Revenge is Best Served Cold

BY : AryaStarkNaked
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Cersei Lannister sat on the Iron Throne, and stared down at the leather-clad pirate strutting about the throne room, her face seemingly carved from marble for all the expression it showed. Her voice, nearly sweet but with the hint of steel underneath spoke, “ swore you would not return to me without gifts worthy of me?”

Euron Greyjoy grinned, showing yellowed gnarled teeth in a maniac’s smile. He spread his arms and stepped up the small number of steps before the throne of melted swords. He only took one or two steps up them before the undead bulk of the Mountain stepped towards him in warning. Euron Greyjoy lifted his gloved hands in a soothing, halting motion to the man, before turning his eyes to the Queen before him. He turned his head to the entrance door and shouted, “Bring them!”

The crowd of courtiers and onlookers made way as the door opened and three women were lead into the room by a small group of Ironborn. One of them, tall and swarthy, moved with lithe noble grace and did not resist the Ironborn leading her. The other two were dragged, kicking and screaming, into the room. Cersei’s marble expression broke and a dawning smile rose across her face. Euron grabbed the tall woman her by the throat and violently pulled her into the center of the room. He lifted her into the air by her neck, her long legs swing wildly as her face gradually turned a crimson color. She tried to gain purchase by clawing her fingernails into his forearm, but they kept slipping off his leather gloves.

The pirate just sneered at her attempts before dropping the woman to her knees. She wheezed for breath as Euron swaggered around her, before bowing to Cersei on the iron throne, “My gift to you - Ellaria Sand, the women who murdered your daughter..."

As Ellaria knelt in the center of the room gasping for breath, the Ironborn warriors dragged her two companions forward and forced them both to their knees. Euron stopped before the first one of them, a slender woman, swarthy as the woman kneeling in the center. The pirate grabbed her chin and showed the woman’s beautiful face to Cersei, “This is Tyene Sand, the whore’s daughter…”

The young Dornish woman glared daggers up at Euron, and struggled ineffectively against the two Ironborn holding her arms. Euron just grinned at her before moving to the last woman in the line. Euron slid his gloves fingers through her brown hair and stroked her chin. The woman recoils from his touch, and he laughs before turning back to the throne and saying “And my own niece, Yara Greyjoy… I hope these gifts please you, my Queen?”

Cersei stared down at the three women. She hadn’t been this as long as she could remember, in fact. She slowly lifted herself from the throne and smiled down at the King of the Ironborn, never once looking at her twin brother Jaime, standing beside the throne “Euron Greyjoy...I accept your offer of marriage…as to your gifts...”

The three women had no idea what hell awaited them. But they would, soon, thought Cersei, as she looked at the massive bulk of the Mountain.

“...bring them to Qyburn. He knows what to do to them.”

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