Robin's biggest secret

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Robin exhaled lightly as she threw her coat on Ted's chair. Yet another pointless night at work relating pointless news to a pointless audience. The truth was that there wasn't much going on for her. She hated her job, she was now officially single for longer than she would ever care to admit, and her sex life was more or less a drought with very little on the horizon. Thankfully, her friends more or less held her together. They might have been buffoons, but their friendship had survived so many hardships that they were closer than family. 


In a way, Robin was glad that Ted was off for a few days with Marshall at his mother's house. Poor Marshall still hadn't got over his father's death and needed all the help he could from his best friend. On the other hand, Lily was taking Marshall's absence rather harshly. She would remind anyone who got even remotely close to her how much she missed her husband. She had a knack to get on Robin's nerve lately, and she tried to avoid her red-headed friend if she could, at least until Marshall got back from his mom's. Lily's sex drive seemed to get more out of control everyday, and that was what annoyed Robin the most. Her best friend's advances had been funny at first, but Lily's constant references to how they could make out made Robin uncomfortable, much to Barney's amusement. The more Marshal was away, the more Lily seemed to be desperate to see some action at any cost. 


Robin took her top off and turned on the kitchen's light on, grabbing a beer from the fridge before heading back to the dark living room. She was about to turn on the lights from the living room when a feminine familiar voice made her jump.  


"Well well, look who finally decided to show up" said the voice from the nearby couch.


"Lily!" gasped Robin as she crossed her arms over her black laced bra. "What the hell are you doing here!"


"Oh!" She said innocently, smiling at the confused Robin. "You know, I was around and I figured I wanted to... show you something"


"How did you even get in here? " a puzzled look over her face.


"Really Robin? You're surprised Marshall still has a spare key?"


"Alright, Lil, but I was going to bed anyway. You wanna hang out tomorrow?" answered Robin. She was getting creeped out by her friend's intrusive behavior.


"Wait a minute. I promise you it's gonna be worth it. You know I like you Robin, right? And I mean that. We're always there for each other." said Lily as she rose from the couch and walked up to Robin.


Robin took a minute to examine her friend. She was wearing a long, open trench coat which Robin thought was weird since it hadn't rain for days. The only other piece of clothing she could see apart from the coat was a pair of  black stocking. Her hair were loose, falling neatly behind her shoulders. All of this looked kind of weird, to Robin, but Lily had been known to get overboard whenever she was apart from her husband. Their codependency was one of those things Lily found insufferable. 


"Yeah, I know Lily and you're my best friend, but I'm tired now. Good night" answered Robin in a sigh as she turned her back on her friend. She knew where this discussion was heading, and she really didn't want to go through with it again. Not now. 


"You know you could kiss me now and no one would ever to find out" said Lily, pursuing her friend up to her room.


"I... Hey look it's getting late, Lil. Just lock the door behind you. See you tomorrow. " said Robin uncomfortably as she hurried inside her room. 


Robin closed the door loudly as she entered her room, hoping Lily would give up.


"Whatever you say... Nikki" Lily said, saying the last word louder.


"What did you just call me?" Robin half-yelled as she slammed the door open


 Lily, already on her way back to the couch turned her laptop on. Somehow, Robin already knew what Lily was about to show her. It was her most well-kept secret, one she thought would never be discovered. Avoiding the redhead's gaze, sat abruptly on the sofa. Her face went blank as she started to hear some soft moans coming from Lily's computer. She did not need to look to know exactly what Lily was trying to show her. 


"Tur... Turn that off Lily."


Compliant, Lily paused the video as a perverse smile appeared wide on her delicate figure. "Does the name Nikki Sparkle mean anything to you?" 


Robin sighed loudly. What she was about to say wasn't easy, but there was no point in hiding it. Lily probably had watched the whole thing. 


"You know me Lily. You know it wasn't always easy growing up the way I did. After my success as Robin Sparkle, I was ready to do... well... anything to keep my fame. Unfortunately, I never really managed to rise up to the stardom I was promised. After a couple of years, I was getting desperate. I was young, hot and desperate. And broke. One day, a guy approached me, saying he had a role in a movie. You can imagine how excited I was to finally have my chance on the big screen. When I realized what kind of movie it was, of course I was shocked at first, but I kept going. I really, really needed the money. It was only this one time. Disgusted as I was with myself when it was done, I gave up trying to be a performer. Come on Lil. I thought you of all people wouldn't judge me." said Robin, her arms once again crossed over her exposed bra. 


"Oh... I don't judge you, of course not sweetie. We've all done things we're not proud of, and god knows I have done plenty. But Marshall might. And imagine Ted... Just try to think how Barney will react if he finds out."


"Oh no! Ho, no, no, no!" Robin reacted, rising up all at once. "You can't tell them." Robin felt a surge of anger flow through her, but the truth was that she was more afraid of the rest of the gang ever finding out about this. She could already imagine the other's reaction. Ted would either be judgmental or would try to comfort her in his usual excessive manner. Marshall would be horrified, and Barney... who knows how Barney would react. Would he be turned on? Disgusted? Disappointed? 


"How did you find it anyway? I mean... Even Barney never found it, and god knows he watches more porn in a day than all of us combined in a year."


"Maybe... not all of us. You know, even a proper lady has needs. Especially when his man is away. And, sometimes, a proper lady has, well, a lot of needs. Now you will excuse me while I go and get myself a Martini."


For the first time, Lily noticed the empty cocktail glass on the table. "Martinis? Is that what this is about? How many did you have?"


"Hey back off, it's only my third." answered Lily, flustered. She rose and went to the kitchen. She came back a few second later with two full glasses, putting one in front of Robin. The red-head took a huge gulp sipping almost half the martini, looking way more excited than Robin was comfortable with. She had known for a while now what this was about. Even a normal, everyday Lily was pretty close to being a sex-addict. A sex-deprived slightly drunk on martini Lily would turn into a monster. She had to act if she didn't want that the situation to get out of control.


 Lily's leverage on her was the final nail in the coffin. The best she could do now was try to control the damage, hoping Lily wouldn't push it too far.     


"Just a kiss, right?" Robin sighed. "You promise never to mention it OR the video to anyone? EVER?"


"Just a kiss. Long and slow. With your tongue. And make it... passionate! Pretend you're kissing Barney" answered Lily in a voice that she probably intended to be sweet and innocent but sounded as perverse and victorious to Robin.


 Slowly, Robin leaned over Lily. She closed her eyes, trying to forget the fact that she was about to kiss her best friend. She could now smell her breath. Her heart racing, she prepared herself to give in to the other woman's impulsion. She had fought them for so long now that it almost felt like a capitulation. Their lips locked on each other as they both started to kiss a woman for the first time. 

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