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"There's my girl." Josie purred in greeting.

Cheryl Blossom was the Queen of Riverdale. Everybody knew that. She ruled Riverdale High with an iron fist, making lesser mortals tremble with fear and scatter out of her way. Except of course for Josie McCoy. All Josie had to do was smile at her and Cheryl's knees would go weak, and every time she called Cheryl her girl it threatened to make the poor redhead blush almost the colour of her hair. She had learned to hide these kinds of reactions in public, thank God, but when she walked into the bands practice room late at night Cheryl just couldn't hide her disappointment at finding all three members of the Pussycats, instead of just the one like she had been hoping for.

"Well, aren't you going to come in?" Josie smiled.

Forcing her face into an unreadable expression Cheryl close the door behind her and slowly approached the other teens, stopping in front of them before she huffed at the two other members, "Leave."

The other two members looked at their leader and Josie simply murmured, "Stay."

"Josie..." Cheryl said softly but warningly.

"Valerie thinks I'm full of it, and Melody isn't exactly convinced." Josie interrupted, "I can't be having that. It isn't good for morale. United we stand, divided we fall, and all that."

Despite herself Cheryl blushed a little, and then grumbled, "That's sounds like more of a you problem, then a my problem, kind of thing."

"Is it?" Josie risened an eyebrow, "Seems to me I need your cooperation to prove I'm right. Or are you not up for it?"

This time Cheryl really did blush as bright as her hair,"I, I... I-"

"Because you know, we did talk about this." Josie smiled.

"I didn't think you were being serious!" Cheryl hissed.

"That's sounds like more of a you problem, then a my problem, kind of thing." Josie quipped, standing up and slowly approaching the apprehensive pale girl, "But if you change your mind you can leave. No one will stop you, I promise. But there will be consequences."

Despite her better judgement Cheryl asked, "Consequences?"

"Uh-huh... no black pussy for an entire week." Josie smiled and then winked at her blushing pet, "You sure you can go that long babe?"

"I can't..." Cheryl stammered, "We can't-"

"We can do anything we want." Josie interrupted firmly, moving to stand directly in front of Cheryl, "We're the last ones here, I made sure of it. Even the janitor is gone, and I promise if anything happens it doesn't leave this room. But I've pretty much made my point, so if you want to go, go. Although I don't think you want too. Ask me why..."

There was a brief pause and then Cheryl reluctantly asked, "Why?"

"It's simple math." Josie shrugged, "Three yummy little black pussies, or none. So this really should be a no-brainer for a cunt craving white bitch like you."

Again Cheryl couldn't have stopped herself from blushing if she tried, and she didn't this time. No, she was too busy getting completely and utterly humiliated by a girl who claim to care about her. And the worst part of it was that through it all her panties were becoming increasingly damp, with the fact that she still wanted to kiss Josie coming in at a close second. A fact which wasn't helped by Josie moving directly into her personal space so her lips were practically hovering over hers, Cheryl's eyes briefly closing before opening them again as Josie took a firm hold of her, and turned them around so her back was to the other two watching black girls.

"So come on babe, don't fight your instincts and just go with the flow." Josie whispered softly against Cheryl's lips as she turned her around, and then moved back slightly and ordered loudly and firmly, "Get on your knees!"

There was a long pause, and then Cheryl began to do as she was told, prompting Valerie to exclaim, "Oh my God! I-"

Before Valerie could utter another word Josie held her hand up, her bandmate becoming silent after that one simple move. It was kind of too late as Cheryl had already hesitated in her tracks, but after another long pause she continued crawling towards her, causing Josie to smile happily, and when the other girl was kneeling before her Josie said, "Good girl. Now..., tell me what you want."

As she spoke Josie undid her tightfitting pants and began to push them down, making it hard for Cheryl to breathe, let alone speak. Everything about this girl was so hot to her, but especially her sexy body and confident attitude, both of which had been displayed other the last few minutes. For a moment she tried to just focus on the former as those pants slid gradually to the floor, Josie stepping out of them and moving slightly closer to Cheryl. Then Cheryl became very aware that all eyes were on her, awaiting her next move. Again part of her was horrified that Josie had followed through and put her in this position, but she just couldn't say no. Especially with such dire consequences if she declined.

So after a few long seconds Cheryl Blossom found her voice, "I... I wanna eat your pussy."

"My what?" Josie pushed.

"Your black pussy." Cheryl corrected.

"And one more time, altogether and with feeling." Josie smiled, pushing even further.

"I want to eat your black pussy." Cheryl said loudly and clearly.

"See, you know that's what I love hearing from you babe." Josie smiled, pulling her jacket and shirt off so she was standing there in her underwear, "Now you can come here and claim your prize."

"Thank you." Cheryl grumbled defiantly under her breath, possibly just loud enough for Josie to hear it.

Normally that kind of backtalk during sex would earn her some sort of punishment, even if it was only Josie briefly threatening to deny her the privilege of eating her pussy only to then give it to her. This time all she got was a raised eyebrow followed by a smirk as Cheryl moved forward and then slowly pulled her trembling hands up to Josie's panties. Then, desperately ignoring where they were and the fact they had an audience, Cheryl slowly pulled down the obstacle to her prize, took a calming breath and lean forward to claim her prize. Mercifully her mind went blissfully blank the second the taste of pussy hit her tastebuds, Cheryl closing her eyes and letting out a soft moan to savour that flavour, although the sound was drowned out by the one that Josie made.

Josie opened her mouth automatically to offer up some more verbal encouragement, but at the last-second decided against it. She'd already pushed Cheryl a lot, and it was nice to just close her eyes for a few long seconds and pretend like it was just them back in one of their rooms, fighting to be quiet while their parents were downstairs. It was in that little love nest that this plan had come together, Josie confessing her most forbidden fantasies to Cheryl mid-fuck to test the waters on what she might get away with. The one about sharing Cheryl with the other Pussycats was easily Cheryl's favourite, and Josie's second favourite, never failing to make the redhead cum extra hard. So Josie had taken a calculated risk, at least so far it was paying off.

Whether it would continue being so successful remain to be seen, but if what she had planned next proved to be too much and Cheryl freaked out and ran from the room screaming, or more likely cursing her name, at least Josie really had proven a point. Valerie and Melody had now seen it with their own eyes. She was having sex with Cheryl Blossom. More importantly Cheryl Blossom was her pussy licking submissive slut. It was a fact that her friends/bandmates could no longer deny, and when she opened her eyes the impressed and funny looks on their faces combined with Cheryl's gentle licks were almost enough to make her cum on the spot.

But no, Josie would need a little more stimulation than that. Maybe not a lot more, but definitely more. Especially as whether it was some kind of punishment or just Cheryl savouring the moment the first few licks Josie received were slow, gentle and completely avoided her clit. At first this was more than enough, as they weren't exactly in a hurry and Josie really love this opportunity to have Cheryl Blossom eat her pussy in front of her stunned bandmates. Of course inevitably she wanted more, and when Cheryl wasn't doing it of her own accord Josie tried gently prompting her by reaching down and grabbing a handful of long red hair and pushing the other girl's face deeper into her cunt.

When that didn't work Josie moaned, "Mmmmm, more! Eat me girl, eat that fucking twat! Tongue that clit of mine, ooooooh yessssss, that's more like it. Ohhhhhhhh, fucking eat me! Oh yeah, that's my girl."

For a few long seconds Josie considered punishing Cheryl forgiving her what she wanted too soon. The redhead knew full well that Josie liked the chance to talk dirty to her for a little longer before she received exactly what she wanted, but it was hard to complain when she was finally feeling Cheryl's tongue against her clit. It wasn't even a gentle nudge either, but one long lingering lick followed by another and another, and another, making it difficult for Josie to speak. Which might have been the point, which was something she might punish Cheryl for later, but for now Josie just went back to enjoying the moment, and the looks on her friends faces.

Valerie couldn't believe her eyes. The Queen bitch of Riverdale high Cheryl Blossom was a dyke! And Not just a dyke, but the kind of submissive dyke slut who was so desperate for pussy that she would eat it in front of an audience. God, it was so hot. Cheryl always looked hot, but in Valerie's opinion she had never looked hotter than right now, on her knees and eating Josie's pussy like it was her job. The only way it could have been better was if Josie made good on her ridiculous claim that she could actually get Cheryl to give herself and Melody the same treatment, but as amazing as this was the second part just wasn't possible right? No way was that going to happen? Was it?

"Who else wants a turn with this slut's mouth?" Josie suddenly asked, her words sounded deafening after a few long minutes of only moans, gasps and cries filling the room.

"Me." Valerie raised her hand a few seconds later, as she couldn't help hope that Josie would actually pull it off, "I do! Please? Mmmmm, I want a turn with that pretty little mouth."

Josie smirked at her friend and then looked back down at Cheryl and told her, "You hear that Cheryl, Valerie was the first to speak up, so that means crawl over to her and give her your pretty mouth."

There was a very long pause in which Cheryl pulled her mouth away from Josie's cunt and then stared up at her, a battle of wills clearly ensuing between the two girls, only slightly undercut by the fact that Josie's pussy juices were now on Cheryl's chin. Not that that really mattered, and Valerie was pretty much 100% certain that this was when the real Cheryl Blossom would rear her ugly head, get off the floor and started yelling at them. But again she was 100% wrong, as instead Cheryl turned to her and with a second or two of further hesitation began crawling over to her, staring lustfully at her the entire time. Then, when it became clear that this was for real, Valerie hastily removed her pants like a total dork and then waited patiently while trying and failing to keep a smile off her face.

It wasn't long after that Cheryl came to kneel in front of Valerie, the redhead giving her one last hard to read look, but was probably a warning not to mention this to anyone, then Cheryl fucking Blossom leaned forwards, stuck out her tongue and slowly slid it over Valerie's pussy lips. This of course caused Valerie to cry out in pleasure, and she continued doing that as Cheryl repeated the process over and over again, beginning to lick her pussy with a slow and steady rhythm. Unable to truly believe it Valerie closed her eyes, counted to 10 and then opened them again, and even pinched herself, but fuck, it really was the high and mighty Cheryl Blossom kneeling in front of her and eagerly lapping her cunt.

After maybe a few minutes of gentle carpet munching Valerie cautiously lowered a hand down to rest on the back of Cheryl's head. When Cheryl didn't pull away, or try and figuratively or literally bite her hand Valerie grinned wickedly and pushed the other girl's face deeper into her pussy. Cheryl got the message, wrapping those pretty lips of hers around Valerie's cunt and beginning to gently suck the juices out of it in between long licking sessions. She even allowed her tongue to go all the way up to Valerie's clit, which Cheryl had been ignoring before, but not now. Oh no, she was really going to town on that pussy, and obviously confident that would continue Josie started to taunt the redhead, with Valerie soon joining in.

"Oh yeah, that's it girl, eat that pussy! Eat that yummy little black pussy you white slut!" Josie called out with a wicked grin on her face, "Mmmmmm yeah, get you some of that chocolate cunt bitch. You love that shit, huh? Yeah you do. Oh that's it, eat it! Eat that black pussy like a good little white slut. Yeahhhhhh, Cheryl Blossom is a total slut for black pussy."

"Yeah she is." Valerie agreed, a brief silence fell over the room before she continued, "Cheryl Blossom eats black pussy. She loves it, mmmmmm, and she is so damn good at eating it. Ohhhhhh Josie, you are one lucky bitch to have such a talented little cunt licker. Did you train her yourself? Or did you catch this slut eating out her fellow cheerleaders?"

"You'd think." Josie grinned, "But she swears I was her first, and if that's true she's a fucking natural. I barely had to teach her anything. Mmmmm, which is why I'm always round her house for study dates. Well, we study a little bit, but mostly she's studying my black pussy so she can be a better black pussy pleasing white bitch."

"Fuck, you realy are one lucky little bitch Josie." Valerie moaned, before letting out an extra loud cry as Cheryl wrapped her lips around her clit and sucked it nice and hard.

"Yeah I am." Josie grinned.

Before Valerie or Josie could say anything else Melody piped up nervously, "Can, can I have a turn?"

There was a deafening silence for a few seconds, then Josie smiled, "Of course you can. Cheryl, crawl over to Melody and get you your third ever black pussy, you lucky little white slut."

"Thanks Josie." Melody mumbled while fiddling with her pants.

Melody actually had them down around her ankles before Valerie even let go of Cheryl's head and allowed her to move away. Melody didn't blame Valerie, she definitely wanted to keep Cheryl's cute little mouth all to herself and make the HBIC of Riverdale High munch her black box until she came all over that pretty little pale face. But Cheryl wasn't hers, she was Josie's bitch, and so Melody and Valerie should be just grateful that they had such a wonderful friend who was willing to share her pet dyke. Besides, they had talked about how fun it would be to gang up on a white girl and make her their little fuck toy, and now not only was that fantasy coming true but it would be Cheryl fucking Blossom who would be their fuck toy.

So lost was Melody in thinking about everything they could do to Cheryl that the beautiful redhead took her by surprise when she finally finished crawling over and immediately leaned forward so she could slide her tongue up the full length of Melody's pussy. Which of course bought Melody back to reality very quickly, the black girl crying out extra loudly, especially when the white girl lingered on her clit. For the next half a dozen licks Cheryl completely ignored Melody's clit, but that was more than okay with Melody as just the overwhelming high of Cheryl Blossom licking her pussy was more than enough satisfaction for her. At least for a little while.

When Melody wanted more she not only grabbed hold of the back of Cheryl's head to push her deeper into her pussy but she started grinding her black box directly into that pretty little face. Sure, she only did it because she was feeling emboldened by watching the normally intimidating redhead act so submissively, but there was a moment Cheryl stopped her licking as if she was unsure whether she would take this or not. Or maybe she was just surprised. Either way Melody was truly worried that she'd ruined the fun for everyone. But then Cheryl went back to eagerly lapping away at her cunt, causing Melody to grin widely and then start rubbing her pussy even harder into Cheryl's face.

Melody even started taunting the kneeling girl, "Mmmmmm yeahhhhh, that's it, eat that black pussy. Oh fuck yeah girl, just like that, mmmmmmm shit that feels good. Your tongue feels so good on my cunt! Fuck yeah, mmmmmm, eat it bitch. Eat that hot little chocolate cunt of mine just like you munched my friends' pussies! Oooooooh fuck yeah, work it girl! Work it with your little dyke tongue!"

"My turn." Josie interrupted.

"Awww, come on Josie, just five more minutes?" Melody pleaded.

"Bitch, you had your turn. Don't be greedy." Valerie scolded.

"Yeah Melody, there's no need to be greedy. I guarantee this little dyke slut is going to let all of us cum in that pretty little mouth of hers." Josie grinned, before becoming stern, "Now let go of that bitch's head so she can crawl over here and eat my pussy. Mmmmmm yeahhhhh, crawl over here baby. Come get you some of your favourite pussy. Oh yeah, lick me you little cunt craving whore! Ohhhhhhh fuck!"

Her friends were right, Melody thought glumly, they needed to share. It was just so hard when her cunt was being licked, especially by such a skilled cunt licker. But Melody believe Josie when she said they would all get a turn to cum in that pretty little face, and there was definitely an upside to watching Cheryl move away from her. The phrase 'hate to see her leave, but love to watch her go' came to mind as Cheryl wiggled that cute little white ass of hers as she crawled on the ground like the little pet she was. Hell, it was really hot watching Cheryl lick her friends' pussies, Melody's hand drifting to her own so it would be nice and ready for the bitchy redhead's inevitable return.

Cheryl had never been so embarrassed, or so wet, in her entire life. She knew she should protest, but she was just so lost in eating pussy, and as shameful as it was to admit she loved being shared by the Pussycats. She didn't even care whether they touched her or not, she just wanted to lick their yummy pussies. Which was exactly what she did for what felt like a eternity, Cheryl crawling back and forth between each member of the all-girl band until her knees were sore, and her tongue ached from overuse. Then and only then did Josie finally show her some mercy, the next words out of the lead singer's lips causing a whimper of delight to escape Cheryl's mouth.

"Yesssssss, that's feels soooooooo goooooooddddddd, now make me cum girl." Josie moaned, "Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, make me cum you cum craving dyke slut! Make me cum in your pretty little mouth and all over your little white face! Ooooooooh yeeeeeeessssssss, I wanna aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk, yes that's it! Just like that ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddd!"

While part of her wanted to listen to the rest of Josie's little speech, or better yet make her say please, Cheryl had been increasingly craving the girl cum of especially her girlfriend, so it wasn't that long after she officially got permission that Cheryl shoved her tongue as deep as it would go into Josie's pussy and started to fuck her with it. It only felt like seconds later that Josie came in her mouth and all over her face, just like the other girl had wanted, Cheryl momentarily savouring the joy she felt at pleasing the top before she became consumed by swallowing as much of that precious liquid as she could. Of course as always Josie just came so much, and ended up rubbing her cunt against Cheryl's face, meaning it was impossible to get it all.

It was the same with Valerie and Melody, who one after the other took their turns cumming in Cheryl's mouth and face quickly after Josie had her fill, all three Pussycats using her like the fuck toy she had become in that moment, just something to get them off. And Cheryl loved every second of it. She even loved the fact that as much as she had tried she just couldn't swallow all that girl cum, because now she would have three different girls' cum covering her face to remind her what a lesbian slut she had been, Cheryl hoping that the others wouldn't make her wash her face because she wanted to travel home just like this. And ideally while getting fucked.

Occasionally Josie would text her during class to meet her in the girls bathroom so Cheryl could lick her to a nice relaxing orgasm. On those occasions Cheryl was more than fine with Josie not returning the favour because by the time she made the demanding black girl cum they would have been already gone a suspiciously long time, but now that wouldn't fly. Sure, Cheryl had thought she would be fine with it while she was lost in her favourite pastime of eating pussy, but as the last Pussycat finished using her mouth, tongue and face to get off and moved away Cheryl was suddenly very aware of how desperately needy her own pussy was, and it was not a need she could repress.

"Fuck me." Cheryl whimpered, too far gone to think about her dignity as she added, "Please? I, I need to cum! Please? I just need a finger or something. Just for a second. I'll do anything. Just fuck me!"

"You want it bad, huh?" Josie grinned.

"Yes!" Cheryl nodded frantically.

"Enough to finally let me have that sweet little ass cherry?" Josie pushed.

Cheryl blushed as red as her hair, "I, I-"

"You said anything." Josie pointed out.

"I know, but it's just so gross." Cheryl whined.

"Oh baby, I promise you won't be saying that when you're cumming on my cock." Josie grinned.

"Yeah, right." Cheryl said sceptically, before adding pleadingly, "Couldn't you just fuck my pussy instead?"

"Na, the only way you're cumming tonight is with a big black cock up your lilywhite ass." Josie boasted, quickly adding when she got a glare from the redhead, "But how about we do both? Mmmmmm yeah, I bought enough strap-ons to go around, so how about we have my girl Melody here fill up your cute little white pussy, then I'll slide into that virgin tailpipe to make you our cute little Oreo cookie. Ooooooh yeah, I wanna see that. Cheryl Blossom's little pale body sandwiched between two hard blacks. Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, then Val can stuff your mouth with dick and make you airtight with black cock. You like the sound of that, huh?"

God help her, Cheryl did. But that was mostly because despite Josie obviously trying to make this sound like she was just coming up with it Cheryl recognised this idea all too well, Josie having whispered it into her ear for the past few weeks whenever she was using her fingers or a strap-on to fuck her through orgasm. Maybe Josie thought she was too far gone to register it consciously, and was trying to plant ideas in her subconscious? Given the way the bitch was smiling at her now there was pretty much no way that wasn't true, but unfortunately for Cheryl she just needed to cum so badly, and she had lost count of the number of time she had fingered herself to the idea.

Although in the hopeful case she wouldn't like it, Cheryl decided to give herself an out, "If I don't like it, you just fuck my pussy. All three of you."

There was a brief pause where Josie pretended to think about it, then she grinned, "Deal."

Pretty much immediately afterwards Josie retrieved her favourite strap-on, the one which was a jet black 10 inch dildo, along with two identical models which she handed to her friends. The sight of those dildos made her ass hole quiver and clinch in fear, Cheryl immediately opening her mouth to protest she couldn't possibly take anything that size in her virgin hole. But her mouth then remained open as the black girls slowly equipped themselves. Because surely Josie was shooting herself in the foot? Right? No way she'd be able to even get the head in her butt hole, which would mean Cheryl would get three beautiful black women fucking her pussy one after another. So she just closed her mouth and tried not to smile.

"Oh shoot, I forgot lube." Josie lied when she was fully equipped, and then she pretended to come up with a brilliant idea, "I know, why don't you lube our cocks for us?"

Unable to resist Cheryl shot Josie a look and then said dryly, "What a great idea."

In response Josie just grinned widely, probably because Cheryl then crawl towards her until she was kneeling in front of the other girl. Cheryl then gave her another look, this one more sultry, before grabbing hold of the base of the dildo in front of her, closing her eyes and then wrapping her lips around it. Wrapping her lips around Josie's cock. Wrapping her lips around Josie's cock and then beginning to suck it right in front of the other Pussycats, who despite everything that had happened already let out a soft but audible gasp. They then became a lot more verbal a few minutes later when Cheryl started bobbing her head up and down on that strap-on.

Getting the ball rolling Josie encouraged, "Yeahhhhhh girl, suck that cock. Suck it! Mmmmmm, you look so pretty with a cock in your mouth Cheryl. I've always thought that. Especially when it's a black cock."

"Yeah she does." Melody piped up, feeling brave, "Cheryl Blossom looks so pretty with a big black cock in her mouth. Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, and just look at her go, she loves it. Yeahhhh, Cheryl Blossom loves having a big black cock in her mouth. I bet she loves it even more than black pussy."

"Whoa Mel, let's not go that far." Valerie laughed, "I mean, you were there when she munched our yummy little honeypots like her life depended on it, right? No way does she love black cock as much as she loves black pussy."

"Well, what about it Jo?" Melody asked.

"Oh black pussy. No question." Josie laughed, "You'd think it would be close given the way that she's sucking my cock right now, but the thing is despite how she acts in public the truth is she is a total dyke, who only wants girl cock. And while girl cock has a lot of advantages, it can't fill her hot little mouth with cum, which isn't exactly ideal for a girl cum craving whore like Cheryl Blossom. But don't worry, as you can see, she really loves girl cock too. In fact, why don't you come closer so she can prove it to you? Yeah, that's it. Okay now Cheryl, look. Two more yummy black dicks for you to suck. Come on girl, get those dildos nice and wet for your hot little fuck holes. Oh yeah, that's it! Mmmmm, good girl."

To her shame Cheryl found she loved being talked about like she wasn't there, like she was just a piece of girl meat to be used and fucked. It made her feel more submissive than she already did, which was really saying something considering she was on her knees and sucking a dildo strapped around the waist of another girl. Craving more of that submission she did as she was told and started switching back and forth between those three dildos. Those three big wonderful dildos which were all going to end up fucking her pussy, because no way would Josie or anyone else be able to get one of these things in her ass with just a little spit, right? Well, maybe they would spit roast her, a cock in her mouth and one in her cunt, but Cheryl really like the idea of becoming an 'Oreo cookie' that way.

Melody watched in amazement as Cheryl freaking Blossom pulled her mouth off of Josie's cock and then slid it over Valerie's, bobbing her head up and down for a few long minutes before switching back to Josie's. Then she did the same with hers, Melody letting out a soft gasp as the HBIC of Riverdale High took her big black cock in between her ruby red lips and deep into that super pale mouth of hers. She even kept eye contact while bobbing those red lips up and down, up and down, up and down the cock, and even when she switch back to Josie's dick Cheryl grabbed onto the other two dicks and started stroking them.

It was a ridiculous thought, but Melody swore she could feel it, and in that fleeting moment she wished she could. Because the stimulator bashing her clit with every little movement was great, as was the visual of Cheryl Blossom kneeling before them and sucking their cocks, but in that moment Melody wished she had a real cock to bang this gorgeous redhead with. Which was a desire which only grew stronger as, with Josie's prompting, Cheryl started deep throating those dildos. It certainly wasn't easy for her, the poor girl choking and gagging violently as she reached the base of each toy, but one by one she did it, and by the end of it Melody was desperate to fuck Cheryl, one way or another. And she got her wish.

"Val, lay down so that Cheryl can get on top of you." Josie ordered.

"But I wanted her ass." Valerie whined.

"No way in hell." Josie snapped angrily, "That anal cherry is mine! I've wanted it since puberty, and you must be crazy if you think I'd let anyone else take it."

"Jeez, relax. I meant that I want to be the second to get a piece of that ass, not the first." Valerie reassured, "I know how much taking that butt cherry means to you. I'd never take it from you."

"Like I'd ever let you." Josie grumbled.

"But if we ever do this again, I definitely want to be the one breaking in a hot girl's butt." Valerie grinned.

"Well find yourself a hot little slut, and maybe will discuss it." Josie smiled dismissively, before turning to her other bandmate, "So how about it Melody, you up for a little white pussy?"

"Fuck yeah." Melody replied eagerly.

"Good. Then lay down." Josie ordered, before looking down at the girl with her lips around her cock, "And you, get on top of her. But make sure you give her your pussy, not your ass. That's mine. Mmmmm yeah, that's it Cheryl, good girl. Ohhhhhh yeahhhh, get that black dick up that little white snatch and get ready to become the creamy filling of an Oreo cookie."

Even though she wasn't exactly thrilled to have to lie down on the floor it was a sacrifice Melody was willing to make to fuck Cheryl Blossom like this, and Cheryl certainly didn't hesitate in jumping on top of her once she was in place, lining up her wet little ginger cunt with Melody's cock and sliding down it with a soft, happy moan. From the way Cheryl quickly and easily took every inch of that cock and then started bouncing up and down it there could be no doubt that she had plenty of practice taking cocks this size. Or at least one specific cock, which refuelled Melody's jealousy of her bandleader. Although she was overwhelmed by the gratitude she felt to her.

Like Valerie she too was eager to get a turn with Cheryl's lily white butt, however she'd have been happy with taking whatever Josie was willing to give her. After all, if she had the most popular girl in school as her secret lesbian fuck pet Melody wasn't so sure she'd be willing to share her with anyone, even her best friends. Which just proved that being friends with Josie McCoy definitely had its advantages. Like getting to watch the richest girl in town ride her cock, Melody enchanted by the sight of Cheryl's perky tits bouncing up and down with every thrust and the constant moans, gasps and groans as the submissive little slut was left to ride that strap-on dildo for several long minutes while the Pussycats watched her like the proverbial cat who had just spotted a mouse.

Deciding it was time to 'pounce' Josie spoke up, "Cheryl, baby... stop. It's time. Bend over. Mmmmm, bend over and give me that sweet little ass cherry of yours."

There was a brief pause in which Cheryl looked over her shoulder at the approaching Josie, and then whimpered, "Josie, I-"

"Do you wanna cum tonight?" Josie asked firmly, and then after Cheryl nodded weakly she told her, "Then do as I say, and I promise I'll make you cum harder then you've ever cum before."

Another pause, then Cheryl went over Melody while whimpering, "Just... just be gentle, okay?"

"Absolutely." Josie said soothingly, officially taking her place behind her girl.

"You know what might help? If she spread her cheeks." Valerie interrupted, "I've heard that's supposed to relax the anal muscles, or some shit."

"Yeah, I think I read that somewhere." Melody piped up, because even though she wouldn't be the primary beneficiary of it for now she loved the idea.

"Plus it makes the view better for us." Valerie added honestly, before pointing out, "Which is particularly good for you Jo. Mmmmm, it'll make it easier to take that tight little hole."

"Yeah it will. Mmmmm, you heard them Cheryl, spread your cheeks. Spread them wide open and let me see what I'm doing. Oh. Fuck. Yeah." Josie said, perhaps literally drooling as Cheryl slowly parted her cheeks, "That's it babe, show me that hole. Show me that pretty little butt hole you're giving up to me. Ohhhhhh yeahhhh, relax girl. I'm going to make you feel so good, and turn your shit hole into my personal fuck hole."

Josie pressed the tip of her strap-on against Cheryl's virgin ass hole and then left it there for a few long seconds so she could savour this precious moment. She then practically drooled as she slowly began pushing forwards, causing Cheryl's cherry back door to slowly open for her until that tiny anal ring was wide enough for the head of Josie's cock to slip through and into a virgin butt for the very first time. Cheryl Blossom's virgin butt! Oh God yes, she had just taken the anal virginity of Cheryl Blossom. Popped her ass cherry and slipped into her well-rounded backside. Forcing the ultimate sign of submission and humiliation upon this cute little white girl.

Which of course had Cheryl crying out loudly, but then she just whimpered and obviously did her best to relax like a good little submissive pet. Which was honestly surprising, just like most of the things which had happened today. Josie knew that Cheryl was submissive and shared some of her ultra-forbidden fantasies, but she was shocked that her, not really into labels but sort of, girlfriend would let her go this far. Shocked, and giddy with delight, especially when it came to finally being able to take Cheryl's anal cherry which Josie had fantasised about doing pretty much ever since puberty hit and she realised she wanted to top girls, and surely there was no better way of doing that then sodomising them?

Continuing to make her fantasy come true Josie finally began pushing the rest of her dildo into Cheryl's ass, marvelling at how her black cock looked so good sliding between those lily white ass cheeks, the other girl continuing to hold those cheeks open so Josie got the perfect view of that heavenly sight. One Josie was so captivated by she moved forward as slowly as possible, pushing just an inch or two into Cheryl's ass hole before pausing and then repeating the process. As a result Cheryl continued to whimper, but that seemed to be mostly out of humiliation, the pain she must have been in made bearable by the slowness of the penetration, and of course the cock in her cunt.

Then after what felt like an hour Josie's chocolate thighs came to rest against those super pale cheeks, and Josie just couldn't help but comment on it, "Oh fuck yeah, every inch. Every single inch of my cock is up your ass! Mmmmm fuck, I can't believe I finally got every single inch of my big black cock up your lily white ass! Holy shit Cheryl, your sexy little white butt look sooooooo goooooddddd with every single inch of my big black dick inside it. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, this tight little ass was made to be fucked. This pale little butt was made to be fucked by big black cock, and I'm going to prove it by fucking it so good and making it mine."

Her fellow Pussycats chuckled with delight at those words, especially because all Cheryl did was let out another pathetic whimper. Then after savouring the moment Josie slowly pulled her hips back and then pushed forwards, officially starting to give Cheryl Blossom her first ever ass fucking. If that wasn't overwhelmingly awesome enough Cheryl continued spreading her cheeks, and the sight of that black dick pumping in and out of that white butt hole might have been even more mouth-watering than the penetration itself. Josie just couldn't take her eyes off it, and neither could Valerie, not that she could blame her for it, or the fact she became dully aware of her friend hovering as close as she could get to that breath-taking sight.

Valerie had never seen anything hotter than Cheryl Blossom's super pale booty taking a big black cock, that long dark shaft causing the white girl's virgin butt hole to stretch obscenely wide as Josie continued to pump in and out of it. God, Valerie was so jealous of Josie right now. Of course, she had been jealous of her ever since Josie had proven that Cheryl was her bitch, but this was on a whole other level, and it might be about to become even better if Valerie was going to get a turn with that hot butt. Not that Valerie had the patience to wait around for Josie to ask her if she wanted a turn. No, she wanted that booty now.

"Don't hog her!" Valerie protested, "Mmmmm, I want a piece of that white ass."

"And you'll get it, just be patient." Josie said dismissively, and then sensing further protest snapped without looking away from Cheryl's stretched open ass hole, "She's my bitch, this is my first chance with her tight little ass and I've barely got started. So wait your turn bitch."

There was a moment's pause and then Valerie grumbled, "Fine, but hurry up. I need me some of that booty."

"Shut up and let me enjoy it." Josie said, then after a bead added, "And spread her cheeks. Mmmmm, I want to see that pale little butt getting spread by some dark hands."

For a moment Valerie briefly thought about protesting, but the second that Cheryl cautiously moved her own hands away from her cheeks Valerie found herself taking over just so she could continue getting the best possible look of the anal penetration. Also it was just nice to be involved in the debauchery again, and Valerie delighted in being able to watch her own black hands spread those white cheeks, the contrast in skintone just as beautiful as before as her friends turned high and mighty Cheryl Blossom into the creamy filling of an Oreo cookie. Oh yes, Cheryl Blossom's soft little white body was stuck between two hard blacks, making her an Oreo, something Valerie felt compelled to point out.

"Mmmmm shit, that's sooooooo hot! Cheryl Blossom's ass hole looks sooooo hot stretching for that strap-on." Valerie moaned softly, practically drooling at the sight before her, "But you know what else is hot? Cheryl freaking Blossom as an Oreo cookie. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, high and mighty Cheryl Blossom looks so good as the creamy filling in an Oreo cookie."

"Hell yeah she does." Josie agreed with a grin, "Mmmmm, this sexy little white bottom was made to be sandwiched in between two bad ass black tops, and-"

"How about three?" Valerie interrupted her bandleader, "How about three black tops, one for each of her fuck holes?"

"Fuck yeah, stuff that pretty mouth of hers with your big black dick." Josie grinned enthusiastically.

"Why don't you do it?" Valerie suggested, "Come on Josie, let's make this bitch taste her own ass."

"Yeahhhhh, make her go ass to mouth." Melody chimed in excitedly, "Then she really will be your bitch."

Josie knew what Valerie was doing, but she liked the idea so much she didn't really care, "Yeah. Yeah! Open wide Cheryl, you're about to really become my bitch. Valerie, come get you some of this white ass."

With that Josie yanked her dick out of Cheryl's butt, and then she and Valerie just stared for a few long seconds at her handiwork. Cheryl's butt hole remain stretched open, which was yet another obscene sight which Valerie knew she should have found disgusting but instead she found intoxicating. She also wanted to be the one responsible, or at least partly responsible, for gaping Cheryl. So the second Cheryl's ass hole started to close Valerie let go of those cheeks and shuffled around so that she could be the one to make sure that bitch hole didn't get a chance to fully recover. Because she was going to fuck it. Oh God she was about to butt fuck Cheryl Blossom.

Just when Valerie didn't thick it could get any better Melody reached round and spread Cheryl's cheeks, once again giving Valerie a perfect view of her target. Valerie had been intended to spreading those cheeks herself, if only with one hand, but this was so much easier. She was definitely going to have to thank Melody later for this, and again to Josie for sharing her because right now Valerie was incapable of speech. No, all she could do was stare lustfully as she pressed her black cock against Cheryl's white ass and gently pushed forward, the head of it slipping in easily and quickly followed by the rest. Cheryl even moaned as she was penetrated for the second time anally.

Cheryl was greatly embarrassed by this, but to her shame that embarrassment only further added to her enjoyment. Enjoyment she couldn't have happened before this extremely perverted night. God, being a lesbian bottom was bad enough, but did she really have to be the kind of lezzie slut who loved it up the butt? The answer to that question was apparently yes, because even through the agony that was getting her butt stuffed Cheryl had enjoyed the perverted feeling of her forbidden hole being taken, and it had only taken thrusting to cause her back passage to relax completely, turning her ass into an eager fuck hole.

At first she was able to hide this mortifying fact, mostly because Josie and Valerie were preoccupied with her stretching butt hole to really acknowledge her reactions. Melody knew though, if her wicked smirks were anything to go by. They were easy enough to ignore when she was spreading her cheeks as that forced her face to be pressed against the chest of the larger woman, but once Melody took over spreading her cheeks those smirks were pretty much all Cheryl could say. Then the butt fucking really started to feel good, and suddenly there was no hiding her true feelings about the sodomy, especially when a loud moan escaped Cheryl's lips, causing her to blush furiously.

Then Josie finally stepped in front of her and ordered, "I said open up bitch. Open wide so I can stuff the big black dick which popped your anal cherry into your pretty little white mouth. Yeah, suck it! Suck your own ass off my cock and truly become my bitch."

For a few long moments there was a battle of wills between Cheryl and Josie to see if Cheryl would submit to this latest debasement. It was arguable whether it was worse than getting ass fucked in the first place, but Cheryl couldn't have seen herself doing this when it was just the two of them, let alone when they had a audience. So she wouldn't. She couldn't. But she did. Oh God, she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of the dildo which had taken her anal virginity. Cheryl was tasting her own ass! Cheryl Blossom was tasting the deepest part of her own ass, in the process making her officially airtight, two things which made her feel like a total whore, and two things which Josie and the Pussycats just had to comment on.

"Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, suck it slut!" Josie practically whimpered with delight, "Suck your ass off that dick! Ohhhhhh fuck, suck it and become truly mine. Oh fuck yeah, that's what you really are now Cheryl. My bitch. But I guess you became that when I finally popped your little ass cherry, huh? Yeahhhhh, I broke open that butt hole and turned it into a fuck hole, and now you're loving it, aren't you? Yeahhhhhh, you love being my little back door bitch. Well don't worry girl, you're going to be getting it up the ass all the time now. I've made that ass open for business, and tonight me and my friends are all going to use it like the fuck hole it now is, because you're my fucking white bitch!"

"Yeahhhhh Josie, Cheryl is your white bitch." Melody agreed, "Look at the way she is sucking your big black cock. She loves it. Mmmmm, Cheryl Blossom loves taking it in every hole."

"That's because she was born to be an Oreo cookie." Valerie grinned, "Mmmmm, we made this Riverdale Vixen into our Riverdale Oreo, because she is such a little white slut that she loves black cock in all her holes."

Whimpering around the dick Cheryl allowed the humiliation to wash over her. Humiliation was something she was very used to, and one of the reasons she had become Queen bitch of Riverdale was so she wouldn't have to feel that way again, but here she was and she was loving it. And while she was overwhelmed with that humiliation Cheryl found herself slowly sucking the cock clean. Not that she was really aware of it at first, but the bitter taste of her own butt quickly grew on her, or at least her taste-buds, and the next thing she knew the head of the dildo was clean and she was craving more of her own anal cream.

Getting more was easy, Josie and the Pussycats continuing to encourage her as she truly became their little cock sucking, and airtight, slut she slowly began bobbing her head up and down Josie's big black cock. She even pushed it into her throat, a rare treat for her lovers, although that was mostly because she had cleaned the cock a lot faster than she anticipated and was already craving more of her anal juices. For better or for worse Josie helped her out, first by grabbing the back of her head and gently pushing her further down the dick, and then by thrusting her own hips forwards, the entire time providing verbal encouragement.

"That's it you little cock sucker, deep throat that big dick and get every drop of your ass cream." Josie smirked while gently stroking Cheryl's long red hair, "Oh yeah, mmmmm, every drop. Clean my cock good. Yeah, clean my big dick and get every drop of your butt juice you perverted little bitch! Oh fuck yeah, suck it you ATM whore! Yesssss, suck it good you cock sucking slut!"

"Don't you mean airtight slut?" Valerie interrupted with a grin, "Ohhhhh yeahhhhh, this slut loves it in all of her holes, mmmmm, almost as much as I love fucking this ass! Oh shit, it's soooo tight! Cheryl Blossom's ass is so fucking tight! Oooooh fuck yeah, Cheryl Blossom's tiny little virgin ass hole is so tight around my big fucking dick! It looks so good. Sooooo fucking good! Cheryl Blossom looks great with a cock in her ass, and in her mouth, and in her cunt at the same damn time. Doesn't she Josie?"

"Yeah she does." Josie quickly agreed, "But as this deep throating bitch hasn't got any more yummy ass juice to clean, how about we swap places? Mmmmm yeahhhhh, let's swap places so I can have some more of that ass."

"Awww Josie, I just got started." Valerie pouted, regretting getting her friend's attention, "Can't I have a little longer?"

"No!" Josie said flatly, "That ass is mine. I'm just letting you borrow it because we're such good friends and all. But if you can't learn to share my things..."

"No, it's okay. You can have this hot little piece of ass back." Valerie pouted, stopping the butt fucking, but not removing her dick from Cheryl's ass hole just yet, "I'm sorry. You're right, we're friends, so we should share. It's just hard, you know?"

"I know." Josie nodded, "And your apology is totally accepted, if you give me that ass right now."

With that Valerie reluctantly pulled her cock out of Cheryl's ass and swapped places with Josie, waiting until her friend slammed her strap-on into the redhead's gaping butt hole so Cheryl's mouth would be nice and wide when Valerie pushed her cock into it and fed the HBIC of Riverdale high her second helping of ass cream. Cheryl would like to pretend that she hesitated out of protest, but instead she greedily started slurping at that butt cream coated cock while Josie started slamming hers in and out of the redhead's ass. Then when Valerie's cock was clean they swapped over again, and then again, and then again, and then again.

Things eventually escalated to the point where Cheryl's poor mouth and throat were being fucked almost as roughly as her ass hole, and instead of stopping it Cheryl was trying not to beg for more, which had more to do with wanting this to continue than a desire for holding onto a shred of her dignity. Or to cum for that matter, as she was completely lost in the most sick and twisted part of herself. Of course as much as that part of herself would have loved this to continue forever soon the desire to cum became unbearable and if Cheryl had any tiny bit of dignity left she gave it up the next time Valerie and Josie swapped over, Cheryl capitalising on that brief moment her mouth was free to beg for what she so desperately wanted.

"Fuck me! Please fuck me and make me cum!" Cheryl frantically pleaded, "I need to cum! I need to cum soooo bad! Please Josie, make me cum! Please? I'll do anything!"

"Anything, huh?" Josie grinned, kneeling down in front of Cheryl and cupping her face, "That include your ass, baby? Will you give me your ass? Not just tonight, but always? Like say, in the middle of class I feel like some ass, so if I whisper that in your ear, will you follow me to the toilets and just let me slide right in? Huh? Or any other time I want? Any other place? Huh? Will you wear a butt-plug so we can have ass sex nice and quickly over lunch? Will you let my friends fuck that sexy little ass of yours whenever I'm not using it? Will you let us fuck you whenever we want, however we want? Huh? Be our little band groupie? How about it Cheryl? Do you want to cum so badly you're willing to truly become my bitch?"

Cheryl whimpered, tears sliding down her cheeks, because she knew what her answer should be, but she just needed to cum so bad, "I, I... I-"

"Josie-" Melody started hesitantly.

"Shhhhhh." Josie soothed, gently caressing Cheryl's face, "I know I'm coming on strong, but you've always liked that about me baby. You know that, and you know this is what you want. So just give in. No one will ever know what kind of slut you truly are, and you'll spend your life getting exactly what you want. What you need. Doesn't that sound nice baby?"

It did, and ultimately Cheryl whimpered, "Nobody ever finds out? Ever?"

"I promise." Josie said, mostly telling the truth.

There was another brief pause and then Cheryl whispered, "Okay."

"What was that?" Josie smiled.

"I said okay." Cheryl said a little more forcefully, earning her another smile and a gentle kiss from the other girl.

"I don't know, you still don't sound very sure." Josie pointed out as she made her way around Cheryl, silently shooing Valerie out of the way before continuing, "Maybe if you can be a little more convincing, I'll make you cum."

Cheryl then cried out as Josie slowly slipped her strap-on back inside her butt and began sodomising her again, prompting her to practically squeal, "I'll be your bitch! I'll be your bitch Josie, I swear! Mmmmm, I'll do anything you want! Anything! Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, I'll take it up the ass whenever you want, mmmmmm, eat your pussy at a moments notice, ooooooh shit, I'll let you do whatever you want to me, mmmmm, no excuses, ooooooh Gooooodddddd, I want you to use me however you want, ohhhhhh yessssss, and I'll let your friends use me too! Oh God Josie, I'll be your bitch! I'll be the bitch of Josie and the Pussycats! Be your little band groupie! Be your little Riverdale Oreo! Yours to use whenever and however you want! Just make me fucking cum! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeesssssssss, AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK, FUCK ME, FUCK ME JUST LIKE THAT, OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD!"

It took a lot longer than she would have liked but Cheryl finally got what she wanted, her screams becoming hysterical as Valerie moved away while Josie and Melody began pounding her pussy and ass with what had to be every ounce of their strength. Soon after that she was sent hurtling over the edge of the most powerful climax of her life, and considering the amazing orgasms Josie regularly gave her that was really saying something. But it really was something extra special, as were the climaxes that followed it as Cheryl's mind melted away so that all that was left was a writhing, screaming mess, happy to be shared by Josie and the Pussycats.

Melody liked the fact that she got Cheryl's pussy throughout, as it meant she was fucking the other girl without even a few seconds pause. However Josie and Valerie really looked like they were having so much fun, and honestly she got really jealous watching them go to town on Cheryl's ass. So, even though she was tired from her own climaxes, and the effort it took to fuck Cheryl's pussy, Melody insisted on having a turn with that hot little white ass. She had to wait quite a while as first Josie, and then Valerie right after, anally pounded Cheryl through multiple orgasms until it looked like they were about to collapse, before finally they pullback to admire their handiwork.

That was when Melody struck. Well, she might have been extra nice by allowing her friends to stare at Cheryl's gaping ass hole for a few long seconds, and even spread those cheeks to make sure they got a great look, but then Melody was flipping Cheryl over onto her back, putting her legs onto her shoulders and then she started pounding her pussy. She made her cum one more time before switching holes, Melody grinning wickedly at the look on Cheryl's face as with one smooth motion she pulled her cock out of the other girl's pussy and pushed it straight into her open ass hole, the previous brutal poundings allowing her to slide in like a knife through butter.

It also allowed her to slam Cheryl's shit hole with every ounce of her strength pretty much right from the get go. Well, there was a little build up, but it felt like it went by in the blink of an eye as soon Melody was wrecking Cheryl's most private hole with every ounce of her strength. And considering she was bigger and stronger than her two friends that was really saying something, Melody perhaps literally ruining the other girl's rectum for her own selfish pleasure. Because in that moment, the fact Cheryl was cumming was just a byproduct as Melody was totally focused on making herself cum, and maybe a little showing this girl who was totally out of her league who was boss.

For who knows how long Melody was completely lost in the brutal sodomy. Then she was left with a choice, pull out or collapse. It was very tempting to just keep going, but Melody didn't want to embarrass herself. More importantly she was worried that she had taken things too far given the way Cheryl was whimpering pathetically, and even her friends looked a little concerned. So she slowly decrease the pace, bringing them down from their highs before stopping completely with every inch of her dick buried completely within Cheryl Blossom's bowels. Only then did she pull out in one swift motion and stumble back to admire her handiwork. Or more accurately, the combined handiwork of Josie and the Pussycats.

Cheryl whimpered in disappointment when Melody pulled her cock from her ass. It was really ironic, she had been so reluctant to try anal sex, now she didn't want to stop, even though her butt felt extremely sore from overuse. Although it was nothing on the pain Cheryl felt when there was no longer pleasure to distract her. The fact that when Melody was no longer holding up her legs they came down so she was resting her body weight on her back and butt caused her to yelp with pain and immediately rollover onto her stomach, clutching her poor little ass which felt unbearably empty. Even worse, it was still open, exposing her insides to the other women, something she desperately tried to cover up. At least for a few seconds until Josie stopped her.

"Hey, cut that out. Move your hand away so we can see that pretty little gape. Mmmmm, that's it, show us that ruined hole. Fuck, that's hot. Now spread your cheeks again. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, really show us the hole Josie and the Pussycats wrecked!" Josie ordered boldly. There was a long pause, and despite everything that already happened her bandmates seemed to doubt her for a few long seconds, then Cheryl slowly pulled her ass cheeks apart to emphasise her gape, prompting Josie to giggle with delight, "Fuck, that's one wrecked shit hole. Hang on, hold that pose, I gotta get a picture of this."

"Please don't." Cheryl whimpered.

"Shut up and keep your cheek spread!" Josie demanded, her stern tone immediately pushing Cheryl to spread her cheeks again. Fuck, Josie could definitely get used to that kind of obedience, she thought while struggling to keep the happy grin off her face and remain stern as she ordered, "Melody, get my phone."

"Can, can I get mine too?" Melody asked hesitantly.

"Sure. Get Valerie's too. We should all have mementos of this special night." Josie said, unable to keep the grin off her face this time. It was the same story when her phone was in her hand and she was snapping shot after shot of her handiwork, "Mmmmmm, that's real good Cheryl. Now raise that butt. Stick it high in the air and show off your gaping ass hole like the submissive little anal dyke you are."

"Fuck, that's hot." Valerie practically moaned after Cheryl did what she was told, then asked Josie, "Can you take a shot of me next to that ass?"

"We're at least small-time famous, on the right track for bigger things." Josie pointed out with a raised eyebrow, "You sure you wanna risk it?"

Valerie shrugged, "I don't give a shit if people find out that I like to butt fuck white girls."

"Me too." Melody piped up.

"Your funeral." Josie shrugged, then after taking a few pictures of her friends posing by Cheryl's ruined hole she blurted out, "Fuck it."

Then Josie joined them and they took it in turns to take photos of each other, and even leaving their phones propped up so they could take a few of the three of them together, before Melody finally asked, "What now?"

"Now she cleans our cocks like the ATM slut we already prove she was." Josie grinned widely.

"Fuck yeah, get over here and clean these cocks bitch!" Valerie ordered with delight, "Mmmmmm, stuffed them deep down your throat like when we were making you airtight."

There was then a brief pause as she tried to talk herself out of it, but while Josie and the Pussycats were still lost in their dominant high Cheryl was just too lost in her submissive one. Cheryl also tried to comfort herself with the knowledge that she was just too tired to stop being degraded, and that if she didn't subject herself to it she might never again know the joy of three big strap-on dildos up her ass, while desperately trying to ignore the fact that part of her was weirdly loving all this humiliation. So she slowly got up and came to kneel in front of the three black girls, who were now standing in a semi-circle in front of the bed, presumably to make it easy for her to go back and forth between them.

She pretty much did that right off the bat, of course starting with Josie's cock which she stuffed into her mouth and then bobbed her head up and down for a few long seconds, before switching to Valerie's dick and then finally to Melody's. Back and forth Cheryl went, greedily cleaning the parts of the dildos which pummel the deepest part of her butt before working her way down the cocks to get more of her yummy ass cream. For a few blissful minutes she was completely lost in cleaning those cocks, Cheryl able to close her eyes, shut off her brain and most importantly of all block out the continuous running commentary Josie and the Pussycats were providing.

"Oh yeah, take it deep! Take it deep down your throat you greedy little whore!" Josie ordered gleefully, as always doing most of the talking for Josie and the Pussycats, "Take my big black cock deep down your white throat so you can get every drop of your butt cream you perverted little bitch. Oh yeah, you really are my bitch now Cheryl, that means you do every little thing I want. Mmmmm, that means your pussy, mouth and ass are mine to use whenever and however I want. That means you clean my cock every time I shove it up your butt you little white bitch! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, suck my dick! Clean it good. Clean all of these dirty cocks like the good little white slut you are."

"Yeahhhhh, suck it. Suck it good." Melody piped in when she finally got the chance.

At least until Valerie took it from her, "Suck it like the little cock sucker you are! Oooooooh yeahhhhhh, Cheryl Blossom is my little cock sucker. Cheryl Blossom is our cock sucking bitch! Cheryl freaking Blossom is the ass to mouth loving cock cleaner of Josie and the Pussycats!"

When all of the butt juice was gone Cheryl became more and more aware of what she was doing, and what she had done. The depravity she had subjected herself too. The level she had sunk too. What she had allowed herself to become. And perhaps in the most worrying part of it was it wasn't just because she was some kind of super lesbian bottom. That would have been bad enough, but she had been so broken by Josie that now she felt an overwhelming desire to please her. No matter what it was that Josie asked of her Cheryl knew that she would do it, which from the sound of it would be even more troubling than she originally thought.

"We should do this again." Josie announced with a grin.

"With Cheryl?" Melody asked, "Cause I'd be so down for that."

"Me too." Valerie quickly agreed, "But why stop there?"

"My thoughts exactly." Josie grinned, "Why should Cheryl here get to have all the fun when Riverdale is full of hot girls just waiting to be the creamy filling in a Oreo cookie."

Her face lighting up Melody grinned, "Like the rest of the cheerleaders?"

"Like our music teacher?" Valerie offered.

"Like anyone we want." Josie grinned down at Cheryl who was currently sucking her cock, "And our new bitch is going to help us, isn't that right Cheryl?"

"Yes Josie." Cheryl whimpered after removing her mouth from the cock, "I'm yours! I'll do anything you want."

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