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Supernatural- Held for money

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Chapter 1

It was the middle of September and the weather had finally gone from very hot to cool. Dean and Sam loved the fall because of this. They didn't have to wear coats yet and the, leafs were starting to change colors. They were staying with Caleb for the month. He rented a cabin until John and Mac got back. The brothers were outside playing football when Caleb came up to them. He had three backpacks in his arm and had a smile on his face. Dean caught the football and ran over to Caleb, Sam right behind him.

"Caleb what's with the backpacks? Are we going somewhere?" Dean asked stopping next to the older man

"I thought we could go in the woods and get some apples. Sam can put them in his bag, you can put sticks and twigs in yours for a fire, and I can carry stuff we will need when it gets dark in there." Caleb told the boys. He gave Sam the blue bag, Dean got the green one, and Caleb kept the black one. It was past four in the afternoon when they went in to the woods. The place was about 10 archers all the way around.

They have walked for fifteen minutes when they started to hear scattering not that far from them. Caleb pulled out his 45' while Dean grabbed Sam's arm and pulled him towards him. Caleb motioned his hand for the brothers to stay low. Once he was sure the boys where safe Caleb walked over to where they had heard the noise. He looked around the area but couldn't find anything. He was making his way back to the boys when He heard Sam give a loud scream.

"Dean, Sam!" He shouted and ran for them

When he reached the boys he found a big black dog standing near them. Dean had Sam behind him while Dean had a long stick. "Are you boys alright?" Caleb asked walking to them with his gun out?

"Yeah this mutt tried to get Sammy, scared him half to death. What do we do with him?" Dean asked

So far all the dog did was just stand there looking at the boys like he knew them. The dog didn't look mean or wanted to bite them but you just never know. "Caleb he didn't try to bite me, he licked my face. He just startled me so I screamed. The dog is friendly, Dean is just being protected." Sam stated and to prove his point Sam walked away from Dean and ran to the dog before Dean knew what happened.

"Hey girl what are you doing out here all by yourself?" Sam asked the dog while petting it.

The dog went closer to Sam and just sat down and let the boy pet him. When the others saw the way the dog just laid there they knew the dog was good. They walked over to Sam and put the gun back in Caleb's pocket and Dean threw the stick away. As they walked closer the dog got up and went to them. He rubbed his wet nose on their jeans until they started petting her.

"So what are we going to name her and how are we going to tell Johnny that he has a dog in the family now?" Caleb asked

"Her name is Bella and Uncle Bobby won't mind having another dog." Sam said

They continued walking until they spotted the trees with the red apples. "Sam you start putting the apples in your bag and Dean you start gathering the sticks. I'm going to have a look around to see if anyone is here. That dog has to have an owner." With that they got to work.

It took about twenty minutes to finish everything. Sam kept eating the apples while putting them in his bag. Dean stayed where he could see Sam and picked up the sticks. He was having a hard time finding sticks and had to go in to the trees to get them. Caleb looked around the place but never found anyone else. When he looked at his watch he found that he had been gone for ten minutes so he turned around and went back for the boys.

"Alright guys let's get back to the cabin before it gets to dark."

They grabbed their bags and made their way back to the cabin. The dog was right behind them next to Sam. "Did you find anyone?" Dean asked walking on the side of Caleb.

"No, the place was empty. I didn't even see any animals."

"Does this mean I get to keep the dog?" Sam asked holding on to the dog.

With a nod from both Sam smiled and gave the dog a big huge. Once back at the cabin Caleb took the bag from Sam and put them on the counter for later. "Why don't you guys get the fire started in the fire-place?" Caleb asked

The boys ran to the living room and got started on their job. Caleb stayed in the kitchen making something for dinner. He decided on making mac and cheese since it was Sam's newest favorite food. Later they would have some pie.

After the boys were done and had a good fire going, they walked back into the kitchen to find three bowls of mac and cheese waiting on the table. Caleb turned around from the counter with three glasses of grape juice. Dean went up to Caleb and grabbed two of the glasses and sat them on the table. Sam saw the cups and grabbed one to drink since he was really thirst.

"Hey Caleb what drinks are those?" Dean asked

"It's your favorites, grape Juice." Caleb finished

Dean looked over at his brother that had one of the cups at his mouth and shouted while running over and knocking the cup to the ground. "SAMMY DON'T DRINK IT!"

Caleb looked at Dean and then to Sam." Why not?" He asked concerned

"He's allergic to it." Dean yelled checking his brother out. "Did you drink any of it?"

"It was just a little bit. I'm sorry Deanie I was just too thirsty." Sam told his brother with worry.

"Since when is he allergic to juice? He drinks it all the time." Caleb picked up Sam and rushed him to the sink. He turned on the water and told Sam to drink it and then spite it out. While Sam was doing that Dean ran up the stairs to their room and grabbed Sam's school bag. He came back down and ran to the kitchen. He through the bag on the table and started throwing things out until he found what he was looking for.

"Dean … it's getting … h-hard to … b-breath." Sam gasped out

Dean ran to his brother with a kit in his hand. Caleb picked up Sam when the boy was gasping for air. He laid the boy on the counter and held his hands down and his chin tilted up.

"Come on runt keep breathing for us." Caleb said and then looked over at Dean, "What is that?"

"His incline, if he has an allergic reaction then I need to give him this to help him breathe." Dean then grabbed Sam's shirt and lifted it up to show his stomach. He then opened the kit and took out a needle and a small medicine bottle. After Dean rubbed an alcohol pad in a spot on Sam's stomach he plunged the needle in to the spot and let the liquid go in to Sam's skin.

"Alright Sam just slow and steady breaths, let the medicine do its thing!"

Sam nodded at his brother and tried to get his breathing under control. He looked at his brother and then to Caleb who still had a hold of his arms. When he got a hold of his breathing Caleb let his arms go and then helped him sit up.

"How are you doing runt?" Caleb asked

"Much better now, Thanks."

Caleb picked Sam up and placed him on his feet and helped him walk to the table. Sam sat down and started eating his dinner. Dean placed a cup of milk next to his plate and Sam picked it up and started to drink. "Not to fast Sam, take it easy." Dean said and then sat down at the same time Caleb did.

After dinner they cleaned up and then sat by the fire and roasted marshmallows and ate S'mores. Dean and Caleb sat on the couch eating their S'mores while watching Sam make a second one and watched the dog sit at the boy's feet.

"Why didn't you tell me he was allergic to grape juice?"

"It just slipped my mind I thought I had told you."

"When did you find out?"

"We got grapes from a friend about three weeks ago and when Sam ate one he was having trouble breathing. Dad took him to the hospital and told them what had happened. They told him Sam was very allergic to grapes and that he is to never eat or drink anything that has grapes or he could die." Dean said eating the last of his S'more

Caleb finished his and looked over at Sam who was now eating his second one. "We will make sure there will never be any grapes around here. I'm going to call Mac and tell him what happened. I want you two upstairs and in bed and take the dog with you. No he can't sleep in the same bed as you Sam." Caleb finished when he saw Sam about to ask something

When Sam closed his mouth and put his head now, Caleb then knew that's what Sam was going to ask. "Come on Bella let's go upstairs." Sam said and then followed his older brother. Once the two brothers were gone, Caleb picked up the phone and called his father.

"Hey dad I'm just calling to let you know Sam is allergic to grapes. I didn't know he was so I gave him some grape juice and before Dean could stop him, Sam had swallowed some. We gave him a shot of incline and he got better. He's doing ok now. They are both in bed and we also found a new dog. Sam named her Bella so when you get this don't worry about anything and see you guys in two weeks … Bye." He then hung up the phone

Caleb walked around the cabin making sure the doors and windows were locked and all the protections where in place. After he was done, he turned off the lights and turned the fire out. He then went up the stairs and checked on the brothers. Dean was asleep in the bed closes to the door and Sam was asleep in the bed next to the window with Bella sleeping at the end of the bed. Caleb shook his head and then closed the door. He got to his room that was across from the others. He looked out the window for a few seconds before he got in bed and went to sleep.


The next day everyone got up and had breakfast then took a shower before going outside. "Caleb is it ok if I take an apple with me?" Sam asked

"Sure runt go get one, we will wait."

Sam ran off to the cabin and a few seconds later came running out with three apples in his hand.

"Dude I thought you said one apple." Dean laughed he looked at Caleb and he too was laughing

"I got you both one." Sam then handed the others an apple

They then started walking in the woods eating their apples with Bella behind them.

They didn't go that far in this time. They just stayed far enough to see the cabin. Sam found a tree that was easy for him to climb and Dean sat with Caleb talking about girls and hunting. It was turning out to be a nice day.

"Alright guys time to head back. It should be getting dark soon." Caleb got up off the ground and then helped Sam out of the tree

They were walking back towards the cabin when they heard a noise coming from behind them. They turned around to find five big guys with guns. Caleb pushed the boys behind him and looked at the men. He could hear Bella growling behind him.

"Shh girl, it's ok." Sam whispered

"What can I help you with?" Caleb asked

"We need a place to stay for the night. We will be gone in the morning. We don't want any trouble." One of the men said

"Then why do you have guns?" Dean snapped

"We were out hunting and lost track of time. Our jeep is out of gas and we have no place to sleep."

"You can stay the night with us but no weapons in the house." Caleb said before walking to the cabin

The brothers followed Caleb and once they got there Caleb told them to stay in their room and don't come out until he said so. The men left their weapons outside but not where they could lose them.

"Nice place you got here." Another man said

"Thanks, it belongs to my friend. He should be here in a few days. We don't have a lot of room but you can use the couch and there is one more room upstairs that has two beds. I will be cooking dinner in a little bit. You can stay in here until I'm done." Caleb finished and went into the kitchen.


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