Hurricanegers: Dance! Dance!

BY : Donglibog
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Disclaimer: DISCLAIMER: I do not own Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger characters, and I make no money from this fanfic.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger characters, and I make no money from this fanfic.


Dance! Dance!






Nanami Nono, the cute, short haired Water Ninja Hurricane Blue of the Hurricanegers, dressed in her blue and black, long sleeved Hurricaneger jacket with matching mini skirt, fingerless gloves, and tabi boots, stealthily approaches the seemingly abandoned building of the ghost town.


She has tracked a Chunin space ninja of the evil Space-Ninja Group Jakanja to this desolate place. Earlier, this Chunin space ninja, along with several Magerappa, attacked Yokohama. There wasn't much damage to the surrounding structures, but curiously, everyone in the city was too exhausted to work! If this keeps up, the Japanese economy will fall!


Nanami doesn't contact her allies, Yousuke and Kouta, until she is certain of the Chunin space ninja's whereabouts. With her hand on the hilt of the ninja sword strapped to her back, she cautiously enters the establishment.




It is dark, quiet, and eerie inside. Nanami can barely see! She takes several careful steps forward.


And then the entrance behind her suddenly and noisily closes, startling her! She is illuminated by a spotlight! And she is deafened by the roar of cheering men!


In a second, her eyes adjust. And she is shocked by what she sees. She is on some kind of long, low stage surrounded by Magerappas!


“Welcome to the show, Hurricane Blue!” a voice booms. “I am Boombox Ninja Ongaku Hentai! And you...are the show!”


Nanami sees the space ninja casually seated in a club chair in front of the stage. He's wearing a colorful, and weird outfit that seems to be a cross between a ninja and a break dancer. On his shoulder, he carries an over-sized portable music player.


“You were the one that attacked Yokohama, weren't you?!” the Kunoichi accuses him.


“And Yokohama is only the beginning!”


“Not if I can help it! Ninpuu,-!” Nanami begins her transformation call.


“Oh, no you don't!” Boombox exclaims, pressing a button on his music player, and a strange R&B type instrumental begins to play.


Nanami is surprised that she is unable to activate her Hurricane Gyro transformation device. But what's even more surprising, is that her left foot is tapping to the beat of the music!


And then all of a sudden, her hip swings to the left.


“What the...?” she asks out loud, just as her hip swings to the right.


Then she struts ahead like a model on a catwalk, shoulders back, chest forward, a hand on her hip. She stops at the end of the stage, and begins gyrating to the R&B music, to the delight of the Magerappas!


“What's going on?!” Nanami screams, unable to stop her body from dancing.


But this in nothing compared to what happens next. Her hand takes hold of the pull tab on her jacket's zipper,...and slowly pulls it down.


“H-Hey-!” she shouts in panic.


At first, she just shows them a little cleavage. Then a lot. Then her hands pull the lapels back revealing her perky boobs in a blue plunge bra. The Magerappas cheer raucously, and Nanami comes to a frightening realization.


“I'm on a stripper stage,” she fearfully thinks. “Oh God, this is a strip club! And like Boombox said, I'm the show!”


She turns around, slips the jacket down her shoulders, turns around again, and gently tosses the jacket at the audience. The Magerappas fight each other for it.


Her hands slowly move up and down her body, caressing her hips and stomach, then she turns her back to them, bends forward slightly, unzips the zipper on the side of her skirt, and lets the skirt fall to the ground, giving them a good look at the backside of her blue bikini style panties. The Magerappas cheer again. Some even whistle.


“Oh God!” Nanami shrieks, her face red with embarrassment.


She kicks the skirt aside. She faces her excited audience, and begins dancing suggestively for them again, her hands caressing her breasts.


And then her fingers move to unclasp her bra.


“No!” the hapless Kunoichi protests.


She puts all her strength into stopping her fingers. For a second, it seems to work, as her hands stall and tremble at the front closure of her bra. Nanami grunts and sweats, trying to regain control of her body. The Magerappas lean forward in silent anticipation.


But she eventually loses the battle. Her fingers unclasp the bra, and slide the straps down her shoulders, uncovering her firm, bare breasts.


Her audience howls in approval! Some of them reach up and touch her knees and thighs. One overly excited Magerappa attempts to climb the stage to get at her, but his comrades restrain him, and pull him back down.


She turns her back to them again, then hooks her thumbs in her waistband, and slowly pulls her underwear down her hips.


She turns her head at Boombox, and yells, “Stop it!”


“Don't look at me,” he laughs, putting down the music player, and raising his hands in mock surrender. “I'm not doing anything.”


She pulls down her underwear. They cheer the revelation of her well-toned ass. When she faces them, her hands are covering her crotch. Then the hands move away to let the horny crowd see her most private part. Nanami just glares back at them, a tear rolling down her cheek.


Boombox changes the music. The R&B is replaced by a more sensual rhythm. Nanami stops dancing, and her legs carry her down the stage, and towards the evil space ninja.


“Oh no,” she silently worries. “Now what?”


She stops right in front of him, slowly swaying her hips from side to side, as he admires her naked form.


Then she takes a step towards him, catwalk style again, turns around, positions herself between his legs,...then she starts slowly and gently grinding her bare bottom into his lap.


“Oh God!” Nanami shrieks inside her head. “I'm giving him a lap dance!”


Boombox's hands move to her slim waist. Then they slowly move upwards, then around. Then they cup her bare bosoms.


“H-Hey!” Nanami complains. “There's no touching in a lap dance! It's against the rules!”


“I don't see a bouncer in this club, do you?” Boombox retorts, squeezing her breasts roughly and repeatedly. “I can do whatever I want.”


He starts tickling her nipples with his fingertips. When they harden, he twists and pulls at them. Nanami shuts her eyes, tilts her head back, and is unable to stop herself from moaning.


Boombox starts licking up the side of her neck, and then nibbles her earlobe. One of his hands moves down her body, presses down at her pussy, and fondles it. Her body shudders, and her genitals moisten in response.


Nanami can feel his penis stiffen beneath her. To her horror, the fingers of her right hand gently wrap around the rock hard cock, and start to guide it into her vagina!


“Oh no!” she squeals.


“Oh yes!” he exclaims.


She winces in disgust, as she feels his member slide inside her. First, just the tip,...and then deeper,...and deeper,...until her pussy completely envelops his entire shaft.


Then with her knees and hips, her treacherous body slides itself up and down his cock.


Further magnifying her embarrassment, the Magerappa are watching intently as she gets fucked! She wants to hide her face from them, but her hands refuse to obey her. And so nothing can stop them from seeing the pain, the shame, and even the sensual gratification in her face.


Boombox takes hold of her hips to increase the intensity of her movement. Nanami's moans intensify also. After a few minutes, nearing climax, he presses the side of his head against her back, he squeezes both her tits, and then he shoots his load inside her!


Nanami could do nothing but weep quietly.


But her ordeal is not yet over.


The music player begins playing a different, more vigorous tune. Her body obeys the music, rising from her rapist's lap, and then facing her towards him. She is revolted by the look of satisfaction in his face, and she glares at him.


And then, to her horror, she begins erotically dancing for him again. She moves forward, spreads her legs and straddles him, then begins rubbing her still sensitive genitals on his lap.


“Stop it!” she begs him. “Please! Please, make me stop!”


He responds by placing his hand behind her head, pulling her towards him, and roughly kissing her in the mouth. Nanami tries to pull away, but still unable to control her body, she is forced to endure the unwanted kiss. He then starts licking and kissing down her neck and chest.


To the Kunoichi's dismay, Boombox's dick has hardened again! And her hand is guiding it back inside her!


“No! No!” she screams.


Her vagina accepts the shaft inside it, and soon, with her hands on his shoulders, she is bouncing up and down his lap.


“Ride 'em, cowgirl!” Boombox mocks her.


“No more,” Nanami pleads, tears in her eyes, as she fucks him against her will. “Please, no more...”


“Sorry, Hurricane Blue. But there's no getting off this rape train.”




She looks behind, and sees that the Magerappa have formed a line, waiting for their turn at her!


With eyes wide and full of fear, she yells, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO...!!!”




Hurricane Blue's sacrifice was not in vain. After being raped repeatedly for hours, they make the mistake of leaving her naked, alone, and exhausted on the floor while they attack Tokyo.


Hurricane Blue reunites with her allies, informs them about their new enemy's tactics, and by using earplugs and sign language, they manage to defeat Boombox.


A Copy Giant is used to make a giant version of Boombox, because... Well, that's what Copy Giants do. The Hurricanegers summon their Shinobi Machines, they form Karakuri Giant Senpuujin, blah blah blah blah blah...toy sales.



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