Hunting Humanity VIII

BY : greenwizard
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Liam stood with Dean in a hospital room holding his hand while Sam lay unconscious in a hospital bed and the doctor was going over things with them. “The MRI shows massive internal burns affecting many of the major organs. Oxygen to the brain has been severely deprived. The coma is the result of the body doing everything in its limited power to protect itself from further harm.”


“This wasn't supposed to happen,” Dean’s voice cracked a little and Liam wrapped an arm around him to try and comfort him.


“If your brother continues on this trajectory, the machines might keep him alive, but...”


“He'll be dead.”


“Technically, yes. I'm afraid so.”


“So, there's no recovery? I mean, there's no bounce back. There's no nothing.”


“I'm afraid that's in God's hands now.”


“You're a doctor. You're a medical professional. You're trying to tell me that my brother's life is in God's hands? What, is that supposed to be a comfort?” Dean was getting upset.


“Mr. Dougherty-”


“No, God has nothing to do with this equation at all!”


“I didn't mean-”


“That's not good enough!”


“Hey...” Liam stroked his cheek. “I know this is bad, but breathe, okay?”


“Listen to your partner,” the doctor said as he left.


Liam walked over to Sam with a soft sigh. “Maybe I can...” He put a hand on Sam’s shoulder and concentrated. A faint light appeared around his hand, but only seconds later he was thrown into the wall, and when he landed on the floor he started violently convulsing.


Dean rushed over to him. “Please don’t let this be happening. Liam! A little help in here!” he screamed.


Three hours later he was standing in another room with Liam in a bed. “This is all very strange,” the doctor said while he looked at the scans. “Your partner, he was just standing there with you completely fine. Now he has the same injuries as your brother, only to a much lesser extent.”




“Meaning it may take some time, but your partner stands a much better chance of recovery.”


A while later Astiratu appeared in Sam’s room. The walls were trembling, a man was standing by Sam, and Dean was drawing symbols on the wall. “Well, this is… Dean, I love you and all, but sometimes you can be a real idiot.”


Dean stopped to glare at him. “And what exactly was I supposed to do, huh? I had you, but you went and got yourself fried! I am alone, my brother is pretty close to dead...”


“I know, you do not smart things when you’re desperate. I had no way of knowing that would happen to me, by the way. And who is this?”


“I’m Ezekiel,” the angel answered. “I’m here to help. And, of course, you need no introduction.”


Dean covered the walls in angel warding symbols. “Long as these are up, no angels are coming in. No one's coming out. You gonna be okay with these?” he looked to Ezekiel.


“I'll manage. They're here.”


“Okay. Do not open this door for anybody but us.” He pointed to Sam. “Save him, you hear me? Come on,” he motioned to Astiratu. They went out into the hall and Dean pulled the fire alarm. “Everybody out! Now! Get out!” he shouted.


A farmer came around the corner with an angel blade. A woman who was on the floor behind Dean got up and approached as well. “Children,” Astiratu spoke in a commanding tone. “One, we don’t know where Castiel is. Two, even if we did, I know toddlers who behave better than you are right now.”


“Like we would listen to you,” the woman growled.


“If you were smart you would. This is seriously why I hate you all. You get thrown a curve ball and suddenly you’re savages. Suck it up and deal with it!”


“Deal with this!” the farmer attacked Dean who went flying to the ground.


There was a bright flash of light and the angels were gone. Astiratu sank to his knees. Dean got up and went over to him. “Whoa. You okay?”


“No. A large majority of my energy is going toward healing my body. Let’s get this show on the road before anyone else shows up.”


They went back into Sam’s room and the monitor was going off. “What the hell's happening?” Dean demanded.


Ezekiel was slumped in a chair. “This just started. And the warding. I'm afraid I'm weaker than I thought.” Dean started drawing lines through the warding. “I am sorry, Dean.”


“No, we had a deal, okay? I fight. You save.”


“And would that I could. I'm just afraid it's too late.”


“Are you kidding me? Are you saying there's no way to save my brother's life?”


“No good ways, I'm afraid.”


“Well, what are the bad ones? We're out of options here, man. Good or bad, let me hear them.”


“I cannot promise, but there is a chance I can fix your brother from the inside.”


“From the inside. So, what, you gonna open him up?” Ezekiel shook his head. “What, possession? You want to possess Sam?”


“I told you.”


“No way.”


“Understood. It's your call.”


“No, it's Sam's call. There's no way in hell he'd say yes to being possessed by anything.”


“He would rather die.” Dean nodded and the angel waved a hand in front of the monitor to silence it. “I'll leave you three alone, then.”


“Wait.” Dean turned to Astiratu. “What do you think?”


“I don’t think it’s technically a bad idea, as long as Ezekiel’s presence stays benign.”


“I thought you hated angels.”


“Oh, I do. But I’m also very pragmatic. I think it’s the only shot we’ve got.”


Dean turned to the angel. “How will it work?”


“Mutual benefit, I suppose. I heal Sam while healing myself.”


“And when he's healed?”


“I leave. It's the best of a bad situation, Dean.”


“Even if I said yes, it doesn't mean squat. Sam will never say yes, not to you.”


“But he would say yes to you.”


With Ezekiel’s help they entered Sam’s mind. Sam was standing with Death. “Hold on,” Dean urged his brother.


“Dean,” Sam seemed annoyed.


“It's okay, Sam.” Dean turned to Death. “I, uh, would have brought cronuts, but time is short, so...”


“By all means.”


“What’s going on?” Sam asked.


“I found a plan.”


“It's too late. I'm going.”


“Hold on there, sunshine,” Astiratu took a step forward. “Look, I know you’ve already accomplished a great deal, and it’s tempting to just say that you’re done and go have a nice long rest. But there’s so much more to do, more fights to get into. Sounds tiring, believe me, I know. It really can be.”


“I don’t think you have ever once let go without a fight,” Death commented. “My employees refuse to go near you, and I declined long ago myself. I think I still have a scar from where you bit me.”


Astiratu motioned to Death. “My point, Sam. Life is something to fight for, especially when you have people who love you. It’s not always glamorous, but it really means something.”


Dean stepped forward. “Sam, listen to me. I made you a promise in that church. You and me, come whatever. Well, hell, if this ain't whatever... But you got to let me in, man. You got to let me help. There ain't no me if there ain't no you.”


Sam looked back and forth between them. “What do I do?”


“Is that a yes?”




Light filled the room and suddenly Dean and Astiratu were back in the hospital room. Sam’s eyes opened. Astiratu sighed. “Well, I’m going back to my body now. Don’t forget me.” He disappeared.


They got Sam unhooked and dressed. Then they went for Liam. Dean carried his still out cold lover back to the car with Ezekiel inside Sam. “So? How's it look in there?”


“Not good. There is much work to be done.”


“Yeah, but he's gonna wake up, right?”


“He will.”


“So, what he does... what, is he gonna feel you inside, triaging his spleen?”


“He will not feel me, no. There is no reason for Sam to know I'm in here at all.”


“You're joking. No, this is too big.”


“And what will he do if you do tell him he is possessed by an angel?”


“Well, he'll have to understand.”


“And if he does not? Without his acceptance, Sam can eject me at any time, especially with me so weak. And if Sam does eject me, he will die.”


“Then we keep it a secret for now. Or until Sam's well enough that he doesn't need an angelic pacemaker or I find a way to tell him. I... As for him being in a hospital, I'll have to figure something out.”


“I can erase it all, if you like. He will not remember any of this.”


A few hours later Liam woke in the backseat with a groan. “You okay, Babe?” Dean asked while he drove.


“No. I hurt, like I’ve been burned from the inside out.”


“Technically, you were. Look, real quick… I’ll explain in more detail when we’re alone, but the hospital, it never happened, okay?”


“Okay. You found a way to fix Sam?”


“With a little outside help, yeah.”


Then Sam stirred. “Where are we?” he blinked.






“Okay, take it easy. How you, uh, how you feeling?”


“Tired. Like I slept for a week.”


“Well, try a day. You've been out since the sky was spitting angels.”


“What the hell happened?”


“What do you remember?”


“The church, feeling like crap, the angels falling, and that's it.”


“But you're feeling good?”


“Yeah. I mean, I just, um... You've been driving around with me passed out in the passenger's seat for a day?”


“Oh, I mean, I stopped, you know, let a few Japanese tourists take some pictures. Nobody got too handsy. I knew you'd pull through. I meant what I said at the church. You're capable of anything, Sam, and hell if you didn't prove me right.”


“Are we going home? I really feel like I need to after all of this.”


“Yep, we’ll be there in a few hours. Everything will be okay, Sam. I know we’re deep in another crap storm, but stopping those trials really took it out of you, so… Yeah, we need to rest for a little while at least.”

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