The Commander's Ambassador

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"Step forward Abby Griffin of Skikru," Titus called out and crashed a stave onto the ground.

All the eyes in the room were on her, well almost all the eyes, the slaves kept their heads down. It would be sacrilege for them to view the ceremony and the punishment for that was death; and not a swift decapitation either, but a long, slow, painful flaying. Abby still stole a look at her own daughter, Clarke. The blonde was standing her gaze fixed firmly to the floor, a small leash attaching her collar, to the throne where the Commander was sitting. Like the rest of the female slaves (and all the slaves in the room were women) she was topless, wearing only a short skirt, and holding a tray filled with delicacies for after the ceremony.

A rush of guilt pushed through Abby. Whilst she knew it her heart that it wasn't only her fault Clarke and the other survivors of the 100 were here, she'd been one of the Council who'd sent an unprepared and ill-equipped rabble of delinquents down to the surface and expected them to cope. Clarke was one of the lucky ones, a good two thirds of them were dead and of the remainder only half a dozen were house slaves, the others were under the lash in the mines and forges, where they'd age quickly and die.

There was nothing to be done; Abby had tried to barter for the release of Clarke and the others, but Lexa had been firm. What would it say if she released slaves, just because a small clan joined her - she had slaves from the Ice Nation and the Plains Riders and Desert Clan and many of the others, what would they say if she let go of Clarke and the others. Abby had tried to push, but it was no use, slaves they were and slaves they would stay and unless Abby wanted the remainder of the Ark's inhabitants to join them, Lexa had hinted, she would accept that. It was a hard choice, but it was to make these terrible decisions that Abby had been voted Chancellor.

The pause had been long enough, Abby decided. Titus had gone through the ceremony with her in minute detail, a number of times and when first called she had to remain still. It was meant to demonstrate fear towards the throne and the young woman on it, a paralysis of terror where her feet couldn't move forward. She couldn't quite manage to even feel slightly anxious. Lexa might look stern sitting there, but over the last few weeks as they negotiated Skikru's membership of the twelve (soon to be thirteen clans) they had got to know each other well. More than once Abby had found herself been invited to join Lexa in her heated tub to relax after a hard day's negotiation or to eat freshly picked grapes on the couch in Lexa's apartment whilst the young women lay on her bed and relaxed free from pressures. Abby found that they often got as much done, when it was just the two of them, in the tub or lying around Lexa's apartment, as when they were in the throne room surrounded by advisors from both sides.

"Step forward Abby Griffin of Skikru," called out Titus again, he had made his voice sterner and more commanding and the stave rapped harder on the floor, a sharp series of bangs like gunfire.

This time Abby did as he bid. She started with her head high, glancing around the room. It was filled; representatives from all the twelve clans; Lexa's guards and advisors, the Ark's Council (no longer the same people as it had been - too many lost) others of importance - senior military and priests, a few merchants - and the slaves, some from the 100, some from elsewhere. Abby couldn't help but look at her daughter as she passed her, even if Clarke couldn't look back, for some reason the thought popped into her mind that the blonde eighteen year old had a nice pair of tits. Abby flushed and forced the thought from her mind, she had obviously spent to long with Lexa, to whom slaves were just sex toys.

As she got closer she began to lower her head so that she came as a supplicant not as an equal. By the time she reached the throne all she could see was the floor in front of her and the first step. As protocol demanded she knelt in front of the commander, her gaze still on the floor. There was a brief murmur from the assembled crowd and a shuffle from the guards as they tried to cover both her and the on-lookers in their sight; not that she'd harm Lexa but it was fair for guards not to take that on trust. And some of the audience wouldn't have been adverse to a new commander either, Skikru's accession was not universally popular and neither had been other decisions the Commander had made - such was the price of leadership. The background noises vanished as if a curtain had been thrown across, Abby sensing rather than seeing Lexa shifting in her throne and fixing the crowd with a stern look that to contradict meant death. Abby remained in situ, waiting.

The stave banged down. "Abby Griffin, ambassador of Skikru," Titus barked, introducing her formally to the Commander, though Lexa already knew who she was.

"You may stand, Abby Griffin of Skikru," Lexa's voice was quieter than her Flamekeeper's, but just as formal and cool.

Abby stood. Lexa sat regally on the throne, born to rule and knowing it. There was no expression on her face, she could have been a statue carved from flesh, only the movement of her chest showing she was alive. Then a small smile quirked on her face, just for a second, before she slipped back into disinterested neutrality. The smile meant a lot to Abby, it was the Lexa she knew she was talking to as well as the commander with the power of life and death. She straightened her back, "I come to offer you the fealty of Skikru."

"You speak for your people?" Lexa said. Her tone was as neutral as her face.

"I do."

"Know that your word binds them all. Treason of one is treason of all," Titus said.

"Do you accept the truth of the Flamekeeper's words?" Lexa spoke again.

"I do," Abby repeated the words as she practised a dozen times.

"What do you offer to show your loyalty?"

"Our blood," Abby said, glad that bit of the ceremony was actually literal.

"Your lives are mine," intoned Lexa.

"We offer a gift of weapons, fine rifles from before the war," Abby said.

From the back four members of the Ark Security detail came, each carrying four rifles cradled in their arms. The amount of weapons to be provided as tribute had been one of the trickiest parts of the negotiations. Abby eventually managed to settle on a number which showed due deference to the commander, whilst ensuring the Ark, retained enough firepower to give them an influence well out of proportion to their size. No words were spoken as the security handed the weapon over to Indra, one of the commander's generals, who made a great play of inspecting them before, giving a nod to Lexa to indicate approval. Lexa gave a brief nod back and again a tiny smile to Abby, before she became the commander again. "What would you ask of me?"

"Your protection and your mercy."

"Given," Lexa said, "Our enemies as are one, yours are mine and mine are yours."

"Blood must have blood," said Titus.

"Blood must have blood," the crowd said, almost as one.

"Blood must have blood," Lexa and Abby said together.

Lexa stood. "Swear to me."

"I swear fealty to you as Commander and all future Commanders to come. Skikru is yours, our lives, our blood, our treasures, our women," did she think of Clarke as she said those words? Abby wasn't sure "our men, our children and our old people. Our warriors will die for you and our farmers feed you, our wise will advise you and our toolmakers equip you."

Lexa took a step down so that she was just above Abby. She looked out over the audience and the words were for them as much as Abby, "I accept your fealty. The people of Skikru are our thirteenth clan, none may harm you without harming me." She leant forward and kissed Abby lightly on each cheek, "You were perfect," she said in a warm voice, but one so quiet only Abby could hear. Then she straightened and addressed the crowd again, "It is done."

"Skikru, Skikru, Skikru," half the crowd chanted, even if some did so without notable enthusiasm.

"Commander, Commander, Commander," the other called out, their enthusiasm was more voluble, even if with some it was equally feigned.

Titus banged the stave and the chants stopped immediately. Lexa waited a few moments, pausing for effect, before she spoke again, "To mark Skikru's accession as the thirteenth clan I am giving them a gift. Sixty four slaves to work their fields," one rifle for four had been the cost, "and four house slaves for the Skikru's council's own use," that was a gift, a sign of the deep affection that had grown between Abby and the Commander. "In return I ask that Abby Griffin is made ambassador of the Skikru in my citadel."

It was Marcus Kane who spoke, like everything else it had been agreed before the ceremony, "Abby is our leader."

"No, the Commander is our leader and if she requests my presence as ambassador it is my duty to accept," Abby said the rehearsed words.

"I appoint you leader of the Skikru in Abby's place," said Lexa. In the negotiations she'd taken a while to understand that the post of Chancellor was something the Council wanted a say on, but eventually had allowed them to agree who Abby's replacement was, whilst reserving the right to veto it. The Council had sensibly gone for someone who Lexa had respect for.

"I accept," said Marcus. He stepped forward and Abby stepped to one side, to a small cluster of favoured dignitaries standing near the Flamekeeper. The ceremony continued, similar to before whilst Marcus renewed Skikru's loyalty, not that in the few seconds since the change of leadership it would have a chance to slip, but there was form to these things and like a child's skipping game no-one dared deviate.

Eventually Marcus bowed and stepped back. Lexa retreated to her throne and sat down, her eyes scanning over her subjects so disinterestedly that they were like ants beneath her. The Flamekeeper banged his stave, "I announce Skikru is the thirteenth clan." His stave banged twice more, "Is there anyone else who has an issue to bring before the Commander's court." There was silence, as expected. Titus hit the floor once more, "The session is closed."

At the back of the room the doors swung open, pulled by the guards. In came field slaves, co-opted from the nearby farms to help for the day, carrying tables and benches, which they began to arrange. Abby looked at them for a moment, she hadn't been able to save the remainder of the 100 from that fate, but at least she had saved the rest of the Ark's population. And if her daughter was a slave, she was a house one, and Lexa had reassured her no-one (or hardly anyone) whipped a house slave until she was bloody - it decreased their value.

"Would you like something?" Abby was brought back by the voice beside her. She turned, to see Raven beside her, the topless black girl holding up a tray with a series of small pastries on them. Raven was probably the one Abby felt most guilty about, possibly even more so than Clarke, after all the 100 had been delinquents who had only escaped getting airlocked due to their age and the decision to send them had been joint. Raven had been Abby's alone, she had encouraged the girl to go down to Earth to find out what had happened and save her lover. Neither of which she had succeeded in and her failure had cost her freedom. She tried to ignore the girl and look at the tray pastries did look delicious, even if it was obscene that the elite could feast on them when in the outlying farms and small villages, people literally starved. She took one, guilt was something she would have to do without. She was about to thank Raven when she remembered you didn't thank slaves. Raven had remembered as she was already turning away and offering the tray to another dignitary.

Abby's eyes fell to Raven's naked back. At the bottom just above her short skirt was a tattoo, wavy lines and circles intertwined. It was the mark of a slave. She only had the one, which showed she was still owned by the Commander. If sold her new owner would tattoo their own emblem on her and if they sold her a little red cross would be placed beside the second tattoo and another ownership brand added, and so on and on. It was said you could trace history through the tattoos, through wars and rebellions, alliances and mergers, trade and friendship as slaves were captured, sold or gifted. At the moment Clarke had just the one as well and Abby wondered what the future held for her daughter. She shivered a little and then glued her eyes to Raven's behind.

"I could have her sent to your room later," Lexa had moved as silently as a cat to beside Abby. She glanced at Raven's butt, perhaps mistaking Abby's look or perhaps not. "She's a fine little pussy licker and more if you want, her ass is delectable and she's experienced there."

"I know, remember?" Abby smiled at Lexa. As they had become closer Lexa had brought more than just grapes and wine and other delicious morsels to their post-negotiation negotiations, but hot young slave girls as well. Abby had always enjoyed other women, even if she had been faithful during her marriage she had still desired a woman's touch. The slave girls would do all that and Abby had found herself sitting on the couch beside Lexa, arguing about some minute point, until they were both tense at which point Lexa would beckon forward the slaves, order them between the Commander and Chancellor's legs. By the time the slaves had finished their work, Lexa and Abby would be so relaxed that an accommodation was easy. Raven had been the first of the 100 called in to service Abby's pussy and she had been a great cunt lapper, driving Abby into a frenzy even as beside her Lexa had been shrieking of the licking she was getting from a former Ice Nation rebel. Of course since then Abby's pussy had been lapped by a number of the 100, and if she should have felt guilt, she didn't.

"It's an offer," Lexa smiled. Away from the throne she was Lexa, more informal and friendly, curious about the world and a free thinker willing to try new things. If Abby could never like the Commander, she could Lexa - she wasn't sure that she wasn't even a little sweet on the younger woman. Lexa was hot and she was certainly happily lesbian and if they hadn't fucked, they both watched with rising excitement as the other banged a hot young slave. But Lexa was the commander and Abby had been the Chancellor of another clan, they had to keep some boundaries.

"I'll keep it in mind," said Abby and she would, Raven's mouthing was a work of art and it might be fun to find out if she was a good a butt-bang as Lexa hinted. "The ceremony went well."

"It has to be done. Everyone needs to see that Skikru is under my protection, including Skikru, power is mainly illusion, the weapons and the warriors are just a curtain to keep people peeking too close," Lexa said. She turned her and Abby so that Lexa's back was to the crowd. Then she smiled, "I'm glad you took up my offer to be ambassador. I liked keeping you close."

"I liked it as well. I've enjoyed the last few weeks here and glad it could continue," Abby smiled, unlike Lexa it didn't matter if the audience saw her inner feelings.

"Even with Clarke?" Lexa raised a quizzical eyebrow.

"I hadn't mentioned Clarke," Abby said, though she flushed a little as she was planning to bring it up again now that loyalty had been pledged.

"If I could I'd free her, the others you know as well," Lexa sounded sincere and she wasn't a good actress, she probably was, "but that's part of the illusion as well. The 100 came onto my territory, they killed my people. We fought them in a war, they lost. That can't be changed. If I free Clarke or give her some special treatment, Sundays off, her ass off limits, I'd be ripping open the curtain of my power. And it's not just me in danger, it's Skikru and all the other smaller clans which Ice Nation and the others would gobble up if they got power."

Abby nodded to show she understood, "It's just..."

Lexa shook her head and her face set, becoming the Commander again, "Clarke's a slave," she said abruptly. Her expression softened, "Sit next to me at the banquet."

"Yes," Abby said with a smile. It was a big honour that she was being accorded, it was expected she'd sit on the top table, but to actually sit next to the Commander - people had died for that. Anyway she didn't want to fall out with Lexa, she knew the pressures the younger woman was under and it was wrong to presume on their friendship, after all, she told herself, if Clarke hadn't broken the rules she wouldn't have been sent down with the rest of the delinquents.

Lexa smiled and led her over to join a few of the other ambassadors of the various clans, talking to them before moving onto a rich merchant and listening to his informal approaches before guiding him the best way to formally approach her. Artlessly she was onto the next, Indra and another one of her generals, complimenting them and asking Abby's advice on how best to deploy the new rifles - before letting Indra correct the doctor without either of them feeling the worse of it. Next Lexa led Abby over to Anya, the tall Asian, was the warleader of a minor sub-tribe of the Tree People, but Lexa had once been her second and, if Anya had no power, Lexa's relationship with her left her with some influence. Abby wasn't sure that she liked woman, even if she had help make Lexa what she was she was also the one who'd beaten the 100 and had brought them to the Commander in chains. Abby couldn't say she was displeased when Lexa finished the conversation and moved onto another group of ambassadors. It was all very artlessly done, for a people who talked about blood a lot, Lexa seemed to have perfected the art of diplomacy to stop her spilling lots of it.

The slaves were all around, holding little trays for the dignitaries ahead of the main feast. Abby found herself ogling them even as she went round with Lexa, the Commander unsurprisingly always had the sexiest and prettiest of the slaves. And if some of them were young women who Abby knew from before they'd come down to Earth, Raven wasn't the only hottie and Abby felt little guilt as she eyed them over. Nor did she complain as she saw the guests with them, Lexa had put around that the slaves were for everyone; if Skikru had not got used to the social mores both the 100, the other slaves and the rest of the twelve clans had. Abby saw Raven being fondled, the young woman, not complaining even when one of the ambassador's stuck a finger up her ass, whilst another firmly gripped her tits and kissed her mouth. Across the room Harper's skirt had been pulled down and she was being fucked by the same merchant Lexa had been speaking to against the wall, even if he didn't get his trade agreement, he was getting his money out of the day. Fox was between the legs of Anya, licking the woman's pussy as the warchief sat on a bench, next to Indra, who was getting her cunt licked by her own personal slave, Octavia. Much of it made Abby's pussy wet and she thought that she might take Lexa's offer up, if not Raven, perhaps another

She tried to avoid looking at Clarke though, deliberately turning her head away when she saw one of Lexa's favoured warriors grab the teen's arm and drag her to the side. She had a good idea of what was happening to Clarke without seeing it and it wasn't as if she could do anything, she had to sacrifice her daughter for the greater good and neither feeling bad about it or watching her daughter suck dicks would change that.

Eventually Lexa guided Abby over to the table, gesturing she should sit next to her. Abby took the place, ignoring the jealous glances from those who thought they had a better claim. As the Commander took her place further slaves began to bring in the meal, dodging round the guests who were following Lexa. Titus took the seat on the other side of Lexa, as Flamekeeper no-one begrudged him that right, even if his dinner conversation was stilted. Indra took the seat next to Abby. She smiled warmly, Abby didn't know her that well, though she'd joined the negotiations a few time, mainly when they'd been discussing conscription and weapons. "I've been meaning to ask, the slave Clarke, she has the same name as you, are you directly related?"

"My daughter," Abby said.

"Was your daughter," Lexa corrected and nodded for one of the slaves to pour some wine in her cup.

Indra nodded, "It's important not to hold a grudge."

"I'm not holding a grudge," Abby said, a little guiltily.

Indra shrugged, "I was involved in her training, when Anya brought her here. She was a firecracker, more stubbornness than sense."

"That sounds like Clarke," said Abby.

"We thought we'd never break her," Indra raised a cup to her lip and drank casually, almost as if she wasn't talking to the Clarke's Mom. "We used to tie her up and pussy whip her until she squealed; place her tits in a wooden stock and whip them until they were red as well. She still wouldn't given in. We have this little vice we can use to force open a Slave's mouth, did that with Clarke and fed her with cock after cock, until she was spewing cum up like she was literally full of it. Fucked her ass as well, me, Anya, lots of the men, still didn't break her."

Abby blushed, not wanting to hear it, though if she had thought she must have always known that Clarke didn't just roll over and volunteer for slavery. Indra sipped again, "She was real trouble, I think the Commander was wondering whether she was worth it."

"I was," Lexa said, frowning at Indra, "Wondered if she might not be better as a field slave, if she didn't behave whilst tilling she'd be flayed and no-one would care."

"You never told me that," Abby said.

"I decided not to. Anyway Indra managed to tame her," Lexa said.

"It was a challenge, her and Octavia, you know her?" Indra asked.

Hardly anyone had known Octavia, but it was too complicated to explain so Abby just nodded, "A little."

"I knew one broke the other would. I took them and tied them up in small room, so they could constantly see each other and every time Clarke refused an order to suck a cock or lick a pussy, I thrashed Octavia's cunt until she was screaming and then did the same to Clarke. It took a couple of days, but by the end they'd been broken in and were doing whatever we wanted, no matter how depraved. I won't go into details over dinner, but shall we say at the end we weren't needing toilets."

"Clarke always was headstrong, if she hadn't been she wouldn't have been with the 100," Abby said, neither wanting to praise Indra for breaking in her daughter as a slave or criticise her, for something which was so natural in the society they were now all in.

"I got a reward, the Commander gifted me Octavia as a personal bed slave," Indra smiled.

"It was well deserved," Lexa said.

"She's turned out to be a perfect fucktoy," Indra said. She looked round the room, until she saw Octavia, the brunette standing by the side of the wall awaiting orders. Indra gestured to her and she hurried over. As she came closer Abby saw that Octavia had a second tattoo, a small curled dragon around her wrist, the mark Indra gave her slaves was intricate and well-designed. It spoke of the woman's power, that she put the expense into it, not a few small marks of some minor landholder.

"Mistress," Octavia bowed her head as she reached the table, not looking up or catching the eyes of either the Commander or Abby.

"What are you?" Indra asked.

"I'm your fuck puppet mistress," Octavia said, still not looking up.

"My fuck puppet slave," Indra corrected her.

Abby could see Octavia's cheeks flushing, more with the embarrassment of not fully pleasing her owner, than with the words themselves. "I'm your fuck puppet slave, mistress."

Indra turned back to Abby, "Octavia can do wonderful things with her tongue, she's very well practised. Have a go..."

Before Abby could reply Lexa gave a small private smile, "You should."

Abby paused for a moment, it wasn't like she hadn't had a slave before, but that had been in private - at most with Lexa in the room, not in a crowded hall. And not with Clarke somewhere around, possibly doing the same as Octavia. But her pussy was itching, having all the sexy slaves around had been turning her on, and if public sex was not something that happened in the Arc, it wasn't uncommon amongst the clans with their slaves. She smiled and nodded, "Why not?"

"Octavia, get under the table and pleasure Abby," Indra ordered.

As soon as she spoke Octavia was obeying, dropping to her knees and crawling under the small space. Abby couldn't see the brunette but she could feel her, first removing the shoes of Abby and then reaching up to the buttons of her pants and undoing them with the practised skill of an experienced pussy licker. Abby let the brunette pull them down, the cloth scraping over her thighs and down over her ankles, expertly removed and placed on the floor. Beside her Lexa and Indra were continuing as if nothing interesting was happening, Lexa briefly turning to Titus to discuss some issue of minor importance and Indra taking her time to decide whether she wanted the slave standing beside her to add vegetables to her plate. Octavia's fingers slipped under the elastic of Abby's panties and dragged them down. Abby opened her legs, there was limited space so her knees brushed both Indra and Lexa, neither stopped what they were doing.

The teen's tongue touched Abby, gently sliding up her slit. Abby gave a small whinny and went red, thinking everyone was watching. She glanced round, no-one seemed to be interested, if anything the centre of attraction seemed to be Raven, positioned in the middle of the floor and being fucked by another male slave as diners called out encouragement and placed friendly bets on how long before he came. Octavia's tongue flickered again, gently licking at the older woman's cunt. Abby closed her legs around her, encouraging her without words. Octavia, whether or not she had got the message, continued to tenderly tongue the twat, slow luxurious licks that spoke of more to come.

She moaned quietly, gripping the edge of the table as the pussy slave below worked her magic, teasing and tantalising at first, a slow build-up which in its promise brought pleasure. Gradually she sped up and flicked harder and deeper, imperceptibly at first, like the slowly rising volume of the Arc's music systems, but then faster and faster, her tongue sweeping up the slit, forcing it apart and slurping in. Abby let out a little squeak. Lexa and Indra continued to ignore her, talking across her, as if a woman having her pussy lapped at the table by one of their slaves was the most common thing in the world. And perhaps it was, at least from the way Octavia was eating cunt she seemed like she'd done it in this position lots of time.

"Ooohhh, fuck" Abby could help but gasp out her pleasure, as Octavia's tongue dug into her twat. Indra gave a small smile and Lexa nodded, as if Abby had just said something she could agree with. They both briefly glanced at Abby, shuddering her seat and then continued to talk across her.

A slave came over, not one Abby knew, but attractive nonetheless. She poured some more wine in their cups, ignoring Octavia's feet sticking out from under the table and walked away. Abby picked up the cup and took a deep swig, she could hardly taste it, the flavour washed away by the intensity of other feeling she was having. She still took another gulp, it was liquid and her mouth was dry, though her cunt was soaked. Octavia was going at speed, her tongue pounding back and forth, thrust deep into Abby's hole, exploring and discovering places of secret pleasure to probe.

"Ooooohhh, fuck yes, oh God yes," Abby gasped again.

"I told you she was good," Indra said conversationally, as if she was referring to a baker who had a special touch with bread.

"Fuck, she is, oooohhh fuck," Abby gasped, her body shudder on the bench and she was aware that as her knees shook they were rattling Indra and Lexa. She wasn't sure whether the teen beneath her could hear, what with the table in the way and the background noise, to say nothing of Abby's thighs covering her ears. But whether she could or couldn't she upped her speed and powered her tongue into Abby's twat like she was going to war with it.

The Milf shuddered so hard the table rocked, a carrot rolling from the plate. She gripped the edge as if she didn't she feared Octavia would send her backwards. The teen went even faster, driving her tongue at speed. Abby gasped and shook, her body afire, waves of orgasmic pleasure tearing through her like radiation and having a similar impact on her insides. Every nerve was singing, ever muscle tensing, her stomach tight and her heart beating. She tried to hold it, but it was impossible, "Oh fuck, aaaaaargghhh, yessssss, aaaaarrrghhh." She screamed nosily, aware that the room was fill. A few people looked at her, but none seemed perturbed. "Aaaarrrghh," she shrieked even louder, her pussy rushing her into the stratosphere. Octavia tonguing continued, slapping away at the wet cunt, pleasuring it beyond belief. "Aaaarrrghh," Abby squealed once more, her eyes shut tight, "Aaaarrrrggghhh."

She collapsed back breathing heavily, as Indra smiled tapping Octavia with her toe, "You enjoyed that?"

"I did," Abby smiled. Octavia emerged from under the table, her hair was awry and her lips glistened with cum. She briefly looked up at Abby and then immediately lowered her head to show respect to her Mistress and the others. Her cunt pleasured she ignored the slave and reached for the plate in front of her, it included real meat, something she could get used to, but which had to tie with pussy lapping from slaves as one of the best things about the Citadel. She tucked in, listening as Indra spoke about the problems they were having with Reapers near the border with the mountain men, whilst casting looks at Raven's sex show in the middle of the room. The young black's first slave had been replaced by a second and now a third, each pounding her as fast and hard as they could until they came in her. She was leaking cum down her legs and both crying and squealing together. Even as Abby watched the third slave came and a guard shoved another one towards her.

"Was that how you trained Clarke?" the question rose so suddenly in Abby's mind it was out before she could think of it.

Indra fixed her eyes on Raven and waved away Octavia, the slave scuttled obediently away. Indra nodded, "Similar, except we used her ass a lot more."

"Oh," Abby said, wondering why she wanted to know.

Lexa interrupted, "You should forget about Clarke. She's a slave and if she's a slave she's here to be fucked."

"Yes, I suppose," Abby said.

Lexa frowned. She turned to her Flamemaster standing behind her, "Where's the slave, Clarke?"

Titus turned his head, his sharp memory recalling where he'd last seen her and turning that way. Abby followed him. At first she didn't recognise her daughter, she could only see a group of men standing whilst in front of one of them a blonde sat on her knees her head bobbing. It was only after she looked for a few moments that she realised the blonde was Clarke, her daughter sucking a guys cock in public with no shame. Abby blushed despite herself, even if she knew that Clarke was a slave and this was her life now. She glanced at Lexa, her friend had also followed the Flamemaster's gaze and was looking at Clarke as well. Her head turned back to Abby, "There's your daughter, acting like a slave should, which is what she is."

"I know," replied Abby.

"I don't think you do," said Lexa and from her tone she was the Commander again and Abby wasn't sure she didn't love her for it. She turned to Titus, "Bring the slave, Clarke, over. Wait for her to finish that blowjob first, there's no point in interrupting the ambassador from the Ice Nation."

Titus got up and threaded his way across the room. All the time Abby kept her eyes on her daughter blowing a man she didn't know for no other reason than that she'd been told to. Titus stopped at the edge of the group, looking like a shepherd amongst sheep. Abby could see Clarke's head go back and the man in front of her shudder and take a step back. Another man was moving to get in front of her, but Titus was faster, bringing his stave down lightly and saying something. Abby wasn't sure what it was, but all the men looked towards her and Lexa, before stepping away. Titus grabbed Clarke by the arm, lifting her arm and leading her towards them. Lexa sipped her wine and gestured that Clarke should come behind the table to stand between her and Abby.

Abby looked at her. It was the first time she'd seen her daughter properly since before she'd sent her down, even in the Citadel she had tried to avoid her, only getting glimpses of her in the distance or when she passed, never stopping to talk or see how she was. It was cowardice, but it was also saving the lives of everyone else. It was the tough choice Abby had had to make and had made. But now she looked at her daughter. The teen looked physically well, any thrashing she'd hadn't left any marks, and if her hair was a little mussed and a trickle of cum marked a trail from the side of her mouth to the bottom of her chin, you couldn't give mass blowjobs and still look pristine. She did look cowed and chastised, far from the rebellious Clarke who had been her daughter. She tried to think that it was someone inhabiting the body of the daughter she knew, a more submissive and less commanding woman, one who was made to serve. She wasn't sure she succeeded, but it made things a little easier. Clarke's eyes fell to the floor.

"Remove your skirt," demanded the Commander.

"Yes, Commander," Clarke didn't look up as she replied. She did move her hands to the skirt and push it down, past her hips and thighs so it fell to the floor round her ankle.

Abby didn't know whether her daughter had shaved down there before she was made a slave or whether it was after. But she was certainly smooth there now, not even the smallest trace of bush to cover her naked slit, exposed to anyone who wanted to look (apart from Raven still face down in the middle of the floor as she was banged doggy style). Lexa reached out and grabbed under the mons, squeezing the flesh hard. "Such a pretty pussy, I'm sure it's popular." Clarke continued to stare dutifully at the floor. Lexa squeezed it tighter, digging her nails into the flesh, "I asked a question, slave."

"I'm sorry Commander," Clarke said, a little high-pitched, fear in her voice, "I didn't realise. It's a very popular pussy."

"Does it get fucked a lot? Does it get cocks every day?"

"Yes, Commander, it gets a lock of cocks," Clarke replied and the Commander let go.

"Your Mom's here," the Commander said.

"I saw Commander, she's your new ambassador from Skikru," Clarke replied.

"She's just had her pussy licked by Octavia. Would you lick her pussy if I told you to?" Abby gave a small gasp as Lexa asked the question.

Her breath quickened as Clarke nodded, "I would."

For a moment Abby wondered if that was what the Commander was going to order the blonde to do, to show Abby that her daughter was a slave and would do anything she was ordered to. But Lexa, even if she was the Commander, didn't do it. Instead she said, "Turn round."

Clarke immediately obeyed so that her ass was facing her Mom and Lexa and she was looking at the wall. Abby wanted to turn away herself, but this was a test of her as much as it was of Clarke, so she continued to look at her daughter's bare rump and the intricate tattoo above it. Trying to think dispassionately she decided Clarke had a nice behind, something she took after her Mom, but it was hard to be a disinterested observer to your daughter's naked humiliation, even if a little bit of her was turned on by the way Lexa dominated the blonde.

After a few moments the Commander reached up and squeezed the nearest cheek, "Very firm, what do you think Indra? You thrashed them enough."

"They redden easily," the black woman shrugged and sipped at her wine.

"I'll not ask you Abby," Lexa said, "You may be biased, though you might want to remember what Clarke is and what you now are, as in this life there are the cocks and there are the buttholes and one is made to be fucked by the other."

That wasn't medically true, but Abby understood the metaphor. She was sitting next to the Commander, in a banquet hall filled with some of the most important people across all thirteen clans. Clarke was a slave, who's main purpose was to be fucked for other's pleasure - particularly the people in this room and others like them. she nodded, her throat dry, "I'll remember."

"Will you?" Lexa's voice was so clipped it was obvious she was the Commander. She turned back to Clarke. "We've talked about your pussy and how popular it is. What about your ass?" She pulled the cheek so far that the rosebud between it and its partner was exposed.

"It's very popular as well. It gets lots of dicks," Clarke said, seeming so unembarrassed by the question it was as if Lexa had asked how good she was at Math.

"It is very fuckable," said Lexa and slid a finger into it. Abby tried not to grimace, but she wasn't sure she managed it. She wasn't sure if Clarke's expression changed, but her posture didn't, as if been anally penetrated by a finger was nothing too surprising, it possibly wasn't if what she told the Commander was true.

Lexa pulled the finger out and for a moment Clarke's ass was open in front of her Mom before the hole began to close and the cheeks sprang back into place covering it. The Commander turned to Titus, "Replace Raven with Clarke for the floor show and find half a dozen of the biggest dicked slaves you can find. I want them to fuck her ass as hard as they can."

"Commander," said Titus, taking Clarke by the arm and leading her away. She went without complaint.

The Commander turned to Abby and for the sad smile on her face she was Lexa again, "It has to be done, Abby, you might not thank me for it now, but you will sometime. You need to realise that your time with Clarke is done, she's can't be your daughter any more, she's a slave and your not."

"I know," Abby gave a sad smile back, "I wish it could be different, but even if that's what my heart wants my brain knows you're right. There's too many people's lives riding on this me to allow my feelings for Clarke to derail Skikru joining the coalition or your leadership."

"You may even enjoy watching it," Lexa said and then blushed slightly as Abby frowned and shook her head. She lifted her glass and beckoned for another slave to come over to refill Abby's. Abby put her hand over it and Lexa waved the slave away crossly, "I cannot shield you from the world Ambassador, much as I'd like to, you need to see that."

Abby was wondering what to say in reply, but Lexa had already turned and was talking to a visitor from the Delphi Clan. Abby turned to Indra, but since she'd been talking to Lexa, the warrior leader had struck up a conversation with the man next to her and was deeply engrossed in an argument/discussion about the best way to kill Reapers. Abby turned and looked ahead, if she couldn't avoid her daughter's public fucking, she best face it straight on. Titus was leading Clarke to centre of the room and ordering her onto her hands and knees, placing her at an angle so her ass was not quiet facing them, but neither was it a side view. He waited until the slave fucking Raven came and then stepped in, dismissing the black girl, who hobbled to her feet and limped off, cum leaking down her legs. As Abby watched he gestured to a slave, a man so muscular that if he'd dared he could have broken the Flamemaster like a twig. The male slaved removed his pants and several members of the banquet hollered as they saw his huge dick jutting out. The Flamemaster smacked his stave on the ground and the man advanced behind Clarke, reaching for her buttocks. He pulled them apart and gracelessly began to push his dick at her ass.

It went in easier than Abby had thought it would, speaking of the times that her daughter had been ass banged since her capture. Clarke let out a cry of ecstasy, whether faked or real, Abby wasn't sure. The slave behind her hammered away, slamming his cock into her daughter's ass. The teen was near enough that Abby could see the cock glide in and out of the hole, the teen's ass cheeks wobbling with every bang. Clarke squealed and gasped, shrieking loudly, competing with the ongoing hubbub of conversation (and the moans from the side where a couple of VIPs were getting their cunts licked under the table). The slave didn't last long, before he was out and moving round to her front, jerking his cock over her as Clarke upturned her face to receive the wad of cum. Even as the white goo was splattering over her face another slave, this time a man with tattoos covering almost every inch of his body, even Abby noticed in the seconds before it descended into her daughter's butt, his large prick.

Clarke was squealing again, her body rocking and arching as the second slave slammed himself deep. Her tits wobbled and bounced enthusiastically, jumping around like they were trying to break free. The slave gripped her harder, pounding hard and deep and grunting like he was a hyena on heat, Clarke was racing against him, driving her ass back at his cock and crying out with every thrust. Abby felt her own pussy tingle and she wished the bench was a little higher so that she could have crossed her legs and try to squash it out, there was something too perverse about becoming horny from watching your slave girl daughter get butt-banged. She glanced to her side, Lexa was sitting relaxed and as beautiful as ever, casually watching the show whilst sponging up gravy with a hunk of bread. She saw Abby looking at her and deliberately gave a small smile, whilst indicating towards Clarke with her head.

Abby took the hint and continued to watch, her daughter was taking it in the ass for her benefit, even if few of the on-lookers realised it.

The second slave had pulled out and was striding round Clarke with a brutal confidence. Clarke's head was up and Abby could see the white sperm glisten as it leapt across the space between the slaves to splash all over Clarke's lips and nose. Behind her a third slave was forcing down her rising butt, clambering half-over her as he inserted a dick as big as the others into her ass. Despite it's size it went in easily, two cocks having opened the teen's hole wide. He slammed even harder and faster than the other two, moving like he was in competition with teen ass. Clarke took him without complaint, her body shuddering as it was pounded and her mouth twisted in what seemed, to Abby, to be pleasure.

The Milf's pussy was itching so much it was hurting. She was tempted to call another slave over and get her to service the wanton hole. But how would Lexa take it? Abby try to avoid seeing her daughter being fucked or Abby being so turned on that she needed a slave to relief her. Both were true, perhaps the resolving the former would also deal with the latter, if she closed her eyes or walked out... But she couldn't do that, it would show disrespect to Lexa, weaken her in the eyes of those support the Commander needed; too much hinged on Lexa keeping the clans in check. Abby forced her hands to remain still, only moving to pick up her glass to down gulps of wine as her eyes remain fixed on the scene in front of her.

The slave was so fast he was soon finished, darting round her front like the others and briefly jacking at his large prick until it blasted his semen all over her already gooy face. It didn't surprise Abby that the fourth slave, another one covered in tattoos but darker than the other, was already spreading her daughter's cheeks and thrusting the cock in.

"She's learnt well," Indra said almost conversationally, turning to look at the blonde. Abby didn't quiet nod, but Indra was turning back to the man on her other side to continue the argument she was having with him. Abby knew what she meant however, her daughter acting so like a slut she'd become a professional, albeit one without any pay.

"This is what the slaves are for," Lexa said, sipping her wine, "And Clarke is a natural for it now."

"She resisted at first," Abby said, unsure whether that was the answer Lexa wanted.

It didn't seem to phase the young woman, who replied, "A lot do, they try and resist. If she hadn't been a natural she'd have escaped or died. I would, you would."

Abby didn't say anything back, she certainly thought she'd have fought to the last, but a small part of her wondered whether that was correct or whether it was something everyone thought until they were faced with reality. Whatever, the truth was that now Lexa was right and Clarke was acting like a natural sex slave, seeming to enjoy the big cock that was pounding her ass, screaming out for more as the slave slammed her. He yanked his dick out suddenly and almost ran round to finish himself off over her face, splattering her with goo as another man took his place.

"None of them are cumming in her ass?" Abby said, "Was that something you ordered?"

Lexa shrugged, "No, I left the details for Titus, but from the speed they're moving I would guess he's told any who come in her butt they're going to be castrated."

"Harsh," said Abby.

Lexa sipped her wine, "It is our way."

"Of course, I suppose sometimes it takes getting used to," Abby said.

Lexa turned to her and smiled, "You're soft Abigail Griffin. That's why I like you."

"Not too soft I hope," Abby joked, whilst hoping that it was only Lexa who thought that, there were too many rivals, including some who were in Skikru, for her to feel comfortable at being thought weak.

Lexa said, "No, the right amount that a Commander sometimes need. You are my conscience and guide."

Abby blushed, "You seem to have done alright on your own."

"With you I do better," Lexa said and turned back to watch Clarke, ending the conversation.

Abby turned back with her. A fifth slave had entered her daughter, taller and more muscular than even the first slave, but as fast and speedy as any of them. He had his hands gripped to the blonde's side and was slamming her from behind, grunting as he did so. Abby briefly took her eyes away from her daughter's repeated sodomy to look round the room. She wasn't sure to be relieved that, after watching the opening only, about a quarter of the guests were paying any attention to the fuck-piece in the middle of the room or aggrieved that they were ignoring her attractive daughter. Like so much about Clarke being a slave and Abby being ambassador (and friend) to her owner it brought contrasting feelings to the Milf, that she was unsure about.

"Give it her," said Indra calling across the room. At least she was unconflicted thought Abby, even if the warrior immediately after saying it, turned away and snapped her fingers at a slave for a fill up.

The same slave poured more wine into Abby's glass and she raised it to drink as the fifth slave pulled out. Like the others he moved round to the teen's front and glazed her face in cum.


The final slave appeared, slowly walking across the room, his large dick waving between his legs. it was the biggest yet, Titus obviously wanting to end on a bang. Abby watched as he moved behind her daughter, his roughly grabbing at her cheeks and yanking them apart to show a hole so big that you could have easily fitted a fist into it. It was so gaped that his trunk of a cock went in with hardly any effort, a couple of thrust and he was balls deep. The slave began to pound, ramming away at speed.

"Oooooohhhh, aaaarrrghhh," Clarke cried, who if she wasn't enjoying it was doing a good imitation of someone who was. She shook, her body trembling with what seemed ecstatic excitement and rocking with the force of the man's slams. Her eyes were screwed shut, but more as if she was trying to keep the pleasure from leaking out her eyeballs than any desire to pretend she wasn't here. Abby looked at her daughter's tits, bouncing away and felt even more desire and horniness. She glanced at Lexa, the young woman sitting relaxed and beautiful, watching the show - it also did nothing to remove Abby's pussy-itch, if anything it conjured a vision of Lexa naked in the same position as Clarke, whilst Abby dropped to her knees behind her and slurped her ass. The Mom turned back to her daughter, no matter how much a friend Lexa was and how many times they sat naked together enjoying slaves eating their pussies, the Commander was unobtainable. Watching Clarke take it up the ass was at least a reality and not a fantasy, no matter how depraved it made Abby feel.

The slaves grunted and turned his head to Titus, the Flamekeeper nodded and the man redoubled his efforts, pounding harder and harder into her daughter's hole. Suddenly he stopped and let out a snarl of what might have been triumph or relief or just that he'd pulled his back. He stepped back, his cock popping out of the blonde's butt and with it a stream of cum. As the Flamekeeper didn't yell for the guards, as the last slave, he obviously been told to finish with an anal creampie.

"Bring Clarke here," Lexa ordered in the tone of the Commander.

A guard reached down and dragged her up, letting her go as she stood. She staggered a little as she walked forward, multiple cocks in her butt making her limp and upsetting her balance. She made it the half dozen yards without any help however, standing in front of the table. Cum dripped from her face and oozed down her body, gooey white trails over and between her tits like a dozen snails had raced down her chest. The blonde looked down at the floor and some more cum, slowly eased itself from her chin, hanging from it for what seemed like eternity, but was probably little more than a second before falling to the floor.

"Look up," ordered Lexa.

The blonde did as she was ordered and her Mom could see her face, almost unrecognisable beneath a cum glaze so thick that it was like a distorted mask. Lexa sat back in her seat and turned to Abby, "You see, she's a slut slave, good only for being fucked."

"Yes," Abby wasn't sure that was true, but looking at her daughter, a gooey mess of white, she also wasn't sure it wasn't.

Lexa looked back at Clarke, "What were you doing before I called you over?"

"I was sucking the cocks of whoever wanted it," replied Clarke.

"Free cock, not slave cock," corrected Lexa.

Clarke nodded and then shook her head, "No, Commander, I know I'm not supposed to touch slave cock unless we're ordered."

"You're too good looking to breed yet, in a few more years when you've lost your sparkle we'll get some baby Clarke's," Lexa said.

It would be a strange way to have grandchildren, thought Abby, and then she wondered if they'd even know her or whether they'd be sold at birth so she'd never connect with them. The thought didn't trouble her as much as it should and that was troubling on its own, as if she was gradually loosing her connection with Clarke and seeing her as just another slave. Lexa waved her hand, "Carry on with that, go be a good dick-sucking whore slave."

Clarke bowed her head even more deeply and backed away, before turning and heading back to where she'd been blowing the men, even if her place had been taken by a redhead who Abby didn't know.

"She's a slave, Abby, good for one thing," Lexa said.

"I know..." Abby replied.


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