Human Passions

BY : Pseudonym
Category: 1 through F > Doctor Who
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Disclaimer: The BBC own Doctor Who and all characters therein. I make no money off this.

Tegan moaned, whimpered, called out as she arched her body to meet his thrusts. “Oh God, oh yes, keep going,” her words slurring as she approached climax. Her nails bit into his hands and her orgasm crashed into his brain as she spasmed around him. His own followed.

“Well,” the Master whispered when he could think again. No wonder the Doctor took human companions: their passions; savage and wanton desires; their bodies that promised so much and delivered far more than expected, were more suited to his renegade nature than any pale, timid, Time Lord.

He grinned at the woman pinned beneath him, skirt bunched around her waist, blouse open, mindlessly wanting more. In her mind, she was with the Doctor. When he released her, she would not even remember this unless he commanded. There is nothing you have that I cannot take, Doctor. Nothing.

How unfortunate that he’d not had this idea the many times he’d had Ms. Grant prisoner, he mused as he turned Tegan over to have another go. But there was the future – and all the Doctor’s future companions – to compensate for that disappointment.

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