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He hid behind the tree as he tried to catch his breath and looked over  to see his friend trying to find him . “Aww,C’mon Tommy. I just wanna play with you. Come out, come out wherever you are “! Doug called out in a sing song voice as he searched for Tom. He pressed himself closer  to the tree as heard Doug disappear through some bushes. Tom breathed a sigh of relief as he saw him disappear from sight . His furry ears twitched as he listened for any sign of his friend trying to look for him . Satisfied that Doug wasn't anywhere in sight ,Tom  decided to go while the going was good . As he trotted away from the area he thought about  the events that led to him hiding from Doug.  It started out with with him feeling hot ,then his clothes became itchy and uncomfortable, the slightest movement causing his skin to be irritated, and most embarrassing of all he was getting horny all the time .

It was getting harder to ignore the feeling inside of him and he was getting tired of using his hand and it wasn't helping anymore .

Tom then had to deal with a suddenly amorous friend who had suddenly turned to groping him . He had realized he that had came into his heat . Tom had enough sense to not act on his impulse  and let Doug fuck him ,never was like a brother to him and he didn't want to do something they would both regret.

Frustrated  he decided to go to and take a swim to cool off  and give him  time to think  .


Dennis leaned against a tree while he ate an apple . He was on a thick branch and leaned against the tree trunk while he enjoyed the cool wind on his face  .  He hummed to himself as he laid with his tail curled against him as he ate his apple . As Dennis was about to take a bite of his apple, he heard a noise underneath him  . He glanced around looking for the source of the noise,  when suddenly a figure appeared below him  . Dennis looked at the figure curiously as it came into full view .

Dennis looked on as the figure came closer and was now under him . It was  definitely a male  ,a fox hybrid male . Now Dennis’s curiosity was piqued as he watched the little fox glanced around warily while his bushy tail flicked back and forth in agitation  .

He couldn't see clearly what the little fox hybrid looked like , but Dennis  could make  out a mop of brown hair and his ears a rusty color with black tips, he wore a grey shirt and a pair of faded blue jeans. His bushy tail swayed with his movements  .

Dennis grinned as he noticed a faint spicy sweet aroma that seemed to come from  the fox . He licked his lips while he watched as the fox walked away from him , he was going fox hunting.

He waited until the fox disappeared before he tossed the apple and followed him into the forest  .


Tom swam lazily letting the sun warm him  . He felt a bit more relaxed now that he had time to himself  ,but he decided to get out and risk someone sneaking up on

him . Tom sank into the water before he resurfaced with a gulp of air and shook his head, letting water droplets  fly everywhere  .


Dennis growled in frustration as he looked around searching for his little fox  . He didn't want anyone beating him to his prize ! Just as he was about to turn around and look else where, Dennis heard a noise coming from a few yards from where he was standing  . He walked quietly to a wall of bamboo and peeked through them carefully  . He spotted his prey immediately  . His cute little fox hybrid was drying himself as he finger combed his bushy tail . He smirked before quietly making his way through the bamboo  and closer  to his prey .


Tom was too distracted drying his tail that he didn't notice Dennis walking closer to him until he was almost next  to him .

“Hello there “.

Tom jumped as he turned to see Dennis looking at him  .

“Um...Hello “.

“My name's Dennis  “.

Tom blushed as Dennis looked at him with a wide smirk that made him nervous  . Dennis  meanwhile looked at Tom  with a smile  . The fox was even more beautiful up close , he definitely didn't plan on letting him go . “Uh, well, Dennis  ? I have to

go . Nice meeting you . Bye “. Tom walked past Dennis , but was blocked as the other  stood in his way .

“Aww, C’mon . Can't we talk about little  , foxy “?

“Mmm , my names Tom  . And I really should go “.  Again Tom tried to leave but Dennis grabbed his arm  . Tom turned around and hissed at him , showing small fangs as the smaller male grew angry .

Dennis leaned to inhaled that spicy sweet scent . “Now come on , is that any way to treat someone who's trying to help you “? Tom frowned as he glanced at Dennis  . His own black furry ears twitched on top of his dark hair  . He wore a white shirt and black jeans . Tom noticed the tali  laying limp  . This was a wolf  ,Tom guessed  as he watched him warily  . “Wh...what do you mean “?

Dennis smirked as he chuckled  . “ How long have you've  been in heat “?

Tom stared at Dennis as he blushed red from embarrassment  .

“That's none of your business  ! Now let me go “! Tom tried to yank his hand away  from Dennis  ,but the wolf was strong  .

Dennis pulled Tom forward and wrapped his arms around Tom and kissed him . Tom’s eyes went wide  with shock as he felt hands roam all over his body  . He tried to  push Dennis away ,but it was useless . Finally he tore his mouth away as getting hissed again  . “I know you want it, and you want it bad . It's okay  “

“I'm not some slut  for you to fuck “!

“I never said that  . What's wrong with two people  wanting to ...entertain  each

other ? I promise you'll feel better for it “. Tom blushed as Dennis gave him a lusty look before he rolled his hips against his own . “I'm not  some entertainment  for you ! Lemme go “! Instead Dennis pulled  Tom  closer to him and grabbed  his derriere and ground himself in a sensual rhythm  . “You could be more than my entertainment  .  I can make you feel really good , just gimme a chance “ . Those words made Tom  shiver as  he began to think about it . “I -I  don't do  things like this .” . He found himself saying .

“That's okay . And for the record ,I don't think of you as a slut “ .

“No  ,you don't understand  . I've never ....I haven't done this before  “ .

Dennis smile went wide at hearing that . This was perfect  !

“Oh ,baby , you're  in for a treat “!

Dennis kissed Tom as he dropped to the ground taking Tom with him  , he gave  him a kiss as his hands roamed everywhere . He licked and nipped at Tom's  neck as he tilted his head to the side  to give him access  . He returned the kisses  shyly as he was gently pushed to the ground  . Dennis  yanked off his shirt  just before  he slid his hands under Tom's and pulled it up as he peppered kisses  on his stomach,  then bunched it in husband hands as he licked his way to Tom’s chest and took a dusky nipple into his mouth and licked it . Tom gasped  as the wet tongue swirled around the nub until it harden  , Dennis then gave the other nipple the same treatment  . The dark-haired wolf had pulled Tom's shirt off and then his hand slid  down to dive into his pants  . Dennis  rubbed Tom's  cock while he licked and sucked where he could reach.  Tom moaned as he felt hands roam everywhere on his  body  . Needing to see more of his little fox  , Dennis took off the rest of their clothes  , he looked down at his prize hungrily , Tom was perfect  .

Tom blushed as his tail moved to cover his crotch  , he wasn't  used to being stared at  like that.

But Dennis didn't  let him stay like that , he moved the bushy appendage gently away . “You're so beautiful “. He breathed as he rubbed at Tom's flanks .

“Thank you ?” candidate a shy response as Tom looked away . Wanting to hear Tom moan , but also wanting to be inside of him  , Dennis  decided to play with his fox for a bit first . So he sat on his knees and grabbed Tom's legs and draped them over his shoulders as he raised his hips into the air and took his cock into his mouth  . “Unhg!”  Tom leaned on his elbows as he watched Dennis suck his head at first then worked more of his length into  his mouth  . He let out a sigh as Dennis bobbed his head up and down linking and sucking while he fondled  his balls  . Tom felt an ache build in his stomach  he was losing control and he like it . Dennis continued to  suck on  the  fleshy muscle  ,paying special attention to the head  lacking at the slit  his hand wandering around to the puckered entrance to rub it . He sank his fingertip  as he rubbed  while he watched Tom writhe . Just then Tom grunted  as he froze  . Dennis milked him lapping  what drizzled  out . Tom looked as Dennis licked his essence  from his lips . He didn't  seem to mind the taste . He shifted closer to him and curled his fingers around Dennis’s thick girth . He looked at the weeping cock in his hand and began to stroke it . “Mmmm,  yes . Touch me “. Dennis covered Tom's hand and used it to stroke himself  . Tom watched fascinated as Dennis closed his eyes and sighed in pleasure  . He spread his thighs apart as he moved their hands at just the right pace . Dennis cried out as he shuddered and released into their  hands  . Tom glanced at the sticky substance in his hand and without thinking brought his fingers to his mouth and licked them clean as Dennis looked at him with a predatory look  . To Dennis that was such an erotic sight . He couldn't wait anymore  , he wanted him and he wanted now . He jerked Tom to him and kissed him hungrily  before  he maneuvered him where he wanted him . Dennis frowned  as he looked around  first something to act as lube . He spotted a berry bush . He went and grabbed a handful of the sweet smelling berries nearby and squeezed them until juice ran down his hand  . He drizzled some on the puckered entrance and began to sink a finger into the warmth  . Dennis rubbed his finger in and out  a few times then sank a second finger  in and stretched Tom  .

Tom winced as he felt the digits inside of him , they didn't hurt , but I gotta didn't feel good either  . Suddenly he saw stars as they bumped against something  . Seeing Tom's reaction  ,Dennis  continued to hit that spot  in Tom  .

Tom let out a gasp as he felt those fingers press against  Huxley prostate  . His cock was leaking and he was beginning to  feel that familiar ache in his stomach  . Assured that Tom was sufficiently ready  , Dennis sat up and rolled Tom onto his side then moved behind him and lifted his leg as he rubbed himself on Tom before he guided himself into Tom's body  .

Tom's first instinct was to get away from the painful intrusion  , but his body felt like it was on fire  . “Fuuuuucckk “!

Dennis kept still as getting waited for the fox to adjust  . He wrapped his arms around Tom and played with his nipples as he kissed his shoulder.  “You have to relax . “. Tom grunted . Yeah easy for him to say , he wasn't the one with a cock up his ass  ! Dennis moved slowly as he worked more  of his cock into Tom.  Not wanting to hurt him  , Dennis curled his fingers around Tom's flaccid member and used his thumb to swipe at the slit . Tom's furry ears went flat against him he felt his hole burn   . Dennis was in to the hilt by now  , he kissed Tom's tears as they leaked out . He moved slightly and Tom cried out  , this time in bliss . Smirking when he realized he found Tom's sweet spot  ,Dennis aimed for it as Tom let out wanton moans  .

“Ahhh ! Haa “.

“You like that  ? Tell me you like it “ ! Dennis groaned into Tom's ear as he licked his neck . Tom meanwhile was lost in a haze  . He was mindless  .

“”I -Unhg, I like it “!

As good as it felt  , Tom needed something else , it felt like an itch only Dennis could scratch  . That ache was still there , although not as strong as it was before .

“Har- Harder ! Ha aaaghh,  harder “ ! Dennis complied eagerly  as he grabbed a hip hard enough to leave fingerprints.  His other hand was busy pinching  a nipple as it traveled down to caress and rub before stroking Tom  .  Dennis released into Tom soon then Tom came . “Mine! You're all mine “! Dennis growled into Tom's ear as he held him tenderly  .


A gift fic for a friend  . Hope you like

it Open Page  .

This is the result of a dream I had .


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