The wrong night,the wrong man.

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A/N Hello everyone here is my new story the wrong night , the wrong man . This was a request i recieved from a reader called Rob who emailed me asking for a story wrote . Originally it was only going to be a one shot , then about three chapters but know it may contiune even longer . A massive thanks to Rob as he has brainstormed idea's , given in put and it has all helped .

A few things you should know , i have no beta so do expect a few mistakes that ive missed . I enjoy writing but it is by no means perfect . i myself have only seen clips of castle , so if ive missed anything major dont go crazy haha . This is a rework of the episode PHDEAD . Different case , same location different reason etc Alexis is ninteen in this , if that is also inaccuriate i apologize . I only write for fun , so if its not good enough then im sorry in advance . 

Anyway i would love for any feeback, any ideas etc , please enjoy..


The wrong night, the wrong man.

Chapter one time to party.

Hudson university... Halloween bash

Here we go Alexis whispered to herself as she entered the party at the BETA OMEGA house. She felt slight guilt to her father when she had said she was going to meet up with friends only to go to the party her father and her where meant to go undercover to. But when Kate had called him, he told her it was important and he had to meet her so they couldn’t go undercover, Alexis had agreed, only to be racked with worry at the idea of another girl suffering the fait Marissa Tyler had.

The girl having been killed and left in the woods near campus, a trace amount of a substance in her system resembling the date rape drug. The poor girl left impaled on a tree branch , the scene playing out like girl about to be raped , only for the killer to push her too hard against the tree not realising he pushed her onto a pointed branch.

Alexis couldn’t stomach it happening again, so had decided she would go anyway, in the hopes of finding more information out from the students at the party. Another thing she was also slightly guilty about, was she was wearing something her father definitely wouldn’t want her to be wearing without him there. The problem was it had been brought for their original ruse , but it was too late to go out and find a decent Halloween costume as her father had stopped there undercover mission at the last minute.

It was why she was standing in her costume, she had chosen a sexy angel, after all it would help attract men especially towards her , with the hope it would off been easier for her and her father to suss out the dodgier characters . While she knew this wasn’t a safe place to wear it when she was on her own, Alexis couldn’t help but admit to herself with pride that she looked good. The large fluffy angel wings looked amazingly detailed for a Halloween costume, while she was wearing a pure white lace bra, it was slightly covered by a sheer see through white baby doll that had white fur around the shoulder straps and around the bottom of it. The piece of lingerie also had a non-see through white bow tied right below her enticing cleavage. The get up was topped off by thigh high white stockings and a pair of white fuck me heels. You could even see her tight white lace panties she was wearing through the sheer material of the white baby doll making her even more mouth-watering. Not to mention she had died her hair blonde for the undercover mission witch made her appear even more angel like.

Looking around the party, the music blaring and the bass thumping, Alexis’s blue eyes surveyed the merry crowd. Her father was good at reading people, and she had inherited that trait so her plan was simple, blend in, ask questions and go. The first thing she noticed though, was everyone was drinking … literally every person in the omega house had a cup in their hands, she knew blending in meant she would at least have to get a drink, otherwise it would seem strange, a girl drops in out of know where, asks loads of questions about a dead person before leaving, it screamed nark so with that in mind she slowly walked through the dancing crowd and towards the table with the large keg on.

She could feel eyes on her, mostly males as she walked through the crowd of dressed up students , Vampires ,werewolves , Frankenstein’s and even one dressed as a mummy all eyeing her up like cattle . She knew she had to expect this, the way she was dressed, but it was a tad daunting, knowing someone in this crowd could well be a murderer. Eventually she made it to the table at the side of the room that had the two large keg stands, along with a small food spread next to it. Although the food itself looked barely touched. The table, much like the rest of the room was covered in fake cobwebs and plastic spiders. Grabbing a red plastic cup, she watched as another student this one dressed up as batman for some reason ,  filled up his beer from the keg before practically downing in it, to only then refill it once more and walk away.

Alexis had made sure to eye it carefully, happy nothing was spiked as the student seemed fine. It was a long shot of course, but the nineteen year old knew she had to be careful. With that, she then went and filled her own cup up, taking a few large mouthfuls of the beer to help settle the butterflies in her stomach before she refilled it to the top. She would make sure to stay alert, keeping the beer as close to her as possible so no one could slip anything in her drink, with that in mind, she took a deep breath …. It was time to mingle.

A few minutes earlier….

Jeremy Turner watched as the party around him continued, dressed in bandages and fake blood to indicate he was a mummy, he looked on, especially at the females in attendance. His mouth curving into a smirk at the thought of all the pussy he had gotten recently and it was all thanks to the small bag of wonder pills in his pocket. Jeremy had received them from his uncle who had a few shady connections underground, he had called them x-22’s, but to Jeremy they were simply an amazing version of the date rape drug.

He hadn’t really needed or wanted them at first, he was already popular, on the football team and pulled enough as it was. But these drugs had made it so there was no effort involved, It was like shooting fish in the barrel and the effects it had on the woman you administered it to where brilliant . Like the date rape drug, the girl’s inhibitions would lower and they would feel slightly drunk but instead of making them all over the place, it would heighten there sexual drive like a drug fuelled aphrodisiac , so when it came to sex there body would react even if there mind didn’t . And the kicker, the best part, when the drug took effect, anything the victim was told to do, they would do even if there mind was screaming otherwise. So they were like your sexual puppet on a string.

So all Jeremy had to do, was tell the girl I’m taking you back to my bedroom and they were unable to say no, even if they wanted to. He had gone through a good few slutty girls , even a nerd of two with this new drug and apart from … Jeremy stalled slightly at the thought of Marissa , he hadn’t meant to do that , hadn’t meant to push her up against the tree that hard but his lust had taken over . Shaking off the slight guilt, he simply put it to collateral damage as he went back to looking around the room. Tonight he wanted something different, but the problem was while the girls at the party where attractive nothing really stood out …. That was until his eye’s caught sight of two large angel wings entering the party.

Biting his lip, feeling the blood rushing to his cock, he watched as an unbelievable stunning blonde dressed as a slutty looking angel walked into the room. He couldn’t help but stair as he looked up and down her form , from the heels and stocking’s all the way up she was a boys wet dream , she literally blew the other woman at this party  , hell any he had even fucked out of the water.

Deciding this would definitely be his next victim, he watched her movements as she walked through the crowd towards the keg stand. Good Jeremy thought he eyed her filling up her drink, know all he needed was to wait for the right moment.

30 minutes later…

He was getting annoyed now, not sure why she was walking around only talking to people, instead of drinking and dancing like most would. Her hands where wrapped tight around her beer, as she only occasionally sipped from it.

Instead of thinking it through as to why she might have been, Jeremy decided, in his lust filled brain he needed to cause enough of a problem at the party that the beauty in the angel costume would lose her concentration for even a second. An idea popping into his head, he looked around until he found what he was looking for, marching towards his target , the local head case and extremely jealous boyfriend to one of the university cheerleaders , he made his move.

“Hey Brandon.” Jeremy said, getting the attention of the muscle bound Brandon who was currently dressed as Frankenstein. The boy looking a bit worse for wear making this plan even better.

“Yeah?” Brandon questioned, seeing his fellow footballer Jeremy approach him.

Quickly turning back towards the stunning angel, he noticed not too far away from her was the perfect target. With that he leaned in towards Brandon’s ear.

“Just so you know, Tim tried pinching Alisha’s ass earlier.”

Standing back, he watched in satisfaction as Brandon’s face turned red, or he assumed it was under the green paint as he quickly stormed across the hall. The great thing about Brandon was, he was a punch first, ask questions later kind of guy. So slipping his hand into his pocket, Jeremy pulled a see through pill out of his bandage covered pocket before discreetly following Brandon, but slightly veering away towards the mysterious blonde he desperately wanted to slip his cock into. Everything seemed to go to plan, as just like he thought Brandon went swinging in, his fist planting on the unsuspecting Tim’s jaw. Seeing everyone at the party react with shock as a fight broke out, including the blonde as her pretty face watched on, Jeremy made his next move.

A few moments earlier….

“So you didn’t really know the poor girl then.” Alexis said as she spoke to a brunette named Terri who was dressed as a zombie nurse. She had to admit, it was one of the better conversations she had endured this evening. Any male she spoke to spent most of their time staring at her tits, or trying a cheesy pick up line to get into her pants.

“No” Terri replied, her voice showing regret. “She was pretty quiet, nice but not exactly an open book you know.”

Alexis nodded, or Clara as she had introduced herself to people as. It was as she was nodding though she saw suddenly out of the corner of her eye a large student dressed as Frankenstein march across the hall. She gasped in surprise, much like everyone else in the hall as she watched him assault an unsuspecting student, hitting him square on the jaw. It was as she, along with most of the party watched the fight broke out, that she didn’t notice a bandaged hand reach quickly over her cup, nor did she notice a clear pill drop into her barely touched beer.

Eventually two more students jumped in, pulling the two fighting party goers apart, causing Alexis to take a step back onto her white heels as one was man handled close to her, nearly being pulled straight into her as the fight was diffused. Her nerves slightly rattled, she, without thinking about it took a large mouthful of her beer, the barely dissolved pill going down her unsuspecting throat. The beer washing it down so she was none the wiser at what had just entered her body.

Not thinking anything of her recent drink , after all there was no way anything could of happened in such a split second of time , Alexis took a few deep breaths to centre herself . Deciding she would stay a little longer, and speak to some more people, not wanting to let Marissa’s memory down, she went back to attempting to mingle as soon as the party had hit full flow once more. What Alexis didn’t realise, was there was currently a certain pill in her stomach, beginning to slowly spread through her body.

Meanwhile skulking not far from the blonde, Jeremy Turner watched in delight as she took a massive mouthful. She was his now, it was only a matter of when, he would just have to wait for the signs it was kicking in before making his move , it could be sooner if she swallowed the pill before it dissolved , or it could be longer if she hadn’t.

His eyes lustfully watched as she once more began walking around the party, his gaze watching her ass as she had her back to him. He could slightly see her tight lace panties and perfect looking ass through her sheer white baby doll, god was he going to enjoy fucking her senseless, he decided there and then , he was definitely taking her doggy first.

The party continued as the students gradually got more rowdy and drunk, all except Jeremy turner, who merely sipped at a water he had poured himself all the while keeping an eye on the sexy angel at the party. It had been around fifteen minutes when he finally saw it, the tell tail signs the drug was doing its magic. Usually it could take double the time if she was drinking the dissolved tablet, but she must have swallowed it in one hit …. Perfect. The way he knew was simple, the girl had been uptight all night, but as he watched her she now seemed looser in her movements, her petite looking hands not gripping her beer as tightly, nor keeping it as close to her body. She also kept pulling a face, obviously unsure as to why she was feeling different …. Jeremy smirked, she would definitely feel different tonight.

Knowing enough time had passed, the boy in the mummy costume began to walk towards his prey, only to be flanked by a very pissed off looking cheerleader dressed as Cinderella.

“Why the fuck did you tell Brandon that Tim had pinched my ass?!!”

Jeremy gulped slightly, it seemed Alisha had caught up to her irate boyfriend and he had said what had happened. This was not the time, especially when he was about to make his move.

A few moments earlier ….

Alexis sighed walking away from yet another student, each of them seemed to be saying exactly the same thing about Marissa.. Quite, kept to herself but seemed nice enough. She was also starting to feel strange, not in an unpleasant way as such. Her body seemed to be tingling, and a slightly awkward feeling was gathering at the pit of her stomach, not to mention she was talking a lot more openly with less nerves when she was trying to gather information.

At first she thought maybe someone had slipped her something, but she pushed that thought aside. She had been so careful to always keep her drink close to her body. Plus she didn’t feel hammered or inebriated like she would if someone had slipped her something. She still felt in control, just felt like she had one too many wines with dinner.

“That beer must be stronger than I thought.” The blonde, previously red head told herself. Realising the party was maybe a dead end, she decided to call it a night. She didn’t like leaving, especially with nothing, but everyone was getting drunker, and slurring more as they spoke. She was happy she had at least tried, not to mention she hadn’t felt hugely comfortable ever since that fight broke out. With her decision made, she then headed towards the entrance of the hall, throwing the rest of her drink in the trash.

What she didn’t know, was as she left, there was a student dressed as a mummy frantically searching the hall for her … tearing his hair out knowing he had missed his chance to get between her stunning legs.

Outside the omega Beta house….

Alexis began walking along the Hudson campus path that led back towards the main university building, having snagged the key that her father had been using for his temporary office, the dean having let him use the space while he went undercover as a guest lecturer. She headed back towards the room, having stashed her clothes there not exactly wanting to head back home dressed like she was.

The evening air was refreshing as she breathed it in, trying to concentrate on the surprisingly nice scenery the Hudson Campus offered under the lamp post covered light.  The only problem was that strange sensation she was feeling earlier seemed to of heightened slightly, along with a strange almost metallic taste on her tongue appearing.

She pushed away the nagging feeling in the back of her head that something wasn’t right, after all she could still walk in a straight line, still talk without slurring, nor was she stumbling like a mess. Making sure she remained calm, she listened to the sound of her white heels clicking as she began walking past a large water fountain in the middle of the campus, in a mind of her own, she didn’t see the wide eyed boy sitting at one of the benches that surrounded the fountain, his eyes staring at the angel dressed beauty.

“Alexis?...Alexis Castle?”

Stopping in her tracks at her named being called from behind her, the blonde’s mouth gaped a little in shock. She had been going by the name Clara since the whole investigation had started … her heart beat quickened as she turned slightly to see who had recognized her, even with the freshly dyed blonde hair. When she looked back, it didn’t take her long to recognise who the voice belonged to. Of all people, of all people it had to be that creep Sid Smith.

Ten minutes ago Hudson University fountain….

“Of course I couldn’t get in.” A voice muttered in frustration, this voice belonged to eighteen year old Sid Smith. He was annoyed, as once again, he was refused entry to another party, and once again called a looser and told to piss off. He thought after graduating from Marlowe prep and coming to Hudson, maybe that tag would change but it hadn’t. Instead he was once more sitting rejected outside the party, only this time he was wearing a ripped white t-shirt covered in fake blood along with a pair of ripped brown trousers indicating he was a zombie.

Sometimes, he wondered if it was best he just disappeared off the map, no one would notice. He only had two friends and his parents weren’t exactly helpful. He was average in nearly everything at school, so it made his next thoughts even more annoying.

Sid had from the start not exactly been blessed so he knew he wouldn’t have gotten in with the jocks, and that was just by his looks alone. He was short, only reaching around five eight, he had no muscle and was very skinny and pale. His hair was short and always seemed greasy even after he washed it, the boy’s pale face was still quite spotty. His nose was pointed, and his teeth crooked and quite yellow. And to top it off his eyes where a dull lifeless brown. But he had seen other kids who weren’t exactly god’s gift who seemed to fit in, but him, he was labelled a creep, especially by the girls.

The opposite gender was another sore point, he was so nervous to talk to them that he barely bothered. Even if he spent most of his time lustfully watching them, he never had the confidence to try. Even his two friends had girlfriends, and while they weren’t attractive either, they at least had companionship. Sid wasn’t a virgin though he had made sure of that before he came to Hudson, he had been with two women, the problem was they were ladies of the night, and even they seemed put off with him. He had barely said two words to them, even one of them had labelled him a creep when she had took his money. Admittedly he was slightly dirty minded, and may have muttered some strange things but hey, he was paying them after all.

Sighing loudly , he reached down and grabbed the beer he been drinking before trying to get into yet another party , before taking a few large gulps from the can , hoping it would drown his sorrows . It was as he was doing this, he heard the tell-tale noise of high heels clicking on the brick pathway to his right. Turning, he watched almost wide eyed as a blonde haired girl dressed as an incredibly sexy angel walked along the pathway towards him. Staring with lust, his eyes gazed up from her white heels, past her sexy white thigh high stockings all the way past her fluffy/see through white baby doll dress. He groaned as he was sure, under the lamp post lights he could faintly see her underwear through her dress. Whoever this mystery girl was, Sid could without a doubt say he had never seen someone looking so sexy in his life. Continuing to stare with his dull brown eyes, he watched as the blonde got closer, clearly in a mind of her own as she looked straight ahead. It was when she was close enough however, Sid caught a proper look at her stunning oval shaped face, his heart beating out of his chest  when he realised who it was , the girl he had been obsessively in love with back in high school , it was Alexis Castle . The only difference was her hair, but he would recognize her anywhere, red head or blonde.

His brain instantly told him it was a sign, he was depressed, and of all people to show up it was Alexis, not just that, but Alexis dressed as an angel. Licking his thin lips, he went to call out but stopped as his nerves got the better of him, he watched as she walked by not noticing him, as he did, he remembered what his friend had told him, woman love confidence, they’ll be like putty in your hands if you show them confidence his friend not realising Sid had taken the advice to mean more literal then what he had meant.

With that thought in mind, Sid called out her name, surprising himself with how loudly he did. When she turned around, a confused, strange look on her face his nerves almost got the better of him again. But there was no way he wasn’t going to try talk to her this time, seeing her when his thoughts where like this, was way too much of a coincidence not to.

“It’s me  ...” Sid started, choking slightly on the words. “It’s me Sid Smith from Marlowe prep.”

Sid smith was definitely on Alexis exclusive avoid at all costs list, the strange boy made her skin crawl. She could remember, when she was in her second to last year at Marlowe prep, she had stood up for him when he was about to be beaten to a pulp by a girls very angry boyfriend. She had felt pity for him, after all he was skinny as hell and didn’t have many friends if any, so she got in the way for the younger boy and calmed down the situation. What he had done exactly she didn’t know, but the boy threatening him would of tore him apart so she intervened. To this day, she sometimes thinks she should have let it happen …. A thought that made Alexis feel guilty, especially when she believed in doing the right thing.

Because after that, she began seeing him everywhere at school, like he was following her. He would never say anything, just stare at her from the other side of a room. She could see his eyes where full of lust, it wasn’t soon after she started seeing roses left stuck to her locker. She could never prove they were from him but she had a feeling, and it unnerved her. This went on for a while, until one day, she saw from her window him standing outside across the street. Storming out, she had confronted him, warning him she would ring the cops if she saw him here again, the boy not saying a word only nodding nervously before running away. Not long after that, she had received a cheesy note from someone else she had gotten sort of close to, and had agreed to date him, from then on she didn’t see Sid as much, although whenever she did, he stared, before quickly walking away.

So to say the ugly creep of a boy wasn’t exactly who she wanted to run into, especially now was an understatement.

“Hi Sid” Alexis finally replied to the strange boy sitting next to the fountain, wanting to get away as fast as she could, she continued , trying to be polite but firm. “Sorry I can’t stop I’ve got to be somewhere.”

With that she turned her head back round , her blonde hair flicking as she started walking away , not wanting to be near him for much longer.

Sid watched in alarm as Alexis began to walk away from him, he knew he couldn’t let her walk out of his life again. After she had stepped in to stop him being beaten up, he had fallen head over heels for her, she was stunning not to mention sexy and smart. He had always been so nervous to talk to her, being she was in the year above him and the female gender scared him, but he had left her gifts, mostly roses to show his affection.

Even when she had caught him outside hers, just trying to get a glimpse of the beautiful red head, she had only threatened to call the police …. Not once had she called him a creep, a looser or an ugly freak. Maybe he had taken his actions slightly far, but the fact she was never nasty like the others... In Sid’s warped mind, it told him she at least liked him a little. Not long after that he had left her a love note anonymously, but it was too late, and in his mind, he had taken too long to make a move before another boy had swooped in for the girl. After that she had always stayed on his mind, and definitely was his main focus when he was alone at night. And here she was, when he was at a low point.

Be confident Sid … The pale skinned boy told himself, standing to his feet, he swallowed loudly.

“Hey Alexis!!” Sid called, his voice croaking slightly, noticing she stopped on her white heels but didn’t turn around he spoke once more. “Come and sit down next to me … it would be nice to catch up”

Alexis was about to ignore her ex stalkers strangely demanding request and just keep walking , but her body wouldn’t move forward , her blue eyes widened a little as she started to tingle all over , even more so then earlier. The last thing she wanted to do was turn around, but her body seemed to part from her thoughts as she turned on her heeled feet, now facing back at the creepy boy. What the hell her brain screamed as she then began walking towards Sid. She watched unable to stop herself as she got closer, and closer to the wide eyed looser sitting on the bench, her heels clicking the pathway floor with each step. To Alexis’s disbelief, she then, just like he had asked sat down next to him, her large fluffy angel wings getting in the way before he manoeuvred his position so they would go behind his scrawny frame. 

Sid couldn’t believe it, she had come back … she had sat down to talk to him, not only that, her stocking covered thigh was practically touching his own leg she was so close . Taking in deep nervous breaths, Sid stared straight ahead his body completely stiff, almost too nervous to even turn his head towards the beautiful blonde sitting next to him. Needing to make sure this wasn’t a dream, he made himself turn his head slightly, his dull brown eyes looking at the gorgeous blonde beside him.

He couldn’t quite decipher the look on her face, she looked alarmed about something, he wasn’t sure why, although maybe it was because he hadn’t said anything even though she had sat next to him. But he was speechless as he stared at her face, the closest he had ever got in person.

While he preferred her natural red hair, the new blonde look worked with her perfect pale skin and her piercing blue eyes, not to mention her full seductive lips. His gaze then travelled down her body, until it reached her cleavage, he groaned louder than intended as he looked upon her pert, full supple looking breasts, he couldn’t believe his luck that she was actually sitting here in her bra next to him, the silk white bow underneath covering only a little of the lacy bra the beauty had on. It was as his eyes were about to go further down this toe curling creature , he noticed out of the corner of his eye she had turned and looked at him , her face looking uncomfortable to say the least . Realising he was ogling her to openly, he swallowed looking back up and away from her his heart hammering in his chest. This whole situation was made worse when the alluring smell of her vanilla perfume entered his nostrils, making the scrawny loner shiver lustfully. She was perfect, she was sitting next to him …. And Sid’s mouth suddenly dried.

Alexis could feel his creepy, perverted stare on her body, she could smell his unpleasant smell and yet she couldn’t for some strange reason move from this bench. She tried to say she was going and yet her mouth wouldn’t move, like a mental block was stopping the blonde from controlling her own body. Her brain raced, trying to come up with a reason and yet the only thing that come to mind was maybe, with the strange sensations she was feeling she had been drugged . But she was certain at no point had she allowed anyone the chance of slipping her something. Worry seeped in that she herself had maybe been victim to what Marissa had, but it didn’t make sense, she didn’t feel like she had been given the date rape drug, she felt fine in her normal functions, except slight tingling sensation …. And yet she just couldn’t move.

“S-so, Alexis was are you doing here at Hudson?” Sid said, the words finally tumbling out of his mouth.

Pulled from her thoughts by the nasally, high pitched voice of the boy beside her, she contemplated not speaking but it would be even more strange as she had been the one to sit down. Not wanting to tell him anything true, the natural red head thought of a lie on the spot.

“A friend of mine invited me to this party, it wasn’t all that so I left.” She replied bluntly.

“Cool cool. Yeah I went to a party as well, wasn’t really that good so I left too.”

Yeah right Alexis told herself, not believing his words, it was obvious he had went to the same party and not been allowed in but not being a horrible person she merely nodded. Her mind going straight back to her theory on why she couldn’t move.

“So what university do you go to then?” Sid stuttered out, the creepy teen trying to keep the conversation alive with the stunning blonde sitting next to him. Grabbing his trousers nervously, he waited before Alexis merely replied with ‘columbia’. He could tell she was bored, Sid was losing his chance he knew it, especially as his mind went blank as he looked forward. He had got her to sit down, and within minutes his conversation with her had fell flat. Once more his friend’s voice rang through his mind telling him to be confident, there was something out there he could do, but he knew it was risky …. But if his friend was right about confidence being the key this would definitely top this list of things only a confident person would do.

Turning his head once more, he looked back at Alexis, trying to ignore how good she smelt, trying not to be put out by the blank look she had on her face as she looked straight ahead. Just go for it Sid the boy whispered to himself, trying to be confident and live in the moment. With his heart hammering in his chest a mile a minute, he spoke up once more.

“E-r-rm Alexis.” Sid choked out, causing the newly blonde Authors daughter to turn her head slightly and look at him. He breathed a few deep breaths, looking at her confused blue orbs. Without waiting for himself to chicken out, the spotty teen leaned in, attempting to connect his lips with Alexis’s.

What the hell Alexis’s mind screamed as she saw her stalkers ugly face move closer to hers, his thin lips puckered up. What on earth would make him think….before she finished the thought , she leaned back , away from the disgusting boy the palm of her hand landing straight on his chest , holding him back from coming any closer.

Sid’s stomach dropped when he felt the stunning girl’s hand holding him back. Thinking maybe he was dreaming like he had many times about Alexis, his brain shut off slightly, words tumbling out of his mouth as it did.

 “Kiss me Alexis,” Sid muttered to himself, his eyes still shut tight “Kiss me like you mean it.”

Alexis felt nausea at both the smell of the boy’s breath as he spoke directly at her, and the thought of her ever kissing this creep. But another feeling seemed to be creeping through her body once more, the strange tingling sensation from earlier … and like earlier her body began moving on its own. Shock ran through her body as her arm softened its pressure on Sid’s chest, before she began to lean in towards the puckered looser. Alexis tried her hardest to fight, to stop herself as her face leaned closer and closer to Sid’s , but to no avail , as her eyes closed on their own as if she really wanted this herself, until her lips where millimetres away . Still trying to fight, she cringed inwardly when her soft lips finally met Sid’s thin ones. It was even worse when she heard him groan inwardly as he awkwardly began opening his mouth to deepen the kiss. Alexis felt sick as her lips followed his movements, her mouth opening with his. His breath smelling like cheap beer and morning breath, the whole thing was made worse, as unwillingly, her own tongue slipped into his mouth before he had even tried it himself.

Sid couldn’t believe it … Alexis Castle, his obsession for so many years was kissing him. Her soft cherry lips making his body shudder with delight, he had imagined this moment for so long, but it was topping all his dreams. When she enthusiastically slipped her tongue into his mouth, he groaned loudly, she tasted so sweet, so addictive, her mouth tasting of beer and something obviously only a kin to Alexis herself.

He wasn’t the most experienced kisser, but there was no way he was going to let that stop him as his tongue darted into her mouth in reply. As their mouths moved and tongue’s wrestled, Sid could feel his cock aching in his pants. He had been hard pretty much as soon as she had sat next to him, hell when he had first seen her tonight he could feel the blood rushing lower almost instantly.

So far he had kept his hands by his sides awkwardly, but with how well things were going, the creepy teen got brave, placing one of his hands on Alexis thigh, the palm of his hand feeling the mixture of her soft pale skin, and her white thigh high stockings. The feeling only increasing the pressure he was experiencing currently down below. In the moment, he slowly began rubbing her leg gradually moving up her leg.

Alexis felt slightly light headed and not in the good way you would from a kiss, her stalker’s tongue almost suffocating her as he drowned her mouth with his thin tongue. She felt disgusted, she felt confused, she felt gross and she wanted away from him, and yet she couldn’t pull away, like the boy had some control over her.

As the sloppy kiss continued, Alexis suddenly felt the one of the boys creepy hands fall onto her thigh. Rubbing it slightly, trailing the inside of her thigh as he did ….Oh god he can’t … I can’t let him….Not wanting this asshole anywhere near most private of areas, she attempted to grab his hand and much to her surprise for once her body reacted like she wanted, her delicate hand grabbing Sid’s stopping him all the while their lips where still moving in unison. Forcing his hand away sharply, the boy seemed to get the picture as he then placed his hand on his own leg. The angel dressed girl paused slightly at the feeling of Goosebumps his touch had left on her leg.

Sid’s heart dropped slightly when the blondes hand stopped his from ‘exploring’, but his hopes of more where only slightly dented as she didn’t stop the heated kiss.

To anyone around, this would merely look like a really mixed match couple, a stunning blonde, falling for the dorky ugly kid as they kissed with passion on one of the campus benches. There tongue’s wrestling , swapping saliva as mouths moved in unison .Sounds of heavy breathing and lips crashing together were the only things that could be heard. Even though this assumption couldn’t have been any further from the truth.

The kiss continued, until Sid himself was slowly running out of breath, not wanting to end it after all her mouth on his was bliss, but he couldn’t hold out much longer. Pulling back slightly, the spotty teen took a few deep breaths. Opening his eyes dull brown eyes, he looked on at the pale beauty who had turned away almost as soon as he had pulled back , her face was hard to read , like a mixture of thoughts where running through her head . She kissed me …. She fucking kissed me Sid thought to himself , ecstatic at what had just happened , the girl he had fantasied about for so long had actually shown an interest in him …but he wanted , no had to have more. Needing to compose himself for what he was about to ask next , he turned his head and looked forward out at the scenery Hudson university had to offer  , breathing heavy , his cock hard as a rock with the addictive taste of Alexis Castle on his lips.

The blonde next to him was a different story, she felt like she was about to throw up as the taste of Sid Smith wouldn’t leave her mouth. She needed an out, the natural red head still not being able to move. Thinking quickly, her smart brain piecing everything together from the night so far, her brain working much like her fathers, something seemed to click. The problem was, if she was right, it was bad.

Her thoughts going back to the case and Marrissa Tyler, she had only had what seemed a small trace of the date rape drug in her system. Was they missing something else, was the drug something different after all there wasn’t any marks showing unwilling participation, maybe the killer had simply been to rough when he pushed her against the tree.

Every time she thought about it, about everything, the idea she had been drugged as well kept ringing in her head. The strange metallic taste she had on her tongue, the strange tingling she kept having … the fact she didn’t seem to have control over her body whenever Sid spoke to her…. Her thoughts paused, was that what this drug did , make the person lose control of themselves at the simple command of someone , after all Sid had always made his requests sound more like demands , even if he hadn’t meant it. She had never heard of a drug like that … but times changed, things improved. Her stomach dropped as worry once again set in, glancing to the side, her blue eyes catching a look at her ugly stalker who she had just unwillingly kissed. She knew, as he hadn’t been in the party he wasn’t the one who had drugged her, but of all the people to run into, when she was this vunerable, of all people it was Sid Smith. Had it of been someone else, she could of maybe got help … but if she told him, the boy who had been obsessed with her , she didn’t know what he would do. Sighing inwardly, she knew she had to somehow think of a way out before he asked for something else … something she didn’t think she could ever live down. The problem was, the creepy teen beside her had only one thing in mind.

Go for it Sid the boy had repeated to himself over and over , until eventually he bit the bullet turning on the bench once more , looking at the beauty dressed as an angel , who was still currently staring off in her own world. God she is so hot Sid thought, not believing his tongue had just been down her throat, confidence …confidence…confidence the greasy short haired teen repeated in his head. Coughing slightly, getting the blondes attention, he tried to keep eye contact as her sparkling blue orbs stared at him with a look he couldn’t quite decipher.

“I-think...” Stopping himself, knowing he wasn’t being confident enough to impress Alexis, Sid swallowed deeply before trying again. “WE should take this back to my dorm room.”

Alexis’s body shivered in horror when Sid finally spoke, he had all but commanded her, and once again just to cement her fears, the tingling on her body began, only for her to unwillingly nod her head in agreement. The thoughts of what he might ask of her, even unknowingly made her yearn for her father to swoop in and save her.

Sid was speechless, it had worked, his heart continuing to hammer with nerves like it had since she had sat down. It confused him slightly at the look of horror Alexis had given him when he had asked , but he decided not to pay it mind , she had kissed him , even slipped him the tongue first , and now she had agreed to come back to his dorm room .

With that in mind, he got to his feet, standing on the brick pathway. Smiling when he slowly turned around and saw his obsession get to her feet to follow him. He groaned inwardly looking down at her white heels and stockings. It was then he got a proper view of her … especially the fact her white baby doll was so see through he could actually slightly see the white lace panties she was wearing. He shivered with lust, trying not gawp at Alexis in her slutty angel outfit. He controlled himself the best he could and looked away, knowing his pervert tendencies could ruin the mood. Of course all he could think about was what she would look like out of her outfit, but god did she look good in it.

“This way.” Sid said in his nasally voice as he pointed, aiming the way Alexis had come from. The scrawny teen began walking, happy when he heard the sound of heels clicking beside him. Gazing out the corner of his eye, his notice she was in step with him, and yet her face had a worried, nervous look on it. She’s probably just nervous like you Sid thought, not getting bothered as she was still following him.

What he didn’t realise was how right he was, the stunning blonde beside him was nervous but not in the same way. She couldn’t stomach the thought of letting this creep beside her touch her body, it was bad enough she could still taste his horrid mouth on hers. Alexis hoped the drug would wear off soon and she could run as far away as she could , until then she could only follow his instructions , her brain working on some way out but nothing seemed to work as the drug continued to take control of her body.

Walking side by side, the unlikely couple made there where towards Sid’s dormitory. The teen trying to make small talk with Authors daughter, although the blonde continued to give nothing more than blunt short answers. The cold, night air causing both of them to shiver slightly as they eventually approached the Beta Omega house where the party Alexis had been at, and Sid had tried getting into was still going strong. They could both see students talking outside, drinks in hand as some stood outside to smoke. Both Sid and Alexis having very different thoughts at the sight of it.

Somewhere in that party, is the asshole who drugged me Alexis thought, her blood boiling.

Bet they’ll be jealous of me now Sid thought smugly, noticing as they got closer to the student who told him to get lost, an idea popped into his head. He only hoped Alexis would play along.

“Hold my hand Alexis.” Sid whispered loud enough for the blonde to hear. “After all you never know who could be around.”

You being around is bad enough Alexis mind screamed as once more the drugged kicked in as her petite hand reached out , threading her soft fingers with Sid’s bony ones. She cringed when she felt the sweaty palm of her school stalker connect with hers. She instantly knew why he had done it, as hand in hand they walked towards the drinking students. She watched as they one by one looked up, in shock, their eyes checking her out like a piece of meat before checking who she was with.

Walking past the shocked party goers, Sid smiled cockily holding his head high as he gripped onto Alexi’s hand. With how hot she looked right know , and how naturally beautiful she was , he knew he for once , was the envy of someone .The fact she was dressed as a slutty looking angel made it even better. It also gave him slight butterflies, after all he had been in his head, in love with the girl , so maybe , just maybe if he treated her well tonight , attempted to be loving if he could get that far with her , he could eventually show her his real perverted side if they were to meet up more after.

Still walking down the pathway towards his dorm, they eventually reached the sports building, the teen’s dorm not far off behind it. So with that, he turned pulling Alexis along with him, taking a pathway to the side of the large concrete building that housed a basketball court inside. The side path they had entered was dark and secluded, the concrete wall of the building on Alexis’s right, and a small area filled with large standing trees to Sid’s left. This pathway usually used for students bunking off lectures.

Feeling good she was following, and wanting to have the taste of her lips on his again, he suddenly stopped. The blonde doing the same, looking at him with what he for some reason sensed was apprehension.  Sid wasn’t good with reading people, especially girls, and after everything so far he didn’t let it bother him. Eyeing her plump lips, Sid licked his own thin ones before giving her the blonde a nervous smile

“Kiss me again with those sweet lips Alexis, just like earlier.”

Alexis cringed her face showing her blatant displeasure as she watched Sid once more close his eyes, this time when the ugly boy leaned in, the drug kicked in, Alexis not being able to push him away at his first try like last time. Instead she, she met him half way, her mouth unwilling connecting with his.

It wasn’t long before the kiss heated up, their tongue’s wrestling in each other’s mouths once more. The reluctant blonde meeting the creepy teen’s movements stride for stride, the taste of his mouth once again making her nauseas.

 The opposite could be said for the creepy outcast, the teen groaning in pleasure at her tongue’s movements. His cock was raging almost painfully against his trousers, caught up in the heat of the moment his hands landed on her waist, the feel of her sheer baby doll dress on his fingertips.

Just as Alexis was about to grab Sid’s hands and push them away from her body , she was slightly shocked as the scrawny looser pushed her back slightly until her angel wings where leaning against the concrete wall . It was as he did this, his body came into contact with hers, the blonde feeling disgusted when she felt her creepy stalkers ‘tent’ lean against her stomach. She felt sick at the thoughts that could currently be going through his head right now.

Feeling trapped as he assaulted her mouth all the while keeping her against the wall. The blonde slipped to the side, turning Sid around all the while keeping her un-wanting mouth on his, unable to pull away due to the drug so they swapped places.

Feeling breathless and almost dazed, Sid, who was now against the wall regrettably pulled away? His eyes remained tightly closed, his nose filled with the alluring smell of Alexis. He was still sure he was dreaming, and once more, his mouth seemed to work before his brain properly kicked in, this time, saying something he definitely didn’t want her to hear.

“Oh god.” Sid whispered to himself, biting his lip as he leant back, his head resting against the wall in his own world, enjoying the taste of Alexis’s mouth on his. “Get on your knees and wrap those lips around my cock Alexis...”

Time suddenly stopped for Sid once he realised what he had just said aloud …. He had wanted to play it cool and confident, not his usual pervy self. Please don’t run, please don’t run Sid thought as he awkwardly opened his eyes, his heart dropped when he saw the horrified look on his obsession’s face. Her blue eyes filled with anger mixed with a creeped out look, but then it happened, something that made his heart pound in his chest as slowly, the lingerie clad angel began sinking to her knees in front of him. Slowly inch by inch until her stocking covered knees hit the hard floor below, her blue eyes staring up at him.

Alexis felt like crying the moment she heard those words slip from his thin, disgusting lips. It made it worse that she was sure he didn’t even want to say it aloud, purely by the shocked look on his face. But the boy was a fucking perverted creep, the natural red head wishing she could turn back time and let the bully back at her school beat him up. Kissing him was bad enough, but what he had just said nearly made her heave.

The blonde then felt it, the tell-tale signs whatever the hell was in her system was beginning to take over again. She felt that strange tingling sensation circulate her body once more , she tried to fight the inevitable , tried to do anything else … but her fears came true as her body began moving on its own once more . She felt her legs buckle unwillingly as she sunk to her knees in front of the creepy teen, Alexis looked up unintentionally, catching sight of the yellow teethed, spotty loser’s face, the boy looked in shock, watching her with lustful brown eyes.

The authors daughter tried to stop her hands as she reached out, grabbing for the belt of his ripped brown trousers. Her hands worked against her will as she unbuckled the belt, pulling out the item of clothing before tossing it to the hard floor. Like someone else was controlling her body, she then undid the button on his pants, pulling them down quickly to his knees ….as if she seemed almost desperate to. Leaving the scrawny teen standing in his plain blue boxers, his scrawny pale legs on show.

Sid was in dreamland as Alexis pulled his pants down , leaving him standing in his underwear , the cold air making his bare skin shiver slightly . His nerves where building though, his slight apprehension at showing his cock to the stunning beauty in front of him kicking in. Everything was going so amazing, but he wasn’t proud of his cock, while it wasn’t microscopic, it was definitely nothing to write home about. You would of thought, boy cursed with bad looks but blessed down below, but that wasn’t the case . But he was so hard right now, and there was no way, no the matter the humiliation if she laughed, that he would stop her.

Once more reaching up, this time grabbing the waistband of his tented boxers, Alexis slowly pulled them down. Trying her hardest to stop her bodies’ actions. It was no use though, as the underwear was removed, Sid’s hard cock sprang out in front of her making this whole situation even more real.

She could smell his sweaty musk, making her body cringe once more, the boy obviously not washing thoroughly. The only silver lining was it wasn’t huge, probably only five to five and a half inches at most, unsurprisingly it was on the skinnier side as well, apart from the large swollen head. The teen surprisingly though had a large set of hairy balls, far too big for his smaller sized cock.  Dread filled her with what was coming next, the tingling the drug was causing, making her realise what was imminent. She had never been fond of giving head, but she had a few times for previous boyfriends but the nineteen year old didn’t think she could ever live down the shame and humiliation of putting Sid Smiths cock in her mouth. But what she wanted didn’t matter, as once more she reached out with her petite hand, her palm wrapping around the slim shaft of the creepy teens cock causing him to gasp before she shuffled forward on her knees until her face was centimetres away from the head of his pole.

The scrawny teen tried to keep himself in check when he felt Alexis hand wrap around his throbbing member. Looking down he waited with baited breath as she seemed to stare at his cock, he was confused and worried the look on her pretty face was that of disgust, Those thoughts vanished though when he saw her lean forward, her plump lips opening up, it seemed like time slowed down as her lips edged closer and closer. Until finally, her lips touched the head of his cock, slowly taking the first few inches into her warm wet mouth.

Alexis flinched at the salty, unclean taste of Sid’s cock as the head of his penis touched her tongue. Her mind screamed to pull away, but the drug had other ideas, especially when Sid decided to open his mouth again.

“Oh shit Alexis, Suck that cock” Sid whispered to himself once more as he felt Alexis’s mouth wrap around his cock, causing the boy to stumble back slightly, his shoe’s scrapping the concrete floor as his back leaned against the hard wall.

And suck she did as unknowingly Sid commanded her once more , the angel dressed teen’s tongue slowly began circling the head of his cock before she un willingly pushed forward , her mouth taking in more and more of his length . Her hand pumping his shaft keeping in time with the movements of her pretty mouth.

The feeling of Alexis Castle mouth around his cock was indescribable, her velvet mouth coating his cock in her saliva as she slowly began to bob her mouth up and down. Taking his cock into the back of her tight throat each time. Sid had dreamed of this moment so much in his perverted mind, and nothing he had ever thought of topped this. Looking down at the blonde, his hands rested against the wall to keep himself steady, he shuddered in ecstasy as she worked him over. She may have been dressed as an angel, but she was a devil with her mouth.

Alexis tried to block out her movements, tried to imagine she was anywhere else but couldn’t. She knew far too well what she was doing, not believing this greasy teen who had stalked her for ages, was currently assaulting her mouth with his cock. Wanting to do anything but, Alexis sucked hard on his prick, slurping and gargling as she began moving her mouth more rapidly.

One thing that made this worse, was even though she hated this, her body had started to feel weird. The tingling feeling the drug caused seemed to stay and much to her embarrassment her nipples began to harden under her lace white bra. The thing that truly horrified her though, was when she felt a heat building between her leg…… her pussy was getting wet. It was in this moment , she thought about how much she wished she had waited for her father, wished she hadn’t been so het up on finding Marissa’s killer, wished she didn’t have the morals that she did.

It went on like that for a couple of minutes, Alexis’s wet mouth pleasuring the creepy teen as he groaned above in pure bliss. The only sounds being the slapping of her wet lips as she took his cock back into her throat along with the sounds off slurping and the two teens footwear scrapping the hard floor at any movement .

Sid could feel his balls tighten slightly as her mouth brought him closer and closer to the edge. He didn’t want to cum yet, it would be far too soon, embarrassingly so but her hot mouth felt so good. He was still in shock it was happening, still not believing the girl he had lusted after and loved through most of high school was on her knees in front of him sucking his pathetic cock with enthusiasm.

“Alexis.” Sid moaned out, looking down at the blonde going back and forth. For some reason he needed more of a connection with her as he spoke once more in a whisper. “Look at me while you do that.”

Alexis felt herself gaze upwards, her blue eyes connecting with the dull brown ones of the ugly teen she was currently blowing. She could see his face scrunching up, with his breathing increasing all the while he panted above her like some dog. Her heart dropped knowing what was about to happen, wishing the drug would wear off even more then she already was , especially when she felt the horrid taste of the boys pre cum in her mouth.

It was all too much for Sid as her blue orbs looked up at him as she continued to bob on his cock. He tried to stop himself, it was far too soon but it was all too much as his climax came rushing closer and closer. He couldn’t help it, as by reflex his hands grabbed the back of the blonde’s head, his bony fingers threading through her long soft locks.

“OH FUCK ALEXIS.” Sid grunted as his body shuddered, the teen coming harder than he ever had before. Holding her head in place, he didn’t stop his pervy side from coming through as ropes of his sticky cum shot into the un-wanting beauty’s mouth.

“Swallow it all, god don’t waste a drop.” The creepy looser choked out, his throbbing cock filling her mouth with his seed. He could hear her gasping, gagging slightly at the surprise intrusion the sound only making it hotter for the perv.

Once he was sated, he released Alexis’s head, his softening cock dropping from her mouth as he pulled away, leaning against the wall. Breathing in deeply his eyes closed as he attempted to calm himself down, once he did he wanted to slap himself. He had shown her too much of his dirty side already, and doing what he had just done, without telling her was most likely a step to far , especially if he wanted more from her. He was also embarrassed at how quick he had cum, how he was supposed to show her he wasn’t some looser if he couldn’t stop himself from blowing his load so quick.

Opening his eyes slowly, sure he was going to be met with a pissed off Alexis castle, he instead could only gape at what he saw. The lingerie glad blonde who was still on her knees looked pissed which didn’t surprise him, but in what was honestly one of the hottest thing he had seen, he watched silently, his cock coming back to life at the sight of the authors daughter stopping the cum that was dripping down her chin with one of her hands, only to move it back into her mouth, swallowing every last drop .

Was she as perverted as he was deep down ? Did she like me that much? Did she like his confident demands? Well if she does, she’s seen nothing yet. The creepy loner thought to himself, his cock once more hard as a rock.

















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