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Disclaimer: I do not own CHUCK or its characters. I am not making money from writing this story.

Notes: I have not abandoned "Just A Game", but I was a little discouraged by some opinions and couldn't find the muse to continue for a bit. I'm only human after all, and it's my first go at a multichapter plot fic. Not looking for a pity-party; just being honest. :-) So I tried to write something else just to get the inspiration back and get some writing down. And here's the result. 

I may or may not update this story. It's a fun universe that I might like to delve into in the future, but if there is anything else added, it'll just be sex scenes between them. For finding-my-muse purposes. I apologize if it seems a little self-serving, but writing a bunch of sex scenes for two characters in a TV show is self-service. Kinda. Let's be real.

Agent Walker and Agent Carmichael are semi-new partners in the CIA. The tension's been building for awhile now, and this is their first sexual encounter. I've put a lot of different warnings in the summary in case I do write future chapters, because who knows what sorts of situations I might write them in. You may not encounter those things in this chapter.

Disclaimer: I do not own Chuck. I'm not making money from this.


    Agent Walker slid to a stop, just barely catching herself before she ran into the railing of the balcony. She’d thought there’d be another way. Maybe stairs leading down from the balcony to the lower floors. But that was stupid.

    She was four floors up. She hadn’t been thinking clearly.

    She’d let her fear get the most of her.

    “Walker, you coming?” she heard her partner ask in her earpiece.

    “No,” she said, fighting to keep her voice from failing. “You have the intel. Get out of here.”

    “Wait…What? I thought you were almost out!”

    “Go! Get the drive to Graham!” she hissed through her teeth.

    She couldn’t jump over the railing. There was nothing to land on. She’d either break her neck or her legs if she did. 

    “What’s happening?” he asked.

    “Carmichael. I technically outrank you. Get your ass into the van and get away from here.” If he followed orders, he’d have a clean getaway. Graham would have the USB in his hands, the CIA would have everything they needed to get take Red Thompson’s arms dealing racket down. Put the bastard behind bars for life.

    “Don’t pull rank bullshit with me, Agent Walker. Just do what I say, got it?”

    She hated this. But she still said, “Got it.”    After a month of being stuck with Agent Carmichael as a partner, she’d grown to trust him more than she’d trusted any of her partners. There was no rhyme or reason to it, really. But their first mission had been the day Graham tossed the computer geek at her. And she’d learned very quickly that he was much more than simply a computer geek. The trust had come so very easily after that first mission. And continued through the second and third. 

    “I see you.”

    “What?” she snapped, confused. She heard loud voices approaching behind her, and she spun to find Thompson’s goons sprinting towards her, the ones at the front pointing, gesturing for the rest to follow.


    “WHAT?!” she said, her voice high pitched this time.

    “I said jump, damn it!”

    “Oh, fuck,” she breathed, rolling her eyes. And she threw herself over the railing. She fell for what felt like an entire minute. And then there was a flash of black. A hand closed around her forearm, and then she was yanked hard, painfully, and her body slammed against the railing on the second floor.

    She heard him growl with the effort of catching her, and then she felt him pull her up.

    Sarah helped, grabbing the railing and slipping her foot in to hoist herself over it. And the second she was standing, safely, on the second story balcony, she felt Carmichael’s hand slip into her pants pocket. She would’ve hit him if she hadn’t felt the weight of the USB there. 

    “Get to the van.”

    He pushed her towards the edge of the balcony. Dropping from a second floor balcony wasn’t going to be comfortable. But she’d live at least. “You coming?”

    Agent Carmichael pushed her harder. “Go!”

    “I don’t leave my partners behind, Carmichael,” she growled, and she turned to face the doors just as they burst open. A flurry of men tumbled out onto the balcony with them. Sarah had her knife out of her sleeve and in her skilled grip in a moment, taking on two of them at once. She managed to snag her second attacker’s wrist, pushing his arm up just in time to keep from having a bullet between her eyes. The gun went off, sending chips of paint and cement falling onto them, and she used his momentary confusion to flip him over her back, crashing over the railing and landing somewhere down below.

    She’d dispatched three of them when she heard the telltale click of a hammer being pulled back behind her ear.

    Her life didn’t flash before her eyes. There wasn’t time for it. The gun went off, but there was no pain. Nothing but a horrific ringing in her left ear. She crashed down to the floor of the balcony, and twisted to look up as Carmichael brought his fist across the man’s face, sending him scrambling over the railing. 

    There was a crunch down below as Carmichael staggered back, catching himself against the wall next to her. She thought he’d been shot as he fell to his knee next to her, and she pushed up to grab him, but he shook his head and snatched her hand out of the air. “Let’s go.”

    He was fine as they rose to their feet and ran back into the building. Sarah snatched one of the guns from the ground and they were on their way down the side staircase. “Are you alright?” she asked, her voice a little loud maybe, as her ear was still ringing.

    “Yes. You?”    


    The corner of his mouth tilted up in amusement as he kicked the door open and they emerged in the side parking lot. 

    Bullets sprayed after them as they sprinted across the lot towards the line of trees that surrounded the facility. Neither of them went down before they hit the trees, thank God, and they eventually found the van nestled in the clearing.

    “You’re a better driver,” he said in a rushed voice. 

    It was true, so she dove into the driver’s seat and started the car. Carmichael was barely inside, still shutting his door when she sped down the dirt road, doing her best to get them out of there as fast as possible. 

    She forced herself not to watch as he grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it up over his shoulders, head, and arms, dropping it at his feet and opening the glove compartment. “I have a confession to make,” he panted as she drove.

    “What is it?”

    “I’m not great with blood. And I have a low tolerance for pain.”

    Sarah let herself glance over at him and saw that he’d been clipped by one of the bullets. But it looked shallow, like it had nicked his ribcage just enough to ricochet off instead of sinking into him.

    “Shit. You okay?”

    “Yeah, yeah. No, I’m good. Just a little…uh…”

    “Just press your shirt to it and I’ll take care of it when we get a safe enough distance away, okay?”

    She’d never met another agent who couldn’t handle a little graze of a bullet themselves. But she didn’t fucking care. He’d saved her life twice in the span of a few minutes, if that. She trusted him blindly and he hadn’t let her down.

    She didn’t give a fuck about anything else right now.

    He’d come through tonight in a big way. He was a good damn agent.

    And she felt something inside of her that she’d never felt before. The usual adrenaline was still there, from the free fall, from the fight, from the knowledge that she had some exceptionally damaging intel in her pocket that would bring down one of the biggest criminals in the western hemisphere.

    But there was something else.

    It had to do with the last month…everything that had been building up. Completely out of her character, Agent Sarah Walker had let herself be charmed, and she’d flirted, teased, cajoled her partner. She’d protected herself from the attraction she felt for him, the interest she had, the warmth, by making fun of his silly contraption that he wore on his wrist, or the way he was always clicking away on his computer, the way he talked himself into the corners. She hadn’t let him hear the end of it when he’d blown it trying to seduce his mark. They’d had to revert to Plan B, which still got the job done. But God, she’d torn into him with glee. Even as she got a personal sort of pleasure out of the fact that he hadn’t kissed or embraced the woman at the bar, that his lips and hands hadn’t gone anywhere near another woman’s body.

    Sarah pushed her foot down even harder on the gas pedal, and with one last push, they cleared the trees and skidded onto the road that led towards the nearby town.

    She took a deep breath and glanced at Carmichael again. He’d pulled his tablet up onto his lap, typing with one hand, the other holding his shirt to the bullet graze on his side. “Safe house is only ten miles to the East. Back into the trees. Right at the fork there.”

    Thank God.

    Sarah cranked the wheel to the right and they went right back into the rows of trees. He quietly guided her through the maze-like roads, and then he advised her to stop. 

    “Turn in here.”

    “There’s no road.”

    “I don’t think there’s supposed to be. But the house is in there. We can’t leave the van here, can we?”

    It looked wide enough for the van to fit through, so she followed his lead, trusting him. Only five minutes of “off-roading” later and she saw the house in the beam of the headlights.

    “What’d I say?” he asked, proudly.

    “I never doubted you.”

    She felt a heady sense of pride that they’d pulled this off with almost no resources, and no back-up. 

    But more than that, she felt that certain sensation again. 

    As she slowed the van to a halt, Carmichael scampered out into the darkness and rushed around to the door of the small garage, which was more of a hut than anything. In spite of his injury, he pulled the double doors out of the way and she carefully slid the car inside. 

    Sarah climbed out, the adrenaline still coursing through her as they worked together to close the doors. The leaves crunched under her boots as they went to the window and peeked inside. “You sure this is ours?”

    He snorted. “It isn’t really…What I mean to say is…Well, it’s mine.”

    “What?” She straightened up to look at him, noticing just how close he was standing. He’d saved her life twice. One month of attraction and flirtation and and and…

    “It’s my safe house. I’ve been waiting to take Thompson down for awhile now, and never quite got the chance until Graham slotted me onto your team. I set this safe house up awhile back. For myself. For this reason. Never really thought I’d get to use it…”

    “How long ago?” she asked.

    He used the hand that wasn’t holding his shirt to the wound to grab hers and she felt a shock go through her. His hands were large. Warm. Callused. Everything she wanted. 

    “About three years.”

    He produced a key from his back pocket and slid it into the front door lock, pushing the door open and holding it for her to go inside. A strange act of chivalry from a CIA agent. Not to seduce or romance her, but just because it came naturally to him.

    That adrenaline that was coursing through her stopped just behind her belly button, focused there, making her feel a little crazy.

    “Where’s the first aid kit?” she forced herself to ask. 

    He led her through the darkness, into a hallway and through the door on the right, flicking the light switch there and illuminating the room. 

    She watched him retrieve the first aid kit from the cupboard beneath and grabbed it from him quickly. “Move the shirt,” she said quietly, opening the kit and getting everything she needed. 

    It was an easy wound to care for, but his skin was so warm to the touch. It was in stark contrast to the cool mountain air that had permeated her clothing outside, and was still a bit uncomfortable in here in the small home that probably had poor insulation.

    His skin was smooth, tan. Stretched over muscles that weren’t as pronounced as some of the other agents she’d seen shirtless. But they were still there. And still strong. She’d walked in on him about a week ago while he was working out in Castle. And she’d gotten quite the eyeful as he did his pull-ups.

    Thinking of that now, she felt a little dizzy. Or maybe it was just that her hearing finally came back from having that damn gun go off near her ear.

    He’d saved her life.


    The wound cleaned and covered with a small bandage, she straightened up finally and watched her hands in the sink.

    “No stitches?” he asked.

    “Don’t need ‘em. It’s not that bad.”

    “Oh. Good. That’s good. I—”

    Sarah didn’t wait for him to finish. She moved in front of him and grabbed onto his belt, unbuckling it speedily, skillfully, and snapping the button of his black pants.

    “W-Whoa, Sarah. What are you—? Oh my God,” he breathed, his voice strangled, eyelids fluttering. She unzipped his pants and pushed her hand inside, cupping him, moving even closer to him and biting his jaw gently, before putting her lips to his ear.

    “You saved my life, Agent Carmichael.”

    “I—I couldn’t let you—”

    “I know,” she breathed. And she pulled back a little to look into his face. “That’s why I didn’t leave you there when you gave me the drive.”

    He swallowed thickly and then groaned as she rubbed the heel of her palm over his cock. 

    “Tell me you haven’t felt it.”

    “You know I have,” he breathed, his brow furrowed. “But I don’t know anything about you.”

    “We’re CIA agents, Carmichael. It’s part and parcel.” She squeezed his cock again and his hips jolted. “You could’ve left me. Gotten the intel to Graham.”

    “I never would’ve done that.” She pushed her hand underneath his briefs this time, pulling the waistband out of her way, and she felt his hot thickness between her fingers. “God, Walker,” he let out in a strangled groan. 

    She pulled out of his pants and then grabbed the waistband of both his pants and his briefs, giving them a quick yank and pulling until they were down at his ankles. As she looked up, she found his cock was right at eye level, so she moved onto her knees and grabbed him, guiding him into her mouth.

    Carmichael wasn’t all that hard just yet, but she sucked and licked him, feeling him harden more and more as she blew him. She held onto his ass in her hands and started pulling him in gentle thrusts towards her face, bobbing her head to meet him, looking up through her eyelashes to see as he let his head fall back, gasping in pleasure. 

    “Oh my God, yes,” he groaned. “YES!”

    She swirled her tongue around the tip, then enveloped him again, sucking hard. His hips jolted against her and he whimpered. The sound filled her with complete lust and she worked even harder on him, sliding her lips over his length, curling her fingers around the base and started to pump him fast as she sucked him.

    “Yes!” he gasped. “God, you’re so good. You’re so damn good!”

    His praise was turning her on, the way he curled his fingers in the braid she’d put her hair into before they set off for the facility.

    She continued to pleasure him with her mouth, even grazing him with her teeth to make him crazy, when he finally put a hand on her head.

    “Wait wait…please wait. I’m almost there and…” He was panting, and she wanted to make him come, but she stopped, pulling him out of her mouth, still stroking him in her face as she looked up at him.

    “I want to be inside of you,” he whispered, blushing bright red.

    Sarah slowly rose to her feet, her eyes glued to his the whole way. And then he pounced, cupping her face, kissing her hard—almost to within an inch of her life. She moaned, grabbing at his arms, and then she gasped, because his fingers pushed between their bodies to fumble with the button and zipper of her pants.

    She had to help him, grinning wildly as she pushed her pants down, having a hard time stepping out of her boots, but finally yanking them off and throwing her pants away, too.

    Carmichael hooked his fingers in her pants and pulled them down as well. She stepped out of them and gasped as he hoisted her into his arms, spinning them around so that her back was to the mirror, her bare ass perched on the edge of the counter.

    They kissed like crazy, grappling at skin, arms, his fingers twisting in her long-sleeve black shirt that she typically wore on missions. Carmichael’s fingers slid down her thigh, fire trailing everywhere he touched, and then she felt him stop…

    On the holster where she kept her knife at her ankle. He looked down over his shoulder, and for a second she thought he might tear the holster off, toss the knife away.

    Instead, he stepped closer, fire in his eyes, and he grabbed her, tilting her torso back, and reaching between them to push his cock inside of her. He was quick about it, and a little rough, without being violent.     

    And she cried out, grabbing at his shoulders, rocking against him to get him even deeper. 

    They fucked fast and hard, Carmichael’s hips thrusting relentlessly into hers, his cock so hot and thick inside of her. “Oh God, yes!” she whimpered, slapping a hand to the back of his neck and holding on for dear life.

    He wrapped an arm around her waist and yanked on her, thrusting so hard and long that they both cried out raggedly.

    It felt so good that she reached back with the hand that was clutching his shoulder and slapped it against the mirror hard. The cold against her hand, against her ass, was in perfect contrast with the heat of his hard, strong body.

    And she thought she was going to go mad by the time this was over.

    “Fuck, this is so good,” she panted. “You’re so good!”

    Carmichael groaned and thrusted hard and long again, lifting her ass off of the sink counter he thrusted so powerfully. He held her tightly against him, his lips against her neck, breathing so hard, his eyelashes brushing her cheek as they fluttered in ecstasy.

    The passion was overwhelming, threatening to explode. Her blood burned inside of her, the aching need she had for him boiling over. “Ohhh, Carmichael!” she whined. “Carmichael!”

    He turned his head, his arm tightening around her waist, and he slammed himself into her, supporting her weight, holding her above the counter in one arm, his other hand holding her thigh. As they hovered there, she gyrated her hips against him, pulling his cock into her over and over, feeding off of his whimpers of pleasure.

    And then his voice rasped, “Chuck!” in her ear. “Call me Chuck.”

    Sarah moved the hand she had at his neck and reached down to smack it over his ass, squeezing him tightly between her fingers and rocking into him again. “Nnnng! Chuuuuck!”

    She felt his seed explode inside of her, and the ache behind her belly button went straight down to where he was entering her. An orgasm spilled through her, causing her limbs to shiver, her thighs clenching around his waist.

    Her head fell back to thump against the mirror and she let out a high pitched yelp. “Chuck!!!!”

    A minute later found them clinging against the counter, Sarah’s legs still wrapped around his waist, hugging him in her arms, her face buried in his hair. “Oh my God,” she rasped. 

    He pulled back and they kissed breathlessly. Sarah tilted her lips away after a few passionate kisses and let out a breath. “Sarah,” she whispered. “Call me Sarah.”

    And she knew, as he nodded and kept kissing her, her name panted into her neck as he continued to worship her, that everything had changed between them. 

Notes: I hope you enjoyed. Let me know. Depending on if I come up with something or not, this might continue. If it does, it probably won't read like your typical plotted story. It'll just be pockets of time and hop around a little. Thanks for reading!



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