Hard Core Pawn

BY : PlathRamsey
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Disclaimer: The work is fiction I have no affiliation/knowledge of Ashley Gold, Seth Gold or American Jewelry & Loan I do not own Hard Core Pawn. No making any profit in any form for this fiction.

The gutsy Detroit native had been hustling to make her paper. This wasn’t an uncommon quest in the chilly Midwestern ghetto, burdened by poverty. However Ashley Gold wasn’t a statistic of her residence; she was a pawnbroker heiress.

Though her life had far less glitz and glamour since leaving behind reality television fame. The gruff gemologist had stepped down from an illustrious management position at her family’s business. American Jewelry & Loan. A beloved job held for 15 years... a resignation that left her embittered. An unrelenting power struggle pitted Ashley against the Gold’s family Golden-Child.

Seth Gold was a middle aged man maintaining a frat boy mentality. For a man raised in the hood... he was too boastful to follow street smarts. 24 Karats rings adorned his every finger... A Cartier diamond pierced his left lobe. Seth was a disrespectful loud mouth. The sibling rivalry had become too sinister to tolerate.

With her father and brother behind her, Ashley had started an online pawn shop. This lofty ambition was something Ashley had to do for herself. Refusing to attach the ‘Gold’ family name on it, even though it would easily attract fans as buyers. 


The tone at American Jewelry & Loan was consistent. Addicts with agendas pawing costly items for next to nothing. Ornery customers low-balling the sames team. Rich and Bobby hadn’t been helping Seth tackle the long lines. The pair seemed to revert to school boys as they chuckled at their iPhones. Seth roared and fumed at what he saw! Just as the manager was about to crack the whip on his idling employees... the pair shoved their phones in Seth’s face.

“Panty pawn? We are NOT about to pawn this smut in my father’s establishment!”

A violent temper flaring. Rich, the more assertive man out of the juvenile pair, stepped up to diffuse his manager. “MAN, lighten the fuck up! We caught the fur appraiser bidding like crazy to win this bitches panties! We’ve just been outbidding him to mess with him.”

The hijinks prompted a mischievous grin on Seth’s face. The fur appraiser they’d recently hired rubbed Seth the wrong way. He was a dreadful pervert often caught sniffing women’s mink coats.

Bobby was in glee that they’d made Seth laugh. He went on about how it was some “gay mother fucking shit” to want panties that some dude came in.


“Whaaaat!?” Seth belly-laughed and eyed the fur room, imagining what kind of weirdo their newest employee truly was. He snagged the phone and sure enough, the highest bidder will win a pair of panties worn around the ankles of the model as she was raw-dogged. Cum on the panties as proof of the deed, then sent to the winner.

A mysterious cyber model under the name of Phrygia had quite the online following. Her Greek name tickled Seth. Phrygia was the royal house according to mythology. It was home of King Midas, popularly remembered for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold. Seth thoroughly appreciated this.

Phrygia’s following was impressive as she refused to photograph chest up. Her figure? Average at best... but wrapped in ivory, emerald and ruby lingerie statements. She was wearing inviting Christmas colors in the Spring... like a gift. All you could tell from this anonymous model was that she was short, raven haired and olive complected with an unremarkable figure. Her chubby, middle aged silhouette couldn’t explain this websites traffic. It was obvious to Seth that this model was a marketing genius.

“What’s the big deal?” Hawked Seth.

“Dude, she’s HOT. Look again.”

Seth was in the mood to be humored so he took another glance, reminding himself to remain more objective. The mood quickly turned uncomfortable. A shot of the Cyber Model’s feet revealed an intense orange shag between her toes. This reminded him of the carpeting in his sister Ashley’s restroom. A toilet in the background unfolded that this was indeed a bathroom. Seth swiped to another picture, then three more which further cemented the belief that these pictures were shot in his sisters remodeled ranch. The middle-aged man started to sweat as his suspicion was proven true. A unique series of scars marked the models back. The scarring had been from a mole removal procedure Ashley had underwent a decade earlier. Seth had seen these scars during a family vacation when Ashley wore a two piece swimsuit.

Seth slammed the expensive phone onto the glass counter and ran off toward the break room, suppressing the urge to gag.

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