Laura and Nellie dilldle

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction! I do not own little house on the prairie, and I do not profit from these writings.

Mary and Laura were walking home from school when they got to the cut off from the trail that goes up to Old Willow grove. “I wanted to check on the fort Willie, Albert and me are making.” Laura said to Mary. “Tell Ma I’ll be home before supper time.” Laura took the cut off and Mary continued down the trail towards home.

Laura was pretending the Indians were surrounding the fort and had to sneak up quilt like else they would catch her and rape her. Laura got near the fort when she heard someone moaning like they were injured. She got a little closer and saw Nellie inside lying on a blanket on the dirt floor. Laura could see Nellies bloomers were pulled down. Laura went around to the other side and peeked in. She saw Nellies skirt was pulled up and one of her hands was up her skirt. She was breathing hard like and moaning deeper. I Laura could see her hand moving back and forth under her skirt. She didn’t know what she was doing but it sounded like Nellie was hurting herself. Nellie used her other hand to pull her skirt up higher and her legs were wide apart. Laura then saw what Nellie was doing. She was sliding something in and out of her girl hole! Laura couldn’t tell how big it was but it must’ve been big to hurt her like that. Why was she doing that? Laura kept watching as Nellie kept sliding it in and out of her hole, and then Nellie let out a big moan as she pulled it all the way out. Her hip were thrusting, she let out a cry and then.. Then she looked up right at LAURA!!!

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Nellie screamed, “What did you see?” Laura told her she didn’t see anything but Nellie didn’t believe her. “You were watching me I know you were Laura” “Well” Laura said “It sounded like you were hurt” Nellie replied in a high pitched voice “Does it LOOK like I’m hurt?” “I don’t know what it looks like” Laura shouted back “I don’t know what you were doing or why you were putting that thing inside of you.” “Oh Laura, you’re such a naïve little girl” “I an’t no little girl! I’m almost 14, almost a women” Nellie smiled “If you were a women” she said “You’d know what this is and what I was doing with it” As She spoke Nellie held up a long, thick piece of wood about 8” long and rounded like a shaft. Every inch or so was a slightly wider ridge about ½ inch thick. “You Do know what it is don’t you?” Laura blushed and admitted she didn’t. Nellie said “Come here Laura and I’ll teach you what a WOMAN should know.” Laura entered the fort and say next to Nellie. “This” Nellie said “Is a Dildo. It is made of wood and it is something every women needs.” “Why does a women need one when it hurts?” asked Laura. “Simple little girl Laura” Said Nellie waving the wooden dildo in front of Laura’s nose.  “I was moaning because it feel so good, not because it hurts.”  She went on “You pull down your bloomers and slide it in and out of you opening and it feel wonderful, better than anything !”. “All women have them, Miss  Beadle has one in the locked drawer in her desk, my mother has a glass one from France, I bet even your Ma has one” “Well can I try it if it is go good?” asked Laura. “No, this one is too big for you.” Laura started to get angry “I an’t no half-pint! I’m a woman and I’ll prove it you.” “Ok” says Nellie “but you’d better let me help you so you don’t get hurt”

“Pull down your bloomers and lift up your skirt” Nellie commanded. Laura nervously pulled her bloomers down to the ground. “Well don’t just stand there step out of them and lift your skirt so I can see.” Laura step out of her bloomers and slowly raised her skirt, exposing her crotch to Nellie. “You certainly are a little girl with that peach fuzz around your opening.” Nellie smiled as she looked at Laura’s fuzzy pussy. Laura’s pubic hairs were short and curly, just a little around her lips.


“Keep that skirt up” said Nellie “and spread your legs apart”. Nellie moved closer to Laura, her hand reached out to touch Laura’s waiting pussy. “Hey!” Yelled Laura “What do you think you’re doing?” “Don’t be such a baby, stand still I need to see how moist you are.” Laura closed her eyes as Nellie’s hand touched her curly pubic hair. Nellie used two fingers to slow open Laura’s pussy. “OUCH!” Laura cried as Nellie tried unsuccessfully to slide a finger into the dry opening. “Just what I thought, you’ve never been touched before” Nellie said with a laugh. “keep your legs wide apart and don’t open your eyes” Nellie commanded as she got down on her knees in front of Laura. Nellie reached out with both hands and pulled Laura closer to her, Laura could feel Nellie’s breath on her pussy. “I don’t know Nellie, maybe I’m not ready for this” said Laura. “I’m going to get you ready” Said Nellie with an evil tone. “Trust me you will really like this” Nellie added. Nellie parted Laura’s pussy and found what she was looking for, that little round nub at the top of Laura’s opening. Nellie smiled as she stuck out her tongue and started gently flicking and licking Laura’s clit. Laura kept her eyes closed tight she could feel Nellie’s tongue pressing against her clit, it felt good. Laura had a warm feeling between her legs and Nellie started to slowly lick her way up and down and all around Laura’s opening. It felt so good but Laura wanted more, she wanted that feeling she felt whenever her little clit was licked and flicked. She started to push her pussy towards Nellie, unconsciously at first, then on purpose trying to get Nellie to hit just the right spot. Nellie knew what she was doing, she only licked Laura clit very lightly and only just enough to keep Laura excited. Nellie reached up and put her hands in Laura’s ass, she pulled Laura as close as she could, Laura let go of her skirt and it fell down covering Nellie’s head. Nellie held on tight to Laura’s ass and pulled her closer as she stuck her tongue up into Laura’s moist pussy. Laura let out a moan as Nellie’s tongue explored the inside of Laura. Laura started grinding against Nellie and Nellie slowed down and pulled her tongue out, but she wasn’t done yet.

“Lay down on the blanket so I can make you cum” commanded Nellie as she wiped Laura’s pussy juice from her face. Laura laid down on the blanket and pulled her skirt up to her belly “Spread your legs!”  Nellie command and Laura spread them wide exposing her damp, tight pussy. Nellie smiled and knelled down between Laura’s legs. She then gentle spread Laura’s lips and examined her moist pink opening. Laura softly moaned as Nellie touched the exposed clitoris. Nellie pushed her index finger into Laura pussy, almost immediately Laura tensed up and Nellie felt Laura’s pussy grab tight around her finger. “We’re going to have to loosen you up dear,” Said Nellie as she laughed. Slowly Nellie worked her finger in and out of Laura’s pussy, each time pushing it in a little bit more. Soon Nellie had her whole finger up inside of Laura. “Now for the fun part” said Nellie as she rammed her finger all the way in. She held it there inside of Laura. Laura was moaning her, eyes tightly shut. Laura couldn’t believe what she was feeling, it felt good but she knew it was so wrong. She could not help herself she wanted more; she could feel the pleasure building up between her legs. Nellie started to slide her finger in and out, faster and harder, it felt so good to Laura, she wonder if this is what a man feels like, then her thoughts stopped as she realized Nellie had stopped fingering her! “OH” moaned Laura, she didn’t know what to say the feeling in her pussy was intense she wanted more! “Please” is all Laura managed to gasp. “Okay but once I start I’m NOT going to stop until you cum” warned Nellie. Laura didn’t know what that meant, all she knew was that feeling in her pussy was so good and she wanted more. “Okay” Laura managed to get out. Nellie used one had to open up Laura’s opening, but this time she pushed TWO fingers up into her. Laura let out a Gasp and a loud moan, Nellie started out slowly moving the two fingers in and out, she could feel just how wet Laura was getting. Faster and fasted she finger fucked Laura virgin pussy. Laura could feel it building, she felt the tightness in her pussy, and she thrust her hips up in rhythm with Nellie’s strokes! Nellie could feel the tension building and knew Laura was close to cumming. Skillfully Nellie started rubbing Laura’s clit with her thrum as she finger fucked her…Laura was close, so close, Nellie pushed down hard on the clit and pushed her fingers deep into Laura, pushing up finding the right spot! Laura could feel Nellie’s fingers inside of her pushing her clit up, and Nellies thumb pushing it down.. it was too much Laura Scream!! Laura’s body shook violently her hip thrust up and down she could feel her pussy toughen hard around Nellie’s finger, this only made the feel more intense, she moaned again and started to go limp. However, Nellie wasn’t done yet! She rubbed Laura’s clit with her thumb, flick it then pressing it down hard, then in circles, she started to finger fuck Laura again and Laure let out a long moan. The wave of pleasure rushed over Laura, spreading from her pussy throughout her body, the spasms came in wave, one after the other rush all over her, she didn’t want it to stop. Laura opened her eyes and looked down a Nellie, Nellie pulled her fingers out of Laura and a GUSH of water squirted from Laura, then another, one more and Laura laid there, happy, out of breathe and confused by what had just happened. “You little WHORE!” Nellie exclaimed, “You came so hard and squirted on your first time”. Nellie licked her wet finger as Laura wondered how to explain her wet dress to her ma.




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