Fox In The Hills

BY : fusedtwilight
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Fusedtwilight: For the first chapter it will be Parrish, because who else could I hook up fire kitsune Stiles with? Be warned this does contain graphic sex.




I walked through the woods, alone and horny.

I carried my trusty bat with me by my side. It is springtime, and it was a nice cool night. Though to me it was rather hot. But I was in heat course my body temperature would be high. Sweat beaded on my forehead causing my bangs to stick to my skin.

It was late to be out in the middle of the woods, alone. Stupid of course, considering Beacon Hills was a magnet for all the mean and nasty things that go bump in the night. Plenty of unexplained deaths happened out here.

But I wasn't some helpless human. I am a kitsune, with an affinity for fire. If anything decided to mess with me, they would get a fireball right up the ass.

I wasn't out here just to blow off some excess energy. I was patrolling, making sure nothing was out here trying to munch on some poor schmuck and leave yet another unidentified corpse for my dad to deal with.

It was a quiet night, seemed like all the crazy things in this county decided to take a break from all the murder and mayhem. Or maybe they were all doingeach-other.

Even the supernatural can have breeding seasons. Especially the ones who are based on beasts and animals. It was funny how much monster could take after their none-supernatural counterparts. Take werewolves for example. Like wolves they have a strict hierarchy and obedience to their alpha. They form powerful bonds, especially romantic ones. They can be territorial and aggressive.

Werecoyotes are similar, only they don't have the same instinctual need to join a pack like the werewolves do, they are a lot more formal than that. Just like mortal coyotes they can survive on their own or join a pack. They tend to be more strategic and cunning then their werewolf counterparts.

Then of course my people. The kitsune. Legend says if a fox lives for a hundred years they ascend to become a spirit and gain magical powers and can take human form. I do not turn into a fox. Technically I am human. I merely have a fox spirit inside me.

Why did it chose me? I have no fucking idea. One day I am a normal human, the next my eyes are glowing orange and I got flames coming off the skin like I am the Human Torch's' little geeky brother. I happened right after my mom died, which was already a tough time for me. The fox bit was just one more flaming hurdle I had to deal with.

Noshiko, my mentor (who is a 900-year old celestial kitsune) says the spirits tend to have a type. They like to go for people who have a playful and mischievous nature. People who are natural born tricksters. Ironic seeing how my moms nickname for me when I was a kid was Mischief.

Sorry, getting off track, that's the ADD talking. Try being able to control fire and have a condition like that. Talk about a nightmare.

Anyway like our animal kin (should I even consider foxes as my kin?) we are loners and if we form a skulk (because skulk sounds so much better than pack- Not!) it is with family members. I don't know how that works. If a kitsune is a spirit inside a human than how does that cause their offspring to become a kitsune too?

I tried asking her, her daughter Kira is a thunder kitsune (which is odd seeing how her mom is a celestial) but Noshiko much like Scott's mentor Deaton can't give a straight answer, she has to be all cryptic and shit.

But the changes our bodies go through when we are possessed effects our physiology so much that come spring time we get extra hot and horny.

Which was why I was seriously considering dropping my pants right here and now and jerking off. You think being a horny teen was bad? Try being a horny teen in heat.

When I first started going through these heats, my buddy Scott would help me through them. We were young and fooled around a lot. It started out as simple handjobs and blowjobs that turned into full on sex when we got to a certain age.

I know it would seem weird for you normal folks for two childhood friends who call each other brother to do sex stuff. But he's a werewolf and I am a kitsune. We view the world very differently.

Scott had been bitten when he was three. His dad was an FBI agent and had been investigating the mysterious death of Talia Hale, the former alpha werewolf and matriarch of Beacon Hills. She had been murdered by her brother, Peter Hale who wanted to be an alpha.

Only way a normal beta can become an alpha is if he or she is next in line when the old one dies, or if they kill an alpha themselves and absorb their power. Peter thought he could rule the rest of the Hales, but not all of them were willing to show him their belly.

He killed his niece as an example to the rest. To show them blood or no blood all Peter cared about was power and he had no problems killing anyone who got in the way.

But Derek, his nephew didn't take too kindly to what his uncle was doing. He was barely ten and when Scott's dad Rafael and my dad joined forces to investigate the death of a very important member of the community and the sudden death of her daughter they. Even though their deaths were attributed to animal attacks, they both thought things were...suspicious.

My dad knew about the supernatural. Talia believed it was important to work with the leaders of the town to keep the balance of the town. So he knew it had been Peter who had committed the murders. He knew if Talia died it should have been Laura who took over the role of alpha, not Peter.

It was a tricky situation for my dad. He knew according to the laws of werewolves Peter had broken no laws...moral laws? Yes. But it wouldn't have been the first time some guy went nuts and thinned the family bloodline for power.

Dad wanted to arrest him, but he knew without evidence or motive there wan no way he could stop Peter. Because he knew a monster like Peter would ruin his sisters hard work and throw Beacon into chaos in the name of power.

Dad tried to keep Rafael from digging too much into the case. Raf didn't know anything about the supernatural. But when Derek showed up at my house, bloody from a beating he got from Peter for being a disobedient little shit. The same night Scott and I were having a playdate Peter showed up to collect him. He decided it was time to lay down the law with my dad and Raf and kidnapped us all, including my mom.

He planned to bite Scott and I, turn us into little werewolf pups to join his back and through us control our dads. He bit Scott and had been about to bite me when my dad showed up with Raf and another pack. Satomi Ito was a good friend of Talia's. The oldest werewolf who had a large pack of her own.

Peter may have been in his rights to kill his sister for power. But Satomi was also within her rights to attack a rival alpha. Talia was willing to share the town with others. Peter on the other hand would have been more than willing to chase off any supernatural being he felt was a threat or didn't deserve to be in Beacon.

Satomi wasn't just fighting for her fallen friend, she was fighting for her pack. She was seeing as a saint for omega werewolves. She offered a home to those who had no pack. Survivors from decimated packs or the odd outcast or two. Her pack was larger than the Hales. But she didn't desire power.

She had lived to see two world wars; she knew the horrors ambition could bring to the world.

She fought Peter and with my dads help (and his trusty wolfsbane bullets) Peter was brought down. The plan had been to send him to Eichen but Derek had pounced on Peter and ripped his throat out...with his teeth.

Derek may have been a kid, but rules are rules and Derek became the youngest werewolf in Beacon history. Scott survived the bite and became a werewolf. His dad Raf...didn't handle the idea of the supernatural was real and that his son was a part of it.

He developed a drinking problem and eventually left his family.

Now Scott was a true alpha (the rare werewolf who gets his power from being truly pure of heart) and I was a young fire kitsune wondering the woods with a raging hard on.

If Scott wasn't dating Kira (probably having sex with her as we speak) I would totally be with him right now. Like I said since were a kitsune and a werewolf we don't get all bent out of shape and freaked out about sex like you humans do.

We stopped having sex when he started going out with Alison, resumed when they broke up and then stopped again when he started dating Kira. I didn't mind. I was happy for them both, Scott and Kira were wonderful people.

But I seriously needed a lay right now! I was tempted to reach out to my friends. Only problem was I was the only single one.

Scott was with Kira.

Derek was with Braeden.

Lydia was with Aiden.

Alison was with Isaac.

Erica was with Boyd.

Danny was with Ethan.

Hell, I was willing to let Jackson fuck me! If the bastard wasn't already engaged to some alphas daughter back in London.

Hell, even Malia had a boyfriend now. We used to be fuck buddies, but she found some a guy who had a thing for strong independent women who could break your neck. Always pegged Greenberg for a little spoon kind of guy. Guess I was right.

Suddenly I sensed...something. Vague, I know. But right now my kitsune senses are tingling. Big time. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I let the fox reach out to sense what was out there. The sensation was very familiar.


The name came out as a whisper. Jordan Parrish was my dads newest deputy. He had been a bomb defuser in the army, stationed over in the middle east for three years. After he did his time in the army, he got a job as a deputy in my small town.

Many raised their brows at his choice. Many wondered why someone with such a resume like his would want to settle down at such a young age in a town like Beacon when he could get a better paying job in a larger town or city. He said he felt drawn here and the police department had a lot of openings.

Obviously they did not list the mortality rates on the website.

Dad said working with bombs for so long, it made sense Parrish would want a quiet life. Though if you were native to Beacon you would know quiet was not on the list of 'Town Virtues.'

He was gorgeous, six feet tall with green eyes and light brown hair that had a blonde tint to it when the light shined on it. He had a lean but well muscled figure and was the kind of guy you fantasized about pulling you over than fucking you with your hands cuffed behind you back.

God knows I have had plenty of dreams about him both in and out of his work cloths.

He was my dads golden child. He had only been in town for seven months but my dad already trusted him a lot. He warmed up to him quicker than any other deputy he has ever had. And Parrish was always looking for a reason to gain my dads approval.

I did research on him. Not just because I have the hots for him. (I'm not the only one. Just ask Tara or Clark. I totally hear them talking about his perfect ass all the time!) but I do that every time my dad hires someone knew. I like to know if the people working with my father are trustworthy.

He was an orphan, spent a lot of time in the foster system but had a clean record. No prior arrests or convictions. Guy actually managed to stay clean despite bouncing from home to home. Enrolled into the military right out of high school and after a few tours he got out and is now a deputy.

He had no Facebook and no Twitter. No Tumblr or Snapchat. I even tried finding him on dating apps. Nothing. I did find photos of him on other accounts. They all belonged to friends of his he served with.

His record was clean...too clean.

I always had this weird sense about Parrish. Some...attraction. I don't know what it was. Something about him attracted the fox in me. But whatever it was it was less to do with his amazingly good looks and more to do with...hell I don't know. Something.

But I am getting that same feeling now. That same pull. As if the fox scented something it liked. That same feeling I only got around Parrish. Only now it was much more powerful. I could feel the fox wanting to investigate.

Was it smart to go without back up? Maybe not. But I don't have time to call for someone and wait for them to show up.

Plus, a kitsune could never resist a good mystery.


My name is Jordan Parrish, and I am a hellhound.

When you first look at me the words hell or hound are not even on the list of things your brain comes up with when you look at me. I look like I should be at some club having a party with a bunch of my friends, drinking shots and taking numbers from beautiful women.

But inside me well, that is another matter.

There is a creature inside me, an ancient spirit of fire that is a harbinger of death. It scares me and it should terrify you. He has many names. Cerberus, Garm, Black Schuck. But right now he is known as Jordan Parrish.

It all began during my last tour in Afghanistan. I was a bomb-defuser and had been trying to defuse a bomb. I don't remember much. One minute I am cutting a wire, hoping to God that it is the right one. Then there is a flash, a distant sense of intense heat and I feel like I am flying back at the speed of light. Then I come to and I am alive. But that is the thing...I should be dead.

The bomb had gone off, yet I didn't have a scratch on me. My cloths were torn and singed and I was covered in soot. No one could explain how it happened, some would call it a miracle, but even the most faithful God fearing man could say it was just a miracle.

Though I guess in a way, it was more luck than anything else.

Things changed for me after that. It wasn't just the looks the others gave me, one part awe and one part suspicious. I tried to continue doing my duty, focusing more on my work and less on my miraculous survival.

But then strange things began to happen. I developed a sense for death. Sometimes I would get this...feeling…kind of like a smell. Or rather the memory of a scent you could not recall when or where you first smelled it.

The closer a person was to death the stronger the sense was. I started to follow people who reeked of it. Who had death as their shadow. Sometimes I could save them, sometimes I couldn't. When my Sargent had a heart attack, I was able to save his life.

The scent was strong around him so I had been trying to keep close to him. He was in his tent when it happened. If I hadn't been keeping an eye on him no one would have known.

I waged my own private war against the reaper. Sometimes I won. Sometimes he won. I saved many comrades. Warning them if their next step would be on a landmine. Pushing them down as a snipers bullet came speeding for their heads.

I began to develop a reputation. People either kept me close, treating me as a good luck charm. Others reacted with mistrust and hostility. I couldn't blame them.

On my last day we were passing through a town. While my group played ball with the local children, I felt the sense pull me to a nearby house. I discreetly made my way to the home and before I could knock on the door a woman answered.

She did not seem surprised to see me, in fact she stepped aside and let me in.

The house was full of people, they all sat near the bed of an old woman and I knew right away she was dying. The woman (who was her daughter) told me her mother had been expecting me. No one spoke to me, their eyes were focused on the old woman. Waiting patiently with sorrowful expressions for her to leave this life.

I remember standing there, waiting. Feeling an odd sense of kinship with her. Something that was more than just the looming death I sensed from her. Than she opened her eyes which were a milky white color, I was sure she was blind yet she looked right at me. She spoke to me in Dari. I could understand it fine, though I had difficulty speaking it.

She told me I was touched by fire. That she had dreamed of my death and my rebirth. She told me I was part of something greater now, that although my time in war was over I still had a great battle to fight.

"Do not be afraid," she had said in a raspy voice. "We are guardians you and I. But you do not belong here. You belong somewhere else. Someplace far in your homeland. Filled with trees and magic. Trust your instincts young pup. They will take you where you need to be."

Than as she took her final breath her eyes burned like hot coals in a fire. Smoke began to rise from her mouth. No one moved, they watched in fascination, some were even speaking a prayer.

The smoke took a shape. A massive dog like creature with fur the color of obsidian. It's eyes burned the same fiery color the old womans did. It had glowing cracks on parts of its body, and a bright glow emanated from them, like volcanic cracks in the Earth.

I had a sudden image in my head. A flash of a memory of when I died.

Kneeling before the bomb. It going off and my body being thrown back by the sheer force. I remember dying and remembering all the kids I grew up with in the homes who sneered at me and told me I was unloved like the rest of them.

Of the adults who would bring me back to the foster home, telling the workers a list of reasons why I didn't belong with them.

He doesn't fit in with us, he doesn't believe what we believe, he's not what we wanted, it's too much work, he's too much trouble, he doesn't get along with our other kids, can already tell he is going nowhere in life.

Fuck all of you! I thought angrily. None of you deserved me! There was nothing wrong with me, you were just lousy people! At least I die a hero! I saved lives! I meant something!

I screamed and raged in joy. Maybe I would soon be forgotten, maybe I didn't leave my mark on the world but I saved lives. I mattered. I didn't join a gang or become a drug addict or some thug. My life was rough but it had meaning, it had purpose.

I was ready to pass on.

But from the fire there came a beast. It was almost like the one that just came out of the woman, but this one seemed older somehow, meaner even. It looked at me, judging me the same way all those adults did when they were deciding if I was worth adopting.

I felt afraid, more afraid than I did of being dead. I don't know what it wanted with me. I didn't care, I just wanted it to leave me the hell alone. I just wanted to die in peace. Already I could feel my body break, feel my internal organs start to rupture from the force or the blast.

It didn't hurt as much as it should. I guess this is what they hope for when they think of a quick death.

But then the beast shattered into a million dark glass pieces of flaming embers and I felt those shards impale my body. And I felt a fire that burned hotter than anything I have ever felt before and I knew the creature was inside me.

Maybe it was the trauma of dying or maybe it was having a demon dog enter my body. But my brain blocked it all out. But after seeing that creature leave the old womans body the memory was unlocked.

I became aware of a gentle pair of hands on my shoulders pulling me up. I was on my knees, I must have fallen down. The beast was gone, everyone in the room were weeping now and kissing the old womans face.

Her daughter led me back outside. "What was that?" I asked.

She gently cupped my face in her hands. "When my mother was young she died when her city was attacked. She was found under the rubble dead. She should have been crushed under all the weight but she didn't have a single mark on her. When she awoke they believed her heart was beating very slow that she seemed dead. She returned from the Barzakh but she did not return alone. Return to your country, your work is far from done."

"Where did it go?" I asked, "the creature that was inside your mother."

She smiled. "To find another to be its home." Then she kissed me on the head and returned to mourn with the others. After that I returned home, my world forever altered.

I took some time off to get my bearings and try and sort things out. I spent days doing research. Libraries, internet I used both in my search. When I found out about hellhounds (a term I had heard before but had no real idea of the meaning) I knew I had found out what I was.

I was happy to learn that despite its name the hellhound was actually less to do with the Devil and his domain and merely a title given to a fearsome a fiery creature who was an omen for death and could be either a force of good or evil.

I was really hoping I was the former category.

There were many legends of monstrous canines that were connected to death and the after life. Cerberus, the guardian of Hades, and Garm who was the guardian of Hel.

Then there were the Cŵn Annwn. The Gwyllgi, the Yeth Hound, the Gytrash. So many stories and legends. It was both fascinating and terrifying at the same time.

With each bit of lore I read the more I had to ponder on what was fact and what was fiction. The one thing I found that connected all the stories was that the hellhound was an omen of death. Meeting one usually meant you would soon die.

It made sense, the fact I could smell when someone was about to die. My instinctive need to follow them around. But what else was I capable of?

A lot of the stuff I read spoke of other powers and abilities that hellhounds had. A lot of them were said to be strong and had a connection to flame.

One night I was on my way home from a bar, pondering what I was and what I was capable of when I saw a group of men harassing a pair of women. I had been about to help but when I saw one of the men grab one of the women from behind something in me snapped.

Before I knew what I was doing I was running forward. Fury coursed through me. I knew it was stupid. There was seven of them and one of me and I was willing to bet they were armed. But I was a soldier, a guardian. I didn't spend three years in the military to watch as some thugs attack unarmed women.

Before I knew it I engulfed in fire...literally, all my cloths save my briefs burned away. A terrible roar of rage blasted from my mouth and I leapt at the men.

An hour later I was in my shower, washing off the soot and the blood from my hands. The claws I had grown had cut through the men, causing deep burning gashes to appear on their skin. The women had run off in terror. I had left the men, bloody but alive in the alley.

When I woke up in the morning the news was talking about the two women (who were lovers) had been saved by a good samaritan. Apparently they were walking home a little drunk and had been seen kissing by the thugs who decided they were going to show them both what they were missing out on.

They all had histories of sexual abuse and violence. I wanted to wait until they were healed then beat the hell out of them again. I knew a lot of girls in the foster system who had been through physical and sexual abuse.

The news didn't say anything about me being on fire, no doubt the girls story of a man on fire was credited to their inebriation and the shock of it all. The anchorman made a statement about how the police were asking the samaritan come forward to be recognized for his good deed.

I was no fool. I knew the police wanted to know how one man took on a group of heavily armed thugs and walked away. Truth was if Parrish was human he would surly be dead, some of those guys had guns.

I remember the sharp pain as the bullets penetrated my skin. But smoke and steam poured out from my injuries and they vanished.

After that I began to look for a job. I knew I wanted to do something with law enforcement. The old woman had been right. I was a guardian and I wanted to protect people. With my ability to sense death maybe I could save lives like I did with my platoon.

One day I awoke to find the morning paper laid on the table. I was confused, I did not recall waking up to grab it. What's more it was folded and an article in the WANT-ADS was highlighted with marker.

It was for a Deputy position in a town Called Beacon Hills.

I had a feeling I had to go there. It was perfect. Apparently they were in desperate need of help and I just felt...drawn there. The more I thought about it the more I knew it was where I needed to be.

I have been here for seven months now. After I got situated in I put in an application and was almost immediately accepted.

It was quiet, which was something I needed after the war. Yet there was something about this place. Something in the air. I didn't know what it was. But I knew I was where I needed to be. Right now I was out in the woods. I was off duty. My day had mostly consisted of helping some kids cross a street and helping an elderly woman with dementia get back home.

I think the hellhound wanted me to be here. I am sure he was the one who put the paper there for me to find. He wanted me in Beacon Hills, I don't know why though.

Lately I have been feeling odd. And I think it has something to do with my boss's son Stiles. He was a senior at Beacon Highschool. 5'8 with pale skin dotted with moles. He had eyes that were the color of whiskey and were filled with a twinkle that made me feel like at any moment he could pull a chair out from behind me just for kicks.

He was a good kid, always coming in the station to bring his dad lunch or dinner if he was working late. He was also a tyrant when it came to his father diet (a diet he himself had made) I find it hilarious to see the look on Noah's face when he sees the veggie burgers he son brings him.

But there is something about Stiles. From the moment I met him I felt drawn to him. It was similar to what I felt with the old woman, but different. It wasn't a sense of kinship so I was certain he wasn't a hellhound.

I admit, I was attracted to him. Many times I looked at his butt, so round and plump and imagined what it would look like, how many moles it would have and how it would jiggle when I slapped it.

But I quickly pushed those thoughts away. Forgetting the fact he was five years my junior he was also my boss's son. I liked Noah, he was a good man. We have developed a good relationship since I arrived. He's the kind of dad I wished I had when I was growing up.

I wasn't going to ruin that because of some perverse attraction I had to his son.

But damn if he didn't smell good. He smelled warm, fiery even. Not like ash or smoke but the heat from a roaring fire and I knew it was somehow effecting the hellhound as well.

Every time I was around him I could feel myself grow hotter. Once I had been holding a bottle of water and was trying not to watch him as he talked to his dad in Noah's office. I tried to focus on my work but my eyes kept drifting to him.

Images flash in my mind, the both of us naked, Stiles bent over his fathers desk as I fucked him from behind, making him scream my name.

The water in the bottle began to boil and flow over the lid. Luckily no one had seen what had happened.

I needed to run, too much pent up energy. That was the problem. I have been doing what the old woman said, trusting my instincts, listening to the hellhound.

He may be a spirit creature, but he still had needs and desires. Like any dog he liked to be let off his leash and run around. It is a system we have, working together to help protect people and on my off days I find some place isolated so he can run around and have fun.

I was miles from town now. At my usual spot. The floor was black with soot and if you looked closely, you could see foot prints. I had come here plenty of times. It was far from prying human eyes so I didn't have to worry about being seen.

I began to take off all my cloths and folded them into a neat pile. I sat them into a hollow tree for safe keeping and I let the hellhound loose. My body erupted in flames, my nails became long, sharp claws and I felt my teeth turn into fangs. I felt my skin crack, developing fiery fissures.

The power flowed through me. I still remember the first time I transformed when I protected those women. The rush of power so intense it literally seeped out of me. I was a furnace if raw flame! A machine of pure power!

I began to run. My heart thumping in my chest and the power pulsed with it. The cracks on my body glowed in tune with my heartbeat. Embers flew off my skin like pollen from a flower. I felt the hellhounds joy. I was considering going on a hunt when something caught my attention.

A scent, like a hot summers day, hot and spicy like a field of wildflowers.

"Stiles?" I whispered, my voice deep.

It was Stiles scent. One of the benefits of being a hellhound was my senses were enhanced Stiles always had a unique scent, like he had a fire raging inside him. It was one of the reasons why I was drawn to him.

I followed the scent, it was definitely Stiles. But something about it made my loins burn. Or it could just be the fire that encased my body.

I ran through the woods like a rocket, leaving behind a fiery trail. I came across a river but I ran right through it, steam hissed the second my foot touched the water. It did not detour me, such was the intensity of my fire that the water parted for me due to the sheer intensity.

I kept going, the hellhound was excited, it want me to run, to find the source of the scent and claim it. My manhood began to swell and soon briefs I had left on were burned away and I was left in the nude. Looking like some demon or damned soul that just escaped the pits of hell.

The faster I ran the stronger the scent got. I finally stopped running and I took a deep breath. The scent was strong, whatever I was tracking was very close now. My body was thrumming with power, I could feel myself shaking in anticipation.

The hellhound was so close to the surface now. I could almost feel its breath on my neck. I could feel it pushing closer and closer to the surface, but I didn't know how to stop it, or if I even could. I had never really had a problem controlling it.

Other than letting it lose to run at night it seemed content to let me stay in control. But I had always been on my guard. I could sense its feelings. It was as different from humanity as fire was different from water. It was ancient, primeval. It cared not for human morality or our delicate sensibilities.

But now here it was clawing its way. Using me as a medium to get closer to the physical world. I should have realized than there would be consequences to letting it have more control of my body.

My skin began to darken, becoming dark as the night, the fissures deepened and gushed flame and embers, I felt all the hair on my body burn away leaving me bald, I could feel myself grow taller and hear the sounds of bones breaking and reforming.

It hurt: A LOT!

Yet it was a good kind of pain. I felt like a young child rapidly going through puberty. Becoming more powerful and energetic with each second.

When it was done, I threw my head back and let out a mighty roar.

I don't know what caused this to happen, all I knew was there was nothing I could do to stop it. I can do now is wait and see and hope to God that nothing terrible happens that I may regret.


I saw the light long before I arrived at my destination.

I shined through the darkness of the woods, casting long, dark sinister shadows from the trees. I hid behind one of them. I could hear the sounds of something vicious and deadly. In Beacon Hills vicious and deadly went hand in hand.

I peeked around the corner of the tree, I had to squint my eyes. The light was that bright. The heat was unlike anything I have felt. Being a fire kitsune I was mostly immune to fire. Scott and I once had a competition to see who could hold their hands over the flame of a gas-stove.

I would always win. Scott tried to hold out as long as he could but always wound up losing, hopping up and down on one foot as his hand healed itself from the burn while I watched smugly, not a mark on the palm of my hand save for a little soot.

He may be a werewolf but they still burn like humans. Problem was burns take longer to heal for them. But for a fire kitsune, a raging inferno to us was just a walk in the park.

But this fire was different, I could feel it.

And the creature at its center was unlike anything I had ever seen. It stood over six feet tall, its skin was black as onyx and there were these glowing volcanic fissures that spewed flames. Its ears were long and pointed and its face long and narrow with a large maw of razor sharp teeth. Its eyes glowed a dark fiery orange and its whole body was shrouded and a flaming aura.

A terrible memory surfaces from the dark recesses of my mind. When I was taken hostage by the mad alpha Peter who had the ability to turn into a monstrous wolfbeast. I had nightmares about that creature for a long time. I had thought it was the most terrible thing to behold.

But this thing was so much more horrific...and yet it was also beautiful. The same way an atomic blast is beautiful, right before you are turned to dust.

I wonder if I am looking at some kind of demon. I know there are many kinds of creatures in this world. But could I have actually found some wicked creature from some dark world of pain and fire?

It let out a roar and the kitsune in me rose up. My body was shrouded in a fiery red aura in the shape of a fox. This creature had caused the kitsune spirit to come forth! What kind of power does it have over me to do such a thing?

The creature saw me then. My aura was too bright to allow me to stay hidden. It growled at me and it took a posture I recognized as an attack stance.

I took a deep breath. I didn't have time to call for help, I doubt this thing would be nice enough to let me send out a mass text. Truth be told I don't want Scott or the others here. I did not want them anywhere near this thing.

Come to think of it I don't want to be anywhere near this thing either.

Yet despite my trepidation, I felt a sense of excitement shoot through me. Excitement so extreme that my lips turned up into a sharp smile. I gripped my bat tight and it burst into flames.

I let out a war cry and charged.

The creature raised its hands and a jet of fire shot out at me. I merely smiled and held out my arms, welcoming the flames like an old friend. Being a fire kitsune not only was I immune to fire but I could absorb it. It was the same with all the kitsune clans. They could become empowered by whatever their clan element was.

But the second the fire touched my skin I knew something was wrong. My body absorbed the fire and yet for the first time in a long time I felt a fiery pain. I screamed as the fire entered my body. I felt its searing power burn deep into me. Deeper than anything I have ever felt.

It hurt like hell, yet it felt so good. A sudden burst of pain and power that left me craving more.

The stream stopped, the creature seemed shocked it's flame didn't phase me. I smiled and began to spin my bat around my head, creating a burning halo. I shot a ring of fire at the creature, the halo struck it in the chest and sent it flying back.


Demon Thing-0

The creature got right back up, not a single mark on it. I held my bat tight in my hands. I felt the kitsune spirit. It was more ways than one. But like me it felt cautious. Kitsune are not like werewolves. We prefer to rely more on our wits. To outthink our prey before we move in for the kill.

This thing could manipulate fire, its control seemed to be stronger than me. I could project flame but not to this level of intensity. The nearby trees were starting to smoke from the intensity of the beasts flames. I had to stop it before it caused a forest fire.

But I wasn't sure if I should risk absorbing any more of it's fire. It's not normal flame and I was feeling a little dizzy, yet I craved more!

I let out a battle cry and charged, the beast I tried to club it, but it caught the bat with its hand and melted it. I channeled fire into my fists and hit it on its face. It's head jerked to the side but the attack didn't seem to effect on it. Pain laced my knuckles, its skin was touch, almost rock like.

I jumped back and threw two fireballs at it, but they didn't phase it what so ever. It actually seemed to be amused at my attacks and that just pissed me off.

I have to try to weaken it! Maybe it I took some of its flame

I admit there was a large part of me that wanted to have another taste of that power. The kitsune in me was giddy for another dose. That made me pause. As much as I want another hit the fact my fox spirit was having such a strong reaction made me pause.

Absorbing fire didn't just make me stronger, it made the fox stronger and if the fox got too strong than that could mess the whole balance between us, giving it more control. My fox spirit was no nogitsune, but even a zenko could be troublesome if left to their own devices.

Noshiko had warned me about this. How people overfed their kitsune spirits and the spirits started taking control of them. A kitsune's sense of morality fell into the gray area a lot. Their sense of right and wrong was not the same as human morality.

But I might not have a choice. I was waaay in over my head here with this thing.

I held out my hands and called for the fire to come to me. The flames around the creature began to move towards me, the beast let out a snarl of surprise as his fire moved without his consent. I could feel him trying to keep in control.

It was like a game of supernatural tug-of-war.

"Hand it over you bastard!" I yelled.

The creature smiled, it was ghastly to behold, seeing all those teeth shine like volcanic glass. I felt a stab or irritation at its amusement. I wasn't trying to make it laugh damn it! I was trying to kick its ass back to hell!

But I quickly learned it wasn't smiling out of amusement, rather it was out of contempt.

I was pulling so hard on the fire and the creature just let go of the metaphysical rope and the fire flowed like a river. I let out a cry and fell to my knees. My cloths began to smoke and burn, panic began to settle in my stomach.

I wanted it to stop, but I also wanted it to keep going. I was like a junkie, feeling shame as I stuck the needle in my vain but anticipating the rush of chemicals about to flood my body.

I tried to stop it, I tried to deflect it, but this beast just kept pumping me full of its delicious hellfire. I was naked now. My cloths were gone, my cellphone was slag, my keys liquidated and I could feel the spirit in me thrashing in panic.

It. Was. Too. Much!

I let out a scream and there was an explosion of light; then there was silence.

I must have fallen unconscious. I opened my sight to see the star-filled night sky. The lights twinkled down at me and for a moment I thought I had fallen asleep. It was wasn't snow. It was...ash.

My hands gripped the ground, but instead of finding grass or solid earth I felt warm ash. I felt warn out. Like I had just drowned myself in energy drinks and ran a thousand miles.

I heard movement and turned my head to see a burning man walking to me. It took me a moment to focus my gaze, at first I assumed it was the beast coming to finish the job. But it was not a monster, it was.

"Parrish?" I whispered.

He was shrouded in fire, the same fissures I had seen on the monster were on him, he had the same nasty looking claws and his eyes burned with the same fiery color. I could see he was wonderfully, gloriously naked.

My normally overactive imagination had done him no justice in my little fantasies. He dick was hard, standing straight to attention. It glowed like a hot iron rod, the trimmed pubes and happy trail that stopped at his navel glowed like copper wires.

He looked down at me with an expression that sent my blood straight to my groin.


He voice was rougher, it made me shiver to hear my name pass his lips in such a manner. His canines were much larger now. I could only imagine what the would feel like on my neck. On instinct I bared my throat to him, a small whimper escaped my lips. He smiled, with his eyes and teeth it look lethal, yet I felt pleased by his small display of satisfaction.

He knelt down next to me, the fire vanished. Yet the fissures and his dick still blazed. He cupped my cheek, gently as his eyes roamed my body, one part worry, one part lust. As he ran his claws hand down my check I knew he was inspecting me for damage, but I also knew he was also enjoying the view and judging from how he was licking his lips he liked what he saw.

I let out a groan as his hand suddenly wrapped around my hard cock. He was both gentle, yet demanding. He was claiming his prize, his spoils of war. But he was treating me with tenderness. I know he was that creature, I can still sense his power. It echoed through my body, leaving me lightheaded.

I felt like I drank my dads stash of whiskey. I was feeling both warn out, yet still ready to do go for another round-well, maybe not another round of fighting.

I should be asking questions. But all I could think about was that sinful hand stroking me into oblivion. Those searing orange eyes staring at with such intensity.

"Mine!" he said.

He spoke the word as a fact. We had fought and I had lost. I was his to do with as he wanted. And to be honest I was okay with that. I was glad to give myself to him, there was a different kind of heat rising between the two of us. Now that we vented our bloodlust a different instinct was taking over.

I stared at his neglected cock, it felt wrong to make him do all the work. He was the one who won the fight. Shouldn't I be the one servicing him?

I pushed myself up enough so I could lean my face forward and without a thought to what I was doing I wrapped my mouth are his manhood. He let out a pleased growl that made things in my belly tighten deliciously.

He was hot in my mouth, I knew if I was a mere human than his rod would be burning the inside of my mouth. Instead the intense warmth was a pleasant sensation. He tasted delightful.

I wondered how much of that taste and how much was the fire he controlled.

I wanted to taste that power again and began to suckle his dick with vigor, I was feeling thankful for all those times I fooled around with Scott. Hopefully I had picked up a few tricks to please Parrish.

Judging from how his free hand was suddenly gripping my hair, I was doing a very good job.


I had no idea how this came to happen.

I had not known it was Stiles I had been fighting. The creature had appeared from behind a tree. A large, red glowing figure like a fox standing on its hind-legs. I saw a vaguely humanoid shape. As if the fox was just some kind of coat being worn.

Thean it had charged at me with an aluminum bat. I tried shooting fire at it but it absorbed my flames! It had stuck me with its own fire but I barely felt it, when I melted its weapon it tried hitting me and using more of its fire.

Then it actually tried to steal my own flame!

I felt a sense of indignation. Though I didn't know if it was mine of the hellhounds. But the idea this creature thought it could take my power from me made me want to teach me a lesson. When it screamed at me I thought I recognized the voice, but I was too driven by adrenaline to pay it any mind.

I unleashed a stream of hellfire and soon it was on its knees. The fox grew larger and larger and with a great cry and exploded. Knocking me back several feet.

I guess it had not been able to hold my power.

Only problem was the inferno that now engulfed the surrounding woods!

I knew right away if I didn't find away to put it out then the fire would spread. Movement drew my attention. In the spot where the glowing fox had been was a small pale figure.

Stiles. He was naked, his body coated in soot. He looked like an angel, fallen from the heavens. Bound in mortal form but still retaining his unearthly beauty.

I felt a sense of panic rise in me then. I don't know what just happened between us. I don't know what he was or why he attacked me-though I am sure I gave him one hell of a shock. I could not let him die.

This was my fire, my flame. The fire of a hellhound. I should be able to control it, it was a part of me after all. I opened my mouth and the fire began to move like liquid, within moments the clearing was nothing but a few remaining burned logs, ash and ember.

Once I was sure I had reclaimed every bit I walked over to inspect Stiles and make sure he was okay. He owed me a serious explanation.

Ash rained from the sky, I wondered how far it had spread? How would the authorities come up with an excuse for this?

I felt my body begin to change again. I looked at my hands and saw them return to their regular shade. By the time I reached him I was almost fully human. He began to stir, opening his eyes. His gaze settled on me, I could see the confusion in his eyes.

He looked at me. "Parrish?"

The sound of my name escaping his lips sent a thrill of excitement through me. My eyes wondered over his naked form.


He bared his neck to me, a sign of submission. I could almost hear the hellhound howling in victory. I stood over him, he was completely at my mercy. Mine to do with as I pleased. I knelt next to him and gently ran my hand down his chest, taking care of my claws on his skin.

I wrapped my hand on his cock which was hard. He lout out the most sinful groan I have ever heard. "Mine!" I said staring into those whiskey eyes.

It wasn't a statement, but a fact. We had fought and he lad lost. The hellhound knew our dual had been more than a mere clash of monsters. It had been a prelude to something else, something more primal. From the moment I caught Stiles sweet scent in the air and tracked him down.

I am starting to realize now that I had not been tracking a meal. I had been tracking my mate.

Suddenly he used his arms to push himself up so he could wrap his mouth around my cock. I groaned in pleasure as he quickly began to service me. Fuck the feel of those lips around my girth was softer than I could have ever thought, and his tongue!

I have had my fare share of sex before, men and women. I know a pro when they are lathering up my pecker. I should have known he had experience. Who in their right mind could resist him?

Those soft doe eyes, that pale mole dotted flesh. Those long limbs and those hands that seemed like they could hold your heart and keep it safe. He was more muscular than I thought he would be, he was always wearing baggy layers of cloths. I was delighted to see him in such perfect form.

I wasn't sure if he was single now or not. Not that it mattered. He was mine now. I don't know what he is. There were a thousand reasons why we shouldn't be doing this. But none of it mattered. I was going to claim him and deal with any consequences later.

I willed my claws to shrink and they turned back into blunt, human nails. With my free hand I gripped his hair tight and he responded to it.

"That' a boy," I cooed softly as he blew me. "Doing so good. You feel so good on my dick Stiles."

He moaned in response. The head of his dick was weeping pre-cum. I slid my thumb over his slit. Enjoying the feel of his essence on my skin. I let go and he whimpered at the loss of contact.

I pulled him off me, a trail of saliva connected his mouth to my cock. He looked at me with a puzzled expression. I pulled him up by his shoulders and kissed him. My fangs were still there, something told me I was going to need them. They made the kiss difficult but I decided to trust the instinct.

I could taste my essence in his mouth, it made him taste that much more sweet. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders to deepen the kiss. I had to push him back a little bit to keep him from getting overeager and cutting himself on my fangs.

He whined, thinking no doubt I was rejecting him. I hugged him close to my body and rubbed my face into his neck, taking in a deep breath of his scent. His whine changed to one of delight and he began to rub every inch of himself against me.

I knew we were scent marking one another. I loved the idea. To know we were leaving an invisible mark on one another sent a wave of possessive feelings through me. I wanted the whole world to know that we were mated, that I had claimed him and he was mine!

Stiles pulled back to look at me, his eyes glowed orange. "I need you."

I cupped his face gently. "Need me to what?"

I knew what he wanted, but I needed to hear him say the words.

"Fuck me Parrish, please!" he begged.

I squeezed his ass. They were just as I imagined. Nice and plump, rich with fat and built for fucking!

I laid him gently on the ground, the ash was still raining down around us, our bodies were darkened with it. I moved so I was between his legs, he spread them for me, resting his thighs on my hips.

"I need to get you ready," I told him.

He nodded impatiently.

I spat into my hands. Coating my fingers in saliva. I speared him with two fingers. I had a feeling he was no stranger to anal sex. A horse cry escaped his mouth and his body bucked in response. I didn't give him time to adjust, I began to move my fingers in and out, scissoring his hole, stretching him out.

I admit I was not a gentle lover. I liked rough sex and was a bit of a dominant. Everyone thought I was a boy scout. I was a man who loved peace and order, but in the bedroom I liked to add spice to sex.

Stiles was so fucking responsive, he thrust his hips against my hand. He tried to touch himself but I have his hand a sharp smack. I wasn't going to let him cum just yet.

I added a third finger and he cried out. "Fuck your fingers feel so good!" he cried.

"Wait to you get my cock!" I replied harshly. "Fuck your doing so good for me Stiles! You like this don't you? Like me manhandling you and fucking you nice and aright?"

"Yes! Yes! YES!" he cried.

I leaned forward and kissed him again. He cried as I plundered his lips. "Please, fuck me!" he begged.

I pulled back and raised his legs so I could get a better angle. I spat on my cock a few times to lube it up. As I began to push into his cheeks he gripped my arms tight. "Don't be gentle!" he begged. "Just plow the fuck out of me!"

I did as he asked. I pushed into him without hesitation or mercy, even when I was balls deep and he was roaring my name I still tried to go deeper, my feet pushed against the blackened ground to give me the thrust I needed.

I threw my head back and let out a roar of triumph. I looked down at him, his eyes were rolling in the back of his head, his mouth still open in a silent scream and his body taught with tension. His hole had my cock in a vice like grip and between that and the sight of his wrecked body I almost came right there.

Instead I gripped his hips harshly and began to snap my hips. Plowing my glowing dick in and out of him, the sound of our ragged breathing was eclipsed by the sound of my ballsack smacking into his ass.

Our bodies began to glow, the fissures on my skin began to vent heat. Sparks flew where our bodies were connected and soon we were engulfed in flame. We didn't stop, we didn't slow down.

We were lost in our own nirvana of flesh and flame. When he bared his throat to me again I struck like a snack, biting down harshly into his neck, sinking my fangs deep into his sweet flesh and he cried out in rapture.

I pulled back, the copper taste of his blood in my mouth. He was holding his neck with a look of pure joy, the wound was smoking and within a matter of seconds it had healed, leaving a pair of scared marks on his neck.

As I plowed into him I began to realize the rim of his hole kept on catching on my dick. I could feel a swelling at the base of my rod, I slowed down enough so I could watch in fascination as the swelling increased.

Its a knot! I'm growing a fucking knot like a dog!

I knew if I pushed it in it would lock the two of us together, part of me wanted to do that, but what sense I had left decided against that. At least for now. I didn't know how long it would take for the knot to go down but I didn't want to have to wait to find out, so instead I only pushed just enough to satisfy both Stiles and myself.

"Pa-Parrish, I can't...I can't hold back anymore!" he yelled.

"Cum for me baby. CUM!"

His body arched and an arc of semen shot from the tip of his dick, sending several thick ropes of cum onto his stomach and chest. I smiled, a deep sense of pride and satisfaction filled me, knowing I had made him orgasm without touching his prick.

I could feel my own release fast approaching. Seeing him there, wrecked and his hole tight around my dick pushed my over the edge into delicious pleasure.

I pulled out of him, my cock erupted like a volcano, it shot load after load of what looked like molten lave. He cried out with each rope that touched his skin. Some of it hit the ground next to his head, causing smoke to rise up.

I collapsed on top of him, the surrounding fire began to vanish. We stared into one another's eyes. Too lost for mere words, instead we just lost ourselves in the vast emotions that shined from our souls.

He opened his mouth as if to say something, but then he closed his eyes and I knew he fell unconscious.

As much as I wanted to stay there and watch him I knew we had to move. I had no doubt the authorities would be here soon to see what had caused the destruction of a small bit of forest. Last thing I needed was for us to be found in such a state.

I gathered him up in my arms and headed for the river I had run through earlier to wash the soot and fluids off us. After that I grabbed my cloths and only put my pants on, by then the knot had gone down, allowing my to slide Stiles off my dick. I put him in my cruiser, covering him with a spare blanket I kept in the trunk. I was feeling tired now, between the fight and the sex I needed a good nap.

But I doubt I was going to get much sleep.


I woke up in a room that was not my own.

I was naked save for a pair of blue shorts that fit me just right. I felt a little groggy and very sore, especially in a very private area of my body. Memories of what had transpired flashed in my head. Parrish was some kind of fire demon thing, we fought, then we fucked.

I could hear movement outside of the room. It was still dark out but I could see the sunlight starting to light up the sky. How long have I been out for?

I peeked out the window. I recognized the neighborhood. It was only a thirty minute walk from here to my house.

I heard the door open and I turned to see Parrish sticking his head in, no doubt to check on me. When he saw I was awake he walked in. He was barefoot, wearing a pair of black shorts and a gray wife-beater.

"You're awake," he stated.

I nodded. What do I say?

I mean I can think of a million things to say right now. What are you? Why were you in the woods? Does your dick always glow or were you just happy to see me?

"I..need to call me dad. Let him know I am all right," I finally said.

Dad knew I was going to be patrolling. He was working a late shift but should be arriving back at our house soon. I remember my phone and keys had been melted during the fight with Parrish.

"You owe me a phone," I said.

He raised his brow at me. "You attacked me first."

"Well, you were a walking fire-hazard."

"I'm a hellhound. Fire is my default mode."


I remember reading about them in the Hale Bestiary. Spectral dogs, omens of death. Guardians of the supernatural and one of the most dangerous beings to walk the earth. There were several breeds, if I remember correctly the ones that control fire were one of the older and most dangerous ones.

It also makes sense why his fire had a strange effect on me. It really wasn't normal fire. But the flame of a hellhound, a mystical substance that could burn hot enough to melt metal and even burn through mountain ash.

"What are you?" he asked.

"Fire kitsune," I said.

"Fire what?" he asked looking confused.

I sighed. "Lets take this to the living room."

An hour later we sat together on his couch. Even though there was enough space for the both of us to sit on it comfortably we sat so close our legs touched, I found touching him felt very comforting.

We had been exchanging information, telling each other our personal secrets. He told me how he first encountered the hellhound secret. The old woman he met and the first time he transformed. I told him about how I became a fire kitsune, how some fox spirit decided taking a ten-year old boy grieving for his recently deceased mother seemed like a good idea.

I told him he was going to have to meet with Derek and Scott. They were both alphas but both acted as guardians of Beacon.

"Derek is very formal and traditional. You'll have to dress all formal and he'll act all strict and give you his infamous murder stare. He'll threaten you with bodily harm if you hurt anyone but trust me, he may be a hard ass but he is a good guy. Once he gets to know you, you will see he is a softie. Now Scott is different, he is a true alpha and more modern. His talk will mostly be pizza, movies and games. He is cool like that. Derek is always harping on him about taking his alpha status more seriously but Scott believes in being kind and open."

Parrish was quit for a moment. I found my eyes traveling along his bare arms. I remembered the muscles in those arms tightening as he fingered my hole.

Shit, I'm still in heat!

"I guess it makes sense now, all those times I saw Hale coming into the department to speak with your father."

I nodded. "Yeah, my dad knows of course. Sometimes something nasty comes into town and causes some trouble so Derek works with my dad to try and keep things quiet. I mean can you imagine what would happen if the world learned there really are monsters in the world?"

"I always got a bad vibe from him. I sometimes wondered why Noah associated with him."

I patted his leg, I noticed he tensed when I touched him. I didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing or just an awkward thing.

"Derek is good, trust me. He just had to grow up way more quickly than he should have. After his uncle killed his mother and sister, then he killed Peter and became the alpha. His childhood ended before it was supposed to. He had to quickly learn how to be responsible for his family and pack. It's made him a bit jaded."

He nodded. "I could see the pain in his eyes. Growing up in the foster system you recognize that look. The pain of loosing your family, it was something all the kids had."

We were both quiet for a moment. "My mom died of dementia. hurt, to watch her fade away into madness. To know every day was going to get worse until she was finally gone. She had her good days and her bad days. But than she had bad days and then she had really bad days. When she finally died it was like we were late for the funeral. The person who had died in the hospital wasn't really my mother. But she was, she had just...died slowly."

He placed his hand on top of mine and I took solace in his comfort.

"Your dad told me. I am sorry."

"And I am sorry I attacked you. Something about you made my fox powers react and I thought you looked a little scary...what were you doing in the woods?"

"I was going for a run, sometimes the hellhound needs to let lose a little. Keeps him from getting restless. But than I caught your scent, something about it made the hellhound react in a way it never has."

I felt my cheeks burn. "Oh, um. See. I am in heat right now."

I sighed at the look on his face. Guess I was going to have to give him the talk. I explained to him how spring was breeding season for a lot of supernatural beings. Which was why his hellhound spirit reacted in such a way.

"Technically we are still human," I told him. "Spirits exist in another level of reality. They can interact with the physical world to a certain extent. That is why they need to take a human vessel or tether themselves to an object. Our bodies are just a physical manifestation of our souls. So when a spirit enters us they use us as a bridge to the physical world. Like two sides of the same coin."

"But what about blood?" Parrish asked. "You said Hale was born a werewolf. Obviously there is some kind of genetic factor that plays into all this."

I smiled. He really was sharp.

"You'd think. But funny thing is if you were to look at the blood of a werewolf or a kitsune and even a hellhound you would find nothing out of the ordinary. Same alleles, same chromosomes and all the other things that appear human. Some believe there is something in the blood, something that is really specific or well hidden in our genetic code. But others think our bodies are just windows for the supernatural to peer through."

I remember this lecture from Noshiko and Deaton. They both had their opinions on the subject. A lot of people did. But not many people wanted to delve too deeply into the subject. There had been those who thought they could uncover the mysteries of the supernatural and instead only unleashed untold dread onto the world.

"So if you had kids could they become kitsune. What id I had children? Would they be human or would there be little hellpups running around?"

"Well thats the thing. Werewolves are not possessed by a spirit. What they are is more anchored to this world. But with spirits it is more tricky. Just like the creatures of the physical plane the beings of the spiritual world have their own laws. For instance, kitsune spirits can posses humans. But they can't posses werewolves. If an alpha were to bite kitsune than their vessel would either die or become a werewolf and the spirit would be ejected from their host. From what I can remember about hellhounds they take control of people who were in the middle of passing through the veil. When their spirit is in both worlds. I guess when we die it creates a window between the two worlds. The hellhound enters into the body through that window."

He ran his hand through his hair. I loved the bedhead look it gave him. Made him look sexy.

"There is so much more than I could realize."

He was quiet for a moment. He looked at me, then down to the floor.

"Stiles...about I...-"

"I've had a crush on you for several months!" I blurted.

He looked at me in surprise. I took a deep breath, getting ready to go into a small tirade. I needed to get everything off my chest.

"I know this is all new and weird. I mean I know I am in heat so of course that would effect your decision to even look in my direction. Because let's face it all you would have to do is wink at a woman and she would drop her panties for you. I know I am young but I am going to be graduating school soon and I am legal so you don't have to feel guilty about that or anything. I admit when I first met you I felt a connection, though knowing what we do now it might have been the who I-am-fire-kitsune and your-a-hellhound kind of thing. But I really do like you and I know you just got dumped with a lot of info and romance is probably the last thing on your mind. To be honest I am more thinking about sex but I am in heat. But all that aside I would really like to give us a chance but I know you probably would rather we never talk about this again because my dad is your boss and I am still in high school but the age difference between us is only five years. Plus I was planning on attending a local college anyway because I want to become a deputy too and one day sheriff. But if you want to just keep things professional I understand I-"

I let out a squeak of surprise as Parrish pulled me into his lap. He wrapped his arms around my lower back and kissed me.

I moaned and melted into the kiss. Our groins were pressing tight against one another and quickly starting to harden.

When he pulled back his eyes were once more glowing.

"You're right, it is a lot to take in. But to be honest I have had an attraction to you as well Stiles. Maybe it is our fire connection, but that doesn't mean it can't be something more. I didn't want to pursue least until I got to know you a little better and you graduated from school. I know we are going backwards here but I want to treat you right. Dinners, movies, walks in the park. The whole thing."

"And sex right?" I asked wriggling my hips.

He smiled. "Oh yes, lots of that."

He leaned forward and sniffed my neck. He licked the bite marks he had left on my skin.

"Last night was amazing. I haven't been with anyone since I became a hellhound."

"Really?" I asked.

He nodded. "I tried a couple times. But every time things started to get heavy my body would literally start to smolder. I was so afraid I might hurt someone."

"I am immune to your flames. But something about them has a strange effect on me. I think since it is magical it is stronger than regular flame. As much as I would like to try it again I think we need to save it for later."

He smiled. "How about we just fuck?"

I kissed him on the lips. "Sounds like a plan."

He stood up and carried me to his room. We had a little bit more self-control than what we did in the woods. Though we wound up burning his sheets.

After we finished we laid there together, staring into eachothers eyes. The sunlight was shining into the room from the windows. I marveled at the sight of him, doused in light, eyes shining with adoration, face covered in sweat from our love making.

I was going to have to call dad. It was going to be a very awkward conversation. A conversation that was going to have to involve a lot of people, but for right now I just wanted to enjoy this time with him.

I whistled to myself as I drove Rosco down the road.

It has been four months since Jordan and I made love in the woods.

After I had rested we called my dad. When he couldn't reach me he called Scott and when Scott told him he had tried to call me but couldn't get me it started a chain reaction that spread to all our friends.

He had a lot of questions. Why hadn't I come home? Why wasn't I answering my phone? Why was I at Jordans?

It took a few hours. The first of which was spent calming him down and convincing him not to thrown Jordan into a freezer. He was under the impression Jordan had used my heat to take advantage of me.

But after we got him calmed down and Jordan once more told his story dad had been more understanding, though he insisted we get some space between us until things got sorted out.

After that we had to explain everything to the packs and just like I predicted Jordan had to have a talk with Derek who was all stuffy and 'If you hurt Stiles I will rip your throat out with my teeth'. Derek was like my older brother. Growing up he used to babysit Scott and me and was there for me when my kitsune powers manifested.

Scott of course invited him for a night filled with games and pizza. Both the packs were there and I was more than happy to introduce my new boyfriend to my friends and family. We had decided to take things slow. We went on several dates before we had sex again two weeks after our first romp.

After I graduated from school I planned to go to community college and study law. I was still going to live with dad, because no way did I trust him to keep his diet while I was gone.

One of the advantages of having Jordan as my boyfriend was having him keep an eye and make sure dad didn't try and sneak in anything fried or unhealthy into his diet. Dad felt like Jordan had betrayed him, until I started arriving with bags of veggieburgers and salads for both of them.

"Why do I have to eat this?" Jordan had whined.

"You're young, if we start now by the time your dads age you are going to be fit like a god," I explained.

Dad was over the moon about Jordan and I. He had been a little cautious at first but now he treated Jordan like his future son-in-law. I was glad our relationship brought my father and Jordan closer together. I know Jordan never had a strong father figure. He may be a grown man but the need for approval was still there.

Jordan was now an official member of the pack. His ability to sense death and his hellfire made him useful to have. Scott and he bonded quickly, Melissa liked to say the two of them were brothers in another life because they were so similar.

Derek took a little longer to warm up to him, he was being a protective brother-slash-alpha but Jordan eventually won Derek over as well. Derek even invited him to work out with him and the others from the pack.

Now when we had out pack nights Jordan was almost always there. If he couldn't make it because of work he made sure to stop by and say hi to everyone. Everyone loved Jordan, I was glad my friends approved of him.

And things were going great between us. He gave me a key to his house which I would use to get into his house to make him a nice dinner for when he got home. He would eat, than we would cuddle on the couch while I did my homework, we would watch a little TV and than have sex.

And the sex was amazing!

Jordan may be a deputy on the streets, but he was a hellhound in the sheets. I loved when we were making love and he would grab my throat or pull my hair or spank me. We had gone over our kinks and triggers before we started doing the really hot and heavy stuff.

That was another great thing. Communication. Obviously I had no problems talking. But Jordan never shut me out. He always listened. It's why we worked so well, if we ever had a fear or concern we would talk about it and work through it.

My thoughts were broken by the sudden red and blue lights shining from behind me.

"Are you freaking kidding me," I said.

I pulled over and looked in my rear view mirror to see Jordan get out of his car looking more serious than I have ever seen him. He walked to the drivers side and I rolled down the window.

"Hey babe, I-"

"Step out of the car sir," he said, his voice firm.

I gave him a funny look. "Jordan, what-"

"Sir, please get out of the vehicle now."

I did as he told, the second I shut the door he spun me around and pushed me against the door. He grabbed my hands and cuffed them together. "You are under arrest Stiles Stilinski."

"For what?!" I asked feeling dumbfounded.

He leaned into my ear and whispered. "For being a dirty little whore."


Oh I see what this is.

He kicked my legs apart and began to frisk me, paying extra attention to my ass and groin. "Whats this?" he asked squeezing my dick. "Looks like a concealed weapon."

He roughly yanked my pants and underwear down. It was late at night and we were on one of the back roads. But still the idea that someone could drive by and see us made me so hard!

I heard the sound of his belt being unbuckled and soon felt the head of his erection poking at my ass.

"Looks like I am going to have search you Mr. Stilinski."

"You got a warrant?" I asked with a smug grin.

"Fuck a warrant." he spat onto his dick. "And fuck you."

With one sharp thrust he was in me and I was thankful there was no one around for miles, otherwise they would have heard my scream.

"looks to me like you are resisting arrest. Guess I am going to have to get rough with you!" he growled.

I bent my head to the side and he bit into my neck, it was the same spot he always bit. Right were you could see a pair of shiny little scars.

Jordan and I really were a perfect match. We were both spontaneous and unpredictable. But we hadn't let that control us. We were fire incarnate, we burned bright and hot. But we knew better than to let the fire consume us.

Love can burn brighter than the sun, but if your not careful it can burn you. And everyone knows love can leave the most bitter scar of all.

But we were open and honest with one another. Yeah we had out little tiffs here and there. I could be loud and obnoxious, even Jordan had trouble dealing with me, especially after a long shift at work when all he wanted was some R&R. And he could be really strict sometimes, I know he loves me but sometimes he got a little too bossy for my tastes.

But we worked through it. We never let anything remain unspoken and we always found a way to compromise. And that was why we burned so bright.

Fusedtwilight: I have the next twochapters done and will post them right now!

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