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Claire Dunphy was furious when she found out her daughters had given her brother a spare key to their new home and not her, just because they apparently think she is so controlling she would drop in on them unannounced. Something she had only learned when her spineless brother blurted it out when he was mad at her. And the worst part was he agreed with them. Well, he was going to get what's coming to him soon enough, but today she was going to punish her daughters by doing the one thing they were afraid if her doing, showing up unannounced. She'd had to steal her brother's key, and quickly make a copy of it, to do so, but she was sure it would be worth it to see the look on their faces. Because something was fishy about all this.

Alex and Haley had been at each other's throats pretty much their entire lives, so why were they so willing to live together now? Sure, they had been getting along better lately, but people didn't change. Not really. God knows she still fought with her brother, who she of course loved, but she wouldn't want to live with him. At least not more than a few days. So Alex and Haley had to be hiding something, and Claire was determined to find out what it was. She even made sure she arrived on a Friday night, when her daughters were most likely to be doing something wrong, and entered their apartment as quietly as she could before making her way into the home.

Then a creaky floor board gave her away, and suddenly she heard, "Alex? Honey, I'm in the bedroom."

Clare frowned, and then after a moment's pause quickened her pace, closing the distance between herself and Haley's bedroom, "Haley, what's-"

Completely losing her train of thought Claire found herself staring opened mouth that her eldest daughter. She had always known Haley was beautiful, and God knows Haley had known she was beautiful, but wow, her baby girl really knew how to show off her body. Over the years Claire had kind of got used to it, but it had been a while since she'd seen Haley in something ridiculously skimpy, and never of course lingerie like she was wearing now, which kind of took her off-guard. Especially because it resulted in some unusual thoughts, which she quickly shoved aside in favour of validating thoughts which she pretty much voiced as soon as they came into her head as Claire got over her shock and pointed at her daughter.

"I knew it! I knew something was going on here!" Claire exclaimed proudly.

"You did?" Haley asked weekly after a brief pause.

"Well of course I did." Claire proclaimed, "You can't fool me. You're sleeping with a boy called Alex."

After a long pause Haley smiled and got off the bed while asking, "And why would I try to hide that?"

"Because, because..." Claire thought for a minute while her mind raced, "Because it's some really old, ugly rich man!"

"So I'm a golddigger now?" Haley huffed, "Gee, thanks Mom."

"Or it's a girl!" Claire added, and then frowned, "Wait, is it a girl?"

"So, you think I'm dressed up like this for an old ugly rich man, or a girl called Alex, in an apartment I share with Alex?" Haley questioned.

There was a long pause and then Claire's eyes went wide and she stammered weakly, "Is, is it Alex?"

Haley chuckled, "And you said I couldn't fool you."

"Oh." Claire breathed a sigh of relief, "So it isn't Alex."

"No, it's Alex." Haley confirmed with a grin, "The fooling you part comes from you apparently having no idea we've been doing it for over a year now."

"A, a year?" Claire murmured in disbelief.

"Well, 16 months, 14 days, and 5 glorious hours, but really who's counting?" Haley confessed, her grin becoming even wider.

"Oh my God." Claire mumbled, so stunned she could barely think.

"God, it feels so good to finally tell you." Haley admitted, and then taking advantage of her mother's stunned state continued, "We both wanted to tell you, and we talked about doing it so many times. Actually, we came pretty close a couple of times, but I always chickened out. See, no matter what Alex is going to be fine. Her big brain will ensure she does something amazing with her life. But me, the best thing in my life is her, and it's always going to be her, and I couldn't let you take that away from me. Alex though... she didn't think you would. She always thought we could convince you to see that our love was good and pure. You'd be surprised, but she's actually the more romantic between us. Always surprising me with a amazing date, or sexy lingerie, which is why I'm dressed like this actually. I'm returning the favour for an extra special night where she-"

"Haley! This is insane!" Claire snapped, "You can't date your sister! She's your sister!"

"Except I can, and I have." Haley pointed out.

"But, why?" Claire asked in disbelief, "You hated each other growing up."

"Or, we just couldn't deal with our feelings for each other." Haley said, "And we were faking for at least a year of it."

There was a brief pause and then Claire pointed out, "But, you could have anyone you want."

"Exactly." Haley grinned, "And I chose my sister, who was more unavailable to me than anyone else. Well, I didn't exactly choose her, I just... fell in love with her. And all of a sudden I got to be with the most amazing person in the world."

"But she's your sister!" Claire practically whimpered.

"Which makes the sex that much hotter." Haley grinned, slowly approaching the older woman, "But you know what would make it even better? Adding you."

"What?" Claire murmured in disbelief, taking a step back.

"I said what would make the sex between me and my sister even better is adding our mother into the equation." Haley admitted boldly as she backed the older woman up against the wall behind her, "And Alex thinks so too. Mmmmm, we've talked about it even more than coming out. About seducing you into our bed. Licking every inch of your body. Making you so worked up that you cum in our faces, and then get your revenge by fucking us both nice and hard like the little control freak that you are."

"Haley." Claire warned, her back hitting the wall.

"Are you a top Mom?" Haley asked almost casually, "I bet Alex 10 bucks you were. That your obsessive need to control everything might kind of suck outside the bedroom, but inside it we'd totally end up being your dyke bitches, doing everything our Mommy said."

"Haley... you, you need..." Claire tried to interrupt, but Haley wouldn't let her.

"I've seen the way you look at me." Haley interrupted, pressing herself against the other woman's body, "I know you didn't think anyone noticed, but I did. And maybe you weren't even aware of it, but I know you couldn't stop staring at me whenever I wore one of my skimpy little outfits around the house. Just as you haven't been able to stop staring at me since you got here."

"I, I... I-" Claire tried to protest only for Haley to gently 'shhh' her with a finger to her lips.

"It's okay, I know you won't admit it. Luckily that's not what I want from you." Haley said softly before a grin crossed her face. Then she leaned in and whispered into her mother's ear, "What I want to do is take off those ugly clothes and finally get a good look at that yummy body of yours. Mmmmm, I've wanted to see it for so long, especially as you almost never flaunt what you've got. But fuck, the last time you wore a bikini, mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, I came so hard in Alex's mouth picturing it. And so did Alex when it was her turn and she rode my face. Can you imagine that Mommy? Riding my face? Rubbing your dripping wet cunt all over my pretty little face and covering it with your yummy cum? Mmmmm, I want that so bad. But first, I want to lay you down on the bed I share with Alex, strip you naked and eat your pussy in the traditional way. Oh yeah, I've wanted to lick your pussy for so, so long, and now I have my chance I'm going to show you everything I learned from practically living in between my little sister's legs. Yeahhhhh Mom, I know you and Dad fuck a lot, but trust me, no one can fuck you like another girl. Especially one that's related to you."

"Haley..." Claire whimpered softly, but she didn't really have the chance to say anything else.

Before she could even think of something Haley began gently kissing her neck, causing her to gasp softly. Then after a few long seconds of going up and down Haley concentrated on just going up, moving from Claire's neck, to her jaw and then finally her lips. Oh God, it was the softest kiss of Claire's life, and even though she tried she just couldn't stop herself from responding and before she realised what was happening she was kissing her little girl, Haley cupping her face gently as she caressed Claire's lips with her own. As she kissed her. Her own daughter was kissing her, and Claire was kissing back, just too stunned to stop it.

Haley knew she had to tread carefully. One wrong move and her mother would run out of here screaming, costing her perhaps not just her ultimate fantasy of a three way with her Mom and sister but maybe even Alex. It was a terrifying thought, but if their family cut off their financial support and started putting pressure on Alex to break up with her, reminding the by far smarter girl that she could do so much better, then Haley could lose the most important thing in her life, regardless of promises Alex made her. It would be literally her biggest fear come true, and here she was, betting the whole house on black and praying it wouldn't land on red.

Given that her Mom hadn't immediately run screaming when she finally found out what was really going on, the looks Haley had caught her giving her and the fact that herself and Alex had to get their incesty desires from somewhere Haley figured that she had a 50-50 shot. The longer things went on for the better Haley's odds seem to be as not only did her Mom continue not to run away she started not pushing her away and even kissing back. Now if only she could get her mouth on her pussy Haley knew she would be able to seal the deal. Unfortunately she couldn't rush things in this state, so she was forced to continue gently kissing the older woman, which in theory would have been nice, but it was hard to relax and really enjoy it.

After several long minutes Haley nervously slid her tongue over her Mom's lips. To her surprise the other woman opened her mouth almost immediately, Haley taking full advantage as not only did she push her tongue into her Mom's mouth but she used that distraction to push her ugly jacket off. She hesitated momentarily as the older woman tensed, but then when her mother started kissing back again Haley finished pulling it off while struggling not to grin. Then several long minutes later, or maybe before that, Haley began unbuttoning her Mom's dull shirt. The older woman tensed again, and even bought her hands up this time, but as she did nothing Haley pushed on, slowly removing her mother's shirt one button at a time.

Even more kissing followed as Haley not only finished pulling off her shirt but started slowly manoeuvering her mother into the direction of the bed and then laid her down upon it. Which wasn't easy, because even though she had plenty of practice with Alex she was of short stature, like Haley, and while their mother wasn't particularly big it was still, different. Although the actions were the same when Haley finally broke the kiss and started kissing her Mom's neck while sliding her hands behind her back and effortlessly unhooking her bra before pulling it away from her. Unsurprisingly this caused her mother to tense again, but even with her mouth now uncovered she didn't complain, which was a very, very good sign for the younger Dunphy girl.

Meanwhile the older woman was freaking out. At least internally. Externally Claire was painfully aware that she was doing nothing to stop this, but she couldn't help it. Her body was betraying her, refusing to push Haley away even though she told it too. The problem was part of her didn't want to, and apparently that part controlled her body. Which was mortifying. Because Phil's creepy crush on Gloria was bad enough, but this was unforgivable. This was obscene. This was life ruining, and Claire might not want it to stop, but she needed it to stop. Otherwise her life, which despite it's constant drama was pretty perfect, would be ruined forever.

Claire had never seriously considered making a move on Haley, or touching her in any way. She could at least take comfort in that fact. But, she was just so beautiful. Claire hadn't been able to stop herself from noticing that, any more than she could with her father's wife. The difference was her exposure to Gloria was limited, while Haley had spent the better part of 5 years walking around looking like a sexual goddess in the skimpiest of outfits, causing Claire's mind to wander into dark places that no one should go, let alone a mother about her child. She told herself it was just because Haley was just the type of stereotypical mean girl she had always had crushes on growing up, but nothing had ever happened with them, or any other girl, and now it was pretty clear it would never happen her body was punishing her.

Of course that didn't excuse kissing her own daughter, and it certainly didn't excuse letting her lay her down on a bed and start kissing all over her face and neck, mostly concentrating on her neck and of course her lips. There could never be an excuse for this, and yet Claire was letting it happened. What was even worse was that she let Haley kiss her way down her body and, after having just removed Claire's bra with the kind of ease which would make any man jealous, her baby girl wrapped her lips around one of the nipples she used to suck on for sustenance, Claire's mind making this worse on herself as she constantly had flashbacks to when Haley was an infant.

Back then her little bundle of joy had certainly never looked up at her with a wicked look in her eye and then started sliding her tongue around her nipple, but that's exactly what Haley did, causing Claire to let out an embarrassingly loud moan. Something she found herself doing a lot as Haley began switching back and forth between her nipples, kissing her way from one to the other and spending sometime on the soft flesh surrounding them already before refocusing on her nipples. And through it all Claire just couldn't push Haley away. She couldn't even tell her to stop, even though there was nothing covering her mouth any more, which meant the more than a few pathetic whimpers escaped Claire's lips as Haley continued having her way with her.

Haley had been receiving a lot of practice playing with boobs over the last year or so, because her sister/lover had like the biggest tits ever and Haley could never get enough of them. Her Mom's boobs were nowhere near as big as her sisters, but Haley still got a kick out of doing this to a member of her own family. In a way this was even better, because this wasn't just her sister's tits, it was her mother's. These were the same tits she had suckled on as an infant, and to suck them again as an adult intent on seducing her mother was so wicked and thrilling Haley couldn't actually put into words how much it turned her on.

Better yet it was having a similar effect on the older woman, her Mom's nipples becoming as hard as little rocks as Haley continued to eagerly work them over, using all the techniques she learned while worshipping Alex's curvaceous body. Well, most of them. She couldn't really smother her face in them like she could with Alex's, or at least not easily, and she didn't even try. Or motorboat them for that matter. But she did start off with a gentle sucking, and then slowly increased the force of the suction while adding her tongue to lick and to flick each nipple as she went back and forth between them. She also kissed the soft flesh surrounding those nipples, and eventually bought both hands up to start caressing her Mom's boobs, paying extra attention to whichever one wasn't in her mouth. Most of all she kept glancing up at the other woman, and delighting in the mostly positive reactions she saw from her.

Of course through it all Haley was eager to capitalise on the wicked works of her mouth, tongue and fingers, and yet at the same time she didn't want to scare the older woman. So she sneakily reached down, undid her mother's pants and then slowly pull them down over the blonde's butt while she was still giving those nipples her all. As her Mom lifted her hips up to help in the removal of those pants Haley decided it was finally time to move away from her mother's tits so she could finish undressing her, which involved quickly pulling the pants the rest of the way down, and then off after she had removed her shoes and socks.

Then it was only her Mom's panties that remain, and even though Haley was delighted to find that they were wet the older woman looked like she was going to run screaming at any moment, so instead of ripping those panties off like she wanted to Haley cautiously returned to sucking and licking her mother's boobs. It took a minute or two but the other woman relaxed, and a few minutes after that Haley grabbed the underwear with trembling hands and started to slowly push it downwards, lowering her mouth as she did so to kiss over her mother's stomach until she reached the ultimate prize. Then, while she finished removing the underwear, Haley just stared at her prize and licked her lips, savouring the moment before fulfilling this ultra-forbidden fantasy.

Claire felt frozen in time throughout this, so shocked she was unable to do anything other than gently whimper and moan in pleasure as her baby girl played her body like a musical instrument. The only thing which changed when Haley leaned her head forward, stuck out her tongue and slid it over Claire's pussy was that Claire let out a loud pleasure filled cry, one which was extremely embarrassing. And why wouldn't it? After all, it had been bad enough when she was allowing her own daughter to kiss her, and allowing Haley to suck her nipples had been unforgivable, but this! Claire didn't even have the words to describe how wrong this was. And yet she didn't stop it. She just lay there and continued letting Haley do what she wanted.

Why wasn't she stopping her? Why was she letting this happen? Why did it feel so good? Oh God, why did it have to feel so good? Claire had always had a rebellious streak, even if it was just because she feared becoming boring, or worse people would seeing her that way, just because she like things to be as orderly as possible, at least while being in a modern family. But that was just light-hearted rebellion the proof that she was fun, or suggest take a break from her ordinary life. This was the legal. This was unthinkable. This was good. So unbelievablely good, and because of it she just couldn't stop it. Oh God, Claire just couldn't stop her little girl going down on her.

In this moment of self-hatred Claire tried to tell herself it was all Haley's fault. After all, she wasn't the one trying to seduce Haley. And Haley had admitted to seducing Alex into an ultra forbidden relationship. And told her all about it in graphic detail, turning her on. And waited for Alex in that sexy little outfit, and instead of covering herself up like a decent human being Haley had shown that sexy little body of hers, just like she'd always done before, which again turned Claire on, and then Haley was the one capitalising on that, doing such wicked things to Claire's body and driving her mad with lust... and, oh God, she was so screwed.

No, Claire was forced to acknowledge. This wasn't Haley's fault. It was her own. She was the adult here. Sure, now both her baby girls were technically adults too, but they were still young and stupid, and most of all she was still the Mom. Yes, she was the Mom, and yet she hadn't realised incest was going on in her own house. That Haley was abusing Alex. And Alex was abusing Haley. Her baby girls had been committing unspeakable acts, and instead of being disgusted by that fact and everything Haley was now doing to her Claire was loving it and just couldn't make it stop, that lack of willpower causing tears to flow from her eyes as sounds of pure pleasure escaped from her lips.

Haley meanwhile was blissfully happy with the way things had turned out, and especially with what she was doing right now. It wasn't quite perfect, as she could hear her mother letting out these heart-breaking whimpers in between her moans of pleasure, which told Haley that her Mom wasn't quite ready to embrace the joys of incest like herself and Alex had. However she could also tell from the reactions of her mother's body, especially her wonderfully wet little pussy, that all it would take was a little push and she and Alex would have their Mom fucking them as frequently and eagerly as they fucked each other. And hopefully in all the nasty ways they did it.

For a few blissful moments Haley allowed certain fantasy she'd had since she finally got what she really wanted to wash over her. Because as much as she loved Alex she was greedy, and just couldn't stop imagining what it would be like to share Alex with their Mom. To lick and suck those massive tits while their mother greedily ate Alex's pussy. Maybe sit on her Mom's face while Alex went down on the older woman. Or maybe to eat out her own mother just like she was doing now, except she could be on her knees in front of the standing blonde, with Alex the other side and rimming their Mom's ass hole. And that was before they got their toys out and started having some DP fun, and completely destroyed Alex's fat ass.

Although she had thought of these fantasies shortly after getting together with the one person she'd always wanted above everybody else, her little sister, lately she had been busy with the two jobs she was working to try and keep their heads above water, while Alex was busy with her studies, and a part-time job of her own which was unfortunately separate from when Haley worked. As a result the sex between them had inevitably suffered, leading to more time masturbating, and while normally just Alex could do the trick thoughts of Alex and their Mom all together help Haley cum quickly in the bathroom at work, and quickness was always good if she wanted to get away with that.

So those fantasies were more powerful now than they had ever been. They were also more distracting than they'd ever been, although luckily after years of fucking her baby sister Haley was an expert pussy licker, and was able to slip into autopilot for quite a while. Although when she woke from it she was a little angry with herself. After all, this was literally a dream come true for her, and even though it wasn't perfect because Alex wasn't here, encouraging her and helping her fuck their Mom she was here in spirit, and Haley knew she would approve of the fucking, but definitely not the daydreaming. So she decided to make it up to imaginary Alex, and more importantly to their mother, by rewarding the older woman for her patients.

Claire whimpered pathetically upon receiving that reward, namely Haley's tongue beginning to linger on her clit. The little devil had spent the last few hours mostly ignoring it, but over the last few minutes she had begun stroking it with every other swipe of her tongue. And then every swipe. And now she was lingering on it, and it felt so good that Claire forgot her self-hatred and moaned loudly in approval. Then she was rewarded for that by Haley's tongue lingering against her entrance, making Claire's heart race. Haley wasn't about to do that, was she? She wasn't, she wasn't about to fuck her? Right? Because yeah, that's technically what she was doing now, but to have her own daughter literally tongue fuck her, God, Claire just didn't see how she could come back from that.

After a few more minutes of this teasing Haley lifted her mouth, looked her mother in the eye and firmly said, "Just tell me when you want to cum."

With that Haley eagerly returned her mouth to Claire's pussy, even taking her clit into her mouth and sucking on it for a few long seconds when Claire almost felt like she could have said something. Even though she had no idea what she could possibly say. After all, she had allowed this to go for far too long already. And the worst part? She really wanted to go all the way and cum in her baby girl's mouth. Fuck, she was so disgusting. Although at least she wouldn't do it. Would she? No, she couldn't. She wouldn't. She absolutely wouldn't. But... she just needed to cum so bad, and Haley was so good at this, how did she become so good at this, and Claire's body was betraying her and... and... and...

"Please?" Claire whimpered.

Grinning into her mother's pussy Haley lifted her head and pushed, "What?"

There was a long pause, and then Claire whimpered, "Make me cum."

Another pause, then against her better judgement Haley teased, "You wanna cum Mommy? You wanna cum in your baby girl's pretty little face? Huh? Cum in my mouth and make me swallow all your yummy juices? Do you want to cum for me? Do you wanna cum on your own daughters tongue? Do ya? Mmmmm, then do it!"

Those words were easily enough to bring Claire to tears, but as soon as Haley was done the older woman found herself crying out in pure pleasure as her treacherous body got exactly what it needed. Namely Haley shoving her face back into her pussy and slamming her tongue as deep inside the hole she had once entered this world, the thought that this was indeed the child she had given birth to and raised pushing Claire over the edge just as much as the penetration itself. To make matters worse it was easily the best climax of her life, and it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another as Haley relentlessly worked her wicked magic against her.

At some point in the debauchery Claire reached out with both hands, grabbed onto the back of Haley's head and shoved her baby girl's face as deep as it would go into her cunt. Or more accurately just holding her in place, as Haley seemed determined to get her face as deep into her origin all by herself. And she certainly didn't seem like she wanted to go anywhere. But Claire made sure she couldn't. Not only that but Claire pushed so hard that she had to be literally smothering Haley with her pussy, and yet the little slut just kept tongue fucking her. If anything Haley just fucked her more passionately, so much so that Claire felt what little was left of her conscious mind melt away and her entire world became nothing but pure ecstasy.

Haley loved the reaction she was getting from her Mom. Obviously she loved the reactions of her pussy, but Haley liked to think she was so skilled that her mother couldn't have done much to stop that. Besides, what really made this whole thing special was the fact that her precious Mommy was now literally smothering her with her cunt. Okay, so not passing out became an issue, but it was totally worth it because in that moment all Haley could see, hear and taste was pure Claire Dunphy, and that was mostly thanks to her Mom holding her so tightly in place, just like she'd always dreamt that she would if she could only press the right buttons.

Of course while Haley would have liked to concentrated on the fact that her Mom was now an active participant in all of this she had something much more important to concentrate on. Namely making her own mother cum so hard and so frequently that she would be unable to stay away. That whatever guilt she was obviously feeling would be drowned out by her feelings of lust for the rest of the night, and ideally forever, the older woman unable to stop thinking about just how good Haley had made her feel, and just how easy it had been for her, so that ultimately she came crawling back and literally begged for more. Or better yet, demanded it.

To make that long-standing fantasy and reality Haley relentlessly tongue fucked her Mom through climax after climax, only pausing to prevent herself from drowning in cum by greedily swallowing what was squirting out of the older woman's cunt. Of course given her Mom was literally cumming in her mouth inevitably a lot of cum poured down her throat without Haley having to do anything, but it also overflowed down her chin and all over her face. Although that was more than fine with her. She loved it when Alex covered her face with her girl cum. It was always a wonderful reminder about just what kind of slut she truly was, and while it wasn't quite as good swallowing the heavenly liquid it was still incredibly thrilling.

In the end Haley had to settle for just having her Mom cum in her face, because the more mature woman began literally grinding her cunt into her own daughter's face, which unfortunately meant it was difficult for Haley to continue effectively using her tongue on her mother, although on the upside she was almost drowned with delicious girl cum. Although there was a downside to it, namely she became closer than ever to passing out, and so did her mother. For a few moments it looked like it was going to be the latter when her mother finally let go of her, but to Haley's delight she was still conscious, meaning that they could have more fun. Which would ideally include the older woman returning the favour in at least some way. And Haley knew exactly how she wanted the favour to be returned.

Claire desperately told herself she was delirious, that she didn't know what she was doing, and she couldn't stop herself, but on some level she knew all that was a lie. That just like every other single moment since she had walked into this room she should stop and leave. But she didn't. She fucked her baby girl's pretty little face until she thought she was about to faint, and only then did Claire let go of her and allow herself to collapse in a pile of guilt and after-shocks. She was left wallowing in that for a while, and then all of a sudden her daughter was lying on top of her and grinning down wickedly at her in a way which made her whimper.

Then all of a sudden she was being kissed again. By her daughter! Her own daughter was kissing her again, and this time Claire was tasting her own cum and pussy cream on her own daughter's lips. As Phil always insisted on kissing her after going down on her Claire's body reacted automatically and she started kissing Haley back. Or at least that's what she told herself. Honestly Claire didn't really know the truth any more. All she knew was that suddenly her little girl's tongue was in her mouth and suddenly she was cleaning her own cum from it, Claire becoming blissfully lost in that kiss for several long minutes before Haley pulled back and gleefully showed what she must have retrieved from some hiding place while Claire had been out of it. Namely a ridiculously big looking strap-on dildo, which made Claire incredibly nervous.

"Mmmmm, that was great. But now I want you to fuck me." Haley purred in her best sultry voice, "Mmmmm, I want you to fuck me deep and hard with this so you can make me your little slut. So lift your butt. Lift your butt Mom, so I can strap this to you. But don't worry, mmmmm, I'll do all the work. At least at first."

It was a relief to hear that Haley wasn't planning to fuck her with that thing, but not by much, Claire was again reminded she should stop this. But again not only did she fail to do so, but she found her treacherous body playing along and she lifted her butt upward so that her daughter could slip the bottom half of the harness underneath her and then strap it to her, all with a massive grin on her face. Then as Claire rested back down on the bed Haley grabbed the toy and started stroking it like a real cock while getting her face dangerously close to it. Then while clutching the base she slid her tongue up the side of the shaft, and then took the head into her mouth.

If that wasn't bad enough Haley started to really show off by slowly lowering her head down and stuffing every inch of the strap-on down her throat with ease after only a few bobs of her head. She even pause there for maybe about a minute, before coming up for air, shooting Claire another wicked grin and then repeating the process, only this time bobbing her head up and down the first few inches for even longer. It was hardly a surprise that Haley was this good at sucking cock, but Claire never thought she'd have to see her suspicions confirmed like this. And yet, she found it so overwhelmingly erotic she just couldn't look away, which was becoming the theme of the evening.

Haley had concentrated on the blow job at first but it wasn't long before she slipped a hand down into her thong to her extremely wet cunt and began to gently rub it. Which of course made her moan softly around the dildo, but it also made her consider adjusting her original plan and sliding this thing into her pussy. At least at first. But no, that's not where Haley really wanted this thing, so after maybe about a minute of rubbing her pussy she reached round and started rubbing her fingertips against her horny little ass hole. God, it had been way too long since Alex had last fucked her there, which was the deciding factor in which hole was getting fucked.

So Haley slid one and then two fingers into her needy butt hole and spent a few minutes stretching it out before pulling her mouth off the cock, crawling up the older woman's body, and ordering, "Hold the base of the toy Mom."

There was a brief hesitation and then her mother did as she was told, causing Haley to grin wickedly as she turned around and pushed her thong to one side to show which hole she was loosening. This caused her Mom to gasp softly, Haley unable to resist looking over her shoulder so she could enjoy the stunned look on her mother's face. She continued enjoying that sight as she removed her fingers from her butt hole, spread her cheeks wide apart and then slowly began lowering herself down. If possible Haley grinned even wider at the expression on her Mom's face as with practised ease she pressed her horny ass hole slowly but firmly downwards, allowing the strap-on to slide into where she wanted it the most.

After letting out a gasp of pain and pleasure Haley closed her eyes to briefly savour the moment, and give her back door a chance to relax, before opening them again and studying her mother's face carefully. It would be hardly surprising if her Mom had offered up some kind of protest at that moment, but she was obviously too stunned to do so. Maybe too horrified. Definitely too tired. And maybe, just maybe, too curious. Haley could be wrong but she swore she saw lust in her mother's eyes, and while that could be wishful thinking she had already decided to push her luck and she certainly wasn't going to stop now she was on the verge of getting everything she truly wanted.

So Haley began lowering herself down further, taking inch after inch of dildo up her butt with practised ease. It had been a couple of weeks since the last time Alex had ass fucked her, but for the past few years they had mostly kept to their agreed-upon schedule of Haley getting to completely wreck her little sister's fat ass six days a week with Alex getting one day for revenge. Alex had mostly use that day well so Haley was confident that she could have just dropped her full weight down and buried the full length of the dildo into her butt in a second or two, at least after the initial anal penetration. Yeah, there would have been pain, but it would have only added to her pleasure. However Haley thought this would be better for easing her mother into this, and there was something to be said for savouring the sensation of her slutty little ass being stretched, especially as for the first time in her life it was a dick strapped around her mother's waist which was violating her most forbidden hole.

Claire couldn't believe this was really happening. Any of it really, but most of all she couldn't believe what a slut Haley was. Haley had always been a bit rebellious, but fucking her own sister? Seducing Alex into a really perverted relationship? Manipulating her own mother into sex? And now she was shamelessly revealing that she was a total ass whore. Haley had always seemed like the type of slut who would have allowed herself to be defiled in such a way, and her baby girl did admittedly have a perfect ass, but Claire couldn't imagine Haley would have ever been this much of a whore for anal. She couldn't have imagined anyone, outside of porn, being like this. Because seriously, Haley took that big cock up her ass like it was nothing.

There was barely a gasp of pain as Haley's butt hole had swallowed the head of the dildo, and then the rest of the big dick slipped inside like a knife through butter, Claire getting a perfect view of the upsetting sight thanks to Haley continuing to spread her cheeks wide apart. She even moaned. Haley fucking moaned as she anally penetrated herself. And the soft little moans during the anal penetration were nothing compared to the obscene sound of satisfaction Haley let out when her cheeks came to rest against her thighs, announcing that her baby girl was sitting on her lap with every inch of that dildo buried up her butt.

Unable to stop herself any longer Haley then moaned, "Oh God Mom, mmmmmm, your cock feels so good in my butt."

Hearing those words made Claire blushed furiously, but she was still lost for words and frozen to the spot, still unable to do anything to stop this unspeakable act. Worst of all she couldn't take her eyes off of her baby girl's butt hole as first it had swallowed every inch of the strap-on and then started sliding up and down it as Haley began riding the dildo with her most private hole. If that wasn't bad enough Haley began moaning shamelessly in pure pleasure right from the beginning of the official start to the butt fucking, once again proving what a total ass whore she was. Which was disgusting, upsetting, shameful and a whole host of bad things, but most of all Claire found it obscenely erotic. Which of course was the most upsetting thing of all.

However unlike before during the pussy licking Claire didn't become lost in self-hatred, because she came to a rather freeing conclusion that she simply wasn't to blame for this. Haley was. After all, it was Haley who had seduced her, tongued her twat and was now impaling her own ass on a dildo, practically begging Claire to fuck her. And apparently she had done all this to Alex, and more, perverting the one person in this family who could actually make something of their lives. And Haley had confessed to doing just that, and worse, and then she began literally begging to be fucked, and Claire just completely lost control. Which was all Haley's fault.

"Oh Mom, I love your big dick in my ass. I love it, mmmmmm, fuck me with it! Yesssss, I want you to fuck my ass with your big dick! OH MOM!" Haley yelped as she got what she wanted, "Ohhhhhhh fuck yeah, fuck me Mom! Fuck my slutty little ass hole with your big hard cock! Oooooooh, again, again, again, again, AGAIN! Fuck me Mom, fuck my dyke ass with your girl cock! Butt fuck your baby girl!"

Haley knew she probably shouldn't be reminding her Mom that they were related at this point, but it always turned Alex on and God knows it had the same affect on her, so she took a risk. A risk which thankfully paid off. Okay, the first thrust was abrupt and awkward, and it took a long time for the second one to come, but it was so worth it. Even that first awkward thrust made her cry out joyfully, and the second thrust was quickly followed by a third, and a fourth, and so on. It wasn't long after that her Mom established a slow and steady rhythm, sinking up perfectly with Haley's thrusts to make sure the dildo hammered as deep into Haley's butt as possible, maximising the pleasure of the sodomy.

"Yessssssss, fuck me! Fuck my slutty little dyke butt! Oh fuck!" Haley cried out shamelessly, gradually increasing her pace as she felt her orgasm approaching, "Fuck me hard! Screw my butt! Screw my fucking dyke butt! Pound my queer ass! Slam my gay little bottom with your girl dick! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, JUST FUCK ME! Ohhhhhhhh, I'm so close, sooooooooo close to cumming for you, please just do it. Make me cum for you Mommy. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, destroy your baby girl's shit hole and make her cum. Ooooooooooh, make me cum, make me cum, make me cum! Please? Please Mommy, pound me hard! Make me cum, oh fuck, make me cum, yesssssss, that's it, harder, mmmmmm, faster, yeahhhhhh, deeper! Mmmmmm, let's worked together to make me cum like the little bitch I am. Yes, harder, ooooooooohhhhhhhh, harder, yes, I'm going to-"

Suddenly Claire sat up, grabbed Haley by the hair and the waist and then forced her backwards and down onto her lap where she held her firm for a few long seconds while she growled in her ear, "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

"I, I-" Haley stammered, not being able to get anything else out before being interrupted.

"You cum when I say you can cum!" Claire growled in her daughter's ear, before lying back down again and ordering, "Now shut the fuck up and start bouncing that cute little ass of yours up and down again for me. And take your hands off your cheeks. I want to see your butt jiggle as it bounces for me. Do it slut!"

"Yes Mom." Haley whimpered pathetically.

Even though it was a little frustrating to be denied an orgasm Haley had loved every second of it. Alex tried, but she was a natural bottom, and most of the time her heart just wasn't into topping Haley, often leaving her big sister to anally ride her during that one day a week she got to be in charge, and even when she did get into it she was rarely as dominating as Haley would have liked. That's why fantasies about her mother had become so frequent, as Haley just knew that if she pushed the right buttons she could bring out her Mom's inner lesbian Dom, and now finally she had proof that she was correct as in the blink of an eye she took total control, not even thrusting up any more as she just enjoyed the view before her.

For a while Haley tried to make it the best view possible, and hopefully entice her Mom to start fucking her horny little ass again. However she didn't have Alex's big booty so there was only so much her little ass would jiggle, and Haley had been feeling overwhelmed before her mother had took control, or given that oh so brief butt fucking. Now those things combined with the fact that her Mom's cum was still drying on her face, and digesting in her belly, and just the sheer joy of seducing her mother into the bed she shared with her sister/lover was making Haley's need to cum overwhelming. Ultimately she had no choice but to take a chance and shamelessly beg for what she now so desperately needed, and hope that her Mom would show her mercy by giving it to her.

"Please Mom, I need to cum." Haley whimpered pathetically, tears of need sliding down her cheeks as she continued, "Please let me cum. Ooooooh God, I don't care if it's you or me who does it, I just need it so fucking badly. Ohhhhhh fuck, I need to cum with your cock up my ass. Please Mommy? Let me cum with your big cock up my tight little dyke ass. Please? Please just fuck me! Mmmmm, I need to be fucked hard and deep so I can cum like the slut I am. Ooooooohhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd, just do it! Let me cum! Please, please, please, please, please let me cum. I'll do anything if you just make me cum. Please Mommy, OH SHIT!"

Without warning her mother sat up again, only this time she grabbed her waist and her back, roughly pushing her forwards onto all fours. About a second later both hands were on Haley's waist and she was slowly beginning to fuck her ass, the older Dunphy woman gradually increasing the pace until she had to be pounding Haley's butt with every ounce of her strength. Along the way Haley experienced one of the most powerful orgasms of her life, quickly followed by another, and another, and another as the woman who gave her life relentlessly and brutally sodomised her, Haley desperately trying to show just how much she loved it, first through barely coherent words and then through deafening screams of pure ecstasy.


Claire was so embarrassed and ashamed. Or at least she knew she should be, just as she knew she should stop this immediately and run screaming from the room. But she hadn't done those things she should have done before, and she certainly wasn't going to do them now. Not when she had found the greatest thing ever, fucking her oldest daughter Haley up her perfect little ass. Oh yes, it was so beyond wrong, perverted and unspeakable, but nothing had ever brought Claire more pleasure than this. Not even cumming in Haley's talented little mouth, and all over her face, could compare to the pure heaven which was sodomising her daughter.

It just felt so good. So right. So natural. Claire knew she shouldn't feel any of those things, but she did. Along with the feeling that this was her true purpose in life. To top Haley and fuck her in that cute little ass of hers, Claire pounding it hard and making it hers forever. And maybe Alex's ass too. Oh God yes, her baby girls should be hers! Her dyke sluts to fuck in any way she wanted, Claire imagining Alex bent over next to Haley and waiting patiently for her turn to take her Mommy's dick up her ass. That ultra-forbidden thought made Claire fuck Alex's ass even harder, and begins screaming the most obscene things at her to get them both off.


Of course this just caused Haley to cum harder and more frequently, Claire both disgusted and amazed that anyone could cum like that, especially from something so perverse as anal sex. For God sakes, Haley was literally squirting. Claire hadn't realised that was physically a thing until Haley had gone down on her, and she hadn't even realised at first that was what was happening to Haley now, but God help her it only made Claire pound into her own daughter more brutally. And then just when she didn't think it could get any better somehow it did, the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising her own daughter actually making her cum.

And she didn't just cum, it was one of the most powerful orgasms of her life, easily overshadowing anything with men and perhaps even cumming in her daughter's mouth. The latter was more physically pleasurable, but as was the case throughout the butt fucking the sheer mental high of anally violating her own daughter gave Claire more pleasure than she could have ever possibly imagined. The only downside was that her inexperience caused her to stop immediately, close her eyes and just allowed the sensation to wash over her, leaving Haley whimpering for more. Then she opened her eyes again and realised they were no longer alone.

"Alex?" Claire gasped in horror.

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