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 “There’s no time for us, there’s no place for us…”

The tears track silently down my face,

I still can’t forget, just as I said I wouldn’t.

“There’s no chance for us, it’s all decided for us…”

I try to wipe the tears from my eyes,

Many of them that I have missed still fall onto my coat.

“This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us…”

My sight is blurred as I sink to my knees,

A picture of total desolation.

“Who wants to live forever?”

I wish I didn’t have to,

My voice chokes me as I sing:

“Who dares to live forever, when love must die?”

The Welsh wind howls around me,

As my tears are blurred by the pouring rain.

“Who wants to live forever?”

Placing the small box at the foot of the headstone,

I finally declare my love for the man I wanted to marry.

“Who waits forever anyway?”

I whisper the words I never had the courage to say:

“I love you Ianto Jones, and I always will.”

I scramble to my feet and set off again,

 Disappearing into the stormy Welsh weather.

“Who wants to live forever?”

My greatcoat is soaked with tears and rain,

Head bowed low – I leave until the next time I am here again…

(Lyrics from “Who wants to live forever”, by Queen).






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