Star Trek DS9: Holosuite BDSM

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Star Trek DS9: Holosuite BDSM


Lt. Ezri Dax stood in the holosuite's antechamber, wearing a pair of thin black skintight boy shorts and matching bra. The Starfleet logo was over her left breast, and left hip.


A couple of days ago, she had found an unusual holoprogram in the deep archives. While it was pretty sophisticated, there was no author listed, nor could she find one. The name of the program was just a long string of seemingly random letters and numbers. Mostly it had caught her eye because it was restricted to adult use, and had some rather interesting warnings on it.


She walked into the holosuite, and the door closed behind her. “Computer, began program.”


A split-second later the holosuite's grid lines were replaced with an unfamiliar kitchen. It looked a bit... rustic, but well enough equipped. She started to reach for a pitcher of some sort of iced beverage on the nearby counter when she noticed a weight on her wrist. She looked down and was a bit surprised to see a thick steel shackle around her wrist, complete with D-rings spaced around it.


There was a second one around her other wrist. Then she felt a similar weight at her throat, and reached up to feel a collar, complete with a leash ring at the front. She reached around back, and didn't feel anything but smooth steel. Her wrist shackles didn't seem to have anyway of taking them off either.


Ezri looked down at herself and was just as surprised by what she was wearing. A strip of pink silk—about ten centimeters wide—went from over each of her shoulders, down to just past her pussy in the front, and ass in the back. They covered her breasts, crossed over in front of her pussy, and were held against her hips with a another strip tied around her waist.


The two long stripes of spots that ran from her temples down to her calves, the distinguishing features which set the Trill species apart from other humanoids, were completely exposed, except for the strip of silk around her hips. While the strips covered a little of her, they were translucent, so they didn't hide anything. Her ankles were shackled, and though her wrists weren't chained together, her ankles were. She was barefoot.


“Ezri, hurry up with my ginger tea!” someone shouted from an adjoining room.


The holosuite automatically adjusted itself to the person using it, so Ezri didn't question her name being used.


She looked back at the pitcher, and the glass next to it. They were on a silver tray. She quickly picked it up, and shuffled out of the kitchen as fast as she could in her shackled ankles.


Walking in shackles took her back. Several of her previous hosts, Lela, Emony, Torias, and Jadzia, had all enjoyed bondage at least occasionally.


The next room was much larger than the kitchen. She immediately felt the breeze coming in from two large windows on her exposed pussy. Then she got another surprise when she saw the Cardassian sitting behind a desk near the right wall. She was even more shocked when she realized it was Gul Dukat.


“What took you so long!?” he demanded impatiently. “Were you growing the leaves yourself?”


“I'm sorry, Gul Dukat,” Ezri apologized emphatically, hurrying towards him. “I got distracted.”


She set the heavy silver tray down on the desk next to him, and was about to pour him a glass. Suddenly, he reached up, grabbed her collar's leash ring, and yanked her down towards him.


“Were you distracted contemplating your life back in the mines!?” he asked her sternly. Then he reached up, grabbed her nipple through the thin layer of silk, and twisted—hard.


Ezri gasped in pain. It was too much.


“Computer, freeze program!”


Dukat froze, his thumb and first two fingers still squeezing her nipple. Ezri carefully extracted it, and stood back up.


“Computer, please summarize this holoprogram,” she asked, massaging her sore nipple.


“The program takes place during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. You are the personal servant of Gul Dukat. You will obey him at all times, even in sexual matters, or suffer severe corporal punishment.”


Ezri had guessed she would be in the role of a submissive based on the program's warnings. She had no idea it would be to Gul Dukat, during the occupation. Colonel Kira would probably kill whoever had written this.


“Computer reduce the punishment level by twenty-percent,” Ezri instructed the holosuite.


“Unable to comply. That parameter can not be adjusted.”


Ezri frowned. That was unusual. “Computer, why can't the punishment level be changed?”


“The punishment you receive is commensurate with your obedience, and how it affects Gul Dukat's mood with in the program. Punishment will also be increased for every interruption of the program.”


Ezri tapped her foot in frustration. The first part of that wasn't too outrageous, considering the nature of the program. The second part was pretty interesting though. She could quit of course, there were plenty of BDSM programs in the memory core. Or she could just be a good girl for Dukat, and see where this took her for the rest of the hour.


She leaned back down, and put her nipple back between his thumb and fingers. He wasn't twisting it anymore, but it was the best she could do.


“Computer, resume program.”


“I'm sorry, Gul Dukat,” she assured him a moment later, when the program had resumed.


He grunted in obvious annoyance, then pushed her nipple away.


“Hurry up with my damn tea,” he shouted at her.


Ezri quickly, and silently, poured him a glass of ginger tea. Then she took a half-step back, put her hands behind her back, and bowed her head in silence. Gul Dukat took a swallow of the tea, and set the glass back down on the tray. A moment later he let out another little snort of annoyance, reached out, and spanked her ass—hard.


“Get back to work, slave!” he told her, gesturing across the room. “What do you think this, a damn holiday!?”


Ezri was moving before she even knew where she was going. She spotted a a bucket near the doorway leading outside, with a wet rag hanging over the rim. She quickly shuffled to the bucket, and dropped down to her hands and knees. As she started scrubbing the floor, she stole a glance back towards Dukat. He had already gone back to work on the terminal, and wasn't even paying attention to her.


For the next several minutes, Ezri scrubbed the stone floor on her hands and knees, while Gul Dukat was busy on his computer terminal, taking occasional swallows of ginger tea. She was starting to wonder how long she would have to do this, and what sort of work it had the holographic Gul doing on his holographic terminal.


Finally Gul Dukat took the last swallow of his tea, and opened a desk drawer. Ezri continued obediently scrubbing the floor as she watched him approach her out of the corner of her eye. Without conscious thought, she lowered herself submissively closer to the floor as he came to a stop next to her.




Ezri screamed out in pain—and shock—from whatever he had hit her with, and reached back to protect her ass from another blow. She looked up to see him leaning down, holding a stiff leather riding crop in one hand. He deftly grabbed her wrists, and pulled them to the small of her back. When he let go, her shackles had been locked together.


“My boots are dirty, Ezri,” he told her, holding her head down with the end of the crop.


Ezri frown in confusion a few heartbeats. How could she clean his boots with her hands cuffed behind her back. Then it hit her. She leaned forward, stuck her tongue out, and began licking the toe of his boot clean.


“That's where you Bajorans belong,” Dukat began, keeping the pressure on the back of her head with the end of his crop. “On your knees, licking Cardassian boots.”


Ezri barely registered what he was saying. A moment later she let out a little yelp of pain as he cropped her lightly on her ass.


“Where do you Bajorans belong, Ezri?” he asked her, tracing the crop across her rear.


“On our knees, Gul Dukat,” she answered submissively, but loud enough for him to hear her. “Licking Cardassian boots.”


Wow, whoever wrote this had some seriously messed-up fantasies, Ezri thought as she returned to licking his holographic boots.


“That's enough for now, slave,” Dukat said, giving her a stinging blow with his crop.


She obediently stopped, and started to look up at him for his next command, but instead he leaned down and snapped something onto her collar's leash ring. He promptly pulled her up to her knees by her new leash, and she found herself staring at his dick.


It was pale gray, and about twenty centimeters long. Its most striking features were the ridges running from the base most of the way up each side. Unlike the ones on a Cardassian's neck though, the ones a couple of decimeters from her face weren't as pronounced, and were quite a bit smoother.


“What are you waiting for, slave?” Dukat asked, giving her leash a yank.


Ezri took a breath, then opened her mouth, and licked around the tip a couple of times, getting it good and wet. Then she wrapped her lips around his cock, and slid it into her mouth. She looked up at him as she slowly took it in as far as she could. She made it maybe three-quarters of the way on her first try.


After sucking a few seconds, Ezri slid it back out of her mouth, then back in. She tugged at her cuffs, unconsciously trying to reach up to hold his dick while she sucked him off.


On her second try, Ezri took almost all of him down her throat. She sealed her lips around his shaft, and sucked it a couple of seconds, then started bobbing her head back and forth, keeping at least a few centimeters in her mouth. While she sucked his dick, Ezri looked up into his eyes, letting him see hers as she submitted to him. It seemed like the thing to do.


After a minute or so, Gul Dukat reached down and put a hand on each side of her head. The leash was still wrapped around his left hand. Instead of her giving him a blow job, now he was face fucking her. He was controlling the pace, and how deep down her throat he went on each stroke. He held his entire rock hard length in her mouth, her lips around the base of his shaft. Ezri could only struggle helplessly in her cuffs for breath. With the holosuite's safety protocols, she knew she wasn't in any real danger, but the feeling of powerlessness made her red hot with arousal.


Finally he pulled out, at least most of the way, and let her get a few gasps of air. Then he shoved his twenty centimeter Cardassian cock all the way back down her throat again.


This time though, he only held her for a few seconds before he let her breathe again. He went back to face fucking her, forcing her to deep throat him a couple more times. Finally Gul Dukat pulled his dick out of her mouth, and let go of her head.


Before she could even catch her breath good though, he yanked upwards on her collar. Ezri quickly climbed to her feet, and followed his pull of her leash to a couch a few meters away.


He dropped the leash, and Ezri watched silently as he deftly pulled off his armor, boots, and finally his jumpsuit. Once he was naked, he reached out and pulled both strips of silk off her shoulders, and tossed them onto the couch behind him. He left the one around her waist. Then he grabbed her leash again, and sat down on the couch, pulling her onto his lap.


Ezri didn't need to be told what he wanted. She quickly straddled him, centered her pussy over his dick, and lowered herself onto it. She felt a surge of pleasure, and let out a moan. In a matter of moments she was enthusiastically bouncing up and down on his rock hard cock.


Over the course of her many lifetimes, Dax had been fucked by countless people, from probably two dozen or so of species. This was her first Cardassassian, even if he wasn't real. His felt a bit wider than most, compared to how thick it was. It definitely felt good pushing up inside her though.


With her hands cuffed behind her back, Ezri was helpless to stop him from pinching and twisting her nipples, or spanking her ass whenever he felt like it. She probably wouldn't have stopped him anyway. The pain only added to her excitement.


Gul Dukat wasn't shy about encouraging her either, including calling her, slave, slut, and several other degrading names. After a couple of minutes, he grabbed both her nipples, and started controlling the pace she was fucking him with them. His hands moved back down to her ass before long—although he still mostly kept control of the pace.


Finally, nearly fifteen minutes after they started—not that she was keeping track of the time—he let out a loud grunt, and came into her. Fortunately for Ezri, he stayed hard. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she appreciated whoever had programmed that. A few minutes of zealous fucking later, she matched him with her own orgasm.


As soon as she finished cumming, he unceremoniously shoved her off his lap onto the floor. She looked up at him in surprise, her cuffed arm in pain from where she had landed on it.


“What are you waiting for, slave?” he demanded, looking down at her. “Clean me off,” he added, tugging hard on her leash.


Ezri scrambled up to her knees, crawled to him, and began licking his Cardassassian cock. He had most of the leash wrapped around his hand, keeping it tight, and her close to his dick. She felt so submissive, cleaning their juices off him while cuffed and leashed. It made kept her turned on too.


After a minute or so, he suddenly stood up, jerking her upwards by her leash, at the same time. He held the leash waist high, forcing her into a half-squat while she followed him.


Gul Dukat lead her several meters across the room, to a large dresser against the wall. He opened the top drawer, and she looked up to see him pull out a bright red rubber looking ball, with a red leather strap running through it.


“Open up,” he commanded her, gripping the back of her head with the hand holding her leash, while holding the ball to her face with his other hand.


Ezri obediently opened her mouth, and he shoved the ball in past her teeth, and buckled the strap tight at the back of her head.


While Ezri adjusted her jaw around the rubber ballgag, Gul Dukat pulled a steel rod about a meter long, with cuff at either end out of the drawer. He grabbed her leash with his other hand, and led her towards an otherwise empty corner of the room.


A minute or so later, Ezri's feet were wide apart, and shackled with the spreader bar. Her wrists were still cuffed behind her back, and the cuffs were locked to a chain hanging from the ceiling. Gul Dukat was standing next to her, pressing a remote that raised the chain, and her cuffed wrists.


He finally stopped with her wrists just below the level of her shoulders. Ezri had lean forward to relieve the strain. The position, combined with the spreader bar, was extremely uncomfortable, bordering on painful.


“Be right back,” Gul Dukat told her, slapping her ass.


Ezri watched him walk back to the couch, and start putting his armor back on. When he finished, he returned to her.


“I'm going on an inspection,” Gul Dukat told her, causally reaching out and twisting her nipple again. “I'll be back in a bit,” he added, untying the silk around her waist.


Ezri grunted into her gag as he wrapped the silk around her biceps just above her elbows a few times, pulling them together almost until they were touching.


“Don't go anywhere,” he said with a cheerful laugh, groping her and sliding a couple of fingers into her pussy.


Ezri looked back as best she could and watched him walk out of the room, then listened until she heard a door close. She grunted in her gag a few times, wondering how long this part of the program was supposed to last. She was still turned on, even by the strict bondage, but the position was going to be difficult to maintain for very long.


Finally, when it was clear he wasn't coming back anytime soon, Ezri tried to end the program, only to discover that the computer wouldn't understand her with the gag. She grunted in annoyance, and tried again, still with no result. Most programs like this had safety protocols to understand a submissive while they were gagged. A few seconds later she tried again, then moaned in frustration.


If she couldn't stop the program, and Gul Dukat didn't return and release her, she'd be stuck like this until it ended. Ezri had reserved the holosuite for an hour. How much time was left?


~ ~ ~ The End ~ ~ ~

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