Clark's Harem

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Disclaimer: I in no way own Smallville any of the characters starring in it or any other characters owned by DC.

This is my take on what would have happened if in Season 1 Episode 11 of Smallville had been set in the real world with a less than honourable Clark Kent.

Chloe took Kyle’s hand. “You have feelings for Clark, don’t you Chloe” Kyle told her, “You see him and you want him. All this time you’ve been hiding it, now you can show him”.

Chloe turned to face Clark, she rubbed her hands along his chest and pulled him into a kiss.
“Clark, I have wanted you for the longest time, I am sick of waiting for you to notice me. Now I will just show you” Chloe told Clark as she broke off the kiss. Without hesitation Chloe dropped to her knees and began undoing Clarks jeans. Knowing where this was going, Clark picked Chloe up. 

“How about we do this in my barn” Clark suggested, carrying Chloe off to his truck. Clark turned back to Kyle “Thank you for this, I will be back. I have a feeling I could have a lot of fun with your powers and you could get very rich”. Whether or not Kyle wanted to use his powers to help Clark, didn’t really matter. If he had to force Kyle to, he would.

On the way back to Clark’s barn, Chloe couldn’t wait any longer and began undoing Clarks jeans again. This time in the comfort of his truck he gladly allowed her to continue. Chloe took Clark’s dick into her mouth, slowly bobbing her head up and down, not taking more than half of the 9 inches Clark had, getting a little bit annoyed that Chloe wasn’t deep throating him, he grabbed the back of her head.

“You love me and want to please me in any way right?” Clark asked, Chloe nodded. “Then you will allow me to do this”. Without warning, Clark pushed Chloe’s head right into his lap causing the rest of this dick to slide into her mouth and into her throat. With his much superior strength Clark was able to easily hold Chloe’s head down while she was gagging and doing everything she could to dislodge his dick from her throat.

“Just relax Chloe, breathe through your nose, because you’ll be doing this a lot more often. Believe me”. By the time Clark arrived back at his house, Chloe had somewhat gotten the hang of it but she still had issues.

Carrying Chloe into the barn, Clark put her down, removed the rest of his clothes, ripped off Chloe’s clothes and laid down on his couch and told her to ride him. Chloe happily walked over and Clark and straddled him and completely impaled herself on his dick. Letting Chloe take control for now, Clark placed his hands on her hips and allowed Chloe to rise and fall as she wanted, even though she was pretty much under his control he didn’t want to do anything that could snap her out of it. As Chloe was getting closer to an orgasm, Clark took control, with his dick still in Chloe he picked her up laid her down on the couch and started to quickly thrust in and out of her. Going at this for another couple minutes, Chloe started to cum, all the while Clark was still pounding her like a piston in an engine, never slowing down. When Chloe’s orgasmic bliss had subsided, Clark pulled out of her, flipped her on all fours lined up his dick with her asshole. Just when he was about to penetrate her he heard a car pull up.

“Chloe, stay up here and if anyone comes up, hide.” Clark told Chloe not wanting her to leave or explain why she was up there. Clark got dressed and went downstairs to greet who ever turned up, leaving a naked and fulfilled Chloe to her own devices in the barn.

“Oh hey, Lana” Clark greeted his long time crush. “Feeling any better after that fall?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, Clark” Lana replied still feeling a little betrayed after Clark took Kyle’s side. When he attacked Whitney“I just came over here to see if your mother is home, but I see she’s isn’t here. Can you tell her I came by?”

As Lana turned to leave, Clark got a fun and evil idea “Lana, I know you are upset that I took Kyle’s side, but let me drive you over there so you two can meet, you’ll see he isn’t the type of guy just to attack unprovoked, please” Clark pleaded.

“Fine, but only for a couple of minutes” Lana replied.

On the drive over there Clark couldn’t help but allow his mind to wonder on all the fun things he could do with Lana and Chloe. The thought of the 3 of them in the truck Lana sucking his dick and Chloe between Lana’s legs eating her out or having Lana and Chloe bent over on all fours making out while he took turns with each of them. His mind was so far gone, he almost missed the turn off. By the time they reached Kyle’s place, Clark was as hard as steel and was tempted to just bend Lana over then and there, whether or not he had control over her. But a willing participant will be more fun and an unwilling one.

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