Lady Bolton

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Lady Bolton

“And how long have you loved him, Myranda?” Sansa asked, taking no small amount of pleasure at the sight of the smug look fall from the girls face. “Did you imagine that he would be with you forever, is that it? And I came along and ruined it? I am Sansa Stark of Winterfell and you can’t frighten me.”

As a snarl spread across her face Myranda snapped and said “You should be frightened! You are nothing to him, just a highborn cunt whose only purpose is to whelp heirs for him.” She spat.

Not intimidated by the girl Sansa stared her down and said “And do you think he actually cares about you? That you are anything more than a warm place for him to shove his cock into on a cold winter’s night? Better to be a highborn cunt than a lowborn one.” She smirked at the look of outrage on her face.

Stepping closer so that their faces were almost pressed together Myranda said “Ramsey loves me!” she insisted “Do you think you’re the first highborn woman he’s married? Once your gash has spat out some highborn brats he’ll lock you in a tower and starve you until you’re so hungry that you’ll eat your own fingers. Just like he did with his last wife.” She said spitefully.

“I don’t know if you’re delusional or just stupid but either way it’s pathetic.” Sansa sneered at her “And you shouldn’t refer to my husband by name. He’s Lord Bolton to the likes of you.”

“Fuck you, you cunt!” Myranda screamed as she balled up her fist and punched Sansa in the face making her cry out and stumble back as she clutched at her eye. As Myranda launched herself at the fallen girl, Sansa quickly brought up her foot catching her in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her and making her reel backwards. Getting to her feet Sansa charged at Myranda only for her to slap her with the back of her hand hard enough to split her lip.

Charging into her and tackling her to the floor Myranda straddle Sansa's waist and grabbed her hair before slapping her face making Sansa cry out. “How do you like this you highborn slut?!” she snarled “You think you’re better than me? That you deserve his love more than me?!” she screamed in her face as she began ripping and tearing at Sansa's gown leaving it in tatters. When Sansa brought her hands up to fend off the assault Myranda grabbed hold of her wrists and pinned them to the floor. Looming over her Myranda smirked down at her only for Sansa to spit in her eye making her reel back in disgust and tried to wipe the bloody sputum from her eye allowing Sansa to slide out from beneath her and kick out with her foot, slamming it directly into the fork of her legs causing her to double over in pain.

Not wasting the opportunity Sansa got to her feet and kicked her in the stomach. Not allowing her to regain her breath Sansa was on the girl, grabbing her by her long brown hair she dragged her across the floor making her cry out and reach up to try prise her fingers from her locks only for Sansa to grab her wrist and sink her fingernails into her flesh hard enough to draw blood. Wrenching her wrist away Myranda wrapped her other hand around it to staunch the blood flow and glared up at Sansa only for her to strike her hard in the face.

Squinting as blood flowed from a cut above her eye Myranda sneered as she watched Sansa grimace and shake her hand in pain. “What’s wrong my Lady? Does it hurt?” she mocked “If that’s all the pain you can stand then you won’t last a month with Ramsey. He needs a strong woman by his side to carry his children, not some pampered highborn cunt like you!” she spat “Do you know how many cunts like you have been sniffing around like bitches in heat? Dozens! And I outlasted each one of those whores just like I’ll outlast you! They put up a better fight than you yet I still put them down! You’re not fit to even-” whatever insult Myranda was about to spit out was halted when Sansa slapped her hard across the face.

“You may have survived Ramsey’s other whores...” Sansa panted hard as she twisted her fingers around her hair “...but I survived my sister!” Sansa retorted as she yanked hard on her hair and kicked her in the stomach again “And I told you it’s not Ramsey, it’s Lord Bolton!” she snarled as she slammed her heel down on Myranda’s ankle making her howl in pain.

Striking Myranda’s face over and over again until the girl was crying and about to collapse Sansa held on her hair kept her from slumping over. With her hand stinging and Myranda’s face swollen Sansa roughly threw her to the floor where she lay crying.

“And what is going on here?”

Hearing the voice both girls jumped and turned to look at the door to see Ramsey standing there with a small smirk on his face.

“This bitch attacked me!” Myranda cried out from her position slumped on the floor, pointing an accusing finger at Sansa.

Seeing Ramsey turn to her Sansa panted heavily still trying to catch her breath and said “I was reminding her just who the Lady of Winterfell is.” She said as she kicked the woman in the small of her back making her cry out.

“Well, don’t let me interrupt.” Ramey grinned as he sat down to watch. “By all means, please continue.”

“Ramsey...” Myranda said softly only to cry out when Sansa grabbed her hair and tugged her head back.

“That’s Lord Bolton to you, you little whore.” Sansa snapped as she twisted the hair in her hands. “I don’t care how often you spread your legs for him, a slut like you should know her place!” Sansa sneered and began slapping her face hard. Bringing up her hands to fend off Sansa's strikes Myranda grabbed hold her Sansa's wrist only to release it when the highborn girl kicked her hard in the stomach, forcing the air out of her lungs as she tried to double over only to held up by Sansa’s grip. With her hand free Sansa raked her nails down Myranda’s cheek causing the girl to scream as she left bloody gouges in her flesh before resuming slapping.

As she brought her hand up high in preparation to strike her a hand caught her wrist causing her to round on the person interrupting her with a snarl on her face only to find Ramsey standing behind her, his eyes alight with excitement.

“This is a side of you I never knew existed, Lady Sansa.” Ramsey said as he stared at his flushed wife, so sweaty from the exertion that her red hair clung to her face.

“I will not be disrespected in my own home, especially by some slattern.” Sansa declared, pulling her hand out from his grasp.

“It seems I underestimated you my lady. I thought you a little lamb but instead it seems you are a wolf.” He said as he reached out to rip the bodice of her already tore dress from her chest revealing her pale breasts and pink, erect nipples before pulling her against him and forcing his lips against hers. Still flushed with adrenaline from her fight Sansa didn’t resist as his tongue invaded her mouth and instead met it with her own, duelling it for supremacy as she reached out to cling onto his shoulders, groaning as her hard nipples ground against the rough, leather jerkin he wore.

Watching the Lord and Lady of Winterfell passionately kissing Myranda tearfully whimpered out “Ramsey...” causing Sansa to break the kiss and lash out at her with her foot, catching her nose which sent her reeling backwards with a cry as blood sprayed from her nose. “I told you that you will call him ‘Lord Bolton’!” Sansa snapped at the girl who had curled into a ball weeping as she clutched at her face.

Pressing himself into Sansa's back Ramsey pushed the remains of her gown from her hips leaving the former Stark girl naked before drawing a knife and pressing the flat of the blade against Sansa’s pale stomach causing her to gasp at the coldness. “She’s been very naughty hasn’t she? It’s up to the Lady of Winterfell to discipline our servants.” Ramsey told her.

Nodding her head Sansa took the knife and approached the girl. Seeing Sansa stalking towards her blade in hand Myranda pitifully crawled away until she bumped into a wall. With nowhere else to flee Myranda could do nothing as Sansa grabbed her by her hair and brought the knife to her throat. Seeing the murderous look in Sansa's eyes Myranda let out a terrified wail as she voided her bladder. Noticing the smell Sansa's scowl deepened and she moved the knife downwards to cut the clothes from her body revealing the puddle of urine on the floor. “How dare you soil our bedchambers!” Sansa growled as she slammed her face down into the puddle making Myranda cry out.

Holding her in place Sansa moved to straddle her back and gathered all of Myranda’s long brown her in her hand and roughly started sawing through it until she cut it all off and held it out to Ramsey as a trophy.

Hungrily licking his lips at the sight of his nubile wife abusing his lover Ramsey said “Bring her over here.” No longer having her hair to drag her by Sansa slipped the hair she was holding around the girls throat and tied it around neck in a noose before pulling her towards Ramsey, forcing her to crawl after her lest she be throttled. “Tie her to the bed.” Ramsey ordered. Nodding her head Sansa yanked her up onto the bed and tied her hair to the frame of the bed all the while Myranda clawed at the makeshift noose around her throat. “Her hands as well.” Ramsey said “We wouldn’t want her to get loose would we?” doing as she was told Sansa gathered up the remains of their clothes and used them to bind her wrists to the bed, completely immobilising her.

As Sansa finished securing her hands Sansa felt Ramsey press into her back and wrap his arms around her, one hand cupping her breast while the other slid down her pale stomach to run through her fiery red pubic hair “Did you enjoy that my Lady? Did you enjoy hurting her, making her fear you so much that she pissed herself at the sight of you?”

“Yes.” Sansa admitted breathily, her round breast rising and falling in his hand as she breathed heavily.

“It seems we’re a more suitable match than my Father anticipated.” Ramsey purred as he moved his fingers lower to tenderly caress Sansa's labia making her gasp and gently thrust her hips against his hand. Moving the hand that cupped her breast up toward her chin Ramsey turned her head to force her to look at him. Seeing her flushed face lightly splattered with blood Ramsey ran his thumb over her cheek smearing the blood across her face before running it over her soft lips, causing her to breath in sharply as he touched her were Myranda’s strike had split her lip. “You look magnificent Lady Stark.” He told her.

“Bolton.” Sansa corrected him as she took his thumb into her mouth Sansa “I’m a Bolton now.”

“You certainly are.” Ramsey agreed as he leaned in to kiss her, tasting the blood from her lips. As their tongues played together Ramsey moved his hand back down to her breast where he squeezed her pale mound and twisted her nipple while his other hand rubbed her pouting labia and slipping inside her pussy causing her to groan and grind her pert behind against his crotch.

Watching as her beloved fondled the woman who had just beaten and abused her Myranda wept painfully through a swollen eye and broken nose and whimpered out “Ramsey please...”

Breaking the kiss the pair looked down at the restrained girl “She doesn’t learn her lesson does she?” Ramsey grinned and ran his tongue over Sansa's cheek. “How shall we punish her?”

Sneering down at her Sansa said “I want you to fuck me while she watches.”

“What a marvellous idea.” Ramsey grinned as he kissed Sansa's cheek and squeezed her pale ass before pushing her onto the bed. Climbing on top of Myranda so that she was on all fours with her hands on either side of her head and her knees on either side of her hips Sansa smirked down at her as Ramsey undressed and climbed onto the bed behind her. Admiring the pale posterior in front of him Ramsey slapped her ass causing Sansa to gasp and rock forward before thrusting her hips back and raising them up presenting her moist cunny to him.

Enjoying her receptiveness Ramsey reached out to caress and squeeze her reddening cheek before pulling it apart to reveal the tiny pink orifice before leaning down and pressed his nose against her quim making her gasp as she felt his nose tickle her folds and his hot breath caress her labia. Inhaling deeply Ramsey stared dragging his tongue up her spine until he could whisper into her ear “You smell delectable my Lady.” He said making her shudder. Snaking a hand around her hip Ramsey began stroking her wet lips. “I bet you never imagined your wedding night to be like this did you?” He asked.

“N-No.” Sansa panted, gently rocking her hips against his fingers.

“To think that you’d be so wet. I find it hard to believe a chaste noble lady such as yourself could be so moist.” He teased as he lightly fingered her clit. “Have you ever been this wet before my Lady?”

“No...” Sansa said breathily.

“I’m sure that’s not true. What about when you were engaged to Joffery? Before he cut your Father’s head off of course.” Ramsey smirked “I bet you used to lay awake at night with your legs spread playing with your pretty pussy hoping he’s visit you in the night and pluck your flower.” He leered as he roughly rubbed her causing her to buck her hips against his hand. “Are you still a virgin my Lady?” he asked as he slipped two fingers between her lips to explore her pussy making her gasp and roll her head back against his shoulder. “It seems you are. I’ve never met a virgin as wet as you my Lady. Are you this excited for our wedding night?”

“Yes...” Sansa groaned.

“I don’t think so.” Ramsey smirked “I think what excited you was her.”

“Her?” Sansa scowled.

“That’s right.” He grinned as he grabbed her by the chin and stared into her eyes “What got you this wet was overpowering her, turning someone strong and proud into a snivelling mess.” He said, pumping his fingers in and out of her cunny making it drool her juices onto Myranda’s stomach. “You enjoyed hearing her scream and cry as you beat her. You enjoyed the sound her nose made when you broke it. You enjoyed making her soil herself and then punishing her for it.” He told her.

“I...I did.” Sansa agreed.

 “I enjoyed it too.” Ramsey said as he ran his hand down Sansa's slender throat to cup her breast. “But the real fun starts after you break her.”

“Break her?” Sansa asked.

“Like I did with Reek.” Ramsey explained “You break her will and crush her spirit until she’s an obedient little dog.”

As her pussy squeezed his fingers at the idea Sansa asked “How do I do that?”

Playing with her stiff nipple Ramsey leaned in close to her and whispered into her ear “For starters make her bark like the bitch she is.” He suggested.

Nodding her head Sansa looked down at the bound girl beneath her and sharply said “Bark!”

“W-What?” Myanda asked confused only to scream when Sansa reached down and cruelly twisted her nipples.

“I said Bark, you Bitch!” Sansa spat as she released her nipples briefly to dig her nails into her firm mounds before pinching and tugging at her teats again.

Watching as Sansa continued to assault her nipples even as Myanda barked pathetically Ramsey hungrily licked his lips at the sight of the smile that played across her lips as she made Myranda strain against her bindings. Pinching Sansa's teat hard enough to make her gasp and turn her attention away from Myranda Ramsey grabbed her chin and said “You are glorious, my Lady!” He told her before forcing his tongue into her mouth causing her to moan and wrap and arm around his neck to hold his lips to hers.

Breaking the kiss Sansa held her face near his as she stared lustfully into his eyes and ran her hand over his chest “What should I do to her next?” she asked breathily.

“Whatever you want.” Ramsey grinned at her “Half the fun of breaking them is in discovering what will break them.”

Chewing thoughtfully on her bottom lip at she looked down at Myranda, Sansa's mouth curled up in a smile “I think I know what I should do next.” She purred as she reached out to grasp his cock. “I’m going to fuck the man she loves.”

“What a wonderful idea.” Ramsey agreed as he moved his cock to her cunny and began running his tip along her labia soaking it in her juices. Kissing her neck Ramsey thrust into her until his tip rested against her maidenhead. “Ready my dear?”

“Ramsey don’t!” Myranda pleaded only to cry out when he punched her in the face.

“My wife has made herself clear on how you will address me.” Ramsey said coldly before turning to look at Sansa and found her staring at him with a look of unbridled lust on her face.

“Do that again.” She demanded.

As a grin spread across his face Ramsey began striking Myranda’s face over and over again, his fist slamming into her face repeatedly sending a spray of blood into the air splattering Sansa. Ramsey continued to beat her until Sansa grabbed his fist preventing him from striking leaving Myranda bloodied and whimpering. Looking to his wife Ramsey watched as Sansa ran her tongue over his bloody knuckles and said “If you keep doing that she won’t be able to watch.”

Letting out a growl Ramsey thrust forward, tearing through her hymen causing her to cry out and roll her head back against his shoulder. With her throat exposed Ramsey leaned down and bit her neck hard causing her to squeal as his hands roamed her body, one hand cupping and roughly fondling her breast while the other slid down her smooth pale stomach to pinch her swollen clit causing her to buck her hips wildly. “Did you ever picture losing your virginity like this?”

“No!” Sansa moaned before grabbing him by the back of the head and looked lustfully at him “But I wouldn’t have it any other way!” She declared as she forced her lips against his. Moaning into her mouth Ramsey continued thrusting hard into her pussy, his cock penetrating to her deepest reaches while his hands continued to molest her body, his fingers sinking into the soft pale flesh of her breast while he continued to roughly play with her clitoris. Breaking the kiss Sansa looked down at Myranda and found that she had her head turned away with her eyes squeezed closed. Grabbing her by what was left of her shorn hair Sansa yanked hard and forced her to turn her head “Don’t you dare look away!” Sansa snapped at her. “You are going to watch every moment!”

“I love watching you play with her.” Ramsey grunted into her ear as he thrust even harder into Sansa forcing her forward until her pussy was directly above Myranda’s face and her juices splattered down over her every time his cock slid in and out of her. “Look at her, look at what you turned her into.” He ordered her.

Looking down at the bruised and swollen face Sansa chewed excitedly on her bottom lip as her pussy constricted and pulsed around his invading cock causing Ramsey to swell inside of her as he came, flooding her pussy with his seed setting off her own orgasm which caused their combined juices to gush out of her to soak Myranda’s face.

Panting heavily as she came down from her ecstasy Sansa lay back in Ramsey’s arms and looked adoringly at him “That was wonderful.” She said breathlessly.

“It certainly was.” Ramsey grinned as he brought his hand up to caress her pale stomach “With any luck my seed will take root and you’ll give me an heir.”

“I certainly hope so.” Sansa purred huskily as she leaned in to capture his lips and passionately kissed until she heard the woman between her legs let out a whimper. Breaking the kiss Sansa stared coldly down at the beaten and broken girl said “She has a pretty face doesn’t she?”

“Had a pretty face.” Ramsey corrected her as he kissed her shoulder. “I suppose it’s for the best. I was starting to tire of her.”

“I hope you won’t tire of me as well my Lord.” Sansa smiled over her shoulder at him.

“You have nothing to fear my Lady; you are far more fascinating than she ever was.” Ramsey assured her as he cupped and squeezed her breasts.

Letting out a moan as she leaned back into his chest Sansa asked “What should we do with her?”

“I have no more use for her. We might as well get rid of her.” Ramsey said as he slid his hands down Sansa's slender shoulders to take her hands in his and guided them to Myranda’s throat. Pressing down on her gullet Myranda began to choke and flail against her restraints as she gasped for air. Removing his hands from Sansa's and seeing the look in his wife’s eyes as she tightened her grip on the girls throat Ramsey felt his cock grow harder than it ever had and thrust hard into her pussy causing her to cry out lewdly and squeeze Myranda’s throat even harder. “That’s it.” Ramsey grunted “I want the last thing she sees to be me putting a baby in you as you choke the life from her.”

Moaning lustfully at the thought of it Sansa squeezed down on his shaft and began moving her hips, sliding her pussy up and down his length as she leaned forward to press her weight onto Myranda almost crushing her windpipe. As her face turned blue and her bulging eyes started to roll back in her head Sansa suddenly removed her hands from her throat causing Myranda to gasp loudly and start gulping down air while coughing violently.

Stopping his thrusts Ramsey frowned at his wife and said “Why did you stop?”

Looking back at him with a smirk on her lips Sansa said “Where’s the fun in that?” seeing her husband raise an intrigued eyebrow Sansa reached back to run a hand through his hair and said “You have your pet, why can’t I have one too?”

As a grin replaced his frown Ramsey said “A wonderful idea, wife.” Kissing her neck affectionately Ramsey looked down at Myranda and said “You must begin her training immediately.”

“I know, she’s not even housebroken yet.” Sansa laughed before looking down at the terrified Myranda “How about for starters we chain her up down in the kennels? I’m sure your dogs would prefer humping her to Reek.”

“I’m afraid all of my hounds are bitches.” Ramsey said as an evil smirk formed on his lips “Her Father is the Kennel Master of the Dreadfort, I’ll send a raven and have him bring some of the breeding dogs to Winterfell. I’ll tell him my wife wants to breed her new pet.”

“We can have him hold her legs open.” Sansa agreed with a smirk “After all it’s his duty as Kennel Master to ensure our bitches whelp a large litter.”

Resting his forehead against hers Ramsey grinned and said “Why Lady Sansa, I do believe I’m falling in love with you.”

“I should hope so.” Sansa giggled girlishly as she kissed him passionately before pulling away from him. Moving so that her pussy was directly above Myranda’s mouth Sansa reached down to spread her pussylips and show off her cum filled love hole to the woman. “Stick out your tongue.” She ordered.

As the terrified woman did as she was told Sansa lowered herself onto Myranda’s mouth forcing her tongue inside her pussy. Being told to suck Myranda closed her lips over Sansa's mound and began sucking her former lovers cum from her pussy, scooping out his thick seed and swallowing it. Allowing her to do this for several moments Sansa lifted her hips from her face and roughly grabbed her by the chin “Do you enjoy the taste of my husband’s seed?”

“Y-Yes.” She replied fearfully.

“Well I hope you savoured it because that’s the last time you’ll ever taste it.” Sansa said “And now to wash out the taste.” Sansa leered as she pissed directly onto Myranda’s tongue who was unable to move her head to avoid the stream thanks to Sansa's hand. Reaching down to pinch her broken nose Sansa forced the woman to swallow her urine, her fear of once again being denied air surpassing the pain she felt made Myranda drink down every drop until the stream ran dry.

Watching as the last of her piss drained down the back of her throat Sansa grinned and released her hold on her chin before slapping her hard leaving her weeping sorrowfully. Leaving the woman to her tears Sansa turned back and crawled towards Ramsey to sit in his lap. “Have I pleased you husband?” she asked sweetly.

“You certainly have.” Ramsey nodded “And you’re about to again!” he declared as he jumped on top of her and thrust into her making her squeal in delight.

“Morning Father.” Ramsey grinned as his father and step mother entered the Great Hall.

“Ramsey.” Roose Bolton nodded to his son.

“Hello Ramsey.” The plump Frey woman smiled warmly at him while clutching a babe swaddled in cloth to her ample bosom.

“Hello Mother, I trust the ride from the Dreadfort was uneventful.” Ramsey smiled at her as he clasped her shoulders and kissed her cheeks “And this must be my little brother.” he grinned down at the small bundle she cradled.

“You seem to be in good spirits Ramsey.” Walda said, shying her newborn baby away from her step-son.

“What can I say, married life agrees with me.” Ramsey replied with an easy smile.

“Speaking of which, where is your wife?” Roose asked.

“I am here Father.” A voice called out. Turning towards the voice Walda gasped and Roose clench his jaw at the sight of their daughter in law. Sansa wore a white silk gown that clung tightly to her slender body, far too thin for the northern cold which meant that her nipples were clearly visible through the fine material even in Winterfell’s heated halls. Her lip was still split and swollen and her eye bruised from her fight with Myranda.

As she moved to stand beside him Ramsey rested his hand on the small of her back and kissed her cheek. “Here’s my darling wife, you remember my step mother Walda Bolton formerly of House Frey.”

“It’s good to see you Lady Walda.” Sansa smiled as she curtsied before moving to press her lips to Roose Bolton’s cheek and doing the same to his wife “Ah and who is this adorable little boy.” Sansa smiled at the baby. “You have a beautiful baby Lady Walda.”

“Thank you Lady Sansa.” Walda smiled, proudly showing off her child.

“Come my lady, the ride from the Dreadfort must have been exhausting so soon after giving birth. Let’s get you settled into your chambers and leave the men to their business.” Sansa suggested as she took the woman’s arm in hers and led her out of the room.

As soon as the door closed behind them Roose rounded on his son and struck him hard with his mailed fist sending him staggering back. “What was that for?!” Ramsey cried indignantly.

“You can’t help yourself can you?” Roose sneered at his base born son. “That girl is the key to us holding the North and yet you can’t help but play your foolish little games with her.”

“I haven’t raised my hand to her once.” Ramsey assured his father. “I have been nothing but a gentleman to my wife.” He said only for Roose to strike him again.

“You think me fool enough to believe that?” Roose asked “How will the other Northern Lords react when they see her split lip and blackened eye?”

“No worse than how they reacted to you stabbing Robb Stark in the heart I imagine.” Ramsey said wiping blood away from his lip.

Glowering at his son Roose said “One of these days you are going to go too far with these games of yours and will either end with you killing her or her taking her own life. If you can’t control yourself I’ll take her from you and marry her myself.”

“You already have a new wife.” Ramsey pointed out.

“An alliance with the Freys won’t be worth anything if the Northern Lords unite against us. If I have to put a child in her belly myself to produce an heir of Stark blood then I will.” Roose declared.

“I don’t think that will happen Father.” A voice said behind him.

Turning in surprise Roose was just in time to watch as Sansa swing a knife aimed at his throat, the blade cutting his jugular causing a spray of blood to splash over her face and dress, staining the silk red. His eyes wide in shock Roose fell to his knees clutching at his throat, hoping to stem the flow of blood. Smirking at the look on his face Sansa drove the knife deep into his heart and twisted it cruelly causing him to shudder and fall backwards onto the floor.

Throwing herself on top of him Sansa drew the knife from his chest and began stabbing his torso over and over again until Ramsey called out to her. With the blade embedded deep in Roose’s sternum Sansa looked up at her husband while panting heavily. “You’ve ruined your dress my Lady.” Ramsey said with a small smirk.

Looking down at herself Sansa began to laugh “So I have.” She smiled as she stood up and let her gown fall from her body leaving her naked. Feeling Ramsey’s eyes crawl over her naked flesh Sansa seductively swayed her hips as she walked towards her husband and shoved her hand down his britches to grasp his hard cock. “I want the Warden of the North to fuck me.” She growled lustfully as she forced her lips against his.

As her tongue invaded his mouth Ramsey grabbed her by her hips and picked her up before throwing her on the nearest table and pushed her thighs apart as she drew out his cock. Plunging deep into her moist cleft Ramsey squeezed her hips as he broke the kiss and moved his lips down to nip at her throat before moving them down her chest to bite and tug at her stiff, pink nipple causing her to howl in delight and met his every thrust with one of her own. As her pussy squeezed his shaft Ramsey grunted loudly around her teat as he began to orgasm only for Sansa to push him out of her so that he spilled his seed onto her stomach and pubic hair.

Glowering at his panting wife Ramsey growled out “Why did you do that?”

“Because I only want to have the Warden of the North‘s seed inside of me.” Sansa said as she reached down to scoop up his thick sperm from her stomach and brought it to her mouth.

“I am the Warden of the North!” Ramsey snarled as he slammed his hands down on either sides of her hips and leaned in close to her face.

“Not yet, not while your trueborn brother lives.” Sansa countered, not in the slightest intimidated by his ire.

“I was legitimatised by the crown.” Ramsey pointed out.

“By Cersei’s bastard of a son.” Sansa said as she reached out to grasp his slick cock and started stroking his length. “Do you think the Northern Lords give two shits about a royal decree from some Lannister bastard a thousand miles away? A trueborn will always have a stronger claim.”

“Then what do you suggest I do?” he asked, her stroking hands calming his anger.

“Kill him.” Sansa whispered huskily “Eliminate any other claimant and secure our position as Lord and Lady of Winterfell.” Leaning in towards him Sansa bit his ear and softly murmured “And kill that fat sow of a Frey while you’re at it and I’ll give you a very special reward as thanks.” She promised.

“What is this reward?” Ramsey asked with a smile.

“You’ll just have to wait and find out.” Sansa teased as she slipped off of the table. Running her hands over his chest Sansa gave him a seductive smile and said “I’ll be waiting in our chambers for you.” She purred as she sauntered passed him.

Walking passed the body of her Father in Law Sansa paused before moving to stand astride his head before squatting down and urinating on Roose’s lifeless face. Watching as his wife defiled his father’s corpse Ramsey couldn’t help but smirk and stroke his cock at the sight. When she finished Sansa stood up and made to move towards the door only for Ramsey to call out “You forgot your dress my Lady.”

Smiling over her shoulder at him Sansa said “No I didn’t. Let your men see what the Lord of Winterfell gets to fuck.”

“And if they want to do more than look?” Ramsey asked with a smile.

Contemplating this for a moment Sansa returned to Roose’s corpse and yanked out the knife from his chest “Then Reek won’t be only eunuch scurrying around Winterfell.” She grinned as she resumed walking away, swaying her hips back and forth.

Entering their chambers Ramsey found his wife reclined on their bed, her pretty face still covered in his father’s blood with Myranda between her legs, her fingers clutching her short hair to hold her face against her pussy. Sitting up as he approached Sansa kicked the girl away from her making her scurry out the room doing her best to hide her ruined face from Ramsey. “Is it done?” Sansa asked.

“Of course it is.” He smiled as he stood next to the bed “No one stands in our way.” He told her as he reached out to twirl a finger around her soft red locks.

“Wonderful.” Sansa purred as she reached out to slowly undo his britches before pushing them down to release his cock. Giving him a sultry look Sansa licked her lips and leaned down to take him between into her mouth. As Sansa dragged her soft pink lips up and down his shaft Ramsey let out a peasant groan and rested his hand on top of her head. “I killed my step mother for you, just as you asked.” He informed her. “I believe you promised me some kind of reward.”

Her lips curling into a smile around his cock Sansa pulled her lips off his length “I did didn’t I?” Sansa leered as she pulled her husband onto the bed. Pulling off his clothes to leave him naked Sansa straddled his lap and began kissing his chest as her hand slipped down to his cock to position it at the entrance to her cunny. Lowering herself onto him with a moan Sansa started bouncing up and down on his cock making Ramsey grin as her watched her firm, perky breasts bounce. “This is my reward is it?” he asked as he reached up to pinch her pink nipples.

Ignoring the question Sansa asked “How did you kill her?”

“I fed her to my dogs.” Ramsey grunted “Her and her baby.”

“Did she squeal like the fat pig she was?” Sansa growled lustfully.

“Oh yes.” Ramsey leered “She curled into a ball to protect her babe. That just meant my girls couldn’t rip her throat out and make it quick.”

“I bet you won’t have to feed them again for a month.” Sansa laughed cruelly as she slammed her hips down to meet his. “I wish I had been there to see it.”

“mmm, the next time I take my girls hunting you’ll have to accompany me.” Ramsey groaned as he ran his hands up and down her thighs “I think you’d enjoy it as much as I do.”

“I look forward to it.” She purred seductively “Until then let me reward you for killing that Frey cunt.” She said as she lifted herself up off of his cock completely.

“What are you doing?” Ramsey asked only to moan when she slammed her ass down, taking his entire length into her rectum causing her to throw her head back with a lewd moan.

“Do you like that?” she groaned as she started bouncing up and down on his lap. “Do you like having your dick in my ass?”

“I love it.” He growled enthusiastically as he sat up and moved his hands up her thighs and over her hips to cup and squeeze her plump behind prompting her to wrap her arms and legs around him.

“I love it too.” Sansa moaned “Every time you kill a Frey I’ll let you take me in the ass.”

“Let me?” Ramsey asked amused as he brought one hand up to her throat and lightly squeezed “If I want to fuck you in your tight little ass I’ll just do it.”

“mmm, you could.” Sansa agreed “And I could just lay back and let you do as you please but isn’t this more fun?” she leered as she squeezed her ass around his dick.

“I suppose so.” He smiled as he leaned down and chewed on her pink teats making her moan.

Sliding her ass up and down his shaft Sansa stared down into Ramsey’s eyes and said “I want you to kill them for me.” She growled “I want you to slaughter every single Frey. I want you to flay them alive until every man in the North has a cloak made from Frey hide!”

“Would that please you my Lady?” Ramsey asked as he slapped and squeezed her ass.

“It would!” She growled as she slammed her hips down “And I want you to bring me Walder Frey. I want to cut his throat and skin him with my own hands.” She demanded as she clawed at his back hard enough to draw blood. “I want to make a rug out of him; I want to step on his hide every day, I want your men to clean their boots on him and your dogs to piss and shit on him!” she snarled as she kissed him, her teeth biting down on his bottom lips hard enough to make him bleed letting her taste his blood.

“I’ll Kill Them All!” Ramsey roared as his fingers dug into her round ass before spinning her around and pushing her forward so that she was on all fours and began thrusting hard into her rectum as one hand slapped her ass while the other tugged her head back by her hair until her back was arched so much she could look into his eyes “I’ll butcher the lot of them! I’ll rape their daughters and geld their sons before choking them with their own cocks! I’ll burn the Twins to the ground and fuck you on a mountain of Frey corpses!”

“What about Walder Frey?” Sansa asked, her anus constricting around his dick.

Moving the hand that was slapping her ass up to grasp her breast Ramsey growled out “He’s all yours.” He promised “I’ll teach you how to keep him alive and conscious while you flay him so he feels every inch of his skin being peeled off.” He said as he ran his tongue over her cheek. Hearing what he planned to do to the Freys Sansa came hard; her whole body convulsing and bucking wildly beneath him as her juices soaked the bed beneath her and her bowels massaged and squeezed his dick as he came inside of her, milking his balls for every drop of his seed before collapsing forward.

Running his hands over his wife’s sweaty back as she panted heavily Ramsey withdrew his cock from her ass and moved to kneel in front of her. Guiding her lips to his cock Ramsey smirked as he watched her extend her tongue to clean his soiled cock. Running his fingers through her soft red hair Ramsey said “Such a filthy slut you are, cleaning my cock after it had been shoved up your ass.”

Giggling as she ran her tongue around his cockhead Sansa sat up and wrapped her arms his neck “I’ll do even filthier things for you once you get me Walder Frey?” she promised with a husky leer.

“And how do you expect me to get my hands on old Walder Frey?” Ramsey asked amused.

“Call upon the Northern Lords.” Sansa replied.

“What makes you think they’ll come and help? If you haven’t noticed my family isn’t exactly favoured by them after what we did at the Red Wedding.”

“What your father did at the Red Wedding.” She corrected him “What he and Walder Frey did. Tell the Northern Lords that Sansa Stark avenged her brother by slashing the throat and cutting out the heart of Roose Bolton before pissing on his corpse.” She growled “Ask them if there are any true Northmen left alive who will help avenge their King by killing every last Frey in Westeros.”

Adoring how fierce she looked Ramsey reached around to slap and squeeze her plump ass and said “And will you be offering them the same reward for Frey heads that you offered me?”

Smirking as she pressed her naked, nubile body against his Sansa kissed his chest and said “If that’s what it takes to kill them all then I’d gladly fuck every man north of the Neck.”

“Now that’s an offer that’d be hard to resist.” Ramsey grinned “I had best get to culling Freys otherwise my pretty bride’s tight little ass won’t be so tight anymore.” He leered making Sansa laugh.

“I can’t wait.” Sansa purred seductively as she lowered her head to take him into her mouth again.

“Nor should you have to my love.” Ramsey grinned as he pulled his cock from her throat making her pout. “Wash yourself but don’t dress. I’ll be back in just a moment.”

Enjoying a cup of wine while admiring Sansa's perky, pale breasts as she stood to his side Ramsey affectionately caressed her round buttocks when there was a knock at the door. “Come in.” He called out, not taking his eyes off of Sansa's breasts.

The door opened and in walked to young boys, one small and skinny while the other tall and fat both with unmistakeable weasel like features of Freys. “You sent for us my Lord?” the larger one gulped, his eyes transfixed on the naked beauty next to Ramsey.

“Ah yes,” Ramsey grinned, finally taking his eyes of his wife’s beautiful breasts and stood to greet the boys. “You haven’t met my wife yet have you? Lady Sansa the fat one is my squire ‘Little’ Walder Frey and the short one is his cousin ‘Big’ Walder Frey.”

“It’s nice to me you both.” Sansa smiled apparently not caring that the two boys were ogling her naked flesh.

“M-My Lady.” Both boys bowed though their eyes never left Sansa's body.

“Now, I’m sure by now the two of you have heard about the untimely death of my father. In these dangerous and unstable times I thought it best to reaffirm the alliance between our two houses. And what better way of doing that than by having Sansa show the two of you just how much we value your family.” He said as he slapped Sansa on the ass making her move forward with a giggle.

Their mouths dropping open as Sansa approached Big Walder stuttered out “Y-You want us to... with your wife?”

“But of course.” Ramsey smiled.

“Unless you don’t find me acceptable.” Sansa said with a pout as she stood between the boys and ran her hands over their chests.

“Not at all my Lady!” Little Walder insisted quickly as he reached out a large hand to envelop one of her pale breasts and squeezed hard, his fingers sinking into her soft supple flesh making her gasp excitedly.

“mmm, why don’t the two of you take of your clothes for me.” Sansa suggested lustfully. Nodding their heads eagerly both Frey boys disrobed quickly to stand naked in front of her. “Oh my.” Sansa breathed as she chewed on her bottom lip and looked down at their swollen cocks. Turning to the shorter of the pair Sansa ran her hand down his chest to grasp his cock and purred “mmm, no wonder they call you ‘Big’ Walder.” Falling to her knees Sansa leaned in and took his cock between her lips and started hungrily sucking.

Watching his cousin groan and thrust into her mouth Little Walder thrust his dick against her face, smearing her cheek with pre-cum. “Me too, my Lady!”

Spitting out the cock in her mouth Sansa said “mmm, there’s nothing little about you is there?” she giggled seductively as she took both of their cockheads into her mouth and started sucking hungrily.

“Well, it seems my wife has everything in hand so I’ll leave the three of you to enjoy yourselves.” Ramsey grinned as he petted Sansa's head before heading out of the room. Just as he closed the door behind him Ramsey heard the sensual voice of his wife say “Now which one of you should I deal with first.”

Whistling tunelessly Ramsey idly played with a knife as he listened to the grunting coming from the room. Not even reacting when he heard the grunts turn into screams Ramsey cleaned under his nails with the point of the blade as he heard smashing and yelling. When the noises finally stopped Ramsey put away his knife and re-entered the room and found big Walder curled in a ball clutching at his groin softly sobbing as a pool of blood spread out from under him while little Walder sat dead opposite him, dozens of stab wounds covering his fat body and a knife thrust up through his jowls causing blood to drip out his slacken mouth.

And between the two boys stood his wife; her hands painted red with gore Sansa panted heavily as the blood that covered her mouth and chin dripped down her pale throat towards her breasts as her hair clung to her sweat soaked face. His cock stirring at the sight of her Ramsey approached and said “You look radiant my love.”

Smiling prettily which revealed her pearl white teeth were tinted red with Frey blood, Sansa coyly looked at him and asked “Really?”

“Really.” He smiled as he cupped her face with his hands “No woman has ever looked as beautiful as you do now.” He told her earnestly causing her to blush.

“Thank you.” She softly said bashfully as he leaned in to kiss her, his tongue sliding into her mouth. As they kissed Ramsey slid his hand down her slender flank and over her hip to roughly squeeze her ass making her gasp. Breaking the kiss Ramsey spun her around and pressed himself into her back with one hand cupping her round breast while the other slid down through her red pubic hair to delve into her dripping snatch causing her to moan and rock her hips back and forth.

Nuzzling into her soft hair and enjoying the smell of her sweat Ramsey kissed her neck and huskily whispered to her “I brought you two Freys to play with. I’m ready to claim my reward.”

Letting out a moan as she shook her ass against his crotch Sansa smiled up at him and said “I’m afraid that will have to wait.”

“Oh and why is that?” Ramsey asked with a frown as he pinched her nipple and harshly twisted it causing her to whimper and rub her thighs together as she arched her back against him.

Reaching up with one hand to grasp the hair on the back of his head as her other moved around her waist to squeeze his cock that was pressing into her ass Sansa said “Patience my love, you’ll be rewarded in good time.” Sansa promised as she released her hold on his cock and moved the hand along his belt to pull the knife from its sheath and held up the blade “You said you’d teach me how to flay a man.”

His eyes lighting up with excitement Ramsey released the nipple he was still twisting and brought his hand up to cup her chin to make her look into his eyes “It will be my pleasure.”

Grinning up at him Sansa leaned up and forced her tongue into his mouth before pressing the knife into his hand and pulled him towards the weeping Frey boy.

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