Life (Shit) Happens

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A/N: So this is an all human story that's been in my notes in grave detail for a while. Now anybody with any morality hiccups especially those involving adultery and infidelity let me warn you now if you didn't get it from the tags you will not enjoy this story especially Bonnie and her behavior. I tend to write her a little bit more corrupt than she is on the show so if that's not your thing please exit this story immediately.

Now onto the story...enjoy.

He has that look on his face again—the one of total adoration that Bonnie can’t resist every time and this time just like before she ends up sprawled across his desk with him between her legs trying to not make too much noise. He has a really talented mouth with the way that he laps up her pussy like it was the finest dessert in the world, but none of that compare to his dick. He could make her praise deities alone with just one thrust—he knew exactly where all her erogenous zones were without even trying. Compared to every partner she's ever had, finding one was an improvement. She supposes that’s why she’s stayed with him so long. It’s almost been a year and she doesn’t even need his class to graduate, but she always comes back for more—each and every semester.

He knows her body better than anyone, including herself, has ever known and it's not just physical—he challenges her mind in ways she never thought. She just kept thinking about how great it will be when they can be together officially, in public and they can let everyone know that never has there ever been a greater love. At least that's what she tells herself. Today she would find out if that would ever be true.

He thrusting in her at a deep angle making her vision blur when his phone rings dampening the mood, but she won't let it kill the orgasm that's started to build. “Don’t you dare answer that,” she says frustrated with their interruption.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” He says as he bends down and kisses her hungrily. He slows down his rhythm and moves hard and precise each time hitting her G-spot. She has to bite on his shoulder not moan too loud. When the ringing stops he speeds up his rhythm taking her right back to where she was until the noise blares right next to her ear again making her grunt in frustration. He moves to rub her clit in an effort to distract her, but it just keeps ringing.

Finally they both concede that he has to answer the phone. He pulls out of her completely and grabs the receiver. “Professor Atticus Shane.” He says slightly irritated.

She can’t hear what’s being said on the other line, but she can tell the caller is clearly female. His expression quickly turns from frustrated to guilty. “That’s today…why'd you call my work phone...sorry…I’m on my way.” He slams the receiver back in place and quickly scrambles to get his clothes righted. He looks to Bonnie apologetically. “Sorry we have to cut this short.”

She gives him a sad smile and starts to get up. “It’s okay, I understand, you have other obligations.” She pulls her bra strap back in place and grabs her shirt to pull on.

“Don’t say it like that, you know I care about you too,” he tells her.

“I know just not as much as your wife,” she says with resentment.

He walks up to her and gently puts his hands on both side of her face. “You know it’s not that simple—we have a son together and as much as I would love to ride off into the sunset with you, I can’t just ignore my responsibilities.” She looks down to the floor trying not to show how upset she is. “Come on look up at me,” she does so with sad eyes. “It’s not always going to be like this, I love you and nothing’s going to change that.”

She smiles at his declaration, “I love you too.” He kisses her sweetly before backing away from her and they proceed to make themselves look presentable. She looks at him unsure of her next words. Very quietly almost too low for him to hear she says, "when?"

He looks at her with his eye brows pinched. "When what?"

"When is it not going to be like this?" Her voice sounds firmer.

He looks uncomfortable. "It's hard to say, it could be a year...maybe five. I just don't know."

She looks anywhere but at him. "Why can't it be now?"

"You know why." He walks to the door and opens it for her. As they leave his office she tells him, “You know leaving your wife doesn’t mean you’re leaving your son,” and then walks off.

She finds them impossibly close together at their usual table. She’s pretty sure Damon has his tongue in Elena’s ear. “God you two are disgusting. You do know you’re not alone right?”

Elena has the decency to look embarrassed, but Damon just rolls his eyes and continues his quest to have sex in public. “Damon stop!” Elena yells mildly amused.

“Fine,” Damon says while pouting, but still moving his hand slowly up his girlfriend’s skirt. Bonnie finally finds it safe enough to sit down with her friends and plops her food down.

Elena moves her attention from Damon’s hand to Bonnie. “You’re here later than usual.”

“Yeah I had to discuss something with Professor Shane after class,” Bonnie says half-heartedly and turns to her salad.

“Again?” Damon says narrowing his eyes at her.

“Yes again, it’s a semester long class there’s lots of things to discuss in that period of time.”

“Yeah, but you’ve had his class once already, surely his class isn’t that challenging.” Damon tilts his head and gives a knowing smirk.

“Well what would you know about challenging classes? You’re literally here just so daddy doesn’t cut you off.” She knows that's a low blow, but it's not like he really even cares. 

“Alright calm down both of you. I don’t know what’s going on with both of you, but it needs to stop now.” Elena cuts in holding her hand between both of them separating them “I thought you guys had gotten over this childish bickering and actually became friends?”

“We are, just…” Bonnie trails off.

“...with the childish bickering,” Damon finishes for her.

“Exactly.” Bonnie chimes in.

“Well I don’t want to be referee between both of you for the rest of my life, so can you please keep the childish bickering to a minimum.”

“We’ll try, but I can’t guarantee anything.” Bonnie says stabbing her salad with her fork and taking another bite.

“What she said.” Damon kisses Elena's cheek.

“Good…” Elena then proceeds to talk about her day and other nonsense neither Damon nor Bonnie are paying attention to. Bonnie’s mind is still on what happened earlier and Damon’s just trying figure out what’s wrong with Bonnie. It’s not until he sees the hickey she clearly was trying to hide beneath her scarf that he knows exactly what’s wrong and his temper starts to flare. His eyes bore into her and she can feel guilt creeping in.

After about 20 minutes of Elena talking she’s decided she’s done with pretending. “Look I’m not feeling too well I’m just gonna go home.” Bonnie says defeated.

“Oh, well feel better Bonnie.” Elena says concerned.

“Thanks ‘Lena.” She then gets up and leaves the cafeteria into the hallway of the student center. She’s halfway down the hall when Damon catches up to her.

“You’re still seeing him.” It’s not a question.

Bonnie turns around exasperated, “So what if I am.”

“So what?” He lets out a scoff. “He’s married Bonnie and that’s not going to end well for you.” He says with concern lacing his voice.

“Why do you care so much? It’s not your life.” She sounds almost outraged.

“I’m your friend…I’m always going to care and want what’s best for you and he’s definitely not it.” He makes sure to look intently into her eyes to let her know how serious he is. 

“Yeah well, no one asked your opinion.” Bonnie walks away from him crying leaving him in the hall alone.

Bonnie is dragging her feet up the steps to her apartment door. Her father got her an apartment just off campus as a 'sorry for missing your graduation' gift. She had a lot of gifts like those—she didn’t know why he even bothered with feeling guilty if he was just going to keep doing things like that, but she couldn’t complain. She didn't have to live in a dorm and share one bathroom with 40 other girls.

She’s at her door digging for her keys in her purse when he comes out. “Hey neighbor.” His voice sounds smug as usual—he didn't even know a thing about her and yet it always felt like he was mocking her no matter what he said. His voice just had that effect, plus the note of sarcasm he had in everything he said. 

“Ugh, I don’t have time for you today,” she says as she starts taking things out of her purse in hopes of finding her keys.

“My, my, my, aren’t we testy today.” Though she can’t see him she can tell he has a smirk on his face by the tone in his voice.

“Yes we are, and we’re not in the mood for any of your antics Kai, so crawl back into the hole in which you came from and leave me alone.” She finally sees her keys and proceeds to unlock and enter her apartment. Before she closes the door she turns to him,"sorry to cut this short, but—" she slams the door right in his face and lets out a growl of frustration. She knew that was a little harsh, but if any of their other interactions had been an indicator she knew he was bound to say something that deserved that so she just cut straight to the chase because she was not in the mood today.

Today was not her day—today she was supposed to give him an ultimatum—today she was supposed to either end things or take them to the next level, but instead today she chickened out, let her fear of losing him win and she felt pathetic for it. And to top it all off she got scolded by Damon of all people and cheated out of what was going to be a really intense orgasm. She used to have self-respect, she used to have morals and now the only way to get them back scares her more than she’s comfortable with feeling. No man should have this power over her, but he did and she needed to get it back—she just wasn't sure if she wanted it back because then what would she have?

She spends the rest of the night cuddled on her couch mindless watching TV alone wondering if it’ll always be like this.  


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