I Need You Daddy!

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Quinn was standing in front of the stove cooking dinner for her daughter Rachel when the teenager entered the kitchen and greeted her.


"Hello, Daddy!" came Rachel Fabray's happy little voice, sounding eager and excited.


"Hi Rach, how was school baby girl? Did anything exciting happened" Asked Quinn before removing the pan from the stove and serving the food on two separate plates.


"Yeah dad, it was a good day, I made a new friend, a new exchange student that started today..." Well more like he fucked me in the janitor's closet and filled my pussy with cum


The small brunette took her plate from the other woman's hand and gave her a kiss on the cheek, wishing she could just kiss those beautiful lips that haunted her at night. The blonde smiled at her daughter's loving gesture, she had been getting more affectionate as she grew older, which confused her in the beginning since it's almost always the opposite when teenagers are growing. She didn't question it though, she loved the way her daughter liked to kiss and hug her all the time, maybe she enjoyed it a bit too much.


"I'm glad to hear that baby."


After eating dinner and talking about their days, the teenager took the plates and started washing them. She had been thinking of ways to seduce her mother - or daddy like she liked to refer to her - and so she started wearing shorter and shorter skirts all the time, showing off her deceitfully long legs, and if she bent just enough, a hint of lace underwear could be appreciated. The teenager dropped a fork "accidently," making enough noise to gain the blonde's attention, which she received in an instant. She bent down, making sure her daddy was watching her and spread her legs just a little bit, showing her sculpted ass and a small dark spot in her underwear, betraying how excited she had gotten just thinking about the other woman.


The blonde tried to avert her eyes, but they seemed to be glued to her daughter's ass. Wait, is that..? Is she wet? the thought sent the blonde's mind reeling and her cock started reacting to her daughter's perfect body. She coughed and tried to pretend she hadn't seen anything, rubbing her cock subtly through her dressing pants. She inhaled deeply and closed her eyes one last time before Rachel got back.


"Hey dad, do you want to watch a movie with me? A friend of mine recommended it, said it was very good"


"Sure baby, just let me take a quick shower and we'll watch it ok?"



Oh fuck, yes baby girl, just like that!


The blonde was in the shower, pumping her shaft up and down, thinking about Rachel's ass and what it would be like that to fuck her or to have her suck her big cock with those pouty lips. She knew it was wrong to think about her 14 years old daughter, but she hadn't had sex in a long time and her daughter kept getting hotter and hotter. She continued pumping furiously, reaching with her left hand to play with her balls at the same time.


Oh shit I'm gonna cum, fuck yeah take that baby girl, take daddy's cum!


Finally she came, spurting ropes and ropes of semen. Quinn tried to calm her beating heart and slow down her breathing, it was always the same after cumming thinking of Rachel. She stopped feeling regret after a while, now she simply enjoyed watching from afar and then masturbating in the shower or her room. Tonight felt different though, her erection was down and she had calmed a little, but she still fell buzzed. She tried to forget about that and just stepped out of the shower and got dressed in her PJs.


When she got to the living room, Rachel was already waiting for her there. The brunette was wearing nothing but one of Quinn’s old university t-shirts, though in her case, it looked more like a dress than a shirt. The blonde took a deep breath, already dreading the struggle to control herself when Rachel was like that next to her.


“Hey daddy, the movie is in already, come on!”


“Ok, baby girl, I’m ready! So what’s the movie?” Asked Quinn while taking a seat in the couch and putting her feet in the coffee table.


“Uhm you will see daddy!”


A couple of minutes had passed and Quinn had regretted agreeing watching the movie with Rachel. The girl kept getting closer, rubbing her leg up and down the blonde’s, sometimes even just brushing the side of her dick, it was torture.


“Daddy, I’m scared, can I hug you?”


“Uhm… yeah sure Rach, that’s cool” She tried to discreetly cover herself, using one of the cushions, but before she could do it, the small brunette took it from her and hugged her middle section.


Halfway through the movie, Quinn was losing her mind and sweating. Her daughter’s hands were so close to where she wanted them and if she could just move up a little, Rachel would definitely feel her excitement. She was slowly losing control. Oh fuck this is not happening right now! Calm the fuck down!!


Rachel, on the other hand, was enjoying the effect she was having on her dad. She could see the tent in her pajamas and she wanted nothing more than to bend down and take it in her mouth. Finally, she decided to just go for it and moved her hand over the pants, lightly brushing her dick.


“Uhm daddy why is it so hard now?” She tried to act innocent, pretending not to know the reason behind her daddy’s erection. Poor thing has been hard for a while now and must be really uncomfortable.


She wanted to stop her daughter, she wanted to move away from the curious hand, but the blonde was rooted the spot. Oh fuck that feels so good!


“What are you doing baby girl? You shouldn’t be touching daddy there.” Came Quinn’s slightly out of breath voice, unintentionally moving her hips to meet her daughter’s hand.


“But daddy, maybe I can help you, it’s been like that for a while, it must hurt!” That single sentence, followed by Rachel biting her lips and batting her lashes was the last straw for Quinn, and any semblance of control just left her body.


I’m going to hell for this, but fuck it! “Sure baby girl? Do you wanna help daddy feel better?” asked the blonde while brushing the hair out of Rachel’s face, staring intently into her daughter’s eyes for any hint of fear or hesitation. To her big surprise, the brunette’s eyes seemed to turn darker with arousal.


“Yeah daddy, I wanna be a good girl and help you!” Finally, daddy will be mine!


Sure hands reached her daddy’s pants and slowly pulled them down, mouth watering at the sight of the big and thick dick right in front of her. She subconsciously licked her lips and waited for the blonde’s instructions on how to proceed, though she already knew what she wanted, she was letting Quinn set the pace.


“You will be the death of me baby, just go ahead, grab it!”


The blonde raised her hips, helping her daughter remove her pants before guiding Rachel’s tiny hands towards her dick. God they look so small around my dick, I can’t imagine how it will feel being in her pussy!


The small girl released a small moan at having her daddy in her hands - she had to use both to wrap around her daddy’s cock - and started moving them up and down the big shaft. Oh my god, daddy’s so big, I can’t wait to have her inside me!


“Do you like that daddy? Do you like having my hands around your dick? Look how small they look!” She finally stopped pretending, she knew her daddy had already stopped fighting and given herself to her desires.


“Oh fuck yeah baby, where did you learn how to talk like that huh?” I’m gonna lose it if she keeps saying things like that!


“Well guys always like it when I talk like that… do you like it daddy?”


The blonde almost came at that, the words, combined with her touches, almost too much for Quinn. She threw her head back, enjoying the movements when her mind finally registered what the girl had said. Oh shit she’s done this before!!  


“Oh fuck I have a little slut for a daughter don’t I Rachel? Do you play with all the other boys at school?”


“Yes, daddy! I love being a slut!” She started moving her hand faster and faster, using her daddy’s pre-cum to make the movements smoother.


“That’s good to hear baby, now tell me, do you also suck their cocks?” She had finally let herself go and enjoy her teenage daughter, no longer caring about anything other than her pleasure.


“Yeah daddy, but none of them are as big as you, can I suck your cock? Please daddy I wanna taste it!” She pleaded while staring up at the blonde, her hazel eyes now almost black with desire and her mouth opened in a low moan.


Quinn grabbed the brunette’s hair and turned her face towards her stiff pole, standing tall and proud. She had never been so hard in her life, she needed to cum soon and thinking of filling her daughter’s mouth gave her the slight push she needed. “Fuck! Go ahead Rach, if you want daddy so bad take her!!!”


She pushed her hips up, guiding her dick towards the brunette’s mouth. The small girl started sucking her dick, slowly trying to take her all in. Rachel opened her mouth as wide as she could, breathing through her nose and staring at her daddy while she did so. When she had finally managed to get her 10 inches  inside, she moaned, the sound reverberating in her daddy’s dick.


“Oh my god Rach, just like that baby girl! Look at you taking my whole cock in your mouth!”


The blonde was honestly surprised the teenager had been able to take her completely in her mouth and not gag. She was deepthroating her like a pro and somewhere in the back of her mind, the blonde was wondering just how much practice did she have to become so good ati it.


“Oh fuck, I’m almost there darling, daddy’s gonna cum in your mouth, do you want it?”


She had lost control of her hips now, pistoning up into her daughter’s mouth and holding her there by her hair. With one last push, she emptied herself inside the brunette, the head of her dick touching the roof of her mouth as the young girl struggled to swallow everything. After taking the last drop, Rachel turned towards her daddy and opened her mouth to show the little remnants of her semen.


“Fuck daddy, you taste so good! Can’t wait to have some of that cum in my pussy too!”


Though the blond had just cum, she could feel herself getting harder once again, she couldn’t wait to fuck her daughter. In the meantime, she wanted nothing more than to play with her little girl’s pussy.


“Yeah you liked it? Let me see your pussy, show me how much you liked it?”


The girl got up and kissed her father, biting the blonde’s lip before parting and laying in the couch with her legs opened, revealing a hairless pussy, drenched and calling for daddy.


“Oh look at my pussy, you got me so wet daddy!” The brunette was playing with herself, using one of her hands to rub her clit and spreading the wetness with the other. The blonde seemed transfixed, simply staring at the soaking lips in front of her. With no warning, Quinn pulled Rachel’s hands away and instead used her own to spread the girl’s lips, staring at the small hole and wondering if her monster cock would fit. She stuck her tongue out and tasted her daughter for the first time, both moaning at the contact.


“Uhm baby, you taste so good! Gimme more sweet girl!”


Rachel was thrashing around, grabbing her daddy by the hair and pulling her face towards her cunt. Soon, a finger joined the tongue and the blonde started playing with Rachel’s clit while she finger fucked her.


“Oh shit daddy, that feels so good!!!! Please, please, don’t stop!”


But Quinn couldn’t stop even if she wanted to. She added another finger instead and started fucking her daughter hard and fast, rubbing the front wall inside and making the girl scream and tremble.


“Oh fuck, are you gonna cum for me baby? Are you gonna be a good girl for daddy and give me all your cum?” With a third finger in and a pinch of her clit, the girl screamed her release, her pussy trapping the fingers inside, drowning them in cum.


“Daddy! Daddyyyyyy!” Oh fuck that was soo good!


She was still shaking when Quinn pulled her fingers away and licked them clean, the blond humming at the taste of her daughter’s cum. She had never tasted anything so good in her life and couldn’t wait to have more.


“Daddy’s not done with his little slut yet, come sit on my cock baby girl, let me see you take it like the good little whore you are!”


Rachel got to her feet immediately, not needing any further encouragement than having that cock in her pussy. She removed her shirt and watched as her daddy did the same, both admiring the newly revealed flesh. The brunette got on top of Quinn and watched as her daddy grabbed her dick and slowly guided it towards her small entrance.


“Oh fuck, here I come Rach, do you think you’ll be able to take it?? Fuck!” The blonde was struggling trying not to simply sink her cock in her girl’s pussy, she knew she would have a hard time taking her in the beginning. Slowly, Rachel impaled herself on her daddy’s cock, mouth hanging open at the stretch in her cunt. Fuck she’s so big, god I’m so full! Finally, having taken it all the way in, the brunette kissed her daddy and started working her hips up and down at a torturous pace.  


“Holy shit daddy, you’re so deep, I feel you in my womb!!!” Her tiny tits, barely even there, started bouncing with her movements and her daddy started playing with her nipples. The blonde was pushing her hips upwards, matching her daughter’s pace and sinking her cock deeper and deeper.


“Fuck fuck fuck! You’re so tight baby, you’re choking my dick, shittt!!!”


Removing her hands from her daughter’s tits, she moved them towards her butt and spread her cheeks, enjoying feeling the fullness in her hands, she wanted to fuck that ass one day too. The blonde started setting a harder pace, guiding the girl down with every upward thrust she made. Both were moaning louder and louder and the sound of their skin slapping against each other was mixing with the sounds of the furniture moving, the couch probably scraping the wooden floors and neither caring about that.


“Oh daddy!!! Fuck you’re splitting my pussy open, god, god!! Please cum in my pussy!!” Were the last coherent words the brunette managed to get out, only moans and screams followed.


“Fuck take it baby girl, I’m gonna fill your pussy so much it will drip into the couch! Fuck fuck!!”


With one final push, the blonde filled the brunette’s cunt, and if it wasn’t because her daughter hasn’t had her first period yet, she would’ve definitely fucked a baby in her with how much it was. She slowly lifted the girl from her body and put her back in the couch, admiring the way her small pussy was twitching trying to keep the cum inside.


“Uhmm daddy, you put so much cum in me!!” There was a small smile on the girl’s face, her small body still slightly shaking from her orgasm.


“Damn baby, daddy hasn’t cum like that in a while!”


Rachel hummed as she played with the cum slowly dripping from her pussy, slightly reddened from the rough treatment. She lifted a finger and tasted their mixed cum, earning a small moan from the blonde.


“You’ll get daddy hard again dirty girl! Is that what you want?”


A small smile and the girl getting on all fours on the couch was all the answer she needed. Soon, the blonde was pounding her daughter again and didn’t stop until her abused pussy couldn’t take any more.




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