5 Years Later

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5 years. 5 long years since they had last been all in a room together and in a weird way it felt like no time had passed at all. They all looked the same, except more beautiful than she remembered them. Or maybe that was just her newly discovered lesbian tendencies kicking in. Then again she had always found them beautiful. But she was pretty sure it had been in a platonic way, whereas there was nothing platonic about the thoughts which initially crossed her mind as she slowly and cautiously approached them. Then they spotted who was with her, and their initial happy expressions quickly deteriorated into scowls, Ali predictably being the one to speak out.

"What is she doing here?" Alison demanded.

"Relax Ali, it's not like she wasn't tortured by Charlotte too." Spencer said bitterly, earning herself a glare from their former leader.

"Actually-" Hanna piped up, momentarily hesitating as all eyes turned to her, "That's not why she's here."

"Then why ..." Alison began, only to trail off when Hanna cautiously took Mona's hands.

"We're... together." Hanna squeaked, but only because Mona squeezed her hand, silently giving her strength.

There was a brief pause, and then Aria asked, "Like... together-together? As in dating?"

Hanna rolled her eyes, "Yes, together as in dating."

"And you brought her here why?" Alison said dryly.

"Look Ali-" Hanna began.

"Hanna!" Alison cut her off, "If you want to experiment, that's fine. I did. In fact, I think we all did, except Emily. Obviously it was more than that for her. But couldn't you be doing it with someone else? Anyone else?"

Hanna gritted her teeth throughout that little speech, then she did something rashly that she thought would be hard, "Actually, it isn't just an experiment for me. Or just dating."

There was a round of gasps from the other girls. More accurately Aria, Emily and Spencer simultaneously gasped loudly, Ali was too stunned at first, but eventually gasped, while Mona just stood there and smiled triumphantly. Hanna didn't need to turn around to know that. She knew her fiancé too well. But she also knew her friends well, and this hadn't exactly been the way she had wanted to do this. Well, truthfully she wasn't sure she wanted to do it at all, but ideally she had wanted to break the news to them one by one, not all at once like this, and now she was standing here like an idiot, holding up her hand so they can all see the engagement ring on her finger Hanna couldn't help second-guess herself.

Then Alison mumbled, "I need some air."

There was another pause as Ali walked away, and then Emily, bless her heart, smiled and asked, "So, when's the wedding/"

"Forget the wedding!" Spencer explained, "How long has this been going on?"

Finally putting her hand down and looking bashful Hanna admitted after a few long seconds of hesitation, "About... 5 years."

"5 YEARS!"  Spencer exclaimed.

"So, like... right after the Charlotte as A reveal?" Aria slowly connected the dots.

"You've been dating this entire time, and didn't tell us?" Emily failed to hide how hurt she was.

"Yeah." Hanna admitted, focusing on Emily's question as she dropped down into the nearest chair, "We haven't exactly been great about keeping in touch."

"Hey..." Spencer tried to protest, before admitting, "I've just been really busy."

"We all have Spence." Emily reminded her friend.

There was a brief pause then Aria asked, "Is this why you cancelled the last few times we tried meeting up?"

"You tried meeting up? Without the rest of us?" Aria frowned.

"Oh, I... erm." Spencer stammered, before quickly gaining control of herself, "I just had something I wanted to ask."

"What is it?" Hanna asked.

"Actually... it was a question for Mona." Spencer admitted with a blush, before turning her attention back to Hanna, "But that can wait. I still have so many questions about, this."

"Ask away." Hanna sighed.

There was a long pause and then Aria asked, "How did it happen, exactly?"

"Well..." Hanna hesitated, glancing at her fiancé, who was now sitting on the chair beside her.

"Do you want me to tell them?" Mona asked as she took Hanna's hand in hers.

"No, it's fine. I told you, it should be me." Hanna gently reminded her woman, before taking a deep breath and admitting, "I'm not ashamed. It's just, kind of cliché."

"So..." Aria pushed.

"So..." Hanna continued after another deep breath, "It was the night after we found out Charlotte was A. Caleb and I just got into a huge fight and we broke up, and Mona found me drinking my sorrows away. She tried to get me to leave, but after everything we've been through it was easy to talk her into staying. And then one thing led to another."

"I didn't mean for it to happen." Mona quickly clarified, "I mean, I hoped it would, but I was just as drunk as she was, and no matter how hard I try I just can't remember our first time together. Which must be karma or something."

"Then we woke up in bed together, and I kind of, maybe, sort of, freaked out." Hanna confessed.

"Kind of, maybe, sort of?" Mona teased.

"Okay, I totally freaked out." Hanna admitted with a smile, "But then I noticed Mona wasn't. Or more accurately she was upset, but she wasn't surprised. Then, after a lot of pushing, I got her to finally admit how she really felt about me. Which I can see now was fairly obvious. Hindsight, am I right?"

"Erm, no." Spencer scoffed, "She literally went crazy-"

"Spencer!" Hanna protested.

"Sorry." Spencer sighed, correcting herself, "She became the first A and turned our lives into a living nightmare, because we were taking you away from her. Plus there was breaking into your house to watch you sleep, and dressing up as Caleb just so she could slow dance with you, and-"

"Okay, I get it. I'm freaking blind." Hanna grumbled.

"If it makes you feel better I didn't know." Aria chimed in.

"It shouldn't." Spencer huffed, "Literally everybody else knew except you."

"Please, you only knew because you walked in on me and Em talking about it." Alison quipped, seemingly appearing as if from nowhere.

"I-" Spencer began to protest, before a knowing glance from Ali shut her down, "I would have got there eventually."

"Yeah, right." Alison grumbled, and then after a long pause admitted, "So, okay... Han, sorry I freaked out. It's just... Mona did a lot of bad things-"

"Like you did, you mean?" Mona quipped, "Or like your sister?"

"Both." Alison said sombrely.

"More the latter than the former." Aria grumbled.

"Yeah Ali, you mostly just teased us." Emily pointed out.

"And so did Mona!" Aria added helpfully, before frowning, "Except the whole running Hanna over with a car thing."

"Under!" Hanna clarified, "She ran under me, anyway we're past that now."

"Yeah, you just bounced off the hood of her car and almost broke your neck. No big." Spencer grumbled, and then when Hanna gave her a look held up her hands, "I know, I know, I'm sorry. It's just... all of this is bringing back bad memories."

"Which is why we haven't exactly hung out a lot recently." Aria nodded wisely, like it wasn't obvious.

"Yeah, that's why I'm trying to apologise." Alison said softly, "Especially considering what I'm asking you guys to do for Charlotte. But, I just don't want you to get hurt Han."

"I appreciate that." Hanna smiled.

"And that's the last thing I want." Mona promised, "Seriously guys, no need for the shovel talk here, because you couldn't possibly do anything to me that would be worse than screwing up my one chance with this woman."

"Awww." Aria cooed.

Emily cooed too, and then after a brief pause chimed in, "I think we should give Mona a chance. It's been 5 years, and she has obviously changed for the better if Hanna is giving her a chance."

"Fine." Spencer sighed after a long pause.

"I'm in." Aria smile.

"One condition..." Alison said after another brief pause, "You answer my next questions honestly. No exceptions."

"Done." Hanna agreed without hesitation.

Making her pay for it Alison turned to Mona and asked, "So, how much of a bottom is she?"

"Ali!" Emily exclaimed, most of her friends joining in.

Although after a few seconds Mona smirked, "Hanna? Over 1000%."

"Mona!" Hanna blushed.

"Sorry honey, but you're the one who agreed to be honest." Mona pointed out with a grin, "And I love making you blush."

"Well cut it out." Hanna whined.

"But I had so many more questions." Alison pouted, before teasing, "Like, is Han a Pillow Princess?"

"I'm not!" Hanna protested, then blushed slightly at what she was implying.

"She's my Princess." Mona smiled softly, pulling Hanna closer in a little hug.

As her friends awwed Hanna snuggled into Mona's body, partly as a silent thank you because the response sounded sweet, and there was a chance Mona meant it that way. But it could also mean something else, a certain little pet name Mona had become very fond of using on her, and the thought that Mona had used it so casually in this conversation, or at least hinted to it, made Hanna blush. That was the other reason she allowed herself into this little hug, so she could try and hide that embarrassment. Unfortunately Alison saw right through this attempt, and worse, given the looks on their faces so did her other friends.

"Princess of what?" Ali pushed.

"Just my Princess." Mona replied pretty convincingly, just not convincingly enough.

"You promised to be honest?" Alison sing-songed.

"Well, actually that was Hanna." Mona pointed out.

"Why do you care?" Spencer asked.

"Just curious." Alison shrugged, then when her friends gave her a look she admitted, "I was freaked out at first, but the more I think about it, the more this relationship makes sense. I just, I just want to make sure a total bottom like Hanna is getting the kind of tender love and care she needs."

"She is." Hanna said firmly.

There was a long pause and then Ali smirked, picked up her phone and cryptically said, "Well then... let's do it this way..."

Moments later Hanna had a text which read:

Are you Mona's Pussy Licking Princess?

Hanna blushed, glared at Alison, but admitted, "Yes."

Another brief pause and then as if she was psychic Alison smirked and pushed, "Honesty Hanna, remember?"

"Yes but..." Hanna blushed, and then after a long pause replied to Alison's text.

Beaming happily when she saw it Alison exclaimed, "I knew it!"

"What?" Spencer frowned, and then blushed when Ali showed her the text, "Oh."

Curiosity clearly getting the better of them Aria and Emily moved so they can see Ali's phone, Hanna dying with embarrassment as the other blonde smirked and told her, "Wow Han, you really are getting exactly what you need."


Thankfully after that the conversation had moved away from Hanna's sex life to the reason they had all come together for the first time in 5 years, to decide whether to help Charlotte DiLaurentis, the girl who had tortured them for years, to be released from her mental hospital. Things had got pretty ugly after that, the six of them arguing fiercely and then going their separate ways when Alison made them agree they would think about it. God, Hanna was so glad to be back home and away from that manipulative bitch. Especially back home and in her childhood bedroom with her beloved fiancé. Sure, they didn't immediately fall into each other's arms, but it was just nice to be alone together. Even if Hanna couldn't stop thinking about Alison.

After giving her girl a few minutes to relax Mona asked out of curiosity, "Did you really tell Alison you're my Anal Princess?"

Hanna blushed, and protested, "She just wouldn't let it go."

"Hey, you don't have to tell me that Alison DiLaurentis has a habit of getting what she wants, no matter what." Mona quipped bitterly, before smiling softly, "When she actually goes for it."

That last part was a little confusing for Hanna, but she was too annoyed at her friend to ask about it, instead grumbling, "God, I thought I was going to have to pull down my pants and show off my butt-plug just to get her to shut up."

Mona grinned wickedly, and step closer to her lover, "I would have loved that."

"I bet you would." Hanna grumbled, although she allowed Mona to gently wrap her arms around her.

"Especially if you had spread your cheeks an let your friends get a good look at the hole I own." Mona softly growled into Hanna's ear while pressing herself more firmly against her, "Well, all of you is mine, but it would be so fun to show off my favourite fuck hole, and tell them exactly how you became my Anal Princess."

"I think I would have liked that too." Hanna admitted with a soft moan.

"I could have also told them just how much you love being fucked in the ass, and what it's like to screw you there, and just how hard you cum when I remind you of what you truly are." Mona huskily whispered into Hanna's ear, "Would you have liked that, huh? Or how about now? Would you like a little reminder now, my little Anal Princess?"

"God yes." Hanna moaned softly, "Remind me Mona, remind me right now."

Suddenly turning her around to look at her Mona offered, "How about a warm up?"

"Works for me." Hanna grinned, happily welcoming Mona's lips with her own.

Mona briefly considered skipping that 'warm up' as pressing herself up against that perfect ass combined with that little exchange had her aching to just pull down Hanna's pants and just go to town on her favourite fuck hole. Plus it was kind of Alison's fault for pushing them to define exactly what kind of Princess Hanna was, which definitely put Mona in the mood for some anal. Although she was always in the mood for anal sex when Hanna and her juicy ass was around, Mona shamelessly groping that ass as she and Hanna made out like a pair of teenagers. Like Mona wished they'd made out when they were teenagers, often in this very room.

It was never easy having a crush on your best friend, and while Mona went a little crazy over it honestly it was hard to truly regret even the most unforgivable stuff as she was here now with the girl she had been in love with for what felt like her whole life. She tried to fight it, lie to herself, desperately tried to make relationships with boys work, but in the end Mona's true feelings had come out, and instead of being rejected like she was so certain she would be Mona got everything she ever wanted. And now she wanted to give Hanna everything she wanted. Everything she needed. Everything she deserved. Which included, despite what Hanna might think right now, at least a little foreplay.

Besides, while Mona was definitely an ass girl Hanna's big boobs were definitely in needed some attention, and Mona was only too happy to give it. After a few long minutes of kissing of course, in which Mona slowly stripped off both of their clothes, laid Hanna down on the bed and got on top of her. Then she spent a little time on Hanna's neck, marking her territory by digging her teeth into the soft flesh, before finally moving lower to those full titties, Mona smirking with delight as she slowly made her way up one of them and then lingered around the nipple before taking it into her mouth. Which of course had Hanna whimpering so becomingly, which in turn only had Mona teasing her more.

Ultimately though Mona slid her tongue around that nipple and then took it into her mouth for a gentle sucking, which had Hanna moaning wonderfully loudly. Mona then slowly kissed her way down that breast and made her way up the other and again only paying attention to the nipple after a few lingering kisses to the surrounding flesh. She then repeated the process a few times, although she spent longer on the nipples themselves this time than the teasing into Mona was just going directly back and forth. Which sound of it Hanna very much appreciated it, especially when Mona added her hands into the equation, playing with the one nipple and pushing the other one firmly into her mouth.

Hanna loved what Mona was doing to her, and she really hated to complain, but Mona knew fully well that it really didn't take much to turn her on. Partly because she walked around all day with a butt-plug in her ass, reminding her of just what kind of slut she truly was, but also because she had an incredibly sexy girlfriend turned fiancé, and whenever Hanna thought about Mona she thought about all the wonderfully wicked things they did together. Plus if she was honest while her friends finding out she liked anal was incredibly humiliating it was the kind of humiliation which Hanna actually got off on, so after the initial embarrassment past the only thing keeping her from being horny was her anger at Charlotte, and it only took a brief conversation with Mona for that to become a distant memory.

On the other hand Mona spending this much time on her tits was a rare treat which Hanna felt she should savour. Also, as a bottom Hanna sometimes had to remind herself that it was what her top wanted which truly mattered. That she didn't want to be a bratty bottom, but Mona's good girl. Her good little submissive slut. Her Princess. Oh yes, Hanna was Mona's little Princess, and she desperately wanted to please her Queen. And if that meant lying back and letting Mona going back and forth between her tits for a little while so be it. But Hanna had never exactly been a patient person, and there was only so long she could resist saying something. Although the fact that this lasted so long was probably a good sign that Mona wanted her to eventually say something.

"More baby, mmmmm, please give me more." Hanna finally whimpered.

"What do you want Han?" Mona asked, barely pausing her sucking of Hanna's nipples.

"Your pussy! Mmmmm fuck, I want your pussy!" Hanna said without hesitation, "Oh baby, I wanna lick your pussy! Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, lick you good and make you cum all over my face. Make you wanna return the favour by making me cum like the little anal loving bitch I am with your big dick up my ass! Ohhhhhh yessssss, oh baby, mmmmm, sit on my face! Sit on my face so I can fucking drown in your cum!"

"Well, since you asked so nicely." Mona purred before rewarding her slut.

With that Mona slowly crawled up her body until her pussy was hovering over Hanna's face, and then she abruptly sat down on her. Hanna tried to lift her head up to meet Mona half way, anticipating her woman teasing her some more, but thankfully it seemed that part of the evening was over, Hanna welcoming the feeling of being forced down by Mona's wet pussy to the soft bed sheets below. She loved it when Mona played rough. Not that it was that rough considering Mona quickly lowered herself down, but she didn't just drop her full weight down in a second. No, she went just slow enough not to hurt Hanna, and get most of her weight on her knees/legs so she wasn't squashing her. Unfortunately.

That might change once Hanna started to make Mona cum, and Hanna hoped it would as there was little she liked more than being smothered by Mona's cunt. For now though she just concentrated on licking it, Hanna moaning against Mona's cunt as she tasted the flavour that she constantly craved. God, and to think there had been a time she wasn't sure she would like the taste of pussy. And now? Hanna was a total pussy slut. At least for Mona's yummy cunt, Hanna trying to get more of those heavenly juices by lingering on her fiancé's clit with every stroke of her tongue, and eventually even taking it into her mouth and sucking on it.

Mona closed her eyes, tilted her head back and let out an extra loud cry as Hanna began lingering on her clit. She then savoured that heavenly feeling for a few long seconds, maybe even a minute, before forcing herself to make an extremely tough decision. Whether or not she wanted to cum quickly or not. Hanna had gotten so good at eating her pussy, it was extremely hard not to want to savour this feeling for hours and not just a couple of seconds. However Mona had been horny ever since Alison had forced the truth out about Hanna being Mona's little Anal Princess. It just brought Mona such joy to know that Hanna's friends knew just how submissive and slutty Hanna was. That she regularly fucked her up the ass. That Hanna was the bitch in their relationship. That Hanna was her bitch.

Even as Alison had spoilt the mood for everyone else by bringing up her sister Mona couldn't stop thinking about that truth being uncovered, and it made her worried that if she ordered Hanna to settle in for a long pussy licking Mona would beg for more embarrassingly quickly. Besides, the sooner she came the sooner she would be fucking Hanna's sweet ass. So Mona didn't scold Hanna for paying extra attention to her clit without permission. No, she rewarded her, first with extra loud moans, gasps, whimpers and cries of pure pleasure, then inevitably with the kind of encouragement that they both loved so much, and always got Mona what she wanted.

"Yessssss, fuck me baby! Fuck me with your pretty mouth!" Mona moaned, "Mmmmmm yesssssss, lick my clit! Lick it just like that! Oooooooh yesssssss, ohhhhhhh fuck, you're gonna make me cum! You're gonna make me cum already in your pretty little mouth and all over your beautiful face just from your talented little tongue. Mmmmmm, and everyone knowing that you're my little Anal Princess who loves it when I fuck her in the ass. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, I love that. I love you're BFFs knowing what a twisted little dyke you really are. Yeahhhhhh, it's got me so horny that I'm going to cum for you now, ooooooh, I just need a little more. I need you to fuck me! Ohhhhhhh yeah, fuck me with your tongue. Come on Hanna, make me cum, ooooooooh fuck yeah, fuck me my Princess, tongue fuck me, ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh shit!"

Throughout that little speech Hanna eagerly licked her clit, somehow each lick feeling more eager, even as Mona reminded her of the humiliation she had suffered earlier in the day. Which just proved how submissive Hanna was, and made Mona love her even more. Then of course the second she had permission Hanna slammed her tongue inside of her pussy and then rapidly began to fuck her with it. For a few long seconds Mona considered trying to hold back, perhaps to make up for her lack of patience, or perhaps to just savour the moment. Either way before she could make up her mind Hanna made her cum, forcing the choice out of her hands.

After that Mona just concentrated on grinding down onto Hanna's pretty little face so she could thoroughly cover it with her cum and make it very clear who was boss here. At least until she became too lost in cumming, the combination of grinding down onto her childhood friend turned fiancé and Hanna ramming her tongue back inside her and fucking her with it whenever she got the chance, or just licking her clit, making Mona cum over and over again like the well-trained rug muncher she had become. That Mona had turned her into, the thought making Mona cum hard with almost a sadistic smile on her face. Just like the thought of what she would do next.

Hanna tried, but whenever she was in this position she just couldn't swallow everything Mona had to give her. Or even the majority of it. Especially when Mona was grinding down on her face. But that was okay, because she was able to collect most of the heavenly cream that she craved above everything else, or at least any other form of food or drink. More importantly Mona was marking Hanna as what she was, hers. Oh yes, Hanna was looking forward to wearing girl cum with pride, especially as Mona fucked her in the ass to really prove who was boss. But in the meantime she put every ounce of her being into making her top cum as hard and as frequently as possible.

Unfortunately that didn't include tongue fucking nearly as often as she would have liked. In fact when Mona really got going it was almost impossible to return her tongue to that yummy little fuck hole, and impossible to get a rhythm going before Mona came again. So Hanna just had to settle for rapidly licking Mona's clit, or just sticking out her tongue allowing Mona to grind into it. Either way it ensured that she was practically drowned in girl cum, so much so that Hanna was actually worried Mona wouldn't have enough left in the tank to give her a proper ass fucking. Of course she should have known her top better by now, a point proven when Mona lifted herself off of Hanna's face and then lean down. Hanna closed her eyes because she thought she was about to be kissed, only she got something better.

"So, who wants to be ass fucked?" Mona smiled wickedly.

"Oh, I do, I do!" Hanna eagerly replied.

"Well, go get me a cock then." Mona ordered, getting off of Hanna completely, "And no lube, I want you to suck it."

That was more than fine with Hanna, as she loved to suck Mona's cock, and thanks to the butt-plug and the constant ass fuckings Mona gave her they both knew from experience a little saliva would do fine. So Hanna hurried to do as she was told like a good little sub, picking out a nice big strap-on from her luggage and then returning to Mona who was now standing to the side of the bed. Hanna then held out the harness, allowing Mona to step into it, before the submissive blonde pulled the toy up the dominant brunette's thighs and strapped it tightly around her waist. Then with a wicked grin Hanna stroked the cock as if it was real and lovingly stared up at Mona as she slowly did as she was told by leaning forwards and opened her mouth.

"Ohhhhhhh yessssss, take it into your mouth you little slut! Oh yeah, suck it!" Mona eagerly encouraged, reaching down to stroke that beautiful blonde hair, "Mmmmm, that's it Han, suck my cock. Get it nice and wet for your little bitch hole. Ooooooh yessssss, we both know this is the only kind of lube that whore ass of yours needs, and we both want it fucked bad, so do a good job and I'll pound it good and hard. Make you cum like the little butt sex loving bitch you are. Yeahhhhhh Han, you're nothing but a little anal slut. My anal slut. My little Anal Princess. And now you're my little Cock Sucking Princess. Yesssss, take it deep cock sucker! Oh fuck!"

Obediently Hanna wrapped her lips around that dick and started eagerly bobbing her head up and down it while salivating all over it. At first she concentrated on just the first few inches, but like the well-trained cock sucker she was Hanna took more and more of it until that big dick was sliding down her throat. She'd never done this for Caleb, or any other guy she'd ever been with, but it always felt natural to do it for Mona, and her wonderful top gave her plenty of practice to the point where now she was able to take every inch without gagging. Well, she could fight through the tears just enough to stuff the full length of the dildo down her throat, and even take a face fucking if Mona was in the mood for that kind of treatment.

For better or for worse she wasn't, instead forcefully pulling Hanna off the dick by her hair and ordered, "Get into your natural position. It's ass fucking time."

Mona then chuckled with delight at just how quickly Hanna scrambled up onto the bed and wiggled her perfect ass at her. Then the grin slowly faded from her face and she just became lost in staring lustfully at her prize. Hanna's ass was by far her best feature, and sometimes Mona still couldn't believe it was hers. That she got to fuck that ass on a daily basis. And sometimes on an hourly basis if they were particularly in the mood. And sometimes she just had to take a moment to savour that fact, like right now. Then ultimately she grinned wickedly and moved into position so she could do what it felt like she was born for. Give or take a little more preparation.

Although she was aching to just get on with it Mona just couldn't resist teasing Hanna with a little more preparation, first in the form of grabbing the butt-plug and beginning to slide it back and forth, causing Hanna's ass hole to stretch around the toy and her beautiful fiancé to whimper pathetically at the teasing treatment. Then she pulled the plug all the way out and spat into that loosened back hole. Mona then bit her lip, briefly considered her options, and then stuck out her tongue and slid it around the opened hole before pushing it inside, making Hanna gasp loudly in pleasure, and then whimper in obvious disappointment.

"No, fuck me!" Hanna whined, "Mona, I need to be fucked. Please, no more teasing, Please?"

"Shut up and suck on this!" Mona ordered, pulling her face away from Hanna's ass and reaching over to press the butt-plug against her fiancé's lips.

Ever the obedient little submissive whore, and ass to mouth slut, Hanna didn't hesitate to wrap her lips around that toy and greedily start sucking it. Although she may have also done that so she could spit out the plug when she was finished and could continue her whining, the thought of which was enough to push Mona to quickly move back to kneeling behind Hanna and continuing the rim job. Which was something a lot of tops thought should be strictly for bottoms to perform, and they had spent plenty of nights with Hanna's face buried in Mona's butt. It was just Hanna's perfect ass was so tasty, and even though the last thing her fiancé needed was more preparation Mona just couldn't resist.

Of course Mona was not a cruel top, and she showed that now as she was willing to compromise by making it a quick rim job, at least by their standards. She did that by shoving her tongue as deep into Hanna's ass as it would go as soon as she was back in position, and thanks to the plug and recent ass fuckings that was nice and deep. Then after savouring the sensation for a few brief seconds Mona started hammering her tongue in and out of Hanna's butt, again making her girl gasp, moan and whimper in pleasure, albeit around a butt-plug this time. Which Hanna kept in her mouth for longer than Mona thought she would, but ultimately the greedy anal whore just couldn't stop herself from proving Mona right.

Spitting out the thoroughly cleaned butt-plug Hanna pleaded, "Please Mona, fuck me! Fuck my slutty little ass hole! Mmmmm, your tongue feels sooooooo good inside it, but I don't need it. I need your cock! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, I need your nice big cock to stretch out my whore ass, pound it hard and deep, and make me cum like the little slut I am! Please Mona, baby, give me what I need!"

Pulling her face out of Hanna's ass Mona taunted, "You need it, huh? You need my big dick up your ass?"

"Yes!" Hanna exclaimed, "I need that dick! I need your big fat dick in my slutty bitch ass!"

"Then spread your cheeks and keep begging for it, and maybe I'll give it to you." Mona grinned wickedly as she straightened herself up.

Quickly reaching behind herself, and barely remembering to spread her cheeks slowly just like Mona liked it, Hanna continued her shameless begging, "Fuck my slutty little ass! Fuck it hard and deep and make me cum like a whore! Mmmmm, an anal whore! Oh God Mona, I love being your anal whore! Ohhhhhhh Goooooodddddddd yesssssssss, it feel so good in my ass. Please fuck me there, mmmmm yeahhhhhh, fuck me just the way I like. The way you trained me to like. Oh Mona, you made me addicted to anal sex, now please baby, give me my fix. Please? Fuck that ass! Oh my God Mona, pound that slutty little ass hole! Please? Fuck my ass! Ass fuck me! Fuck me in the ass like the submissive little bitch I am. Oh yes, oh God, aaaaaaahhhhhhh fuck! Mmmmm fuck yeah, just like that! Give it to me baby, oooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk!"

Hanna did her best to keep begging, even though she occasionally stopped to whimper pathetically as Mona relentlessly teased her by sliding the tip of the strap-on up and down her butt crack. Mona had always been a shameless tease, but as far as Hanna was concerned nothing was worse than this. She just felt so empty without her butt-plug inside her. Without something inside her ass. Which was totally Mona's fault, as her best friend, turned girlfriend, turned fiancé had been the one to take her anal cherry and make Hanna addicted to butt sex. Okay, the fact that Hanna had a slutty ass was a factor, but Mona had been obsessed with her ass first, and the relentless butt fucking was at least partly her idea.

It was because of those relentless butt fuckings, and the butt-plug, that Hanna really didn't need so much preparation. Sometimes it even felt like Mona could just slide into her ass right away, and all Hanna would feel was pure pleasure. Sadly Mona never let her find out, because even when they had so called quickies in public bathrooms Mona insisted on a nice long rim job before finally filling Hanna's ass with a nice big cock. And when they were alone like this, it wasn't uncommon for Mona to prepare and tease her for like hours before finally giving Hanna what she wanted, regardless of how desperately she begged for it.

Of course inevitably Mona gave her what she wanted, Hanna crying out loudly with pure joy as she felt her slutty ass hole finally start to be stretched. Then Hanna held her breath to see if Mona would pull back at the last second, like she sometimes did, just to draw out the teasing even more, but thankfully this time round her fiancé didn't even really go that long before Hanna felt her anal ring stretch wide enough for Mona's cock to slide through it and into her ass, causing her to let out an even louder cry of pleasure than before. Hanna then gave up on the begging, closed her eyes and savoured this wonderfully slutty feeling. Of course Mona paused, but this was one teasing that Hanna didn't mind as it gave them both a chance to savour the moment.

Also no matter how slutty and well used her ass was it was probably good that her rectum got the chance to relax, as it was probably a contributing factor to why Hanna felt nothing but pleasure when Mona did decide to start pushing inch after inch of strap-on into her cock hungry ass, that greedy hole happily gobbling up everything Mona had to give it. Then in what felt like less than a minute later Mona's thighs came to rest against Hanna's butt cheeks, announcing that every inch of that big dick was buried in her bowels. Right where it belonged. Oh yes, Mona's big dick belonged in her slutty ass. Or more accurately, pumping in and out of it, which was exactly what Hanna desperately needed now.

"Mmmmmm, fuck me baby." Hanna whimpered, "Please, I need it."

"You always need it." Mona teased.

"Damn right I do." Hanna grinned proudly, "I'm an anal slut! Mmmmmm, your anal slut. Please Mona, fuck your little anal slut in the ass!"

"I told you, you're not my anal slut. You're my little Anal Princess." Mona corrected gleefully, "What are you?"

"Your little Anal Princess!" Hanna quickly agreed, "Oh Mona, fuck your little Anal Princess! Butt fuck her like a slut, mmmmm fuck, oh Mona! Fuck me! Fuck me up the ass, aaaaaaahhhhhh fuck! Oh yes! Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss, oh Mona! Oooooooooh fuck!"

Mona loved to hear Hanna beg for her, it was one of her very favourite things ever, but she felt that her girl had suffered enough. Besides, she had resisted the urge to fuck this ass for more than long enough, and it was high time she indulged in her favourite thing ever. Oh yes, anally penetrating Hanna came extremely close, especially when the love of her life was spreading her juicy ass cheeks, giving Mona the perfect view of her dick slowly disappearing into that forbidden hole. But as heavenly as anally violating Hanna was, for both of them, this was what truly gave them the pleasure they both craved, and perhaps more importantly the feelings.

As a top Mona craved the feeling of dominance and control while giving us much pleasure to her bottom as possible. As a bottom Hanna craved to be dominated and controlled while receiving the most and pleasure possible. It was one of the many reasons they were perfect fit. That, and the fact by far their favourite representation of what they both wanted came through anal sex. Sure, there were many things that came close. For example as hard spanking on Hanna's juicy rump, or Mona sitting on Hanna's face. But it just wasn't quite the same. Besides, in terms of what made them both cum, there was no contest. Especially with Hanna, and oh, Mona did so love to please her girl.

So Mona tightened her grip on Hanna's hips and slowly began pulling that cock out of her girlfriend's ass hole, making it to about the halfway point before pushing back in just as slowly. Which of course made Hanna moan and whimper in a mixture of delight and disappointment as the dildo left her rectum, and then pure pleasure as it returned, which made Mona giggle softly and grin wickedly. Mostly though Mona just stared lustfully down at her strap-on violating her favourite fuck hole, Hanna continuing to spread her cheeks like a good little bottom to provide her top with the perfect view of her butt hole stretching for Mona's cock. God, Mona would never get tired of that.

Ever since they got together the two former best friends had enjoyed a number of different positions and sexual acts, but another thing they had in common was that while anal sex was their favourite act their favourite position was either doggy or when Hanna was face down like this. There was just something primal about it. Something so, perfect. Oh yes, having Hanna bent over in front of her made Mona feel so dominant, just as it made Hanna feel submissive, these feelings only enhanced whenever her little Anal Princess was spreading her cheeks like this. Which was why whenever they did it Mona would often ignore Hanna begging for more as long as she could so she could savour this perfect moment, and make sure Hanna's eventual climaxes were that much more powerful.

Hanna loved everything about butt sex, but despite what many might think this was her favourite part of it. Sure, nothing made her cum harder or more frequently, and ultimately the need for that ecstasy would overwhelm her, but what Hanna lived for was the feeling of Mona inside her ass. Nothing made her feel more like a submissive bottom than Mona reasserting her ownership over her most private orifice and using it as her own personal fuck hole. As what it was always meant to be. Oh yes, Hanna's ass was made for fucking, and more importantly for Mona to fuck, a fact that Hanna felt compelled to remind her woman whenever she put her in her place.

"Oh God Mona, fuck me! Fuck me just like that, ooooooooh fuck!" Hanna moaned happily, "Fuck my ass! Fuck my slutty little ass hole like the little anal whore I am! Anal Princess! Oh Mona, I'm your little Anal Princess, ohhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddddd, mmmmm, I love being your Anal Princess. I love bending over and taking it up the fucking ass whenever you want, mmmmmm, because it's yours! All Yours! My ass is yours Mona! It's your fucking property! It was made to be fucked! Fucked by you. Yessssssss, my ass hole was always your personal fuck hole, I just had no idea I was waiting for you to claim what was rightfully yours. But you did. You took my ass cherry and made me your little Anal Princess who takes it up the butt whenever you want. Oh Mona, fuck me! Mmmmm, fuck my ass harder! Please? Pound the hole you own!"

No matter how much she tried to stick to just gently encouraging Mona, and speaking the gospel truth of what her role in life was, Hanna just couldn't help some begging for more slipping in there. She wasn't sure how long it had been, but it felt like an eternity since the butt fucking had begun. It was an eternity in heaven, especially as Hanna desperately fought the urge to truly beg for as long as she could, but ultimately the need to cum just became too overwhelming. Luckily Mona kept her waiting for a long time, which was both heaven and hell, Hanna loving her for it and hating her for it as her begging became truly shameless until her top finally gave her what she so desperately needed.

"Harder! Harder, harder, harder, OHHHHHH HARDER! Oooooooooh fuckkkkkkk! Please Mona, fuck my ass hard and make me cum! Oh Fuck!" Hanna pleaded shamelessly, "Slam fuck my fucking ass hole! Just fucking fuck me! Please, ohhhhhhh please Mona, destroy your fucking property! Gape it wide open as proof of your ownership! Aaaaaahhhhh shit, fucking ruin it! Make me spend the rest of the night with, ah fuck, with a gaping butt hole so if you feel like more of my, oh shit, of more Hanna ass, you can just slide right into my open fuck hole and use it for your pleasure. Oh please Mona, use me! Use me for your pleasure. Fuckkkkk yeahhhhhh, use my fucking ass hole to get off! Ohhhhhhh fuck, pound my little butt hole so we can both cum! Oh please make me cum, mmmmm, I need to cum, aaaaahhhhh fuckkkkkkk, I need you to fuck my ass hard and deep and make me cum like a bitch with a dick in my ass! Please Mona? Make your little Anal Princess cum!"

Mona could have listened to Hanna beg for more all night, but eventually she just couldn't resist any more, "You wanna cum? Then help me. Lift yourself up onto all fours and fuck me back! Ohhhhhh yessssss, that's it. Good little doggy. Bounce that fat ass back against me. Help me make you cum. Oh fuck yeahhhhhh, take it my little Anal Princess! Take it!"

Without a second of hesitation Hanna lifted herself up onto all fours and began slamming herself back against Mona's thrusts, which at first only had Mona giggling with delight. But then, oh then, Mona quickly increased her pace until she was pounding forwards just as hard as Hanna was pounding back, and timing it perfectly so they were pounding forwards and back at the same time, making that big dildo ram her rectum as deep and as hard as possible, causing the little anal slut the maximum amount of pleasure possible. Of course long before then Hanna was hit with the type of powerful climax she'd only truly received through anal sex, and it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, Mona effortlessly sodomising her through multiple orgasms. Like she always did.

That first orgasm made Hanna berserk, and despite the purest ecstasy she had ever known echoing through her body and her cum literally squirting out of her cunt Hanna somehow found a way to ram herself back even harder against the bowel wrecking thrusts she was receiving. Of course being the perfect top that she was Mona then somehow found a way to increase her pace, until it felt like they were both like wild animals, working together to make sure Hanna came as much, and as hard, as possible. And Hanna's ass was well and truly wrecked, although that was a small price to pay for the ecstasy that she was feeling. In fact Hanna loved having a gaping ass hole, so she truly hoped that Mona did her worst.

Mona loved gaping Hanna's ass. She took pride in regularly ruining that pretty little hole, and fully intended to do it again tonight, not just with this ass fucking but at least a couple more, as Hanna was an insatiable anal whore who wasn't happy unless she was butt fucked multiple times a night, and Mona could never get enough of brutalising this perfect bottom. However while Mona was using enough of her strength to make Hanna have several anally induced orgasms, which really didn't take that much, she was still holding back a little bit. She had too because otherwise she would cum, and as soon as Mona did that it would be the beginning of the end, and Mona wasn't ready for that. Not yet.

After all pounding Hanna's juicy ass was what Mona lived for. It was showing her childhood friend without a shadow of a doubt who was boss in their relationship. That Hanna was her bitch. Oh yes, in this relationship Mona was the Alpha female and Hanna was her little bitch who loved taking it in the ass. Hell, right now Hanna was on all fours like a little bitch, incoherently screaming and slamming her big ass back against Mona's thrusts like a wild animal desperate to have her sluttiest fuck hole impaled as deep and as hard on that cock as possible, and Mona was only too happy to oblige, mostly keeping up with her little Anal Princess as she gave her what she so desperately needed.

Of course no one had unlimited stamina, and although Mona had always prided herself on having a lot of it despite her size, and maybe even got more of it since she got together with her insatiable ass whore, ultimately she just couldn't resist cumming any more. Oh yes, she just couldn't take having Hanna Marin bent over in front of her and willingly giving Mona her most private hole, the hole Mona now owned, would own forever, along with these meaty cheeks which were jiggling with every thrust, Hanna cumming and screaming with delight at being so thoroughly owned. Owned by Mona. Hanna was hers. All hers. Oh God! It was just too much.

Those thoughts, facts and sights combined with the stimulator bashing against her clit had Mona going over the edge of the kind of satisfying climax she could only receive while sodomising her beloved Hanna Marin. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another as Mona became like a wild animal, using every ounce of strength she had to make sure that Hanna's back hole would be loose and ready for it's next fucking. Which was apparently too much for poor Hanna, who almost instantly collapsed face down and became nothing but an orifice for Mona's pleasure for a few blissful minutes until Mona too ran out of steam and she collapsed onto her exhausted girlfriend. Then she nuzzled her neck, and bit down on it again so her property was thoroughly marked.

Then Mona growled into Hanna's ear, "Mine!"

"Yours." Hanna sighed happily in agreement, "I'm all yours Mona. I'm your bitch! Mmmmm, I'm your slut. I'm your-"

"Anal Princess?" Mona grinned.

"Damn right, I'm your Anal Princess." Hanna grinned, "And you know what else? I'm your ATM Princess. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, I'm your little ATM Princess, so please let me suck your cock clean for you."

"In a second sweetie, I promise. First, I want to see my handiwork, and get proof of a perfect butt fucking." Mona predictably explained.

Hanna grinned happily at this wonderful, if predictable news, before crying out with disappointment. In her cum drunk state Hanna had forgotten about the fact that Mona would need to pull her cock out of her ass to do those things, and even though it was inevitable the blonde hated it because she lived for having the brunette's big dick inside her butt. She also just love the feeling of Mona resting on top of her. But sacrifices had to be made to please the superior woman, and Hanna love the fact that once the dick was gone her well fucked ass hole remained gaped open as a testament to Mona's power and dominance, and to Hanna's sluttiness.

Eager to emphasise that sluttiness Hanna somehow found the adrenaline to push her battered butt into the air and then reach around to slowly pull apart her ass cheeks, displaying her gaped back hole proudly to the little goddess who had stretched it. As always this had Mona grinning wickedly and then after a few long seconds of staring reaching for her phone so she could take a little memento. Which was extremely dangerous given their history, but Hanna almost hoped that someone would hack Mona's phone and send her friends those pics as proof that she was Mona's Anal Princess to her friends. It would be so embarrassing, but so hot, just like what happened next.

"Okay, you can now prove that you're my little ATM Princess." Mona grinned wickedly.

As quickly as she could in her tired state Hanna let go of her cheeks, turned around and crawled in between Mona's legs. She then briefly paused to smile up at the woman she loved, and then Hanna closed her eyes, leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the head of the cock which had just plundered her butt. God, Hanna loved the taste of her own ass, especially the deepest part of it, Hanna proving that as she shamelessly moaned around the dick. Then she further proved that by eagerly sucking the head clean and then sliding her lips halfway down the shaft. Hanna then began to bob her head up and down Mona's strap-on, determined not only to thoroughly clean it but give her fiancé a nice long blow job.

Which of course Mona approved of, "Mmmmm yesssssss, that's it Han, suck my cock! Suck it clean of your butt juices you sexy little dyke. Oh yeah! That's a good little ATM Princess. Give me a thorough cleaning. Thoroughly clean that big dick like the little whore you are! Oh yes, take it deep! Take it deep down your fucking throat you little slut! Oh fuck! Oh Han, you're such a great cock sucker! My Cock Sucking Princess! Yessssssss Hanna, you're my submissive little Princess who will do anything for me, including sucking strap-on cock as if it was real. Yes, put your all into that blow job! Deep throat that dick my little Deep Throating Princess! Oh fuck yes, that's so hot! Soooooo hot, ohhhhhh yessssss!"

These words of course had the desired effect of pushing Hanna into sucking Mona's cock even more enthusiastically and staring up lovingly at her fiancé, who stared equally lovingly back. Technically it also encouraged her to deep throat the cock, although Hanna would have totally done that anyway. The only difference was that while she had been savouring the blow job before, and more importantly the taste of her own ass, Hanna became ravenous, stuffing the full length down her throat and cleaning it of every drop of her butt cream in what felt like seconds. Hanna then continued bobbing up and down in the name of giving her fiancé a thorough cock sucking, but it wasn't that long before Mona pulled her upwards into another passionate kiss.

After a few blissful minutes of gently making out Mona broke the kiss and teased, "So, when we see your Mom tomorrow, are we also telling her about our sex lives?"

Hanna laughed, punched Mona's arm and ordered, "Shut up and keep kissing me."

"Yes, my little Anal Princess." Mona grinned while leaning in for another kiss.

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