent in the finding that it would not help with your building attraction, then what else is there to do? Engaging in intercourse with you would be a grave turn of events. We must avoid it." He crossed one leg over the other in a V shape. "Have the experiments been correlational or experimental in nature? Perhaps there is some conflicting data you overlooked from a bias in your overworked state."

"I have been researching well into the night the past week. A pilot study from 1983 by Leff and Israel found no relationship between masturbation practice and ability to achieve orgasm during penetration. A thematic analysis in 2009 discovered that young women's ideas about their sexual self begins by early family relationships such as parental conversations of a sexual agenda."

"How unexpected and yet fascinating. Does the parental aspect apply to you?"

"My father never spoke to me about sex. When I wanted to know he told me to read about it in a book. I was so young I didn't think asking my father might not have been ideal. I then told my mother I wanted to read a book on the subject and she said, 'Don't be so disgusting. You don't want to read about that.' So I didn't until late in high school."

"Your mother sounded like she was quite right," Sheldon said, "Knowing this does not help."

"No. I postulated that it was because I have yet to uncover my sexual identity."

"Did the literature determine how to do this?"

"Papers of homosexual and bisexual high school students found that the process does not end immediately after naming an orientation. A stage occurs when the person becomes more confident on their label and it solidifies. For 12% of the sample, the orientation became fluid and altered into something else. I suspect ideas around sex might be similar." Amy explained, becoming more serious. "There are psychiatric drugs to supress sexual arousal in predators, but they are not very effective on their own."

"That's very disapointing," Sheldon said. 

"Yes. In 2010 a protein extracted from mouse urine was used to mimic a pheremone for human males. Female arousal was increased by the smell. The attraction to a specific male was modulated by their scent. Perhaps this can be controlled."

"Is this something you can do?'

"Sadly no. However the researchers suggested that human attraction is more complex than smell and that neurobiologists should investigate how neural pathways and memory impact attraction to a specific individual."

"What a magnificent discovery," Sheldon praised, "You could investigate this."

"Possibly, yes," Amy affirmed, "finishing my current studies will take a long time, but I thought I could investigate it in an informal setting. Perhaps I could masturbate while imagining the ex is involved, and temporarily take one of Penny's ex's t shirts."

"Another great idea, but one that will be difficult to implement."

Amy looked at him with such precision. "I have already masturbated myself, Sheldon," she said, a deadness to her voice, "It was quite unsatisfying, but fascinating how brainwashing the chemicals are. It took all my mental will not to condescend to those emotions and let them in turn, brainwash me. The sensation is ever building and I suspected having intercourse with you would be more powerful to help with this problem than retrieving a t shirt, when the paper implies at this stage that it will only worsen the situation."

"An interesting dilemma. I understand your concern.” Sheldon crossed his arms and mentally prepared himself to abandon his World of Warcraft session for good. “I will talk to my friends about this. Perhaps there is a way to help you without reversing your intelligence."

"I thank you, Sheldon Cooper,” Amy replied formally. “I wish you the best of luck."

Even though she sounded truthful, the words did not meet Amy’s eyes. The woman suspected something.

"Thank you," Sheldon answered. “Even though I possess two PhD's, for once I ashamedly admit I may need it. Farewell, Amy Fowler."

He left the room without another glance at his girlfriend.

Twenty minutes later, laughter surrounded him; sick, uneducated laughter. Sheldon observed tears in both Howard and Rajeet's eyes, yet it eluded him how coitus was such an amusing topic. Merely being amused did not shed light on the mystery of why it was so funny.

They had been playing a board game while drinking and nothing about the game had inspired such ridiculousness. 

"You've never even masturbated and you think you can have sex with Amy. Oh God, is it April Fools already?" Howard giggled.

"I find it insulting you think me incapable of engaging in such activities!" Sheldon retorted.

More laughter.

"Fine. If that is your attitude I will resort to other measures to aid my companion,” the physicist spat, “If it is agreeable with your puny brains, we are no longer considered friends until further notice. Farewell to you all."

He left the room, and the acquaintances were silenced.


Sheldon walked inside Penny’s apartment without so much of a knock, and almost fainted due to the undesirable mess.

"What do you want, Sheldon?" Penny asked. She was in the middle of reading a magazine and doing her hair on her sofa and both those activities were incomprehensively important to her. His dilemma was much more important.

"I was curious if you could educate me in the animalistic ritual of coitus. Amy is in trouble and I believe I am the only one who can assist her," Sheldon explained with as much politeness as he could manage, hoping Penny would be nicer to him if he didn’t patronize her.

Penny's mouth fell wide open. "Sheldon, are you saying you're going to have sex with Amy?"

"Why, possibly, in your terms…" he began, unnerved.

Penny placed down her magazine in awe. "That's… fantastic?" she seemed confused. "Good to see you are trying other means of... err... bonding."

Penny sat me down on the sofa and ruthlessly divided her speech into sections and wrote it up on a whiteboard for clarification and organization.

Why do people have sex? (Benefits hurrayyy)

What are the risks?


Consent <-- very important. Get this wrong and say goodbye to getting in bed with anyone.

How do people have sex? 

What feels good to girls?

What feels good to boys?

She referred to wikipedia for many areas of her talk, and her own experiences. The areas of what each gender finds pleasurable was most endearing. It was almost as though humans desires for coitus had evolved ever so slightly. It gave Sheldon hope for the future; perhaps Amy and he could forward the human race in more natural terms. Was it is possible to manipulate what each person found pleasurable?

With his many interuptions with questions and demands for references to real research, Penny got flustered and angered quickly. 

"You asked me so let me explain my way and you can do all your sciency stuff later," Penny said.

That made it quicker. 

"Now, the problem will be what feels good to you, and what feels good to Amy…" Penny paced the room, smacking the whiteboard marker in her hand, "Although from what it sounds like Amy already knows a little, so you have to do is." she snorted "Try figure out what you like, and then teach Amy to do it to you. And... just be creative... but not too much. I am asking too much. Just be normal."

"It is not as absurd as you think. My only quandary is how must I do so without giving myself an autoimmune or anxiety response from a condom or fluids?"

Perhaps this might go to plan after all. Penny screwed up her face for a moment. She usually did this if he did not dumb vocabulary down enough. "Sheldon, trust me, you're the cleanest person I know. You won't have any problem with diseases, which brings me to something I almost forgot... cleaning afterwards."

This went on for another ten minutes on top of the hour two minutes already, and then Penny had to leave to talk to Leonard.

"Wait, Penny!" Sheldon called, and she turned, "I think the best way to test this hypothesis of yours is to try it in a multitude of different fashions. May I please use you as a subject?"

"What the hell are you suggesting, Sheldon?" Penny demanded, to his dismay. She was so volatile.

Sheldon cleared his throat. "I was curious if I could watch you and Leonard perform such activities, or you could engage in such activities with me." 

This was not received as well as he expected.

The woman practically had a panic attack, or perhaps not, her reaction was more violent. "OH MY GOD, SHELDON!' Penny gasped, and she stormed out, slamming the door.

This was baffling. That did not answer his questions at all.

"Leonard, Leonard…" Penny repeated, reaching him in his bedroom, "Sheldon is into voyeurism."

"What?" Leonard asked, politely confused.

The blonde took a deep breath. "Sheldon just asked me if he can watch us having sex, so he could learn what he has to do."

"Huh? Don't be stupid, he's not doing that." Leonard said, either amused or terrified, "How about you show him some pornography sites?"

"Ew, Leonard, I don't know any pornography sites!" Penny protested, waving her arms around.

"You don't? Oh, okay.” Leonard had to quickly rethink his plan, “Well then, bring him to me. I'll help you."

"Wait, you watch pornography? Gross."

"Penny, what did you think..." he trailed off, "Anyway that doesn't matter. Why don't you watch it?"

"Because it's gross and stupid," Penny said, "One of my ex's tried to make me and it was nothing but white noise and ugly men with too big penises. And no one has sex like that. It's like watching Jurassic Park and thinking 'Gee that dinosaur is so scary. It looks so real. I'm fooled. Dinosaurs are real now.'"

Leonard looked upset by her sarcasm. "But I find the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park scary."

"But dinosaurs aren't real, Leonard!" Penny protested, "And they had feathers! It's all a cruel lie to make you think dinosaurs are cool when really, they're a rainbow version of Big Bird from Sesame Street!"

"Ok you are taking this vendetta against Jurassic Park too far," he replied, "For the sequels, maybe, but not the first one."

"I don't have a grudge against generic dinosaur movies. I have a problem with things being fake when they are supposed to teach people things. It doesn't matter if its Penis Land 2, Vagina Party 5 or Pee Wars 10, they're still fake and teaching people the wrong thing!"

Penny took a deep breath to calm down.  

Leonard appeared calmer. "Yeah I get your point. It's all pretty dumb. I didn't know it was fake until I started dating. Or really, I wasn't sure what parts were fake. Porn i mean. Not Jurrasic Park."

"It's filmed so it's acting," Penny said stiffly, "and yeah there are some things that can't be completely fake," (Leonard smirked) "but like up to 90-5% could be, depending on the company and cast."

"Sorry. I guess the topic would offend you. Have you ever had someone ask you to work in porn?"

Penny moved her fingers up and down as if to say 'Have you seen me?' "Of course and if people want to work in that industry and like it, good for them. Maybe better porn will get made. But it's annoying when people say 'You're pretty' and assume I want to work in that industry and have sex just like that. No. I want to be the actress that people say 'Hey her acting was amazing' and not have it tied to my face straight off."

"I reckon you can do it," Leonard said. 

"Thanks. Sorry. Talking to Sheldon wore me out," Penny sighed, "We should get around to helping him. What videos do you think he would like?"

"Pee Wars 24.3," Leonard invented, "but jokes aside I think voyeurism is a good place to start."

"Errgh. Forget I asked."

"This is fascinating." Sheldon said, watching various pornographic videos with Amy by his side on his comfy bed. "I fail to comprehend Penny's offense by my suggestion, when there is much more absurd content on here."

Amy looked at Sheldon with a disbelieving look. "Coitus is a very private individual activity," she said. She rest her head on Sheldon’s stomach. "I am curious Sheldon, are these videos affecting you physiologically?"

"A little," Sheldon said,  "This is certainly an educational website. I had no idea Leonard had such extensive knowledge on the topic, he is so void of intelligence in any other area."

"I am inclined to rephrase. Are you experiencing any symptoms of sexual arousal?"

"Why yes, that is important," he recalled, "I almost forgot. Nothing feels abnormal. I wonder if I am simply too evolved to experience such joys of human experience."

"Perhaps we need to attempt a different method. We need to find as many correlations as possible between levels of arousal and type of pornography."

"Indeed. Well, what do you suggest we do? I can only think of practical means, but we have not seen all the videos on this website yet, and we will have to travel to many different places to experience them all."

"Yes, that is true.” Amy paused for a long while. She looked at Sheldon with hungering eyes, and Sheldon almost moved away from her. “May I ask your consent to perform sexual deeds on you?"

The man hesitated. "I don't know. My mother always told me never to touch what was down there,” he recalled, “I am guessing that counts for foreign hands, mouths or breasts as well."

"I understand. Perhaps in order to move forward you must disregard the guidelines set by your mother?"

"That is true. I have never pondered such a thing before. Now observing its conclusions I realize how ridiculous it is. Now Amy, what sexual deeds were you willing to perform on me? Perhaps oral or use of your hands?"

"I am considering both," Amy said instantly.

"Both? Goodness, Amy, you are quite imaginative." Sheldon wrote this down. “Shall I change our independent variable?”

"Yes for now. Or we can forget it." Amy placed a hand on his shoulder. "I must let you know Sheldon I am very glad to be performing these experiments with you. It will expand our knowledge as scientists."

"Why, thank you Miss Fowler. I must ask that you communicate with me. I do not wish to displease you."

"Thank you, Sheldon. Now, let us begin."

Amy got closer and closer to his features, so much so Sheldon could see the pores in her cheeks. "Amy, Penny explained to me the importance of foreplay, is that what you are attempting now?"

"Yes, I am, Sheldon. I am guessing you have never kissed anyone before?"

"Why no, the exchange of saliva is quite unhygienic. May I suggest you brush your teeth and mouth first?"

"I have already completed the procedure, and recorded it in my notes."

"Ah, yes, I can smell it.” Sheldon purposely tried to relax his shoulders, “You have very aligned teeth. In fact, if I were a dentist I would say they were splendid text book examples."

"Thank you.” Amy rearranged her place on the bed, “Now close your eyes, Sheldon. I may not have kissed any boys but I kissed Penny at a sleepover once. She was not impressed."

"I should imagine not."

Sheldon closed his eyes, smelling the Listerine on her breath. It was quite a bizarre experience. Her lips touched his and he did not move. The man had a horrendous fear of causing an error; it seemed such a tedious, specific process.

"Relax, Sheldon. You are failing to arouse me."

"My apologies, Amy."

Leaning slightly forward, Sheldon kissed her back before he realized the preposterousness of his actions. "Amy, I have a question."

"Yes, Sheldon?"

"Penny informed me everyone is different, thus, I would like to deduct from that statement that you may desire something I am not currently doing. Am I correct?"

"You are," Amy said flatly.  

"May I ask you: out of the list of videos we have watched, which one did you receive the strongest physiological responses?"

Amy paused for a while, her eyes darting to Sheldon’s mouth. "I quite enjoyed the one concerning a teacher disciplining his student in his office."

"Very good." He wrote this down as quickly as his hands would allow, "Was there any element in particular that resonated with you?"

"Being taken by surprise," Amy murmured with a wry smile.

"Oh, excellent, I think I could perform that extremely well. Now, Amy, please leave this room and brush your teeth again, I am going to make some minor adjustments to our experiment."

"Thank you again, Sheldon,” she paused, “you are a dear friend."

When Amy Fowler returned Sheldon was wearing the black suit he had worn while drunk, had a physics textbook under an arm, and had a ruler and pen in his pocket. The laptop was put to the side for now and he was standing next to its home, the desk.

Sheldon pointed to the chair which was usually tucked away under it "Please sit down, Miss Fowler."

"Yes, Sheldon."

She did so, her night dress creasing. He put the textbook down. Furious, he took out his ruler and pointed it at her. "Excuse me Miss Fowler, but I believe I am of the authority here.” He said with unshakable pride, “You must address me as Mister or Professor Cooper, Mister S Cooper or sir, nothing of the derivative. Am I making myself clear?"

"Yes, Professor Cooper, sir," Amy responded with a bow of her head.

"Very good" He smiled, enjoying this game. He picked up her notes from the bed. "I am here to discuss your most recent paper with you. I am appalled by the lack of structure and specifically in the literature review. What do you have to say for yourself?"

"I am very apologetic, sir. I did not realize I had made those errors in my writing."

"May I suggest a form of punishment: I would like you to rewrite this paper, also, an essay of two thousand words explaining how you plan to improve in future? May I also suggest you remove your clothing and explain to me why you are not wearing your school uniform? Now, if you may, Miss Fowler."

"Sir, I do not believe removing my clothes is an ethical request of a teacher," Amy began in a nervous rush, “May I recommend our student-teacher relationship ends in order to pursue this injustice?"

"No. What is injustice is speaking to me as though you are the teacher, when you have no such qualifications," Sheldon said, “Please remove your clothes, Miss Amy Fowler."

"But Professor Cooper, I must object!” panic entered Amy’s voice, despite this being make believe, “I have no desire to remove my clothes. I am not comfortable with you seeing my genitalia."

"Well, that is simply bad luck, Miss Fowler," Sheldon said emotionless, “You are my student and I regretfully inform you that if you do not perform this duty, my detention must further expand, and I will ask you to do more difficult tasks. Please do not make me resort to such measures."

Amy nodded, looking at the ground. "I understand. You are the teacher and thus are in control of me.” She reached down to grab hold of her underwear. “Please give me a moment while I undress."

The professor averted his eyes while Amy removed her nightdress, undergarments and folded them in the corner. She looked at her superior straight in the face. He looked her up and down, surprised by the mild tingling beginning to occur all around inside, more strongly down below.

As unexpected as this response was, at least it was working! Sheldon gulped, to compose himself. "Now Miss Fowler, why are you not wearing your uniform?"

"I was not aware a tutoring session required a uniform, sir."

"My, my, are you informing me you have no such uniform within this house?"

Amy shook her head. She crossed her arms in an attempt to hide her bosom. "No, sir. May I put my clothes on now?"

"Not quite. No, that is simply not good enough, Miss Fowler. Your standards are not high enough to pursue a job in this university. I am disgusted."

"I am sorry sir." Legitimate remorse could be heard in the student’s tone.

"May I request, for your next punishment, that you pleasure yourself in front of me?"

"Yes, sir.” Amy complied, “I am most embarrassed, but I suppose you are not going to end this student teacher relationship?"

"No, Amy, that would be unhelpful. I am attempting to teach you a lesson."

"How about you take off your clothes too, sir?"

"No, don't be ridiculous, Miss Fowler,” Sheldon snapped, “I will wear my clothes however I do please."

"I understand, sir.” Again, Amy paused, “Give me a moment."

He watched, fascinated by the layers of skin. It was no way close to what it was like on a diagram. Sheldon felt his face grow hot, and his pulse rose. Amy fiddled her clitoris, and the professor attempted to pick up on a pattern. The movement was so unstructured it was not any help at all.

"Sir, I fear I am going to sound very unintelligible in a few moments," Amy gasped.

"No, Miss Fowler. Judging from what my colleague Leonard informed me, your building attraction and libido… is due to a lack of release. In order to release such desires from your system, you must bypass this intellectual barrier. I know it is threatening, but it is necessary. It is the goal of this experiment. Please be strong and do it in the name of science."

"Yes, what a great idea, sir. Only now there is a problem," she said disheartened.

"What is that, Miss Fowler?"

"I desire to engage in coitus."

"Oh no, that is problematic. Miss Fowler, please look at me.” Sheldon stepped so close to her he could see the beads of sweat on her brow. “Do you see any lies expressed in my complexion?"

"No, sir."

"Then do what I say. Turn over, lie on that bed over there. Now."

Sheldon’s pulse rose once again. It was all working perfectly! What’s more, there  was a sensation of pressure building in his groin. An erection, it seemed. Searching through his memory, he picked out some videos where a similar event occurred by accident from random non erotic stimuli, and reminded himself of the facts. Amy liked to be surprised. What would this evil professor Sheldon Cooper do? Hmm!

He approached the bed, took out the ruler and whipped her on her buttocks, in which she let out a high-pitched "hoo" sound. Yes, she was aroused! This experiment was running successfully.

"Did that hurt too much, Miss Fowler?" he asked.

"N-no,sir. In fact you can hit harder. Not in the same spot though."

So he thrashed the ruler against each butt cheek five times each. It was a slow process as sometimes the ruler did not meet the skin just right. It did not make such a satisfying sound. But she made seven out of ten 'Hoo' noises, which he thought was quite successful for a first try.

He felt a heat arise within him like a fever and his trousers were starting to hurt him. "Miss Fowler, I would like to lie on you. Would this be acceptable?"

"Yes, please."

That silly pupil was far too excited.

Sheldon lowered his body on top of her naked one, and despite everything restricted by clothing, pushed his pelvis against her buttocks.

"Do you feel that, Miss Fowler? It seems you have aroused me. Do you agree?"

"Y-Yes, s-s-sir."

Amy shivered, and the man pushed further onto her. He felt some wetness appear on his suit. Oh, the agony. What a clean suit, now filthy!

"Miss Fowler, you have ruined my suit. What do you have to say for yourself?"

"I apologize, sir. I am very sorry. So, very sorry." Amy begged.

She was beginning to sound like Penny. How it infuriated him!

Sheldon slithered his hand between her legs and Amy moved onto all fours to help. He rubbed his hand over where he thought her clitoris was and tried to copy the pattern he has seen earlier. Amy manuovered his hand to go faster. When his fingers became soaked with the speed of it all, she groaned, and he became increasingly nervous by her responses. Coitus was such a transformative experience! This was most certainly going in his notes.

"Miss Amy, you are behaving much unlike yourself. I will like to ask you to contain yourself."

"Of course, sir, of course."

Trying not to appear too embarrassed, he pulled his pants down to his knees and whispered in Amy's ear. "Do you desire coitus with me, Miss Farrah Fowler?” he lured, taunting her, “I do hope you have your story straight."

"Would I sound unintelligible to say 'yes, I do, Professor Cooper'?"

"Not at all."

Sheldon pushed his erection against her naked buttocks.It was as though another being arose from inside of him. It was most bizarre, quite surprising. Like reverting back to a more primative state. Freud called it eros. The life force. The sexually frustrated fire. He kissed her down her neck, gently, enjoying her warmth beneath him. He quickly grabbed protection from his pocket and slipped it on as quickly as it was possible to do so. This turned out to be not fast at all since one hand was slimy and sticky with mucuous. 

Positioning her at an angle appropriate for penetration was quite a tedious task and not at all represented by videos. By group effort, they managed.

The wetness inside her was intoxicating, to say the least. Sheldon’s vocabulary failed him. Slowly, he pushed further, until she relaxed around him.

"Oh, goodness," Sheldon gasped, pulling back out and in again, "This is most interesting."

"I agree, Proffessor Cooper. I am very much aroused."

"I share your sentiments, oh my… it is a peculiar feeling, isn't it?"

"It is, Professor Cooper, hoo."

Sheldon sped up, out of instinct, a lion emerging from within him. Amy moaned and squirmed in response, but he was too addicted to the feeling to stop. The suit made it very difficult to move and also incredibly hot, but it only amplified the need to finish. Perhaps it was from Sheldon’s inexperience or Amy’s brilliant ideas that the coitus was over a little too quickly.

The man gasped and a rippling sensation burst forth and calmed him like descending into hot water after an exhausting day. Overwhelmed with relaxation, Sheldon collapsed onto Amy, but it seemed she had already orgasmed.

"Thank you Sheldon, I think I am better now."

"It was my pleasure."

Slowly, he withdrew from Amy, making sure the condom did not leak. Feeling repulsed, he tied up the top and took the time to walk away and placed it in the rubbish bin a few feet away.

"I had no idea coitus was so sticky, I suggest a shower. Will you join me, Miss Fowler?"

"I would love to, Professor Cooper."

As Amy got up from the bed, Sheldon kissed her and they smiled at each other. It was a strange feeling, but more than that…. their experiment was a success after all.

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