The Last One to Die

BY : smutstuff
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     A low whistle cut through the deafening sound of crickets. Jolene’s eyes snapped open. So much for catching some sleep, she thought groggily.

     “Katie?” She called out quietly. No response. Her head snapped up from the backpack she was using as a pillow.

     “Katie,” she jumped up as silently as she could and moved around the small fire while attempting to keep her eyes on the surrounding woods. “Katie you’re supposed to be on watch wake the fuck up!” A low moan from the sleeping girl made Jolene think she was waking up so she shook her shoulder. “Katie come on,” her whispers were hurried as she shook the girl again.

      Shock covered Jolene’s face as Katie limply rolled over, moaning again.

     “Oh Fuck,” Katie’s dead eyes stared up as she reached for the girl she had called friend in life. “Fuck, fuck, fuck” Jolene scrambled backwards and grabbed for the knife on her side.

      After a short scuffle her knife ended up in Katie’s temple, and she noticed the bottle of pills next to where her friend had lain. “Oh you fucking bitch,” she whispered. The whistle sounded again, bringing attention to the silence of the woods around them. No more crickets. Jolene flung her backpack up to her shoulder and tossed their fire blanket over the flames, snuffing out all light. The ensuing darkness was absolute; the silence just as deafening as the crickets had been. 

     A branch snapped behind her.

    Jolene whipped around, knife up and ready to plunge into whatever skull was on its way to eat her. It took a second to register through her struggle that her upraised arm had been halted by a hand—a rather large, and very much alive, hand. The whistle sounded for the third time, but this time much quieter and directly in front of her. A stranger was suddenly pressed very intimately against her.

    “What do you want?” She asked, her voice shaking only slightly. Adrenaline coursed its way through her veins, making her breathing uneven. A seductive chuckle was the stranger’s only reply, and it rippled electricity down her body unexpectedly.

     Negan released her arm, allowing her to step back from him. “I was hoping you ladies might be kind enough to share that fire.”

     “It’s out and I don’t have shit else for you. Feel free to keep moving.” Her eyes followed the large shadow-man. The moonless night made it nearly impossible.

     “Well see, I saw what happened with your little friend a second ago, are you sure you don’t need a shoulder to cry on? It's ok I’m wearing leather, bring it on over.” She could feel the cockiness emanating from him as he stepped closer, arms outstretched..

     “No, I’m good thanks.”  The stiffness in her voice made him retreat another few steps.

     “Ah well, a guy’s gotta try.” His chuckle sent more shivers down her spine. Her reaction to this man’s voice was unwelcome and had her on edge.

     “I just had to kill my best friend, asshole, show some respect.” She moved away from him and pulled out a small flashlight. Jolene used the light to check the perimeter traps they had set for the dead ones. Negan didn’t move, he just watched her move silently around the clearing.

     He’d been able to see her face while she slept and found himself mildly disappointed she hadn’t accepted his offer for a shoulder to cry on. He also found it curious that she hadn’t tried to shoot him with the gun he’d seen tucked into the back of her pants. She hadn’t even reached for it from what he could tell.

     “You know I'm sorry if I scared you there. I’m not one for getting off on the wrong foot with women like that. I figured you wouldn’t be so sketchy if I woke you up before presenting myself.”

     “Yeah sure whatever.” Jolene snatched the fire blanket from the circle and sighed in relief. The coals were still smoldering.

     “I have to admit I was not expecting that other girl to get up like she did and the way you took her out I mean DAMN, no hesitation. Hell of a plot twist” He chuckled at himself.

     “Shut the fuck up” She whispered angrily at him. “You want dead ones over here? Jesus Christ.”

     He sat down on the dead girl’s bed-roll and placed his newly acquired bat beside him on the ground. Negan found himself smiling as he watched her build the fire back up enough to light the small area around them. She hadn’t told him to leave yet.

     “Seems like you can handle yourself pretty well so I won’t poke the bear. I know when not to piss off a lady” She glared at him over the fire as she sat back onto her own bedroll. The crickets slowly began to sing again.

     “I have a feeling you have no issue pissing people off, much less women. So what do you really want? Who are you?” The fire crackled in her eyes and he took a moment to note her posture. She looked relaxed but he could tell she was waiting for him to make a false move. If looks could kill, he thought grimly.

     In an effort to help her see him as less of a threat he shrugged off his leather jacket, revealing the white, blood-stained shirt underneath.

     “Did you not believe me when I said I just wanted to share your fire? It’s a chilly night if you hadn’t noticed.”

     “No.” Jolene pointed at his shirt with her knife and looked up into his eyes across the flames. “People or dead ones?”  She studied what she could see of his face, noting his longer hair and scruffy beard. He looked like a man in his prime and his attitude was something to behold. His sudden, glaring smile knocked her for a loop. It’s been a long time, her mind whispered.

     “Little bit of both, actually. See I myself had an encounter like this one you got here not too long ago. Can’t seem to keep people around for very long” She felt the familiar clenching in her lower gut as her body responded to his voice. She did her best to ignore the sensation as they stared one another down. “Oh, you had your best friend OD while on watch, putting your life in danger followed by the random appearance of a literal stranger from the woods?” He just seemed like a genuine asshole, radiating undue confidence in their conversation. Her body didn’t seem to care overmuch.

     “Hey, I said similar, not exactly the same.” The sudden hard lines across his face made her raise an eyebrow. “I just had to put down what was left of my last merry little band of assholes.”

     She nodded softly as if she understood, but really she was trying to see him better.

     “So you had a group. Those really don’t seem to be lasting long these days.” Negan grunted in response, his attention no longer focused on her but the fire.

     “What about the creepy whistling?”

     “What?! Creepy?” He looked hilariously bewildered. “I just wanted to wake you up before I came over here because I didn’t want to get shot. It echoes pretty well around here so it was less likely for the dead ones to find us but still wake you up. I wasn’t sure ‘hey, howdy, how ya doin’ would work very well on a pair of sleeping chicks, being such a large and intimidating man emerging from the woods and all…Now that we’ve properly met though I can see you got a nice big pair of lady balls in those jeans.” He paused, chewing on his next question thoughtfully     “Is it really a creepy sounding whistle?”

     “In the middle of the night, in the woods, coming from a stranger? Duh, it’s creepy. Probably not the best way to introduce yourself next time. How long were you even watching us? Obviously it was before…this.” She motioned weakly towards Katie’s body.

      “At the risk of sounding creepy,” He sent a little glare back her way, “I’d say probably a few hours before dark. I mean technically I saw you guys, scoped you out for a bit, saw what fine pieces of ass you two are, were in her case… Then I took a walk, came back and you were still here. Two pretty little birds all alone and sleeping at the same time.” He was nonchalant as he spoke of spying on them; she wasn’t sure if she should be afraid or impressed. It bothered her to know he’d been able to see them undetected for so long.

     “Ballsy move, not sleeping in shifts.” The bat was in his hands, she wasn’t sure when he’d picked it back up but he looked way too comfortable with the weapon. He looked thoughtfully out into the dark woods before turning back to her. “ I did figure there would be more tears for your fallen comrade over there.”

     “Funny, I thought so too. Turns out it’s hard to mourn someone who basically attempted to murder you via suicide.” They fell into a short silence as Jolene contemplated what to do with the body.

     “Murder via suicide. Heh. That’s a new one. Fits though.” He pondered over her actually letting him stay without too much of a fuss. He couldn’t fight his good fortune so he ran with it.

     “Well girly, it’s been a shit-storm of long days and longer nights and I’ve slept very few hours in-between so I’m wondering… Can I trust you not to kill me if I take a nap? Seems like you got a pretty good one in from all the snoring before your friend and I messed you all up. I’m pretty sure waking you up technically counted as saving your life though, so you kind of owe me.”

     She eyeballed him incredulously.

     “For real? You’re just gonna sleep with a stranger watching over you?” Negan had already lain down but sat back up on his elbows quickly.

     “I guess so. Nice to finally have some cushion, been a while. I might have to rub one out to relax enough to actually sleep though."He patted the bedroll next to him with smile. "Wanna help?”

     He received only a glare in return and answered it with a chuckle.

     “Ah I’m just kiddin darlin. Night night.”

     With a final wink he laid back down and moved the dead girl’s backpack under his head. The fire had obscured the living girl’s face but he knew she was watching him, could feel her eyes attempting to bore into his soul. He could feel a heat that had nothing to do with the fire.

     “I’ll help you with the body in the morning.”

     She didn't respond, so he let the exaustion take over.

      It was hours before his breathing regulated, signaling that he was finally asleep. Jolene let the fire die down back to embers and made sure the small stone circle was still enough to keep the fire from spreading. A deep inhale brought with it a small amount of grief for her childhood friend. Now that the adrenaline had faded she was able to assess her current situation.

     She was sitting next to her junkie, best friend’s corpse while a stranger slept where she had died.

     Oh Katie…You always did like to leave me to clean up your messes.

     The sun finally began to rise up in the Virginia sky, bringing with it the dread of a new day of fighting the dead. She had spent the night listening to the crickets and trying to meditate. No dead ones had come for them in the night.

     As silently as she could, she began to pack up the small amount of items she and Katie had pulled out during the night. She carefully avoided looking at her former friend in the rising sun.

     A sudden groan broke the quietness of the morning, breaking the surreal spell brought on by the morning fog.

     “Morning, dickwad it’s time to go.” A thick yawn escaped his mouth as he stretched and sat up.

     “Hot damn girl, nothing like a good insult to get the day started. I probably should take a piss first but here we headed to?” Negan scratches his balls and shrugged the jacket back onto his shoulders. Jolene raised an eyebrow as he began shaking the sleep out of his body. He tried a few practice swings with the bat to limber up.

     “We?” She had the second bedroll tied up neatly before realizing she wouldn’t need it. Dropping it in disgust she finally looked down at Katie. “The only thing we are doing, is burning this body. After that we go our separate ways.”

     “Aw come on girly, we’re both by ourselves. I was expecting two persons of female company but one will do. The apocalypse is so much better with people.” He found he really didn’t want to spend the day alone as he finally caught a full view of her. He tried not to get his hopes up on staying, but something in her eyes told him he had a decent chance. He knew how to read a woman. This one was angry…but she wanted his dick, even if she hadn’t admitted it to herself yet. He idly wondered how long it had been since she’d been with a real man.

     “How about you stop calling me girly and I’ll think about it.” The words were out of her mouth before she could think. His eyebrow raised in surprise.

     “A more than fair trade, I like it. Gimme a name”

     “Give me yours.”



     “Jo? That short for Josephine or was your momma hoping for a boy?” She eyed his playful expression for a second before responding.

      “Neither, now help me move her.”

     Her tone told Negan now was really not the time for shenanigans. His natural urge was to be a dick anyways, but instead he allowed them to move the girl’s body over the still smoldering coals in silence. Jolene spent some time arranging flowers around her friend. Negan took the hint and moved to the edges of her little camp, listening to her stifled tears.

     It was a few days of walking mostly in silence before they reached a strip-mall. The tension between them had been thick, with her speaking only when spoken to. He never shut the fuck up, but only addressed her directly on occasion. Jolene sighed deeply at the sight of dead people in the windows.

     “That one,” Negan pointed out a boarded up fitness center with his bat.

     “Seriously? All this walking hasn’t been exercise enough? The last thing that place is going to have is a decent fucking kitchen” He chuckled for the first time in days. Her somber attitude had been infectious, but he had a good feeling.

     “Have you never been to a gym? Might be a vending machine full of protein bars or muscle milk or something. Maybe even showers. Ohhh, or a pool.” He waggled his eyebrows salaciously at her in an effort to see her smile. It almost worked, so he turned and headed towards the back of the building whistling a merry tune and twirling his bat.

    “Jerk” she mumbled as she followed.

     “Heard that.”

     “Hot DAMN there’s actually light in here too!” They both stared down into the large pool. Somehow the light was still on, shining into the crystalline depths in an incredibly inviting way.

     “Jesus fuck why are you always so loud? It’s like you want us to die.”

     “Hey, relax woman, we’re alright for the first time in weeks” She glared at him for the millionth time since they’d met, but she knew he was right. They were on the second floor, protected by a series of doors the dead ones wouldn’t be able to open.

     “Fine, but we’re checking those locker rooms over there before we get comfortable.”

     They found only one out of all the rooms leading off the pool.

     “Now I’ll go ahead and say it…You’re right, I think it might be safe to take a swim.” She couldn’t help but laugh at his shocked expression. “What? We’re covered in blood from all the dead health nuts we just killed and everything seems to be locked up tight. It’s been over a month since my last shower. Let’s do it.”

     “Damn you're right…That pussy has GOT to be rank.” She took the insult in stride.

     “Oh fuck off, your dick probably sinks way worse.” He laughed heartily

     “Yeah you may be right.” He dropped the bag he had and took off his jeans and jacket. He opted to leave his boxers and shirt before jumping in, they needed cleaning the worst. Jolene shrugged off her backpack and did the same.

     “How long do you think we’ve been here?” Jolene was sitting on the edge of the pool eating one of the protein bars Negan had indeed found lingering in a vending machine.

     “Few hours atleast,” He showed off his wrinkly fingers before trying to tickle one of her feet under the water. “I think we should spend the night.” She lifted her leg and made it look like she was going to kick him. Negan splashed water up at her when she didn’t answer. She wiped her face and rolled her eyes.

     “What are you, ten?”

     “Ooh nice one! What are you? Eighteen?” His eyes glittered up at her mischievously. She cleared her throat awkwardly as she took in the insinuation.

     “On that note.” She stood and dusted her hands off. Negan enjoyed the eye-full as she sauntered to the other end of the pool, God damn a thong during the apocalypse…My kinda woman.

     He got an idea how to warm up her chilly attitude as she opened one of the curtained windows just enough to see. From the second floor she could see the entire strip mall and some way down the road. “Good sight lines...This place is a ghost town right now but the sun is going down. That might change” She closed the curtain and stood for a second to keep it from moving and signaling anything outside. When she turned back around she gasped, almost running full bodied into him. How did I not hear him? He caught her shoulders, stabilizing her. Both flashed back to their first moment together.

     “Woah there, I just wanted a peek.” His shit-eating grin sucked her right in just like it had the first time she saw it.

     “N-Nothing to see, just a view of an empty street.” She screamed at herself internally.

     “Oh I saw plenty, and it was a nice view.” Be mad, say something bitchy Jolene urged herself. She couldn’t bring herself to say anything however, as she was suddenly unable to speak. Instead, she stared up at him: forcing herself to meet his eyes and read the intentions there. He’d been hitting on her off and on the entire time they’d been together. Most of it playful considering she didn't answer him most of the time but this wasn’t even an actual proposition…He wasn’t bragging about his dick or the various skills he had or trying to convince her. It felt like an invitation he’d been waiting on her to answer but she was just now receiving.

     Her face was inscrutable except for the slight coloring of pink at the top of her cheeks. Knew it, he thought smugly. The realization that she knew he wasn’t fucking around this time made his dick twitch. It helped spread his mouth back into a smile. Before he could say anything dickish her hand was on the back of his neck, pulling his head down. Her kiss was rough, he felt like she was trying to suck his soul from his mouth. He answered it heatedly, pulling her body closer to his.

     He almost couldn’t believe it when she suddenly jumped up and wrapped her lips around him, but she had. Negan wasn’t missing this opportunity and immediately grabbed her ass to help hold her up. She was feverish in the way she thrust her tongue into his mouth, her teeth biting at his lips hungrily. He let out a growl and bit her lip a little harder than necessary as he pressed her against the wall. She raked her hands through his hair, spurred on by the nip and used her grip to pull him closer. His body grinded up against hers through their wet clothes.

     “Hold on,” he murmured as he pulled away to remove her shirt. She looked at him with mild irritation at the interruption but helped him out of his shirt as well. She wrapped her legs tighter around his waist as she pulled herself back up to kiss him again. He carried her to the steps of the pool and waded in gently before setting her right up on the edge and looking into her eyes.

     “You sure?” His fingers played on the edges of the wet, black thong she wore, sending electric shocks through her body. His serious eyes pleaded with her to say yes.


     "Here I was thinking you were a cold fish." He pulled her head down to kiss her one more time before trailing his mouth down her naked torso. He pulled her to the edge of the concrete, thanking god for the ledge he had to rest his elbows on when he finally reached her sweet spot. As his mouth came down around her swollen bud he reached his hands up to toy with her nipples, squeezing them hard at her insistence. His tongue and lips lapped hungrily at her as her moans grew more insistent. Her fingers laced back into his hair and moans became mewls of unadulterated pleasure. One of his hands moved to accompany his mouth down below, and he used two fingers to help bring her to a loud and shaking orgasm.

     Her head rocked back and she held him in place, riding his face as the blinding light of her orgasm rocked through her.

     When she finally let him go she collapsed backwards and felt him kiss his way back up her naked body.

     “Now whos being loud?” He asked, showing his dick side again. Her hands reached for his broad shoulders, pulling his heaviness on top of her. She smiled when she realized he had already taken off his boxers and could feel the length of his erection slide against her leg. Another moan escaped as aftershocks hit her.

     Her eyes were on fire and his smile matched how she felt. “I think your facial hair made that even more amazing.” His chuckle was loud and sexy as he pressed his lower body against her.

     “That’s a man for you, babydoll.” He surprised her by suddenly standing up. She was impressed by the actual size of his erection and felt the urge to wrap her lips around it.  He must have seen the hunger in her eyes because he chuckled again and helped her to her feet. He took the moment to reach around and grab her ass with both hands. She heard him moan for the first time when he used his grip to pull her back against him. “Let’s use a chair for this next part, hmm?”

     “Or a towel at the very least, the concrete was kind of rough but I don't know if you could handle it like I did” Her cheeky smile made his dick twitch. When she turned to lead him to one of the pool chairs the twitch became a full on throb. He watched her ass jiggle and imagined sliding himself between the pale cheeks he had just held.

     “Damn girl,” He said as she pushed him down onto the laid back chair.

     “What did I tell you about calling me that?” Her wet hair trailed his face and chest, sending chills throughout his body. She giggled when his cock bounced up between her legs.

     “Sorry but I’m not calling you a man’s name while I fuck you.” She rubbed her body back up his to whisper in his ear.

      “Jolene,” the warm breath on his ear sent him into a frenzy and he pulled her mouth to his, his tongue becoming dominant as he ravaged her mouth. She went with the kiss for a moment, moaning into his mouth but decided other areas of his body needed more attention. He offered her another groan when she finally moved down to her ultimate goal. Her mouth slipped easily over the head of his throbbing cock. She moaned hungrily as he reached the back of her throat with still more to go. She used her hand to wet the rest of him, pressing down against his sac. His sharp intake of breath encouraged her to continue. She sucked hard as she came up, using her tongue to press circles along the sensitive underside as she went. His hips lifted off the chair as she began to go faster. He pulled her hair into a ponytail so he could watch,

     “God damn you’re hot,” he groaned thickly. Her head came up suddenly, her mouth leaving him with a distinctive ‘pop’.

      “I bet you say that to all the girls with your dick in their mouth.” Her smile was big enough to match his own as she positioned herself over him.

     “I don’t let girls put my dick in their mou—“he cut off with a loud moan that mingled with hers as she impaled herself on his still throbbing erection.

            “Good answer” she panted out as she braced herself against his chest and began to move roughly. His hands found their way up her ribcage until they found the delicious mounds on her chest. He toyed with her as she moved until he couldn’t take it anymore. With a low growl he picked her up and flipped them. Her nails scraped his chest on the way down, leaving deep scratches. He stopped when she sat up to lick the small drops of blood from one of them.

      “Ho-ly shit. That was freaky.” He grabbed her hips and thrusted, hitting her center in every way possible. Her eyes rolled back as she moaned her delight. He couldn’t believe she’d licked his blood like a fucking vampire but somehow, in the moment, it was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen.

     “Harder Negan,” Her voice seemed far away as he began pounding into her like their lives depended on it. Her words and cries were lost in the background as his orgasm forced its way up. He tried to think about dead things, his grandma, anything to hold it back for a little while longer. Thinking wasn’t working so he slowed down, taking his time to bury his shaft as deep as it would go and grinding his hips against hers when he got there. She took his slow strokes with heavy breath, and took the opportunity to look up into his eyes.

     “I wanted you to do this from the moment I saw you.” Her back arched, pushing her body against his. She squeezed his cock, trying to bury him deeper inside her. “Please”

     Her words shook his resolve to the point he almost came inside of her.

     He heard a sigh of sadness when he left her to spill his cum on the floor. Jolene smiled triumphantly at his orgasm. She caught him off guard by pulling him back to the chair and beginning to suck on his slowly wilting erection. Her moans of pleasure made his cock begin to twitch back to life, even as he shakily moaned in protest and tried to pull her off.

     “Nonono…” His hips pressed against her mouth as she began to suck him off with abandon. There was no fighting his second orgasm: she was a harpy hell bound of pulling it from him. She felt him grab a handful of hair and expected him to pull her up. Instead, he shoved her head down and rode her face to orgasm once again, roaring his pleasure when he came.

     When he finished she looked up at his lazy smile.

     “You look like a cat who just got caught in the cream,” She grinned at his analagy.

     “I feel like that, kind of. Though I missed out on the creamiest part” His smile was genuine as he pulled her down to lay against him, both reveling in the aftershocks of their joining.

     “You’re kind of a freak, you know that right?” Her laughter was throaty, and she sounded as satiated as he felt.

      “Yeah you said that. You also called me a cold fish” She looked up into his eyes through hooded lashes. “Normally it’s much worse though, so you got off easy.”

     “I was very wrong," he kissed the top of her head softly. 'But I wouldn't say the getting off was easy.” He added with a chuckle. She smacked his chest lightly.

     “I guess I could be a little bit nicer to you now huh?”

     “I mean that’s up to you but I am kind of an asshole so…”

     Jolene rolled her eyes lightheartedly and sat up. “Time to find somewhere to dry our clothes.”

     The next morning it was time to move on. With dry clothes and backpacks full of protein bars they headed out.

“So where are you actually headed?” He asked. Jolene sighed and looked around.

“Honestly? Nowhere. I was just hoping I could wander long enough to get rid of you.”

“Is that so?” He propped the bat up on his shoulder as he looked down at her short frame. She nodded.

     “That was the plan. Might keep you around for a little bit now though.” He gave her a knowing smile as they walked onto the crowded interstate.

     “Ya I was thinking the same thing about you ya freak.”

     “Hey now, you watch---“Her words were cut off as a dead one suddenly reached out of a truck to grab her hair. She pushed back at it's shoulders for a second before Negan came to her rescue, pulling her away and bashing the dead thing’s head in. Jolene collapsed to the ground in relief, looking up at him with grateful eyes.

     “Holy fuck, that’s the closest one’s ever gotten to actually getting me. Good thing I decided to keep you around.” As he pulled her up his smile turned to a frown. “What? Negan whats wrong?”

     His words seemed caught in his throat as he brushed some hair away from her face, tucking it safely behind her ear. She could have sworn his eyes were shining.

     “I’m so sorry,” His voice was thick with an unidentified emotion as he looked down at her.

     “What?” He lifted the hand he had used to help her up. There was a rip, and blood was beginning to seep through the long sleeved shirt around her forearm.

     Her heart dropped to her feet as the pain suddenly hit her.

     She lifted her sleeve to see the bite. It was mostly bruised, except for the one spot a tooth had torn through. Her tears came unbidden.

     “No way. No fucking way. GOD DAMMIT” She threw off her backpack and began kicking cars in her despair. “Shit. Fuck.”

     “I’m so sorry.” His eyes spoke volumes as he watched her.

     “You have to put me down.” She didn’t miss the shock in his eyes even though he hid it quickly.

     “Are you serious?” She just nodded and sat on the ground.

     “Yep.” The tears were flowing freely now. “I thought I was gonna make it out here. I really did.” She sighed and tried to control the tears. “This is it though. This is where I go out.”

     He pulled her up off the ground and kissed her hard.

     It was wet and messy, but he loved every second of it.

     “How?” He asked when they finally separated. He put his hands on her cheeks, noticing they were already becoming clammy and that she had a slight tremor.

     “Knife or bat. No gun, the dead will come for you." He held her close and pulled his knife out.

     “I really don’t think I could bash that beautiful face in darlin’” She smiled weakly.

     “Knife it is then. It was kind of nice knowing you Negan. It was a nice ride” He tried to smile back but failed, so he just pulled her into the tightest hug she’d ever had. “Thank you…” She whispered as she buried her head into the shoulder of his leather jacket.

     “Hey, at least you finally took me up on my original offer” He tried weakly. She laughed genuinely, whole heartedly.

     “I did, didn’t I? Guess this means we came full circle.”

     “I guess it does.”

     The world was quiet in that moment. She knew he had the knife in his hand.

     Closing her eyes was the hardest thing she’d ever done, but she managed.

     “Are you sure?” Negan asked one last time. She nodded, never letting go of his waist.


     It only took a second to push the knife into the base of her skull. He cried then, not tears of love or affection, tears of loneliness and anger

     Why won’t they stop dying? He wondered.

     Then he decided it was time to stop wondering.

     It was time to find others as strong as himself, and he would make damn sure he wouldn’t lose them this time.

     He looked down at her body and made her a promise.

     "Don't worry Jo, I'll make sure you're the last one to die."



Hey reader who actually made it through! This was my first attempt at writing anything smutty, and actually my first time completing a story in general so please let me know what you thought!

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