Sarah vs The IAE-Remastered

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Covert Domestic Prison-May 4th 15:00 hrs.


Blacksite Alpha prison is a maximum-security prison located under the hot desert sand of Arizona.  It is the ultimate holding area for the nation’s unofficial prisoners, and it is where Daniel Shaw found himself spending the rest of his days waiting to die.  His anger burned at the two people he felt most responsible for his life being over Chuck Bartowski and Sarah Walker.  Shaw knew that he would never see the outside world again, but he could find solace in one thing, the destruction of Walker and Bartowski.


After a few months he had managed to get a message to his old asset Dr. Stephen Powell and had even managed to design a rudimentary communication system.  He was allowed outside his cell for 1 hour a day, and after calling in multiple favors with multiple guards, managed to secure an untapped phone line, which he used to contact Powell and design his revenge.


"She would be perfect for your research Doctor," Daniel Shaw said.


"Why should I trust you Shaw," Powell replied.


"She killed my wife! I want her to pay for it,” Shaw replied.


"I don't see how you can get the CIA to send their best agent into such and obvious trap," Powell replied.


"Trust me. She will do anything for him, and he must suffer as well," Shaw replied.


"How can you arrange this?  You are in a maximum security prison," Powell replied.


"It's already been arranged.  I have left a trail that even those idiots could follow.  Just give her your serum and let it happen."


“Now I can only do this if your brother is compatible genetically.  The attraction will only work if the pheromones are good,” Powell said.


“You already tested mine and they worked.  My brothers will too.  It's the only way it can happen.”


“I still have to test him,” Powell replied.


“So test him,” Shaw demanded.


"I will need to find a way to administer it," Powell said.


"I have a solution for that. I can get you the Nano-viper," Shaw said with a sneer.


"You can? How," Powell said.


The Nano-viper was a top secret “black bag” project developed by the government, which was designed for mind control.  It was a small vessel designed to pass through the blood/brain barrier and deposit its payload, usually target specific chemicals, directly to the subject’s brain.


"Trust me," Shaw replied.



POWELLS OFFICE-May 6th 13:00 hrs.




Powell had no allegiance to Shaw, but saw twisted revenge plan as a way to further his research and he suspected that his findings from this experiment could be groundbreaking.  He checked the clock and then quickly closed his office and headed out to a very important meeting that Shaw had scheduled for him at a local park.



Botanical Garden-May 6th -13:30 hrs.


He still needed additional help with his implementation, but needed someone who would be able to be trusted.  There was one person who, while he didn't trust her, did developmental work on the serum with him, and was actually the person who recruited him into the ring.   He made his way into the park, sat on the specified bench, and waited for his contact to appear. Five minutes later a shapely brunette with large glasses sat on the bench beside him.


"Hello Steven you are looking well."


"Hello Jill. It's been a long time. Thank you for coming to meet with me."


"Shaw said it would be worth my while," Jill replied.


"I think it will.  How would you like to get revenge on Sarah Walker?"


Powell watched as a sinister smile spread across Jill's face.


"What do you need me to do?"


Jill first met Powell when he was a young research geneticist for the army, who had made some amazing discoveries in the field of genetics, and in particular, breeding.  It was his initial findings that put him on the map, and shortly after that the ring dispatched Jill to seduced and recruit him.  She was a biochemist by training and assisted Powell in the development in an unofficial capacity. 


His serum acted like an aphrodisiac where the person who was exposed to it would be able to select a suitable sexual partner based on another’s pheromones.  In essence the person would be attracted to the genetics of a perfect partner, with such animalistic fury, that they would essentially go into heat, to signal their partner they wanted to procreate. 


Jill’s role in the development was as the first human subject that Powell experimented on, and willingly allowed him to give her very minor doses of the serum and the results had been astounding. Unfortunately for Powell, Jill’s genetics were matched better with his neighbor’s 20 year old son Jamie, and he walked in on them one early September evening.  However, Powell understood the result and even used it as a learning experience on proper dosage. 


After she escaped from custody, Jill was able to disappear with help from the ring, who gave her a new identity and placed her in a position as a lab tech in a government lab.  Her mission was to acquire a classified nano-machine that was developed by the Army for biological applications.  She had successfully done it and was about to send it off to the ring when Powell called.


 "I need your help. I need the Nano-viper," he said. 


"Shaw told me.  What is this for exactly?”


Powell briefly explained his meeting with Shaw to her and outlined his plan.


"What about conception? Standard procedure for agents is an implant," Jill said


"The serum will override her implant. The amount of hormones that will be stimulated will prevent the implant from being able to utilize progestin to inhibit the fertilization, and in regards to her cheating, she won't have any control over it."


"What do you mean?"


"The serum will make them unable to resist each other. She won't even realize it."


"I seriously doubt that Steven. When I was on it I could still make somewhat rational decisions."


"No Jill, this serum is much different," Powell began and then told her about the new developments that he had made.


Using the original IAE serum, he synthesized a new derivative, which would essentially remove any emotional component from the subject.   The effect was twofold, not only would it cause extreme arousal and physically as well as mentally prepare the two subjects for breeding, but he could actually genetically program a target event into their mind as an involuntary act, and then have them not retain any memory of the target event.   Morality was removed because they would not be able to recognize this behavior as a negative action, and therefore would not be able stop it because they would be unable to validate the action as negative.  There was only a strong desire to physically complete the action, but not retain the memory of any physical act, which would be associated with the specified event.  There would be no emotions involved, merely biological responses that would dictate their behavior. It would be an involuntary response, as natural as breathing to the subjects, once the serum saturated their medulla.


“And you’re sure of this,” Jill asked.


“Of course, don't forget the IAE was originally developed for assassins. We give them an order and specified a target event.  Once the action is associated with the target event, the memory of the action will not be retained.  It’s how an operator can have plausible deniability and pass an interrogation.  How can an operator fail an interrogation if their memory was not retained?  Even any chemical interrogation method is worthless on a nonexistent memory, because the receptors are empty.”


“I’m not sure I understand,” Jill replied.


“When truth serums are applied, they slow the speed at which your body sends messages from your spinal cord to your brain. As a result, it's more difficult to perform high-functioning tasks such as concentrating on singular functionalities.  It's this concentration that you need to think up a lie that truth serum impedes.  Stress is caused by refusing to reveal that information.”


“I’m beginning to understand.  You can’t get a confession from someone who has no information,” Jill replied.


“Exactly, you can’t lie if the memory isn’t retained,” Powell replied.


“Does it only work on physical actions?  Will they remember feelings?”


“I’m not sure.  Again I’ve never experimented on humans, but all I need is the Nano-viper to administer it and find out,” Powell replied and further explained to her.



He devised a way to deliver the serum by utilizing the undetectable Nano-viper, essentially a small cylinder, with a protein coating that contained a highly concentrated amount of the serum, which he could inject into them when he took their blood. The small vessel would attach itself to the base of their brain stem and migrate to the medulla. Once it was permanently situated, it could release the serum when triggered by Powell.  The machine also gave him the ability to monitor bodily functions and parameters of both Sarah and Sean, in addition to releasing a sedative that would render the subjects unconscious.


Powell scanned Jill’s face as she listened to his plan, then when he saw her smile return he knew that he had her.


“I’m in.”


Unknown Location-May12th 00:45 hrs.



Two silhouettes stood on a small bluff overlooking a sedimentation basin of a waste water treatment facility, and turned around as a black SUV came thundering up the dusty access road.

The SUV stopped and two men got out of the front seats, and pulled a limp body out of the back.  The face was covered by a bag, but an orange prison jump suit could clearly be seen underneath. The man was shackled from the legs and hands, and dropped to his knees as the men deposited him on the ground.


"Convict 10987 ma'am," the men said.


"Leave us. Wait in the truck," one silhouette said.


The two men did as they were told and drove off about 100 meters.


The figure approached the convict and pulled off his bag.


"Hello Diane, so nice of you to come," the convict said.


General Diane Beckman bristled at the contempt with the words were spoken.


"I’m only here because of my daughter. Are you sure this plan will work," Beckman replied.


"Yes. You will have justice for your daughter.  Hello Jill."


"You can procure the Nano-Viper," Beckman asked Jill.


"Absolutely," Jill said as she pulled a small vial out of her pocket.


"There are two of them in here.  They passed all testing phases and are fully operational."


"Your contact agrees that these will work," Beckmann questioned Jill.


"Oh course ma'am. Estimated success rate 100%," Jill replied smugly.



"In that case I will get approval from the other elders," Beckman said as she took out her circular ring phone and signaled the men to return Shaw to prison.


"Not letting me escape for old time sake mom?"


"Get this through your head! I loathe you, and could never understand why my daughter married you! But if I can give Evelyn justice then I will," Beckman said as the SUV pulled back up.


"Take him back to prison," she said as she walked away.





CASTLE-May 20th 17:00 hrs.


"I'm sorry to say that this assignment will be extensive.  Most likely a few months, but they payoff is we could get our hands on Volkov," Beckman said as she looked at her team assembled in castle.


5 weeks ago the team had intercepted information that Shaw had planted indicating the he was working with a local university genetics professor who was able to regenerate human tissue and cells and was being funded by Volkov.


"Dr. Powell is too much of a priority to leave to unseasoned agents. His gene therapy technology is too dangerous and must be kept out of the Rings hands.  His serum is very important."


“Excuse me Ma’am, but what exactly does this serum do,” Chuck asked.


“It’s called Induced Action Enhancement (IAE) serum agent Bartowski.  Basically when the subject is exposed to the serum they become susceptible to a certain level of suggestion which would govern their actions,” Beckman replied.


“Oh like truth serum,” Chuck said.


“Actually it's a bit more powerful than that.  In simple terms the serum opens up a neural pathway, which allows information to be implanted directly into the subconscious.  The implanted information then becomes processed as thoughts in the subject’s consciousness.  Any information that is implanted would therefore be interpreted as premeditation, and untraceable.”


“Are you saying that you can get people to do something and have them think it was their idea,” Chuck asked.


“It’s always easier for someone to do something if they think it was their idea,” Beckman replied before signing off.


Sarah was to go undercover as his new postdoc, Dr. Sarah Myers, and it meant extended time away from Chuck.  She was hesitant to take the assignment, but if it meant that she could get information on Chuck’s mom then she would do it. Her backstory and grades provided by the CIA allowed her to raise the top of the selection group for Powell's group.


“You know I wish you didn't have to go,” Chuck said.


“Don’t worry.  I will be back in a few weeks and hopefully with your mom,” Sarah replied while kissing him.


“I love you Chuck.”


“I love you too Sarah.  Please be safe.”


“I will.

SARAH-University May 24th


The basic Intel. they had on Powell was that he started his career as a postdoc for the army and made some amazing discoveries in the field of genetics, and in particular breeding.  He developed a serum that enabled animals to be able to detect the potential mate that had the best genetics, and therefore the best choice for reproduction.  There was however a major red flag in his past.   He initially developed the serum while working as postdoc for the research geneticist Dr. Richard Harris.  They had a very good working relationship, until one day Harris was found with classified data that he had taken off the base, a violation of his security clearance.  There were many whisper’s that Powell planted the material to take over the project, but there was never any real proof.   The result was that Harris was thrown into federal prison and Powell got credit for the serum.  A few years later, when commercialized for the beef industry, it netted Powell many millions of dollars.  Unfortunately, a few months after the discovery went public, Richard Harris was found dead in his cell of an apparent suicide.


She interviewed with Powell and he seemed to like her, but he did require a blood sample from her, in which he clandestinely injected the Nano-viper.  Sarah felt a bit leery of that but Beckman assured her that it was only standard procedure as Powell had done this with every one of his research associates.  She was relieved to hear 3 days later that she could start on Monday.  The first 2 weeks required a bit of an adjustment, as Sarah had never worked in a research lab before.  She did miss Chuck terribly, but surprisingly Powell was very helpful and professional, even when they were alone.


Unknown to Sarah was the true nature of Powell's research.  He was an expert at genetics and was working on a way to create a human with a superior genome, one that could ultimately live for hundreds of years.  In order to do that he needed to create favorable subjects, in short he needed to breed humans, and Shaw’s twisted revenge plan gave him the perfect opportunity to perform his perverted and unethical experiments.  Sarah Walker was his perfect subject, she was beautiful, smart and with no trace of hereditary diseases.  She would certainly stir the lust of the male that Powell chose to breed with her, all he had to do was give her the serum and match her genetics up with the correct partner.


POWELL-University May 26th


Shaw had informed Powell that his brother was registered at the university under the name James Schmidt, as Shaw had faked his death and changed his name from Schmidt, once he entered the agency.   It was the usual way that an agent kept their family safe.  It was fortunate that Schmidt submitted an application to join his research group; perhaps this wouldn’t be as challenging as I thought, mused Powell.  If Shaw was correct and his brother’s genetics matched favorably with Walker’s then, in theory, they would be attracted to each other on a genetic level.   Once that happened her desire to be impregnated by him would be unfathomable. 


Shaw and Powell had already come up with a plan to convince Sean to participate, however Powell wanted the experiment to be free of external pressure.  For instance he could not test the true power of the serum if Sean had a premeditated intent of impregnating Sarah.  He needed their actions to be devoid of any external influence, so Sean would have to be drawn to her by the serum alone.  Shaw was understandably against this, but Powell assured him that once he finished the new serum it would be impossible for them to resist each other.  He figured that it would take a minimum of at least a week of exposure to one another before the effects would manifest in Sarah and Sean, but he was just estimating as he didn’t have any clue what was really going to happen.



SEAN-Powell’s Office May 28th



Dr. Steven Powell was one of the most preeminent geneticists in the university, so when Sean Schmidt a first year grad student who had recently joined his research group was asked to submit blood sample, he dutifully complied. Sean approached his office and gently knocked on the door.


“Dr. Powell? Hi I’m Sean Schmidt,” he said as he gently poked his head through the door.


"Come in Sean and please sit down," Powell said.


"Thank you," Sean replied as he sat down.


"First of all Sean I want to say how happy I am that you submitted an application to join my research group," Powell began.


"Thank you sir," Sean replied.


"Sean I think..." Powell continued and went overboard with the effusive praise telling him how great a teacher he was and how bright a future he had.  After a few minutes he had Sean eating out of his hand and now it was time to draw him in. 


"I assume that you are wondering why we had you take a blood test before joining the group," he said.


"Well yes, I thought maybe it was to see if I had been exposed to anything that would prohibit me from working with anything in the lab," Sean replied.


"No Sean that’s not the reason.  I needed to make sure you were who you said you were.”


“Sir,” Sean asked quizzically.



“I did it because of your brother," Powell replied.


"My brother?  I don’t understand my brother died in a car accident years ago," Sean asked quizzically.


“No Sean.  Your brother is very much alive.”


“Alive? What do you mean?”


“And he needs your help.”


“My help?  I don’t understand?”


“I needed to make sure you were his brother before I showed you this for security reasons.  Here, I’ll let him explain it to you,” Powell said as he flipped a switch on his computer and a video of Shaw came on.


“Hello Sean.  If you are seeing this I know you must have many questions…”


Shaw went on to explain how he had to fake his death to protect his family.  He painted himself as a hero who was betrayed by various rogue elements in the intelligence community, but would be able to secure his freedom and bring the true “criminals” in the intelligence community to justice, if Powell could get his serum to work.  After watching the video twice more Sean turned his attention back to Powell.


“What do you need me to do?”


"Your brother infiltrated a suspected agro-terrorist group that was in possession of a synthetic viroid that would cut our crop production in half.  They captured him and are holding him."


"Agro-terrorism? I didn't know things like that even existed. Is agriculture really that big of a target," Sean asked.


"Of course, the United States produces over 80% of the grain stock in the world. If we were to suddenly lose 30-50% of our crop production it would be an economic catastrophe," Powell replied.


“And not just humans.  Think of the animals.  How will we feed them with no grain stock?”


“I never thought of it that way,” Sean replied.


"Sean this project needs to succeed. I need your expertise on this project. If we can successfully develop this vaccine, it will essentially render the viroid that the terrorists developed useless. Then the government will organize a rescue mission to get your brother out of the terrorist’s hands."


But what can I do?"


"Sean you are a gifted scientist. I need you to work with Dr. Sarah Myers to solve this problem. She has already made great strides, but with your help I think she can get the correct genetic sequence.  Can you do this for your brother Sean?"


“Yes I can sir,” Sean replied emphatically.


“Good and just one more thing,” Powell said as he threw Sean a small cup.


“What’s that?”


"I need a sample of your semen.”


“My semen? Why?”


“We are working with genetically modified things here Sean.  We need your DNA to avoid any cross contamination.”


“Well can’t you just swab my mouth?”


“Not good enough.  Trust me this is the best way to monitor for contamination,” Powell lied.


“Ok sir,” Sean said with more than a bit of hesitation.


“Good.  Just leave the sample with my grad student later tonight.  Oh and Sean,” Powell said.




“These walls have ears. You need to keep this secret. If word would get out your brother’s life would be in danger.  Do you understand?"


"Yes sir.  Please tell my brother I won’t let him down.  You can count on me,” Sean replied.


“I know I can.  Welcome aboard,” Powell said as they shook hands.


SARAH University May 28th


After another day of fruitless searching for a connection between Powell and Volkov, a very frustrated Sarah turned off her office computer and got ready to end the day.  She missed Chuck terribly and the total lack of an obvious connection between Powell and Volcov was definitely taking its toll on her.  The Nano-viper has been in for over a week now and had migrated into its final position.  Powell had been slowly dripping the serum in and by now the effect was beginning to take root.


She decided to go to the university gym and work out some of the tension she was feeling.  Of course news of a beautiful blonde like Sarah quickly got around to the male population, a fact which she could exploit to build possible relationships if needed.  Usually she would easily dismiss this attention, but she had been feeling a little off as of late, a byproduct of the serum beginning to affect her brain chemistry, and found that she actually liked the usual male attention she was getting this time.  She chalked it up to just harmless fun and missing Chuck, and continued changing for the gym.



Her standard method of clandestinely gaining intelligence on a specific area was to go to the larger public places that still afforded her the opportunity to be anonymous, and was a great way to recon.  The gym was usually deserted as the majority of the students were on summer break, so she wasn’t surprised to see a solitary figure running on a treadmill.   


Sean had been on the treadmill for about 20 minutes and was working up a good lather of sweat, as Sarah silently entered the room and got on the elliptical machine directly in front of him. She put on her head phones to tune out the world, but after only a few minutes something distracted her.  Ordinarily she would be lost in her music as she exercised, but she couldn’t seem to focus on her workout. There was a scent in the air, it seemed familiar and almost pleasant to her, but she couldn’t remember what it was.


Sean-University Gym May 29th


Sean looked up as Sarah entered the room and nearly lost his balance on the treadmill.

She was dressed in a pair of black tights that clung tightly around her long toned legs, and tight firm behind. Her tight blue running shirt pulled tightly against her skin, and strained greatly to cover her breasts, ending just above her navel, and exposing her flat stomach. Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail and he could see the sweat glistening off of her shoulders and begin to deposit on the back of her shirt.


But My God…Her Ass….he thought as he felt his cock grow in his shorts.


He stared intently as her beautiful behind mesmerized him as it gyrated with the rhythm of the elliptical motion of the machine. The thrusting and stretching the spandex of her pants with sweet precision was causing him to grip the supports of the treadmill to keep from falling.



As Sarah continued to be deluged with Sean’s pheromones, she let her mind wander and could feel her body respond as images of previous sexual escapades formed in her mind.   She drifted to Chuck and how he treated her like a real woman; a real girlfriend and she loved him for that.  Sex before him was different, it was impersonal and not a very pleasurable experience, as she recalled her previous lovers.  Carina was the wild one; Sarah’s sexual escapades were mostly pedestrian, with one notable exception.  Her mind naturally wandered to that exception, and it was Daniel Shaw. Her breath began to quicken as she increased her pace on the elliptical and felt the familiar tingling between her legs turn to a warm flood.


God what is wrong with me… Sarah thought.


She realized that her nipples were hard, despite the warm temperature of the room.  No one had ever been able to drive her desire, or fill her with such animal lust and sexual fury the way Shaw did, especially that time in Castle.



It was during the time when Chuck was with Hannah and Sarah was at a real low point emotionally.  Shaw offered her a place to hide from her pain and she accepted.  The entire team was in Castle receiving a briefing from a government scientist on a new development in an ongoing case when the event took place.  Chuck had spent the night with Hannah, and Sarah and Shaw had just returned from a trip to New York.  Casey and Chuck were seated on both sides of the table and Sarah was seated at the end.   Casey was talking freely, but Sarah and Chuck were still not making eye contact with each other.


Sarah was sitting by herself when Shaw sat beside her and silently watched the display with her. She felt hand on her leg, and inhaled sharply as she felt the hand move below her skirt and softly rub her inner thigh. Her eyes widened as she felt the hand begin to rise toward her very moist pussy.


"Stop it now," she whispered at him sternly as she slammed her legs together tightly and trapped his hand between them.


She repeated herself and clamped her legs together like a vice, but failed to realize the position he was in. His hand was now palming her sex and he began to gently squeeze his hand together and grope her. He could feel her heat and continued his manipulations as she strained to close her legs tighter and tighter. The fire inside of her exploded and her juices flowed as she felt his hand squeeze her sex. She was determined to stop him, but the harder she pulled her legs together the further she pushed his hand into her. Desperate to stop the onslaught, she grasped his hand and tried to pull him away, but as she moved to his hand, she relaxed her thighs and his hand was now in total possession of her mound.


She tried in vain to remove his hand and her eyes widened and breath quickened when she felt a finger slide up inside of her. She dared not to make a sound for fear of drawing attention to the situation, and deeply inhaled as she felt his finger go deep inside of her. She looked over at him pleadingly to stop, but he just gazed at her wickedly and increased his pace. Her arousal grew as his speed increased and she moaned silently to herself as she felt him slide another finger deep inside of her. She slumped back in her chair and closed her eyes as he continued to finger her soaking wet pussy. She looked around the room, and satisfied that she was in no immediate danger of being discovered, slipped her hands under the table, and gripped his noticeable bulge. She gripped his fly and pulled it down, freeing his cock, then gripping it with her right hand, began to pump as he continued to finger her pussy.


 Sweat began to form on their brows as they continued to pound each other, while waves of pleasure began to form inside of Sarah as she increased her pace on his cock. He sensed she was near and increased his pace as well, each time going into her deeper and deeper. She began to tense as she felt her orgasm erupt and bit her lip to keep from shouting, while pounding his shaft hard as wave after wave of illicit pleasure rocked her to her core.


 Suddenly she felt him tense in her hand and he moaned softly as he erupted all over her hands. For a while they stayed motionless as their pleasure subsided and eventually they came back to earth. When he pulled his hand out of her Sarah noticed it covered in her juices and looked on with a sense of erotic delight as he calmly licked his fingers clean.


 "You are a delicious."



"Argh," she sighed as her release came, her chest heaving and her legs straining to keep her upright.  She was soaked with sweat and very nearly slipped from her machine, as she got off then faced the full-length mirror to stretch.


Sean saw her reflection in the mirror and stared at her sweat covered body; her shirt sucked down with perspiration and molded to her breasts, and began to fantasize about taking each of her nipples into his mouth and suckling on them while she would moan with pleasure. When she bent down to touch her toes her saw her magnificent behind and crotch saturated with perspiration and longed to taste her sweet juices as his mouth invaded her pussy.


Sarah looked up at his reflection in the mirror and saw the effect she was having on him by the size of the bulge in his shorts, and although she would have normally walked away, she felt herself attracted to the attention she was getting from him. She lingered a bit longer and spread her legs to do some slow deep knee bends.  She felt the wetness between her legs, a mixture of sweat and lust, and pulled her pants up a little higher to ensure her spandex went deep into her pussy as she descended.  The effects of the heat of the room and the serum were driving her wild. Her heightened sense of arousal due to the serum, coupled with her sweat soaked skintight spandex, was causing a delicious little pressure on her pussy. Every time she would bend down the feel of the spandex across her naked sex, sent pleasurable little pulses that would radiate through her body.


His cock grew at warp speed when he viewed that perfect ass contoured by her tight spandex, but when their eyes locked in the mirror, that's when he lost it.


He slipped on the treadmill and dropped to the ground, but in a flash he was up and heading out the door.


“Are you ok,” Sarah called after him.


“Yes fine thanks,” he responded as he quickly left to hide his embarrassment.


“Poor guy,” Sarah smiled as she returned to her stretches.







Ever the scientist, Powell was analyzing Sean's sample and came to a few interesting discoveries. Shaw had been correct when he said that his brothers genetics would be comparable with Sarah's, as a matter of fact they were potentially a closer match than Shaw was, as his brother carried a few recessive genes that could be more favored with Sarah's genetics.


When he first designed the serum, he did so in a way to take advantage of basic human nature that is hardwired into the species. When females ovulate males are subconsciously drawn to them and women are more receptive to male’s advances.  There was even a statistical probability that if cheating occurred, it would happen during ovulation.  It all goes back to the basic need that humans have to reproduce, and pass on their genes.  Woman who are in a relationship and cheat do so often because of the subconscious attraction they have to a better looking male then their partner, because a better looking male is usually indicative of better genes.  The woman would want her off spring to have the best chance of survival which meant the offspring with the better genetic makeup and free of hereditary diseases.


As for males the old adage "think with your dick," does indeed hold some validity, men who cheat are usually cheating with an ovulating woman for much of the same reason.  However men that are in a committed relationship tend to become more possessive and protective of their female partners when she is ovulating, the logic being to fend off other males from his female.  Women do pick up on this as well and can be more jealous around another woman when that woman is ovulating.  These responses are simply built in to human DNA, and the ability to suppress or resist these urges is the hallmark of human evolution.


What Powell’s serum essentially did was remove the ability to suppress these desires, and more deviously, eliminating any kind of objectivity, thus eliminating a person’s inherent sense of morality.  In short, the genetic attraction between the two matched specimens was so powerful, it would eventually override any ancillary emotions, and the only thought in their brain would be of reproducing. He went a step further with his new serum. He wanted to insure success, so using his remaining sample from both Sarah and Sean; he mutated the serum for target specific attraction. This allowed him to make the new serum with the specificity for the both Sarah and Sean’s genetic attributes, meaning their generic attraction would be supercharged for each other, even more so then his regular serum.  He was unsure of what the risks would be, but he knew time was short and wanted this experiment to work, and took every step to achieve success.


He needed to make sure that they were both on the serum the first time that they met each other, so he timed the Nano-viper to slowly release the serum, beginning the previous week, so now they would both have it in their blood stream.   He had installed hidden cameras in the ceiling of the lab, and watched with anticipation as Sean approached Sarah’s office from the outside corridor.




Sarah & Sean the first meeting


Sarah slowly rubbed her tired blue eyes as she continued to leaf through the lab papers looking for anything that could tie Powell to the ring, but so far she found nothing.  She was just about to give up; when Powell told her he would send down one of his grad students to help her out. A knock at the door brought her back to reality and she quickly sat back down as the departmental secretary, followed by Sean, walked through the door to greet her.


"Dr. Myers this is Sean Schmidt," the secretary said.


"Pleasure to meet you Dr. Myers," Sean said as he warmly shook her hand, his eyes momentarily widening at the sight of her beauty, and his cock immediately sprung to life when he saw her attire. 


She was dressed in a tight black form-fitting turtleneck, which clung to her body as if it had been painted on. The fabric of the garment clung tightly against her flat belly and contoured her beautiful breasts.  It was when she turned around to show him to his chair however, that he did a double take. She accented the turtleneck with a tight black pair of riding pants that shaped her long legs and sensuous hips, while framing her beautiful heart shaped behind, a behind which he remembered from before.


Oh My God It’s her!  The Girl from the Gym!  That Ass…he thought and tried to contain himself


"Same here Sean. Oh and there is no need for formalities, please call me Sarah," she said as the secretary left and she showed him to a chair.


They talked for a few minutes about basic informalities, until eventually Sarah came to talk about her research that was created by the CIA for her cover. 


"Well my research is in genetics basically and in particular human genetics," she began.


"I am very interested in inherited traits. I am sure you have heard by now that there is some evidence that suggests that there may be a cancer gene. Well what I am doing in particular is looking for is to see how we may be able to detect it, and then inhibit it if possible," she said. 


As she was talking to him, she felt something begin to manifest; it was a feeling of a strong attraction.  It was almost as if just the sound of his voice was turning her on, and as she continued to listen to him talk; a fire began to burn between her legs.  Sarah had been attracted to people on missions before, and her trading always served to quickly mitigate the feeling; however, unlike a momentary persuasion, which she could easily suppress, this attraction was lingering.  But it was more than an attraction; she could feel her temperature actually rise the longer they spoke.


Oh That Voice! She thought to herself as her face was flush and her nipples involuntarily hardened, causing her to fold her arms in an attempt to camouflage her response, but with every word he spoke her pussy began to tingle more than before. She did not know why she was turned on so much by this voice, but her arousal was beginning to reach epic proportions.


Sean was concentrating on her words, but as hard as he tried to focus, he still found himself distracted, as she was a vision of beauty for any mortal man to behold.  He began to feel a light sweat form on his brow, as the serum was already causing his body to respond to hers.  He tried to focus on the project she was explaining, but for some reason his mind was completely focused on analyzing her body. Her long blonde hair framed an angelically beautiful face, which looked at the world through beautiful blue eyes. Her high cheekbones and full lips were the envy of most women, and the desire of all men. She may have had a face of an angel, but she had the body of the devil… he thought as his brain continued the analysis.


 Her upper body was graced with a pair of magnificent breasts, the nipples of which were clearly visible below her skintight turtle neck she wore. Her shirt showcased her flat tummy, as well as her perfect chest. Her lower body was blessed with long supple legs encased in a pair of skintight pants, which contoured her sensual hips and "unbelievable" behind.


He shifted in his seat uncomfortably as his cock began to harden, until he could take it no more and excused himself to go to the bathroom and relieve his aching cock.


“Oh I have a bathroom attached to my office over here,” Sarah said as she showed him the door.


“Please excuse the mess.  I normally bike to work and leave it in there during working hours, so nobody steals it.”


“Oh no worries, Thanks very much,” Sean said as he closed the door behind him.


Jesus what is wrong with me Sarah thought as she tried to calm herself down. 


As he walked into the bathroom, he was pleasantly surprised to see the laundry hamper up against the wall, and as he quickly searched its contents his cock grew even harder in his jeans as he found a dirty pair of Sarah’s bib shorts. He had hoped to find a pair of panties, but like most cyclists, Sarah obviously went commando. He quickly sprung his cock from its constricting prison, and placing her shorts to his nose inhaled her womanly scent, and began to pound his meat for all he was worth. He began to visualize himself deep inside of her, and pounding his cock in and out, as she wrapped her magnificent legs around him. He imagined her moaning with pleasure as he penetrated her womb, and he greedily suckled from her breasts. And he imagined her big full lips wrapped around his cock as she hungrily milked him for hours on end, until finally he exploded his seed deep into her waiting mouth. He wrapped the shorts around his cock and began to pump harder, until he released. He jammed the shorts back into the hamper and retuned back to the meeting.


“Everything ok,” Sarah asked.


“Yes fine,” Sean replied.


“Well like I was saying,” she continued.


After a few minutes of her talking he was eventually able to get it under control and got involved with the dialogue, and began asking and answering questions about his own research experience.  After about 20 minutes Sarah was sufficiently satisfied with his knowledge, skills and abilities and formally asked him to join her group. He accepted and they agreed to begin their research the following Monday.


Once Sean got back to the dorm he immediately ran upstairs to his room and locked the door behind him.  He was never more grateful at that moment that he didn’t have a roommate, as he stripped out of his clothes, lay on the bed and began to pound his cock for all he was worth. He came with a tremendous release and an illicit delight at the thought of cumming inside of Sarah.




Powell had been noticing their interaction, and the effect that the serum was having on both of them was very obvious to him. He planned an experiment to give Sarah and Sean more access to each other, and see how well the serum was working, so he ordered them to clean the lab for an impending safety inspection.  He scheduled the cleaning for a weekend and could covertly watch the security video feed of the lab from his home, while making detailed notes on his subjects. He emailed both Sarah and Sean and told them to be there on Saturday to clean up.




Right about the time Sean was exploding into her imaginary womb, Sarah was finishing up her day and headed for the bathroom to change and get the bike to ride back to her apartment.  She still found herself thinking about Sean, so a long bike ride would be good to clear her head.  After changing out of her cloths she slipped on her sports bra and bike shirt, but she forgot to bring an extra pair of bib shorts this morning, and, reluctantly pulled on the ones from this morning.


“What the hell? I’ve worn worse,” she said as she fished into her hamper to get the shorts.


She pulled the bib shorts up over her naked body and put the hookups over her shoulder, but as she took a few steps she felt dampness directly in front of her crotch.  It wasn't very warm this morning so she had thought she would not have sweat that much, but apparently she did.  What should have seemed strange to her was that her shorts were only wet in one section, but she was too worn out from the day to really notice.


She grabbed her bike and headed out on the nine-mile route back to her apartment, and usually the ride was a great way to clear her mind, but not today.  Spies need to compartmentalize their thoughts, feelings and emotions, but it just wasn't working. Her thoughts were in overdrive, and they were all focused on Sean.  The tingle between her legs was magnified by the feel of the hard seat between them, and she found herself involuntarily grinding down on the ride back.


Powell's serum was already hard at work driving her attraction, and more deviously, eliminating any kind of objectivity.  In short Sarah's genetic attraction to Sean was now gaining a foothold in her mind, and as such, she would not be able to differentiate that her attraction to Sean was being programmed.  Eventually this thought would dominate her mind, and ultimately her actions. The more she was exposed to Sean, and he to her, the greater the desire to mate.


Sarah made it back to her apartment and, after putting her bike away, got a bottle of water from the refrigerator.   After doing a few stretches, she was about to get changed when she passed by a mirror and saw her reflection, and in particular, the small white stain directly on the crotch.


"What the fuck," she said as she ran her finger over the stain.


She knew exactly what it was when she felt it, the stain was so prevalent, and the texture so definitive, it was impossible for her not to.


"What….Oh God," she cried when she realized that she had just ridden home wearing a pair of shorts filled with his semen. 


She would have ripped off her shorts in disgust a week ago, but that was before she had the serum, and the feeling coursing through her veins was not disgust, but arousal. The serum had already begun to alter her logic and she was unable control her response. What made it all the more dangerous however; was that she was not able to realize that she should be upset and disgusted by what Sean had done. In stark contrast to how she would normally react, her response was evident by the moisture beginning to generate and glisten between her legs.  She pulled down her shorts and involuntarily shivered as the crotch was now virtually matted to her naked mound, their combined fluids fusing the fabric to her flesh.   She reached for a bottle of water and poured it down on her pussy, allowing her shorts to separate and pull out of her.


"Oh God," she moaned as she felt the water rush inside and her orgasm took hold and a deep warm feeling of pleasure engulfed her entire body. 


She had never felt this before and found it incredibly erotic, like a primal urge growing inside of her.   A carnal craving came upon her, and that craving was for Sean to deposit his seed directly inside of her.  Desperate for another release, she went to the bathroom to get washed. She turned the water on hot and feverishly began to wash, but very quickly it became evident that she wasn't washing to get clean, as her thoughts turned once again to Sean. Her breath began to quicken as she detached the showerhead and placed it between her legs, and slipped her finger inside and imagined his cock sinking deeper and deeper inside of her, and driving her to an unimaginable release of pleasure.


"Argh," she sighed as her release came very quickly, her chest heaving and her legs straining to keep her upright.


Later that evening she tried as best she could to settle down, but she was finding that very difficult.  Her mind was racing after her shower, she could not understand why she felt so attracted to him, but she couldn't stop the feeling, and because of that she felt that she was betraying the mission.  What should have been going through her mind was that she was betraying Chuck; however the serum had already begun to manifest itself and remove her emotional attachment.  The mission was not emotional for her, and therefore would not be affected by the serum.  Her relationship with Chuck however, was all emotion and was therefore greatly affected.  As such the mission had now supplanted Chuck in her list of priorities, and she only recognized her experience with Sean as an impediment to completing her mission, but not as a betrayal to Chuck. She needed a way to remove the influence of Sean on her mission, and needed a way to break this feeling, or more directly, she needed to prove to herself that she was still had control of herself.


After reading Powell’s email, she devised a plan to essentially get Sean fired from her lab, by catching him in the act.  She would fill her hamper in the bathroom and then wait for him to masturbate again.  Once she caught him, she figured the threat of a sexual harassment suit definitely would get him fired.  In any case, he would be gone and she would be able to refocus on her mission.  Satisfied that she was going to be rid of Sean soon, she headed off to bed, completely forgetting about a scheduled good night call to Chuck.


The next morning she got up late and didn't arrive at work till a few minutes before 8am. She looked at the clock, and realizing that she was down to just fifteen minutes, decided against the shower and just got changed from her bike gear. She was a master of seduction, and slipped an older pair of jeans on, ones that were just a little too tight, but would certainly induce his erection.  Now all she needed to do was put something in her hamper she knew would push him over the edge, so she took down her jeans, and pulled off the thong that she wore in today, and put it on top of the laundry in the hamper.


The anticipation of trapping Sean and effects of the serum were once again beginning to surface as she felt a heat begin to generate between her legs. She had a wicked thought to herself and decided not to wear panties, because the feel of the tight denim on her naked pussy just felt too good to her.  As she pulled up the jeans and buttoned her fly, a loud chime from her phone announced the arrival of 8:15. She quickly pulled on a tight white shirt and looked at herself in the mirror.


“Well this should definitely give the kid a reason to jerkoff, she laughed to herself.


"Interesting wardrobe choice Agent Walker," Powell said while watching the video feed.


When Sean arrived at the lab and saw Sarah bending over while cleaning out the fume hood, his heart beat went into overdrive, and his cock swelled in his jeans. He could barely contain himself at the sight of her perfect ass in her tight jeans pointed proudly in the air.


"Hi Sarah. What do you need me to do,” he said as he tried unsuccessfully to hide the massive bulge in his jeans.


Sarah got out of the hood she was cleaning and as her eyes were scanning up to meet his, caught a glimpse of his bulge and tried to suppress the smile as she met his gaze.


This is going to be too easy she mused.




Powell watched the video feed from the hidden camera in Sarah’s lab and kept detailed notes about his observations. What he didn't anticipate however, was the speed of the attraction forming between them.


He would ultimately determine after many weeks of data review, that the serum was essentially rewiring their minds, by changing their priorities.  He postulated that they were becoming so powerfully attracted to each other, that their relationship would supplant any emotional relationship they previously had, and become the priority. This was not supposed to happen, but humans are complex creatures and their emotions are very difficult to understand.


Once the serum had fully taken hold of them, Sarah and Sean valued the relationship that they had with each other as the most important of their lives.  Although Sarah had loved Chuck the serum had completely erased the significance of that relationship from her mind and Sean was now her focus.  Powell had completely underestimated the emotions of the situation.



Sean was having a difficult time hiding his arousal around Sarah. He found himself thinking about her all the time, and his attraction was beginning to manifest itself in physical displays. Powell noticed his physical displays and kept a detailed record.


Powell wrote in his note book:


Subconsciously male subject is preparing for coupling as evidenced by his clothing today. The jeans were very tight and, I believe he is trying to draw her attention to his crotch.


He observed Sean open the lab door and smiled as he saw her stare openly at Sean’s bulge for a good 3 seconds before meeting his gaze.


“Are you all set,” she asked.


“Yes ma’am,” he responded.


The work went rather quickly and Powell noticed that ever chance she got, Sarah was openly gawking at the bulge in his pants. 


Powell made more notes:


As they continued to work through the day, Female is responding to the stimulus. Female exhibiting more playful behavior then usual and touching him often.




Sean was beside himself; his cock was so engorged from the sight of her, that he needed relief and excused himself to go to the bathroom.  Sarah was anticipating this and purposefully left a gift for him in the bathroom.  He went inside and went right to the hamper, and was so excited he forgot to completely close the bathroom door. As soon as he opened the lip a pair of Sarah’s thongs, the same pair that she had worn on her ride in today, were right on top.  He put the thong up to his nose and deeply inhaled her heavenly aroma, sat back down and sprang his raging cock. He grasped with his right hand and began to pound for all he was worth, while his left hand put the thong back up to his face all the while inhaling her sex. He began to fantasize that she was with him, that he was pounding his cock into her lovely pussy and her magnificent ass.


Sarah tried to be quiet as she snuck down the hallway to spy on him as she quietly made it to the bathroom, and looked very carefully through the slightly ajar door.  Her intention was to bust him, but she was quickly overtaken by the sight before her.


“Oh my God,” she exclaimed silently as she saw the sheer size of his member.


“Oh God I love the way you smell Sarah. It feels like home to me," he said out loud as he inhaled deeply.


She had never seen a cock that big before, and as she continued to gaze at it, she popped the buttons on her fly and slipped a finger inside.  She could hardly contain herself, as the fire that he had started inside of her continued to burn. She closed her eyes and thought of him between her legs, and a slight moan escaped her lips as she slipped a 2 more fingers inside, all the while imagining it was his massive tool burrowing into her pussy. She opened her eyes as she felt her pleasure begin to build and saw Sean staring at her in disbelief.


There before him was his ultimate desire with her jeans opened up and masturbating, and it was just too much for him. They locked eyes and she noticed his cock was still growing, as her thong was now wrapped around it.  He could clearly see her pubic hair through her open fly and nearly lost his mind, when she resumed her manipulations. Her eyes never left his as he began pumping faster and faster, while she continued to finger herself. He could clearly smell her arousal in the air.  Needless to say it didn't take long and a couple seconds later he exploded with a tremendous orgasm. She inhaled sharply as she saw a few milliliters of ejaculate land on her leg and it pushed her over the edge as well, and she felt her hand get drenched.


Sean looked at her and was absolutely floored by her beauty. Here was the woman that he had lusted for and fantasized about and as she continued to stare at him with her lovely eyes and her open jeans, saturated with her own juices, he quickly pressed his lips to hers and circled his arms around her.


 Sarah initially broke the embrace, but Sean persisted.


Suddenly the attraction that she felt for Sean began to override everything and she found herself switch from an uninterested party, to a willing participant. Sean sensed her resistance falter, and his cock burst out of his jeans as he felt her tongue slide gently into his mouth. Their hands explored each other's bodies as they continued their passionate embrace. His hands made their way to her behind and he gently fondled her ass, but when she felt his cock poke through her open jeans, she suddenly stopped and quickly ran out of the lab.



“Sarah wait I’m sorry!”





Powell was watching everything from the surveillance feed and smiled broadly as his plan looked to be coming together perfectly.


“It won’t be long now Agent Walker,” Powell smirked.


He was ecstatic as he saw the effect the serum was having on both of them, and knew now that it was beyond widely successful.  These two people were attracted to each other on a genetic level, and their desire for each other was animalistic.  When Sean said that he loved her scent, and that he could smell her arousal, it signaled to Powell that Sarah was essentially going into heat whenever Sean was near.  Her body was responding to him in such an unexpected and powerful way that she had no control over it.  She simply could not resist him, it was almost as if she belonged to him and there was some force buried down deep inside of her that knew it, and spurred on her actions.





Sarah got on her bike and rode hard, making it the 9 miles back to her apartment in a little over a half an hour.


I’m losing my mind …What is wrong with me?  Why do I want him so bad…oh god do I want him…. I want to fuck him….I need to fuck him….god help me she thought.


The serum was pulsating through her and driving her mad with lust.  She might have one this battle, but she began to realize that she wanted to lose the war.


She got home and checked her phone.


I’m sorry was the text she got from Sean.  She didn't respond.


A few minutes later she got another one.


I’m really sorry.  Can I talk to you at work tomorrow please?


Sarah needed time to think and process what was going on with her and decided to not reply to any of his texts.


Why am I acting this way?  Why can't she seem to control herself around him?


She decided to try as best she could to get some rest and calm down from her response to him, so she decided to put her phone on silent and tried to go to sleep.  It proved to be an almost impossible task.




Powell and Jill


Powell was surprised when he got a call from Jill asking him to meet with her.  They arranged to meet in a secluded restaurant 70 miles away from the university, in order for her to eliminate any risk she would be spotted by Sarah.


"How's your little project going," she asked Powell.


"Very well, I think we should be seeing results very soon," Powell replied.


"The director called me.  If you can make this work in the next few days, they want to buy it, they will pay 8 figures," Jill said.


"That's great..."


"But," she interrupted him.


"I'm involved."




"You want your money for this? I'm involved."


Powell was blindsided by this and argued his case to no avail.  There was no possible way the ring would buy the serum without Jill. She knew that Powell was too cautious and would never push this as far as it needed to go.  She didn't just want proof of concept, she wanted Sarah destroyed and the only way that she could do that was if she could wrestle control of the project from him.  So she did what she does best, and manipulated it out from under him, and arranging meeting with him, to set her plan in motion.


“Steven we need to have the first breeding session.”


“We are not there yet Jill.  I need to arrange a place for..,”


“I have a secure facility that we can use.  It is out of the way, fully wired for cameras and tech and is completely off the grid,” Jill interrupted.


“What? When did this happen,” Powell asked.


“The ring is very interested in this Steven.  They have set us up, but now we have to prove that it works,” Jill replied.


“I don’t know Jill there are still some things that I want to review before,”


“Enough with your review!  You have enough data to see what is happening, there is no more time Steven!  It must happen now!  The elders want a positive test within 24 hours.  Do you know what happens if we fail now Steven….we die!  They will close this project and bury any trace of us,” Jill lied.


“My God…24 hours? How do we do this,” Powell asked nervously


“We move them to the secure facility for each breeding session and return them afterwards,” she replied.


“Surely the CIA will notice if Walker drops off grid!”


“Relax Stephen.  It’s all taken care of, this is a deep cover operation and I can arrange for false reports to be filed saying they are going to conference.  The government will never know.  All you need to do is let me handle this and then collect your millions,” Jill said.


Powell thought about it for a few minutes before answering.


“I knew I never should have gotten involved with you Jill!  How do we proceed?”





Sarah was getting upset.  She desperately wanted to end this mission, but she could not find any connection between Powell and Volkov and her constant thoughts of Sean left her shaken and confused.  The image of Sean in the bathroom was burned in her mind and now she had really screwed things up and kissed him.  She spent a good amount of time analyzing why she kissed him, but fact of the matter was she had no idea.  She felt an attraction to him that was unlike any other that she had experienced, and was angry with herself for allowing it to get that far and that she put herself into this position.


She knew what she had done in the past, and she knew that those experiences had dogged her through life and made her feel like a damaged person.  She shuttered at the memory of the seduction missions she was assigned, and the thought of the person that she was, to allow someone to do that to her, and even more to enjoy it.  She fought hard to convince herself that she didn't enjoy it, but the truth was she did. 


Right now, she was on fire and knew that she had to resist this incredible desire that she had for him, but she had never responded to anyone like this in her life.  She needed to get herself away from him because she could not trust herself right now.  She was attracted to him with such power that she was ready to fuck him the next time she saw him. Right now she wanted Sean, and wanted him very badly.





Powell sent a seminar announcement to Sarah and Sean as way to bring them together for Jill to take over. He had been reviewing the tapes, and knew that the serum would be powerful, but he never dreamed that it would work this quickly.  Powell observed, and even though Sean and Sarah had been exposed to each other for a total time of 2 hours, it was clear by their body language that something was happening between the two of them.







The next day Sean woke early from a restless sleep. He spent the whole night tossing and turning over thoughts of Sarah, and even after relieving himself to her 4 additional times he still had trouble calming down.  He quickly got showered and dressed and headed to the science building for the seminar. He was just about to the room, when he saw Sarah come out of the department office and walk towards him.  She was wearing a tight black turtleneck, which clung tightly around her breasts, and showcased her fabulous abs. She wore a matching skirt that hung around her toned legs and heart shaped behind.


“Sarah can I talk to you,” he asked


“No Sean not now,” she said as she brushed passed him.  She was too conflicted from all that had happened and needed some space from him


“But I..,”


“No,” she said her anger flashing.



She turned on her heals and entered the empty seminar room, which immediately should have gotten her spy senses in top gear.  However, unfortunately for her, her preoccupation with Sean had caused her to slip.


She felt a small prick on her neck and realized too late what had happened.


“Oh shiiii…,’ she moaned as her world went dark.



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