Fire and Blood and Cum

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Jon Snow's first arrival on Dragonstone went about as well as it could have gone. He pleaded his case to the Dragon Queen, a woman far more beautiful than he could have imagined, and she seemed skeptical to say the least. Daenerys Targaryen was a fierce woman, no doubt. Jon Snow was attracted to ferocity, especially when it came from a woman that looked like Daenerys. Eventually, their meeting was interrupted by the whisperings of a Spider, and he and Ser Davos were dismissed.

The Queen had her servants draw them baths in chambers on the opposite end of the castle. Jon and Davos walked through the sinster, winding halls of Dragonstone in silence, escorted by a group of hulking Dothraki horselords. Eventually, Jon was ushered into a large bechamber.

A single Dothraki remained in the room, watching him intently. Jon was grateful for the bath that had been drawn, but was wary of the man watching him. Out of courtesy, Jon thought he dare not refuse a Dragon's hospitality. Without Longclaw, he felt as though he was naked already, so he might as well finish the job. In full view of the Dothraki, Jon stripped himself to his smallclothes. When he realized his viewer had no intention of leaving, he sighed and pulled his smallclothes down to his ankles and stepped out of them. His fat, pale cock hung between his legs. The Dothraki examined Jon with an appraising eye, his flowing black hair, his muscular body, his scars, and his manhood. The slightlest grin emerged on the Dothraki's face when he saw Jon's penis.

Frustrated, Jon simply raised his arms above his head and spun around, flashing his snow-white ass to his viewer, to ascertain he had no concealed weapons. When the Dothraki was satisfied, he gave one last amused glance at Jon's dick before turning and leaving the room. Jon was not a shy man, so he felt nothing in particular having his penis examined by a man he didn't know. Rather, he simply shrugged and lowered himself into the bath. It was warm and soothing. His mind drifted back to the Dragon Queen and her beauty. Alone, naked, warm, and and with a beautiful woman on his mind, Jon couldn't resist touching himself. 

Out of some shame or embarassment, a fear of being caught, it was a quick and sloppy affair. Within a few minutes, Jon had taken himself over the edge. As the water stopped splashing around him, he swirled his finger in the hot, sticky white fluid that had shot from his manhood. For a moment, he pretended it was smeared across Daenerys's face rather than his own stomach, before sloppily wiping it off of himself and rising from the bath. As he looked at his beet red cock, still hard between his legs, and the chunks of thick white cum dripping between his fingers, he knew he was in for some trouble with the Dragon Queen. 

~~Several weeks later~~

Jon was invited to dine with the Dragon Queen, and he could barely contain his glee. His lust for her had only grown over time. He loved watching her, no matter what she was doing. She looked strong and majestic, sitting on that jagged throne. She looked soft and feminine, grinning and talking in hushed tones with her advisor from Naath. He even liked when her dragon nature emerged, verbally sparring with her War Councils over the Painted Table. The thought of her made him hard as a rock, and he knew he would be unable to bear a conversation with her while he was so pent up.

So, he stole away to a cliffside to relieve some stress before dinner. No one was around, save for the occasional flight of a dragon overhead. He stood on the very edge of the cliff and turned his back to the castle, staring out into the ocean. He pulled his cuirass up and withdrew his cock from his trousers. It was pink and hard out in the wind, and he quickly went to work on it. Eagerly beating himself off, he fantasized that it was Daenerys's lips rather than his own hands.

The very thought of her mouth around his cock was enough to get him there. His chest heaved and his lips parted as he came. He grunted like an animal, a thick stream of milky white seed spilling from him. He found the sight of his cum shooting from his dick and disappearing into the waves below him very satisfying. After he had reached his peak, he continued to gently stroke himself as his heartbeat slowed. 

"Bastard!" a familiar voice called from behind him. "Her Grace is ready for you."

Jon frantically stuffed his cock back into his pants. Unsure of what to do with the cum stuck to his fingers, he raised his hands to his lips and quickly licked it up. He gulped down the last of his seed as he spun around, to see Tyrion Lannister smiling at him.

"Feel better?" he asked.

"My Lord?" Jon Snow asked in terror.

"Don't worry," Tyrion laughed, "I had to do the same thing too when I first met her."

Jon Snow turned red as a beet, but Tyrion only playfully swatted him on the arse. Tyrion ushered Jon into Daenerys's dining chamber, before bowing and stepping out. She looked beautiful, in a sleek silver gown that was tight around her breasts and loose around her hips. She let her hair down, allowing it to flow around her. 

"Thank you for joining me, my Lord," she said, not getting up from the table. 

"My pleasure, your Grace," he said. 

Dinner was unremarkable. They filled the silence with talk of Dragonglass and Dothraki and weather. Jon couldn't help but stare at her, but a part of him felt like she was returning the gaze. At one point, she made an inquiry that made his heart stop.

"So, King in the North, is there a Queen in your kingdom?" she asked mischeiveously, raising a goblet of wine to her lips.

"Your Grace?" Jon stammered. "My brother Robb took a wife, Talisa. They say she was beautiful, but she was killed alongside him and his mother at the Twins." 

"I'm not talking about your brother," Daenerys teased. "You really grew up in a castle, fought through armies of dead men, became Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, and later King in the North, and you've really never been with a woman?"

"," he said. "I broke my vows...a wildling girl..."

Daenerys raised an eyebrow.

"Interesting," was all she said. 

Jon could have cum in his pants right there. She rose to her feet and bade him farewell. Jon watched in awe as she slithered out of the room and closed the door behind him. 

~~That night~~

Daenerys Targaryen stepped out of her dress in full view of Missandei, her most trusted advisor and closest friend. She sank into a bathtub with a sigh as Missandei reclined on a sofa beside her. 

"You miss Grey Worm," Daenerys stated.

"I do," Missandei agreed.

"He will return to you," Dany promised him. "Casterly Rock may have been a trap, but he's the strongest man I know."

"He will fight valiantly for you," Missandei replied.

"Not for me," Dany said casually. "For you. His beloved Missandei from the Isle of Naath." 

"You are very kind, your Grace," Missandei said with a smile.

"Not as kind as he was to you the night before he left," Dany said with a smirk that made Missandei blush. 

"Many things did happen," Missandei replied coyly.

"I can imagine," Dany laughed. "I wish I could say the same." 

Daenerys's bed had been empty since she left Meereen, since she left Daario Naharis. Alone in this cold, dark castle, she craved someone more than ever. She would curse the witch that had taken her Khal Drogo from her, before sliding her hands between her thighs and pleasuring herself. Some evenings, she would invite Missandei into her bed, and the two women would keep each other company and relieve each other's tensions. With her mind on the topic of anything physical, her mind returned to the King in the North, and how she noticed his swollen cock when she left dinner earlier that day.

"What do you think of Jon Snow?" she asked.

"He seems very brave and wise," Missandei agreed.

"Yes, but what do you think of him?"

"Ah, he is beautiful, indeed," Missandei confessed with a giggle. 

"Indeed," Daenerys agreed.

That night, she soaked her sheets thinking about Jon Snow. Her pussy was drenched by the time she was done, imaging herself as the girl he had broken his vows with. She pulled her blankets around her tighter and drifted off to sleep. 

~~The next day~~

Jon sparred with Davos on the beach to pass the time. Davos could sense Jon's lust for their host, and was not shy about pressing him about it.

"So, you quite fancy the Queen, don't you?" Davos asked.

"Course I do," Jon replied. "You've seen her, haven't you?"

"I have, indeed. I also hear you moaning and thrusting all night."

"Well what else is a man to do? It's not like I have anyone to keep me any company."

"Very true, your Grace," Davos agreed. "Just promise me you won't let that longsword between your legs cloud your judgement."

Jon sighed.

"The North is far more important than where I want to shove my cock, Ser Davos, I promise you."


~~Later that day~~

Davos had went inside to have a drink, but Jon remained on the beach. He was the Dothraki men on the shores a few hundred yards away. Some of them bathed in the water, and Jon finally saw what a Dothraki looked like naked. Tall, muscular, tan, and hung like the horses they rode. Jon realized why that Dothraki had sneered at his cock that first day in his chambers, because he knew his was bigger. Jon couldn't help but feel a bit envious of the massive equipment the horselords had been blessed with. Jon could only imagine what beast the great Khal Drogo gave to his Khaleesi each night, and whether or not he could ever compete. 

~~A month later~~

An assassin sent by Queen Cersei. The cutthroat attacked Queen Daenerys while she slept, but luckily Jon was awake. He heard the scuffle and burst into the Queen's chambers. She grappled with a man in Lannister colors. Jon pounced on the assassin and slammed him into the wall. The assassin leapt forward, brandishing a dagger. Daenerys darted away from him while Jon ran forward. The assassin got in a good slice across Jon's arm before Jon knocked him to the floor. He wrenched the knife from his hand and instead buried it in the cutthroat's eye socket. 

There was a rush of people afterwords. Missandei and Davos and Tyrion and Varys, all asking what happened and who was hurt. Jon assured them his cut was no more than a scratch. Dothraki dragged the corpse out of the room and flung it into the ocean. Dany dismissed all of her advisors, and then it was just her and Jon alone in her bedroom.

"I cannot thank you enough," she said. "Please sit."

Jon sat down on the bed.

"You're hurt," she said. 

"Just a scratch, your Grace," he assured her.

"My husband died from a scratch," she said sternly. "Let me see it." 

Jon reluctantly took his shirt off, baring his chest to the Queen. She looked at his muscular arm, and saw the wound on his bicep. 

"It's not that bad," she assured him. 

To Jon's shock and awe, she removed her robe with a single movement. She was naked before him. Her breasts were even better than Jon could have hope, her cunt tighter and pinker than he had ever imagined.

"I'll make it better," she said breathily.

She sank to her knees. Jon could do nothing but stare as she undid his trousers with delicate fingers and pulled them to his knees. He was hard, like always when he was in her presence. She looked aroused by the giant piece of meat he had produced. Jon's mouth fell open as she licked the tip, before shoving the whole thing down her throat. She sucked him off with a skill and a passion she didn't know she posessed. Jon moaned and sighed as she pleasured him, slurping on his dick and massaging his balls with her hands. After a few minutes, Jon was ready to cum.

"Your Grace," he moaned. "I--I need to..."

He came in her mouth, and she didn't stop. He moaned, rocking his hips into her face as he emptied himself down her throat. She kept sucking after the last drop of seed had left him, making him moan and squirm. Finally, she pulled his big cock out of her mouth and gave the tip one final lick. 

"My turn," Jon snarled.

He grabbed Daenerys by the waist and threw her onto the bed. He threw himself down on top of her and kissed her passionately. She ran her fingers through his thick black mane as he stuck his tongue down her throat. He was a good kisser, she realized, far better than Drogo or even Daario. It made her wet. Their nude bodies writhed together as they kissed. 

Jon pulled his lips off of hers and slithered down, kissing each of her perfect breasts and her stomach. He ran his tongue down the length of her, stopping between her legs. He stared in awe at the perfect pink pussy he had imagined late at night so many times. She was tight and beautiful. He lowered his head to her sex and kissed it.

Dany squirmed as soon as he touched her with his lips. Jon had practiced on Ygritte countless times, so he was something of an expert on pleasuring a woman by the time his mouth closed around Daenerys Targaryen's cunt. He opened his whole mouth around it, tasting her, as he shoved his tongue inside her slit. He feasted on her ravenously, the feeling of her body rocking and the sound of her moaning keeping him hard.

At different intervals, he would reach his hands upwards to fondle her breasts and slip his fingers into her mouth, or he would reach down, to tease himself. The taste of her pussy on his lips made his cock hard, so he couldn't resist stroking himself off. He had no intention of making himself cum again so soon, but he couldn't help but address the tension mounting in his cock as he pleasured the Queen. 

His tongue felt amazing on her. Dany writhed and squirmed as his tongue ravished her. Daario used to pleasure her like this, but it was quick and sloppy. And Khal Drogo would never. He was the type of man to throw her down and fuck her till she couldn't take it anymore. But Jon Snow, he took his time with her, and gave her what he knew she wanted. 

Her breasts heaved and her pussy clenched in his mouth as she approached another orgasm. Her cunt was already sopping by this time, and Jon eagerly lapped it all up between her thighs. 

"Jon," she moaned, wrapping her fingers in his hair, "Jon, keep going."

Jon said nothing, only moaned in agreement as he continued to bury his face in between her legs. She rocked her hips into his face as her breath quickened. The pressure built up and up and up, and she knew her release was near. Finally, Jon slid two fingers inside of her, and that was it. 

"Fuck!" she moaned as she came.

Jon's fingers were soaked by her orgasm, and he happily fucked her with them as her legs shook and her toes clenched. The sight of Daenerys cumming at his touch was enough to make Jon cum every day for the rest of his life. Finally, her squirming stopped, and she laid still on the bed, panting.

"Your Grace..." Jon began.

"Dany," she interrupted. "Call me Dany."

"Dany..." Jon obliged, but she interrupted him again.

"Fuck me," she panted. "Fuck me, Jon Snow. Varys tells me you've been blowing your load all over yourself every night since you got here, whispering my name. So take me now, in the flesh. I want you."

Jon was slightly embarassed that the Queen new of his nocturnal activies, but that was irrelevant now. He was naked and hard as a rock, and she was lying in bed with her legs wide open, begging him to fuck her. Who was Jon to refuse his Queen?

He couldn't contain his smile as he laid on top of her. He grabbed his cock by the base and teased her pussy with it, rubbing the head against the wet slit between her legs. 

"Now!" she hissed, so Jon stuck it in.

He roared at the top of his lungs in pleasure as he entered her. It felt better than his rough hands ever did on those lonely nights, imagining. She was warm and tight and wet. She gasped as he began slowly thrusting inside her. She needed this, a stiff cock inside her. She closed her eyes and breathed as the King in the North began pounding away inside her.

Jon propped himself up with his muscular arms so he could look at her as he fucked her, her legs wrapped around his waist. He loved the face she made as he fucked her, her brow furrowed, her mouth slightly agape. He lowered his head and began sucking on her neck. She moaned, and he could tell she liked it. 

Eventually, she pushed him off of her neck and she raised her mouth to his nipple. She sucked it passionately, flicking her tongue against the sensitive spot of skin. Jon loved this. It was Theon Greyjoy who had first taught him how good his nipples could make him feel, when they were children stroking each other off in the forests around Winterfell. But now, the most beautiful woman in the world was sucking them, and it felt amazing. 

Eventually, Dany spun them both around, and threw Jon down on the bed. She crawled back on top of him, locking eyes with the Northern bastard and she took his cock in her hands and lowered herself onto it. From this new position, she cried out as she felt it go even deeper into her. She rode it fast and rough, gritting her teeth and screaming as Jon's pole rammed into her over and over again.

She came twice by the time she noticed Jon's face turning even redder than usual. He started to tense up, and she knew what that meant. He weakly tried to push her off of him, but she wrestled his arms down and pinned them to the bed. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth.

In that moment, Jon achieved the only thing he'd cared about for weeks now: he came inside Daenerys Targaryen. He moaned so loud he thought Cersei might hear him all the way in King's Landing. His cock spasmed and twitched inside Dany as she continued riding him. He held his hands in hers and clenched her tight. His toes pointed straight and his legs squirmed. He could feel spurt after spurt of his thick white cream disappearing into Dany. 

When he had cum, she slowly stopped riding him. She lowered her mouth to his nipple and give it another lick, before kissing him deep on the mouth. She sank off of his cock and laid beside him in bed. 

"My advisors will say this was a mistake," Daenerys said matter-of-factly.

"Fuck em," Jon Snow laughed. 

Dany laughed too and gave him one last kiss on the cheek. The two drifted off too sleep, naked and warm and intertwined.

~~The Next Morning~~

Dany awoke first, her head nuzzled against Jon Snow's chest. She noticed he was stiff again, so she figured she'd give him something nice to wake up to. She began stroking him. She knew where it felt the best, around the head of it, so she used her thumb to massage the edge of his bulbous head on the bottom. 

Within a minute, Jon had awoken. He rubbed his eyes and laughed when he realized what she was doing. He began to moan again in another minute or so as the sensations began to increase. Jon was used to getting himself off in the mornings when he awoke, so it was a pleasant surprise having someone else to do it for him. 

The two kissed as she continued to fondle him. Within a few minutes, he had cum. He laid beside her, panting and smiling as the seed pooled up around his musculuar abdomen. 

"Thank you for that," he said, finally.

"Of course," she grinned. "I've known a few men in my life. I've learned how they like to start their days."

~~A week later~~

Jon could not push their night together from his head. Since their evening of passion, Daenerys and her council had been consumed with war. Cersei had taken Highgarden and Storm's End. He stayed out of their way, mining Dragonglass and touching himself whenever he got the chance. Since his arrival on Dragonstone, he had been fucking himself more than ever before. When he was a child in Winterfell, he, Theon, and Robb touched themselves all the time. Once he got to the Wall, privacy was hard to come by, so Jon found himself cumming far less than he would have liked. But since Daenerys Targaryen came into his life, Jon found himself unable to go a day without stroking one out.

He was in the middle of one of his sessions when Tyrion Lannister walked into his chamber. Jon was stark naked, sprawled out on the bed, jacking himself off furiously.

"Gods, you Northerners..." Tyrion scoffed.

"My Lord?" Jon cried, startled.

He let go of his cock reluctantly and sat up in bed.

"The Queen has requested you in her War Room," Tyrion said, not bothering to avert his eyes from the massive limb protruding from Jon's legs. "Now."

He walked closer, scooping up the trousers Jon had left strewn across the floor, and tossed them at the naked man. Jon groaned and began dressing, frustrated that his pleasure had been interrupted. Still, he was excited to see Daenerys. He stuffed his cock into his pants and pulled a shirt over his head.

Tyrion led him into the chamber of the painted table. Everyone was there. Daenerys, Missandei, Grey Worm, Ellaria Sand, and Yara Greyjoy. Dany glowered over the table, which was sporting several more lions than the last time Jon had seen it. 

"Your Grace," Jon said as he entered.

"Jon," Dany said. "I need your advice."

"I will serve however I can," Jon replied.

"Cersei has taken Highgarden, she has taken Storm's End. She's more protected in King's Landing, we are unable to get as close to her as we had hoped. What should I do?"

"Well," Jon said, sauntering closer to her, "take her from the South. The Sand Snakes can rally the Dornish armies, Ellaria can lead them North. While Cersei is distracted to the South, the Unsullied take Storm's End, the Dothraki take Highgarden."

Dany smiled and nodded.

"That's what I had hoped you would say, and I agree," she turned her head to the beautiful Dornishwoman sitting at the table. "Ellaria, send word to the Sand Snakes to begin rallying the troops. Leave for Dorne immediately."

"Very well, Your Grace," she purred.

"Thank you," Daenerys said. "Now, leave me."

One by one, her advisors rose to their feet and left the room. Jon stayed behind, getting closer to her. Tyrion shot them one last disapproving glance before storming out. Daenerys smiled at him.

"I've missed you," she said.

"I thought it best to give you some space, you have a lot on your hands."

"And you have a lot between your legs," she grinned. "But thank you. The Lannisters are proving far more conniving than even I could have guessed."

"You'll beat them," Jon assured her.

Without notice, he kissed her. She wrapped her arms around him. Jon picked her up and sat her on the Painted Table. 

"I need you," he growled. "Now."

"Do it," she hissed. 

He feverishly ripped at her gown, pulling off her riding slacks and sliding them down to her thighs. He pressed his fingers against her twat and rubbed, getting her wet to prepare for him. Once he was satisfied that she was wet enough, Daenerys grabbed his belt and pulled it off of him. His pants slid to his ankles, and Dany was amused to see he was already rock hard.

He leaned in closer and slid his cock into her. Dany moaned at the top of her voice and leaned back, spreading out all over the Red Moutains of Dorne carved into the table. Jon fucked her furiously. The sound of their skin slapping together echoed throughout the giant stone chamber. He licked his thumb and lowered it to her. 

While his cock rammed in an out of her, he used his wet finger to massage right above her slit, where Ygritte taught him to. She moaned even louder. He felt her pussy tighten and then expand around him, and he knew she had cum. Finally, he knew it was his turn. He allowed himself to release into her, panting and grunting like a beast as he emptied his balls into her. 

Jon stared down at her gormlessly as she caught her breath on the table. She slowly raised herself back up and pulled her trousers back up. She gave his cock one last stroke, making Jon shiver, before getting off the table and crossing to the window.

"I needed that," she said between breaths. "Thank you."

"The pleasure was all mine," Jon assured her, pulling his pants back up to his waist.

"But I need to focus right now," Dany continued. "Visit me tomorrow night."

"Very well, Your Grace."

Jon swaggered out of the room and went out to the beach for a swim.

~~The next night~~

Jon couldn't wait to be with her again. He found her in her bedchamber, on the balcony. She wore only a black lace night gown, embroidered with silver dragons. 

"Finally," she said, without turning around.

Jon came up behind her and put his arms around her waist. Wordlessly, he went straight to work. He pushed her gorgeous silver hair to the side and began kissing her neck. She breathed heavily, and his hands slid downwards. He reached under her silk gown and found her cunt. He started massaging her, making her sigh even harder. She began squriming and laughing.

"You like that?" Jon whispered in her ear.

"Yes," she groaned, lurching forward as Jon shoved a finger inside of her.

She gripped the railing on the balcony as she started to cum. Jon eagerly took her over the edge, and let her finish all over his fingers. When she was done, she spun around and stripped him naked. He stood out on that balcony beneath the stars as she sank to her knees and got him off with just her mouth. He came all over her mouth and face, but they still weren't done.

She took him to the bed and pulled him on top of her. Since he had just cum, it took Jon a moment to get back into his rhythm. But once he did, he fucked her till she squirmed. When his time was near again, he pulled out of her perfect pussy and spilled his seed all over her stomach, stroking himself out all over her. 

Finally, he sank down on top of her, smearing his cum all over the two of them, and kissed her until they fell asleep.

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