Arrowverse Porn

BY : Bikkelz
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Oliver was watching Dinah from the sides as she was stretching before a tiring training session. Oliver had a perfect view of her big tits (noting that she wasn’t wearing a bra) and tight ass, he was saving this image in his mind so that he could jack off to it later,  as he would probably not get any other sexual attention anyway. 

Oliver was now single for over a year, after Felicity and Laurel had died he had given up on love and fully focused on his work an the Green Arrow. Looking back In front of him he saw that Dinah had adjusted so, that he had full view of her nipples, at this view he started getting hard. He was imagining this now:

imagination start

Oliver walked up to Dinah and started slapping her ass and groping her tits, receiving a loud moan from her, the slut was dripping wet and had been teasing Oliver since morning, she had hoped he would be fed-up with it, pin her down and take her, Oliver forced his cock into her mouth and started skull-fucking her, just before he came he pulled out and shot 8 thick hot ropes of cum all over her slut face. 

Dinah begged Oliver to fuck her like the slut she really was, and then to make pictures of her, covered in cum, so that the world could see what a whore the SCPD Captain was.

Oliver happily obliged and started thrusting his 12 inch cock into her wet tight cunt, Dinah was now moaning loudly and screaming, performing a few canary-cries as she was cumming, before fainting at last. Oliver, feeling this, thrust into her a last few times before finally spilling another huge load in her pussy, after this, he fell asleep.

Imagination end

The next morning Oliver is woken up by the feeling of being sucked off, looking down he sees Dinah, her face still covered with his cum, deepthroathing his giant dick. After applying a new on her face, she begs him:” I’ll be your slut, I’ll be your fucking cockslut, I’ll suck your dick everyday If you will just fuck me in my tight whore ass.”

One minute later Ollie is fucking her in her ass.

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