What The Master Wants

BY : PolterGlitch
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Chapter One - A Messy Night


After the fall of New York and humanity, the Master had reached the pinnacle of his success. But this was unfortunate for him, as he had no new goals to strive for thus boredom consumed him. He spent the days and nights of nuclear winter staring out of the window wishing for something to occupy his mind, even if it were the simplist of things.

He reached out to his second in command, Thomas Eichhorst to help him on this endeavour, who was all too happy to embrace new tasks. It was not difficult to find some illicit substances in the wastelands of the ruined city for him to tempt his lord, (if the Master was really that bored, surely he would be well up for trying new things in the form of class A's?). Eichhorst had idolised and adored him for years, for him it would be a dream come true for them to get high together.

The Master was unsure at first but after a few gulps of the ecstasy laced blood cocktail he found himself relaxed and care free, desperate to have his right hand man near him for chats and giggles.

“You can relax my great one, I will attend to everything,” Eichhorst said slickly handing him another tall glass of crimson coloured liquid.

“As you wish Thomas,” the Master slurred, his eyes rolling around like amber marbles in his head. He was happy to be free of any responsibility so he could relish the high. In all the centuries the ancient vampire had walked the earth, he had never dabbled in drugs and couldn't believe what he had been missing.

Fair play to Eichhorst, he never let him down and always delivered. As the substances crept in, he felt an overwhelming urge to hug him. Obeying the impulses, he jumped up, flung his arms around him and squeezed him tightly. Without knowing why, he took a deep breath to inhale his scent. Eichhorst was taken by surprise; the Master was not usually one for physical contact.

"I am so lucky to have someone as loyal and devoted as you. Thank you for this Thomas," he giggled.

"You are most welcome my lord," Eichhorst smiled at him. "I see you are enjoying the Ecstasy."

His touch had sent shivers down his spine and an intense feeling of lust surged through him. His face was so close to him, he could feel his warm breath on his neck, he was within easy kissing distance. All it would take was the turn of his head... Eichhorst had to use every ounce of his willpower to restrain himself. The Master could be fearsome, what if he turned down his advances?  Yet he was clearly as high as a kite, his affection was very uncharacteristic; never before had he hugged him. As he released his hold on him and slumped back down on the couch, Eichhorst spotted a glint in his eyes that revealed a smoldering desire that he never knew existed... He didn't want to push him, he could only hope that he gave in to it. And judging by the way he was staring at him and the smile spreading across his face, things were looking promising.


Many drinks later, the atmosphere in the Master's penthouse was chilled and relaxed. The crack and ecstacy had worked wonders on him and loosened him up enough to give Eichhorst the night off and share some of his cocktails with him.

As a result, Eichhorst's sobriety had also been dented so he hijacked YouTube and selected a bombardment of Avicii, Sash and old Bonkers albums, with a few subtle Scatman songs thrown in. The strigoi had devolved enough to embrace the cheesy music.

The Master took a large hit on his crudely constructed crackpipe then passed it to Eichhorst who sucked it zestfully, feeling euphoric that he was enjoying his time with him instead of giving him orders. Neither of them mentioned the hug and the lustful feelings it had stirred but it was obvious they had both felt it. Eichhorst had been desperately besotted with the Master for decades and craved to be closer to him but his reclusive nature meant any kind of relationship was out of bounds. What could he do to make him realise that nobody would go as far as he would to serve him? He would drill it home to him that he could thrill him to his core, if only he would make the first move. Maybe it was the substances, but for some reason Eichhorst found his mind wandering to darker places than normal. He could serve him in ways he could never imagine...

Through the haze of booze and drugs, the Master sensed that Eichhorst was thinking about him – his gift of telepathy was a blessing and a curse. It wasn't the first time but now his desires seemed far more intense. His dreamy blue eyes were windows to a mind full of dark sexual fantasies. The Master had never been the slightest bit interested in lust or desire but now something in his subconscious was making him wonder, would it really be so bad to give Eichhorst what he had been craving for?

"You have been dreaming about me for a long time haven't you?" he asked, moving closer to him and running his long fingers down his cheek.

"All I have ever wanted to do is serve you. You are my world, I will do anything you ask," Eichhorst answered eagerly. The Master's touch alone made him tingle all over.

"Anything?" the Master smiled.

Something inside him had awakened. He wanted to test his loyal German's devotion and explore new things. Unbeknownst to Eichhorst, since the E's had kicked in he had been fantasising too. And being the Master, his thoughts were on a whole other level of dark and depraved.

Eichhorst jaw almost dropped when the Master finally succumbed and slowly and seductively peeled off his shirt and trousers. Eichhorst stared in disbelief. He desperately wanted to touch him, smother him with kisses but the shock had paralysed him. The Master grinned, enjoying the stunned look on his face. Now completely naked, he lay flat on his back on the floor and motioned for him to come over.

"Take off your clothes and squat over me," he said sternly but with a contradicting cheeky smile on his face.

Eichhorst could hardly believe his luck and scampered across the floor to him. He hurriedly ripped off his suit and assumed the position.

"I am ready to receive your infinite power."

The Master clawed at his legs and teasingly tickled his ass with his snake-like stinger pertruding from his mouth. He could feel him trembling, clearly he was very nervous. The Master gave him a smile to reassure him.

"First, I want to receive some of yours," he whispered. "Take a steaming shit on me."

"Excuse me?" Eichhorst raised an eyebrow, again the Master had taken him by surprise. Was he being serious?

"Do it!" the Master commanded. "I want you to shit on me. You said you would do anything..."

"As you wish my lord," Eichhorst said.

The crack was making his stomach contents bubble anyway so it took little effort for him to explosively void his bowels all over the Master's chest. He'd made an almighty mess; he could feel faeces clinging to his skin but he felt no shame. He smiled nervously at the Master for a reaction, hoping that he had pleased him.  He did not have to wait long. He shrieked at a sharp jolt from his stinger as he thrust it full force up inside him. Any self consciousness he may have felt was long forgotten.

"Mein Master es fuhlt sich so gut! Ich habe nicht das verdient Ich fuhle mich geehrt," he slipped into his native tongue to praise him.

The stinger burrowed deeper, the Master curious as to how far it could go before Eichhorst submitted but he managed to take it all – and loved every second of it. His eyes rolled in the back of his head as he rocked back and forth, moaning in time with the thrusts. The Master did not stop until he had sucked all of Eichhorst's ass clean, gulping down any excess along the way. Their fun continued once he retreived his stinger, for he gripped his obedient servant by the neck, pinned him on his back and mounted him, expecting the favour to be returned.

He straddled him and let out a stream of fecel matter onto his face and into his gaping mouth. Eichhorst was in ecstacy. He put his palms to his cheeks and massaged it into his skin. Neither cared about the mess they were making as they smeared excrement over the floor and on each other. In fact for them it was a turn on. The trademark strigoi stench of amonia and shit that filled the room was enough to gag a maggot but to them it was a sweet perfume. Eichhorst could hardly contain himself as he gripped the Master's thighs with his shit stained palms and slid his stinger into his ass to explore every inch of his rectal cavity.

"Herr Eichhorst... your talents really are invaluable to me..." he groaned orgasmically.

Eichhorst squeezed his legs in appreciation, unable to answer back with his mouth full. This was a dream come true for him. His only hang up was that their strigoi bodies lacked the equipment to do anything further. Maybe the Master, with his power could do something in the future to fix this, Eichhorst thought to himself.

The passion lasted for many hours with Eichhorst reluctantant to break away, he wanted this moment to last for eternity. The Master eventually yanked his stinger out of his back passage and threw it at him.

It had been a long time since he had had a hit and the restless craving was creeping up on him. If it weren't for that he would have gladly carried on. But the best place for an impending comedown was resting in his box, not having his asshole tongued for hours on end by his servant. He curled up and was about to close the lid when his naked lover crawled in beside him with a huge grin spread ear to ear and eyes gooey with complete adoration.

"That was wunderbar," Eichhorst said dreamily laying beside him, and wrapping his arms around him in a warm embrace.

The Master pulled away and jabbed him with his elbow for him to get out. The last thing he wanted was to listen to him pouring his heart out about how much he loved him. He already knew.

"Put some clothes on and fetch me a drink you Nazi. And don't let me see you in my bed again," he ordered abruptly, making sure he knew his place.

For a moment, Eichhorst's face fell as if his entire world had collapsed but he quickly pulled himself together and did as he was told, only letting out his screams of rage and frustration when he was far out of earshot. 

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