My Sister's Ex-Girlfriend

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Laurel Lance was in love with Nyssa al Ghul. Which was a problem because Nyssa al Ghul was her sister's ex-girlfriend, so obviously nothing could ever happen, but it was just so hard. Somehow it had become even harder ever since she brought Sara back from the dead. At first it had helped, because it created a rift between herself and Nyssa, but then a friend of Oliver's name Constantine restored Sara's soul and Nyssa gained control of the League of Assassins, disbanded it and joined Team Arrow, meaning now they were spending even more time together than when Nyssa was training her to be the Black Canary.

Honestly Laurel didn't need to know how much more she could take. Even being in the same room with Nyssa, as she was now, was almost painfully awkward. Perhaps the worst part about this was she was almost 100% certain Nyssa felt the same way. As in the exact same way. True, they had never talked about it, but Laurel was pretty sure they were in silent agreement that nothing could ever happened between them because of Sara. Which Laurel knew drove Sara crazy, and she was about to find out how much.

"Why have you summoned us here, beloved?" Nyssa asked clearly unable to take the awkward small talk anymore.

"Is something wrong?" Laurel asked, equally flustered with the talk, and just being so close to Nyssa.

"No, nothing's wrong. I-" Sara began, searching for the right words again before just coming right out with it, "I'm, I'm... ah screw it, Felicity and I are engaged."

There was a brief moment of silence and then Laurel quickly moved around her kitchen table and hugged her sister, telling her just before they embraced, "Congratulations."

"Yes, congratulations beloved." Nyssa forced herself to say, even though felt like she'd been punched in the gut. Or perhaps more accurately the heart.

Pulling back with a concerned look on her face Laurel asked, "But isn't this a bit-"

"Fast?" Sara finished for her, "I guess, but we were together before I died, and ever since I came back she's been so sweet and supportive, never trying to push me into anything and always triple checking whenever I want to do something, and I just... I love her. I've loved her from the moment I saw her. I was in love with her before I died and somehow I love her even more now. She is my perfect match and I just want to spend the rest of my life with her."

For a few seconds Laurel was stunned into silence by the conviction behind Sara's words, then she smiled, "Well, as well as your happy-"

"I am." Sara smiled.

"Good." Laurel beamed, "I know I was a bit taken aback when you first started dating her, mostly because I was convinced she was sleeping with Oliver, but I really think you make a good couple, and I hope you're really happy together."

"Me too." Nyssa said softly, her eyes downcast.

"Thanks." Sara nodded, "But there's one thing I need you both to do for me before I marry the love of my life."

"Of course." Laurel said.

"Name it." Nyssa said firmly, finally looking up at the two sisters, "What do you want us to do?"

"Fuck and get it over with." Sara said firmly.

There was a long silence and then Laura began, "Sara-"

"You're not gay. I know, you said it 1000 times." Sara interrupted her sister as she turned her full attention to her and took both her hands in hers, "And I've told you 1000 times, you may not be gay, but you're not straight either. But I've seen the way you look at Nyssa. Everybody has seen the way you look at Nyssa. Everyone, including me, doesn't care if your bi, straight with exception, or whatever. We just want you to go for it and be happy."

"Sara." Nyssa softly interrupted.

"And you, I love you. Part of me will always love you, and I am so, so grateful for everything you've done for me. But I'm not your beloved anymore." Sara said firmly, as she turned her attention to Nyssa, walking right up to her and taking her hands like she had with Laurel so she could try and get her full attention. Then as she was holding her ex-girlfriend's hands Sara added, "I love Felicity, and you love Laurel. I don't care she's my sister, I just want you to be happy. Both of you. I swear, all I want is for both of you to be happy."

"Sara-" Laurel began placatingly.

"No!" Sara snapped, moving back so she could scold her sister and addressed them both directly, "No excuses, no lies, no more bull-shit! I can't just marry Felicity and be ridiculously happy while you both refuse to date each other out of some misguided attempt to do right by me. I'm moving on, so please, for the love of God do the same."

"Sara." Laurel began.

"I'm not leaving until you agree to at least give it a try." Sara interrupted again, "You don't really have to have sex if you're not ready, or you want to wait for the right time, or whatever, but-"

"Okay!" Laurel yelled, interrupting her sister this time.

"Okay?" Sara questioned.

"Okay." Laurel confirmed, "I, I'd be willing to try, if... if you..."

As Laurel trailed off both sisters turned their attention to Nyssa, who just stared at them for a couple of seconds and then turned to Sara and said, "Felicity is a lucky woman."

Sara smiling softly, "I'll be sure to tell her you said that."

"I will tell her myself." Nyssa stated firmly as she marched up to Laurel, grabbed her firmly by the waist, pulled her close and kissed her.

"Finally!" Sara cheered, then when the two other women showed no sign of stopping grinned and told them, "I'll just show myself out. Have fun."

Laurel was only dully aware of Sara leaving as she was too busy kissing Nyssa back. Actually she was kind of impressed she was aware of her sister leaving at all, Laurel being very proud of herself for it because while Nyssa taught her to always be aware of her surroundings it was incredibly hard to do that while finally getting to kiss her girl crush. Of course she lost that ability the second Nyssa pushed her tongue into her mouth and pushed her up against her fridge, which was thankfully after the sound of a door being opened and closed could be heard.

Pretty much the second that door closed, signifying Sara was no longer in her sister's apartment Laurel found herself practically in the fight of her life, Nyssa's tongue attacking hers and attempting to conquer it and her mouth. It even felt like Nyssa succeeded, although Laurel liked to think that she at least put up a decent fight. Then she switched to worshipping her conqueror, Laurel massaging Nyssa's tongue with her own and opening her mouth wide so that Nyssa's tongue could thoroughly explore her newly acquired territory. Nyssa's hands did the same with Laurel's body, the Black Canary whimpering into Nyssa's mouth as even the most pedestrian of touches drove her crazy.

Nyssa was struggling to hold back. She wanted to give Laurel the love and devotion she deserved, especially for their first time together, but she had wanted this for so long and to finally get it was intoxicating. Nyssa barely stopping herself from hurting Laurel as soon as Sara left she grabbed her, picked her up and pushed her back during the initial kiss. Also she was unable to keep that kiss gentle because after she heard the door open and close Nyssa just couldn't resist shoving her tongue into Laurel's mouth and pulling her tongue into submission. Although to be fair Laurel put up a decent fight, which impressed Nyssa, and unfortunately made it even harder for her to hold back.

It got so bad that not only did Nyssa fail to restrict herself to Laurel's side and back during the initial kissing, but after only a few minutes of squeezing the other woman's boobs and butt Nyssa shoved her hand directly into Laurel's pants. By sheer luck, or her body trying to save her from herself, her hand didn't go underneath Laurel's panties, but unsurprisingly those panties were already wet, which did little to dull Nyssa's out of control libido. Fortunately, or unfortunately given she wanted to be with this woman, this action made Laurel break the kiss with a gasp of surprise, which Nyssa couldn't help but take negatively.

"I am sorry." Nyssa quickly apologised, "I don't mean to be so brash, I've just wanted this for so long that I-"

"Shhhhh, it's okay." Laurel soothed, moving her own hands upwards from Nyssa's body to cup her beautiful face.

"It is?" Nyssa pushed cautiously.

"Uh-huh." Laurel nodded, "I've wanted this for so long too. I, I think I... I love you."

Nyssa softly, "Me too."

"Okay, so please, just fuck me." Laurel whimpered, "Fuck me please. I'm yours."

Nyssa's desire for this woman had felt like a burning fire before, and those words poured gasoline on it, the assassin letting out a primal noise before capturing those lips with her own again. At the same time she pushed Laurel's panties aside and pushed her middle finger into this wonderful woman's pussy. She was barely able to stop herself from slamming that finger into Laurel, Nyssa almost feeling proud of herself for inserting the finger slowly. Of course she should be doing a better job of controlling herself, but after months of growing desire she just couldn't hold herself back any more.

The little cry Laurel let out as she was penetrated, and moans that followed as Nyssa began gently fingering her, doing nothing to help the assassin control herself. Exactly the opposite in fact, the second kiss quickly becoming even more frantic than the first, if that was even possible, and Nyssa increase the force behind the fingering and added a second and third finger into Laurel's welcoming fuck hole. Nyssa wanted to add even more, but this already felt like quite a stretch, proving that lately Laurel hadn't been getting fucked properly. If she ever had, Nyssa now determined to change that.

Laurel hadn't had sex in so long that this almost felt like her first time. Which should have been a ridiculous thought, but this was just so intense and passionate, far more than any sex she could ever remember having as it felt like getting everything she'd ever wanted and all she could do was whimper and moan into Nyssa's mouth as she felt herself approaching orgasm in record time. And not just for her. No, this had to be a world-record for women, if not the whole of humanity. Which made Laurel wonder, was Nyssa just that good or was she just that gay? Because sure, she had wanted this for a long time, but it had to be more than that, and that kind of scared her.

Fortunately she didn't have time to have a crisis of sexuality, or continue the ones she'd been having pretty much ever since she met Nyssa al Ghul, as all of a sudden Laurel found herself on the edge of orgasm. At that moment Nyssa broke the kiss and stared lovingly into Laurel's eyes. Laurel then opened her mouth to tell Nyssa that she was hers, partly to entice the other woman to make her cum and partly because nothing had ever felt so true, but then her eyes widened and she let out a scream almost as loud as her Canary Cry as she went over the edge of the most intense orgasm of her life.

Even though it was the thing that help push her over the edge Laurel just couldn't keep eye contact with Nyssa. It was just too intense, and she couldn't resist the urge to throw her head back and close her eyes. When she did Nyssa seem to punish her by slowly decreasing her speed, although that was probably a good thing as Laurel didn't think she could take another orgasm like that. Besides, it was nice to be slowly bought down from her high, Nyssa even kissing her again, this time gently but no less passionately. Laurel even whimpered a little at the intensity of the passion, or maybe that was the after-shocks of her powerful orgasm. Maybe both.

No matter the reason Nyssa eventually broke the kiss and looked at her expectantly. Laurel had no idea what she could possibly say, so she just settled for an awkward smile and hoped that Nyssa wouldn't second-guess what they had just done. Thankfully that didn't seem to be the case as Nyssa returned the awkward smile, which turned into a smug as she removed her fingers from Laurel's cunt and slowly bought the muck to her lips. After a brief hesitation Laurel parted her lips and allowed Nyssa to push her fingers inside her mouth. She then sucked his fingers clean, much to Nyssa's clear delight, and while Laurel had tasted herself before and not particularly cared one way or the other she had to admit this was intensely erotic.

Nyssa certainly thought that as she gleefully watched, and felt, Laurel suck her own cum and pussy cream off of her fingers for what had to be at least a minute before she gently pulled her fingers out of the other brunette's mouth and replaced it with her tongue. Probing deep she was just about able to taste a little of Laurel's cum and pussy juice in the younger woman's mouth, but it wasn't enough for Nyssa. She had to taste this woman from the source. However this was a really nice appetiser, and intensified her desire even more. So much so a struggle to not tear off Laurel's clothes, or at least her pants, lift her up onto the kitchen island and eat her out right here. But as she had already rush things enough Nyssa convinced herself to at least take Laurel to bed first.

Wasting no more time in doing that Nyssa firmly grabbed her new lover with both hands again and carried Laurel to her bedroom, gently laying her down on the mattress and slowly but surely stripping off the other girl's clothes, not stopping until Laurel was completely naked. Laurel silently insisted on taking off Nyssa's clothes at the same time, something the assassin had no problems with. She adored being naked in bed with another equally naked woman. It just made things much more intimate, and it was only fair, Nyssa allowing both herself and Laurel to admire the other for a few moments when they were both fully stripped before advancing on the woman she loved.

Laurel always found Nyssa breathtaking, but to see her fully naked was mind-numbingly wonderful, and then as when the deadly woman crawled up her body like some kind of animal stalking its prey the lawyer/vigilante softly murmured, "Please, do whatever you want to me."

It was like Laurel always knew what to say to drive Nyssa crazy, the former Heir to the Demon letting out an animalistic growled before once again capturing Laurel's lips with her own. This led to another long kissing session, in which Nyssa's hands once again roamed all over Laurel's body, but especially concentrating on her tits. Then Nyssa kissed her way down to Laurel's neck, probably not spending enough time there before moving further down to her tits, kissing her way up the right breast before taking the nipple into her mouth. Which of course made Laurel let out a soft cry, followed by a moan, of pleasure.

Grinning with triumph Nyssa sucked on that nipple gently for about a minute and then kissed her way to the other nipple. Back and forth she went, cupping each breast in turn into her mouth and sucking it with gradually increasing force. Soon she added her tongue into the mix, twirling it around and flicking each nipple in turn. Eventually she even grazed each nipple with her teeth, everything but especially that making Laurel cry, moan, gasp and whimper with pure delight, perhaps indicating this woman was more perfect for her than Nyssa imagined. And she tried to prove it was vice versa by worshipping Laurel's body for as long as possible, but after a while Nyssa just couldn't resist kissing her way down the other brunette's flat stomach towards her ultimate destination.

Laurel let out an extra loud whimper as Nyssa approach that destination, and when she reached and licked it Laurel let out a guttural cry followed by another loud whimper. Which made her half expect Nyssa to scold her for sounding so weak, but thankfully that didn't happen. Instead Nyssa gave her another lick, and then another, and then another, and then another, her former teacher establishing a slow and steady rhythm which had Laurel continuing to let out rather pathetic sounding whimpers, cries and gasps.

She tried to stop herself, but Laurel just couldn't help. Without Nyssa's mouth against hers to silence her Laurel continuously let out sounds of pleasure that she hoped the stronger woman would take as a compliment rather than a sign of weakness, but honestly at that moment Laurel didn't care. Not as long as Nyssa continued to lick her pussy with that unsurprisingly skilled tongue of hers, Laurel soon taking a calculated risk by doing something else Nyssa might consider week, although she was fairly certain it would motivate her to continue the wonderful pussy licking. Namely, she begged for her.

"Please Nyssa, lick me!" Laurel whimpered, "Mmmmmm yes, just like that, ooooooooooh God Nyssa, you're so good at that."

"You doubted me?" Nyssa questioned in what sounded like a teasing tone.

Just in case Laurel quickly lifted her head up so she leaned directly down at Nyssa and blurted, "No, I... I just never imagined you'd be this good."

Softly smiling Nyssa asked, "You imagine this?"

"God yes." Laurel admitted with a whimper, "I've fucked myself right here in this bed every night just wishing you were here with me just like this ever since you started training me. A little before then too. God Nyssa, I've wanted you so much. Please, just fuck me! I, ohhhhhhhhhhh, God yes, mmmmmmmmm, Nyssa!"

For a few moments Laurel could only whimper and moan Nyssa's name and a few random swear words. Everything else was gibberish as Nyssa returned to eating her pussy, this time sliding her tongue from the bottom of her pussy all the way to the top, and occasionally lingering on her clit. Especially the first time, which had Laurel throwing her head back, closing her eyes and letting out a long moan. Then Nyssa went back to what she was doing before, just lightly brushing against Laurel's clit at the end of every other lick almost ignoring it, which made the Black Canary whimper pathetically.

Then Nyssa pulled away from her again and said, "I told you not to beg for mercy from an opponent unless you can use it to buy yourself some time or an advantage. But I am not your opponent, and I dearly loved hearing you beg for me."

With that small encouragement, and a slight break from the intense feeling of another woman licking her pussy for the first time, Laurel quickly looked down again into Nyssa's eyes and shamelessly begged, "Please fuck me Nyssa! Fuck me with your tongue! Oh God, it feels so good. Nothing has ever felt this good. Well, nothing except your fingers, and how hard you just made me cum with them. Mmmmmmmm, please Nyssa, make me cum like that again. I want to cum hard for another woman again. Ohhhhhhhh fuck, I wanna cum for you. I wanna, oh God, Nyssa! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddddd!"

For what felt like an eternity, but was barely a full minute, Nyssa just stared up at her with eyes burning with lust as Laurel quickly rambled like her sister's current girlfriend Felicity Smoak. Then her sister's ex-girlfriend lowered her head and started licking her pussy again. At that point Laurel would have taken any version of it, but it was the one with the occasional lingering on her clit that she so adored, the joy at having that heavenly sensation back, causing her to throw her head back, close her eyes and let out an extra-long moan. Then she immediately started begging again, to make sure Nyssa didn't take it away again, although she kept her eyes closed and her head back so she could concentrate on the intense sensation.

That did mean Laurel's mouth ran away from her a little bit though, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, eat my pussy! Eat my fucking pussy and make me cum in your mouth! Oooooooooh Nyssa, fuck me Nyssa! Fucking eat my fucking cunt! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Nyssa, fuck me!"

Nyssa was a little taken aback as the women she was used too were normally a lot more restrained. Certainly she wouldn't beg quite so easily, but there was a freedom to Laurel that none of her former lovers possessed. Not even Sara. Of course that name caused Nyssa to briefly hesitate. She hoped that would not be the case forever, but at least in the foreseeable future it would be hard for Nyssa to move on with Laurel without thinking of Sara. It was why she had denied herself from indulging in her desire for this wonderfully free woman for so very long, and why it was so refreshing to finally indulge.

Still wanting to savour indulging herself Nyssa continued dishing out long, slow licks squeezing the most delightful sounds out of Laurel's mouth, and the most delicious liquid that Nyssa had ever tasted out of her new lover's cunt. Momentarily Nyssa felt guilty for that thought. Then she remembered that Sara was moving on, and had done everything in her power to make sure that Nyssa did the same. It was still a little weird, and definitely ironic, that the tastiest pussies Nyssa had ever licked were from the same family, but then again it kind of made sense.

Whether her love for the Lance sisters intensified the flavour for her or she had simply got lucky Nyssa didn't know and she didn't care at that moment. All that matted was the moment itself, Nyssa doing her best to turn her brain off, so she could concentrate on giving Laurel a long drawn-out pussy licking. That was hard for her as she had been trying to always be on her guard, and Nyssa couldn't help but be dully aware of her surroundings. Thankfully an attack was extremely unlikely, as Nyssa couldn't stand the thought of being interrupted. In fact, if anyone dared she would show them no mercy.

That was another thing that had been drilled into her head from an early age, although unlike awareness of her surroundings Nyssa had been trying to unlearn it for the past few months as 'Team Arrow', as everyone insisted on calling them, frowned on a lack of mercy. Of course it was mostly the opinion of the Lance sisters that Nyssa cared about, especially Laurel's, so it was ironic that Laurel was now constantly begging her for mercy. Only instead of begging her to hold back it was quite the opposite, and even though Nyssa chose to ignore that plea for quite a while in the name of making Laurel's eventual orgasms that much more powerful there was only so much she could take.

"Nyssa, oooooooooooh, please Nyssa, make me cum, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck!" Laurel whimpered deliriously, "Mmmmmmmmm, that feels soooooooooo goooooooddddddddd oooooooooohhhhhhhhh shit, but I need more. Please Nyssa, just... just... aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Laurel screamed so loudly it felt like it rivalled her Canary Cry, and even without the device round her neck which enhanced her screams she was surprised every window in the house didn't break. Or even every window in the building. Or some other form of damages, like deafening wonderful woman who was making her feel so amazing. Thankfully though the windows stayed secure, and more importantly Nyssa showed no sign of pain. In fact, it was exactly the opposite, the incredibly skilled assassin moaning lustfully into her pussy she invaded it with her tongue, which of course caused that seemingly deafening scream.

For better or for worse Nyssa pushed her tongue inside her as slowly as humanly possible, part of Laurel hating it because her new lover was skillfully denying her an orgasm, any yet partly loving it as Nyssa was giving her as much pleasure as possible without actually making her cum. That continued to be the case as shortly after Nyssa's tongue went as deep as it could go into Laurel's cunt it began slowly thrusting in and out, Nyssa tongue fucking Laurel just enough to drive her crazy, but not enough to let her cum, being the pleasure she was receiving was agonizing, so show Laurel soon just couldn't take any more.

"Fuck me! Fuck me please!" Laurel cried out in frustration, every word a struggle for her in current state, "Please Nyssa, fuck me, oooooooooooh, fuck me and make me cum! I need to cum! Ohhhhhhhhhhh please, mmmmmmmmmmm, I... I, OH GOD, Nyssa! Nyssa! NYSSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD!"

Again Laurel felt she screamed louder than her Canary Cry, and maybe even louder than before if that was even possible, as Nyssa effortlessly made her cum. All she had to do was increased the pace of the tongue fucking ever so slightly and Laurel found herself experiencing the hardest climaxes of her life. Even harder than when Nyssa had fingered her, and she hadn't thought there was possible. Although she was dully aware Nyssa fingering her again while playing with her clit, after tongue fucking her as hard as she could, all in the name of making Laurel cum over and over again.

Unsurprisingly Nyssa succeeded with ease, making Laurel feel like she would never stop screaming, trembling and squirting her cum onto Nyssa's beautiful face and into her mouth. She even found in herself wishing that this could be the case. That Nyssa could fuck her just like this forever. That the world would go away and also would be left with the two of them in this bed. Then as her multiple orgasms literally turned her into a mindless risk she wanted to herself, her sister possibly give this wonderful woman up? And why had she ever resisted her?

Nyssa was also cursing herself for resisting her ever-growing attraction to Laurel for so long, but for once she did not think of Sara. She felt she couldn't think of anyone but the delicious woman she was eating out, Nyssa finding that Laurel's cum was even more delectable and addicting than her regular pussy juice in the coming obsessed with swallowing as much as she could. She had plenty of practice swallowing the cum of other women Nyssa did pretty well, but I've many of her lovers before her Laurel just came to hard and too much for Nyssa to get all of it. Although having that precious liquid covering her face with very acceptable consolation prize, partly because Nyssa could get at least some of it later and partly because she liked the thought of going to sleep with Laurel's cum in her belly and on her face.

Of course as much as Nyssa indulged in her own desires was really important here was Laurel's pleasure, so as soon as on climax was over she was quick to reinsert her tongue and then clustered in and out of her new lover until Laurel came again. Along the way she picked up the pace of the tongue fucking, but leasing that Laurel's orgasms would be more powerful, and partly to make that sweet liquid squirting out of her precious Black Canary faster. Eventually she even pushed leading her fingers, pushing one and then two into Laurel's cunt while she licked and sucked her clit. That definitely did the trick, although Nyssa quickly switched back so she could sample that sweet honey again.

Back and forth Nyssa went between those two styles until Laurel's screams of pleasure dissolved into whimpers and then the girl went silent. Then and only then did Nyssa reluctantly pull away from Laurel's cunt, push herself up and admire her handiwork. Laurel's eyes were closed and she was breathing softly, Nyssa pretty sure that she had rendered the other girl unconscious, which was not uncommon for her. Which of course made Nyssa very proud of herself, the assassin smiling wickedly as she gently but quickly rubbed herself to a gentle orgasm of her own before laying down next to her new lover and just stared at her peaceful form.

After sometime Laurel groaned, her eyes slowly fluttering open before she focused on the other brunette and softly croaked, "Nyssa..."

"Beloved, are you okay?" Nyssa asked without thinking, her eyes then widening in horror as she realised she had used her pet name for Sara.

There was a brief pause, then Laurel lifted her head to look at her. Then she smiled warmly, "I feel like I've been waiting my entire life to hear you call me that."

"Me too." Nyssa admitted with a soft smile.

There was another pause and then Laurel tried to move, "Just, just give me a minute and I'll-"

"Shhhhh." Nyssa cooed, gently stroking her lover's face, "Rest. You've had a long day, and there will be plenty of time for... that, tomorrow."

For a moment it looked like Laurel was going to argue, then instead she cautiously rolled on top of Nyssa and pretty much instantly slipped back into unconsciousness. Nyssa of course welcomed her into her arms, kissing her new beloved on the forehead as she held her close. She then laid there for a little while, just watching her new beloved sleep peacefully while silently thanking her old beloved for being so understanding. She had not meant to fall in love with one sister and then the other, but everything had seemed to work out for the best, and Nyssa would do everything in her power to show her gratitude to the Lance sisters.

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