Chuck and Sarah Versus Stages

BY : MoreCharahPlease
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Disclaimer: The show CHUCK does not belong to me, nor do any of the characters. I am not making money from these stories.

Chuck and Sarah Versus Stages

By MoreCharahPlease

Disclaimer: I do not own CHUCK the show, I do not own the characters, and I'm not making any money from this.

Author note: I am having some trouble with my muse again, so I've decided to just play around with Chuck, Sarah, and canon. Some of this might be OOC, but this story is going to revolve around their sex life. It is not plot-driven and it will be jumping around to different times in the series / in their relationship: dating, engaged, married, etc. This story is pretty much just for me to have fun with them. And I hope someone gets enjoyment out of it in the meantime! Thanks for being patient with the rest of my work. 

Have fun!

Chapter 1: Three weeks after Honeymooners

Chuck glanced across at Sarah as the getaway van sped further from the scene, the intel they’d worked so hard for, even risked their lives for, already sent ahead to Casey. 

He’d been sidelined again, this time after taking a bullet to the shoulder. 

But Casey’s apparently propensity for being shot wasn’t the first thing on Agent Bartowski’s mind at the moment. Sergeant Westin was up front, the third man to their three man team since Casey was forced to stay behind in his apartment to monitor from there. 

Westin was focused on getting them away from the convention center as fast as he could, and when they cleared onto the freeway, he seemed to slow down a little bit. Beckman would already have reinforcements there to clean up. The intel was with Casey.

And none of it mattered as much as the woman sitting across from him on a case of headphones for the op. The bun at the back of her head was loose, hair messy and in her face from the mask she’d been wearing to obscure her memorably gorgeous features. She looked relieved. And then, as she met his gaze in the darkness of the van’s interior, she looked…smug.

They’d done it.

They were the best team in any intelligence agency ever. He was sure of it. She shot a quick glance up front towards Westin and he followed her gaze. The man was probably the most professional, and most silent person he’d ever spoken to. He had his eye on the ball always. And while he’d done his part well, Chuck was ready to have the grunting NSA agent who regularly called him “moron” still back on the team.

And then in two blinks, Sarah was sitting next to him on the seat he’d occupied when they first dove into the back of the van and Westin peeled out of the parking lot. Chuck had since put the laptop he used to send Casey the intel down on the ground at his feet, which he supposed was a good thing now, since Sarah leaned in to kiss him just under his ear and lay her hand on his groin.

He clamped a hand over his mouth, his hips jerking, and he sighed. Luckily, Westin wore an earpiece and was listening to traffic reports from an NSA analyst at the LA headquarters…otherwise the sergeant might have heard him.

Chuck eased his hand away from his lips. “What are you doing?” he whispered.

Her eyes darted up towards the front of the van again and she gave a little shrug, tightening her grip on his crotch. “He can’t see anything,” she whispered back, and he glanced back and had to agree. 

He couldn’t actually see Westin from his seat because of the barrier that allowed only for a skinny doorway from the front of the van to the back.


“You saved my life, Chuck.” She bit his earlobe. “I’m not prepared to wait another half hour ’til we get to my place to thank you. So I’m going to do it right now…right here.”

He gulped. “Sarah, he’ll hear…” Chuck had to admit, he’d never been very good at being quiet. When he and Sarah first started dating for real three weeks earlier, that had been the first thing Morgan complained about. Dude…You’re seriously loud. Sarah had laughed outright and he’d turned beet red.

“Then I guess you better learn to be quiet,” she teased, and she popped the button of his black pants, finding the zipper tab and slowly easing it down. He let out a long breath and tilted his head back as she continued to nibble on the area around his ear. “Should I find something to gag you with?” she added, and he sent her a wide-eyed look that seemed to amuse her to no end.

But then her hand was cupping him over his boxers, dipping under his pants, grabbing his cock that was hardening more and more by the second, damn it.

He squirmed in his seat and reached down to clamp his hands around the edges. “God…Why are you like this?” he gasped, and she seemed even more amused by that.

“I’ve got an idea for behind closed doors,” she admitted in a whisper, her lips brushing his ear. “But you won’t know what it is unless you let me do this now…” He clamped his eyes shut tightly as she purposefully squeezed the tip of his cock between her fingers. Somehow his boxers being in the way made it feel even better and he pinched his features in pleasure.

Making up his mind, because Sarah Walker had yet to let him down in this department, Chuck shook his head and grabbed her hand, pulling it out of his pants. And then he arched up from the seat and pushed his pants down to his mid-thighs, leaving his boxers. Just as quickly, though, he lifted the front of his undergarment and tucked it under his balls, revealing his sex to his girlfriend.

“Good boy, Agent Bartowski,” she hummed into his ear, and then her fist was around his shaft, her thumb applying pressure to the vein bulging on the underside, and she skillfully started stroking her fist up and down, up and down, twisting with each pump.

He was harder than stone now, his cock jutting up from his lap, tall and proud as she fist-fucked him.

His eyes crossed as he shoved one of his fists into his mouth and bit down. God, it was just so fucking good. She was so fucking good at this.

And she seemed to derive so much pleasure from it, even though he wasn’t even touching her. She was almost purring in his ear, murmuring things like, “You like that, baby?” and “You’re so big and hard” in a deep, sultry voice that was driving him mad.

Almost of its own volition, though, Chuck felt his hand move up from the seat to cup Sarah’s own crotch over her pants. She gasped, her hand stilling on his dick for a moment.

And then she gently used her free hand to pull his away. “Baby, someone has to be a lookout,” she whispered, grinning at him. “I can’t concentrate if your hand is anywhere near…there.” 

She arched an eyebrow sexily and started pumping his rock hard shaft harder in her fist, running her thumb over his sensitive tip every time she got to the top. He could feel his ecstasy build in a buzzing ball just behind his belly button. It felt so good. He wanted so much more.

And she’d promised more when they got to her place. Smart, relegating whatever she had planned for her place. Whatever it was she had planned would most likely disturb his roommate if it was as good as Chuck imagined. 

As fantastic as this felt, as much as he wanted it to continue forever, he was nervous Westin would finish his phone call and start hearing what was happening in the back of the van. He needed this to go faster. And he felt a little lame for it, but he decided to get her talking. 

He’d discovered how hot it made him when she talked to him way back in Paris, on that train, only a half hour after it had pulled out of the station. She’d started talking dirty when he entered her from behind and he’d ejaculated inside of her much earlier than he’d intended to.

“What…” He whimpered softly and then glanced over his shoulder towards the front in a bit of a panic, before settling and looking back at her. “What’ve you got planned for—for later?” he asked. He was finding it difficult to focus as she started pumping him faster, her grip tighter around him.

She was panting in his ear a bit. “Sky’s the limit, Chuck,” she whispered. “A better question would be what haven’t I got planned for later.” She paused as he bit down on his fist again to keep from groaning. She was so talented with her hands. God, and her words. “See, I don’t have a roommate. Nobody around to hear.” She gave him an open mouthed kiss then, surprising him as he dropped his fist to his side again. “And,” she breathed, pecking his lips, “I’m going to blow,” she kissed him again, “your fucking,” another kiss, “mind.”

Sarah slowed down then, squeezing him from the base of his cock all the way up to the tip where she pinched hard enough for him to whimper.

“Shh…” she admonished, beaming at him. He shook his head and chuckled silently. She was bad. “And that look you gave that bastard who tried to shoot me, when you knocked his gun away and grabbed his throat…his life in your hands…” She tugged his cock and he groaned quietly. “So intimidating. Even though I’d almost just died a moment earlier…” She hummed lustily and kissed him, brushing his tongue with hers. “I was so turned on.”

“I can do it for you again. Later,” he grumbled, giving her a dreamy smile, and she giggled under her breath. “As long as you promise to be a bad girl for me.”

Her eyes flashed and a slow smile stretched those beautiful lips of hers. Her chest heaved and he could see in his mind’s eye those glorious breasts he knew so well—their taste, how they felt under his fingers and tongue, the sound she made when he captured her nipples between his teeth. 

“Baby, I’m gonna be so bad for you…You have no idea.” Her voice was tight as she spoke in his ear again. “But we’re gonna be back at Castle soon…I saw my life flash before my eyes, and now I really need to taste you again.”

Before he could react to that, Sarah shifted in the seat and dove down to take him between her lips. Chuck clamped both hands over his mouth this time, his eyes bugging out. He barely resisted a loud whimper. She pinched his balls teasingly and began to bob her head, up and down, up and down, shoving him far into her mouth and sucking on him, swirling her tongue around him.

He lovingly pushed her hair out of her face as she worked him, sucking and licking, slurping. 

That buzzing ball behind his belly button slid down and began to rage in his crotch. So, so fucking close. Until he released his seed into her throat. Chuck bit down on his lip and threw his head back, bonking it on the van’s wall a little harder than felt good, but he ignored that sensation and instead focused on thrusting his cock into her mouth as she milked him of every last drop.

“Sarah,” he breathed. “Oh my God…”

“Yessir. Thank you, Sir! Five minutes ’til Castle, and then I’ll be on my way back to HQ, Sir.”

Sarah sat up fast, his cock flopping limply back into his lap as it slid out from between her lips, and she hurriedly grabbed his penis and tucked it back under his boxers.

Chuck leapt into action then, still buzzing, sweating a little, and he lifted his ass from the seat, yanking his pants up and zipping and buttoning them.

He put his hands on his knees as Sarah moved back to her seat across from him, as silently, quickly, and gracefully as a wraith. So that when Westin’s voice came from the front of the van, nothing seemed amiss at all.

“Do you need help getting the gear back into Castle?” he called back to them.

Chuck let Sarah take lead. He just couldn’t seem to find his voice.

“No, thank you. We’ll handle it,” she chirped.



Chuck covered his face and did his best to control his breathing. He just needed to make it back to Maison23. That was it. He could do that. He needed to learn to breathe and speak first, but…he could do that.




He heard Sarah shut the door behind him as he swept his gaze around her room, the green furniture that had grown on him over the last three years, that large window they’d sat in front of countless times…same window he’d pinned her against the first time she brought him back here after Europe happened, her legs wrapped around him, the cool glass against his palms as he held her up and fucked her.

Chuck turned back to Sarah then and watched as she slowly peeled her jacket off, meeting his eyes with a cool blue look that made him shiver. “Another successful mission…” she said, each word practically dripping from her lips.

He merely gave her a flat look in response and she laughed. “Oh. Don’t want to talk about the mission?”

“No, I don’t wanna…talk about the mission,” he grumbled, grinning as she giggled and squealed when he grabbed her and wrestled her arms down to her sides, kissing her neck. 

She yelped and laughed some more as he hoisted her up into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist as he carried her across the room to the bed. And when he tossed her onto the mattress, Agent Sarah Walker looked up at him with a faux gasp, pushing herself to sit up and grabbing the front of his jacket, yanking him down onto the bed next to her and pinning him there, rolling onto his chest and kissing him roughly.

Sarah pulled her lips from his just enough to breathe, “I told you I was gonna be a bad girl,” against his mouth, and then she clamped her teeth down on his bottom lip and pulled away, letting it snap back into place.

Chuck growled and cupped her ass in his hands, dragging her fully on top of him so that their crotches were aligned and thrusting up against her, pressing her down into him.

She hummed in pleasure and met his thrusts so that they dry humped one another, but then she extracted herself from his tight grip and pushed herself up to stand at the edge of the bed, towering over him, looking down on his body hungrily, a glint of pride in her face. Was she proud of him, or proud of herself for nabbing him? He couldn’t tell. It didn’t matter.

Because she leaned down to undo the front of his pants for the second time in the last hour. But instead of yanking them off of him like he expected, she left it at that and undid her own pants.

Those she slid down her legs and stepped out of, tugging her black combat boots off so that she could toss her pants away. But before her pants had even touched the floor, Agent Walker was stepping back into her boots again. 

Chuck felt his brow furrow in question. But then she scooted up to him and straddled his knees as his legs hung over the edge of the bed, boots flat on the floor. She must have seen his confusion, because she smirked and then blushed a little, probably in spite of herself, her gaze sliding down her body to her feet covered with her boots. 

“I just thought maybe…I mean, it’s a little kinky, right?” She climbed onto her knees to straddle him on the bed this time, lowering herself to sit on his thighs and digging inside of his boxers to pull his cock out. She stroked him slowly, in both hands, as he hardened in her grip.

“It is kinky,” he breathed…God, she was too amazing sometimes. How could he even bear it?

And then she scooted up his body a little and slid her fingers under the material of her panties, tucking them to the side and pressing his tip to her entrance. She lightly smacked her pussy with his cock a few times, sliding it up and down between her labia as he watched in fascination.

And, just like that, she sat on his cock, her full weight in his lap. He was sheathed as far inside of her as was possible, and she let her head fall back as she whimpered.

Then her fists were tangled in the front of his jacket again and she used her grip to start bucking into his lap wildly.

“Ah!” he called out, slamming his head back against the mattress and slapping his hands onto her thighs with a loud smack! She was going hard, both of their bodies rocking roughly against the bed, making it creak and pop underneath them.

“Oh, yeah! Oh, Chuck, yeah! Yes yes yes! Hnng!”

“Oh my God!” he groaned. “Shit!”

Chuck Bartowski had never been in a pussy as amazing as hers was. The way it felt—like hot, wet silk squeezing his dick or his fingers depending on what he used to pleasure her. And its taste—it was better than anything he’d ever tasted before. Musky and sweet…with a hint of something he couldn’t identify. Maybe it was something there wasn’t a word for. 

“Nng nng nng nnggg! Your cock is so good, baby!” she panted through gritted teeth as she swung her hips back and forth roughly. “You fill me up so fuckin’ good!”

Chuck groaned, his eyes rolling back, his body bouncing on the bed from her unbridled power. “You’re so strong,” he growled. “Fucking powerful.”

She growled something unintelligible back and used her grip in his jacket to yank him to sit up, their chests crashing together. She kissed him, open mouthed, passionate. And then she started bouncing fast into his lap.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

Her groin hit his harder with each of her bounces, the sound of it echoing through the room, and he heard the delicious wet sound of her juices as his cock slid into her.

Chuck slowly ran his hands down her thighs then, as they flexed and churned with her effort of her bouncing on his cock. So damn strong. Strongest person he knew. And he followed the length of her smooth, delicious calves, his fingers gently massaging the muscles there, too. Before he slid them down and met the hot leather of her boots under his fingers. She was wearing her combat boots. 

He’d been amused and perhaps a bit surprised at her decision to leave them on, but once she’d sat on his shaft, he’d forgotten all about it. She had a way of making him forget everything when she was in control. She was just so damn good at this. And so sexy.

But now that he could feel them on her, he was so turned on by it that he had to take a harsh, deep breath to keep from ejaculating right on the spot. 

He slung his arms around her torso and stopped her energetic bouncing, bringing her in tight and burying his face in her neck. Then he dropped his hand to her ass and started guiding her to gyrate, back and forth. He loved the way she looked when she rode him like this. The way her back arched so gracefully, her ass so muscled under his fingers. 

Chuck leaned back so that he could look between their bodies. It wasn’t as easy to see with all of the clothing they’d merely moved to the side rather than removing, but he still had a great vantage point of his thick cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy as she rode him.

He loved watching this. It was so damn erotic. And depending on her mood, he thought, she sometimes got really, really wet. Like now, for instance, as he saw the white beads of her cum sneaking out between her pussy and his cock, coating him.

But her boots scratched against his pants. He heard it, and he needed more suddenly. He wanted her breasts, her naked body on full display. So he grabbed the hem of her long sleeve shirt and started pulling it up.

“Nnng,” she whimpered, taking over and lifting it over her head, peeling it down her arms and tossing it away. Chuck immediately went for her bra, unclasping it and letting her shrug that off, too. And then he covered one breast with his hand and hunched over to grab her other breast and lift it into his mouth.

He sucked on her pert nipple as she shuddered in his arms. And, he noticed a bit smugly, she’d lost her rhythm. Instead she held onto his shoulders and stilled, whimpering at his attentions as he pinched her nipples between his fingers and teeth.

Then he let her nipple slip out from between his lips and he grabbed her by her hips, surprising her by swinging them both around and slamming her back onto the mattress.

She laughed and hummed in pleasure, as it had sunk his cock deep against her inner-most wall. “Couldn’t handle not being in control, Bartowski?” she flirted, hands on his jacket. 

“No, I’m just tired of these clothes.” She laughed as he pulled out of her and stood up to tower over her, yanking his jacket off and dropping it behind him, then pushing his erect cock back into his boxers and shoving both his pants and boxers down to his knees.

Then he lowered himself back onto her and she laughed again. “Not that tired. Or are you just that eager?” The last word turned into a tight moan as he quickly entered her again, not stopping until he was buried so deep his thrust lifted her ass off the mattress.

“Don’t act like you aren’t eager, Sarah.”

She moaned again and slapped her hands onto his ass, bending her legs at his waist and starting to buck her hips up against his. 

“Oh God,” he groaned. He just wanted to see her face when she came. It was one of his favorite things in the world, watching this woman orgasm. The eighth wonder of the world that he was determined no one in the world would ever see again but him. 

He was going to lose it though because her boots started scraping at the backs of his thighs and it was so fucking erotic. He didn’t know why. It just was. 

“Baby,” he whimpered, bracing his hands and arching himself hard inside of her, lowering his mouth to gnaw on her breast hungrily so that she yelped and giggled lustily. “Come for me, baby,” he breathed, muffled by her deliciously plump tit.

“That’s up to you, buddy.”

She surprised him with that response and he stopped thrusting for a second, propping himself up over her and laughed breathlessly as she beamed cheekily up at him. The way she wrinkled her nose so cutely made him want to wrap her up in his arms and fuck her so hard and long she went absolutely mad with it.

“Cheeky, aren’t we?” he chuckled.

She giggled and gave his ass cheek a stinging slap as an answer.

“Oh that’s it,” he growled, his eyes alight with humor and pleasure. 

She squealed in ecstasy as he slid his fingers down and started jerking them over her clitoris, even while he slammed his cock hard into her pussy. “Oh God!” she gasped. “Oh yeah, yes! YES! Oh!” The humor left her face an instead there was only awe—her mouth opened wide, nose wrinkled and eyebrows knit in complete ecstasy.

He jerked her clit even harder over her panties and felt her pussy squeeze him tight, and she squeaked and shivered under him, her legs spasming at his hips. Her chest heaved as she let out long, sexy sighs. “Yeees! Yeees! Oh Chuuuuck! Ohhhh!”

Her skilled hands draped over his ass and she squeezed his cheeks, pulling him deep inside of her as she slowly tightened her thighs and pinched his cock with her pussy walls.

Chuck drew in a deep breath and stilled on top of her, before he slowly pulled out and stood up again. 

His legs were tired.

They’d been running all night, for intel and then for their lives. The adrenaline had been pumping, and he would be damned if he’d let it wear down now. 

When her breathing slowed a bit and a slow smile stretched over her lips, he reached down to pick up her hand, and he leaned down to press a kiss to her fingers. “Turn over,” he said, kissing her fingers again.

She looked incredibly pleased by his order, and when he took a step back, Sarah rolled onto her stomach, propping herself up on her elbows and spreading her legs. She sent an enticingly wanton look over her shoulder at him and he took a moment to look at her. Really look at her. 

Sarah pulled the hair tie out of her bun and let her long blond locks fall over her neck and shoulders, broad, strong shoulders, her smooth flawless sloping back. But her panties were still obstructing his view of her ass, so he leaned down and tucked his fingers in the waistband. She took the hint and arched herself up so that he could slide them down her legs, careful not to snag them on the boots she (deliciously) still wore and dropping them onto the floor at his feet. 

Chuck put his hands on her thighs and spread her legs again, stepping in between them, ignoring his pants still bunched up at his knees. As he lowered himself to lie on her back, he gently moved her hair aside and kissed her neck, easing his crotch down to grind his cock against her labia. He tucked his thumbs in the creases where her thighs met her pelvis and he eased the lips of her sex open to press his dick between them long ways. He gyrated a few times, her cum coating his shaft.

He reveled in Sarah’s sighs of pleasure, loving how she popped her ass up a bit to make it easier for him to access her pussy. And he moved his hand to guide his penis into the opening of her vagina, thrusting a few times, each one going deeper and deeper.

Chuck straightened up to hover at an angle over her, bracing his boots against the floor and holding onto her hips. And then he began to thrust swiftly, hard and long. Her ass smacked his crotch loudly with each stroke, and she started letting him know how good it felt.

“Oh God, baby, yeah,” she whined. “Yeah!”

After awhile, he stopped his swift, upward thrusts into her, and shifted his weight so that he was more on top of her than standing up beside the bed. His cock was angled in a way that would make it crash right into her g-spot, he hoped. And when he pistoned down into her, he felt the head of his cock make contact, grind against that wet, hot silk wall, and she cried out, her fists twisting in the bedspread so that her knuckles turned white.

“Is that it?” he asked. He pistoned himself into her again and her body shook.

“You found it,” she gasped. “Fuck me right there…”

He continued driving into her, hovering above her, their bodies slapping, Sarah whimpering. It was tiring, but he kept doing it, grunting at his efforts, soldiering on until she spasmed beneath him with another orgasm, breathing hard, digging her fingers into the mattress.

“Keep going,” she panting. “Oh, keep going, Chuck. Please!”

He moved back into his original position and began thrusting inside of her long and hard again, his shirt covered chest dragging against her back as he pushed his hand under her body and grabbed onto one of her tits, squeezing it in time with his strokes.

“Yes yes yes!” she gasped, and he buried his face in her hair, breathing hard, whimpering.

Then her hand clutched his, and she moved his fingers to her lips, taking them into her mouth, sucking on them. 

“Oh God, Sarah…You’re so hot…”

She kept sucking on his fingers, wetting them all the way down to his knuckles, licking and slurping like she had done to his cock in the back of the van earlier. And then she pulled them out from between her lips as he propped himself up.

And she forced his hand against the small of her back.

He kept thrusting, deep and slow, even as he watched her drag his hand lower and lower, until his fingers were couched in her ass crack. 

“Please!” she gasped. 

Chuck feared he misunderstood her, but he swallowed hard and slowed his thrusts for a moment, moving inside of her more shallowly, and using one hand to push a cheek out of the way so that he could see her asshole better. He hoped this was right.

He hoped she’d tell him if it was wrong.

And as he slid his wet fingers over the rim of her ass, she yelped and went tense, her body hard as a rock underneath him. But then she panted out a wanton, “Yes!! Yes, baby!!”

She really wanted this. And he would give her whatever she wanted.

Chuck continued to thrust into her, speeding them up, slamming her hard for a little bit, then softening his strokes again. All the while, he used his fingers to tease her asshole, making circles over the rim, teasingly probing the opening, even getting his pointer finger inside an inch. 

“Oh!” She whined his name and held onto the bed tighter, pressing her forehead into the mattress, her back heaving with heavy breath. “More! Please, Chuck! Baby, please!”

He slid his finger inside more so that it was half buried in her ass, and he began to match the rhythm of his cock in her pussy. He’d never heard Sarah like this before. Desperate, loud, her fingernails clawing at the sheets underneath her, her skin hot to the touch. She began to rock back against him, pulling him into both of her holes deeper, her beautiful ass clenching. And he watched her body work, sucking his cock into her pussy, her sphincter squeezing his finger.

“Come inside me,” she whined finally. “I want your seed, Chuck!” He started pumping into her deeper, faster. And then he moved his free hand back to bend her legs up so that he could feel her boot against his thigh again.

God, he was close.

He couldn’t resist. He slid another finger into her ass and he went even deeper as she cried out, her eyes clenched shut, her body heaving. He held them deep, then he grabbed her hip with his other hand and began to shove himself into her roughly.

“Ahh!!! Ah ah ah ah!! Oh fffff-AHHH!!! CHUCK! NG!!”

She came almost violently, her body shivering, goosebumps covering her flawless smooth skin, her cheeks red, her legs falling back down. And the sight of her ass so tense and beautifully muscled around his fingers pushed him over the edge.

“Hngngg!!! Sarahh!!” He let out a gurgling groan and jerked into her a few more times, hearing her squeak each time, until he was totally empty.

He eased his fingers out of her asshole first and then flopped onto her back. He kissed her cheek, her temple, her cheek again, and then he thrust his arms under her body and hugged her tight.

Chuck couldn’t resist one last thrust, wanting to hear her gasp, feel her body churn under his. He wasn’t disappointed. And then she moaned and let out a lusty chuckle.

“Holy shit, Chuck Bartowski.”

The Nerd Herd supervisor turned spy slowly pulled out of his girlfriend and threw himself onto the bed next to her, his legs hanging over the edge, pants and boxers and boots still tangled up around his lower half.

Her hand came up and landed on his shoulder. She turned it over and squeezed him, chuckling again. “I don’t deserve you.”

He knew she was joking but he turned over onto his elbow and pointed down at her. “Say that again and this…” He gestured to himself. “This bodacious bod will not be used for your pleasure.”

She bit her cheek, and he knew it was to keep from laughing. As though he’d ever be able to resist her. A certain look and he’d crumble, throw himself at her mercy, beg for her to ride him. 

“Aww,” she pouted. “Not ever?”

“That’s right, kick ass ninja spy lady. Not ever.”

She broke and giggled, and he beamed down at her. He got up to undress all the way, watching a bit dejectedly as she pulled off her boots finally, but then they climbed into her bed together and wrapped themselves up in one another, kissing, stroking…

He eventually hardened again and they joined, spending the rest of the night enjoying, exploring.

And while Chuck lost himself in the pleasure of her body, he had no way of knowing that what he’d done for Sarah earlier had planted a seed in her mind.

Thank you for reading! More to come!

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