Cupbearer’s tale

BY : Saiga
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Cupbearer’s tale

As the last of his men filed out of the room Tywin gestured to his cup and said “Girl, bring wine.” Nodding her head Arya brought over a pitcher of wine to where Tywin was sitting and filled his cup with trembling hands almost spilling the wine. “You’re shaking girl.” Tywin observed as he picked up the goblet and brought it to his lips.

“Apologies my Lord.” Arya said, looking down at her feet.

“Really now, does the thought of no longer serving me wine terrify you so?” he asked “Clegane won’t harm you so long as you learn to read his moods. A clever girl like you will no doubt learn them soon enough.”

“It’s not the Mountain that I’m worried about.” Arya said quietly.

“Ah, his men.” Tywin nodded his head “I wouldn’t be so concerned if I were you. There are still plenty of prettier girls for them to amuse themselves with before they’d bother with you.”

“Couldn’t you take me with you?” she asked almost begging “I could be of use to you.”

“I am more than capable of pouring my own wine when I’m on campaign.” Tywin replied “And I have squires to see to any other duties you would fulfil.”

“But I’m smart.” She countered “I could do things that others would mess up. At least I wouldn’t send your troop movements to your enemies.” She said making Tywin chuckle.

“I like you girl, you have an audaciousness few your age possess.” He said as he looked Arya up and down “How old are you girl?” he asked.

“Thirteen.” Arya replied.

“Have you bled yet?” he asked.

Her eyes going wide at the question Arya blushed and quietly said “No.”

“Good.” He said with a small smile “Now take off your clothes.” Seeing her hesitate, Tywin said “I don’t make a habit of repeating myself girl, especially to cupbearers.”

Nodding her head Arya began slowly removing her clothes, revealing her pale skin until she stood naked in front of him with a blush that extended down to her chest. Reaching out, Tywin cupped one of her tiny breasts and lightly strummed her pink nipple. “I usually prefer my bedwarmers to have a fuller figure.” He told her as he pinched her nipple before sliding his hand down her waifish body to run a finger over her bald quim and slid it inside of her to lightly caress her maidenhead causing her to gasp and shudder. “But that’s the price one pays to have a bedwarmer who won’t whelp a bastard while I’m trying to win a war.” Apparently satisfied with his inspection of her cunny Tywin withdrew his finger and said “Turn around and lean against the table.” he ordered.

Doing as she was told Arya turned on her heels and leaned over the table so that her plump, round rear was presented to him. Reaching out Tywin gently caressed her pert ass before cupping and squeezing a cheek “Well, you’ve developed nicely back here at least.” He said as he pressed his thumb between her cheeks and into her anus making her grunt before sliding his fingers between her thighs to stroke her pouting labia “Have you ever been touched down here?” he asked as his calloused finger began circling her swelling clit.

“N-No.” Arya shook her head.

“Have you ever touched yourself?”

“N-No.” She shook her head again.

“Good.” Tywin replied as he began his assault on her clit in earnest; his finger roughly rubbing the sensitive nub before flicking and pinching her clitoris while pumping the tip of his finger in and out of her tight honeypot causing her to moan and roll her hips back and forth against his hand but it wasn’t until his thumb entered her anus that she came.

Bucking her hips wildly Arya cried out as she soaked his hand with her juices before her legs gave out and she fell to her knees panting. Smiling at her Tywin withdrew his hand from between her slick thighs to run his wet fingers through her short hair before grabbing her by her brown locks and pulling her face towards his crotch where he already had his cock out. As Arya stared wide eyed at his throbbing cock Tywin asked “Do you know what to do?”

“No.” She breathed.

“Don’t worry, a clever girl like you will no doubt learn soon enough.” He said as he pulled her face against his cock and pressed it to her soft lips. Opening her mouth Arya allowed him to push her head lower so that her lips rolled over his tip to seal them around his crown. Feeling his pre-cum dribble out of his slit and onto her tongue Arya started sucking on his cockhead before moving her tongue to slowly circle his tip. “Very good.” Tywin grunted as he kept his hand on the back of her head “Lower your mouth.” He told her as he put pressure on her head drawing her lower causing his cock to slide down the back of her throat making her choke and gag.

Her lips reached about halfway down his length before Tywin released her head and allowed her to pull off his shaft leaving her coughing and heaving as she struggled to catch her breath. “I expect you to take my entire cock into your throat.” He told her.

“Yes my Lord.” Arya said as she wiped the saliva from her chin on the back of her hand.

“Lick my cock and cover it in your spit. It’ll go down easier.” He advised her.

“Yes my Lord.” Arya nodded as she leaned in and started running her tongue up and down his length slathering it with her saliva before returning her mouth to his tip and wrapping her lips around it before slowly dragging them down his shaft, gradually swallowing inch after inch of his cock until her lips were sealed around his base and his throat was lodged deep into her throat. Breathing deeply through her nose Arya looked up at Tywin for approval who simply nodded at her as if it was a matter of course.

“You are a fast learner.” He said as he stroked her hair before moving the hand down her body to cup and fondle her small breast causing her to moan around his dick. “Now I want you to move your lips up and down. At no point should your head ever stop moving.” Letting out a “Yes my Lord.” that was distorted by her full mouth Arya began bobbing her head up and down his length, going slowly at first before picking up speed as she gained confidence and mastery over her gag reflex.

“Don’t forget to use your tongue.” He grunted out prompting her to give another garbled yes.

As he approached climax Tywin grabbed the back of her head and started pulling her head up and down his length rapidly with his other hand roughly squeezed her breast, his fingers digging into her soft tender flesh causing her to moan as his cock swelled inside of her gullet and spewed a torrent of sperm into her stomach. As his cock continued to pump out his cum Tywin pulled her head back so that his cum coated her oesophagus before filling her mouth to the point where her cheeks where so full they puffed out.

“Don’t spill a drop.” Tywin commanded her “Swallow it all.” Nodding her head Arya swallowed noisily, gulping down his thick seed before parting her lips and wiggled her tongue to show off her empty mouth. “Good girl.” He praised her as he picked up the wine glass and handed it to her. “Rinse out your mouth.” He told her.

Continuing to fondle her breast as she swished the wine around her mouth Tywin looked down between her thighs and asked “Are you wet girl?”

“My Lord?” Arya asked as she looked up at him.

“Stand up girl.” He ordered her. When Arya had gotten to her feet Tywin reached out with his hand and thrust two fingers into her moist cleft causing her to gasp and stumble back again the table. “When I ask are you wet I want to know if your tight little quim is wet.” He told her before repeating his question “Are you wet, girl?”

“Y-Yes my Lord.” Arya moaned as she rocked her hips against his hand.

“Good.” He said as he withdrew his wet fingers from her cleft and held them to her lips prompting her to part them and take his digits into her mouth. Allowing her to suckle her juices from them Tywin hooked his fingers over her bottom teeth and pulled her towards him by her jaw until she was standing between his thighs. “Climb onto my lap.” He ordered.

Doing as she was told Arya moved to straddle Tywins legs all the while still sucking on his fingers. “Do you know how to do this?” he asked her. Seeing her shake her head Tywin reached around her with his free hand to cup her pert behind and hefted her up so that her pussy was directly above his cock before lowering her onto his cock, his tip slipping between her folds causing her to grunt around his fingers as he stretched her virgin love channel. As his tip came to rest against her maidenhead Tywin withdrew his fingers from her mouth and moved his hand to her slender hip where he extended his thumb to grind against her clit causing her to groan and thrust her meagre chest out towards him. “Start moving your hips girl.” Tywin commanded.

“Y-Yes my Lord.” Arya whimpered softly as she placed her hands on his shoulders and started slowly bouncing up and down on his lap. Sliding up his dick until only the tip of his tip remained inside of her Arya then lowered herself back down. As she bounced up and down on his cock Tywin continued to assault her clit, his thumb roughly rubbing the sensitive nub causing her juices to trickle down his shaft and for her to increase the speed of her hips until she came. Groaning loudly as she threw her head back Arya slammed her hips down causing him to tear through her hymen.

Even as her body shook with ecstasy Arya continued to bounce up and down on his cock; sliding her tight, constricting pussy up and down his length until Tywin let out a grunt as he came inside of her, flooding her womb with his seed; the hand on her ass squeezing her round backside so hard his fingers sank into her pale flesh while he pinched and tweaked her clit setting off another orgasm in the now deflowered girl.

Panting heavily as she went limp Arya started to fall backwards forcing Tywin to support her to prevent her from falling. Grabbing her roughly by the back of the head Tywin slapped her ass to bring her out of her daze. Seeing her eyes come into focus Tywin said “Stand up girl.”

Nodding her head Arya slipped off his cock and tried to stand in front of him only for her knees to weaken forcing her to lean against the table to support herself. Running his eyes over her slender, sweaty body Tywin reached out to gently roll one of her tiny pink nipples between his thumb and forefinger causing her to coo and thrust her chest out towards him. Tywin continued to play with and tease the sensitive teats until he got his breath back at which point her grabbed her hips and turned her around, forcing her to bend over the table so that her chest was pressed against the cold wood while her pale ass hung off the edge. Running his fingers over her ass in an almost affectionate caress Tywin pulled apart her cheeks to reveal the tiny wrinkled orifice before spitting on the hole and pressed his index finger into her anus causing her to arch her back and moan as the tight ring of muscles was breached. Seeing her begin to buck her hips as he pumped the finger in and out of her rectum Tywin pressed his free hand to the small of her back to keep her pinned to the table.

With his cock lubricated by her own juices Tywin removed his finger from her ass and instead pressed his cockhead against her anus and plunged forward sinking deep into the warm, tight depths of her bowels. Feeling her tightest hole being stretched out Arya cried out and clenched her anus around the invading shaft. Grunting as his hips slapped against her pert rear Tywin squeezed her hips before moving his hands up her flanks in order to cup and fondle her small breasts and growled out “Touch yourself girl. Play with your quim.”

“Y-Yes my Lord.” Arya groaned as she moved to bring one hand between her legs and started stroking her pouting pussylips.

“Not like that, like this.” He said as he released one of her tender breasts to slide down her stomach and thrust two fingers into her cum soaked cunny making her cry out as both orifices squeezed down around him. As he pumped his fingers in and out Arya groaned and bucked her hips wildly as her anus constricted around his cock.

Feeling her bowels pulsate around his shaft Tywin thrust even harder into her tiny little ass until he came with a grunt; flooding her bowels with his semen which in addition to his fingers curling inside of her set of another orgasm in the young northern girl. As Arya lay limply on the table panting Tywin ran a hand over her sweat soaked back before withdrawing his fingers from her snatch and wiped their combined juices off in her short hair before slowly pulling out of her rectum, her anus gripping his shaft as if trying to keep him inside.

When he finally slipped out of her Tywin sat back in his chair breathing heavily leaving Arya slumped over the table with her ass hanging off the edge of it. Admired her gaping asshole and puffy pussylips both drooling sperm Tywin called out “Wine, girl.” Seeing that Arya didn’t move he reached out to slap her rump making her jump “I said wine. I have no use for a cupbearer who can’t even serve wine.”

Letting out a groan Arya pushed herself up from the table and shakily moved to pick up the pitcher before returning to his side and poured the wine into his cup. Sipping the wine as his eyes ran over Arya’s slender chest as it rose and fell rapidly Tywin gestured towards his cock and said “You’ve made a mess girl. Clean it up.”

Nodding her head fell to her knees between his thighs and leaned in to lap at his soiled, semi-hard cock. Running his fingers through her soft hair Tywin looked down at her and said “These are the duties that you’d be expected to perform as my cupbearer. Do you still want to accompany me on campaign?”

“Yes my Lord.” Arya said between licks.

“Good.” He said as he petted her head before pushing her away. “Go clean yourself. We leave in the morning and we’ll be riding hard so I suggest you get some rest.”

 “Yes my Lord.” Arya nodded and crawled over to her clothes and started to dress. As his eyes ran over her lithe body as she pulled on her clothes Tywin felt his loins stir and called out to her just as she pulled up her britches. Looking over her shoulder at him and seeing him gesture for her to approach him Arya moved to stand topless before him. Staring down at the petite mounds on her chest Tywin reached out to pinch and twist her nipple making her gasp. “Are you wet, girl?” he asked.

As a sultry smile spread over her face Arya reached down to her ill fitting trousers and pulled them away from her waist so that he could see her pussy mound. “Why don’t you tell me my Lord?”

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