The Plague of Darkness

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Disclaimer: I don't own True Blood, the characters, etc

Disclaimer: I do not own True Blood, the characters, etc......I make no money....yada yada yada. 

Author’s Notes: This story will follow the basic premise of the final episodes of True Blood where Eric and Bill contract Hep-V. I recently watched all the seasons of True Blood and found the ending of the show to be quite depressing and tremendously sad. So, I’m going to rewrite the ending. Horray for creative license!

Warnings for story: I don’t know. I always give warnings at the beginnings of chapters for my Yugioh stories. This story may contain a little Eric x Bill later, maybe a little Bill x Sookie, too. Maybe Eric x Pam, too. I haven’t planned that far ahead.  I’m more of a yaoi writer, but I have done het. I don’t know how long I want this to be or how far after the story I’m going to go.

The Plague 

The shivering continued through the day. It began two days ago along with the rising fever. His trebling started as a little tremor at dusk. By dawn, it had become a vicious earthquake.The spider-web ebony veins covered his body, rising like black icicles from the collar of his white shirt  and descended like black tentacles from his sleeves. His twitching in the darkness became increasingly worse as his nervous system started to succumb to the illness, Hepatitis V, which afflicted only vampires. 
Bill was going to die. It was inevitable. Scientists were searching for a cure and it was estimated that a cure would not be available for at least a year. He knew he wouldn’t have weeks, let alone a year or more. 
A tiny beam of light pierced the darkness of the light-tight room. As the door to his bedroom opened further, a dark silhouette appeared in front of the light. It was just as he saw in his dream: a baby in Sookie’s arms with a dark void where its face should be.
“Bill? Are...are you awake?” a timid, young voice whispered.
The dying vampire shuddered and gripped his pillow tightly. He grit his teeth against the pain, trying desperately to hide it. Don’t let them see how much you suffer. The pain will not last much longer. When it ends, I will be with Sarah, Thomas, and your beloved Caroline. Together at last.
“Come in, Jess,” Bill whispered.
His progeny sheepishly entered the room and slowly approached the double bed where her Maker appeared to struggle for breath. She sat beside him and looked down at him with pity. His aquamarine eyes gazed up at her with a mixture of pride and happiness. Bill never wanted to make her a vampire, but he had no choice. Instead, she paid for his sin-his murder of another vampire to protect Sookie, his former girlfriend with whom he continued to have a stormy relationship. A life for a life. He had tried to make her vampire life as fulfilling and comfortable as possible. 
“I came to check up on you.”
A small smile grew on his face. He took a deep breath. “I’m not dead yet. I have that going for me.”
Jessica’s bottom lip trembled as a tear trickled down her cheek. “We’ll find a cure, Bill. Sookie’s looking for a cure right now. Everything is going to be okay.”
“Jessica,” Bill winced as he slowly reached for her hand. His cold, stiff fingers clenched around her hand. “I doubt a cure exists. Perhaps this was meant to be.”
“No,” Jessica growled through clenched teeth. “Don’t you dare die on me, Bill Compton.”
Bill offered her hand a reassuring squeeze. “Yes, ma’am,” he added with a wink.
“I don’t know what I’d do. This house is too big for just one person to live here.”
“I’ve lived alone here for sixty years.” Bill looked up at the ceiling. “Or maybe it’s been eighty,” he added with a chuckle. “When you’re over a century old, time becomes meaningless.”
Jessica smiled a little at her Maker’s lost sense of time. “I can imagine Eric would have a harder time with him being over a thousand years old.”
Bill nodded. “True.”
Jessica watched Bill lick his parched lips. She reached to a half-empty glass of Type O-negative TruBlood. and helped prop him up so he can drink. The warm synthetic blood trickled onto his lips as began to sip. “That’s right, Bill. Not too fast or you’ll choke.”
When Bill began to cough, Jessica replaced the glass on the side table. His body convulsed as a violent coughing fit enveloped him. The teenaged vampire wrapped her arms around her Maker and held her against her body. When the coughs finally subsided, Bill fell backward on the bed exhausted, his eyes closed. Jessica looked down and saw her arm covered in blood where Bill had coughed onto her. 
Bill’s chest rose and fell quickly as he struggled for breath. As he opened his eyes, he watched her wipe blood off her arm. A trickle of blood dropped off his chin as he reached to a white cloth beside the bed. He wiped his own chin with shame. “I’m sorry, Jess.”
Jessica looked down at her arm and shirt dotted with Bill’s blood. “It’s alright. It’ll come out.” Jessica’s fingers brushed across the blood on her shirt as it absorbed into the material. She shrugged as she saw the embarrassment on his face. “I never liked this shirt anyway. I have others.”  
Bill sighed as his head rested against the pillow. “You should return to your coffin. You need your rest.”
“I can’t sleep.”
Jessica nodded silently. 
“Jess, if it’s meant to be, it will happen. Maybe not today, tomorrow, or ten years from now. If you are meant to be together, it will happen.”
Jessica shook her head solemnly. “No, I glamored him. He doesn’t remember anything about me or Jason.”
Bill reached up and caressed her cheek tenderly. “Don’t give up hope. You will be alive for a long time, Jess. People in your life will come and go. If you find someone worth fighting for, like Hoyt, then you go for it. Sometimes, you have to take a chance when it comes to love.” Bill smiled as he thought of Sookie. “If I had not went to Merlotte’s, I never would have met Sookie.”
“What about your wife, you know, when you were alive?”
A shadow spread itself across Bill’s face. “Caroline. My dear, beloved Caroline. Our marriage was arranged, Jess, to unite our family’s lands with our neighbor. My father was dying and he wanted to see me married to a woman of good birth who could produce strong sons to carry on the family line. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever set my eyes on when I first saw her. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes,” Bill added wistfully. “We grew to love each other. After I was turned, I would have given anything to be by her side. Anything.” Bill felt a lump in his throat swell. “Jess, you should go to bed. I’m.....tired.”
Jess nodded. “Alright.I’ll see you at sundown then.”
Bill motioned for her to lean over to him. He gave her a tender kiss on the cheek. “Good night, sugar pie.”
Jess smiled at her Maker’s affection. Her father, during her human life, was distant. Ultra-religious and overbearing, Jessica lived a sheltered life. Although she resented much of Bill’s overprotective nature, a tiny part of her appreciated it. Bill would kill and die for her if he knew it would keep her, his progeny and vampire child, safe.
The girl rose out of the bed and hesitantly walked to the door. “Sleep well, Bill.”
“You, too, princess.”
Jessica smiled and crept out of the room, carefully shutting the door behind her. She placed her forehead against the door and closed her eyes. “I wish I could save you. I wish there was something I could do.”
A quiet groaning from the other side of the door told Jessica that Bill was in more pain than he showed her. “Sookie, you have to save him or we’ll lose him forever.”

Next Chapter: Eric comes to visit and learns of Bill’s illness. 

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