Hunting Humanity VII

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Dean walked up the driveway to the familiar Memphis home. A dark haired man came out of the door followed by Liam. “I’ll see you later, hun,” the man kissed Liam tenderly before turning to go to his car. He saw Dean. “Looks like you got company. You weren’t expecting another date, were you?” Liam looked, and when his eyes landed on Dean they went wide with shock. “Something wrong, hun?”


Dean walked up to the two and stood only a foot away. “No, nothing wrong,” Liam shook his head, but it was clear he was shaking. “I’ll um, I’ll call you later.” The man nodded and left. When he was out of earshot Liam’s undivided attention was on Dean. “How the…? Your dead!”


Dean just shrugged. “Wouldn’t be the first time I died and came back. Who was that? The two of you seemed pretty cozy.”


Liam backed up toward the door and opened it. “Sam!” he called out before reaching for something just inside the door. He threw holy water on Dean suddenly, causing Dean to chuckle.


“Wouldn’t expect any less of you.” He rolled up his sleeve and exposed his arm. “Silver test now?”


Liam grabbed the silver knife they also kept inside the door and made a quick cut on the exposed arm. Sam came out then and he looked just as shocked. “Oh my god!”


“My sentiments exactly,” Liam said as he put the knife back.


“I’ll ask again, who was that I saw kiss you and leave?” Dean asked.


“Owen, my boyfriend,” Liam answered.


Dean looked both hurt and angry. “You replaced me?”


“It’s been a year, Dean!” Liam got defensive. “What exactly did you want me to do? Get a bunch of cats for company?”


“How long did you wait before replacing me?”


“I didn’t replace you, how could I? And does it really matter how long I waited? I was pretty sure you were dead and never coming back.”


“Wow, that long. Thanks, I feel loved.”


Liam punched him in the nose. “I grieved for you, you fucking jackass!”


Sam pulled Liam back. “We all did, Dean. What matters is that you’re here now,” he pulled his brother into a hug. “Come in,” he motioned for Dean to follow them inside.


John was in the sitting room playing with blocks. Another blond boy that looked about a year old was crawling around. “Who’s the other kid?” Dean asked.


“That’s my son, Nathan,” Sam answered.


“Wait, Becky’s kid? He turned out to really be yours?”


“Yeah,” Sam nodded. “DNA tests don’t lie. He was born about a week and a half after you… Anyway, I have visitation for the week.”


Dean nodded. “I see. And you and Becky…?”


“We mostly communicate through lawyers now. Now that I have undeniable proof that she… She’s not my favorite person in the world, but that’s hardly Nathan’s fault, so we make it work with as little contact as possible.”


Dean noticed the white gold wedding band on Sam’s finger. “I see I missed your wedding too.”


“Uh, yeah. I have pictures if you’d like to see them. Really wasn’t the same without you. We’ve really missed you, Dean.”


Natalie came in and gave him a wide smile. “Holy...” she pulled him into a hug. “How are you? Where have you been?”


“I’m okay I think,” Dean hugged her back. He couldn’t help but notice that her belly was rounded. “Uh, I don’t mean to sound rude, but are you…?”


“Pregnant again?” she gave him a little smile. “Yeah, I am, fourteen weeks. Seems to always happen when you’re not around.”


“Wow,” Dean blinked. “Are we happy about this?”


Natalie looked to Sam. “We’re surprised. I was on birth control, so… But I think we finally figured out how to fix the problem.”


“Oh? How’s that?”


Sam looked a little embarrassed. “I’m recovering from a vasectomy I had four days ago.”


Dean nodded. “Yeah, that’ll do it. You actually let a doctor operate on your junk?”


Sam shrugged. “It was that or Natalie getting her tubes tied after the baby is born. I mean, we talked about it, and me getting snipped seemed like the better choice. No general anesthesia, quick recovery time...”


“Just heavy sedation and me holding your hand,” Liam teased.


Sam frowned. “You try having your junk operated on. Anyway, Dean, we’ve been telling you about us, what the hell happened to you?”


“Well, I guess standing too close to exploding Dick sends your ass straight to Purgatory.”


Sam blinked. “That’s where you were? For the whole year?”


“Yeah, time flies when you're running for your life.”


“Well, how'd you get out?”


“I guess whoever built that box didn't want me in there any more than I did.”


“What about Cas? Was he there?”


“Yeah, Cas didn't make it. Something happened to him down there. Things got pretty hairy towards the end, and he just let go.”


“So Cas is dead? You saw him die?”


“I saw enough.” He looked to Nathan on the floor. “You know, even with Becky you make cute kids. Is it hard trying to fit visitation in between jobs?”


Sam sighed. “That’s another thing. We don’t hunt anymore.”


“You what?” Dean looked at his brother like he’d grown a second head.


“Well, I mean, that day you disappeared into thin air, and Liam had to be rushed to the hospital for being shot eleven times. I just felt… After Liam was out of surgery and awake we talked. It was just us. Hunting got everyone else we cared about killed, so we agreed to give it up.”


“I was alive.”


“We didn’t know that,” Liam argued. “It seemed like the right thing to do at the time. I did get shot eleven times trying to save the world, but you don’t seem to care about that much.”


“I care,” Dean argued. “If I hadn’t been whisked off to Purgatory at the time I would’ve been a wreck, but obviously you’re standing in front of me walking and talking a year later.”


“Yeah, there’s that. We just thought that after everything we gave we deserved a chance to find a little happiness. Sam wanted to focus on his family, and I...”


“You what?”


“I wanted to grieve for you in peace for a while, then find someone I wasn’t gonna lose to some monster. I am all for making the world a better place, but I felt like being a bit selfish.”


Sam turned to Natalie. “Why don’t we take the kids upstairs and let these two talk in private?”


“Good idea,” Natalie nodded and grabbed John. “Come on, sweetie. Let’s go play in your room for a bit.” Sam picked up Nathan and followed her up the stairs.


Dean turned to Liam. “What do they think we need to talk about?”


“Uh, probably what happens between us now.”


Dean shrugged. “You’ve got Owen now. What’s to talk about?”


Liam glared at him. “So, that’s it? The guy who claimed to love me enough to get beat up to win me back is just going to give up? Gee, now it’s my turn to feel real loved. I was just a sex toy to you, wasn’t I?”


“No! Absolutely not! I did love you. I still do, but you moved on apparently. How long did you really wait?”


“If you must know, I met Owen just under three months after losing you.”


“If I asked you to just dump Owen and take me back, would you?”


“Yeah, I would. I still love you a lot, you big idiot.”


“Have you slept with Owen?”


“We’ve been together a little over nine months, what do you think? Yes. I’m not a slut, but I’m not going for any purity goal either. Is dumping Owen what you want me to do?”


“Yeah, having you back would make me happy.”


“Okay then.” Liam grabbed Dean and kissed him passionately before puling back and taking out his phone. With a heavy sigh he dialed Owen’s number. “Hey, sweetie, we need to talk,” he said as he took it into the kitchen.


A few hours later they all sat at the table having dinner. Dean mindlessly put food in his mouth while sitting with a box of phones listening to messages through earphones. When he got to one he gave Sam and Liam a hard glare. “What?” Sam asked.


Dean put the phone on speaker and played several messages from Kevin. He had apparently escaped from Crowley and had been trying to reach them. “He was our responsibility, and you couldn't answer the damn phone.”


Sam took the phone and got out his laptop to play with it. “Alright, listen to this, Kevin's last message. Listen to the background.” He played it again. “I think he was on a bus. Listen again.”


He pressed some buttons and in the background a woman’s voice could be heard. “Last stop, Centreville.”


Dean looked to his brother. “Centreville? Centreville, where?”


“Michigan,” Sam answered.


“And why would Kevin be in Centreville, Michigan?”


“Because his high school girlfriend goes to college there.”


“That's thin.”


“It's the best lead we got.”


“We?” Dean gave his brother a surprised look.


“You were right. He was our responsibility. So, let's find him, okay?”


Dean turned to Liam. “You in on this?”


“Dean, I broke up with another really good guy for you. My loyalty and intention really should not be in question here.”


John came in the room dressed in pajamas. “Daddy, Uncle Liam, can you check for monsters?”


“I got this,” Liam got up and grabbed his special silver knife. “Come on, John,” he grabbed the little boy’s hand. “Monsters can’t hide from me.”


“What, Uncle Dean isn’t good enough to check for monsters?” Dean looked a little offended.


“Dean, he last saw you on his second birthday. Give the kid a break. What gets me is how many three year olds have their uncle check for monsters at night with a ten inch silver knife because one might actually be found?”


“Hunter’s kids,” Dean answered. “Our dad used to check for you with a shotgun.”


“Yeah,” Sam snorted. “Fond memories there.”


Liam came down. “No monsters found and the rugrat is all tucked in. We leaving in the morning?”


“Yeah,” Sam nodded.


Liam sat in Dean’s lap. “You seem a bit on edge.”


Dean shrugged. “Yeah, well, you don’t spend a year constantly fighting for your life in Purgatory, then just flip a switch, you know?”


Liam kissed his cheek. “Well, you’re here with me now. Why don’t you and I go up to the bedroom and watch some TV before turning in? I’ll see if I can’t relax you a little bit. Believe it or not, I’ve still got all your stuff.”




“Yeah. Didn’t feel right to get rid of it.”


Dean followed Liam up, and in the morning they came down for breakfast. “John, do you remember your Uncle Dean?” Sam asked him while they ate. John shook his head. “That’s okay. He used to live here with us and help take care of you when you were really little. He had to go away for a while, but he came back and is going to live with us again.”


“Why did he go away?”


“Um, well, he just did. And today me and both your uncles have to go on a little trip to see an old friend.”




“This friend needs help with something. And then after that I’m going to start working again. Your uncles and I, we’re going to travel a lot to sell stuff, so I need you to be a big boy and help Mommy, okay?”


“Sell what?”


“Uh, insurance.”


“What’s insurance?”


“It’s um, like if something really bad happens and you lose all your stuff, if you have insurance with a company, then the company gives you money to buy new stuff. Now eat your toast.”


Liam leaned over to whisper in Dean’s ear. “Living with a three year old is like being forever stuck in a game of twenty questions.”


They packed everything up and Sam kissed Natalie goodbye before kneeling in front of John and holding his arms out. John jumped into his arms and they hugged. “Oh, I love you, buddy.”


“I love you too, Daddy,” John kissed his cheek.


Liam leaned down to hug him next. “You be good, okay?”


Dean knelt down and looked at him. “Got a hug for your Uncle Dean?” John nodded and hugged him too. “You’re still a sweet little kid,” Dean smiled.


Sam turned to Natalie. “I don’t know if you’d be able to reach Becky, but I wouldn’t blame you for taking Nathan back early.”


“I was thinking of keeping him the week anyway because I feel bad for the poor kid. Becky is not a good mother.”


“I know,” Sam sighed. “But the only thing I could really do about that is try and take custody. Would you really want that with John and another on the way?”


“I’ll give it some thought. That little boy really deserves better than that bitch.”


“You are a saint. I love you.”


“Love you too. Be safe.”


They all got in the car and Dean drove off. “You’re making quite the little family,” Dean commented to his brother. “John grew like a weed it looks like. And I noticed you fed him the same line our dad fed us when we were little.”


“Dean, he’s three. We want him to have some sort of childhood. Unlike us he has a permanent home and a mom, so maybe he and the new one won’t be screwed up.”


“And Nathan?”


“That I’m not sure about. Like I was afraid of, Becky and her happy little family were the flights of fancy of a delusional mind. When Nathan was born she couldn’t hack it. God, for the first month she was constantly calling me for help at all hours. She tried to guilt me into being with her again, and when that didn’t work and the illusion shattered she just started doing the bare minimum. She became kind of a bitch toward me because it’s totally my fault she tracked her fertile days and dosed me with love potion to get me to sleep with her when she was most likely to get pregnant.”


“That sounds like a tough situation.”


“It is, but what else can I do? The idiot has got me in her life, but not how she envisioned.”


They drove to the school of Kevin’s high school girlfriend Channing and asked her a few questions. “The last time I saw Kevin was, like, a year ago.”


“When he disappeared?” Sam asked.


“He stole his mother's car because he thought he was on a mission from God or something. It was crazy.”


Sam gave her a serious look. “Look, Channing, we know Kevin was here.


“No, he wasn't,” she insisted.


“And we understand if you're trying to protect him. But nobody can protect Kevin better than we can.”


“I hate Kevin. I wouldn't protect him.”


“I thought you two had a thing,” Dean looked a little surprised.


“Yeah, when he was going to Princeton.”


“Wow. Just like that?” Dean shook his head.


They left Channing’s room and went outside. “So why would Kevin come sniffing around here if not to see her?” Dean asked.


Sam shrugged. “No idea. Maybe we should split up, ask around, see if anybody's seen him?”


“Yeah, Asian kid, yea high, at a university. That should be easy.”


After splitting up Dean approached Sam and Liam sitting outside at a cafe. “Don't judge me. I got bubkis,” he sat down. A waitress came out and set down a plate with a burger and fries in front of Sam. Sam pushed the plate toward Dean. “Sweet mother of God. It's for me? Seriously?”


Sam nodded. “Check this out. So, I went through campus security archives around the time Kevin should have been here. Anyone look familiar?” he turned the screen. Dean was chewing with his eyes closed. “Dude. It's a burger.”


“It's a treasure. Alright, so, what, Kevin comes all the way to campus and doesn't see his girlfriend?”


“I don't know, but I went to the computer lab and found the computer he was on. I found the website he was visiting, found his account username, hacked in to the website, found when else this username logged in, and then I reverse tracked the IP address back to the original user, Kevin, who has apparently been using the same wireless router for the past two months.”


“That is spectacular work. Any chance I can get that in English?”


“Yeah. I think he's in Iowa at a coffee shop.”


“Which means back to the car,” Liam sighed as he scooted his chair close to Dean and leaned against him.


Dean blinked. “Babe, we’re in a public place.”


“And I really missed you, so deal with it.”


They drove to Fairfield, Iowa, and were led to an abandoned church. Sam was on the phone. “Becky, what is it about Dean is back and things have changed do you not understand? I can’t do scheduled visitation anymore because I never know when I’ll be home. Obviously I still want to see my own kid, I take parenthood more seriously than you do. You just wanted a husband and a cute baby to show off. You of all people should’ve known what my life was going to be like. I’m not arguing with you anymore about this. Natalie will bring him back at the end of the week if I’m not done by then, and after that I will see you when I see you.” He hung up and leaned back. “I’m gonna murder that woman one of these days, I swear.”


They got out and started walking around the grounds. “A church? You sure this is right?” Dean asked.


Sam nodded. “Barista at the coffee shop swears he's seen Kevin ducking in here for the past few months.” He tried the door, and when it was locked he knocked. “Kevin. It's Sam and Dean Winchester. Open up.”


Dean picked the lock and they went inside to have a look. Kevin jumped out from behind a wall and started squirting them with borax out of a water gun. “Stop! Not Leviathans. It's us.” Dean held up his hands.


Kevin put the gun down. “What the hell happened to you guys?”


“Cliff Notes? I went to Purgatory. Sam and Liam decided to play house.”


“For real? You want some towels?”


Dean looked around at all the symbols on the wall and floor. “Who taught you all this?”


Kevin shrugged. “I guess... God.”


Sam blinked. “God taught you how to trap demons?”


“Technically, yeah.”


“Wait, hold on. Crowley kidnapped you. I saw that. But then you left a message saying you escaped. How?”


“First, he took me to a warehouse. There was a tablet there, like the last one.”


Liam looked at him. “Wait, there's another tablet? So, another Word of God?”


Kevin nodded. “Yes.”


“How many Words of God are there?” Dean asked.


“I just became a Prophet, like, a year ago.”


“Well, did this tablet have a name?” Sam asked.




“What about demons?”


“As far as I could tell, everything. I told Crowley I was opening a Hell Gate, but I was reading from another chapter, how to destroy demons. That’s how I got away.”


Liam chuckled. “Very clever and sneaky. Something I would’ve done. I like it.”


“Wait. Kevin? Where's the tablet now?” Sam asked.




“Safe where?”


Dean put a hand on his brother’s arm. “Hey. As long as it's safe, okay? Were you able to read anything else off the tablet before you stashed it?”


“Only the stuff about closing the gates of hell. Forever.”


“Come again?” Dean blinked.


“Banish all demons off the face of the Earth, lock them away forever. That could be important, right?”


“Uh, maybe just a little,” Liam nodded.


Sam, Dean, and Liam left Kevin to go talk outside. Dean looked to his companions. “Okay, if this kid is right, he's sitting on a bombshell. Hell, he is the bombshell.”


Sam sighed. “There's no way that Kevin's getting out of this intact, is there?”


Dean looked to his brother. “Well, he's doing pretty well for himself so far.”


“Yeah, he got out.”


“And now he's in it whether he likes it or not.”


“Whether he likes it or not is what I’ve got a problem with.”


“I can't believe what I'm hearing. Sam, we have an opportunity to wipe the slate clean. We take Kevin to the tablet, he tells us the spell, we send every demon back to hell forever. Every single bastard that destroyed our lives, killed our mother, killed Jess. And you're not sure? I think fatherhood had made you softer than you were before, but don’t you want those kids to live in a demon free world?”


“Obviously I do. I’d die for them if that’s what it took.”


Dean nodded. “Then do what it takes.”


Sam walked back inside and sat in a pew behind Kevin. “Kevin, I, uh... I owe you an apology. Um, look, when you disappeared and Dean disappeared, I needed to clear my head, and I'm thinking maybe you were one of the pieces that I should have been there to pick up.”


Kevin turned to him. “You've been a hunter since you were a kid, right?”


“Yeah, mostly.”


“Ever since I realized I was a prophet... It's just hard to believe this is actually my life.”


“Yeah. It sucks right now. I know that. If we can do this, get the tablet, get you everything you need to close the gates of hell, there's a world out there where nobody, not Crowley, no demon is chasing you anymore.”


“I guess I just don't see how I get from here to there.”


“I used to not be able to see it, either. But there is a way.”


“Just give me five minutes,” Kevin got up and walked off.


When Kevin came back the room started to shake and the floorboards broke. Dean looked to his companions. “We got company.”


The doors flew open and two demons entered. One of them smirked. “Dean Winchester. Back from Purgatory.”


Dean shot back a cocky grin. “Spanky the demon. Yeah, I heard about you. You’re the one who uses too much teeth, right?”


The demons charged them. Liam intercepted the one who went for Kevin and tried to kill it. The smoke started to pour out of the man’s mouth, but slipped back in and he started choking Liam. Sam stabbed him from behind with Liam’s knife and then they went for the one Dean was fighting with and stabbed him too.


Dean panted and looked to Liam. “Looks like your inner freak got a little rusty.”


“Hello, boys,” Crowley stood in the doorway with Channing. Her eyes were black. “Dean. You're looking, well, let's just say Purgatory didn't do you any favors. Where's your angel?”


“Ask your mother.”


“There's that grade school zip. Missed it. I really did.”


“Let Channing go,” Kevin demanded.


Dean shook his head. “That's not Channing, Kevin. Not anymore.”


“What an awful thing to say to the boy. Of course it's Channing. Kev. Last time we danced, you stole my tablet and killed my men. Tell you what. Come with me now, bygones. And I'll let the girl go back to What's the Point U.”


Dean glared at Crowley. “He's lying. You won't get Channing back. She's probably dead already.”


Crowley sighed. “Will you please stop saying that? Let the girl speak.”


He snapped his fingers and Channing looked around. “Kevin? What's going on?”


“There's a demon in you, and you're going to your safety school.”




“But it's gonna be okay.” Crowley snapped his fingers again and her eyes went back to black. “Okay. I'll do it. Myself for the girl. But this ends. Alright? No fighting, no nothing. It ends.”


Dean shook his head. “Can't let you do that, buddy.”


“Or what? You'll kill me? I'll grab my stuff,” he headed into another room.


Crowley looked smugly at the men. “Chin up, gentlemen. I'm a professional.”


Dean glared back. “This ain't over by a long shot, Crowley.”


“Really, Dean, who writes your stuff? A marshmallow? Come on, Kevin. Chop, chop,” he paused for a moment. “Kevin?”


Crowley and Channing went into the room Kevin had gone into. Kevin was standing there holding a cord, which he pulled when the demons were in the room. A trough of holy water spilled onto them. “Run!” Kevin shouted, and they all made a mad dash for the car.


As they sped away Kevin watched as Crowley and Channing came out. The demon left Channing’s body and Crowley snapped her neck.


Several hours later they pulled into a gas station. Sam turned to Kevin. “Kevin? How you holding up?”


“Awesome. The king of hell just snapped my girlfriend's neck. How about you?”


Dean sighed. “Alright, listen to me. I'm sorry about your girlfriend, okay? I am. But the sooner you get this, the better. You're in it now, whether you like it or not. That means you do what you got to do. I'm hitting the head.”


“Yeah, I’m gonna grab a soda, then I’m right behind you,” Liam said as he got out.

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