Show Me: Kendall's Hips Don't Lie

BY : BlackfireBurns
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Disclaimer: I don't own Big Time Rush nor do I profit moneywise or any other way from this story. I do not condone underage sex. It's just a fanfic for fun.

It was like any other night on tour. The crowd screaming their names, teddy bears thrown on stage, posters declaring their love for James or Kendall or whoever. Logan missing a few steps on stage and Mr. Perfect Diamond scolding him with those dazzling but yes-when he-was-pissed-they-could-be intimidating hazel eyes. Carlos trying to keep a straight face through it all. Kendall only shook his head. Yep, just another tour night.
After fifteen stops he could do the whole show in his sleep. The dances, the lyrics, the wardrobe changes. He wasn’t bored per se but he’d gotten used to the routine.
Tomorrow maybe I’ll see if Logan wants to ride dirt bikes.
The guys took their places and began the next number.
“Guys like me, like girls like you…”
“Show me” was from their second album and seemed to be a fan favorite. Kendall especially noticed their reactions during the chorus. Girls were filming, oogling him and nearly passing out. One had even tried to grab him off the stage. He attributed it to the usual fan fervor.
“Baby show me, by the way you hold me
Way that you control me
Speed me up or slow me…”
They were doing it again and Kendall was glad that he hadn’t had that bacon cheeseburger before the show. He always ate light before performances so as not to be sluggish. Carlos had pigged out on corndogs but seemed to be holding up. 
“Kendall, you’re hips don’t lie!!”
He smiled at the fan, unsure of what to make of the comment but he’d been seeing a lot of that lately. On a few signs and such. Given that Big Time Rush was his first go at dancing he took it as a compliment. Before the band all he’d cared about was hockey.
After the show things went as usual. James was chasing Logan for tripping him up and Carlos was halfway out of his clothes but already in his helmet before he’d even reached his dressing room. Kelly would be yelling at them soon to get it together but for now she was M.IA. Kendall headed to his own dressing room, ready to change and shower and call it a night.
After locking his door behind him, he tossed off his shirt and leaned down on the small dresser they’d provided each band member.
He was kicking off his shoes when he heard her.
“Show me, Kendall.”
Startled, he whirled around to find Kelly seated on the small couch at his wall. 
“Kelly? What are you doing in here?”
He sighed with relief that she wasn’t a fan. One time a fan had gotten into Logan's room and he’d had a panic attack. He was definitely the neurotic of the group.
Kelly was watching him, her smooth cocoa legs crossed in her dress skirt. Her brown eyes were dark, sensuous. When she stood, Kendall swallowed.
She came closer.
“I said, show me.”
He was beginning to feel nervous. He’d never seen such a look on Kelly's often peppy face. She was either patient with Gustavo, kind to Logan or bubbly in general. Even when she had to get strict with the boys from time to time she’d never been so…
Kelly was a breath away and showed no sign of ceasing her advance. Unsure of what was happening, Kendall backed away until his behind landed on top of the dresser. His heart started to race. There was nowhere to go. Kelly stood before him now, the gloss of her full lips gleaming as she spoke.
“The way you move on stage, Kendall. You’re hips don’t lie. Show Me.” 
Her hand landed on his thigh. He blinked down at it, watched it move north.
“W-what are you doing?” he stammered though beyond the shock of his mind he knew.
Kelly didn’t answer. She only watched him as her hand groped the bulge in his pants. Kendall breathed, his teenage hormones responding instantly. The only girl to ever touch him there had been Jo once when a make-out session had gotten too heavy. Though his body had been willing to go further, the intensity had made her nervous. Both being virgins, they’d slowed it down. But something told him that Kelly wouldn’t be nearly as hesitant. And being an older woman, twenty-four in fact, she was definitely no virgin.
Kendall's cock was fully awake now, hard and persistent. His pants were too tight around it. He ached to be free. Kelly smirked knowingly and began to undo his belt buckle. Though his mind was reeling at what was happening, he didn’t object. 
When her hand touched his bare skin he couldn’t help but to groan. Precum was leaking heavily and she smeared it across the head of his cock. It twitched under her touch and he lost it.
Eager, he threw his lips against hers. Both mouths opened and her tongue matched his. Her hands scooted his pants down and Kendall lifted himself enough for them to slide down to his knees. His hands gripped the ends of her beige blouse and yanked hard. He heard buttons pop just before she pulled away. 
Her black bra was exposed, delicious mahogany breasts filling it. Kendall gazed longingly as Kelly took his pants completely from his body, his undies wrapped with them. Now he was totally naked.
But she wasn't. That would have to change. Just when he moved to complete the task she backed away teasingly. Kendall stared, mesmerized as she stripped down before him, her eyes taking him in with a seductive lust. He found himself breathing hard, trembling with desire. If she didn't touch him soon he was going to jump on her.
Again knowing, Kelly backed into the couch and sat down. She crooked a finger and he started to her.
He stopped, confused by the request. She’d seemed so willing now she was holding back?
“Show me, Kendall. The dance. I want to see your hips move.”
He blinked. 
“Now?” his voice was raspy with need.
Kelly spread her arms across the back of the couch, giving him a full view of her gorgeous breasts. 
“Now,” she ordered.
“Just the chorus.”
She spoke with authority. It wasn't a request. Fully nude and still very much aroused, he did as instructed.
“Baby show me, by the way you hold me…”
Kelly bit her lip, her hands moving from the couch to her lower abdomen. Then lower. Kendall nearly paused to watch but her eyes commanded him to continue.
“Yea, move your hips just like that,” she breathed.
His body was overheating.
“…way that you control me, speed me up or slow me…”
Her fingers were running over her clit. 
“Don’t stop Kendall.”
He stared, his mouth singing the words but his mind on the vision before him. Naked and moaning and never taking her eyes off him. He could feel her want, her desire for his body as he moved. The air was thick now, hot and unbearable. He couldn’t be this far from her. From the heat of her skin, the warmth of her insides. God he needed inside her.
Kelly was tensing up, her fingers moving faster against herself. She watched him move, her brown eyes glistening as she drew closer and closer to her peak. Kendall danced, just as she liked, her enthusiasm for him fueling his enthusiasm for her. 
“…Oh when I’m lonely, full of stormy weather, can you make it better…”
Only she could make it better right now. Touching him, taking him deep inside those pink walls. Kendall licked his lips, not missing a note. Kelly bucked her hips off the couch suddenly and gasped his name. That broke him and before he could stop himself, he was on her.
His mouth crushed hers, his waist grinding against her core. He placed his throbbing cock at her wet spot and shoved it in. Kendall lost control of his voice as he cried out from the pleasure. Kelly swallowed his cry with another full kiss. He managed to get a few strokes in before she shoved him down and climbed on top.
“Slow down, Eager beaver,” she breathed before straddling him. Then she sat down on his hard cock, taking it all on. Again his voice rang out.
Kelly placed his hands on her full breasts as she rode him, giving him exactly what he craved. Fully enamored, he let his hips take over, pumping up as she bounced down. The wet tightness consumed him. Her head fell back as she moaned.
“Fuck yes, Kendall like that!”
He couldn’t form words for a response. He only grunted back. They rocked this way, losing all traces of the world beyond their carnal pleasure until he felt himself spinning out of control. His mouth fell open. His balls tensed.
Kendall came with full force, bucking hard up inside her as he grabbed her round ass and squeezed. He didn’t quite scream but the noise out of his throat was one of sheer delirium. He couldn’t contain it, couldn’t contain himself and continued to pump wildly until the orgasm passed. 
His body relaxed after, leaving him to his heavy breaths. Kelly sighed looking down at him and  touched his sweat soaked  cheek.
“You really know how to use those hips, Kendall.”
He felt his face blushing at the compliment. Why was everyone obsessed with his hips?
“You know, I get that a lot,” he laughed. 
She smirked. It was pretty damn sexy.
“I bet. You’re just lucky I’m on the pill. I have a feeling you would've gotten me in trouble just now.”
He didn’t know what to say to that so he just smiled, admiring her beauty. 
“Well we'd better get dressed,” she glanced around the room for her clothes.
“I’m sure James has killed Logan by now and Carlos is probably playing naked hockey with the mic stands.”
She started to rise from his lap. Not wanting to lose the feeling, he tightened his grip on her ass. Kelly gave him a patient but amused look.
He hadn't pulled out yet and didn’t want to. He liked the feel of her, the connection between them.
“Can’t we just stay like this a little longer?”
She sighed, seemingly considering.
“Sorry but I have a job to do. Gustavo sent me on tour with you guys to keep you on track and I can’t get your friends together if I’m in here with you.”
He knew she was right, his friends were a handful. Hell, he could be too if he was truthful about it. But he didn’t want her to go. Kendall wouldn’t dare admit it to her but this was his first time going all the way. He wanted to revel in it, in her at least one more time.
“What if, what if I danced again?” he negotiated.
She raised an eyebrow.
“Are you trying to bribe me?”
He smiled playfully.
“Maybe. Is it working?”
She was shaking her head when he got the idea. He swerved his hips in a floor rendition of her favorite dance. Kelly froze.
He repeated the move, already feeling himself revving back up again. Because he was still inside her, Kelly could feel it too.
“I have to…” but when he moved a third time she moaned.
“Show me, by the way you hold me…” he teased.
She began to grind and he had her. He groaned, his body warming again and thrust his hips upward. Her muscles gave him a squeeze. He held on to her waist and like before his hips took over. Kelly gasped and it was on.
This time lasted longer but as all good things it had to end. Kelly came with his name on her lips, her hands digging into his pale chest. He could’ve died of ecstasy on the spot. As her release dripped over him, her thumbs found his nipples and she caressed them affectionately. It didn’t take long before he was shooting off inside her yet again. His body trembled, his pelvis leading until he’d utterly and completely emptied his sac. This time when he fell back, he was spent.
He gazed up at her, his mind a fog of aftersex high. All he could feel was the pounding in his chest, the satisfaction in his groin. He managed a smile despite his exhaustion. Kelly smiled back. When she stroked his wet hair from his forehead he leaned into her touch. 
“Kendall, Hon I have to go.”
He didn’t want her to. He wanted her to stay and lie down with him. He wanted to hold her and feel her against him as he slept. He tried to say as much but it came out as a tired whine. Kelly smirked.
“I have to. You just get cleaned up so we can get you back to the hotel.”
Then she climbed off him, releasing his spent cock to the cool air. He reached for her, tried to pull her back but she was already finding her clothes. He watched as she lifted her blouse shaking her head at the missing buttons. Had he done that? Damn.
Kelly dressed quickly and managed to wipe herself down with his towel. She brushed her hair down before giving him one last once over.
“I knew those hips wouldn’t lie.”
She left him on that note and Kendall could only chuckle at her retreating back. 


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