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Waverly Earp groaned as she slowly returned to consciousness. For a moment she was calm as it was usual for her mind to be fuzzy when she woke, especially lately, but then she became aware of the fact that her hands and feet were bound and there was something on top of her. Someone. And she opened her eyes in a panic. Then she momentarily calmed when she saw her sister, but then she focused on her bright black eyes, and suddenly a rush of memories came flooding back to her and suddenly everything made sense. Which was why she desperately pulled at her restraints, and despite herself whimpered, which caused her possessed sister to cackle evilly.

"Good morning sleepyhead." Bad Wynonna greeted brightly, before correcting herself, "Well, not morning yet, thank God. I was so worried you were going to sleep the night away. I'm so glad you didn't, because now I get to have some fun with you both."

Giving up, at least for now, on pulling herself free Waverly sighed, "You, you were in my head."

"Oh sweetie, not just your head. I was everywhere." Bad Wynonna chuckled evilly, "Everywhere poor little Wynonna Earp so desperately wants to be."

"Wha, what are you talking about?" Waverly squeaked nervously.

Ignoring her Bad Wynonna pressed a finger down to Waverly's chest and began slowly sliding it around before murmuring softly, "You know, as much as I tried, I just couldn't truly appreciate your sexy little body while I was inside it. But that's not a problem anymore. Not when I'm in here. Because Wynonna, she definitely appreciates your sexy little body."

"What?" Waverly repeated softly.

"Oh sweetness, don't you get it?" Bad Wynonna laughed, so much she had to rest her head down onto Waverly's chest for a few seconds, before looking back up and revealing, "The heir is in love with you."

For a few long seconds Waverly just couldn't control herself, her eyes and mouth going wide as she just stared at the giggling monster. Then she forced her face back into a blank expression as she replied, "She's my sister."

"She doesn't care." Bad Wynonna said flatly, before again correcting herself, "No wait, she does, but she just can't help it. You're everything to her. Her whole world. How, how could she not... Waverly, don't listen! She's lying!"

"Wynonna!" Waverly cried out as she saw her sister fighting the thing inside her, much like she had, her eyes momentarily turning back to their normal colour before they were once again overcome by black, and evil laughter filled the room again.

"Wow, obvious much?" Bad Wynonna laughed, "Oooooh, she is so deliciously afraid of you learning the truth. She's fighting me more than ever before, even when we tied you up. She's just so scared you'll hate her."

"Wynonna, listen to me very carefully." Waverly said firmly, summoning every ounce of her bravery, "I could never hate you. I love you. No matter what. Whatever happens remember that, and please don't blame yourself."

"Yeah, like that could ever happen." Bad Wynonna scoffed, addressing the woman who's skin she was wearing, "If I kill her, and ever let you go, you'll kill yourself. You know you will. So just settled down. Don't make me do something you'll regret."

"If you're going to kill me do it." Waverly said bravely.

"Kill you? Oh baby girl, I don't want to kill you. Where's the fun in that?" Bad Wynonna asked almost lovingly as she gently stroked Waverly's cheek, before admitting, "Well, actually it would be fun, but not as much as making the Earp sisters fuck."

Her face becoming completely pale Waverly murmured softly in disbelief, "What!"

"You heard." Bad Wynonna said flatly, before chuckling at the look on the other brunette's face, "Oh don't look at me like that. It's not like you don't want it."

"Gee, waita sound like a rapist." Waverly grumbled.

"What? It's true. I've been in your head, remember? I know exactly how you, tick." Bad Wynonna reminded the helpless girl, "But your dirty little crush pales in comparison to just how badly big sis wants you. God, it's like her heart beats Waverly, Waverly, Waverly, and with every beat she wants you more. In fact, I can't believe she hasn't made a move on you already."

"And I'm supposed to believe that, because?" Waverly quipped.

"Because you desperately want too." Bad Wynonna giggled evilly, "But let's review the facts, shall we? Let's say we ignore how you're both so touchy-feely with each other, and how desperately you want each other's approval and are constantly telling the other you love her, which happens a little too often to be sisterly, but whatever. When Wynonna realised I was inside you, did she do the smart thing and shoot us in the head? No, of course not. She could do that to her other sister, but not to you. Not to her Waverly. Not her everything. And then what happened? Did she run? Did she go and get some help from her friends? Or just abandon you again? No, she couldn't do that. Not to you. Not again. Never again."

"So?" Waverly grumbled, "She didn't want to kill me or abandon me. That doesn't prove anything. Except she's my sister and she loves me. Just as I love her, no matter what."

"Yeah you do. But then what happened? Huh? Did she knock you out? Cause I wouldn't have thought she'd be that smart, or that strong, but it turns out not only did she think of doing it, but she could have done it, and I would be with you right now, tied up and helpless. But no, she just couldn't hurt her precious baby sister like that. Then, when I got close and started caressing her, did... did she pull away? Huh?" Bad Wynonna struggled to get this part out, as Wynonna was fighting her, but like before she won the battle, "No... no, she just stood there while her sweet little sister caressed her face, leaned in... and, and kissed her, right on the lips. She even closed her eyes! Can you imagine? I mean, who let's their own sister kiss them like that? And actually enjoys it?"

There was a long pause, then Waverly mumbled, "You're lying."

"Am I?" Bad Wynonna asked while tilting her head, "Is that what you really think? Is that what you really want?"

Waverly nodded her head defiantly and said as firmly as she could, "Yes."

"Let's find out, shall we?" Bad Wynonna said brightly, suddenly grabbing a knife, pressing it into Waverly's throat and yelling, "Tell her the truth or I'll slit her pretty little throat!"

Those dark eyes suddenly faded away and Wynonna wept, but her hands remained in place, Waverly remaining as calm as she could as she told her sibling, "It's okay Wynonna."

"It's not!" Wynonna whimpered.

"It is!" Waverly insisted, "I know you're not yourself. I know you can't control it. And I know what you have to say, but I know you don't mean it."

At those words the knife pressed more firmly into Waverly's flesh, and began slowly moving, breaking the skin and causing her to bleed. Not a lot, but more than enough to send Wynonna into a panic, "NO! No please, please, I... I mean it. I love you Waverly. I love you with every fibre of my being. How could I not? You're perfect. I love you, not in a sisterly way. In a, I wanna take you to dinner and bang you way. I, I wanna watch cheesy movies and snuggle. I wanna be able to call you mine. Like Officer Haught gets too. And I wanna kiss you. Oh God Wav, it's wrong, it's so wrong, but I can't help it. You're everything to me, and in that moment that you kissed me, even though I knew it wasn't you, I let myself believe it for a moment, because I knew it was all I was going to get, and didn't want to stop it. I, I just didn't think about the consequences. I just love you too damn much!"

Finally Wynonna's arms went limp, the Demon inside her clearly letting her free for a moment, but all The Heir could do was collapse on top of Waverly, bury her face in her chest and start weeping. Waverly desperately wanted to comfort her, but her hands were still bound, meaning she was forced to just lay there and listen to every heartbreaking sob. Then, just as Waverly summoned up the courage to say the words which might put a stop to it, that devastated crying turned to delighted laughter, signifying Bad Wynonna was back. As if to confirm that Bad Wynonna lifted her head up, pressed her tongue against where the trickle of blood was sliding down onto the bed sheets, and slowly licked it up, making Waverly whimper with disgust.

"I'm going to get you a plaster." Bad Wynonna revealed cheerily, bouncing off of Waverly skipping out the room to retrieve the plaster, before returning and administering the plaster, after licking up the escaped blood of course. She then grinned and asked her captive, "Here, better?"

Ignoring the full concern Waverly demanded, "Let me speak to my sister."

"Oh, are you going to tell her the truth?" Bad Wynonna asked with an evil smile.

"Do I have a choice?" Waverly asked dryly.

"Nope." Bad Wynonna grinned, that grin and her black eyes slowly fading as she gave up control again, and a blinking Wynonna started to apologise, "Baby girl, I-"

"You're an idiot!" Waverly interrupted firmly.

"I know." Wynonna lowered her head, "It's my fault. It's all my fault. I'm so stupid."

"You're stupid for not noticing just how fucking badly I want you!" Waverly blurted out, and then when Wynonna lifted her head and looked at her funny Waverly started babbling, "Which I guess makes me an idiot too, because I had no idea you felt the same way. But now I do, Wynonna. And now you do. So, look at me. Look at me! We're going to get out of this. We are going to make this right. We're going to beat it, whatever it takes. And then we're going to make up for lost time. Do you hear me? I love you. Like you love me. I want you to hold me in your arms, and never let me go. To kiss me. To touch me. To do everything and anything you want to me. I just want to please you."

There was a long pause, and then Wynonna mumbled, "You're just saying that because of the Demon, right?"

"No. I mean it." Waverly insisted, "Come here and I'll show you."

Briefly Wynonna paused, then the Demon briefly took over and told her, "Do it!"

"It's okay." Waverly reassured as her sister stumbled onto the bed, "Just kiss me. Please? I've been waiting my entire life for you to kiss me."

As she slowly got in position Wynonna stared in disbelief at Waverly, who tried to look back at her reassuringly. There was another brief pause just before Wynonna pressed her body down against her and then again when she gently stroked Waverly's face, but after that she finally lean down and pressed her lips against hers. Finally her big sister was really, truly kissing her. No Demon. No magic. No trick. Just the two sisters pressing their lips together, gently at first, but with increasing passion and need, which had been denied for so long and was now finally being allowed to surface. And nothing had ever felt so right to Waverly. Nothing. And nothing ever would. If, when they both got out of this, Waverly knew she could live in another hundred years and never feel anything so right.

Unfortunately it didn't last nearly as long as Waverly would have liked, Wynonna inevitably pulling back and whimpering, "Waverly!"

"It's okay." Waverly reassured again, "Just to it."

"Do what?" Wynonna frowned confusion, her head still fuzzy.

"Oh." Waverly blushed, "You don't remember, do you?"

"Which part?" Wynonna asked bashfully.

"The part where it said that it wouldn't be as fun as making the Earp sisters fuck." Waverly said softly.

"OH!" Wynonna explained, "Oh... Waverly, I-"

"It's okay." Waverly repeated, "It's not how I wanted our first time, but I wasn't sure we would actually get one, and I'll take over the alternative."

Wynonna gulped, then after a brief pause asked, "What about Officer, Nicole?"

"She's not you." Waverly said flatly, admitting, "I love her but, she's not you. She could never be you. And, I'd leave her for you. If you asked. All you ever had to do was ask."

For a few long seconds Wynonna stared at Waverly again, either debating on whether to try and talk her out of leaving her girlfriend for her, or trying to think of another reason they shouldn't fuck. Or maybe just trying to delay the inevitable. Thankfully instead of that Wynonna lean down and pressed their lips together again, Waverly whimpering into the kiss as it almost immediately switched from soft to passionate, melting her little mind and leaving her feeling nothing but pleasure. Her last coherent thought was that she hoped that sex with Wynonna would be just as mind blowing, and considering how long she had wanted this, and how forbidden it was, Waverly didn't see how it couldn't be.

Wynonna whimpered into the kiss as she completely gave into her most forbidden desires. She couldn't believe this. She was actually kissing Waverly. And touching her. And she had an open invitation to do anything she wanted to her. But sadly Waverly couldn't touch her back, that and a fateful roam of her sister's body causing her to find the ropes holding Waverly in place. Which was a wake-up call for Wynonna. What was she doing? She couldn't just fuck her own sister. Especially when their lives were both in danger, but more importantly Waverly's, Wynonna more than happy to sacrifice her own to save the one person she truly cared about. Which was one of the many reasons she tried to subtly untie her baby girl.

For it her eyes suddenly turned black and Bad Wynonna growled, "Play nice Wynonna."

"Wynonna?" Waverly whimpered nervously.

"It's okay." Wynonna reassured, looking Waverly in the eye as soon as she returned to normal, "I'm right here, and I'm not going to allow anything to happen to you."

In her head Wynonna could hear the Demon laughing, but she silently promised herself she would force a knife into her neck before that thing inside her could make her hurt her beloved sister. Arguably she was hurting her sister right now, but Wynonna tried to ignore that in favour of making Waverly feel good. That included sliding her hands all over her little body, those hands notably sliding underneath fabric to slide over Waverly's back, sides and then boobs. She even slid her hand down Waverly's pants so she could cup her baby sister's butt, before finally Wynonna went for the 'real' prize, the one in between Waverly's legs.

"Oh Wynonna." Waverly gasped adorably.

"Oh Waverly." Wynonna whimpered pathetically.

Those gasps and whimpers were repeated when Wynonna went from sliding her hand over Waverly's pants to slipping in between them, and then underneath them to find her incredibly wet panties. Fuck, these panties were ruined, because Waverly was really enjoying this, which caused a wicked smirk to cross Wynonna's face. Emboldened by this discovery Wynonna slipped her hand underneath those panties to rub the bare skin of her baby sister's cunt, again causing them to gasp and whimper each other's names, although at least Wynonna was sounding less pathetic, at least to her own ears. She was sure the Demon didn't agree, but Wynonna didn't want to think about that while finally doing something she'd wanted to do for a long time.

Which was of course slipper finger into her little sister's pussy, both the Earps crying out at this very significant penetration, Wynonna proud of herself, and definitely Waverly, that they had been able to keep their eyes open the entire time. Somehow they continued doing it as Wynonna buried her finger up to the knuckle inside Waverly, and then started pumping it in and out at a slow and steady rhythm, meaning that Wynonna was now literally fucking her sister. Fingering her! Wynonna was finger fucking her kid sister, in Waverly's childhood bed in the home they were raised together. God, this was fucked up. Especially because Wynonna loved every second of it. Minus the whole Demon thing, of course.

Waverly was loving it even more as she already felt herself rushing towards an orgasm. No one, not even Nicole, had made her want to cum so quickly. Well, Nicole had got pretty close, so this was probably conclusive proof that she was gay. Only she was really trying not think about Nicole right now, because Waverly really loved her, and yet here she was, cheating on her. Of course, she couldn't really help it, the Demon wanted this, and one way or another it would get it. Waverly could even claim that she was under the Demon's control, and they both were, and maybe things could go back to normal. But truthfully that was just an excuse, and Waverly didn't want that to happen. No, the truth was she wanted Wynonna.

It seems that the Demon had forced the truth from both sisters, which almost had Waverly want to thank it. Only she could remember everything else the Demon had made her do, and no, she definitely wanted Wynonna to kill it. But that could wait, and so could her girlfriend drama, as the only thing that mattered to Waverly at that moment was cumming. Anyway, anyhow would have probably done at this point, but Waverly always wanted to cum on her sister's fingers, and it really wouldn't take much more to achieve that. Hell, Waverly was surprised it didn't happen the moment Wynonna slipped a second finger inside of her.

"I love you Waverly." Wynonna mumbled softly.

"I love you too Wynonna." Waverly moaned loudly, "I love you more than anything."

Upon the completion of that exchange, which Wynonna had been clearly waiting for, the older brunette began gently but firmly bashing the palm of her hand against the younger one's clit while curling her fingers upwards, finally pushing Waverly over the edge of orgasm. Although as she went over that edge she wondered if just the words could have done it. She liked to think so. At least while she could, which wasn't very much longer as while she could just about think through the first climax she wasn't so lucky with the ones that followed. Although part of that was Wynonna shoving her tongue down her throat, which was somehow even more distracting than staring into her eyes.

There was a few times before that Wynonna's eyes seemed to darken, but Waverly was pretty sure she stayed herself throughout. There was no way of knowing for sure, but that was the advantage of finding it hard to think, then being unable to think at all. And their eye contact being broken so they could passionately kiss. Although when their eyes were locked Waverly was sure as she could be that Wynonna stayed herself, and while there were moments that she was fighting to stay that way Wynonna seemed to win, leaving the two Earp sisters alone to their love making. The way it always should have been between them.

Wynonna whimpered as she felt Waverly's cunt clench around her fingers and cover them with her cum. That alone made Wynonna feel like she was going to cum, or at least all it would take was a little humping of the bed, or better yet one of Waverly's legs. But no, this was about Waverly. This was about her, pleasing Waverly, and Wynonna refused to be distracted by her own selfish pleasure. Well, truth be told she was still getting plenty of pleasure out of this, especially while staring down into Waverly's beautiful face as she came. And God those eyes. Yes, seeing that look in Waverly's eyes and on her face was worth any repercussion that Wynonna might have to face for allowing herself to drag Waverly into this perversion.

It was the same reason why even though she desperately wanted to lower herself in between Waverly's legs and taste her Wynonna stayed where she was. Which wasn't easy, as she had wanted to go down on her baby sister this entire time, but especially now there was Waverly cum to eat. But Wynonna stayed strong and pushed Waverly through several climaxes. She would have given her more, fucked Waverly into unconsciousness, but towards the end Wynonna felt the Demon taking over, and even though she fought it every step of the way it took hold of her throughout the last orgasm and then forced her to remove her fingers from inside of Waverly and put them in her mouth. Which she would have done anyway, and thankfully she got back control enough to enjoy the taste before losing control again.

"Wynonna's turn." Bad Wynonna chuckled after she finished her meal, enjoying the tired and slightly worried look on Waverly's face.

Then Bad Wynonna jumped up on the bed so she was hovering over Waverly, undid Wynonna's jeans and slowly pulled them off and threw them away, before doing the same with Wynonna's panties. She then dropped to her knees so that her extremely wet pussy was hovering almost over Waverly's face, just far enough away for the youngest Earp not to be able to reach it. And oh, did Waverly try, which caused Bad Wynonna to cackle with delight. She then lowered her hand to her wet pussy and started gently rubbing it, maybe even for a few minutes, eventually pushing a finger inside it, which caused Waverly to speak up.

"Please!" Waverly whimpered.

"Please what, baby girl?" Bad Wynonna chuckled.

"Please don't call me that. That's Wynonna's name for me." Waverly whined, which of course just made the evil monster chuckle again. Waverly should have known that would be the result, but she was just so overwhelmed by the multiple orgasms, and this whole situation, that it was hard to think straight, but she forced herself to as much as possible as she begged, "And please, please give her back to me. You said you wanted to make the Earp sisters fuck, so let us fuck. Let me fuck her with my mouth. Please?"

"Mmmmm, very convincing." Bad Wynonna teased, pausing to moan as she pushed another finger inside her, "But not convincing enough. Come on Waverly, I know just how badly you want to eat this, so say it. Tell your big sister just how badly you want to eat her pussy."

Briefly Waverly considered pointing out that this wasn't technically her big sister, but hopefully the Demon would allow Wynonna to hear her to, like it had sometimes when it was in her head, even though she hadn't realise it at the time, so she took a deep breath and began pleading, "Please, please give me that pussy. I want to do it so bad. So, so bad. I, I think about it all the time. Even when I'm with Nicole. Oh God, it makes me feel so fucking guilty, but I can't help it. Every time I eat my girlfriend's pussy I wish it was my big sister's, and every time Nicole goes down on me I wish it was Wynonna. Any time anyone's ever kissed me, or fuck me, I have wished it was my big sister Wynonna, and now you're finally allowed me to do it the least you can do is let me return the favour. Please? Please let me eat that pussy! I want that pussy! I need that pussy! Please? Just a taste? I just need to taste it once in my life."

"Okay baby girl, just a taste." Bad Wynonna grinned, then about a minute later she purred, "The rest is up to Wynonna."

Given everything else that had happened it wasn't surprising that Waverly quickly and greedily went to work on sucking those fingers clean, but it was still shocking to Wynonna. Every part of that last exchange was shocking, and it still felt like she only got half of it. Then when she got full control back of her body Wynonna wanted to run a mile, and again that's exactly what she should have done to end this madness and to try and keep Waverly safe. But she was too far gone for that. And too horny. So instead she just allowed Waverly to finish cleaning her fingers, before pulling them out and leaning down to press a quick kiss to Waverly's lips.

The second it was over Waverly whimpered, "Please Wynonna, please give me your pussy. I need to eat it so bad."

"I know baby girl, I know." Wynonna whispered softly.

Waverly thought she would have to beg more after that exchange as Wynonna just stared at her, but she hesitated because she didn't want to spook her. Then just as Waverly was opening her mouth to say something Wynonna straightened up again, moved forward slightly so that she was once again hovering over her face, then slowly lowered herself down. This time it was clearly the real Wynonna, and she had every intention of lowering herself all the way down, and eventually she even did. However Waverly didn't want to take any more chances and as soon as Wynonna was in range Waverly shot her head upwards and slid her tongue over her big sister's pussy.

"Oh God Waverly!" Wynonna cried out.

"Oh God Wynonna." Waverly whimpered against her sister's cunt.

Immediately after whimpering that Waverly gave Wynonna's pussy another long lick, quickly followed by another, and another, and another, Waverly quickly establishing a steady rhythm which had Wynonna crying out and cursing all the more. So much so that she stopped lowering herself down further, and for a horrible moment Waverly wondered whether she would freak out and pull away. But no, thankfully after a few minutes of steady but cautious pussy licking Wynonna pressed herself down the rest of the way, which was physically and emotionally a relief as Waverly now no longer had to strain her neck, or be cautious about showing her love for the tasty treat resting against her lips.

Not that long ago Waverly had been worried that she wouldn't like the taste of pussy. It was a small concern given her crush on her sister, but after thinking about Wynonna for so long, and a few other girls, it had been frightening to finally sleep with one. Then Nicole had been so nice about it, and Waverly had loved her taste. So Waverly was confident that she would love Wynonna's taste even more. Only love turned out to be not a strong enough word. It was more like an instant addiction, Waverly desperately trying to swallow every drop while continuing to please Wynonna with her tongue. Sadly that turned out to be impossible, because given the position and just how much Wynonna clearly loved this there was just too much of that heavenly liquid, and an increasing amount ended up on her face.

At first Waverly hated that, but she slowly warmed to the idea as it felt like she was being marked as Wynonna's. It hadn't been that way with Nicole, but this was just more primal than that, and ironically more natural. And Waverly wanted more. She wanted to make Wynonna cum. Oh yes, she wanted to make her big sister cum in her mouthh and all over her face! Partly just to make Wynonna feel good and truly fulfil her greatest fantasy, but if she was being honest with herself the main reason was just to be able to taste her sister's girl cum, because she knew from Nicole that was even better than regular pussy cream, and although that didn't seem possible right now Waverly really wanted to find out if it was true for Wynonna.

"Oh God, mmmmm, that's it baby girl, lick me!" Wynonna moaned softly after a few long minutes of silence, "Lick me just like that, ohhhhhhhh fuck! Lick me! Lick my pussy! Oh my God, I can't believe you're licking my pussy! I can't believe my baby sister is licking my pussy, and we're both fucking loving it! God Waverly, you're such a bad girl. What happened? You were supposed to be the good one. Not a fuck up like me who falls for her own sister. Ooooooooh, but honestly, I'm so glad you did, because this feels so good, yessssssss, sooooooo goooooodddddd, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh shit Waves, fuck me! Fucking lick me! Oh fuck!"

Wynonna continued babbling, partly because she heard a dark voice inside her telling her to provide commentary, although she wasn't sure it was the Demon or herself, but mostly because she just felt so overwhelmed she couldn't help it. God, she'd imagined this so many times, especially since she'd came back to Purgatory to find Waverly had filled out in all the right places. But that face though, that face had remained adorable. And so very fuck-able. Yes, Wynonna hated herself for it, but for way to long she had fantasised about lying Waverly down, sitting on that pretty little face of hers and demanding that she lick her. Sometimes Waverly was even tired up just like she was now, completely helpless to resist her big sister's sinful desires.

Unfortunately it wasn't Wynonna who had tied Waverly up. No, it was the Demon inside of her, and Wynonna should be taking this opportunity to slit her throat or shoot herself in the head to stop herself from hurting Waverly any more than she already had. But the creature would stop her the last minute, and probably hurt Waverly as punishment. But that wasn't even the main reason Wynonna continued fucking Waverly. No, it was because she was selfish. Because she just wanted this so badly she just couldn't stop, regardless of the horrifying consequences. So Wynonna just stayed there and continued to moan happily as Waverly continued eating her pussy.

As the fingering had turned Wynonna on more than anything ever it wasn't long before she felt the need to cum begin to grow inside her. But how could she possibly end this so soon? This was her ultimate fantasy come true. Sure, the circumstances were not ideal, but Wynonna was in no hurry for it to end. Waverly had other ideas though. She seemed content with making Wynonna cum hard and fast, which normally Wynonna wouldn't have a problem with, but this was different. This was Waverly. And while the fact that this was a sign of how good Waverly had got pleasing a woman with Nicole was enough to put Wynonna off from cumming it wasn't that long before she had to take a more direct method.

"Not so fast baby girl, ooooooh not so fast." Wynonna silently hated herself as after an extra loud moan she continued, "Mmmmmmmm, fuck me, oh Waverly, that feel so good, ohhhhhhhh shit, but I don't wanna cum yet. No, mmmmmm, I want to enjoy this. I've dreamt of this for so long, ohhhhhhhhh, dreamt of having your pretty little tongue on my cunt, and I want to savour it. So please Waves, mmmmmm, slow down. Slow down so I can savour sitting on my kid sister's face. Ohhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddddd, I love sitting on your face Waverly. I love your face. And I love your fucking tongue! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, lick me just like that Wav, oh fuck!"

To Wynonna's wicked delight, and from the feel of it the delight of the creature inside of her, Waverly seemed hesitant to slow down, but eventually did so. Not right away, but enough to slowly ease Wynonna off of her high but not come down from it entirely. It was really quite impressive given that Waverly and Nicole had only been dating for a little while. Which meant they were having a lot of sex, which made Wynonna fume with jealousy. Just as she had been pretty much ever since she noticed the redheaded cop hanging around her baby sister. She had dismissed them as just friends, mostly because she just didn't want to admit the obvious truth of it, because it hurt.

Champ hadn't been a threat to her. Wynonna still wasn't sure why Waverly had given him the time of day. But what Waverly had with Nicole, that was real. And Waverly was risking it just to indulge Wynonna's sinful desires. Or to save her own skin. Either way Wynonna shouldn't be enjoying this as much as she was, but she couldn't help it. She literally felt like she was in heaven right now, or at least the closest to it she'd ever get. God, Wynonna wished she could stay like this forever. Of course, that was never really an option. Sure enough the desire to cum returned, becoming stronger and stronger until eventually Wynonna just couldn't ignore it anymore.

Again showing off her shocking level of skill Waverly sneakily increase the pace of her licking, so much so that when Wynonna realised what was happening it was too late. Or at least too late for her to want to stop it. Especially as Waverly began lingering on her clit, at first just a little bit with her tongue, but then increasing the length of time and eventually taking it into her mouth for a gentle sucking. Shortly after that she began lingering her tongue on Wynonna's entrance, forcing Wynonna to dig her fingernails into the headboard and grit her teeth just so she could resist for a few more seconds before finally breaking and begging for what she now so desperately wanted.

"Fuck me baby girl! Fuck my pussy!" Wynonna pleaded with a pathetic whimper, "Oooooooh Goooooooddddddddd, please fuck me! Please? I need to cum. Make me cum, ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, please make me cum! Make me cum in your pretty little mouth and all over your beautiful little face! Please? Make me cum in my baby sister's pretty little mouth and all over her beautiful little face! Ohhhhhhh please Waverly, please make me cum. I wanna cum for my kid sister! I need to cum for my kid sister! I need it, I ooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, that's it Waves, oh God, now fuck me! Please fuck me! Please? Waverly, baby girl, I AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK OHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD, OOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSS!"

It took longer than Wynonna thought it would but eventually Waverly shoved her tongue as deep inside her as it would go, almost making the Earp heir cum on the spot. The main reason she didn't was that Waverly then stayed perfectly still for a few long seconds, giving both sisters a chance to savour the moment, and the feeling of Waverly's tongue buried inside Wynonna's pussy. Then Waverly started hammering her tongue in and out of Wynonna's cunt, quickly and easily triggering the most powerful climax of Wynonna's life and rendering her completely incoherent and unable to think coherently for a few glorious seconds.

As soon as that orgasm was over Waverly started working towards making her cum again, and considering her hands were still tied down she did an excellent job at bringing her big sister to her second climax, and then a third, fourth and so on until Wynonna felt like she was having one continuous orgasm, which made it impossible for her to even think coherently. Her last coherent thought was this couldn't be a one time thing. It just couldn't. Damn the consequences, Wynonna wanted to fuck her little sister every second of every day. Ideally without anything inside her head watching, smirking, and even laughing as Wynonna Earp started to do unspeakable things to her kid sister's face.

Waverly had known she would love Wynonna's cum even more than her regular pussy cream, but God, this really was heaven in liquid form and Waverly just couldn't get enough of it. Especially because as much as she tried she just couldn't swallow all of it. Not in the current position she was in. And not when Wynonna was cumming so hard and so much. Although she had learned with Nicole it was plenty thrilling to have another girl cumming on her face. It was a physical sign of her accomplishment, and a sign of how much the other girl loved her and what she was doing to her. But now there was something else. Something primal. Because Waverly felt Wynonna was marking her as hers, which should have been frightening and appalling, but it just made Waverly shiver with desire.

That wicked thought became even more vivid as Wynonna started grinding down onto her face. It was kind of gentle at first, but then hard, and Wynonna even pressed herself down so hard that Waverly couldn't breathe, the little sister literally smothered in her big sister's pussy. Waverly had a fleeting thought that there were worse ways to go, then Wynonna started fucking her face even more savagely before, making it harder for the younger brunette to really concentrate on anything else and trying to get some precious oxygen. And more important to continue making Wynonna cum, even if that just meant sticking out her tongue, keeping it still and hoping to hit her big sister's clit.

Along the way Waverly heard some truly horrific and familiar sounding laughter which told her that the Demon had taken over Wynonna's body again. The worst part of it was she had no idea just how long it had been in control. Hell, she was still fuzzy on how this whole thing worked, and for all she knew the Demon could have been in control of Wynonna the entire time, and when this was over Wynonna would have no memory of what they had done together. But no, Waverly told herself. Wynonna had to be in control some of the time, because she remembered being in control. Anything else was too upsetting to believe.

Briefly it looked like it wouldn't be much of an issue, at least not for her, as the Demon was literally going to smother her with her big sister's pussy. Then just as Waverly thought she was going to pass out the creature jumped up, giving her the chance to get one good gasp of breath before it landed on top of her, knocking the wind out of her. It then grinned down at her with those wicked black eyes, before leaning down and shoving her tongue down her throat. Waverly kissed back, partly because she could no longer imagine not kissing her sister, but mostly because she was hoping the creature would make the mistake of jumping into her body, which was still tied up. Alas that was not to be.

"Now that, that was fun." Bad Wynonna purred against Waverly's lips after she broke the kiss, "Mmmmm, congratulations, baby girl, you just gave me a reason to keep you around. Oh, and I'm so glad you did. Because now I really get to have some fun with this cute little body of yours."

"Wynonna-" Waverly whimpered softly, before she was cut off with another kiss.

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