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I can still remember the feel of his body against mine, the meeting of our heated flesh, the gasps and moans all leading to the blinding peak. So many times, I felt him push himself into my yielding body; our love making was like nothing I’d ever experienced before and it got better over the following months.

Then one day I started to feel lightheaded – I put it down to the fact I’d been so busy sorting things out at work – they drove me nuts never tidying up after themselves or putting anything away, luckily I sat down on my chair or I think I would have collapsed (I could just imagine the boss’s face if he found me on the floor). It happened a few more times plus I was so sick and dizzy I thought I’d got flu or at least some nasty bug of some sort.

Things got a little better, I was able to eat again but I had the weirdest thing going on with my stomach - I could feel it; a strange squirming feeling in my stomach – almost like the fluttering of wings inside me (oh God maybe I was infected with something – either that or I had worms or something odd was going on) and as I soon discovered – there certainly was something going on.

Somehow I was pregnant – a new life was growing inside me– although I still don’t know how this happened or even how it could be possible? Still disbelieving I took another test and then stared at it as it read the same as the last 5 had = two vivid blue lines.

Oh God what was he going to say, how was I going to explain this to my lover, would he hate me for it? He was in for a big surprise that was for sure.

I tried to tell my him one night, I don’t think he believed me at first – but then over the next few weeks my stomach started growing bigger – my biggest shirts got a little tight and my bump became just noticeable.

He was holding me close my bump nestled between us - when the baby moved – he must have felt it because he gasped in surprise and pulled back – shakily he pulled my shirt out from the only pair of trousers I had left that fitted me – and carefully he laid his big strong hands on my stomach and I held my breath as he waited.

Suddenly the little squirming movements came back and a look of amazement and then unsuppressed joy came over his face; “You really are pregnant!”    I rolled my eyes at him as if to say ‘I told you so’ but I was smiling as I looked at the entranced look upon his handsome face.

Gradually I got bigger and I could no longer hide it from anyone – I think the public just thought I was fat – but finally everyone at work had to know. Once they got over the initial shock they were all great – helping me lift boxes of paperwork, bringing me food, helping me find clothes that fitted me (or that were at least close to fitting) – I was touched by their unexpected kindness.

My lover held me in his arms as often as he could; he comforted me when I panicked about the birth, he rubbed my back and my feet when they ached, patiently helped me shower and dress and do up my shoes, he made love to me gently, rocked me to sleep, I was pretty big by this point as I was so close to the end – I was supposed to have a C-section as it was the obvious option and labour wasn’t a good idea for me. Thankfully it was all prepared and everyone knew the day it was planned for.

Leaning against the door frame in his office I lay my hands on my stomach feeling the slow movements  of the baby – I smile as I feel his big hands cover mine – I hear a delighted laugh from his lips and it’s wonderful. The baby’s movements have slowed as I am so close to term now as we wait for the day to arrive. I feel his hot kisses on the back of my neck as I lean back towards him – knowing I am safe in his arms.

“I hope you haven’t been overdoing it today?” He asks me sternly, his love and concern obvious in his soft accented voice.

“No, I’ve been careful, I think it’s what they call the ‘nesting instinct’ – you know making sure everything is ready for the baby.”

We sat in his office chair, I could still fit on his lap and I loved the way he held me like I was a wonderful precious item made of glass.

He’d been helping me do out the nursery - we’d painted a night sky all over the ceiling it had twinkling stars from so many light-years away covering it, an old fashioned wooden cradle adorned in new silver drapes – attached to the sides by old WW2 coat buttons and at the peak of the drape rod was a little bronze dragon. Little touches here and there that would make everything perfect – like the present we found one day on the table in the nursery – the most beautiful little glass globe the base decorated in strange patterns of odd little gold circles and lines, inside it was a blue glowing ball apparently it was a little piece of a living star.

I got to my feet slowly with his help; after all I couldn’t even see my feet - it seemed so long since I last had!

He rose with me – still holding me close to him as he could – he rubbed my back gently as it started hurting again, it had been doing that all day (maybe I had overdone things that day)?

He craned his neck around to kiss me – as he did so there was a strange ripple-like feeling in my stomach – I’d never had one of those before.  A short while later there was another ripple, now that one was a bit longer than the previous one.  A thought crossed my mind and I began to wonder about it - just as a third ripple hit me - that one was more like a strong squeezing feeling.

“Uh, Jack?” I felt a bit dizzy and I was clinging to him as I swayed slightly.

He was instantly alert; “What is it, are you ok?” his concern for me was so obvious in his voice.

Just as I went to answer him, a much stronger ripple hit me and I gasped loudly - feeling beads of sweat break out on my forehead at the painful intensity of the sensation.

“Oh!” I couldn’t contain another gasp “I think – Oh my God! – I’m sure – [then another contraction hit me] Ahhh! – I’m in labour Cariad!!!”

“It’s ok Ianto, don’t worry I’ve got you.”

Jack scooped me into his strong arms and carried me down to the theatre that has been set up ready for this most unusual birth.

“TEAM; – ITS TIME!” I heard him shout to the others.


He sat down still cradling me in his arms; I writhed in pain as a strong contraction hit me – but I found comfort in his solid muscled body next to mine as he rocked me back and forth.

Owen was quick to administer a drug to help me and it worked well, as the sensations lessened in my lower body – Jack lifted me up and placed me safely on the operating table before placing a kiss on my lips and then slipping the oxygen mask over my face. “You know everyone; and I’m right here - it’s all going to be fine my love.” Jack murmured in my ear. I knew he was right Owen I knew of course, Jack had introduced me to Martha Jones (no relation I might add!), Tosh was being very helpful as her good knowledge of machinery and anything computerised came to the fore, even Gwen was helping get the blankets and other items sorted for our rapidly impending arrival.

I closed my eyes briefly and felt Jack wipe the sweat away from my face, I could hear everyone’s movements and I tried to stay relaxed.  I could hear Jack telling me how much he loves me, I tried to answer but my voice was muffled by the oxygen mask.

A short while later Owen’s voice cut through my drifting thoughts; “Here we go.”

I opened my eyes to see Jack staring down past the point where I could no longer see, his jaw had dropped open as a little squeaking noise emerged from what seemed like far away. There were other unidentifiable sounds and then the noise got closer; as Jack let go of my hand I turned to look at him just as Martha brought a little blue wrapped bundle up and placed it in his arms, his body shook with emotion – slowly he turned to me as he did I could see the tears falling freely down his face.

“We have a son!” His voice was a whisper. “Oh my Ianto, oh my love - look!” The pride and emotion in Jack’s voice will stay with me forever.

He laid the little red-faced bundle beside me next to my head as he did I noticed the baby’s black hair and as it quietly opened its little eyes they were the brightest blue I’d ever seen. “Our son” I whispered.

“Thank you for giving me another part of you to love Cariad.” The tears slid down my face.

“You are welcome my love –and thank you for giving me another reason to live. He leant over and kissed me - his one arm around my shoulders the other carefully around our baby.


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