The FanFic Critic and her Vagina of Wonders

BY : mylokitty
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Disclaimer: This fanfic is based of the web show The FanfFic Critic which I do not own. It's about the two main fictional characters played by the same actress. I do not make money from this fanfic.

It was a long day for the Fanfic critic. She had read a long boring fanfictions and was thinking of giving herself pleasures.


She laid on her bed and turned on her radio to listen to sexy music. She took her pants off and her suit so she was completely naked in front of her mirror. She then laid on her bed again and took virgin olive oil to pour it over herself. Then she used her middle finger to give herself a pleasure, but she soon found out she needed something thicker.


So she took of her glasses and pushed them in her VaJJ. She pulled them in & out and in & out but it still wasn’t enough. She then took a banana that she dipped in chocolate sauce and she used it as her dildo. But it broke off.


“DAMN IT” she screamed. “How am I supposed to continue?” she said in her head. She then took the longest fork she had and gently pulled the banana out. I need something stronger she said and she peeled a carrot. She pleasured herself for 20 minutes and boy did she enjoy it. Her neighbors could listen to her orgasms like she did it in front of them.


Then the door opened. It was Susan and she looked stunned at the critic.

Meggie said: “I can explain, it’s not what you think”.


Susan said in a very British accent “You think that I don’t know about the shite you’re doing here 3 times per day”


The critic turned red of shame. Then Susan said: “I can’t believe that your vagina can do this, mine is like a snail compared to yours”


Meggie giggled at the compliment. Susan then showed her what she had in her hand. It was an enormous zucchini. Meggie got all sweaty at looking at it.


“I always wanted to see for myself how much your vagina can take, so let me have the honor of testing it” Susan said.


Meggie said: “My vaginal lips will open at your command!” She said passionately.


Susan got naked and she slammed the zucchini with all her force into Meg’s vagina. Then dwarf Martin aka Sparky showed at the door. “What are you doing here?” they both yelled.


Martin said: “I heard Meg and I wanted to see what is happening, it sounded like a lioness was getting her fur waxed off, but I see that you two are busy, so I won’t bother”.


Maggie and Susan yelled: “Come join us”. “Okey, dokey” Martin said, threw her Gameboy away and jumped on the bed. They all poured Olive oil on themselves, so that they were greasier than Sardines from the can. They all rubbed each other and that attracted the 30 cats that were roaming in the house.



“Come here kitties” said Meggie in a seductive voice. The kittens happily came and Meggie grabbed Caddy & Rorschach and pushed them in her enormous vagina. It was very warm in it and the kittens were really happy, so it came as no surprise that her cats placed themselves in a 69 position. Meggie then put cat food in it, so that the cats won’t starve during the next few hours.


I still have room, Meggie said. Susan then pushed the zucchini with all her force into Meg’s vagina. She continued to push it and out until Meggie screamed: “OH! Yes! YEEES! I never had such good sex in my live!”


They continued to have sex, Megan & Susan and Martin & the 28 remaining cats until 24 hours passed. They all fell unconscious from their enormous orgasms and Meg still had the whole cucumber in her.


Then the two kittens came from her vagina. They said in their cat language: “This is even better than riding a roller coaster and you get a free massage too!”


And so the FFC gets rid of her stress from bad fanfics. Now she is ready for a new FANFICTION!

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