Relaxation, and Other Pursuits

BY : Bebe
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Title: Relaxation, and Other Pursuits

Author: Bebe

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I keep checking the mail, but the notice that they’re mine must have gotten lost.

Spoilers: None.

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Pairing: Beka/Rommie

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Summary: Beka’s a little tense, but Rommie’s willing to help her de-stress.

Author's Note: Sometimes you just have to write femslash.


Rommie knew before she got to the door of her quarters that Beka was inside. It wasn’t solely the benefit of being the ship’s AI, either; with the Maru out, there were only so many places that she would sleep, and with the Andromeda waiting in a dead area for more fuel, why wouldn’t she take advantage of the uninterrupted time? Rommie hadn’t checked further than to determine Beka’s presence, so she was pleased, when she entered, to find Beka stretched out on the couch with a flexi, having long since made herself at home. She was further pleased by Beka’s attire, or lack thereof: a short, silky robe that Rommie last recalled one of her engineers wearing three hundred five years before. After the first shock of it had worn off, she hadn’t unduly protested her new crew appropriating her old crew’s items for daily use. After all, the original owners had presumably passed long before, with any descendants and heirs virtually untraceable in this new universe. Besides, she suspected that Beka wouldn’t have it on long, especially when Rommie’s quick switch to thermal imaging and back revealed that the robe was all she had on.

Beka looked up as the door opened. “Hey.”

“Hello.” Rommie gave her a quick smile as she walked by. “Comfortable?”

“Working on it.” She returned the smile and went back to her flexi, though she wasn’t so absorbed that she didn’t glance up occasionally at Rommie as the latter retrieved a short nightie from the clothes drawers and began to change.

“I’ll see if I can help you with that.” The conversation ceased as Rommie stripped off the uniform. She didn’t have to change to nightclothes, really, given that she didn’t sleep, but it was nice to vary her outfits sometimes. She also wasn’t going to disparage the way Beka looked at her in them or the access the nature of the garment granted the other woman.

Once changed, she went back to the sofa, and without looking up from her flexi Beka immediately pulled her legs back to allow Rommie to sit at the other end. When she stretched her legs back out, though, it was with a smirk playing over her lips while she rested her calves on Rommie’s thighs. Rommie decided not to rise to the bait, instead asking, “What are you reading?”

That made Beka look up. She sighed, lowering the flexi. “Not reading. I’m trying to figure out how to pay off one of the more insistent loan sharks— I’m sorry, ‘debt collectors.’ Though I think ‘thug’ is a better word. This one really wants my money.”

“I take it you don’t have any funds for it?”

“If I did I’d have paid him off years ago.” She glanced down and tapped a button. “Honestly, you and Dylan really screwed up my plans. If you two hadn’t made salvaging Andromeda so difficult, Gerentex’s fee would have covered all the rest.”

“I should apologize?”

Beka laughed a little. “Maybe?”

They kept talking, half-jokingly suggesting and nixing ideas for raising the credit, among them another “garage sale” and asking Tyr for a loan. As they did, Rommie settled her hands on Beka’s feet. The touch made her jump in surprise, but as Rommie started kneading, careful to avoid the ticklish spots, she settled into it, making a pleased hum when Rommie moved to her ankles.

The conversation lagged after that, with longer and longer intervals between comments, and by the time Rommie was working on her calves Beka’s eyes were closed and her pulse rate had slowed. Rommie took it as a compliment and kept working; Beka’s leg muscles were knotted, the stress of her money woes apparently taking its toll. She did run into a problem just above Beka’s knees, when she couldn’t reach any higher with her own legs pinned as they were. “Beka?”


“You need to let me up.”

“Mm.” She bent her knees enough for Rommie to slip out from under, but quickly resettled them on the cushion. Rommie had to do a bit of careful maneuvering to get in a spot that supported her while not putting pressure on Beka’s legs, but eventually she settled one knee between Beka’s and wedged the other at the join of the seat and back cushions.

From the new point she was able to start working on Beka’s thighs and the muscles that were still tense. Beka seemed to enjoy it; she had a small smile on her lips and occasionally shifted to grant Rommie better access to the backs, resting as they were against the cushion. Paying attention to her vital signs meant that Rommie was aware that Beka’s breathing was not just slow but deep. Beka wasn’t sleeping, however; when she opened her eyes, her pupils were slightly dilated. Her core temperature had risen a small amount, as well. “Should I keep going?”


Flattered at the unhesitating response, Rommie continued. There were fewer knots this high on her leg, but Beka’s muscles still felt tight. Her buttocks did, as well, when Rommie moved her hands underneath Beka’s hips. The small smile stayed on her lips, though, something Rommie checked for as she worked her way back around the pelvis.

Under the robe, Beka was warm and smooth, and damp when Rommie finally slid her fingers between Beka’s thighs. Beka took in a long breath when Rommie trailed her thumbs down the folds of skin there. “Will you?” Her voice was husky.

Surprised that Beka thought that she had to ask, Rommie murmured, “Of course.” On an impulse she moved to kiss Beka, one hand on the armrest near her head. Apparently it was the right thing to do, Beka reaching up to press her own hand to the back of Rommie’s neck and keep her there even as Rommie moved her fingertips just so, making Beka moan.

Rommie kept going, enjoying the heat and wetness engendered by her touch, to say nothing of the way Beka arched under her to get that touch where she wanted it. It seemed far too soon when Beka started to shake, breaking the kiss for quick pants when her climax finally overwhelmed her and held her in its grip for a long moment. Eventually the shaking eased and her breathing evened out, and when she opened her eyes she was smiling still, widely this time. Rommie pressed another kiss to her lips, a quick one this time. “Comfortable?”

“Oh, yeah. Very relaxed, even.” There was a glint of mischief in Beka’s eyes as she answered. Rommie could feel hands come to rest on her own thighs and they began to slide, pushing the nightie up, as Beka added, “But you still seem a little tense…”


The End

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