A Rose In The Desert

BY : PrinceofCharming
Category: G through L > Game of Thrones
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Disclaimer: I do not own Game of Thrones and I make no money from this fic.

As the sun rises over the Narrow Sea, the border between the red of the sky and the blue of the ocean is broken by a lone ship. The ship bears the golden rose of House Tyrell and on board, the only daughter of House Tyrell, Margaery. She had been sent by her father to wed Prince Oberyn Martell and secure an alliance between the Reach and Dorne.

"And so the little flower arrives in the sands." Oberyn speaks as he approaches his brother.

"You can make her support us?" Doran questions.

"Do not worry dear brother. No woman has ever been able to resist my charm. There's a reason they call me the Red Viper."

"I have a feeling the Tyrell girl will not be the same."





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