Queen Maureen

BY : Rocket_Jock
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Maureen stretched luxuriously in the orange sun. It had been too long since she had worked on her tan.

The night before John said she looked as pale as a vampire. It had folded in nicely with an after hours game of Vampira and Adam Warlock.

But she hadn’t been pleased. Maureen was proud of every aspect of her toned body. And as a Pasadena girl an all over tan was part of the package.

She gleamed with a film of sun block crafted by the Robot to protect from relatively high ultra violet levels.

She heard the sound of alien rubber against the Jupiter ramp. She smiled. Those were John’s Ho Chi Mihn sandals, cut from the rubber of an alien tire.

She turned. She was lucky. The professor also wanted to work on his all over tan.

She missed the sight of John out in the open.

He had grown as pale as Maureen. But he hadn’t grown slack.

Qi Gong and an hour of solid exercise before hitting the chores every day kept her beefcake in prime condition.

“Hi big boy.” She smiled. “Getting Guy a little sun?”

“You know it, Doctor.” He laughed. “Is there room poolside?”

“There is.” She said, indicating the lounger next to her. “But service is a little sketchy.”

“I’ll have to make do.” He said, settling onto the lounger.

“Now,” he said, pausing to sip his drink,”what’s a nice. Hot, naked girl like you doing on an uncharted planet like this?”

“Waiting for a hot naked man to arrive.”

‘When is he due?” the professor laughed.

‘He’s here.”

Niolani looked at the drone camera feed.

Her subjects had been lounging nuide five minutes before.

Now the Robinsons were now having sex.

Niolani was no stranger to sex. In addition to the all too infrequent recreational play, she  employed sex as part of Imperial rituals of Diplomacy and Fertility. She knew the common people had it as recreation. But it was always female superior.

The Robinsons were playing a duet.

One would service the other. Once they did a simultaneous exchange that Niolani found intriguing.

It would all involve a bit more submission to her partner than she had previously known.

If she were to try it , she reminded herself.

But back to the business at hand.

the Robinson family and their damnable male robot had skills that Niolani's empire needed.

And what the Empire needed the Empire got.

She elected to wait until John and Maureen finished before ordering their capture.

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