How to survive Ramsey Snow

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Sitting in the steaming hot bath Sansa stared vacantly at the wall as the warm water soothed her abused body, dulling the aches and pains she had received on her wedding night to Ramsey Bolton. Shuddering as she remembered how Ramsey had pawed at her supple body as he had roughly taken her and all the other indignities he had done to her Sansa didn’t notice the door to the room open until a soft voice said “My Lady?”

Jumping in surprise Sansa whirled around to find a pretty, brown haired northern girl smiling at her “W-Who are you?” Sansa asked.

“I’m Myranda my Lady.” The woman replied “Lord Ramsey has instructed me to attend you.” Stepping closer to the bath Myranda reached out to run a finger over Sansa's bruised neck “I hope you have a high collared gown my Lady otherwise you shan’t be making any appearances until this fades.”

Recoiling from her touch Sansa glared angrily at her and snapped “Don’t touch me!”

“I’m merely doing as my Lord has commanded.” Myranda replied simply. “He wants you presentable for when the other Northern Lords visit to celebrate your wedding.”

Sneering at her Sansa replied “And why should I care what he wants?”

“You should care. Lord Ramsey doesn’t like it when he is disobeyed.” She answered as she shrugged off her own dress revealing her naked body to Sansa making the girl gasp at the sight of the scars and bruises that covered her pale, lithe body. Seeing the look on Sansa's face Myranda smiled and said “You’re not the only woman who has endured Ramsey’s affections.”

“Y-You...” Sansa started.

“I was Ramsey’s bedwarmer before you arrived back at Winterfell.” She explained “Does your body still hurt My Lady?”

“Y-Yes.” Sansa nodded her head.

“Ramsey enjoys tormenting his playthings but he won’t do anything permanent to you; at least not until he tires of you.” Seeing the look of terror on Sansa's face Myranda asked “Shall I teach you how to entertain your husband?”

“T-Teach me?” Sansa asked.

“You do not survive for long in the Dreadfort without knowing how to appease Lord Ramsey. I could teach you how to blunt Lord Ramsey’s more... painful attention.” she offered.

“T-Thank you.” Sansa said.

“Think nothing of it my Lady.” Myranda purred as she pulled Sansa from the bath and led her out towards her bedroom. “Don’t bother dressing, you won’t need clothes.” She said not pausing to allow Sansa to reply. Having the girl stand in the middle of the room Myranda circled her and examined her wet, pale body. Running her fingers over the various bruises that littered her pale form Myranda chewed on her bottom lip as she imagined Ramsey roughly taking the highborn girls virginity in the most painful way possible. Pressing herself into Sansa's back Myranda whispered into her ear “Tell me what Lord Ramsey did to you.”

“He tore off my clothes.” Sansa started. “And then he started touching me.”

“How did he touch you?” Myranda asked.

“H-He squeezed my breasts.” She said “He twisted my nipples until I cried out and begged him to stop.”

“You did well.” Myranda assured her as she slipped her hands upwards to cup Sansa's small breasts and lightly pinch her puffy nipples “Had you not begged him he would have kept twisting until he tore them off.” She revealed causing Sansa to shudder. “What did he do next?”

“He made me go on all fours like a dog and... Present myself to him.” Sansa said, her face turning scarlet in shame. “He put his fingers into me saying that he needed to be sure that I was a virgin. And then he put them in...”

“In your ass?” Myranda suggested with a leer.

Nodding her head Sansa continued “Then he called in Theon.” She said only to cry out when Mryanda twisted her nipple.

“Reek.” She corrected Sansa “You must call him Reek. Lord Ramsey becomes very displeased when he is called anything but that.” Seeing Sansa nod her head Myranda smiled and said “Now what did he make Reek do to you?”

“He had Reek lick my cunny.” Sansa said. “He said he wanted him to make me wet.”

“And did you get wet?” she asked.

“Of course not!” Sansa denied hotly.

“You should have.” Myranda told her. “Believe me when I say it is best to give Lord Ramsey what he wants. If he wishes for you to cum when you are licked by Reek you should drown him in your juices.” She counselled. “What happened next?”

“H-He made Reek remove his britches and bend over before forcing me to lick his ass.” Sansa shivered in revulsion.

“I imagine that was terrible.” Myranda said, suppressing a laugh. “Reek sleeps with the dogs in the kennels, they often piss and shit on him in the night. I’ve heard they even mount him and he lets them finish on him.” she said knowing full well that was what happened. “What did you do next?”

“Ramsey forced me to wear a... a...” she trailed off.

“A cock?” Myranda supplied helpfully.

Nodding her head Sansa said “He made me mount Reek like a dog. He made me thrust into him over and over again until he collapsed beneath me.”

Rubbing her wet thighs together Myranda asked “What did Ramsey do to you?”

“He grabbed me by the hair and threw me against the bed. He slapped my ass over and over again before he stuck his cock into my cunny.” She said as her body trembled “Once he finished inside of me he then entered my ass.”

“Did you scream when he stuck it up there?” Myranda asked her as she brought her hand around to squeeze her ass.

“Yes.” Sansa nodded “Once he was done with me he made Reek suck his seed from my ass and spit it into my cunny while I had to take his cock into my mouth clean it with my tongue.”

“You’re a lucky girl.” Myranda purred as she lightly kissed Sansa's cheek causing her to look at her in confusion “Ramsey went easy on you. I imagine he’ll soon come up with more inventive ways to torment you.” Seeing the terrified look on Sansa's pretty face Myranda almost came. Doing her best to stop herself from humping the girl in her excitement Myranda cupped Sansa's chin and asked “Shall I teach you how to survive your husband?”

“P-Please.” Sansa nodded.

Smiling at her Myranda moved to stand in front of Sansa and gently stroked her cheek and said “I’m going to slap you now, OK?” before Sansa could nod her head Myranda struck her face making her cry out as she fell to the floor. Clutching her stinging face Sansa looked up at the woman with tears in her eyes. Seeing her reach down with her hand extended Sansa took a hold of her hand and started to get to her feet only to be slapped again.

Her head ringing from the assault Sansa whimpered and cried out when Myranda grabbed hold of her fiery locks and forced her to look into her eyes “When Lord Ramsey knocks you to the floor stay down until he commands you to move. Otherwise he will just knock you down harder and harder until you can’t get up. Understand?”

“Y-Yes.” Sansa wept.

“Good.” She grinned and she forced her lips against Sansa's and shoved her tongue into her mouth. Unable to pull away Sansa instead returned the kiss, her own tongue entering Myranda’s mouth only to cry out when the other woman bit down hard on it. Pulling back and dragging Sansa's tongue with her Myranda released the girl and smirked at the pained look on her face. “You must get used to pain, My Lady. Embrace it, learn to enjoy it.”

“How can I enjoy being in pain?” Sansa asked.

“You must learn to associate pain with pleasure.” Smirking at her Myranda asked “Tell me my Lady, have you ever pleasured yourself?” Seeing Sansa's face light up in a blush Myranda grinned and said “I see that you have. Good, now touch yourself for me.” She demanded.

“Y-You want me to... In front of you?” Sansa gulped.

“Does the thought of performing for me embarrass you My Lady?” Myranda wondered with a smile. “Lord Ramsey enjoys humiliating his playthings. Once he made a girl strip and finger her cunt in front of his Bastard Boys.” Seeing the look of terror spread across her face Myranda reached out to tenderly caress Sansa's cheek “It’s best to get used to these things now when it’s just the two of us.”

Nodding her head Sansa slid a hand down between her legs and started stroking her pussy. Leering at her Myranda knelt in front of Sansa and started playing with her nipples. “That’s it my Lady, play with your slutty pussy like the highborn whore you are.” She growled as she forced her lips against Sansa's.

As her tongue invaded Sansa's mouth Myranda tugged and twisted Sansa's pink teats causing her to moan into her mouth. Releasing one of her nipples Myranda moved the hand down Sansa's stomach and roughly thrust two fingers into Sansa's cunny making her cry out. Pumping her fingers in and out of her Myranda pulled her lips away and smirked at the red faced girl “Look at how wet your cunt is. You’re actually getting off on this aren’t you?” she leered. Before Sansa could object Myranda pressed on “Don’t deny it, embrace your slutty nature.” She growled lustfully as Sansa panted and thrust her hips against Myranda’s hand. “Cum for me, cum for me you fucking slut!” she demanded as she leaned down to bite Sansa's nipple while thumbing her clit causing her to buck her hips wildly as she came, her juices gushing out around the digits inside of her.

As Sansa lay panting Myanda withdrew her fingers before holding it up to Sansa's dazed eyes and shoving them into her mouth, causing the Stark girl to gag as they slipped down the back of her throat. “That’s it slut, you like the taste of cunt don’t you?” getting only a garbled response from her Myranda withdrew her fingers and wiped them through Sansa's hair. Standing in front of her with her hand gripping her hair Myranda said “Since you liked it so much you can indulge your hunger for cunts to your hearts content.” She declared as she thrust her crotch into Sansa's face making her eyes go wide.

“Y-You want me to lick you there?!” Sansa exclaimed in shock. “I-I’ve never-” her sentence was cut short when Myranda roughly twisted the hair in her grasp making her cry out.

“Do you think Ramsey will care about that?” she snapped down at her “My cunt is far from the worst place Ramsey is likely to make you shove your tongue into. If you’re too stupid to see that I’m trying to help you I’ll leave you to Lord Ramsey.” She said as she turned to walk away only to stop when Sansa lunged forward to cling onto her waist.

“I-I’m sorry!” Sansa cried pitifully “I’ll do whatever you ask, please just help me.” She begged.

“You’ll do anything?” Myranda purred. Getting a nod from the girl a grin spread across Myanda’s face as she bent forward to thrust her pert ass in Sansa's face “In that case lick my asshole.” she demanded.

Meekly nodding her head Sansa leaned forward with her tongue extended and started circling the puckered orifice. Letting out a moan Myranda rocked her hips back against Sansa's face before reaching back to grasp her hair to hold her against her ass. “That’s it you dirty slut! Stick your tongue in my ass! I want you to stick it in deep!” Doing as she was told Sansa wormed her tongue into Myranda’s ass causing the woman to let out a lewd moan. “That’s it you slut, wiggle your tongue around. Reek’s isn’t the only ass Ramsey is going to make you lick so you had best learn to love the taste.” Tiring of Sansa's anal attention Myranda turned around so that her pussy was in front of Sansa's face. Cupping her chin Myranda smirked down at her and said “You know what to do.”

Nodding her head Sansa leaned in and started lapping at her puusy, her tongue running up and down her labia before sliding deep into her tight love channel. Thrusting her hips against her face Myranda groaned and ground her pussy against her lips “That’s it you little cunt licker. You like the taste of my cunt don’t you?” she growled down at her.

“Y-Yes.” Sansa admitted between licks, her tongue flicking her clit.

“Then how about this?” She asked as she started pissing right into Sansa's mouth.

Her eyes going wide Sansa turned her head and spat out the mouthful of urine, coughing and spluttering as the stream of urine splashed over her cheek and hair. Grabbing hold of her hair Myranda pulled her head back and held her chin to keep her mouth open so that she pissed directly onto her tongue. “Drink it down!” she demanded as she roughly twisted Sansa's hair.

When the stream finally dried up Myranda released her hold on Sansa causing her to slump to the floor coughing and heaving as she did. Looking down at her Myranda smirked down at her and said “I hope you liked the taste my Lady. Lord Ramsey will force you to drink things much fouler than my water.” She purred as she gently caressed Sansa's cheek “You’re fortunate that I’m taking the time to properly train you. You should thank me.”

Nodding her head Sansa pitifully said “T-Thank you Myranda.”

“You’re quite welcome My Lady.” Myranda leered as she grasped her chin and forced her lips against Sansa's, apparently not caring that she could taste her own piss on Sansa's tongue. Breaking the kiss and leaving the Stark girl panting Myranda ran her hands over Sansa's body, groping her firm tits while saying “You have a beautiful body my Lady. Ramsey is going to enjoy soiling it.” She said as she roughly twisted her nipples while pressing her knee into her crotch to grind against her pussy making her wimper. “Your pussy is all wet my Lady. Perhaps you don’t find this kind of treatment as objectionable as you pretended too?” she leered. Not giving Sansa the opportunity to rebuke her Myranda grasped Sansa by the hair and made her crawl towards the bed before throwing her face first onto it.

Climbing on top of her Myranda ran her fingers over Sansa's pale, unblemished back and purred “You have beautiful skin my Lady.” Imagining her back littered with the scars and welts Ramsey would no doubt inflict Myranda had to bite her bottom lip to suppress a sadistic moan as she ran her hands down her back and jammed two fingers into her asshole making Sansa squeal. “Does your ass still hurt my Lady? Does it still hurt from when Lord Ramsey buggered you in your tight little ass?”

“Yes!” Sansa groaned as she gripped the sheets with her fingers.

“Of course it does. Taking such a huge cock into such a tiny hole, it’s only natural that it’d hurt.” She smirked as she wiggled her fingers inside Sansa's rectum causing her anus to squeeze the invading digits in protest “mmm, that’s it squeeze my fingers with your ass.” she laughed as she pumped her fingers in and out of her. “The more you tighten your ass the more it will hurt and the more Ramsey will enjoy it.”

“I don’t care if Ramsey enjoys it.” Sansa sniffed with a whimper.

“You really are a stupid little girl aren’t you?” Myranda purred into her ear “Ramsey’s enjoyment is all that should matter to you. You see, Ramsey doesn’t need you he just needs your highborn twat. Once he has heirs from your cunt he’ll have no use for you. Do you know what happened to his first wife?” Seeing Sansa shake her head Myranda smirked as said “Ramsey had his fun with her but she didn’t entertain him for long. He locked her in a tower and didn’t feed her. When they found her they discovered she had chewed her own fingers off.” Feeling Sansa shudder beneath her Myranda grinned and said “I doubt you’ll last very long once you’ve whelped a few brats.”

Contemplating her predicament Sansa looked over her shoulder at the woman straddling her back and asked “How can I avoid such a fate?”

“By keeping Ramsey entertained of course.” She leered “Ramsey loves inflicting pain on women, one way or the other he breaks them. And once they’re broken he tires of them so quickly.”

“Then I won’t let him break me.” She said with iron in her voice only to whimper when Myranda shoved a third finger into her ass.

“You dumb little cunt.” Myranda scoffed at her “A pampered, highborn slut like you wouldn’t be able to withstand what he would do to you.”

“Then what do you suggest?” Sansa asked with a grunt as Myranda’s fingers continued to move in and out of her ass.

“I already told you how to survive, you must learn to enjoy pain.” She said.

“Is that how you survived his attention?” Sansa asked. “You enjoy being hurt?”

“Me? Oh no!” she laughed “My tastes are similar to Lord Ramsey’s.” She purred with a cruel edge to her voice “I love seeing people in pain, seeing them debased and degraded. It gets me so wet.” She confessed lustfully. Seeing the look of fear in Sansa's eyes Myranda rubbed her thighs together and said “I was there when Lord Ramsey castrated Reek. I showed him my tits and pussy and got him nice and hard for Lord Ramsey’s knife. I like to think that he can still feel his balls ache from being denied one final release.” She panted breathily into Sansa's ear as she ran her tongue over her cheek. 

“If you like tormenting people of much why are you trying to help me?” Sansa asked.

“Because turning a highborn whore like you into mine and Ramsey’s pain slut is a lot more fun than simply breaking you.” She leered as she slid a hand around Sansa’s hip to delve into her pussy “And judging from how wet you are it seems you’re well on your way.” She smirked.

“N-No I’m not!” Sansa denyed hotly only to cry out when Myranda pinched her clit.

“Deny it all you want but your soaking wet twat doesn’t lie. You’ve been getting off on everything I’ve done to you.” She leered as she bit her ear. Slipping off her back Myranda rummaged through a drawer where she withdrew a strap-on and secured it around her waist. “Now, it’s high time we start training your slutty ass. Now, I can either shove it in raw that will be all the more enjoyable for me and very unpleasant for you or I could stick it in your pussy first and get it nice and wet.” She purred as she climbed back onto the bed and pressed the tip of her cock against Sansa's asshole “Of course, if you’re not wet there’s no point doing that. So what will it be? Is your pussy wet enough for me to bother fucking it?”

“Yes.” Sansa reluctantly admitted.

“Yes what?” Myranda asked as she slapped Sansa's plump ass. “Tell me what you want me to do.”

“P-Please fuck my pussy before you stick your cock in my ass.” she said, her voice trembling.

“And why should I do that?” she wondered.

“Because my pussy is wet.” Sansa admitted.

“And why is it wet? Is it because you’re a pain slut who loves to be used and humiliated?” Myranda asked.

“Y-Yes I am.” Sansa nodded.

“Well in that case...” Myranda smirked as she thrust her dick into Sansa's wet cleft causing her to moan. Slowly sliding in and out of her pussy Myranda grinned at the way Sansa shuddered and slipped a hand around her hip to play with her clit. “You’re already soaking wet aren’t you?” she asked as Sansa thrust her hips against her hand. “You act like a prim and proper lady but really you’re nothing more than a horny slut.” She leered as she slapped Sansa's rump before spreading her cheeks and pressing her thumb into her ass.

As Sansa groaned at the violation Myranda lustfully licked her lips and said “I think you’re ready to have your ass fucked.” She purred as she pulled out of Sansa's moist cunny and pressed her tip against her anus. Taking hold of Sansa's hair Myranda yanked her head back and growled out “I want you to beg me to train your slutty asshole.”

“P-Please train my slutty asshole.” Sansa whimpered pitifully.

“Reach back and spread your ass for me.” Myranda ordered with a leer. Nodding her head Sansa moved her hands back to pull apart her cheeks to better show off her tiny orifice. Running the wet tip of her cock up and down Sansa's ass crack Myranda pressed it into her anus, her cock sinking deep into her bowels causing Sansa to cry out. Feeling her thighs become wet and her nipples stiffen at the highborn girls wail Myranda thrust even harder into her and began slapping her pale ass colouring it red with handprints. “That’s it my little buttslut, scream for me!” she growled as she pressed herself into Sansa's back and bit down hard on her shoulder while the hand not tugging on her hair snaked around her hip to plunge three fingers into her pussy  while her thumb grazed her clit making Sansa cry out as she came.

Feeling Sansa tighten around her fingers and soak her hand Myranda pounded away even harder into her rectum, not giving the Stark girl a moments respite until Sansa's exclamations of pain and pleasure brought about her own orgasm; her hips slamming hard against Sansa's ass as she moaned loudly into her ear before collapsing on top of the redhead. As both women panted heavily in the wake of their orgasms Myranda pushed herself up from Sansa's sweaty back and leered down at her “That was fun.” She purred only to grin as she saw tears running down Sansa's cheeks. Extending her tongue Myranda began lapping up her tears. “mmm, I love the taste of your tears. It makes all my hard work worthwhile.” She laughed as she removed the strap-on from her hips leaving it imbedded deep in Sansa's ass.

Flipping the girl over onto her back Myranda reached down and roughly shoved two fingers into Sansa's twat making her whimper pathetically “You know, I didn’t actually think that you’d get off on being in pain; I made up the whole store about surviving Ramseys treatment if you grew to enjoy it. I was just using it as an excuse to torment you. Imagine my surprise when you actually started cumming while I abused you.” She laughed in Sansa's face as the girl blushed and looked away. Roughly grasping her chin and forcing her to look in her eyes Myranda smirked down at her and said “Nothing you do will save you from Ramsey. He’s going to do unspeakable things to your body but at least you’ll enjoy it.” She laughed again and slipped off the bed only for the girl to reach out and grasp her hand.

As Myranda looked curiously at the Stark girl kneeling on the floor in front of her, Sansa bashfully stuttered out “I-I didn’t enjoy what Ramsey did to me.” She said as she bit her bottom lip “But I liked what you did.” She reluctantly admitted.

Her eyes glowing with sadistic lust Myranda roughly held her chin and asked “What are you saying? Are you saying you want to be my little pain slut?”

“Y-Yes.” Sansa nodded her head.

Leaning in close enough for their lips to almost touch Myranda breathily said “Piss yourself.”

“W-What?” Sansa asked.

“Piss yourself.” Myranda reiterated “If you really want to be my pain slut you must do whatever I want. And right now I want to watch you soil yourself.”

Blushing brightly Sansa maintained eye contact with Myranda as she relaxed her bladder, causing a yellow stream to flow down her thighs and pool around her knees. Her eyes widening at the sight Myranda broke out into a grin and said “You dirty slut!” and brought her hand back and slapped Sansa hard across the face sending her sprawling on the floor. Grabbing her by her hair Myranda forced Sansa’s face into the puddle of her own making and roughly yanked the cock from her rectum before reattaching the strap-on to her waist. Tugging her head backwards Myranda grinned as she saw piss dripping from Sansa's face and said “What do you want me to do?”

Nervously licking her lips which made her taste her own piss Sansa reached back to spread her cheeks and said “P-Please fuck me in the ass again.”

“As you wish my Lady.” Myranda said mockingly as she forced Sansa's head back down into the puddle before burying her entire length deep into Sansa's bowels.

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