Doomsday at Terra

BY : Rocket_Jock
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Adama, Apollo, and Intelligence Chief Fox were at a table aboard Cloud 9.

Tomorrow the luxury ship would host the signing of the Terra Treaty, the declaration of peace between the Eastern and Western alliances.

Galactica had skirmished with the space going units of the Eastern Alliance. They weren’t up to it, displaying technology on a par with that of the third Colonial Millennium.

A few Scorpion class fighters of  Proteus Security Squadron bagged Alliance destroyers before peace was declared.

East and West tried to annihilate one another in a low tech high megaton nuclear exchange. Galactica had arrived just in time to destroy the missiles.

It would take both sides years to accumulate enough nuclear force to repeat that hateful spasm. And they both lacked the conventional forces to press the issue.

“They’ve reached an uneasy détente in the face of the Cylon threat.” Doctor Fox said. “Both governments have realized they’ll have the fight the Cylons with what they have.”

“”What do they have? “Apollo asked.

“You’ve seen some of it.” Doctor Fox said, “They have about a hundred of those Star Destroyers, perhaps a thousand smaller fighters, and a few hundred auxiliaries.”

“Technology?” Adama asked.

Fox shook her head. ‘Third Millennium. “

“Our best estimate” she continued “ of the Alliance facing the Cylons with what they have and what they can make on their own before they arrive, is a rout.”

Apollo and Adama winced.

“At best they get a dozen raiders.”

“Can we help?” Apollo asked.

“That depends.” Fox said. “We ran a simulation that had us stand with the Terrans.”

“If we transfer technology to them and process their raw materials in our factories and commit all of our forces to the battle, there’s a 52 percent chance of victory.”

Adama shook his head.” Too many chips on the table. “

“Did you run any scenarios where we give them what we can and go?”

“Yes.” Doctor Fox said.

“If we transfer propulsion and weapons, and we can linger for thirty days, we can get them up to a one in five chance of victory.”

“And if they do win”, Adam said, “We leave a violent planet with the ability to control the whole sector.”

‘True.” Apollo said, ” But it also gives the Cylons something to chew while we make our escape.”

“They could prevail.” Adama said. “Terra is the strongest deep range colony we’ve found.”

Most of the humans encountered by the fleet had been small groups. Sometimes they were descendants of colonists, once they had been a small batch of clones..

But only at Terra had they encountered large populations.

“They might.” Fox said, “But it’s a long shot.”

‘Draw up a plan for aiding the Terrans.” Adama said, “We owe them a fighting chance for leading the Cylons here.”

“Also,” Adama said, “Put your second tier people on using the civilian fleet to transfer civilians to Paradeen.”

“Yes sir.” It was off the probably Cylon route of march.




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