Rosewood Heat

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Through the window Peter Hastings could hear them talking and laughing, the daughter of his neighbour, Alison DiLaurentis, and her friend Hanna Marin. Peter knew them both, not just because Alison lived next door, but also they were among the best friends of his own youngest daughter. Even without looking Peter knew they were hot stuff. Which didn't stop him looking out to confirm it.

The two teens were sitting in the hot tub wearing the skimpiest set of bikinis imaginable (and Peter could imagine a lot). He hadn't wanted to make the offer to the DiLaurentis's that they could use the tub when he got it installed. Sure as neighbours they were better than most, even so allowing them to come into his back yard at any time and jump into his tub; well he wasn't proprietary but a man's yard is his. His wife had thought different; after all what was the point of an expensive swanky hot tub if you couldn't make your neighbours jealous. Peter didn't always agree with his wife, but damn, looking down at Ali and Hanna it was the right decisions if taken for the wrong reasons.

"Damn, those two are too hot."

Peter briefly took his eyes away from the sight down below to look at the speaker. Byron Montgomery stood hands in his pockets gazing down, with the same expression if lustful wonderment that Peter was sure he had on his face. At least Byron had the excuse he was divorced, Peter's wife was just away for the evening - staying overnight in a hotel with Spencer for a meal and a performance by the Philadelphia Orchestra.


"They are that," Peter replied with a grin and a nod. He continued to look down at them, feasting his eyes on their delicious bodies all wet and dripping as the two teens relaxed in the steamy, bubbling water. His foot touched his squash bag guiltily, Byron was over here for a game at the Country Club, followed by a couple of beers, he wasn't here to stand with Peter in his home office and gaze down at the neighbours. The only defence was that Byron showed no sign of wanting to move either. "I swear teenage girls are getting even sexier in this town."

"I'm not disagreeing, some of the girls in my college - they ought to put a sign round there necks 'hot to trot'. My dick's in constant use."

Peter laughed, "The benefits of being divorced, lots more fucking. Veronica's so busy I hardly get it from her once a month,"

"Didn't you bang that paralegal at your office and then there was that barmaid when you were in New York last month," Byron grinned and Peter had to nod, "It's not like you're not getting much."

"Not as much as I'd like," Peter replied, though as he'd have liked to bang some babe virtually every waking hour, it was unlikely he'd ever have as much pussy and ass as he wanted.

"So would you?" Byron nodded towards the two teenagers out back.

Peter took another look, Alison was stretching back for some reason, her perfect body half-in, half-out of the tub, the firm titties pressing at the top and the magical heaven of her pussy only just concealed by a tiny strip of brightly coloured material. "Fuck them, oh yes."

"Any preferences?" Byron grinned.

Peter looked between them, they were both so hot and sexy, blonde, slender, but with a nice rack. He'd happily have banged either of them, but Ali had been pussy teasing since she'd hit puberty, "Alison if I had to choose. Not that it's likely I'll get that choice."

"Why not?" Byron grinned. "You're wife's out, so you're single for the night and Ali and Hanna are just flaunting it in the tub, like they're just waiting for some dick. Why don't we supply it them?"

"What about the squash?" Peter asked, then shrugged as if that was of no importance, which to be truthful when set against two teen pussies was probably right. However, there was another question, "You think we have a chance? We're old enough to be their Dads."

Byron grinned, "We won't if we don't go out there."


Hanna glanced at her friend Alison, the other blonde teen was stretching herself backwards at the edge of the hot tub so that her taut stomach was out of the water and visible. Her tits were almost bursting from within the tiny yellow and white striped bikini she was wearing, the ample flesh spilling over the cup leaving the nipple ring exposed. Her hands were fiddling with side-straps of her bottoms, not coincidentally pulling the small piece of cotton that covered her pussy deep into it, creating the perfect camel-toe. She had seemed impervious to the two older men who had been looking down admiringly, but she wasn't. "Have they gone?" she asked from the corner of her mouth whilst tightening the cord in such a way her tits threatened to finally pop under the tiny strips of cloth 'hiding' them.

Hanna risked a very quick glance up and down, Alison had told her it was like bird-watching, you needed to be careful not to scare them. "Yes," she confirmed. Immediately Alison relaxed back into the tub, her pose not being the most comfortable. Hanna stole another quick glance at the window to check Peter Hastings and Byron Montgomery hadn't returned. That could mean anything, it could certainly mean that they'd got bored of staring down at the two teens and decided they were going to play squash, she just wished she had Ali's certainty. "How do you know they'll come?"

"Cos Han, they're men and we're a pair of sexy, semi-dressed teens," Alison sounded confident, but then she always had and whilst Hanna tried to emanate her, and could when Ali wasn't around, when they were together she was always the beta in the alpha's shade. But it was a very cooling shade and when Ali suggested that the way to get over breaking up with Caleb was to pop in the hot tub Hanna had quickly agreed. Once she arrived and was getting changed in Ali's room, her friend told her that Spencer's Dad often looked down into it and that Aria's Dad had also just arrived with his squash bag;

Hanna tried to relax and give of the same air of confidence Alison gave. The water bubbling round her helped, the hope that soon she was going to get banged didn't do any harm, but the fear that Ali was wrong and they had gone off to play some squash drove her anxiety levels up and she tapped the hot tub's rim nervously with one finger. Hanna had fancied both of the Dads and Ali knew that. Which surely was why she had so easily fallen in with Ali's plan, she told herself, to see if they could attract the two older men to join them and then to see if they could entice them into some naughty fun. She glanced at her friend, serene and calm as ever, like she could read the future and the future was big cock. Hanna felt jealous of her friend and proud that they were besties all at the same time.

"Told you they'd come," Alison murmured from the side of her mouth, "Look a little surprised, but don't over do it."

Hanna turned casually trying to do as her friend said. She had to force herself to keep her jaw from dropping over as she saw Byron and Peter approach; both were clad in trunks, their stomachs were far from six-pack style and their bodies no Greek Adonis's. But they were packed where it mattered, their trunks bulging like a python with a half-swallowed meal. Hanna quickly looked away before her expression of admiration became too blatant. Ironically, Alison was one caught by surprise, her mouth agape as the two men strolled forward and only a gentle nudge from Hanna brought her friend down from the big dick fantasies she was already having.

"Hi," Alison quickly recovered and slid across the hot tub to rest herself her chest on the rim, looking towards the two men, "We were just having a dip."

"We didn't know you were out here," lied Peter with the fluency of an experienced lawyer, "We're just back from a game of squash and thought we'd have a quick relax."

"We could always share," purred Alison, she cocked an eyebrow and smiled wickedly, "If you don't mind."

Byron was the one who replied, "We don't if you don't." He walked up the steps and placed one leg over the rim, between the two teen's, "Why don't you scoot up?"


Hanna and Ali slid round, giving him some space as he took a seat between them, but so close to Hanna that there was only a thigh's breadth between them. Hanna was happy with that, though she'd have equally been with Peter, he was moving in next to Alison. That teen wasn't wasting any time, turning on the seat towards the older man and almost thrusting her titties in his face, "So what do you think of these...? The bikinis I mean, Han and I just bought them last week."

"They're nice, a little too strait-laced for my taste," Peter grinned, "I like the ones that show a little more."

If they showed much more she and Ali would be nude, thought Hanna, which was a good sign as that was what they were hoping was going to happen. Alison looked a little surprised that Peter was so forward, but Ali being Ali she recovered speedily. She grinned impishly, "Same here with trunks, me and Han like to see what's underneath."

Byron gave a small laugh, a smile on his face that Han found handsome, "Should we take them off then?"

"Yes," laughed Ali back, looking across at grinning at her friend.

"So if we take them off what are you going to do?" said Peter, "it hardly seems fair."

"What about this?" said Alison mischievously, reaching behind her back and whipping away her bikini. She tossed it behind her onto the wooden slat and jiggled her titties, "That better... "

"Half way there," grinned Byron, he looked at Hanna with a grin and the teenager was happy to take the tip.

"Will this seal the deal?" Hanna snapped the buckles of her top and tossed the useless garment aside, letting her boobs bounce and jiggle as the water bubbled round them.

"Seems like we don't have a choice Peter," Byron said reaching under the water to remove his trunks. He tossed them aside to land with a wet splat on the floor. Hanna felt her breath being taken away. The water might magnify and distort the dick, but she was sure it couldn't be less than ten inches and as hard as rock, the mushroom head almost breaking surface. She was dimly aware that Peter had removed his trunks as well, if only because Ali gave a small shriek of shock, her friend surprised yet again.

"Oh my God," Hanna breathed. Her hand half floated in the water, almost being drawn like iron filings to a magnet to the hard organ, "It's massive."

"Have you two never seen a cock before?" Peter asked.

"A few," said Ali non-specifically, she was always a bit vague with whom she had actually had sex with.

"Just Caleb's," admitted Hanna, "It wasn't as big."

"Real men have real dicks," grinned Byron, leaning back relaxed, seemingly unconcerned one of his daughter's best friends had her hand just a couple of inches from his fully erect dong.

"You're both real men," Ali nodded, grinning her eyes flickering between the two naked men's nether regions.

"Real men," Hanna found she couldn't help herself, like she had some inner compulsion, her palm slid over the hard dick her hand closing over it. She moved her hand slowly up and down, feeling the skin shift over the gland. Byron grinned and moved closer to her, his arm slipping over the tub edge and round to the back of her neck, slowly stroking the skin.

"You don't mind do you Mr Hastings," Alison grinned, her hand going under the water.

"Not at all," Peter said, he too leaning back as the teen took his prick in her hands, "though you can call me Peter."

The two teen's giggled and stroked, their hands sliding up and down the huge cocks, keeping them hard and erect without pushing them to the next level. Neither of the men seemed to mind, they just sat back relaxing naked in the hot tub as a couple of hot blondes masturbated them. Hanna jerked her wrist, keeping a grip on the dick so that it moved in time with her. It wasn't the first time she'd given a hand job, she'd given Caleb plenty when her Mom was downstairs and she didn't want her to know what they were doing, but her ex-boyfriend's cock hadn't been nearly as big. Now she was playing with a dick so large she could barely fit her hand round it, she wondered how it would get into her pussy and the thought made her quiver.

Her hand jerked a little harder. Byron leaned in, his mouth opening as he kissed her without permission, his hand reaching over to stroke her titty and make the nipple hard. She kissed back, her tongue sliding forward to connect with his. He was a better kisser than Caleb as well.

"Look at those two lovebirds," Hanna could hear Alison giggle in the background. She didn't care, sliding along the seat closer to Byron, so there legs were pressed together. The older man's hand was sliding down her stomach under the water. It found her bikini bottoms and travelled down, easing them back so he could get at her smooth twat. Hanna shuddered in excitement as his finger rubbed at her slit; soaking and not because she was sitting in a tub.

"Mmmnnn, mmmnnn," on the bench opposite Ali and Peter were following their example, kissing heavily as Ali still stroked her neighbour's massive dick and he kneaded and squeezed at her naked titty.


Seeing the other couple getting it on as well excited Hanna even more, she kissed more passionately at Byron, her mouth moving over his, nipping his lips between her teeth and licking at the underside of his chin. All the time her hand was pumping his cock and he was rubbing away furiously at her fuckhole.

"Mmnnnn, yeah," the teen moaned in pleasure as her mouth moved from his and he swung into suckle at her neck like a horny vampire. "Mmmnnn, ooohhh, yes," her groans got louder as Byron slid a finger between the lips, still rubbing with his thumb, but interspersing it with digital thrusts into her tight teenage hole.

Opposite her she could see that Ali was straddling Peter's knees, her mouth locked on his, her elbow regularly breaking the water as she jerked his prick. Suddenly she stopped and stood up, standing in the tub the water bubbling round her thighs as a couple of feet away Byron moved his tongue to the teen's jaw, lapping round it. Hanna giggled, half-concentrating on Byron and half on Ali. Her friend was bending, pulling down her bikini bottoms and exposing her bare butt to Hanna - she was showing even more to Peter who was grinning like a schoolboy at the view. It made Hanna think that she was too overdressed and even as Byron was continuing to finger her under her bottoms she snapped at the side buckle and let them fall away.

"Very nice," grinned her friend's Dad, his mouth slid down to suckle at a titty as his hand stroked and finger her snatch.

"Glad you like it, oooohhh," Hanna moaned as Byron's teeth slipped onto her teat and gently pulled it out, teasing it and tasting the warm water round it. her eyes closed in passionate pleasure and she slid against the back of the tub, dropping Byron's cock and letting her arms float free

"Look Han, I'm riding cock," giggled Alison.

Hanna opened her eyes, looking at her friend. The other blonde was still astride Peter Hastings, but now she was bouncing up and down on him as he held her waist and looked up at her pretty face and jiggling titties. She turned her head towards Alison, grinning happily as she slid herself up and down the cock. Hanna felt a moment of jealousy then her hand slipped down and ran over Byron's large prick and she remembered she had a big dick of her own.

"I want you to fuck me," Hanna said, breaking away from Byron's mouth. He nodded enthusiastically. As she moved to sit astride him his finger slid out of her cunt. It didn't matter, she'd always enjoyed digital penetration as an appetiser, but now was time for the main course and it was a huge meal she'd be getting. Her older lover's hands gripped her waist as she sat down, his massive dick pointing up to her cunt. She began to lower herself down, wondering how well her tight teenage pussy was going to cope.

She needn't have worried - what a baby can come out of a cock, no matter how big, can go up. Admittedly not straight off in one thrust. She worked herself up and down the huge member sliding down an inch at a time, her eyes widening as it opened her hole. "Mmmnnn," the blonde teen moaned in appreciation, her hands gripping Byron's shoulders for support.

"OOohhh, yessss, yessss," squealed Ali, a number of inches ahead of her and greatly enjoying getting the full length of dick up her.

"Yeah, Hanna, that's it. God you're so hot," Byron was rising to meet her as she came down, thrusting his cock firmly into her pussy. The tunnel walls gripped round it, letting it advance an inch at a time, gradually crawling up her hole and filling it with it massive girth. Hanna could feel it stretching, so tight that the only liquid in it was her cum, the hot tub water swishing at her lips but kept out by the tightest of plugs. "Ohh, yes, that's it Hanna, you're so tight and fuckable. Damn you're sexy."

Hanna pushed herself down, moaning in pleasure as the cock rubbed over her special spot in a way that Caleb's had never managed. She gripped Byron's shoulders harder, using them to lever herself faster and faster up and down his dick. He didn't seem to mind, gripping her waist to keep her balanced and help her jump up and down. The teen gasped and moaned in pleasure, throwing her head back and shaking her blonde hair as she was filled with large dick, "OOohhh, urrrrhhh, yes, fuck, yes. God, this is so good."

"Uuuhhh, uuuhhh, fuck me Peter, ram my tight little cunt," behind her Alison was also evidently enjoy herself, shuddering and shaking, arching and twisting as she repeatedly impaled herself on the large dick.

It was a big turn on to Hanna to hear her friend's moans and listen the bounce and splash of her driving down the dick as the water bubbled round her. Hanna went quicker, desperate to keep up with her bff. Ali could never be second best though and she upped her speed, treating Peter's cock to the best fucking it had received in years. Hanna again moved to match her, speeding up and down Byron's dick and giving him a treat he'd remember.

Soon the two blonde teen's were bouncing like a couple of demented jack-in-the-boxes, making the hot tub choppier than even the jets could manage, so that waves of frothy water were crashing at the rim and spraying over like a storm against crashing over dock wharves. "Ooohhh, urrrrrrhhh, yesssss, yessss, ohhhhhh."

"Grip your legs round my waist," Byron ordered, moving forward on the seat and then as Hanna did as she was asked, adding "and your arms round my back, holding tightly."

Hanna did as she was told by her more experienced lover. His hands went down under her butt, grabbing her cheeks and holding her in position, stopping her thrusts. He grinned at her, "Hang on tight."

"Oh!" Hanna gave a little squeak as she was lifted up, higher and higher, above the water, Byron standing up at the same time. She remained impaled on his long prong, her naked body dripping water, her legs scrabbling for a hold as she feared any second she'd fall back with an embarrassing and painful splash. But Byron was holding her steady and firmly. After a second Hanna relaxed and smiled at him, "You going to stand there or are you going to carry on fucking me?" she asked cheekily.

"I'll think I'll fuck you," said Byron and began to ease his cock in and out of her pussy.

Behind her she could hear Ali's squeak of shock and the cascade of water crashing down as Peter stood up with her wrapped round him. The two teen's backs rubbed together, their wet hair falling over each other as the two men rocked their pelvis and slipped their ten-inchers into the soaked hole.

"MMmnn, oooohhh, urrhhhh," Ali and Hanna moaned in pleasure, their naked bodies dancing over the water.

Hanna gripped Byron tighter and slipped herself down the thrusting dick. The older man gripped her ass and as she reached the bottom lifted her up, slamming his pelvis back at the same time. He loosened his hands allowing her to fall as she dragged herself down, her nails digging into his back as she used it for a lever. She grunted again "Ooohhh, uuurhhh, yessss."

The well equipped older man grinned, squeezing her ass as she bounced up and bashed at Ali, the other blonde grunting and squealing as she too was impaled on oversized dick. Hanna dragged herself down, her legs splaying wildly. The cock hurtled up her soaked hole, driving back the walls and leaving pleasurable waves washing in its wake. She squeaked again, "Yessss, aaaarrrrhhh, yessss. Ram my tight little fuckhole hard! Slam it deep."

Behind her Alison was crying out in equal ecstasy, "AAaarrrgghh, fuuuckkk, yessss. This is so good. OOohhh more, yes, moooorrrreeeee!"

The two men were panting, whilst the risk of being dropped added to the teen's excitement, the need to stop it actually happening was adding to the men's efforts and making them tire quicker. "Let's switch positions," Byron said to Hanna, lowering her down, even as she reluctantly nodded. She was only standing still for a second before Byron had taken her by the waist and twisted her around, bending her over the rim of the hot tub so she was facing out. And it didn't take much longer for her cunt to be respread as his cock pushed in from behind. She gasped in pleasure as the whole ten inches rammed down hard.

"AAaarrrrghhh, yessss, aaaarrrggghhh," Ali was positioned beside her, so close their spread fingers were touching, squealing as Peter took her from behind. Ali tossed her hair and rocked over the rim, squeaking as the huge dong pounded down her hole. Hanna grasped her friend's hand, squeezing it tightly as she too shuddered and shook as huge dick slammed her.

"Harder, harder, fuck me good," Hanna cried out. She could see Alison's naked boobs jiggling beside her and looking down briefly could see her own were jumping as much.

Waves of water were crashing up her leg and over her butt with every hammering blow from the men, their strong thrusts making the already bubbling water surge like it was the mid-Atlantic in a storm. The waves of pleasure bubbling in Hanna's cunt were even more powerful, exploding and rushing through her, tearing her nerves and muscles and sinews into bloody pieces. She gripped Alison's hand so hard she almost broke the other's finger, but the screams that emanated from both blondes had nothing to do with pain but the result of its estranged cousin, pleasure, "AAaaarrrghh aaaarrggghhh! Fuuuuckkk! Yessssss! More! Harder! AAAaarrrghh!"

The two men went even faster and harder, gripping the teenagers' waists and slamming as deep and quick as they could. Each thrust was heaven. Hanna came again, a squirt of juice exploding from her cunt to be lost in the boiling water. Alison came as well, it was her turn to squeeze her friends fingers, crushing them together as she orgasmed, screaming loudly into the air, "OOOOhhhhh, fuuuckkk, yessssss! You're making me cuuuummmm!"

"Me too!" screamed Hanna, not wanting to be left behind or for Byron to think she wasn't appreciating his cock as much as her bff was Peter's.

Neither man said anything in reply, their pounding cocks doing all the talking that was needed. Their thrusts were deep and firm, the dicks penetrating all the way into the tight teenage pussies. Neither Hanna nor Ali were virgins, but neither had been banged like this before - previously they'd had boys, now they were having men and they could tell the difference, which was about four to five inches. "AAarrrghhh," Hanna screamed, her body racked with pleasure. Beside her Alison was equally loud, shrieking as orgasmic lust consumed her. Byron and Peter didn't pause, continuing to belt forward and back, filling the teenager's fuckholes with ten inches of pleasure.

"AAarrrrggghhh, fuck me, fuck me hard," Hanna gasped, her body bending over the rim of the tub, her tits bouncing outside. Water was splashing over the side, drenching her - she didn't care. "Oh God , fuck me please."

"Ohhhh yessss," Alison was in a similar position, her hands gripping the rim as the top half of her body bent out of the tub, slick with sweat and water. She screamed in pleasure, her foot slipping on the tub floor and colliding with her friends, "Fuuuccckkk yesssss."

"I'm cumming," grunted Peter and Alison screamed again as her lover shot his load into her pussy.

"Me too, I'm cumming as well," Byron panted, not stopping banging Hanna's sweet pussy. The teenager gasped and shuddered as she felt his warm sticky goo blowing into her soaking cunt, filling it with his seed. He continued to pump, sending spurt after spurt into her, until she was overflowing with cum. He stepped back, wiping his head and collapsing down on the bench opposite Hanna and Alison. Peter was already there, panting and trying to get his breath back as he watched the white sperm slowly trickle from the teenager's well screwed twats, the warm liquid dripping down over their lips and down the inside of their legs to get washed away by the bubbling water.

"Oh my God, I've never been fucked like that before," gasped Hanna as she turned and slid onto the bench, "Have you Ali?"

"It was good, really good," Alison didn't answer the question. Which didn't surprise Hanna as her friend always liked to suggest there were things she'd done that none of her friends had. However from her eyes and the way she sighed contentedly as she sat down she was as satisfied as Alison ever could be.

"For us as well, yes Peter?" smiled Byron.

Peter nodded, "It was fun." He smiled and leant back against the rim, letting his arms drop outside. "I could do it again, in fact."

Hanna looked briefly at her friend. Alison was smiling broadly; she nodded at Hanna, answering her unspoken question before turning to the guys, "Oh, so could we."

"Do you want to give us a hand?" Byron grinned.

Hanna knew exactly what he meant and stood up to wade the few steps to sit next to him. Alison was quicker, "Let's swap," she giggled and plumped herself next to Byron.

"I won't take that personally," said Peter with a smile.

"You shouldn't," said Alison as she began to stroke Byron's dick back into life. "What's the point of being in a tub with two naked teens if you don't get to nail us both."

Hanna could see the sense of that; Peter's cock was as big as his friend's and from Ali's squeals he also knew how to use it. She sat down next to him and began to stroke his cock. It immediately began to stir and within moments was hard and straight in her hand. She slid up and down, smiling at him. He grinned back, satisfied and in no hurry to plant it in her pussy whilst her palm and fingers were doing such a great job. Hanna was content to gently work it, allowing him time to recover, but she noticed Alison was gesturing with her head for the two of them to get out. Hanna let go off Peter's dick and stood up, the water cascading down from her naked body, "Ali and me are just going to have a quick talk," she explained as her friend also stood up and slipped over the rim.

Hanna followed her across the wooden boards, towards the closely mowed lawn, wondering what Alison wanted. Her friend stopped about a dozen yards from the tub, safely out of earshot. She nodded towards the men, relaxing in the tub, "Han, you want to offer them our asses?"

Hanna's eyebrows nearly shot off her head. She wasn't sure what she'd been expecting, but it wasn't this. She quickly looked over her shoulder at Peter and Byron, reminding herself of their huge girth. "I'm an anal virgin, Ali. I've never done that before."

Her friend grinned, "Everyone's a virgin sometime. It'll be fun and really hot, it'd be great to lose our... your anal virginity with a friend."

"They're really big," Hanna said.

If anything Ali's smile got even wider, "I know. It'll be fantastic. You know I bet none of the other's have been fucked in the ass. We would have been and no-one else would know, it'd just be a secret between you and me."

Hanna was sure she was being played, but she still nodded - the idea of getting butt-banged by Peter's huge cock did have a lot of appeal. "Sure thing Ali, let's do it," she smiled widely if a little nervously.

Her friend slipped her arm through hers and patted Hanna's hand reassuringly, "It'll be great, you'll see. Now just follow my lead for the hardcore ass reaming of your life." She let go off Hanna and walked a few steps onto the wooden boards, standing a few feet from the hot tub. The two men were looking at her and Hanna lustfully. The teen spiralled round so that she had her back to them, she winked at Hanna and briefly gestured with her head that the other teen should follow her.

Quickly Hanna stepped into place, the boards were still damp from the water that had either be splashed over the tub's side or had been dripped by Hanna and Ali. Ali's hand were down on her butt cheeks, squeezing them and Hanna followed her example, kneading and rolling the buttocks, bouncing them at the guys. She looked over her shoulder, smiling a sexy smile. Peter and Byron were engrossed, their eyes like limpets to the teenage tushies, it didn't take much imagination to think that even without the blonde's giving them a helping hand both of the older men would be as hard as a Math PhD. Alison looked over her shoulder, tossing her blonde hair artfully. Her smile was dirty and welcoming, "Like what you see?" she asked in a sultry tone.

"Oh yes," said Peter and Byron nodded as well, the grin on his face was so wide he was probably incapable of speaking without straining his jaw.

"You want to fuck them?" Alison purred, "You want to stick those big large dicks in our tight little butts?"

It was a question that didn't need an answer.

The two men got out of the tub, their huge cocks sticking out like tank cannons, following the two blonde teens as Ali took her friend's hand and led her back onto the lawn, casting seductive glances at the men as they followed. She got onto her hands and knees and Hanna took up the same position beside her, their butts wiggling at the approaching Peter and Byron. As they got nearer Alison got onto her knees like she was begging, though she was far from doing that in reality. She smiled at Byron, "Let me suck that cock and get it ready."

Byron immediately moved round to her front. Hanna watched as her friend opened her mouth and started to slide her lips down the huge prick. For a moment she was engrossed in watching Ali slurp it down, her friend reaching up to grab the cock and ease it into her mouth. Then she realised that Peter was in moving in front of her, his own ten incher jutting out hard. The teen looked up, Peter looked down. There was no need for words.

Opening her mouth Hanna slid her lips over the big dick. Her jaw opened wider to take it in, her neck craning as she slid her head forward. The dick entered her mouth, pressing down at her tongue and sliding at the soft warmness of her cheek, pressing at the inner flesh and making her face bulge. Hanna knew there was no way she'd fit it all in, but that didn't mean she shouldn't try. She pushed further forward, her hand gripping the shaft to work it. Peter groaned in appreciation, his hips gently rocking to help her, the cock easing forward into her mouth. It filled her, leaving her bulging, her eyes widening as if there was a direct nerve train from throat to optics.

"Oh yeah, suck it," Peter moaned, his hands caressing her head as she moved back and forth.

"Mmmnnn, this is good," Byron was equally appreciating his blow-job from Alison. If both girls were anal virgins (and Hanna was sure Ali was as much an anal virgin as she was, though just as keen to have that cherry popped) neither were amateurs at sucking guys. Hanna had often given Caleb a bj whilst her Mom was downstairs thinking they were studying and Alison's sucking skills, were according to gossip, legendary.

The two teen's slurped and worked the dicks, their heads bobbing and their hands stroking. The two older men gently rocked their pelvis's, helping the huge dongs into the willing mouths. Slowly the two blondes took more and more of the dick into their mouths so that it was pressing at the top of their throats, making them choke and gag. The white bile further lubricated the dicks, making them as slick and slippery as an oiled up stripper.

There was a slurpy pop as Alison pulled her head back and spat out Byron's soaked cock. The blonde teen looked up at him, a dirty grin on her pretty face, "That's ready for my ass."

"It is," Byron agreed, "Is your ass ready for it?"

"More than ready," said Alison.

Peter disagreed. He pulled out his dick from Hanna's mouth, letting the saliva drip down over her upturned face as she positioned herself below and licked the shaft enthusiastically. "It'll still be too tight."

"Don't worry a finger should soon have it stretched for proper dick," grinned Byron.

Alison pouted but didn't argue, for once recognising others knew more than her. She leant forward on her elbows raising her butt. Hanna quickly copied the position, if Alison wasn't as experienced as she claimed, she still had the right idea. The older studs stepped round behind them. There were two simultaneous gasps from Hanna and Alison as Peter and Byron pushed a middle finger at their sphincters and entered them. The two men twisted and twirled their fingers like screwdrivers, gradually stretching the hole and delving deeper. Hanna gave another gasp, of pleasure, having a digit in their felt strange and a little uncomfortable, but also exciting and thrilling, nerves she never knew she had being stimulated. Automatically one of her hands moved to her pussy and she began to rub at it, finding the clit and teasing that under her finger tips. "Oooohhh," she moaned pleasurably.

"That is good, stretch my asshole," beside her Alison was moaning as well. Hanna quickly looked across to see her friend was also only leaning on one elbow, her other hand copying Hanna and stroking her cunt. The two men grinned at each other and continued to work the teen assholes.

"Ohhhhh," Hanna gave another gasp, part surprise, part pleasure as Peter added a second finger opening her ass even more. He turned the digits back and forth, forcing back the walls and make her hole bigger. The teen rubbed harder at her pussy, she could feel the juice on her palm - proof of her excitement.

Suddenly Hanna's asshole was empty. She quickly looked over her shoulder, seeing both Byron and Peter holding their dicks. She rubbed at her pussy enthusiastically, turning to look at Ali - who was equally enthused, her face flushed and her hand working overtime. Peter gripped one of her buttocks and eased it apart from its partner. Hanna could feel the bulbous mushroom head pressing at her sphincter. She wiggled and pushed back.

Then it was in and she was no longer an anal virgin.

The first three inches of dick glided down without a hitch, the ass prepped by the fingering. However soon it moved into untouched territory and the walls began to resist. Hanna gripped down, pressing her fingers into the soft lawn and pushing up, thrusting her asshole at the down coming dick and willing the walls to spread. It wasn't willpower but Peter's pressure which opened them, the older man gripped Hanna's waist for leverage and pounded expertly down, pushing his prick past the resistance and deeper into Hanna's butt. The blonde teen gasped and groaned, rocking in time with Peter's thrusts, her fingers digging down. "Ooooohh, yessss, ohhhhh."

"Fuck me, oh my God, I didn't know fucking could be this great, ream my asshole, fill it with your dick," Alison was shuddering and shaking, her face contorted with pleasure as Byron filled her asshole. One of her hands slipped a few inches across the grass to rest on Hanna's gripping down and squeezing her friend's knuckles. Hanna could feel the vibrations coming down Hanna's arms and over her hand and wondered if Ali could feel the same from her as Peter rammed her with a vigorous intensity.

"God, you are so hot and tight," Peter grunted.

"They're the most fuckable assholes we've banged for ages," his friend agreed.

"Mmmnn, fuuuckk, yesssss, aaarrrghhh," Hanna squealed, as Peter went all the way down, his thighs smacking at her buttocks.

"Uuurhhh, oooohhh, more," cried Alison, squeezing Hanna's hand harder.

The two men pounded away, slamming the no longer virgin assholes from Rosewood to eternity. The two teen's squealed and squeaked, their backs arching and bending as their toes curled and their fingers gripped. Their teenage titties were swinging and boinging as they swayed and shook, the nipples hard and erect. Even in the cool evening air they were sweating, the water from the hot tub evaporating from their hot bodies, being replaced with rivulets of perspiration, the sweat trickling down them like rain on a window.

"Let's swap positions, let you do the work," panted Byron.

"Okay," Alison said.

Byron pulled out his cock, Byron continued pounding into Hanna's, though slowing down to see what his neighbour had in mind. Byron lay down on the grass and gripped his cock, making sure it pointed upwards. he looked at Ali, "Come and sit on this."


The teen got up and moved over Byron, lowering her haunches and sliding her gaping asshole down on the dick. "Mmmnnn," she moaned appreciatively as it entered.

Peter pulled his dick out of Hanna, making her ass suddenly feel empty. "You want to try that as well?" he asked.

Hanna nodded, "Yes," though Peter was already lowering himself down beside Ali and Byron. Hanna stood over him, next to her friend. She smiled and stroked her pussy as Peter grinned up at her and gripped his cock, directing it upwards towards her. "Stick it in," she said and began to descend.

Peter kept one hand on his dick and used the other to hold her waist and guide her. She quickly felt the push of his prick at her rosebud. One shove and it was in her ready ass hole, the anal tunnel spreading rapidly as she carried on down. Her buttocks rested above his thighs as she finally halted, the cock fully embedded in her. She groaned and wiggled, getting herself comfortable as Peter reached out and took her hand in his, holding them like they were conducting a seance across the table. "Fuck me," he grinned.

Hanna began to work herself up and down, the muscles in her haunches straining as she stretched. Peter gripped her hands, smiling as he looked at her taut tummy and bouncing boobs. He began to rock his waist, pushing the cock up as Hanna came down, spearing her butthole with the thick dong. Hanna gasped and began to move faster, "Ohhhh, urrrhhh, yessss."

"OOoohh, fuuuckk, yessss, aarrrhhh," Alison was gasping as well, bouncing up and down Byron's dick.

Hanna began to move faster replicating her friend's speed. Peter began to buck faster and harder, encouraging her, "Go on Hanna, ride my monster prick."

It might have been a race between the two teens, it might not have been. But soon they were both bouncing so fast and so hard it was impossible to tell who was leading. It was easy to tell who the winner though - they both were. The two teens were shrieking in ecstasy, their asses burning with pleasure as the two huge dongs rammed up. They rubbed hard at their pussies and clits, doubling their desire and sending spurts of clear liquid cum shooting from their cunts like bursts from a water-pistol. Neither of the two guys were complaining, they thrust up and in, their faces fixed in expressions of intense pleasure, the muscles contorted like an evil mask.

"AAarrrhhh, oooohhh, yesssss," squealed Hanna as an orgasm washed through her, shredding her insides and sending electrical impulses of overwhelming ecstasy crashing through her body. "OOoohhh, aaaaaarrgghhh, your dick is so good, it's making me cum. AAAarrrghhh, yessssss!"

Beside her Alison was screaming and bucking as well, "Aaaarrrghhh, fuuuckkk, yessss, aaaarrgghhhh." A surge of girl cum shot from the blonde teen's pussy and splattered on Byron's chest. He didn't seem to mind.

The two teens slowed down, panting and gasping for breath, but still ready for more. Alison looked at Hanna, "You want to try a different position?"

"Okay. What?"

"Trust me," Alison smiled wickedly, "This will be hot." The teen looked down at Byron and Peter, both grinning up at the two sexy blondes and allowing them to set the pace. "Have you both recovered enough to set the pace again."

Byron turned his head to look at Peter who nodded. "I'm sure we can."

The two teen's lifted themselves up, their asses spread and gaping. Alison directed Hanna, "Lie down on your back. Byron you want to switch butts and have a go at Han's? Peter you can bang mine, that way you've both had each of our asses and we've had each of you. Okay Byron get on your knees and lift Hanna's tushie up, you can stick your cock in her butt, the little slut won't mind."

Hanna didn't. She gave a whinny of pleasure as Byron's enlarged member pushed past her sphincter and into her anal passage, reigniting the lusts already stirred by Peter. The older man slid his cock easily down the well-opened tunnel and Hanna reached down to stroke her damp cunt.

"Now I go here," said Ali.

Hanna gasped as her friend got down on her hands and knees over her, lowering her front half down so her round tits were brushing at Hanna's belly and her mouth was just inches above the teen's twat. Looking up Hanna had the best view she'd ever had off Ali's own cunt, she could see the wetness forming over the lips and the slight redness where Ali had been over-vigorously rubbing at the clit. Even as she was staring over mouth she could see the huge prick of Peter entering her friend's butt, continuing on until the balls smacked at Ali's cheeks. Alison giggled, "Now, you get to fuck our butts again, but now with the added bonus that if you want to cool them down you can take it out and put in our mouths - right Han?"

"Yes, Ali," nodded Hanna enthusiastically, though she wasn't convinced her slurping on a cock would do anything to reduce the temperature, it certainly promised to increase hers.

"Okay," said Peter happily and he and Byron began to slide their dicks in and out.

It felt good, the huge dongs pushing down the tunnel, sending exciting signals coursing through the teen's bodies as they ran over hidden nerves and banged the teen's clits through the wall. Hanna groaned in pleasure. With Alison's face inches from her cunt there wasn't room to rub it, at least not without continually punching Ali in the face and she didn't think her friend would appreciate that. Instead she reached up and took Ali's cheeks in her hands, fondling and squeezing them, pulling them apart for Peter. Alison seemed to enjoy that, or at least she didn't complain (and in Hanna's experience of Ali wasn't liking something she let you know). Peter and Byron seemed to be enjoying it too, as they sped up their thrusts.

"Remember our mouths," grunted Ali as she was pounded. "We're not just assholes."

It might have been a coincidence but just as Ali said it Byron pulled his dick out of Hanna's butt and moved it towards Ali's mouth. The blonde took it greedily, slurping noisily like she'd never been taught any table manners. Peter continued pounding at her butt, slamming in and the blonde teen was sandwiched between them. Her cunt dripped juice, the watery drops landing on Hanna's face with a ping. The two men grunted with exertion as they pounded the blonde, Ali as enthusiastically sucking Byron's dick as she was rocking Peter's.

"Fuck yes, fuck," grunted Peter. He pulled his prick out of Ali.

Hanna knew what to do, angling her head backwards so he could feed it to her. The huge dong slid between her lips. It tasted funny, bitter and unpleasant, but that seemed to matter less than the hotness of sucking a cock that had just come out of her best friend's ass - that was something so kinky that Hanna hadn't even imagined doing it. But now she was she loved it, it was so dirty and taboo, and so intimate and close, that it was making her cunt water like a forest spring. And it got even better as Byron's cock slid back into her butt, the huge dong, freshly lubricated pounding away at her ass.

"Oh, God, hammer her," squeaked Ali in excitement, "Ram her holes. Oh fuck this is so sexy."

What happened next was the most surprising thing in an evening of surprises. Ali's head dipped and she began to lap hard at Hanna's cunt. That in itself wasn't a total shock to Hanna, Ali had always had a bi-side and had hinted that she wasn't adverse to walking on the sapphic side. No, what was the surprise was that Hanna loved it. Her body bucked and burnt in pleasure as two of her holes were filled by huge dicks, whilst the third was licked by an enthusiastic tongue. It only lasted half a minute, thirty seconds of heart-rending shuddering, gulping, quivering intensity. Then Peter pulled out his dick.

"I'm coming in again, Alison," he said and Hanna watched the cock that had been in her mouth re-enter her friend's hot hole.

The other blonde didn't reply, still too busy licking Hanna's honeypot with unseemly enthusiasm. Hanna wanted to return the favour. She lifted her head and began to tongue her friend's wet cunt. It didn't taste at all bad.

"You really are a dirty pair of sluts," said Peter admiringly.

"A fucking hot pair," added Byron with equal admiration.

The two men slapped each other in a high five as they pulled their cocks out of the two blonde's mouth and offered them to the other teen to suck. The two friends did so eagerly, moving from pussy to dick without batting an eyelid. In and out the cocks went, swapping between mouth and butt, Hanna and Ali with speed; the teens servicing them excitedly and passionately whichever hole was being used. It was the best evening ever in Hanna's experience and easily beat the amateur fumblings with Caleb that had been her sexual experience so far.

"I'm cumming," grunted Peter and blew his load in Ali's ass. He fell back as the cum bubbled out of the hole, sliding down between the crevasse and landing on Hanna's hair. The teen ignored it, concentrating on bouncing on Byron's dick and licking her friend's hot twat.

"Yeah, fuck, yeah," Byron grunted. His cock ripped out of her and for a moment Hanna thought he was about to cum, but then Ali's head lifted from her pussy and she could hear the loud slurps as the other blonde sucked the hard cock. A few moments later and it was in Hanna again pounding her ass.

The teen shuddered and shook, her hands gripping hard at Ali's round buttocks as her tongue sped up and down the dripping slot. Alison's mouth was back down on Hanna's cunt, licking hard and fast, slamming in with the same passion as Byron was pounding her butthole. The blonde's mouth was encased round Hanna's pussy lips, sucking in the juice. Hanna suddenly gasped and shuddered as an orgasm hit her. She involuntarily squirted, the juice exploded upwards and into Alison's. For a moment Hanna bit her lip, she'd just cum into Alison's mouth, there was no way that the other blonde wouldn't have swallowed. Alison didn't seem to mind, after a brief gulp she resumed the licking frenzy, her tongue shooting out like a drug crazed salamander.

"I'm going to cum," grunted Byron.

"Over my face," squealed Ali, lifting up from Hanna's slick slot. Hanna would have preferred that the warm cum shot into her ass, like a velvet cream. But Ali was her best friend and she owed her for the squirt in her mouth, so she just shuddered silently and let out a contended sigh as Byron pulled out.

He exploded all over Ali, coating her with his cum. The white goo covered her face with sticky tentacles, sliding down like melting snow and dripping onto the lawn. The blonde teen sighed and rolled off, dropping next to Hanna.

The four of them lay there as the evening darkened and the hot tub bubbled. Hanna didn't know what the others thought, but she suspected that, like her, they had enjoyed the evening's fuckfest immensely.


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