The Sexual Exploits of Abby Sciuto

BY : Fizzer
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What a night.

Performing in front of several fans, all of them loyal to her movement, while singing and snarking at her band mates was fun, but Emilie Autumn needed her fun as well. She looked in the mirror of the vanity backstage after the show, thinking that just one night with a person would be excellent.

Just then she heard a knock on her door. Perhaps one of the stage crew had arrived to pick up her things. "Enter." She said in her usual deadpan tone.

What entered next was something she did not expect; a raven-haired woman with pigtails wearing a red strapless dress fixated with bobby pins everywhere, and boots that would make Gene Simmons and his makeup green with envy. Her lips were covered in a nice, dark shade of red, and she made the spider-web tattoo on her neck ever so present as she walked with a shyness in her step and her hands behind her back.

"Hi, miss Autumn?" She asked with hidden excitement.

"No, you're a little late. It's miss Winter." She took a sip of champagne sitting on her vanity. "I take it you're a fan?"

"Ohmygod, AM I?" She shouted with a happy bounce on the floor.

 "I just love all your songs, the sounds, the lyrics, and the way you play that violin is just so-"

"Child, please calm down." Emilie said with a hand gesture. "I don't mind fans or coming back to meet me, but your schoolgirl crush behavior need not show."

"Oh. Sorry. I gushed. Did I gush? It's just a thing I do, I can't help it." The girl was hiding a blush, looking around at her dressing room. "God you have great taste..."

Emilie stands up from her chair, looking at the girl. "As do you. That's quite the dress you have there, miss...?"

"Sciuto. But you can call me Abby." Indeed while the dress was stunning, Abby was focused on how chic the room was. It was very gray and brown in it's furniture, with the only color being the purple drapes that went around the room. "I made it myself, just for tonight's show. I know I'm not a seamstress, but I thought of you when I made it."

"I'm flattered." She said with a hint of a smile. She approaches Abby, and runs her hands over the dress. "It's in very fine taste."

"Thank you." Abby said, her body shaking with nervousness.

"And I find you're in good taste as well."

"Is that so?"

"If you'll let me try."

Both women close their eyes before Emilie leans into Abby and plants her lips against her's. They hobble backwards with their kisses until Abby is pushed against the very door she entered the room in, and hold their kisses a little longer. Abby moans as Emilie moves her lips onto Abby's collarbone, taking in the taste of her skin.

"Just on the neck...I've got work in the morning..." Abby said, warpping her arms around Emilie. The songstress' lips traveled down Abby's chest until she got to the dress, which she lowered to reveal her breasts, and kissed the nipples lightly. They grew hard as Autumn swirled her tongue around them, Abby panting with excitement. The purple haired woman ran her fingers up Abby's leg, lifting the bottom of the dress up to reveal the forensic specialist's shaved vagina.
"You came without panties." Emilie said with a smirk.

"I haven't cum yet..." Abby answered with an out of breath giggle, as if to answer with a joke.

"I'll just have to make you then." Emilie kissed Abby again as her hand moved over her groin and her thumb pressed against Sciuto's clit. Abby winced and whimpered, while Emilie smiled, her fingers feeling around the vaginal lips while her thumb rolled around the clit. "You're so wet."

"Like you have no idea..." Abby replied in a moan. She grabbed Emilie's face and brought it into her's, their tongues tying up in their mouths. Emilie places her fingers in Abby's pussy,  massaging it internally while her thumb pushes harder against the clit. Abby moaned into Emilie's mouth, getting louder and more high pitched with each rub of Autumn's fingers. Her breath gets heavier, and she wrapped her arms around the songstress again, her head resting hard on her shoulder as her knees buckle. "I'm close...I'm so...CLOSE..."

With gritted teeth, Abby groaned as she held on tightly to Emilie, her pussy squirting as the fingers of her favorite musician continued to stroke her insides. Once Abby hobbled forward, Emilie let go and grabbed her from falling to the ground. With heavy breathe, Abby pecked at Emilie's upper body repeatedly in between every 'thank you' she could give.

"Can I return the favor?" She asked Ms. Autumn.

"Anything for a fan." She lead Abby to her chair, and sat herself down. She motioned for Abby to get on her knees as she lifts her skirt up, pushing her pussy to the side. Hungrily, Abby kisses Emilie's clit before reaching her tongue inside.
"Mm, that's very good, my dear..." she moaned as she undid her top, grabbing her breasts and playing with them. Abby placed her lips on the clit and suckled it like a nipple while she placed three fingers inside Emilie's pussy, playing with her the same way that she had.

Abby's actions went on for a minute as Emilie pinched her nipples, until Sciuto's eyes caught their attention on something. Letting go of the clit, she asked, "Is that your violin?"

"Hm?" Emilie opened her eyes, looking in the direction Abby pointed to her. "Yes it is. Beautiful, isn't it?"

"It really is..." Abby trailed off, as if coming up with something. "Can I try something with your bow?"

Emilie looked at her confused, but shrugged. "As long as it's safe."

Abby grabbed the bow from next to the violin and got back on her knees after getting back to Emilie. She places the cold screw onto Emilie's clit, which caused the songstress to shiver. Abby placed her tongue on the clit, which was slightly more swollen from the cold steel. The gothic scientist then took the hair of the bow and gently rubbed it down the clit, causing Emilie to coo with pleasure.

"My GooOOOODness!" She said with a jolt of pleasure. "I would have never thought of using it like that!" Abby smiled as she kissed the clit repeatedly, and inserted the head of the bow inside Emilie's pussy, rubbing the very tip against the roof, which causes her to quickly go from wincing moans to a loud cry of an orgasm. She wrapped her legs around Abby's shoulders and grabbed her head as she came, Abby pulling the bow out and drinking up her juices as best she could.

Panting heavilly, Emilie looked up at the ceiling after the experience she went through. Abby got up from her knees and kissed Emilie's cheek, hugging her. "You're welcome."

"Yes, thank you..." Emilie pecked Abby back.

"So, hey, do you want to spend the night at my place? My bed's a coffin."

Emilie grinned wickedly as Abby helped her to her feet. "That sounds delightful."

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