The Other Side

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Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or any of the characters and the song belongs to Chris Isaak in this case sung by the band HIM with the brilliant vocals of Ville Valo, nor do I make any money of any sort from this story.

 The other side. 

Something was happening to Ianto; one minute he’d been carefully handling a piece of alien tech to take it to storage then suddenly it was as though the item suddenly seemed to scan him and he started to metamorphose…..but what into?

His modest pinstripe three piece suit seemed to melt away and remould itself into a black leather jacket, a fitted dark red muscle back t-shirt and tight black leather jeans, red leather gloves appeared on his hands and black boots upon his feet. His hair seemed to grow longer until it was past his collar and flopped over one eye, the eyes themselves had taken on a strange blue/silver swirl pattern and an almost metallic glint.

He had no idea why this was happening; but it was as though this was a part of him - a part that was normally hidden way down inside him – a completely different persona. His eyes flicked to a radio receiver nearby – his gloved hand reaching out to it – within seconds’ loud music fills the hub;

 “The world’s on fire and no one can save me but you, it’s strange what desire will make foolish people do”.

The pounding music and the singer’s extraordinary vocals filled every corner, the team jump as a reedy Welsh voice joins the vocals, they are left flabbergasted as they realise Ianto is singing in perfect sync with the song.

Jack’s face is filled with fascination and amazement at the sight of a whole different Ianto before him; watching as the normally reserved archivist moves sinuously – one hand wrapped around one of the building’s supporting columns - his leather clad body swaying to every single beat. The incredibly sensual movements aren’t lost on Jack; he feels his body reacting to the sight; watching Ianto’s long leather-clad legs as he dances around - twisting and rolling his body. Jack began to feel like he was being heated to 1000 degrees; his shirt collar and his trousers were both feeling more than a little tight.

A wickedly sinful smile slowly spreads across Ianto’s face as he dances closer and closer to Jack, before putting an arm around Jack’s neck and the other around his waist – pulling Jack to his still swaying body. Jack feels the red leather gloved hand caress the back of his neck. “I never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you, and I never dreamed that I'd need somebody like you”. The words quietly sung with an obvious Welsh taint into Jack’s ear, barely fade as Ianto pulls back a little – strange blue and silver swirled eyes meeting Jack’s brilliant blue ones before Ianto pulls Jack’s body flush with his own again and it’s as though they’ve forgotten anyone else is even there. Ianto’s mouth meets Jack’s in a deep almost bruising kiss, ripping the very breath from them both. Moving away slightly; Ianto circles Jack slowly – his eager hands running all over Jack’s heated body drawing a long, low moan from Jack’s open mouth.

As Ianto draws level with Jack’s face again, a faint movement from across the room has Jack surreptitiously signalling ‘stop’ to the source with one hand – he had to concentrate 100% on Ianto –  Jack had seen this piece of tech at work before and he was all too aware Ianto’s wellbeing depended on him maintaining his link to Jack.  Fortunately Ianto’s attention was already entirely focused on Jack.

“What a wicked game to play – to make me feel this way, what a wicked thing to do to let me dream of you.”  Jack’s voice sings softly into the crook of Ianto’s neck.

“What a wicked thing to say -you never felt this way, what a wicked thing to do-to make me dream of you.”  Ianto’s soft Welsh voice sings into Jack’s ear.

“And I don't want to fall in love - no I don't want to fall in love, (this guy is only gonna break your heart)-With you.” Jack sings outloud before reaching up and softly nipping Ianto’s earlobe, Ianto then turns to trace Jack’s ear with his tongue. The same song continues to play and replay in the Hub: ‘No, and I never dreamed that I'd love somebody like you, I never dreamed that I’d lose somebody like you, no’ – it’s as though there is a connection between the song and whatever is happening to Ianto.

 Desperately; Ianto seeks out Jack’s soft mouth again -hearing Jack whispering the words “nobody; loves no-one...”  Ianto pulls him against his leather clad body – frantically rubbing against Jack like a cat.

Growling low in his chest Jack scoops Ianto up, waiting as Ianto swings his left leg around Jack so he can lock his legs behind Jack’s solid back. Signalling ok to the group, Jack wraps his arms around Ianto – easily supporting his weight and strides off into his office – the song following them as he does so– before slamming the door shut with his foot, leaving the hub now completely silent.

“Well!” Gwen’s exclamation is the first word to break the odd silence.

 “Jack knows what he’s doing.” Tosh shrugs her shoulders and returns to work on her computer.

“I don’t know how he does it!” Owen’s grumble breaks through – “The tea-boy makes one slip with a piece of alien tech and ends up transformed – if I did that I’d get blown to bits!” He walks away shaking his head and mumbling to himself.

“Who would have thought that was our shy little Ianto?” Gwen says quietly, glancing up at Jack’s closed office door.

“Well; we all have another side.” Tosh says quietly.







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