Hunting Humanity V

BY : greenwizard
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Dean was woken when the bed suddenly jerked. Dean looked at the clock and it was a little before three in the morning. Then he looked over to Liam who was panting. He sat up and wrapped an arm around his lover. “Nightmare again?”


Liam nodded and leaned into Dean crying softly. “It’s only flashes, but Lucifer was in me. How could…?”


“Babe, I didn’t think you would remember anything. I told you, I was against the plan, and I’m sorry you do remember. But it’s been like three months, and Lucifer is gone. It’s okay. You need to start sleeping regularly.”


Liam sighed and nuzzled into Dean’s chest. “That angel takes over when I’m sleeping. I lost almost a month of my life.”


Dean stroked his hair. “We’ve been on vacation. There’s no reason for him to bother with you. Please, let’s just snuggle and go back to sleep. Today is John’s first birthday.”


“I don’t know why we’re having a party. The kid won’t understand or care.”


Dean pulled Liam back into a laying position. “I think a first birthday party is mostly for the family. John will enjoy the attention anyway.”


Liam nodded and put his head on Dean’s chest and closed his eyes. When he opened them again it was daylight and Dean was gone. With a sigh he got dressed and did his morning routine before going downstairs. Everyone was having breakfast in the kitchen. John was in Sam’s lap being fed small pieces of muffin. “There’s the birthday boy,” Liam grinned and rubbed the kid’s head.


“Hard to believe, isn’t it?” Sam said as he hugged his son.


Dean handed Liam a chocolate chip muffin. “Sorry I just kind of left you this morning, but you needed the sleep.” He kissed Liam’s cheek. “And you look so sweet when you’re sleeping.”


Natalie leaned down to kiss John’s cheek and tickled him making him giggle and squirm. “Cake after lunch, so don’t get too involved with anything.”


They had lunch and Liam fed John a little bit. “This stuff is not what turkey tastes like,” Liam said as he motioned to the jar. “When you get all your teeth in you’ll see the real stuff tastes much better than this crap. What?” he shrugged when he noticed Sam giving him a look. “Have you tried baby food?”


“Yeah, I have, and it isn’t good, but he’s gotta eat something until his teeth come in.”


“It can’t be that bad,” Dean got up and dipped his finger in the jar to taste it. “Holy crap...” Dean made a funny face.


“He’s watching you,” Sam looked to Dean with a smile on his face.


Dean smiled at John. “It’s yummy, right?”


“Okay, it’s cake time,” Natalie brought out two cakes. One very small round one and one bigger round one. She set the small round one on the table and went to get her camera.


Sam put John on the table in front of the small cake and they sang happy birthday. Then Sam got a little bit of frosting on his finger and put it in John’s mouth. “Good, huh buddy? Go on, John, go nuts!”


John giggled and started grabbing cake with his hands and stuffing it into his mouth while Natalie took pictures. When he was finished with it Natalie took what was left away. “Somebody needs a bath now because they’re covered in cake.”


“Uncle Dean can handle that,” Dean said as he picked John up. “Come on you, time to get cleaned up.”


“Uncle Liam thinks he wants to go out for a bit,” Liam sighed.


“You don’t want cake?” Sam asked as he started cutting a slice from the larger one.


“Maybe later. For now I just want some fresh air.”


Three hours later Dean looked out the window. “I’m getting a little worried. I know he likes to wander, but he’s usually back by now.”


There was a knock at the door. Dean answered and stood shocked. An older man was holding an unconscious Liam in his arms. “Samuel?” Dean eyed him closely. “How?”


“I don’t know.” Samuel shrugged.


“Dean, you know him?” Sam asked.


“Yeah, if I didn’t know better, I’d say I was looking at our grandfather.”


“If you’ll just let me put him down somewhere,” Samuel motioned to Liam in his arms.


“Right,” Dean motioned to the couch in the sitting room.


Samuel gently put Liam on the couch and turned to his grandsons. “Okay, test me. I’d be disappointed in you if you didn’t.”


Dean nodded and grabbed the silver knife they kept up on a high shelf by the door and cut his arm. Nothing happened but dripping blood. Sam grabbed some holy water and Samuel drank it with no reaction. “What the hell?” Dean’s eyebrows furrowed.


“Your guess is as good as mine,” Samuel shrugged. “All I know is after spitfire over there gave heaven and destiny a giant middle finger things got pretty chaotic. Next thing I know I’m standing in the field where it happened. Obviously something put me back here.”


“But you don't know what that is,” Dean stared at him.




“And you have no leads? Nothing? Well, this is, uh... No more doornails coming out, is there?”


“As far as I know, no.”


“How long have you been back?” Sam asked.


“About three months. I debated on showing up sooner, but you two were taking a much needed vacation.”


“Which begs the question,” Dean looked to Liam. “Why now, and why is he out cold?”


“You’re… whatever you call him… got dosed with djinn poison.”


“Djinn poison?” Dean looked confused. “I thought those were cave dwelling hermit type. That's pretty exotic.”


“Not anymore, at least. These look like regular people. They can blend in. And all they got to do to kill you is touch you. Their toxins get in your system, all of a sudden you're hallucinating your worst nightmares, and pretty soon you OD.”


“Not that I’ll complain, but how is he still breathing then?” Dean asked.


“I’ve got a cure.”


“You got a cure for djinn poison?”


“Oh, I know a few things. Stick around, I'll show you tricks your daddy never even dreamed of.”


Dean sighed. “So, there’s djinn around and they just happened to hit my man?”


“We think they’re after you two.”


“We?” Dean raised an eyebrow.


“I’ve got your third cousins out in the van.” He went to the door and motioned to the people outside. Three more came inside. “Gwen, Christian, and Mark,” Samuel introduced them.


“That blond is a short pretty boy that doesn’t look like much, but damn can he fight,” Gwen commented.


John came into the room and walked right up to Samuel and smiled and waved at him. Samuel knelt down and smiled back. “This must be my great grand baby.”


“Yeah,” Sam nodded. “So, djinn are here for us?” he looked worried.


“You know, I see some of your mother in him,” Samuel said before he stood up. “Yeah, they hunted your man out, and no one else. Did you gank a djinn recently?”


“A long time ago,” Sam said as he picked John up and the baby started touching his face. “How did they find us here?”


Samuel gave Sam a sympathetic look. “I’ve had a wife and a little one at home myself. I know how you feel right now. Every hunter who has been a parent knows how you feel right now.”


“Why don’t we take them to Bobby’s until we deal with this?” Dean suggested.


“I don’t think Bobby’s house is exactly baby proofed and he gets into everything,” Sam frowned.


“Relax, I’ll call him and tell him to prepare. He used to babysit for us when we were little, I don’t think he’ll mind.” Dean pulled out his phone and dialed Bobby’s number.


“What’s going on?” Natalie asked when she came in.


“Natalie, we have to get you and John out of here for a little while,” Sam told her.


“This your girl?” Samuel asked. “She’s pretty,”


“Um, thanks,” Natalie gave him a strange look. “And you are?”


“Their grandfather on their mother’s side,” Samuel answered.


Natalie looked to Sam. “I thought...”


“So did we until a little bit ago,” Sam sighed. “It’s crazy and complicated. Point is, you need to start packing.”


They packed everything up and drove out to Bobby’s. “Mi casa es su casa,” Bobby said when he greeted them at the door. “TV's broken, but there's plenty of Reader's Digest.”


“Thanks for this, Bobby,” Sam said. “You did, um…?”


“Yeah, kid, it took all day, but I baby proofed. I used to watch you when you were only a little bit older, I know the drill. Now hand over the kid, he’s a year old and I haven’t gotten to see him yet.”


“Say hi to your Uncle Bobby,” Sam said to John before handing him over.


John made a few sounds when Bobby took him. “Well, hi there,” Bobby smiled at him and John started poking him in the face. “You really do look like your daddy when he was little, don’t you.” John grabbed a handful of beard hair and yanked. “Ow!”


“John, no!” Sam said firmly and grabbed John’s arm to pull it away. “Sorry, he’s a little...”


“He’s a mini you is what he is,” Bobby chuckled a bit at that and walked inside.


Sam turned to Natalie and kissed her. “I’m sorry about this, but Bobby will take care of us.”


“Nothing to be sorry about,” she ran a hand through his hair. “I knew what getting involved with you meant. I never intended on getting pregnant, but I did, so…”


“What's the plan?” Dean asked back at the house.


“Well, right now, we stock up, get set,” Christian answered.


“So you're saying there is no plan,” Dean sighed.


“We'll find them. Just got to be patient.”


“Nice house,” Samuel looked around.


“Yeah, thanks,” Dean nodded. “Not ours, but Natalie lets us call it home.”


Samuel picked up a picture of Sam and John playing outside. “Really cute kid,” he smiled.


“Yeah, he is,” Dean agreed. “And really smart, he catches on to things pretty quick.”


“Well, he’s a Campbell.”


“Yeah, I guess he is, partly anyway.”


Samuel looked out toward the sitting room. “You know, that Liam, he’s, he’s something else, and not a bad guy, but… A guy, really?”


Dean sighed. “Not you too. I had this conversation with my dad. Not what I had in mind, but he makes me happy. I wouldn’t trade him for a dozen hot chicks.”


Samuel shrugged. “I guess you being happy is what matters. Anyway, something strange is going on. We don’t know what, but whatever it is, it goes way past a couple of djinn acting off. Nocturnals attacking in broad daylight, werewolves out on the half moon, creatures that we've never even seen before. We don't even know what they are. I'm knee deep in half eaten human hearts and exsanguinated ten year olds, and it's all making me uneasy.”


“So what's your theory?”


Samuel shrugged. “Not a clue, but we need you and your brother and your man.”


Dean sighed and went outside to check on Mark who was sitting in his chuck. “Hey. You don't really say much, do you?”


“Enough,” Mark said while looking around with binoculars.


“Any sign of them?”


“Three djinn off in the trees.”


Dean went back inside. “Those djinn are just sitting out there, watching us. Everybody's got to clear out,” Dean told everyone. “They're not gonna come in here until me and Liam are alone.”


Samuel looked at him like he was nuts. “So, what, I'm supposed to leave you here with no backup?”


Dean nodded. “They're smart. They'd wait till they weren't outnumbered.”


Samuel nodded. “Alright, we won't be far. You call when they come, you hear? All right, pack up. We're out of here.”


Dean watched them leave and turned to Liam. “You good, Babe?”


“Yeah, little out of it from earlier, but I’ll live. I’m gonna go walk around the house.”


Dean nodded and kissed his lover. “Be careful.”


Liam was walking around the back yard when he was ambushed by all three. The woman grabbed him by the throat. “You made it through that last trip, so how about a big, fat double dose? Bad news, it'll kill you. The good news? At least you'll go fast. That's for our father, you son of a bitch.”


They disappeared and Liam’s father started approaching him with a horse whip. “You know good sack of shit!” Daniel growled. Liam ran inside. “Don’t you run from me, boy!”


Dean was in the library when Liam ran in. “Everything clear, Babe?” Liam lunged at him and tried to stab him. “Holy…!” Dean dodged the blade.


“You’re not turning me back!” Liam shouted and tried to go for Dean’s throat.


Dean pinned him to to a bookcase. Liam’s eyes were wide and he was gasping for breath. “God, I can feel your heart beating through your chest.”


Samuel rushed in and took a syringe filled with white stuff and stabbed it into Liam’s arm and emptied the stuff into him. Liam took a deep breath and passed out. Dean caught him and looked to his grandfather. “We got them,” Samuel assured him. “And I think it was close, but your man will be all right.”


“Thanks,” Dean nodded.


“We captured one and we’re taking her somewhere. We’ll be in touch. Call Sam and tell him he can bring his family home.”


“Okay,” Dean nodded. “We’ll be here.” He carried Liam back out to the couch and laid him down, checking him for a pulse before sitting with him and calling Sam.

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