The Wolf and the Vipers

BY : lionmode
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Dorne. Jon Snow, the palest boy in the Seven Kingdoms, found himself in Dorne. He spent days boiling in the sun as he ventured into the Water Gardens, the residence of Prince Doran Martell. The meeting with the Prince went better than expected, and he was generous enough to grant the Night's Watch 400 Dornish soldiers. While Jon was pleased with their talk, he couldn't help but be distracted. Behind the Prince's wheelchair sat a girl, with closely cropped dark hair and mischevious brown eyes. Her body was curvaveous, and her dress was cut quite low. More than once, Jon found his eyes wandering to her chest, desiring to see what was hidden beneath her gown. Jon wasn't ashamed to admit he also stared more than once at the old Prince's son, a strong handsome man named Trystane. His hair was curly like Jon's, and his dark eyes and thick lips were alluring to the young bastard. 

That evening, Jon was escorted to his chambers for the night. A warm bath was awaiting him, and he undressed and slid in. The warm water comforted him, and he thought about the few times he had been fortunate to have a bath since leaving Winterfell, and what he would do to himself in those baths. But before he could start, his door swung open. He yelped in surprise as the girl from the meeting strode into his chambers, awkwardly hiding his cock in his hands.

"My lady!" he gasped. "Forgive me."

"I'm no lady," she purred, "just like you're no lord."


"I'm a bastard," she said calmly. "Just like you."

"Oh, I do recall hearing there are quite a few of us this far South."

"Indeed," she said, staring at Jon's pale body. 

"Forgive me, I didn't learn your name," Jon said awkardly.

"Tyene," she replied. "The Prince is my uncle."

"I see. Well, your Uncle is a very generous man."

"Indeed. We have that in common."

"Do you?"

Tyene strode up to the tub and sat on the edge, staring directly at the giant piece of flesh Jon had cupped between his hands. She smiled. 

"I saw you staring at my tits," she confided in him. 

Jon gasped and desperately tried to wrestle his manhood down. 

"I am terribly sorry, my lady, I mean, Tyene."

"Don't apologize," she said. "I was staring at you, too."

With that, she pulled a string on her gown and it fell away around her. Jon stared in awe at the most perfect pair of breasts he'd ever seen. They were large and round, but didn't sag. Her nipples were small and dark. Keeping his cock hidden between his hands instantly became much more difficult. 

"Have you ever been with a woman before?" Tyene inquired. 

"The Night's Watch...I took a vow...but....yes," Jon stammered.

"Good," Tyene said in a husky voice. 

She reached down into the water, and pulled Jon's hands away from his meat. His giant penis burst through the water and rushed up to greet her.

"You're a large man," she observed, gingerly stroking the tip.

Jon gasped as his cock quivered at her touch. Tyene seemed amused. She started jacking him off more vigorously, and Jon could do nothing but stare in shock. Eventually, she took her hands off of him, much to his dismay, and rose to her feet.

"Come with me, Jon Snow," she ordered.

Jon rushed to his feet and stepped out of the tub. He quickly dried himself off and rushed out the door after her. He didn't even stop to get dressed. The Sand Snake sauntered down the corridor as the warm night air swirled around her. Her nudity was glorious, and she strode without a care. Jon rushed to meet her again, his cock bouncing between his legs as he ran. 

"Where are you taking me?" Jon asked as she wrapped her hands around a heavy wooden doorknob. 

"To the Prince," she hissed as she swung the door open. 

Jon gasped and once again failed miserably at hiding his cock. Tyene strode into the room. Instead of the wheelchair-bound old man Jon was expecting, he saw only flesh. The young Prince Trystane laid atop a woman, both of them as naked as their namedays. The Prince ceased kissing the girl as Jon and Tyene entered the room. 

"Lord Commander," he purred. 

"My-my Prince," Jon stammered.

"Do not worry," Trystane said smoothly. "You have nothing to fear. I asked Ty to bring you here, so I could welcome you to Dorne more intimately." 

With that, the Prince pressed his thick lips against Jon's neck, and kissed the oft-ignored part of the body passionately. Their hard cocks rubbed together, until Trystane grabbed Jon's manhood and stroke it fiercely. Jon could do nothing but moan as the Prince sucked his neck and jerked his cock. He awkwardly wrapped his hands around the Prince's waist, feeling his toned body in his hands. But the pleasure endded abruptly, when the Prince released his cock and stepped back.

"But it is not you I desire, Lord Commander. Not tonight."

He gave Jon a friendly pat on the shoulder and crawled back into bed with the whore.  

"This is Eve," Trystane said with a deep sigh as he heaved his cock into her.

"You're cute!" she said to Jon between moans, as the Prince began pounding away between her legs. 

Tyene came back to Jon and led him the bed. He laid down beside the whore, and Tyene lowered herself on top of him. She rocked her hips as she slid onto his cock. Jon was pleasantly surprised to see his cock fully disappear inside her, right down to his balls. She moaned like a whore, as did the whore, as the two men fucked the shit out of them. Jon slammed himself into her, his jaw hanging open from the sheer pleasure of her cunt. 

"Let's switch," the Prince suggested. 

He pulled himself out of the whore, and Jon rolled out from underneath Tyene. When the two men strode past each other in front of the bed, Trystane kissed Jon, jamming his tongue down his throat. Jon quite liked it. When Trystane pulled away, he gave Jon a playful slap on the ass and went to Tyene. He rolled her onto her hands and knees and shoved himself into her from the back. The girl shrieked as his giant cock thurst into her. Jon laid down on top of Eve and went to work, fucking her in a rhythm he had perfected with Ygritte long ago. She screamed in pleasure, but whether it was for hers or Jon's, he couldn't tell. 

"I'm there!" Trystane announced after several minutes of silence and sweat and moaning. 

He pounded away into Tyene, roaring at the top of his voice. He dripped with sweat as he emptied himself into her. Tired, he sank down onto the bed beside Tyene. Jon and Eve were still going at it beside them. The Prince absently began stroking Jon's hair as the Lord Commander neared his release. Eve wrapped her legs around his pale body, making it impossible to spill his seed outside of her. Instead, he moaned and gasped as his cock spasmed inside her, busting out a heavy stream of cum. The sound of their skin slapping together echoed throughout the room, as Jon violently gave Eve every last drop of his seed. 

Once he was done, he sank down on top of Eve to catch his breath. The Prince, still playing with his hair, pulled him in for another kiss. This time, Jon reciprocated, wrestling the Dornishmen's tongue with his own. Soon, the four of them all fell still. 

In the morning, Jon woke up to the feeling of the Prince sucking his nipple. It made Jon feel good, and his cock quickly sprang to life. 

"My Prince," Jon said sleepily. 

"Ahh, the Lord Commander has awoken," Trystsne said. "Let me take care of that for you." 

His tan muscular hands gripped Jon's giant veiny cock and massaged it. Being that Trystane had one as well, he was far more familiar with the proper way to pleasure a mans cock. He rubbed his thumb against the bottom of the tip of Jon's cock while jerking him off with the other, making the bastard squirm. 

Tyene skunk forward and lowered her mouth to Jon's foot. In a shockingly pleasurable gesture, she took Jon's toes in her mouth as if it were a cock. His toes wiggled in her mouth, and she hungrily licked them up. 

Eventually, Jon's release was at hand. The Prince lowered his mouth to Jon's cock and shoved it down his throat. Jon cried out in pleasure and started rocking his hips, as if he were fucking Trystane's throat. As the Prince sloppily choked on Jon'a manhood, the bastard came. He shook and squirmed as he shot his seed down Trystane's throat. 

Once Jon was done, Trystane continued to hungrily suck on Jon's cock for a few minutes, until eventually bringing his head up to face Jon. Jon kissed him hard, and tasted his cum in the boys mouth. 

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