Shedding Skin

BY : LL72
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As the music from the song faded away Betty Cooper knew what she had to do. She had fears and she knew she might also have regrets, but unless she walked onto that stage and showed them who she was she'd never be more than a shadow of her real self. The thought of being that, a simpering blonde in a small town, was her greatest fear of all. She briefly glanced across at her Mom, sitting at the bar, knocking back her nth tequila of the night and showing no sign of it. She looked happier than Betty had ever seen her now she was back where she'd come from. It was the proof Betty had needed, that she too wasn't born to be a small-town wife and mother, moving effortlessly from cheerleading and prom to respectability and suburbia. With a deep breath the blonde walked onto the stage.

FP Jones, paused by the microphone for a second and she wasn't sure if he was willing her to come forward or warning her to go back. She'd said he was doing it for his son, Jughead, but she wasn't and she knew Jughead knew as well, he'd told her they'd be finished if she went up on that stage and took the final initiation of the female Serpents. She was going anyway - saying she intended to support him even if he didn't want that support. It was a lie, she was a Serpent born, if not bred, and she was coming home. She moved onto the stage, aware everyone was looking at her, most with interest, Jughead with anger and her Mom, perhaps for the first time, with pride.

Either defeated or relieved FP tapped the microphone, "Betty Cooper's here to be a Serpent. Her Mom's one..." Alice Cooper lifted her glass and hollered as if she'd never been away. FP ignored her and the other shouts, cries and wolf whistles that were erupting from the audience and continued, "... so she's got through the door. But now she wants to prove she's got the balls, metaphorically in her case, to be a Serpent... to be one of us." The crowd yelled louder, a cacophony that was both supportive and terrifying. Polly forced herself to smile; it was a quirk of her physiognomy, that the only ones she ever seemed able to do were sweet. She glanced at Toni, the Serpent seemed to be the only who was seemingly disinterested, sitting quietly at her table, examining her nails for micro-dirt. "So who's her second?" FP yelled, he glanced at Jughead, seeming to offer his son the one chance. Jughead shook his head, leaving Betty disappointed, if unsurprised - that road had come to its end. FP glanced at her, both knowing that she needed a seconder beyond her Mom.

"It's me," Toni stood up and raised her hand.

FP jerked his head back, obviously surprised, but you didn't get to lead a gang like the Serpents if you didn't have a flexibility of thought. He turned to give a quick glance to Betty. She nodded, she had known Jughead wouldn't do it, so she spoken to Toni beforehand and made sure the other girl would. FP faced back to the microphone, "Toni's seconding - two girls this ought to be interesting." The roar from the crowd told her it would be. Her Mom had done the initiation, twenty years ago, now she was cheering her on. FP spoke into the microphone one last time, "Betty Cooper then..."

He stepped away as the chords to "Mad World" slid out from the speakers. Betty paused for a second, waiting for the words to begin. "All around me are familiar faces..." that wasn't true, most of the men and women who were soon to be her brothers and sisters were as unknown to her as if they'd come from a different planet. She still slipped off her old jacket, a serpent shedding her skin. The song continued as she twirled round, bending over so her leather skirt rolled up her thighs, showing the suspenders beneath. She knew she was being admired, the guys behind her lusting after her sexy legs and hot butt. She felt nervous and anxious as she shook it for them, at the same time as she pulled at her T-shirt, felling confident and empowered as it came off. She swung round, dropping the top and wiggling her tits, threatening to burst them out of their lacy bra.

The crowd whooped and yelled, even FP grinning. "Going no where, going no where," sang Gary Jules as she reached round for the bra-strap and popped them out.

The audience shouted even louder, showing their appreciation as she jiggled and whirled, making her firm teenage titties bounce and sway. She could feel her confidence growing as she swung round again, her hands going under the skirts hem, dragging it down over her butt and down her thighs, revealing her lack of underwear. She continued pulling it down to her ankles, before artfully flicking it backwards at the Serpents - they'd remember her initiation as a quality strip.

"I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad"

She turned again, showing them her near nakedness, clad just in the suspenders, knowing she should be embarrassed, but in reality drinking up their lust and her sinfulness. As she swayed a hand moved down to her pussy, sliding it open and letting a finger in. The guys nearest the stage gawked at her brazenness, their own pants straining over their dicks, as she rubbed and played.

"Went to school and I was very nervous"

Her eyes weren't for them, but first for Jughead, noting his disapproval and confirming he was lost. Then her Mom, sitting at the bar and watching proudly, the exact opposite of Jug, as Betty showed her true colours and became a Serpent. Lastly, Toni, now watching with interest as the blonde gyrated nearly naked round the stage, exposed and sexual, a fantasy fuck on legs. Betty kept her eye on the other teen as she twisted and moved to the metal pole. She gripped it high up and twisted round and against it, her legs moving either side. She pulled herself closer to it, feeling the tingle in her pussy as she rubbed it up and down the smooth metal. Up and down she went, leaving herself wet and the audience hard, her eyes still on Toni, sexing up the teen with her gaze.

"Enlarging your world, mad world," the final words drifted soulfully from the speakers and Betty swung round so that the pole was at her back and beckoned to Toni.

The teen Serpent got up with a grin, walking across the floor as her fellows cheered and whooped. She took Betty's hand as the blonde helped her up onto the short stage. Betty moved nearer, her mouth just inches from the other's ear, "Thanks for doing this."

"No problem, I'm going to enjoy it," grinned Toni, "I've always had a thing for blondes." She shrugged off her jacket tossing it to a friend as Betty slid down to her knees in front of her.

The blonde's hands moved up the other teen's thighs, slowly and sensually, making a show of it. She could almost feel the enthusiasm of the crowd, knowing what was about to happen, their eagerness like a flare of energy. And in truth she was excited as well, she had never dared to go so far - to exhibit herself and now to bring another girl on the stage to join the show. Her pussy tingled with a warm fuzziness as her fingers crept to Toni's panty elastic, slipping in under it and dragging the underwear all the way down the toned, tanned legs. The teen Serpent stepped back and kicked her panties across the shiny surface of the stage with practised ease. She looked down and Betty looked up, both grinning.

"Eat her," shouted her Mom from across the room, a slight slur to her voice.

Betty didn't need any more encouragement, not from the yelling audience nor the giggling Toni. She just want to lick her first pussy and do it in public, knowing when it was done she'd be a Serpent. Her hands hoisted Toni's dark skirt up enough so that her pussy was bare and exposed to the blonde, albeit not to the crowd. Not that the seated Serpents seemed to mind, they were still shouting their encouragement, eager for her to become both a woman and a Serpent.

The blonde nodded her head forward and gave an exploratory lick. The pussy lips quivered as her tongue touched them and Toni gave a little giggle and moan of her own. Betty pulled her head back, biting her lip as if she was shy. It had felt good, to feel her tongue going over another's cunt had made her own buzz with excitement and she reached down to gently rub her slit, sliding her fingers over the hole.

"Mmmnnn," she looked up at Toni, "Again?"

"You've not done enough to pass yet," the other Serpent grinned down.

Betty knew that. She smiled sweetly up, "Tell me when you've had enough."

"You'll know," said Toni.

"Get that face in that twat, give it her good, show them you're my daughter," shouted her Mom, not caring who heard.

Betty raised her face and pushed it at the cunt, her mouth opening and her tongue shooting out. This time after her first lick she kept at it, slamming fast and hard at the slot, her tongue pounding at the lips and the gap between them, forcing its way in. Toni gave a quivering moan, leaning one hand on Betty's shoulder as if to balance. The blonde's tongue raced up and down, leaving the hole coated in saliva. It made her hot and excited, her own fingers rubbing at her naked cunt, masturbating on stage. It made others excited as well, if she could tell from the calls and shouts, her Mom's cries of tipsy encouragement audible above the others. It was doing something to Toni as well,. the teen Serpent shuddering and moaning, and not all the wetness round her pussy was Betty's saliva.

Keeping one hand to pleasure her own pussy Betty brought the second up to Toni's. She extended a finger and pressed it between the lips, opening them for her tongue to follow. The lithe muscles swept down the tunnel, running over nerve endings and hidden zones of pleasure, going in deeper and deeper as the finger pushed in. Toni's hands gripped Betty's shoulders tighter, "Oh fuck, yeah."

The blonde tongued faster and harder, her face stuffed against Toni's inner thighs, her nose pressed into the flesh. The lack of oxygen and the taste combined in an intoxicating mix, like a old fashioned opium den and Betty pushed a finger into her own wet cunt, working it eagerly. Cum dripped down it, spreading over her finger, leaving it wet and lubricated. She could hear the crowd chanting and shouting out encouragement. She barely listened, the sounds muffled, like in a dream. All that mattered was tonguing Toni's twat and sending the other teen to heaven.

"Oooohh, oooohh, yesss," Toni's shook, her hands gripping Betty's shoulders like she was scared that if she didn't she fall off. Her pussy ground forward, pressing at Betty's mouth. The blonde pulled her finger out to give herself more space, driving the tongue faster and faster into the wet hole. She slid the spare hand up and under Toni's skirt, gripping the teen's ass cheek and kneading it as she licked. Toni squealed again, "Ooooohh, yesssss, oooohhh."

Betty felt so hot, her own cunt burning, no matter how wet she was making it. Her forehead burnt, pushed against Toni. Her secret yearning for pussy was out and she was loving it. The taste, the texture, the delightful aroma, the warmth on her tongue; it all made and her blood boil as it pumped, like red lava of desire. "MMmnn, yum," she moaned, breathing in quickly before resuming her tonguing, making out with the pussy like they were in the back seat of a car at the drive in.

"Fuuckkk, oooohhh, urrrrhhh, fuck," Toni was trembling, her legs shaking, hit after hit hammering her hole. "OOoohhh, yesss, fuck."

"Give it her Betty," her Mom yelled above the tumult, "Show them you're a Serpent."

That was what Betty wanted, even more than to be licking Toni (which was still excellent and a fantastic way to be initiated), was to be a Serpent and finally let out her dark side. Where once she'd kept it hidden now it was out on display, her sinful appetites, her desire to shock and titillate, her dyke desires - no more little Miss Perfect, no now she was a biker chick with a hunger for cunt. Her tongue pounded faster at the thought, and unlike her Mom she'd stay the distance, not creep into domestic drudgery and suburban simplicity, until her real self became too powerful too ignore. No, Betty would wear the jacket with pride and get all the pussy she wanted.

"Oooohhh, uuurrrhhh, yessss, fuck, fuck, fuck," grunted Toni, her fingers digging into Betty's naked shoulders and her legs shaking and banging against the blonde as she shuddered in pleasure. Betty knew she was nearing end game and her tongue sped up, pressing deep into the hole and lapping away at the yummy juice. Toni gasped and squealed some more, her back arching and her long hair waving down. Betty went faster and faster, driving the Serpent to orgasmic heights.

"AAAarrrghh, yesssss, fucckkk, aaaaarrghhh," screamed Toni and the audience roared.

"Go on Betty, make her cum," screamed her Mom encouragingly.

Betty's tongue danced the fandango, speeding down and around, hammering into the hole and stimulating every one of Toni's sensitive spots. "AAAarrrrghh," the other teen screamed again, "Aaaaarrrghhh, yesssss."

The girl juice squirted out, an explosive gush of warm liquid. It filled Betty's mouth and even as she was swallowing it, more was shooting out like a geyser, blasting all over her face and down her tits. It lasted for no more than ten seconds, but left Betty soaked, the girl cum covering her face and dripping down her tits.

She looked up at Toni. The other girl looked down smiling and then offered her hand to help her up. Betty took it and stood. The blonde became aware of the cheers and applause, the bikers hammering their fists on their tables and their boots on the floor in approval. Jughead was nowhere to be seen, but her Mom was still at the bar, a glass of tequila raised in a toast high above her head as her other hand beat down at the bar. FP was behind her with a jacket and Toni was helping her into it. The cheers got louder and Betty knew she belonged.

She was a Southside Serpent.


After her show Betty had gone into the restroom to get cleaned and dressed, proudly putting on her jacket and admiring herself in the mirror. She was a top chick now and she knew it, a Southside Serpent bad girl, a delinquent biker, a juvie - and unlike her life before it felt real and true, not a fake half-existence where she always try to look and be good. Other women came in the bathroom, congratulating her and making sure she knew they now had her back - she got more new numbers in her phone in half an hour than she'd got since her Mom had reluctantly allowed her one for her fifteenth birthday.

Speaking of her Mom, Betty was a little disappointed she didn't come up and congratulate her. Especially since it had been her Mom who been the most vocal of the audience cheering her on. But her Mom was like that - until a few weeks ago she hadn't even known that she was a Southside Serpent; and even when finding out she thought her Mom had given it up, as she hadn't been to the clubhouse for years. It had been a surprise when she had told her she was going to come tonight - but once a Serpent always a Serpent, her Mom had said and she wasn't going to miss her daughter's initiation. Now that it had taken place her Mom was probably back to being a suburban drudge - something Alice swore would never happen to her.

A feeling confirmed when she left the restroom to see that her Mom's place at the bar was empty. It wasn't for long as Betty took her place and had her first ever shots - enough of them to leave her tipsy, but not enough to leave her drunk - the Serpents saw to that, they looked after their own. She followed the shots with some pool and wrapping herself round a pole, in a clothed dance, whilst making suggestive comments. She'd wanted to say thanks to Toni, but the teen Serpent had also vanished into the night, leaving Betty to get acquainted with the rest of the gang.

It was past twelve by the time the blonde decided to call it a night, unsurprisingly her Mom hadn't left the car. Luckily Sweetpea was available for a lift and as he let rip of his throttle and the motorbike sped through the night Betty clung to him, shuddering at the power between her legs and deciding that she needed a bike as soon as possible.

The lights were off when she got back, allowing her to say goodnight and thank you to Sweetpea with a hot and heavy make out, which stopped just short of his hands going up and her T-shirt, before she broke and waved. Her room seemed the same, but different, as if the Teddy bears and pink wallpaper no longer fitted - she made a mental note to redecorate before collapsing asleep.


The trouble with sleeping in your leather jacket, Betty concluded, as she awoke the next morning was that if left you hot and sticky, even if you had worn a nightdress underneath. She slid out of them both and into a robe, heading to the bathroom for a shower. The door was locked and she could hear the sound of running water. She sighed as she realised her Mom had beaten her too it, a shower would have to wait until after breakfast.

Returning to her room she got into jeans and a dark T-shirt, before putting on her leather jacket. She didn't know if her Mom was still Serpent this morning, but Betty was and a Serpent for life. She left her room, muttering to herself slightly, as she passed the still locked bathroom door and headed down to the kitchen.

Her Mom was down their, spooning out some waffles onto a plate. As she was dressed in torn jeans and a T-shirt with an Death Metal band on front it answered the question of whether she was still Serpent or not. She looked up before Betty could ask the second one, "Breakfast?"

"Yes," said Betty and sat down.

Before she could open her mouth, her Mom spoke. "You enjoyed last night," it was a statement not a question.

"Yes, it's what I'm meant to be," Betty replied.

"I know, you're my daughter," said Alice. "I tried to escape it, but couldn't, I'm a Serpent too." She smiled, "It's where we belong."

That was so true it hardly needing saying, but Betty nodded anyway, "We're Serpents. Who's in the shower?"

"Hey Betty," Toni walked in, answering the question, one towel wrapped around her waist, another bundled round her hair.

She walked over to Alice, her naked tits jiggling gently. The Milf put down the plate she was holding and allowed Toni's lips to brush gently across hers, the naked teenage boobs gently touching her. Betty's pussy hummed at the sight. The kiss ended quickly and Alice gestured for Toni to take a seat, "Waffles?"

"Yes," the teen nodded hungrily, sitting opposite Betty with her bosom on open display. They were delectable. She saw Betty looking at them and smiled, jiggling them slightly as she turned to Alice as the older woman came over with a plate, "Thanks for letting me crash here last night."

"I enjoyed it," said Alice, "After seeing the little show the two of you put on I had to have a taste myself."

Toni bit into a waffle, "These are delicious."

Alice smiled, whether at the compliment to her waffle making skills or remembering the last night Betty wasn't sure. Not that Betty could blame her, the waffles were okay, but Toni was certainly a hot bit of stuff and her pussy was much more munchable than the waffles. "I enjoyed it as well, the initiation and everything."

Toni grinned, "Going girl on girl was inspired. I sucked a guy off for mine, I wish I'd thought of lapping cunt, so much more tasty."

"I agree," said Alice nodding.

"It was a first for me, being tongue fucked by a daughter and her Mom on the same night," Toni admitted with a smile.

Alice moved behind her placing her hands on the teen's shoulders and gently massaging her, "No Serpent sleeps alone," she said, which whilst not quiet the first law was a close enough rendering of it. Toni nodded smiling as she took another bite of her waffle, not complaining as Alice's hands moved down her shoulders and onto her front, creeping down to gently cup and squeeze the titties. Betty felt a touch of jealousy; she was the one who'd opened Toni's cunt and it was hardly fair that her Mom got to make the most of it. She forced it down, her Mom was a Serpent and she should support her, even if that support was not saying anything as her Mom copped a feel of a hot teen in front of her.

Her Mom smiled as though she knew what Betty was thinking. "You want to try another first?"

"What?" asked Toni curiously.

"You have a mother-daughter threesome," said Alice matter of factly and Betty's mouth fell open. Her Mom looked at her with that stare she used when the blonde had done something wrong and dumb, "What? You're a Serpent now, so am I. There's nothing wrong in us sharing some hottie, especially if she's a Serpent as well."

Toni looked at Betty and gave a small shrug and smile, "I'm in, if Betty wants to give it a go."

Obviously sharing another woman with your Mom was totally taboo and wrong, something that no self-respecting teen should do and if it got out they'd be the talk of Riverdale and not in a good way. "I'm in," nodded Betty with a smile, "I was surprised that's all."

"Huh," her Mom said, as if she didn't believe her.

Betty stood, leaving a half-finished waffle on her plate. "Where are we going to go?"

Her Mom looked a little surprised for a second at Betty taking the lead, before giving a curt nod of what looked like approval, "My bedroom."

Betty led the way up, confident Toni and her Mom were following. She hadn't been in the room since her parents separation, and it didn't look much different except that pictures of her Dad had gone and a Serpent's jacket was hung behind the door. Once she was far enough in Betty turned. Toni was right behind her and Betty didn't hesitate in starting the threesome, her lips pressing down against Toni's before the other teen registered they'd stopped. In her defence Toni quickly recovered, her mouth opening to press against Betty's, her tongue flickering forward like the Serpent she was. Her hands were on Betty's back, going up the teen's top, rubbing at the naked skin beneath.

In her peripheral vision Betty could see her Mom kicking off her shoes and undoing her jeans, pulling them and the underwear down to step out of. As Betty continued to kiss Toni, her body pressing at the topless teen's, her Mom grinned and removed her own T-shirt. Her Milf titties swung free instantly. Betty had never seen her Mom topless before and eyes opened to see there was a small tattoo of a snake at the top of one tit and that both were pierced. She broke the kiss momentarily to look at her Mom and Alice grinned, evidently enjoying her daughter's shock. "It's not my only tattoo," she said and turned her back to the teen.

On the lower back was a tramp stamp, a double headed serpent hissing both ways at once. In capitals above was 'SOUTHSIDE SERPENT' and below, 'SEXY SLUT'. Her Mom grinned, "You want one?"

"Yes," nodded Betty.

"We'll get you one," said her Mom, "Now let me have some of Toni."

She stepped forward and took Toni's chin her hand, forcefully twisting the teen towards her. Toni grinned and opened her mouth for the older woman's kiss. Betty took a step back and got out of her own clothes, dropping them across the floor. For a second she watched her Mom and Toni kissing, the older woman tugging away the teen's towels so their naked bodies could press together. Then Alice broke the kiss and beckoned Betty forward, "You joining us?"

"Yes," Betty stepped forward and Toni's hand reached down to her ass, "How do we do this?"

"I've always found its best to let things go and see where they lead, not to plan," said Alice and Toni nodded in agreement

"You both had lesbian threesomes before?" asked Betty, feeling like she was the newcomer in the room.

"Oh yes, when I was a Southside Serpent before I had lots," her Mom grinned, opening a bit of her past that Betty was unaware off.

"I've had a couple," said Toni more modestly, "I agree with your Mom, let's just see where we go and not plot out each position like we're planning a porno."

"Okay," said Betty and took the initiative by grabbing Toni's cheeks and dragging the teen's mouth against hers. Her fellow Serpent kissed back eagerly, her body moving from Alice's to her daughter's, pressing the naked flesh together. Their tongues flickered together for a couple of moments before Toni's mouth was jerked away and Alice slammed her lips at the teen, who responded with same enthusiasm as she had when making out with Betty. Betty watched them for a short while, moving her hand down to rub her pussy as she did. Her Mom saw what she was doing and reached out to take Toni's wrist and guiding her hand to her daughter's cunt. Toni began to rub gently, her finger moving over the slit.

Giggling Betty kidnapped the teen's mouth again, grabbing her jaw and yanking it away from her Mom and towards her. Their lips moved together, their tongues slipping round and round each other. Toni's fingers slid up and down Betty's slot, teasing her. Betty kissed harder, feeling her Mom taking her hand and guiding it to Toni's cunt. The blonde took the hint and began to rub it. It was soft and smooth and warm and sexy and she stroked it as she waited for her Mom to take Toni's mouth back.

Alice didn't. Instead she dipped her head and began to kiss and lick and suckle at the nearest of Toni's titties, her head so close to Betty's chest that the blonde could feel her Mom's hair brushing at her own bosom. The older woman's hand moved down and she joined Betty in stroking the other teen's twat, their knuckles grazing as they slid their fingers up and down. It felt strange to be with another woman at the same time as your Mom, but for the first time Betty thought her Mom might actually see her as an adult, not a naughty schoolgirl. She let go off Toni's mouth and moved her own to the other teen's spare tit, taking it in her mouth and suckling it. Her Mom pulled her head back to smile with loving pride at her daughter before resuming the sucking.

"Mmmnnnm," Toni moaned, her spine arching backwards and her hands running over the two Cooper's heads as they sucked, "Oh that is so good, mmmmmnn, that is lovely."

Betty sucked harder, swallowing the boob, playing with the teat with her teeth. Her head was touching her Moms, a slight friction developing as they gently rubbed each other as they suckled, their hair sweeping across the scalps. Betty was reaching down to Toni's pussy, only to find her Mom was already there, sliding a finger into Toni's twat. The teen hesitated, just for a second, and then joined her, hoping her Mom didn't mind. Alice didn't seem to, her digit going in faster and again breaking from the titty sucking to smile encouragingly at her daughter. "Work Toni's hole, Betty, finger this hot wet cunt with me."

"Ooohh, yesss, fuck my pussy with your fingers. Ooooohhh, that is so good," Toni moaned in agreement. She groaned louder as the Coopers slammed their fingers in, Betty loving the fact her knuckle was grazing against her Mom's as much as the warm, wetness of the hole and gasps from her fellow Serpent. Her mouth clamped further up Toni's titty, sucking it in and biting down at the flesh as her tongue pressed and wiggled at the nipple. Her Mom was doing the same, swallowing Toni deep, and working in partnership with her daughter. "Ooooohhh, fuuuuckk," the teen gasped.

Alice disengaged from the teen tit and lowered herself on her haunches, her face next to Toni's fuckhole. She briefly looked up at her daughter, smiling, "Come join me," she said and began to lick around the slit.

Betty didn't need a second invitation to join her Mom, her knees bending as she came down parallel. Her Mom was still fingering Toni, opening the cunt wide and enticingly, as her other hand gripped and kneaded the teen's firm butt. Betty slipped her own finger out, licking it off the juice, before placing it on her Mom's knee to balance herself and reaching round with the other to grasp her fellow serpent's ass cheek. Toni gasped again as Betty leant forward and began to lick, her head pushing at her Mom's as their tongues touched and tasted both each other and the sexy hole.

Betty's tongue slid in, running over her Mom's. She could feel the vibrations as her Mom lapped with enthusiasm at the hole. Betty matched her speed and eagerness, inwardly bursting with happiness that she had found something she could bond with her Mom over. Especially as it was so tasty.

The two Cooper licked and licked, their tongues competing and co-operating as they slipped into Toni's cunt, their mouths kissing the lips or pulling at it gently with their teeth. In and out, up and down, over and in, making sure every inch of pussy was thoroughly tongue massaged. To Betty the cunt tasted as good as yesterday, the juice trickling over her tongue and down her throat in a constant light drip. Doing it with her Mom made it even better and she couldn't help but rub her cunt as she tongued, gratified to see her Mom was doing the same, enjoying sharing Toni's twat as much as her daughter.

And Toni....

"Oooohhh, uuuurhhh," Toni shuddered and gasped, her hands cupping and squeezing her own tits for extra pleasure, "Ooooohh, eat my cunt good, get your tongues deep, mmmnnn, yes, ooohh."

Alice placed her hand on the Toni's belly and pushed her towards the bed. The teen took the hint, falling backwards onto it, her legs spread open. Alice lifted her head, smiling beatifically at her daughter, "Do you want to do a caterpillar? I'll carry on down here, you sit on Toni's face and get your pussy lapped?"

"Yes, do," giggled Toni, "It'll be fun and I want to see if you taste as good as your Mom."

"Okay," Betty nodded, climbing first onto the bed and then over Toni. Facing forward, she lowered her fuckhole down on the other Serpent's face gingerly. She needn't have worried about smothering her as Toni grabbed her thighs and dragged her down so that her slot was engulfing the other's mouth. The blonde gave a gasp as Toni's tongue pushed up, rubbing at her slit and sliding over her clitoris. Speeding up the teen massaged the flesh, forcing her tongue between the lips to touch the soft flesh between. Betty gasped and shuddered in pleasure, her body vibrating in ecstasy.

In front of her her Mom was bent down again, hands on Toni's thighs, giving the teenager a fast and hard tonguing. It seemed to energise Toni and make the teen tongue Betty's twat with even more enthusiasm, slamming the lithe muscle up and down the slit, pressing in and down, before shooting out to hit the clit with hard, powerful strokes. Betty squealed in pleasure, her hands gripping and kneading her own tits, face-riding Toni and working her cunt at the teenager's tongue. Her Mom looked up and Betty could see the pride and happiness in her face as they joined together. Betty grinned back, "Ooohhh, fuck this is so hot, urrrrhhh, I'm loving this."

Toni squeezed the blonde's thighs in agreement and pounded the clitoral hood with her tongue to further emphasise the message, making Betty shriek louder, a squirt of cum blasting from her pussy and over the other Serpent's titties and smooth chest. She fell forward, her head ending just inches from her Mom's, their eyes locking for a moment, an almost telepathic signal going between them, before Betty's tongue again shot out to start to lap hard at the top of Toni's cunt. Toni in turn continued to tongue-pound Betty, slurping at the juicing hole and leaving it leaking cum.

"Mmmnnn, that was yum," Alice grinned and stood up, wiping her mouth of Toni's twat-juice. She smiled at Betty as the teen continued to lap enthusiastically, her fingers gripping the other teen's thighs to pull them apart. Betty carried on licking, her eyes following her naked Mom as she sashayed over to one of her cupboards, the tattoo on her back rippling as she walked. She opened the doors and pulled out a cardboard box, turning back to the sixty-nining teens. "I don't know about you, but my tongue is starting to ache, but my pussy is still horny," she giggled upending the box onto the bed.

A deluge of sex toys bounced on the bed; small, medium, large, smooth and ribbed, dildos, vibrators and butt-plugs - enough to keep even a sexy Serpent engaged for a long time. Still smiling Alice bent over and picked up a large vibrator.

"MMmnn, yum, yes," Betty gave Toni one more lap and pulled herself up, reaching down to help the other teen to her feet. For a moment the two teen Serpents surveyed the pile as Alice got on the bed, sitting against the headboard and spreading her legs. The toy buzzed as she began to rub it at her cunt, smiling broadly at the younger women as they quickly chose a couple of vibrators themselves and joined her, Toni in the middle, Betty on the other side.

The blonde switched on the toy, feeling it vibrate and spin in her hand. She glanced to the side to see Toni was already rubbing hers at her pussy, shuddering in pleasure. "MMmnnn, yesss, oooohhh."

Betty spread her leg so her thigh was over Toni's and her foot tickling at her Mom's and began to slide the toy over her twat. The vibrations sped up her like an electric surge, waves of sexual pleasure blazing up her pussy. She pressed the toy harder, rubbing it up and down over her slit and onto her clitoris, feeling the power course through her, stoking her passion. She gasped and giggled, moaning heavily as the flames of ecstasy grew. Closing her eyes she could hear the moans of her Mom and Toni above the buzz of their toys, feel their shakes and shivers as they came.

The three Serpents worked the toys over their pussies, making them the vibrate as much as the sex-aids. Cunt juice dripped from them all, soaking Alice's bedding, though Betty didn't think - for once - her Mom would mind the extra laundry. Their moans got louder and more intense as they massaged the toys over their cunts, pressing them hard at the slots and sending explosive waves through them all. "Ooohhh, mmmnnn yes, mmmmnnn, ururrhhh."

Betty opened her eyes again, looking at Toni, the teen gasping in pleasure and then her Mom, the older woman toying herself excitedly as her daughter watched. She saw Betty looking at her and grinned happily "That's good Betty, rub that pretty pussy like that." She grinned wider as Betty nodded and worked the toy faster and harder, "I'm so proud, now we're both Serpents we'll do lots of things like this together."

"I'm looking forward to it," giggled Betty. And she was. After years of not getting her Mom and feeling like she was the cuckoo in the nest, she finally belonged - the sense of connection with her Mom so intense it was almost like they were one. "I'm so glad we're Serpents together."

Her Mom grinned and nodded, not answering but instead concentrating on rubbing her cunt with the vibrator, suddenly giving a little squeal as she came. Betty did the same, pressing the shivering toy over her clit and gasping as it drove her to another orgasm. Between them Toni was also shuddering and crying out, her eyes closed in ecstasy, as she worked her wrist up and down, "Oooohhh, uuurrhhh, aaaaarrghh."

"AAAaarrggghhh," Alice screamed in pleasure, her body shaking so much the whole bed wobbled with her, "Aaaarrrrghhh." She collapsed back against the bed, switching off her toy and watching Toni and Betty as the two teen's slid their own toys over their soaked holes.

After a few moments, Alice stood up and walked over to the pile of toys. She picked up a plug and smiled, "Have you ever jilled your pussy, whilst there's a plug in your butt, it doubles the fun."

"No," Betty shook her head, more surprised than she should have been that her Mom knew this stuff.

"Yeah, it does," giggled Toni. She switched off her toy and looked at Betty, "You should try it."

"Okay," said Betty, switching off her vibrator. If her Mom recommended it she wanted to try it.

"Get on your hands and knees and we'll put it in, your ass can be tight the first time," Alice instructed and Betty did as her Mom said without complaint. "Toni, could you help open Betty's butt."

The older woman put the toy in her mouth and began to suck it as Toni knelt behind Betty and gripped her ass cheeks pulling them apart. She spat down at the hole and rubbed it with a finger, pressing it gently at the sphincter, easing the rosebud apart slightly. Betty quivered in excitement, she had never had anything up her ass and she was both excited and a little nervous. Luckily her Mom seemed to be really lubricating the toy and Toni also seemed to have some expertise in prepping an asshole for entry, the teen pushing her finger tip in and twisting it round to create a small cavern.

"She's ready," Toni said after a couple of moments.

Alice popped the toy from her mouth, it shimmered with her saliva, well-wetted. She smiled as she past it to Toni, "You do the honours." Toni nodded as she took the plug. Alice turned back to her daughter, "Relax and enjoy, it'll be uncomfortable at first but you'll soon get used to it. Then you'll love it."

Betty nodded. "Ready" asked Toni and before the blonde teen could reply, she pushed the toy in. For a second, as the tip passed her sphincter, Betty though her Mom was wrong about the discomfort - it felt no worse than having the tip of Toni's finger twisting there. Then the other teen pushed it further and Betty gasped, her eyes widening, as her ass walls were stretched and opened. Toni turned and pushed, drilling the plug deeper and deeper into the hole. The walls ached and widened, seeming to go further than they were designed to go. It felt like swallowing cement and Betty's mouth twisted in a grimace.

Her Mom smiled encouragingly, picking out another plug, "That's it Betty, you can take it," she said and slipped her lips round the second plug, sucking it like a popsicle.

"Uuurrhhh," grunted Betty, hoping that sounded like agreement rather than pain. Her ass was sore with the toy, not agonisingly so, but more like a throbbing pain which was just about bearable. Toni stroked her ass cheek with one hand whilst she worked the toy with the other. Betty wiggled and pushed her butt back, hoping to get more comfortable - it seemed to work, or at least it didn't get any worse as Toni pushed at the toy.

"That's in," giggled her fellow Serpent.

Pulling the plug from her mouth Alice smiled at her daughter, "Give yourself a moment to get used to that whilst me and Toni plug our asses."

"Uuuhh, yes," grimaced Betty. She watched as Toni picked up a plug and sucked it for a moment. Even as the teen Serpent was sucking it Alice was spreading the teen's ass and working the dildo in. Various expressions passed over Toni's face, but she took it and as soon it was embedded she removed the plug from her mouth and returned the favour.

Betty watched as her fellow Serpent bent down and eased apart her Mom's cheeks before placing the tip of the toy over the rosebud and twisting it in. The older woman moaned and giggled as the toy drilled down, her tattoo shivering so it seemed like the snake was slithering across her back. It didn't take long for Toni to drive it in, straightening and smiling like a craftsman who has done a good job. Alice stretched and giggled, "Good fit." She turned back to Betty, "How's yours?"

To her surprise Betty found that whilst she'd been watching the others she'd got used to her own toy without noticing. She gave her ass an experimental wiggle, the toy moved slightly but in a way that sent little jolts of pleasure through her, rather than pain. She smiled up at her Mom, "It's fits well too."

"Okay," Alice grinned, "Let's work our cunts. Get onto your back Betty, roll yourself so your ass is upwards and then spread your legs."

Betty did as she was told as her Mom and Toni took similar positions either side. The three vibrators buzzed in unison, like lightsabers at a duel, as the women switched them on. Betty pressed hers to her pussy and began to work it, sliding the toy over her slit. It felt good, even better than before, as the plug vibrated and shivered in her ass, stimulating hidden nerves and sexual zones. She gasped and moved it harder and faster, massaging her slick slot with the buzzing toy. Betty could feel her Mom shuddering and shaking as she too played with her pussy, the older woman's leg brushing at her daughter's as they lay side by side. Toni was quivering in pleasure as well, her back bending as she rubbed her cunt.

"Oooohhh, urrrrhh, yessss," the three of them moaned. Their groans and squeaks sounded over the light buzz of the toys and the rock of the bed as they shuddered on it. Betty could feel her cunt juice filling her pussy and oozing over her lips, leaving them gleaming with cum. She moved the toy faster and faster, pressing it at her clitoral hood and crying out in pleasure as the bud bounced and quivered under the vibrator's power. "Aaarrrghh, yessss, aaaaarrghh," her head pushed against the bed and her blonde hair spread over the quilt.

"Aaaarrrghh, fuuckk, aaaarrghh," Toni and her Mom were equally enjoying themselves, their arms moving at speed as they jilled themselves with the vibrators, the plugs quivering in their butts. "Aaaarrrggghh."

Betty pressed the toy harder against her cunt, feeling the power. It felt so good. It was nice Toni was here, but she was an add-on. It was her Mom that mattered; she knew they were now in a good place, if you don't become close to someone when you masturbate in unison when were you going to be? She felt so close to her at this moment, a bonding they'd never had. She squeaked and gasped as another orgasm hit her, her elbow pressing at her Mom's side as the older woman came at the same time, her back arching up. "Aaaarrrghhh, yessss, aaaarrghh."

"Aaaarrghh, fuuuckkk, yesssss," squealed Toni, her back arching and her legs kicking like an overturned beetle. "Aaarrrrghh, fuck, shit," she screamed loudly as she came, her body shuddering. Then she collapsed back, panting for breath, sated.

Betty continued with her Mom, the two Coopers working the toys over their cunts and clits, their bodies shaking and quivering as the pleasure tore through them. Both of them squealed and squeaked, cunt juice soaking their toys and the bedding. The plugs wiggled in their asses, shaking and jiggling, stimulating them with every pleasurable shudder. They turned their heads to each other, smiling for a second before their expressions contorted as another round of orgasms hit them. They continued rubbing and massaging with the vibrators, their ecstasy in total union. Faster and faster they used the toys, powering their pussies to oblivion.

"Aaaarrrrghhh" screamed Betty as she came.

"Aaaarrrrghhh" her Mom cried out as she orgasmed at the same time.

Two explosive geysers of cum squirted up from their cunts, the juice shooting up well over a foot, before splashing down on the bed. Betty collapsed back, her cunt so pleasured it was almost numb.

Her Mom switched off her vibrator, panting heavily as she lay back on the bed, trying to get her breath until she finally managed it, "I guess we're both Southside Serpents now."

"Yes," smiled Betty "and no Serpent fucks alone."


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