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Pink flowery panties were her favorite. Oh how she loved to find them laying around in various places in her house. In Rachel's bedroom, her bathroom. The laundry room. Her daughter had a beautiful pussy. One that she wished she could touch, lick and fuck. Quinn imagines it everytime she gets a spare moment to herself. At home, in the car, at work. She loved the smell of her daughters wet pussy on her old ruined panties. Her thick cock stirs at that thought alone. 

"Daddy wants to see your hot and wet dripping cunt."

"Let me rub your pussy baby. Daddy will make you feel really good."

"Daddy wants to have a taste."

Picturing herself say these words to her 16 year old daughter, while absentmindly carressing her 10 inch cock while her wife was in the kitchen making her dinner was so careless and crazy that she couldn't help but run her hand over her jeans. Trying to hold it together long enough to not yank her zipper down and take her dick out of her pants right at the dinner table and pleausre herself. Quinn loved to beat one out at the thought of her only daughter, Rachel. After catching her daughter fingering her hot little clit as she was riding her fingers and biting her lips to hold back the moans.

"Daddy loves your sexy little pussy."

"Can I give you a kiss on your lips baby?"

Quinn couldn't stop thinking about her daughter, laying in her twin size bed. Moaning and thrusting around, bringing herself to an orgasm in seconds. Coming undone. She had imagined this scene and many others at the best times and the worst times. She moved her hips, just barely. Trying to relieve the tension in her cock. 

"Not a kiss on your lips baby, but down there. Let Daddy touch you. Let Daddy kiss you there baby." Quinn said as she pointed down to her clit.

"Mom! Do you need me to set the table for dinner!" Rachel yelled to Shelby as she walked towards the table. She smiled shyly at her Daddy. For the past few weeks, she had felt a shift in their relationship. She didn't know what had caused it. She felt uneasy, sometimes. With the preditory looks her father gave her. Like she could swallow her up. She shivered, not sure if it was good or bad. 

"Yes, if you don't care to Rach! Thank you!" Shelby yelled back to her daughter from the kitchen. Quinn was every so slightly moving her hand up and down her penis. Hiding it, under her kitchen table. She couldn't take it much longer. So while Rachel gathered up all the silverware and place mats, to place among the table. She unziped her jeans, took out her cock and slowly ran her hand up and down the shaft. Ohh fuck! It felt so good. She wished her hand was her daughters virginal tight pussy. 

She couldn't keep her eyes off of her daughter and she knew that she would have to have her.  She slowly started to jerk her cock as Rachel made her way around the table,sitting it as she went along. When she tripped on the rug, as she was about to fall her Daddy stood up to grab her so she wouldn't fall. Not even thinking that her pants were unbuttoned and unzipped and how she had her cock out of her boxers.

"Daddy!! What are you doing? why is your umm you know out of your jeans?" Rachel stammered out. Feeling embarrassed and nervous. Not sure what was going on. 

"Rae, I'm sorry you had to see this but Daddy needed to get a little relief. Your Mom hasn't touched me in months baby." Quinn whispered to her daughter as she rubbed her huge cock. She couldn't help it. Her daughter was so damn hot and she hoped that if her daughter saw her huge thick cock she'd take it in her own tiny little hand and help her jerk off. But Rachel wasn't moving.

Her Daddy was so fucking big. What a big monster Daddy cock she had. Damn she didn't know what to think. So she just stared. So this is what changed between them. Her Daddy must've seen her masterbating. She blushed, unaware of the effect she had on her Daddy.

"It's okay, Daddy. Umm is it like that because of me?" She whispered back to her father as she glanced down at it. 

"It is baby. Daddy is so embarrassed but I can't help it. You're so fucking hot baby. And Daddy needs a release." Quinn said as she upped the pace of her hand. 

"Can I touch it Daddy?" Rae said as she didn't wait for a response and reached down to take her Dad's huge cock in her hand. Covering her larger hand. Together they jerked Quinn's hard cock up and down. Quinn moaned softly as she reached her head up to kiss Rachel for the first time.

"That's it baby. Rub your Daddy's dick, while your Mom is just in the other room. Take it." She said as she removed her hand off and thrusted her cock further in her daughters hand.

"Ohh fuck Daddy. I want to taste your hot Daddy cum. Can I put my lips on your cock Daddy?" she didn't wait for an answer as she leaned down and took her Daddy's cock in her mouth and deep throated her.

"Ohhh shit! fuck! damn baby!! You sure know how to suck a big long cock. Daddy has a cock slut for a daughter. Take it baby! Ohh fuck. Yeah that's it. Ohh Rae!!! You suck me soooo good. You're a good girl for Daddy. Rub my balls as you suck Daddy's cock!!!" Quinn moaned and thrusted her cock inside her daugthers hot and sexy mouth. Face fucking her sexy 16 year old daugther was something Quinn had never thought about.

"Quinn! Dinner is going to be a few minutes late! I forgot to get something from the store. Do you mind keeping an eye on the food in the stove and oven while I run out real quick?" Shelby said as she rushed out of the kitchen and went out the back door.

None of the three were paying attention to what was going on. Shelby just wanted to please her husband. And Rachel, who now had her hand up her skirt rubbing her pussy just wanted to please her Daddy. Causing Quinn to moan at the sight of her only daugther rubbing her pussy while sucking her cock.

"Rae! Daddy has to have you! Please let me fuck you baby. I need to be inside your pussy baby! Fuck, let me have you."Quinn begged and pleaded as she took her daugther's face off her throbbing cock.

"Anything for you, Daddy. I'm a virgin. Please be gentle with me Daddy!" Rachel said as she raised up from her knees. After sucking her Daddy's cock. She then straddled her, on his seat at the kitchen table and slid down onto her cock.

"Ohhhhhhh fuck! Daddyyyyy!" Rachel said as she got used to her Daddy's long, hard, big cock in her tight little pussy.

"Fuck Rae! You're a dirty little girl. Sitting on your Daddy's cock at the dinner table. After you sucked her off, while your Mom was right there." Quinn yelled and moaned as she placed her hands on her daugther's hips and bucked her hips up inside her girl.

"Daddy, I love riding your hard cock!!" Rachel screamed out as she humped his cock like a cat in heat. 

"Yes!!! Rae, ride my cock baby!! Fucking hell! You're so tight. Let Daddy pound his girls hot fucking cunt." Quinn rammed herself inside her even further. 

"Are you going to cum for Daddy soon? Because Daddy can't hold it much longer!!" Quinn grunted as she went with wild abdonment, fucking her little girl

"Dadddddy!! I'm feeling it! I'm gonna cum!!!! Rachel said as she turned her thrusting up a notch and fucking rode him like a fucking bronco.

"Do you want Daddy to cum in you baby?" Quinn yelled as she thrusted her cock in and out of her pussy.

"Give it to me good Daddy!" Rachel screamed as she squirted out all over her daddy's cock. Or should she say her cock! She owned her Daddy now. She grinned as she looked down at her Daddy, trying to catch her breath!

"Jesus you're such a slut for your Daddy's cock! I'm cumming baby. All over your hot fucking pussy. Daddy's cumming. Ohhh fuckk!!!! Fuck!!!" Quinn yelled as she came inside her dirty little girl. 

"Ohh baby that was so good. Are you going to let me fuck you again some other time?"Quinn asked as Rachel simply nodded and kissed her daddy on the lips. She was exhausted after taking that monster cock up her virginal pussy. 

"You bet Daddy! This is your pussy. Only yours Daddy!" Rachel said as she kissed her Daddy's lips. 

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